The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s04e04 Episode Script

As If Nothing Had Happened

1 [ Mid-tempo music plays ] Get that out of here! Come on! Come here! Show your bloody face! Stay away from me! You hear me?! Stay away! [ Door closes ] - [ Glass thuds ] - [ Sighs ] [ Suspenseful music plays ] [ Engine shuts off ] Mr.
Waterson? Mr.
Waterson? Hello? Holy Who the hell are you? Oh, my God.
[ Screams ] [ Mid-tempo music plays ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ Vehicle door closes ] Somebody's doing well for themselves.
Wealth It's overrated.
Remember, money can't buy you happiness.
- Wait here.
- Why do I have to stay? You were first on the scene, Frodo.
You called it in.
What else was I supposed to do?! You did the right thing.
You need to stick around.
Firstly, there's this.
According to the deceased's wife, it doesn't belong to them.
- Where is the victim? - BREEN: Around the back.
Mitch Waterson.
The name rings a bell.
Money guy.
- Finance company collapsed? - BREEN: Yeah.
Blue Monarch Investments.
Left a lot of people out of pocket.
SHEPHERD: Has somebody moved the body? BREEN: According to Frodo, his wife did, trying to save him.
SHEPHERD: Why is it that wherever there is trouble Frankie Oades finds himself close to it? [ Chuckles ] He's like a bad-luck charm.
Remind me never to work with him.
- SHEPHERD: Asian? - Maybe.
Is it a Japanese suicide dagger? It's too small to be a samurai.
Well, Mitch, if you were trying to commit hari-kari, you had an unusual style.
Given his reputation, perhaps he fell on his sword.
Backwards? Is Gina on her way? - The deceased's wife? - With Constable Richards.
His wife is Jools Fahey, by the way.
From the missing hand case? I thought she was with Dennis Buchanan.
BREEN: Guess she's moved on.
JOOLS: [ Crying ] Jools, hello.
Mike Shepherd.
Detective Sims.
Richards, could you get Mrs.
Fahey another cup of tea? Jools, we are so sorry for your loss.
[ Sniffles ] Usually when I'd arrive home, Mitch would be waiting by the door.
He'd give me the biggest hug.
He'd miss me if I go away but he wasn't there.
I came in, looking for him.
Stepped outside.
Who the hell are you? Oh, my God.
Get away from him! Get away! Mitch! Mitch! Mitch! [ Voice breaking ] My poor Mitch.
I didn't know what to do.
[ Crying ] But, of course, he was utterly lifeless.
Yeah, I need ambulance, police, everybody, man! You'd just arrived home from? Hamilton.
Visiting my mother.
Jools, is there anybody that you can stay with while we do a full scene examination? - Or we can arrange a motel.
- Don't you have the guy? That strange man by the pool.
Frankie Oades? He was mowing your lawns, I believe.
First I've heard of it.
Mitch mowed the lawns himself.
Trying to save money.
SHEPHERD: We'll follow that up.
The gym bag by the doorstep Not ours.
There was a note inside.
- Not surprising.
- It's happened before? Oh.
[ Sniffles ] Sometimes they're left with a plastic bag.
One time, a cake tin.
Even a wheelbarrow once.
SHEPHERD: Any idea who wrote these? There were hundreds who held that attitude towards Mitch.
Through the Blue Monarch collapse? Before my time.
- Thank you.
- Richards here will take care of your living arrangements.
We'll talk again soon.
I'm so pleased that you're in charge, Mr.
I know you will do an excellent job.
It's a team effort.
But a team is only as good as its captain.
You'll bring someone to account.
I know it.
We'll be in touch.
First Bryce, now Mitch.
What's the universe trying to tell me? SHEPHERD: Gina.
Death occurred less than 12 hours ago.
No sign of bloating.
The body has not yet been waterlogged.
Unless he was dead before he went in.
That remains to be seen.
In the meantime, this is very concerning.
I think it could be a khanjali.
A khanjali being? A Russian dagger.
Smaller than a shashka.
They have been used in the past by the KGB for assassinations.
Although the markings look Asian.
Have you never been to Mongolia? - Uh, no.
- KADINSKY: I have.
It is where the East meets Russia.
We'll look into it.
If not a khanjali, perhaps a clytch or a shamshir.
If so, sinister forces are at play.
