The Brave (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Greater Good

Message was sent at 0247 hours this morning.
Emitted from a numbers station outside Caborca, Mexico.
A numbers station? I thought those died with the Cold War.
Most of them did.
But sometimes, old tech is the safest way to communicate, since no one pays attention to it.
Man who sent the message is Agent Hugo Vargez, Mexican intelligence.
And his message is that Ranier Boothe is coming to Mexico for two days.
That's right.
Ranier Boothe.
Currently topping everyone's list for the world's most elusive arms dealer.
Every one of your agencies knows him.
Every one of you has opened files related to him, whether that be for supplying explosives used in the Berlin bombing or the London Tube attack.
He's sold to ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and he has a lot of high-powered people in his pocket, which is why we've never been able to get close to him.
Until now.
Obviously, we have two options.
Capture him, or kill him.
I'd like to know from each of you which one you'd choose.
Kill him.
Capture him.
Get him to talk.
I say kill this son of a bitch.
I say neither.
Patricia, with all due respect, - we aren't here to debate.
- If we capture Boothe, all of the people that he's been working with are just going to switch up their operations.
If we kill him, it's the same result.
We get to pull him off the board, but the game remains unchanged.
What do you propose we do? I want to bug him.
Kill the spider, all you get is a spider.
Put a listening device on him, you get the whole web.
I suppose you have a plan? They go for it? Call Dalton.
Tell him he's going to Mexico.
Commander Dalton.
Should be plenty of room.
Another vehicle's waiting at the safe house.
- I've arranged - Actually, we arranged our own accommodations.
Fact, if you don't mind, put this on for us.
Just till we get to know each other a little better.
A blindfold.
I've worked with some careful types before, but you all take it to another level.
Yes, we do.
[TENSE MUSIC] You ever been to this part of the world before? Mexico? No.
This isn't Mexico, my friend.
It's Sonora.
A narco state.
Put a foot out of place here, you die.
- [SOFT CHUCKLE] - Lovely.
How do you read? Like you're in the next room.
Top, we're up.
So Ranier Boothe.
When's he land? [SOFT CHUCKLE] You Americans usually like to dance a little first.
I'm sure your friends can tell you specifics.
All I know is he's flying out of Zurich.
Tail number Hotel Bravo eight zero eight Golf.
Currently flying over the Gulf of Mexico.
ETA, maybe four hours, give or take.
Okay, you know where he's staying? The cartel owns many homes in the hills.
Boothe has his pick, as a part of their arrangement.
They give him nice sheets, he sells them cheap guns.
So he flies halfway around the world for one buyer? [CHUCKLES] No, he conducts a lot of his business in Sonora.
It's safe here.
Bad guys won.
I see you got you got two meetings listed here for him in your notes.
Those are the only two I know details on.
The first is tonight with a man named Lazkani.
And the second is tomorrow afternoon with Martin Urzua.
[RADIO CHATTER] Martin Urzua.
Looks like he's management in the Sonora cartel.
[BREATHES UNSTEADILY] Urzua's house is a hard target, so it's best to hit Boothe at the Lazkani meeting tonight.
I have schematics of the hotel where Lazkani is staying.
There's only one way in or out.
Well, you're intel's good.
It's real good.
You've done your homework, done all the legwork, your reasoning's sound.
[SIGHS] There's just one thing that's bothering me.
All of your intel comes from one source, from Boothe's mistress.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
So why don't you tell me about her? [FOREBODING MUSIC] Her name is Sofia.
She grew up in a small village near where I'm from.
Like many beautiful girls, she got caught up in the life, and the life led her to Boothe.
But I sensed there was decency in her, so I worked her.
How long? Two years.
A few months ago, I convinced her to turn.
Promised her I'd keep her safe.
There's a promise you should never make.
I appreciate you and your team are cautious people.
So am I.
Sofia's genuine.
The information is good.
All right, so it seems like the hotel tonight's our window.
Show us what you got.
[TENSE MUSIC] Now that I passed your test, maybe you explain how you expect to plant a bug on a man as careful as Ranier Boothe.
