The Brave (2017) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [indistinct chatter] [upbeat percussive music] [machinery beeping rhythmically] I know it's scary, but you're doing great.
Tomorrow, I'll see you in recovery.
And the best part is, you'll see me too.
[indistinct chatter] [upbeat percussive music] Okay.
[woman murmurs in foreign language] Hey, sweetie.
How's it going? It's amazing.
This morning, I had a man who saw his wife for the first time in 20 years.
He cried so hard, I almost cried.
Oh, yeah? You sure his were happy tears? [laughs] Seriously, this whole experience is incredible.
Thank you for being so understanding.
I'm not that understanding.
In fact, I'm making a list of ways you're gonna make it up to me when you get back.
No, wait.
Wasn't that our turn? Excuse me.
Wasn't that our turn? Everything okay? Uh yeah.
I don't really know what's going on.
Where are you going? Honey, what's going on? Kim? [trucks rumbling] [indistinct radio chatter] [tires skidding] - What's going on? - Oh, my gosh.
[ominous music] [men shouting indistinctly] [Kim panting and gasping] [men shouting indistinctly] [loud thudding] [gunshots] [Kim screams, glass shatters] Baby! Can you hear me? [panting and gasping] Get off me! [shouts indistinctly] No! [screams] Get off me! Can you hear me? Kim! Kim! [engine revs] [ominous music] Let's hear the call.
[computer beeps and chirps] Wasn't that our turn? Excuse me.
Wasn't that our turn? Hannah.
Did you find an apartment around here? No, I'm renting downtown.
Why? 'Cause I live 10 minutes away.
I look like this.
You live 20 minutes away, and you look like that.
I have a go bag.
Well, you're not in the field anymore.
You're an analyst, so you can ditch the go bags and embrace the coffee machines.
[Kim panting and gasping] Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
I can't believe she's actually here.
You're still new.
You don't know her.
Her only son died in combat ten days ago.
And now there's a crisis.
She'd be here no matter what.
Charlie, you can stop it.
[Kim's scream cuts off abruptly] [indistinct radio chatter] Okay, till we get a team on the ground, there are two leads that we will follow.
The first is a ransom call when it comes through.
Noah, we may not know who has her, but we can make them think they've grabbed a Rockefeller.
The second is Kimberly Wells' driver, who, surprise, surprise, was a last-minute sub.
Now her NGO is claiming that there is no way of finding out who that mystery man was.
Hannah, you will prove them wrong.
The director wants to send a message that no attack on an American civilian will be tolerated.
It is up to us to send that message for him.
Let's do it.
If you don't adjust your attitude, we're gonna have a real problem here, all right? You don't get to just run around here ignoring orders, urinating wherever you feel like.
[panting] You show up here, you follow me around, You don't want to listen to a word I have to say.
Is that it? Hmm? Want some? Of course not.
[device beeping] [computer pinging] Deputy director Campbell.
- Hi, Adam.
- Good to see you.
How you been? Better.
I have a mission brief coming through for you on a secure channel.
I need your team wheels up within the hour.
[taps button rhythmically] [kids shouting indistinctly] It's a personnel recovery of one Dr.
Kimberly Wells, kidnapped by a group of unknown hostiles outside of Damascus three hours ago.
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back We have a lead on a driver, but otherwise it's like she's vanished into thin air.
We've got no other HUMINT or SIGINT, and not for lack of trying.
I don't have to give you a primer on the politics of this one.
You'll be going into a non-permissive environment in a state of civil war.
And into a city where half the population will shoot you on sight if they figure out who you are.
There'll be no support on this one.
No cavalry.
We are the cavalry.
To experience this incredible adventure.
I miss Josh and obviously [device beeping rapidly] Damn it, Jaz.
You're like a ninja, you know that? Yeah.
So should you by now.
A challenging one, but I can't imagine a better place to be right now.
[water splashes] Man, I appreciate the effort, but when are these bleeding hearts gonna learn that it's just too dangerous to try and help people over here, man? God gave us two hands for a reason, my brother: One to help ourselves and one to help lift others.
Thank you, Preach.
I got better uses for mine.
- Oh, now.
- Were you raised Muslim, Jaz? I was raised a New Yorker.
Guy we lost, guy you replaced, was her best friend.