He could be a Russian spy.
Living in Brokenwood? He's no longer living.
That's what happens to spies.
Thanks, Gina.
Keep up the good work.
How long have you been mowing Mitch Waterson's lawns? Okay.
This was my first time.
Did you see Mr.
Waterson before you started? Didn't see him.
I never met him.
Until the pool.
You'd never met him, yet you were mowing his lawns? It was a freebie.
I sent out a new business offer.
"Let me mow your lawn.
You'll see how amazing I am and want to sign up as a regular.
" See? I put these in people's mailboxes.
Did an e-mail thing.
- And Mr.
Waterson replied? - Of course.
I wouldn't mow his lawn for free, otherwise.
That's no way to run a business.
What happened to your eye? What? Nothing.
You have a black eye.
Eh? Oh.
Must've hit a branch when I was mowing.
- [ Vehicle door closes ] - We're on.
- Scent, scent, scent.
- [ Dog sniffing ] Good boy.
Good boy.
[ Dog barking ] [ Engine shuts off ] Over.
Back over again.
- Thanks, Sandra.
- Seek, seek.
- Now raise those arms up.
- [ Dog barking ] Looks like we have a mass surrender.
- Thanks again.
- No problem.
This was found en route.
SIMS: All roads lead to Sunset Manor.
Yeah, so it would seem.
- You have a bag? - Yeah.
Lydia Lee.
General Manager of Sunset Manor.
- D.
Mike Shepherd.
- Detective Kristin Sims.
It's quite a commotion you've caused.
Our police dog tracked a scent here from Bandon Drive, the scene of an unexplained death.
We need to know whether any of that group - have been out walking.
- LYDIA: [ Scoffs ] You think one of my residents might be tied to a crime? Not necessarily.
There's probably a simple explanation as to why the dog indicated on this place.
And the sooner we can discount it, the sooner we can carry on with other lines of inquiry.
All right.
But I think you might be excuse the pun barking up the wrong tree.
All my residents are in full-time care.
They can only leave the premises if escorted by family, friends, or staff.
Of course.
But we need to follow process.
Well, we could start by getting them warm.
- Amber.
- Yes? LYDIA: Can you please take the residents to lounge room one? - Yep.
- SHEPHERD: Thanks.
Good luck.
Several have varying levels of dementia.
I'll need to alert their powers of attorney and supervise any questioning until they arrive.
All right.
Listen, everyone.
These two people are detectives.
- Ooh! - Ooh.
Good afternoon, everyone.
They want to ask several of you some questions.
If you feel at all confused, I'll be here to help.
Is that understood? - Yes, Margaret? - Yes.
- LYDIA: You're confused? - No.
All right.
Well, that's good, then.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- I love dogs.
- LYDIA: I know.
Wasn't that a lovely dog outside? MARGARET: Yes.
Margaret is an avid walker.
You might be best to catch her on her rounds.
- I see.
- I've had enough of this.
Yes, George.
I think you're doing an amazing job.
LYDIA: Thank you, George.
You're always so positive.
DESIREE: Ooh, he's lovely.
[ Gasps ] Lovely hair.
According to Jools Fahey, Mitch Waterson's father, Kenny, is one of the residents here.
Which one is Kenny Waterson? You mean Pummel? - He's just left.
- [ Hand thuds ] I am not saying anything until Trudy gets here.
Desiree is waiting for Trudy Neilson to arrive.
She used to always play poker with her.
Very generous with her time.
Breen, why don't you give Desiree a game? See what you can gather.
You're not Trudy.
I'm Sam.
Fancy a game? Fancy getting your butt whipped? Show me your money.
I'll take you to Pummel's room.
Excuse me! Oh, it's Edward, isn't it? Yes.
I believe so.
Do I know you? Yes, we've met before.
Through Mrs.
Oh, Mrs.
- Who? - Your friend, Jean Marlowe.
Oh, yes.
Jean! Yes, marvelous woman.
Edward, these are detectives Shepherd and Sims.
Well, look, I think you should take me in.
Why is that? EDWARD: Well, there's been a crime.
I want to admit to it and get it over with.
Now, Edward.
You're not using this as an excuse to leave us.
You've only just joined.
Even so.
I think - [ Telephone rings ] - I'm sure we've met before.
Would you like to go back to your room? - No.
- Ms.