You ever seen his cell phone? An Avento Diamond.
Has voice communication encryption.
Would cost $100,000, American.
Practically one of a kind.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, Hannah, when you were under, did you work for the Sonora cartel? Sometimes.
Did you ever meet this Urzua guy? Yeah.
Look, uh, I don't want to pry, but it's pretty obvious that you're upset, and if this mission cuts too close to home Look.
Noah? I'm fine.
Okay? And frankly, I don't appreciate you implying I can't do my job.
No, that wasn't what I was doing, I wasn't saying That's exactly what you were doing.
[SIGHS] All right, so how much security does Boothe travel with? About three guards.
A man named Keller, always at his side.
The others roam in the background.
Yeah, looks like Lazkani's got his own details, so it's going to be crowded.
Preach? Any thoughts? Any good pickpocket worth his weight knows that the key to making any swap is the distraction.
You deal with your hands, right? [KNOCK AT DOOR] What is it, Noah? Uh, sorry to bother you, boss.
It's about Hannah.
Um About what happened to her in Mexico, I've heard rumors But you don't know the whole story? And I'm not looking for you to tell me.
But I'm wondering if she's okay to work this op.
Are you worried about her objectivity, or her personally? Both.
Look, this is nothing against her, at all.
Hannah's experience as a field officer is why I brought her here.
All of it.
The good and the bad.
It gives her a perspective that you and I don't have.
And whatever part Urzua played in her past, we're going to help her work through it.
C4? She's gonna be big, loud, and ugly.
Well you say that like it's a bad thing.
All right, we should be good.
Let me run through the plan one more time.
We're gonna post up outside the hotel.
Preach will put our distraction in place.
And we wait for Boothe to arrive.
Now, once Amir makes Boothe, he's gonna start his move, - and on Jaz's signal - Now.
I blow the truck.
And in the ensuing chaos, we will have bugged the most elusive arms dealer in the world.
Good with that? Easy-peasy.
Don't worry about it.
Either you'll be successful, or you'll be dead.
Think she's warming up to you.
Boothe is two minutes out.
Roger that.
Hey, Amir.
How you feeling, buddy? Oh, I'm totally relaxed.
Okay, that's Lazkani.
All right, McGuire, I got Lazkani coming at you.
He's got two in his detail.
I see him.
Boothe is 60 seconds out.
Okay, Dalton, you should have eyes on Boothe any second now.
All right.
Got him.
Okay, everybody, it's game time.
There's his head of security.
That's Keller.
And that must be Sofia.
Yes, it is.
[LAUGHS] Uh, Amir, hold on, slow your role.
We got a wrinkle.
Boothe's on the phone.
He's got to be kidding me.
No, cancel that.
Cancel that.
He's hanging up.
Phone is in his left pocket.
I repeat, it's in his left pocket.
Coming at you now.
30 feet.
20 feet.
I repeat, abort.
Son of a bitch just cracked it in half.
I don't he cracked what in half? His cell.
He treats it like a $100,000 burner phone.
If we're gonna plant the bug on him, we're gonna have to find another way.
[SOMBER MUSIC] Find anything yet? Been through it all twice.
We already know about his phones.
He rotates his watches, never wears the same shoes twice.
Basically, whatever might be worth bugging, he changes on a regular basis.
Well, there's a reason he's been untouchable for so long.
Even fanatics like Boothe hold onto something.
Let's use Vargez's asset.
Hey, Dalton, I want you to talk to Sofia, Boothe's mistress.
If anybody knows what he holds near and dear, it's gonna be her.
We'll, uh, we'll work something out.
We'll get back to you.
It's too dangerous, making unscheduled contact with her.
We don't really have another choice.
Yes, you do.
You could kill Boothe instead of risking your lives and hers.
Hey, Agent Vargez, look, you and I both know that in our business, we're always reacting to a fluid situation.
Now, planting a bug on Boothe using him as a source, that's a chance to be proactive.
That's a chance to stop him from hurting any more innocent people.