Feeling coming from my bones says, "Find a home" [rock guitar music] [music fades] [keys clacking, indistinct radio chatter] So these are the final 45 minutes of pings from Kimberly Wells' cell phone.
We're matching that trail to the trail of every employee related to the NGO.
Find a match, we find our man.
I'm gonna be sick.
Okay, right here.
Switch it over.
Take it down.
Don't forget to blur the edges out.
It's perfect.
Make him a CEO, boost his portfolio.
Richer the victim, the better they treat 'em, longer they're willing to negotiate.
[tires skidding] [man shouts indistinctly] [Kim thuds, gasping] [men chatter indistinctly] Got an ID on that driver.
Let's see him.
Nassim Taub.
Married, one son.
No known terrorist affiliations.
Till now.
Where is he? Well, looks like he turned his phone off an hour after the kidnapping, but we should be able to get an idea of where they took her at least.
There's not gonna be a ransom call.
They just drove her into the Al-Nusrah controlled part of the city.
Al-Nusrah doesn't ransom Americans; They chop off their heads.
[man speaking indistinctly] Dalton, you need to find that driver.
Kimberly Wells' lifespan just shrunk from weeks to days.
[men shouting indistinctly] [Kim screams] [tires squeal] Now, we're all familiar with the Al-Nusrah front's work, including a bombing in Istanbul, the coordinated attacks in the Fedura Market, which killed 87 civilians, including 14 children.
People like this are why we come to work every day.
Last week, we dropped a JDAM on a meeting of ANF principals, killing their leader, Burhan Baghdadi.
It seems Wells' kidnapping is in retaliation for something we did, which means she will be executed, very publicly, in the next 72 hours.
That's our clock.
Where's Dalton? In position around the driver's apartment building, but it's a tactical nightmare.
Ground feed's just coming in now.
Dalton's plan is to take the driver, interrogate him, make him give up Wells' location.
Jesus, look at that place.
All right, Preach, got any movement in that apartment? [indistinct chatter] Walls are pretty thick, so the signal's not very strong.
There's definitely multiple voices, though.
All right, well, we can't wait around here anymore.
Amir, Jaz, soon as these kids clear the square, I want you to start your approach.
Wonder if I have kids.
- Really, bro? - What? I wouldn't be the first guy to get a call like that.
Besides, I think I'd be a great dad.
That's what you deduced? Yeah, man.
I dated a single mom once.
I think I stuck around for the kid more than anything.
I liked the way he looked at the world, you know? It was all innocent, asking questions, no clue how bad it really is.
You ever think maybe it was the kid who had things figured out as they are; You're the one who needs the adjustment? No, Preach, I didn't.
Stop with that spiritual jujitsu you do where I say something and then you turn it around on me.
All right, Amir, Jaz, you're clear.
[indistinct chatter] Can you bring up that feed on the body cam? Remember, keep your head on a swivel.
Anyone could be a hostile.
Back door's clear.
I'm heading in.
Jaz, green door.
Top? Yeah, I saw him.
Double back and re-approach.
Amir, one tango heading to you.
He's heading towards the driver's door.
[indistinct chatter] All right, Preach, I gotta know what's happening in there, and I gotta know it now.
Sounds like an argument.
Jaz, get in there.
[distant gunshots] [gunshots] I got multiple shots.
9 mil.
- [gunshots] - Double taps.
Whoever this guy is, he's a pro.
He's coming out.
Whoever that guy is, he's our only chance of finding Wells.
Jaz, let him walk.
He's coming down.
[door thuds, rattles] He killed them all: Driver, wife, and son.
[sighs] See if you can get a good image for facial recognition.
Nah, you don't need it.
Why's that? You don't need it.
That's Abu Al-Akmuti, Baghdadi's top lieutenant.
We follow him, he takes us to Wells.
Amir, Jaz, on me.
McG, Preach, on the move.
[whimpering] [low indistinct chatter] [doorknob rattles, hinges squeak] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [panting and gasping] Doctor.
You're a doctor.
Do not talk.
[speaks foreign language] Jaz, watch your spacing.
Amir, stay parallel, maintain visual.
You got any idea where this guy's going? Negative.
So keep it tight.
[speaking foreign language] [both speaking foreign language] Jaz, break contact.
- Damn it.
- You're compromised.
Dalton, we have your target moving southwest.
All right, I got the follow.
- Director? - Yeah.
Here's the most recent intel on Akmuti.