Lee? Excuse me a moment.
Oh, there you are! Mrs.
Oh, nice surprise to find you here.
- [ Chuckles ] - I brought you your favorite.
Anzac biscuits.
Do you know Jean? Yes, we've met.
We met in the war.
No, we didn't.
- EDWARD: Gallipoli? - MRS.
MARLOWE: No, no.
- It was at the bowling club.
- Oh.
Is everything all right? Some routine inquiries into a nearby unexplained death.
Homicide? It's early days.
Edward's only recently moved in.
He was reluctant, but with the scourge of Alzheimer's, it was time.
And he's settling in very nicely.
I can't stand the place! But don't worry.
I make a run for it every night.
- They can't keep me here.
- Now, now, Edward.
I think we're making up stories.
Would someone mind explaining what the hell is going on? We got here as quickly as we could.
Wes and Catherine, these are the detectives.
What's this about our brother being questioned? - Routine inquiries.
- Routine? I had to drop everything.
Wet canvas.
And they're not cheap.
Uh, what are you doing here? Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo.
Off you go.
Oh, come on, now, Catherine.
Your intentions are transparent.
Can't you understand the well is dry? I thought we'd made it clear about her.
Marlowe plays piano for all the residents.
- This time every week.
- And that's all.
Well, I hope so.
My brother is at a very vulnerable stage.
Which is why he should only be spoken to through us or his lawyer.
CATHERINE: Come on, Eddie.
Let's go and get a nice cup of tea.
- Huh? - Mm.
- SIMS: [ Clears throat ] - [ Sighs ] If we split up, we'll get through this quicker.
- Hello.
- Yes.
- What? - Kenny? - Pummel.
- Pummel.
We met before in the lounge.
Did we? My name is Mike Shepherd.
I'm from Brokenwood CIB.
You were a boxer.
How are we going, champ? - Who's this bloke? - He's a detective.
What does he want? I need to talk to Mr.
Waterson about a couple of things.
Talk to Wes.
It's probably for the best.
I'm sorry.
Are you his brother, as well? Coach.
And old friend.
They're investigating an incident near here and checking on everybody's whereabouts last night.
What? They want to know where you were last night.
I don't know.
You weren't out clubbing again, were you? Clubbing? - Disco dancing.
- [ Laughs ] Don't think so.
Was I? I think you can safely assume he was here, Mr.
The incident involves the death of Kenny's son Mitch Waterson.
An accident? Or what? Something more.
We're working through things.
Obviously, Kenny needs to be informed.
Yeah, of course.
Uh champ.
You need to listen carefully to what Mr.
Shepherd has to say.
Your son Mitch.
Cassius? - Mitch Cassius Waterson, yes.
- Yes.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but, unfortunately, he has been found dead.
Cassius? Gone? How? Well, that's what the detective's trying to find out.
- Again, Pummel, I'm very sorry.
- Cassius.
My little Cassius? [ Crying ] [ Wailing ] I think we should go somewhere more private.
Don't you want to stay with him? I don't think you quite understand.
Pummel? How's your son? Cassius? He's no son of mine.
You bring him in here.
I'll soon show him who's boss.
Does that allay your fears? Back soon, champ.
Are you okay? Oh, yes.
I just forgot my sheet music.
I have to say, it seemed rather rude.
Edward's brother and sister are very protective.
They think my intentions aren't legitimate.
- In what way? - That I'm a gold digger.
That I'm after his money.
- Oh, I see.
- But I'm not, of course.
I'm just a friend and a neighbor.
I didn't realize that Edward was wealthy.
Oh, he's not.
He's as poor as a church mouse.
It all disappeared when that investment company collapsed.
- Blue Monarch? - Mm.
Run by that devil of a man Mitch Waterson.
Legitimized theft is what I call it.
As you can see, Pummel has fairly advanced dementia.
Has he started wandering? Not that I'm aware of.
When he does, they'll put him in the secure unit.
Truth is, it's probably time, but they got a waiting list, you see.
Does it affect his short-term memory? Oh, completely.
His long-term comes and goes.
When you said coach, you meant boxing coach? Yeah.
We were quite a team.
[ Chuckles ] Held the world middleweight titles from 1969 to '73.
What he lacked in stature, he made up for in fury.
[ Chuckles ] Hard to imagine now, but he had an unrelenting ability to pound his opponent into submission.