[DARK MUSIC] There's a salon.
She goes there when she's in town.
In position.
All right, guys.
I'm going in.
[SALON MUSIC PLAYING] I won't be long.
Sí, senora.
Thank you.
I know you don't know me.
I'm a friend of Hugo Vargez.
- What? - I need to talk to you, so just act like everything is normal, okay? [SIGHS] He sent me here because we need your help.
What if someone sees you? If Ranier finds out He won't.
What do you need? We tried planting a bug on Boothe's phone, but it didn't work.
So now we need something else.
Something he carries with him, something he doesn't change or throw away.
He changes everything all the time.
He's so paranoid.
There's gotta be something.
I need you to think.
Top, I got eyes on a vehicle pulling into the square.
Looks a lot like Boothe's Suburban.
Okay, ops.
Talk to me.
He must've switched cars.
Damn it.
Dalton, we got eyes on a decoy.
Pull Jaz out if you need to.
Do it.
Pull her out.
You're gonna get Sofia killed.
Okay, Jaz, listen to me.
Boothe is here.
Maybe he's picking her up.
Maybe we're blown.
What do you wanna do? Sofia, we don't have a lot of time.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] I'm not a spy.
I told Hugo everything I know.
There's gotta be something.
I really need you to think.
It could be anything.
A lighter, a credit card, something really mundane.
Preach, McGuire, tighten it up.
Get ready to go in.
[GUNS COCKING] [SIGHS] His necklace.
The medallion his St.
Christopher medallion.
Okay, great, describe it for me.
His mother gave it to him years ago.
It's a cheap trinket.
But he never takes it off.
Boothe is coming through the door now.
I need you to stop talking.
He's here.
Hello, darling.
You look beautiful.
Just in time, too.
We have to go.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] [SPEAKING SPANISH] Jaz doesn't speak Spanish.
Translate, Hannah.
Jaz, go, she wants to give you something.
[CAR HORN BLARES] There are photos.
We really must get going.
[VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES] Looks like we're clear.
[SIGHS] All right, Jaz.
We'll pick you up around back.
We'll regroup.
We'll go from there.
We don't need to regroup.
We have pictures of the necklace.
She gave me her cell phone.
- [SIGHS] - We're in business.
[DARK MUSIC] Team pull any good images off Sofia's phone? Couple images of Boothe's medallion.
It is the most generic $3 trinket you could imagine.
McG already found one.
All Preach has to do is distress it, and then embed the bug.
That's right.
That's great.
I thought she was gonna get killed.
You wanna know how I get through it? - Rinds.
- [LAUGHS] Huh? Huh? [LAUGHS] Why not? There you go.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [BREATHES DEEPLY] How's that working for you? All right, Jaz.
We're almost done here.
How's it looking? I'd say sooner, rather than later, if we're really gonna try this thing.
[LAUGHTER, CHATTER] Bug inside's thinner than a human hair.
Untraceable, undetectable.
It's a beautiful piece of machinery.
Only the DIA Yeah, I know it's beautiful.
Is it done? Well, easy part's out of the way.
What's the hard part? Getting it around his neck.
All right, ops.
We're packing up, we're getting ready to roll here.
We have a location for the ambush yet? The most likely way Boothe will head out of town is a rural highway leading west.
You can set up five miles out.
It's quiet, isolated, Sending you grid coordinates now.
All right, roger that.
[SIGHS] Okay.
They're wrapping it up here.
Hey, Vargaz.
Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea for you to sit this one out.
Why is that? I'd hate for something to happen you blame yourself.
It's obvious she means a lot to you.
I'd like to be there.
After all, why do we do any of this if it's not for the people we care for? You brought us down here thinking that we'd take out Boothe.
That way, you could have her all to yourself.
Am I right? [TENSE MUSIC] Haven't you ever felt that way about someone before? Look, I understand what you're trying to do.
It's the greater good.
You can count on me.
All right.
Keep it buttoned up, huh? Do you want to count it? Oh, Martin.