He went to ground two hours before Wells was kidnapped.
Um, I'm so sorry for your loss.
He's heading into a covered part of the market.
Dalton, we're about to lose visual.
We lost visual.
[indistinct chatter] [man grunts, dishes clatter] [speaking foreign language] [both speaking foreign language] All right, he made me.
Amir, he's coming to you.
He's pulling a phone.
If he tells the other kidnappers, she's dead, Dalton.
Execute, execute, execute.
Hey, hey! [bodies thud, door crashes] - Nope.
- [all grunting] Ops, status.
All right, change of plans.
We got a hostage of our own.
[man chanting in foreign language] [door thuds] [men grunting] [man thuds] [zip tie zips] Hold tight.
I know this isn't where we wanted to be, but we didn't have a choice, and now we've got Akmuti.
I understand, but at least this way, we can take another run at it.
I thought you were gonna end that guy in the market.
They get grabby, I get crabby.
[laughs] Show me a man who believes in something greater, that's a man I'll fight beside.
Amir, doesn't it make you a little angry to be sitting in a mosque praying next to a guy who might blow your head off someday? Makes me angrier than you, as a non-Muslim, could ever understand.
I understand Amir is new, but he spent three years undercover with ISIS.
I vetted him.
I trust him.
If he tells me it's gonna work, it's gonna work.
- It's risky.
- Of course it is.
Look, the analyst running my op was at the top of his game.
It did not change the fact that his mistake got me carved up and left for dead.
Okay, so then what's the alternative? We take him to a CIA safe house? It's gonna take them a week to break him.
That's time that we don't have.
The only way Akmuti gives up Wells' location is if he doesn't know he's doing it.
He's right.
Send him in.
All right, switching.
You're up.
All right, listen up, people.
We're gonna be blind in there.
I want to isolate Amir's feed so he can't hear the rest of the team.
Slightest distraction at the wrong time could give him away.
And we'll need the name of someone high enough in the ANF for Akmuti to have heard of but not someone operational.
Um A financier, ideally.
That's your man.
Khamal Benin.
It's one of Baghdadi's chief financiers.
[speaking foreign language] [door thuds, hinges squeal] [speaking foreign language] Yeah, blah, blah, blah.
Shut the hell up.
- [smacks] - [grunts] [speaking foreign language] [zip tie zips] [door slams] [speaking foreign language] Benin's older brother Yusef was renditioned two years ago.
Akmuti would have heard of that.
[speaking foreign language] Okay, throw him a red herring.
That way, when you mention Wells later, he'll be more likely to bite.
[speaking foreign language] Okay, Dalton, pull him out.
[door thuds] [speaking foreign language] - [door slams] - All right, let's go.
- That's enough.
- All right.
[distant smacking and grunting] Now I need blood.
Cut me.
Are you sure about that? It's gotta be real to sell this.
I'm not giving you a chance to punch me in the face.
[grunts] [electricity sizzling] [engine turns over] - [door slams] - Vehicle's set.
[smacking and grunting] All right.
All right, all right.
Get him out of here.
Okay, all right, they're bringing him back.
Time to set the hook.
[groaning] - [door slams] - [spits] [panting] [grunts] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [both speaking foreign language] Okay, we got him.
Dalton, Preach, stand by.
They'll be coming out any minute.
- Acknowledge.
- Acknowledged.
All right, if Akmuti gives up Wells' location, I want you to take him out.
Look, if I'm giving you a shot, it's because I know you can make it.
[sniffs] I know.
You're the only CO I've ever had who looks at me and doesn't see a woman first.
Well, I may not see it, but I don't forget it.
Because I know that getting here was harder for you than I'll ever understand.
[speaking foreign language] [grunting] [speaking foreign language] [grunting] [zip tie snaps] [panting and gasping] [speaking foreign language] [zip tie snaps] [speaking foreign language] [metallic clank] [speaking foreign language] [panting and grunting] [zip tie snaps] [speaking foreign language] [bottle clinks] All right.
Dalton, he's heading your way.
Roger that.
All right, Amir, it's the gray pickup right in front of you.
All right, hold.
[engine turns over] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] Hey, we got a wrinkle.
He just put up something sharp against Amir's carotid.
[speaking foreign language] [engine revs] [engine turns over] [trucks rumble] They're coming.
Get low.