Hence the name Pummel.
Cassius, as in Cassius Clay.
He named his son after a certain famous boxer.
Well, he was hardly likely to name him after a famous florist, was he? You're doing an amazing job.
- George, isn't it? - Mm.
What's the name of the dog? - The dog? - The one that was out there.
You know? Woof, woof.
Uh, Nikau, I believe.
Who's Nikau? The dog is called Nikau.
What dog? You're doing an amazing job.
So, any comings and goings with a resident is recorded here? Yes.
And can they leave at night? No.
The doors are locked at 7:30 p.
They'd need to be let out by a night staffer, and only then if accompanied by a family member.
And what about CCTV cameras? We don't have them.
Please understand, Detective, this is a home, not a prison.
Our residents' privacy is respected.
Excuse me, Lydia.
I've settled Edward, but he was very agitated.
Well, there's been some unusual excitement this morning.
He talks about leaving the premises.
You need better security.
What Edward says and actually does are not necessarily the same thing.
What about the secure unit? The time for that will be decided - by the clinical professionals.
- [ Scoffs ] You mean it's full.
Spaces become available regularly.
It's full, and you can't meet my brother's needs.
Edward is safe.
Please accept that.
- Detective Sims.
- Kahu.
Considering an early retirement? Food's not bad, I hear.
Not quite.
What about you? Here to take my koro for an outing.
Down to the river to feed the ducks and a cup of tea at the kiosk.
- Why are you here? - Uh, work.
Serious? - Mm - GEORGE: Kahu.
KAHU: Koro! [ Grunts ] Koro, have you met Detective Sims? SIMS: Hi.
GEORGE: You're doing an amazing job.
Oh, it's early days yet.
She's a dance instructor.
Let's get you out of this place.
Dance instructor? Hidden talents.
- Hello.
- Yes.
She has a disconcerting knack for getting around.
I feel like I know less than I did when I got here.
Desiree Smeltz has no idea where she was last night, but she sure knows how to play poker.
Oh, did you get fleeced? 10 bucks in the line of duty.
Beaten by someone with dementia.
How does that work? Mitch Cassius Waterson's investment company, Blue Monarch Investments, collapsed after the GFC, owing millions to mum-and-dad investors.
There were clearly a lot of irregularities, but the Serious Fraud Office couldn't get anything to stick.
Waterson walked away from it all, and there was deep resentment that he was never charged with anything.
Hence, there was a recent outcry when he acquired a new $1 million home on Bandon Drive despite the fact that he is supposedly bankrupt.
His creditors' list is extensive, but notable names include Edward Alderston, his brother and sister, Wesley and Catherine, Kenny Waterson - His own father? - BREEN: Yeah.
Margaret Dwyer, Desiree Smeltz.
But not George Morehu? BREEN: He's not on the list.
According to the dog handler, the scent trail led from the gym bag, exhibit A, at the front door of Waterson's to Sunset Manor via Princes Park, where they located a copy of the rest home activities sheet, exhibit B, presumably dropped from the pocket of the offender.
And the dog indicated clearly on Pummel, Edward, Margaret, Desiree, and George.
So one of those five or all five went to the Waterson house.
On foot? Unlikely.
Maybe it was your friend Margaret.
She's a mover.
But the scent is our main lead.
It's a strong lead.
A dog lead, even.
The good news is, you were right The dagger is not Russian.
A tanto sword.
Double-edged like the khanjali.
But "worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan.
" Most likely a replica of the Shinto from around the 16th century.
- Mm.
So not the KGB, then.
- KADINSKY: You never know.
Using foreign weapons could be a ploy to cover their tracks.
I have deleted my Facebook account and told my mother not to call me.
Just in case.
Gina, whoever killed Mitch Waterson is unlikely to have been a Russian operative.
There were plenty of people unhappy with him for reasons a lot simpler than espionage.
Is that a banknote? KADINSKY: $10, to be more precise.
It can mean only one thing A collector came and took his pound of flesh.
He certainly owed a lot of people a lot of money.
So it is a message.
Blood money.
[ Slow music plays ] Mind if I join you? Glad of the company.
George is off in his own little world.
How long has he been at Sunset Manor? Few months.
Reckon he's gone downhill fast.
Is it the best place for him? I wanted him to come and stay with us after Kui died.