How long have we known each other? I'll be back tomorrow with a date and location for delivery.
[ALL SPEAKING SPANISH] Okay, Top, Burgess just exchanged the bag of money.
They're on the move.
We're falling back and we'll take the follow.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Dalton, Boothe is leaving Urzua's.
If he gets to the ambush site before you He won't.
[ENGINES REVVING] You're quiet.
What's wrong? Oh, you'll think I'm being paranoid.
Try me.
I saw someone this morning.
Outside the salon when I picked you up.
The same man I saw yesterday in the hotel lobby.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] You are being paranoid.
Okay, Top, we're one mile on trail of two vehicles.
Primary followed by bodyguards.
They're coming to you.
All right.
In position.
Change of plans.
Take us to the other hacienda.
Can't be too careful.
That's not good.
Dalton, Boothe has turned around.
I repeat, Boothe has turned around.
All right, McG, get out of the street before he sees you.
We're on our way.
We'll have to hit him on the move.
How come it feels like we're always playing catch-up? Well, Preach, we're just trying to let the other side have a sporting chance.
[ENGINES ROAR] Okay, Boothe just passed us.
We're back in position behind him.
What's the plan, Top? Same plan, we're just not going to use a spike strip.
Dalton, in about a minute, you're gonna hit an access road that'll put you in front of Boothe's caravan.
He'll be coming at you head-on.
- Got it.
- What are you going to use instead of a spike strip? You know, sometimes with us, it's better if you don't know what's about to happen.
All right, McG, we're headed to you.
All right? Everybody dress it up.
Okay, you ready to do this? Yeah.
Let's do it.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GUNFIRE] [YELLING] [GASPS] Top, security car is down.
Boothe is wide open.
Hold on.
Now, here he comes.
One out front.
[BRAKES SQUEALING] [ALL YELLING IN SPANISH] The follow vehicle is stuck, but the guys are moving on you.
They're about 300 yards out.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] Guys, get it done.
His men are closing in.
Less than 200 yards away.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] Help yourself.
Not the medallion.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] [ENGINE TURNS OVER, REVS] You take that, your family's dead.
I can always replace the chain.
Okay, come on, let's get out of here.
Let's go! That's it.
Bug is good.
Good work, everyone.
Piece of cake.
Come on.
Could help you grease a few wheels.
Thank you, but it's not necessary.
How did you know I wouldn't kill him? She didn't want you to.
Good to go.
We'll meet again.
Take care of yourself.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Feeling better since we got a win? Yeah.
Doesn't suck.
I could use some sleep, though.
[LAUGHS] No kidding.
What do you think's going to happen to her? It was brave, what she did.
She's a survivor.
I was a survivor.
They still caught up with me.
I was on my way to a cartel meeting.
Urzua was supposed to be there.
Last thing I remember, I was pulled from a car and they were carving me to pieces.
Trailing team was five miles back.
It was my call.
I was worried they'd get made.
So, did Urzua hold the knife? No.
But did he approve the order to murder me and leave my corpse by the road? I have no doubt.
That's why I'm counting the days till this son of a bitch is dead.
You know, it might not be such a bad idea to stop by SoCal.
Or Vegas.
No one's gonna know.
So, I want to see my kids, sleep with my wife, and you want to fall asleep on the floor of a strip club? Top, he always does that.
He takes the high ground.
It's so annoying.
I thought I came to this godforsaken hole precisely to avoid these dangers.
[CLEARS THROAT] Angelita, how are you feeling? I just need a little sleep.
Are you coming? In a little while.
You go on.
You think you can find out who did this? I think I already have.
[DARK MUSIC] She would never Those men were professionals, Ranier.
They knew how many guards we have.
They knew the car they were in.
They knew the money was in the bag.
How is that possible unless someone told them all of it? And the only person who could've known other than Urzua Was her.
That man you saw, he went to the salon to meet her, get the information from her.
And that's how I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna get all of their names from her.
Wait until tomorrow.
After we finish our business with Urzua.
And make it as quick and painless as you can.
Damn it.