[speaking foreign language] [horn honking, brakes squeal] [speaking foreign language] Got it.
ANF compound two blocks west.
It's the perfect place to hold her.
Redirect the drone.
Get eyes on that compound.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
That's less than a mile away.
I don't care how good Amir is, if he goes in there, he's never coming out.
Dalton, you have a green light.
You still think I can make that shot? That's what I thought.
[truck thumps] Whoops.
Five blocks to the compound.
Three blocks.
Two blocks.
[gunshot] Target's down.
[tires squealing] Pulling over for pick up.
[gasps] Good job.
You're welcome.
[sighs] How did we do? We found her.
[door thuds] Get up.
[speaking foreign language] Get an eye on the compound? Charlie, zoom in.
What is that? [speaking foreign language] [engine revs] That's a convoy.
They're moving her.
Dalton, they're headed east in quadrant one heading into quadrant two.
Yeah, we're on 'em.
[trucks rumbling] Any guess where they're going? Convoy's still moving east.
And heading deeper into Al-Nusrah controlled territory every minute.
Dalton, what about an ambush on the run? Three armored trucks in the middle of the city? They could be driving her to her death.
Well, trying an ambush is only gonna speed that up.
All right, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Pulling off the main road.
No, no, he's right.
Convoy's slowing down.
They're turning into these gates.
Looks like they're heading for this large structure.
[trucks rumbling] Anybody want to explain to me why the ANF just drove their only hostage into a city hospital? Get me an ID on everybody with her.
[trucks rumble] Preach, get video.
[siren wailing] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] Sending.
Anybody else get the idea she's on a one-way trip? Yeah, I do.
Image coming in now.
Amir, Jaz, I want you two to couple up.
You should have no problem getting inside.
McGuire, I want you to maintain a line of sight to this entrance.
Preach, I'm gonna need you to grab their air.
What are you gonna do? Wing it.
Freeze on that woman.
Run it through facial recognition.
[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] Command, need a little help here.
Yes, Dalton, there's a service door ahead at your 1:00.
I have visual.
[woman speaks foreign language over PA] All right, Jaz, Amir, on my position.
[computer pings] That's Baghdadi's wife.
They didn't kidnap Kimberly Wells to get revenge.
They kidnapped her because she's a surgeon.
Baghdadi's still alive.
[air hissing] I can't perform the surgery without the proper equipment.
There's too much fine shrapnel This is a hospital, not some tent in a field.
You're going to do the surgery, not because I'll kill you if you refuse but because I'll kill your husband, your parents, and anyone else who comes looking for you.
I'm not saying I'm gonna enjoy killing these guys, but you kidnap a woman, you get what you deserve.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, there is evil in the world.
Sometimes power only bows down to more power.
Okay, Top.
I've got their air.
- Coming in.
- All right, come in.
All right, we counted four roving patrols, and there's sentries at each entrance; Two tangos on the third floor outside the OR.
So they're using Wells to operate on Baghdadi.
Which means they'll kill her as soon as she's served her purpose.
What does DC want us to do? They've gone quiet.
[sighs] Obviously it's a tough call, but it took us seven years to find Baghdadi.
Letting him escape so he can rebuild his terror network is not an option.
Retask the team.
Yes, sir.
We can't do this.
You can't do this.
Burhan Baghdadi's alive.
If he gets away, there's no telling how many more innocents he will kill.
Which is why we hit him with a drone strike when he leaves the hospital.
What we do not do is sacrifice Kimberly Wells so that we can get Baghdadi instead.
If Dalton goes after Wells, it'll tip Baghdadi off that we're on to him.
He'll slip out of that hospital, disappear into the city You don't know that for sure.
Nobody wants to save Kimberly Wells more than I do.
But we are fighting people that want to wipe us off the planet.
That means we have to be as ruthless as they are.
Get me Dalton.
If you cannot eliminate Baghdadi, you are to withdraw without engagement so as to not tip his people off that we are on to him.
So Wells is dead.
[sighs] Adam, our target is Baghdadi.
But as far as I'm concerned, how you get him is at your discretion.
Is that clear? Acknowledged.
Stand by.
- Top? - Yeah, ju [groans] All right, officially, we have been retasked to get Baghdadi.
But Director Campbell's given us some latitude as to how we do that.
We're outmanned.
We're outgunned.
And even if we could get into that OR, we can't fire a shot 'cause we're stuck inside of a damn hospital.