He said he didn't want to be a burden.
Checked himself into Sunset Manor.
No sooner was he there, it was like he let go.
Can't remember a thing.
The ducks are doing an amazing job.
Dementia? Just a flash word for getting old, isn't it? The reason that we were at Sunset Manor is that a dog picked up a clear scent from an incident on Bandon Drive.
Do you know if George has any association with Mitch Cassius Waterson? Pummel Waterson's son? You know him? Only what you hear in the news.
I also train at Pummel's old gym.
- Boxing? - Yeah.
I love it.
It's great for fitness.
The ultimate cardio workout while playing a game of chess.
Never thought about it like that.
I love chess.
I don't get to play much these days.
Well, if you want a game sometime, you've got my number.
Better go follow the leader.
- [ Ducks quacking ] - Catch ya.
You have a great eye.
Oh, thank you.
I hope all the excitement wasn't too much for Mr.
[ Chuckles ] My brother has dementia.
Excitement and confusion are often the same thing.
Catherine, I understand you suffered financial loss with Blue Monarch Investments.
Along with many others.
Mitch Waterson has been found dead at his home.
I see.
- I presume it wasn't accidental.
- SIMS: No.
And it can't have been a heart attack.
- Because? - He didn't have a heart.
We followed a lead to Sunset Manor.
It seems that many victims of his victims are there.
They're everywhere.
We were fools, and we were fooled.
Did you ever meet him personally? My brother Wes knew him through his father, Kenny.
- SIMS: Pummel? - Mm.
Wes and Pummel owned a gym.
About nine years ago, Mitch got his father to gather his friends and acquaintances together.
That's how the seduction began.
MITCH: Don't rely on the government to give you the retirement you deserve.
Rely on Blue Monarch.
Take what you have grow it with us.
He took our modest savings with promises of great returns.
Of course, they never came, and nothing at all was returned.
So now I live in a two-bedroom rented unit with Wes, and we struggle to make ends meet, but we make do.
I'm sorry to hear that.
[ Chuckles ] Wes snores terribly.
But at least we have our health.
And your painting.
It reminds me that there is still beauty in this world.
I'll leave you to it.
Detective, I don't mean to sound bitter.
I was.
But I'm not now.
Life is too short to carry bitterness.
- I understand.
- And can I be honest with you? Yes.
When you told me Mitch Waterson was dead, inside, I smiled.
That's unkind, I know.
But I did.
Just being honest.
Unlike Mitch Waterson.
Lydia, is there any record of when Pummel Waterson last visited his son or his son visited him? Mitch Waterson? It was in the Courier this morning.
It's terrible.
Pummel's been very agitated.
Every time his son's death is mentioned, it's like he's learning it for the first time.
I informed him yesterday.
Yesterday never happened for Pummel.
Likewise, today will be forgotten.
Did his son visit often? Pummel's been with us for six years.
Mitch never came once.
Given his history, he's hardly welcome here.
His new wife did, though.
She made quite an effort.
Hello, Pummel.
Who are you? Detective Mike Shepherd.
Detective Kristin Sims.
Oh, yeah? We're just admiring all your success on the wall here.
KENNY: Oh, yeah, that's me.
Yeah, yeah.
Different times.
That looks like it once held a sword of some sort.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that was a gift.
From him.
Hashimoto Jones.
[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah.
I took him out in the 9th.
A good old old-fashioned double left jab and uppercut.
Ah, beautiful! - Beautiful! - 1971.
And you got the world title.
Yeah, yeah.
Third year in a row.
You know Hashimoto presented me with a ceremonial sword in honor of his own defeat.
Very honorable, you see, these Japs, eh? [ Chuckles ] Good bloke, though.
Good bloke.
Fair fighter.
Not like some.
Such as? What? Some aren't honorable? What? I don't understand.
Who's she talking about? Pummel, the scabbard is empty.
Do you know where the sword might be now? No, no idea.
Oh, this place is full of bloody thieves.
Bloody Klisnik! As a matter of interest, do you have a resident here by the name of Klisnik? No.
No one by that name.
[ Lock disengages, door opens ] Right.
With the residents' rooms being on the small side, some valuables are left in storage.
Anyway, Mr.
Waterson's sword's here somewhere.
Ah, here it is.
Do other residents have access to this room? - No.