Oh, God, did you hear that? [DIALS PHONE] You've reached Deputy Director Patricia Campbell.
God damn it, she's not answering.
We need to tell Dalton.
Look, you know that that's not how this works.
He's leaving now.
They'll be taking off - any minute.
- It's not your call.
It's hers.
You've reached Deputy Voice mail again.
If we don't tell Dalton, Sofia is dead.
Yeah, and what if we do tell him? What are they gonna do? Look, the only reason we know she's in danger is because of that bug.
If they save her, we risk giving the bug away.
We have to wait for Patricia.
Damn it, it doesn't matter what her answer is.
Once they're airborne, we lose all radio contact Hannah, you are out of line.
And I would tell you that even if you were being objective, which you are not.
[SCOFFS SOFTLY] We protect the bug, no matter what.
You're right.
You're right.
You're right.
Okay, look, just stay here, you keep trying her.
I'll see if she's in the building.
Dalton, it's Hannah.
Do you read? Dalton, do you read? Yeah, loud and clear.
You better talk fast.
It's about Sofia.
Boothe is gonna have her killed.
He thinks she was responsible for the robbery.
[ENGINE WHIRRING] Of course it couldn't be that easy.
The only choice you have is to pull Sofia out.
To make sure she's safe.
Every version of pulling her out risks exposing the bug.
To hell with the bug.
You take that chance.
Who knows? Maybe Boothe will figure things out.
We can't do that.
You have no other choice! Easy, lover-boy.
Look, there's gotta be another way.
[DARK MUSIC] Spoke to Dalton 40 minutes ago.
They're still working out options, but it's not too late.
To do what? Call them off? You gonna call Dalton off? Tell him he can't save the asset that risked her life for us? There's no winding that back.
Get on with the team.
Give them what they need.
Hannah, my office.
She stays where she is.
We protect the mission at all costs.
Then you may as well be pulling the trigger yourself.
They're gonna pull the trigger.
We're gonna change the target.
Hannah, you've suffered an unimaginable tragedy.
But you can't let your emotions affect your decisions, because in this job, misjudgment is measured in lives.
Make your move.
I know, because you were an operative, you think you understand a team like Dalton's you don't.
The Omega teams aren't like any other special forces.
They finesse.
They manipulate.
They bend the world to achieve their objective.
Why? Because they know they're the final option.
You activate them, they get it done or they die trying.
That's why our responsibility is so great.
They count on us to make the right call.
They trust us with their lives, Hannah.
You need to get that.
[DOOR OPENS] Bienvenidos.
Can I get you a drink? Why have you been having your man follow me? What man? The man I saw outside on the motorcycle.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] I-I have no idea who you're talking about.
Por favor, Boothe.
No, no, no, no.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] [GUNSHOT] [SOLEMN MUSIC] So you think you'll ever tell her? That her boyfriend was going to have her killed? The first chance I get.
She deserves a good life, even if it's not with me.
Well, she'd be lucky to have you.
Thank you for what you did.
Take care of yourself, Vargaz.
[VANCE JOY'S "FIRE AND THE FLOOD"] I was only Walking through your neighborhood Saw your light on honey in the cold I stood Anywhere I go there you are Anywhere I go there you are Deputy Director Campbell.
Hello, Dalton.
Looks like we're going to be wheels-up here in about two minutes.
Got any last-minute errands you want us to run? I'm out of eggs.
[LAUGHS] Well, lucky for you, I think we passed a few chickens on the way in here.
- I'll see what we can do.
- Nice work today, Dalton.
And as for your methods I think it's a pretty clear consensus around here that Urzua had it coming.
You're the fire All right, we'll see you soon.
And the flood That was brave of you, man, making yourself a target like that on the motorcycle.
Thank you.
We were actually taking bets on whether or not you were going to get smoked, though.
The only one who thought you were gonna make it was Vargaz.
Yeah, seriously, Amir.
We thought you were going to get smoked.
Next to mine next to mine He's messing with you.
[LAUGHS] Next to mine next to mine You're the fire and the flood