We got one thing going for us.
That's that she doesn't know who we are.
All right, I got a plan.
It's risky, but far as I'm concerned, we didn't come this far to leave Kimberly Wells behind.
Bring up Dalton's body cam.
[men speaking foreign language] What's he doing? [speaking foreign language] Is that part of the plan? [door clicks open] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] Ah, careful with that.
Goes boom.
- Boom? - Mm-hmm.
[smacks] [knock at door] [speaking foreign language] [smacking and grunting] - Get what I needed? - Sure did.
Cart was a nice touch.
Yeah, I thought so too.
All right, Preach, kill their air.
[radio static] - [whistles] - [gasps] Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.
[speaking foreign language] I don't know who you're talking about.
Kimberly Wells.
You're using her, probably to patch up a few of your guys.
I don't care.
Free surgeries are over.
Who are you? I'm the guy getting paid to bring her back in one piece.
Now, I suggest you make it your business to help me with my business.
Go ahead.
Try your radio.
I got your comms immobilized and the rest of your roving patrols look like these two crash test dummies right here.
Jaz? Either you send out my girl, my team and I, we go away quietly, or you don't.
In which case, we put you down, and we go into that OR, we make a real mess.
It's your call.
Come on.
Neither of us want to lose our people over this, do we? All right, Preach, open the line.
[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] Radio.
[gasps] [grunting] Night-night.
[clip clicks] [bullets clinking] [speaking foreign language] [clears throat] [woman speaking foreign language over PA] [speaking foreign language] [whimpering] [screams] Dr.
Wells, I'm with the American government.
We're here to take you home.
Do you understand? Kimberly, do you understand? Every hostile that's seen your face has either been eliminated or is back in that operating room, which means that you and I can walk out of here without anyone stopping us.
Can we do that? Okay.
Let's go.
[speaking foreign language] Preach, coming out.
We got Dalton exiting the building.
Dalton, you got a live one in the truck.
McG, .
50 cal.
[man screams, gunshot] All right, Kimberly, these guys are gonna take you home, okay? Let's go! Let's go! [man shouting indistinctly] Jaz, Amir, rendezvous on me.
Oh, my god, they got her.
We got no signs of pursuit.
Good job.
Okay, you're all right.
You're all right.
We got you.
We got you.
Okay? We got you.
You're safe.
[indistinct chatter] We got Baghdadi exiting the building.
Uh, they're on the move.
He's getting away.
Dalton, do you copy? Baghdadi is on the move.
[speaking foreign language] Boss? Boss? [device chirping] [remote beeps] [explosion] [sighs] [flames crackling] Let's go home.
Nice work.
Noah, get me a damage assessment as soon as the debris clears.
Hannah, let me know the second Dalton's team rendezvous with the helicopter.
Good work, everyone.
[scoffs] [chuckles] [helicopter rotors whirring] It's cold, the lake is frozen She floats across at night No brace then to be broken [moans] I know who heart's not mine [moans] I'm okay.
So if you gonna let me down Let me down easy And if you gonna let me down - Yeah, Preach! - [all shouting indistinctly] Let's go! Over here! Pass the ball! I'm wide open! - Defense is wide open, man! - Come on! Hey, somebody pick up the ninja! Come on, come on, come on, come on! [all cheering] [laughs] [phone ringing] Dalton.
Oh, that was a pretty soft goal there, Adam.
You wouldn't be wasting valuable drone time spying on your operators, now, would you? Well, it turns out the mood up the food chain is pretty good right now, so I thought I had a little latitude.
Funny how that worked out, huh? Turns out the best way to get Baghdadi just so happens to require you to save Wells.
It's funny how that happens, huh? Well, I'm not complaining.
No, neither am I.
Adam, please tell your team good job for me.
All right, will do.
Same to yours.
Hey, Patricia, it's good to have you back.
All right.
Let's get that drone back on station.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Retask the drone to quadrant six.
Where are you going, pal? [men shouting indistinctly] [dog barking] What is it? Huh? Track that vehicle.
Get me Dalton, now, now, now.
[phone ringing] [dog barking] Guys, get the kids! [phone continues ringing] [ominous music] - Get off the beach.
- [line trilling] The kids out of here now! Move! [phone continues ringing] [all shouting indistinctly] [phone continues ringing] [ominous music continues] [explosion]