- [ Camera shutter clicks ] This is private property and respected as such.
And if, say, Mr.
Waterson wanted to access his sword? Then a staff member would enter to retrieve what they need.
We wouldn't encourage it, though.
Dementia patients running around with swords.
It's not a good look with Health and Safety.
SHEPHERD: It looks exactly the same as the one - found in Mitch Waterson.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, Mr.
I think you should take me down to the station.
Because? I'm sure that I killed someone last night.
Instead of the station, why don't we find a seat - and have a cup of tea? - No one will be going anywhere without a lawyer present.
- You okay? - Yes.
I thought I made it clear that my brother was not to be harassed.
Edward approached us.
What? What's that? Did you approach the detectives? Oh, you're detectives? Yes, Edward.
Well, then I'm I'm not sure I should say anything.
Can't you see the distress you're causing him? Come on, Eddie.
Come on.
Let's get you settled.
My sister's very protective.
She's worried you're putting pressure on Edward.
You have to understand, he's likely to say some very silly things.
[ Knocking ] - CHRISTOPHER: Who is it? - D.
Brokenwood CIB.
Inquiring about an incident near here the night before last.
- So, now you want to know.
- Sorry? CHRISTOPHER: Do you have I.
? - BREEN: Hi.
- Christopher Kramer.
Now I want to know what? About unusual activity around the area the night before last.
Well, you've come to the right place.
So, what can you tell me? - You better come inside.
- Sure.
I'll just have to scan you first.
BREEN: Scan me for what? [ Device beeping ] Is this going to take much longer? Shh.
[ Rapid beeping ] Just as I thought.
Negative energy.
Okay, step through, please.
- [ Mist hissing ] - Aah! It's ozone.
It's quite safe.
It'll recalibrate any indifferences.
[ Sighs ] Right, what can you tell me? - Nothing.
- After all this? Nothing? But I can show you.
Come into my office.
What exactly is your line of work? I discover and collate the Unseen Truth.
- Is that a magazine? - No.
No, it is what it is.
It's the Unseen Truth.
What we don't see that we know to be true.
SHEPHERD: Five elderly residents give a strong indication to a police dog.
One uses a Zimmer frame.
The chances of Margaret walking from Marrowbone Street to Bandon Drive are Unlikely.
The weapon used in Waterson's murder is identical to one his father owns.
But his is under lock and key.
OFFICER: Edward Alderston's lawyer is here.
- Are you expecting someone? - No.
I'm acting on instructions from my clients.
Catherine and Wesley Alderston.
How did you become involved with their brother? I filed a class action against Mitch Cassius Waterson, suing for negligence, causing the collapse of his company.
Now, that man clearly preyed on the desperate and doolally, but with their retirement savings, they were sitting ducks.
He used his father's introduction to gain their trust.
He unzipped his pockets and just let the money pour in.
MITCH: The banks are offering, what, 5%? With Blue Monarch, we don't get out of bed for less than 12%.
[ Group gasps ] Was it a Ponzi scheme? BUCHANAN: More a sophisticated form of deception.
In the end, the Serious Fraud Office couldn't nail him, so I vowed to take him to task and get some justice.
The case is strong.
The law is on our side, so all in favor of suing the bastard? - TOGETHER: Aye! - WES: Yes! Fighting talk.
I love it! And a handsome fee for you, I presume.
BUCHANAN: Pro bono, Detective.
These victims have already had enough taken away.
I saw it as a way of giving back.
TOGETHER: [ Chanting ] 2, 4, 6, 8! Waterson's a reprobate! 2, 4, 6, 8! Waterson's a reprobate! What's this place? - This is your son's house.
- Who's that bloke, then? That's Mitch.
Your son.
- Cassius? - Yeah.
TOGETHER: [ Chanting ] Waterson's a reprobate! - Oh.
- BUCHANAN: Make no mistake.
Mitch Cassius Waterson stole from the poor to make himself rich.
Like an inverse Robin Hood.
"Perverse" would probably be a better word.
So, you got their money back? Unfortunately, no.
About a month ago, I had to break the news.
And we know he has your money.
But it is salted away in trusts.
Sadly, I've exhausted all legal channels.
Both civil and criminal.
Sorry, folks.
It's over.
When you described the protest outside Mitch's house Edward, Pummel, George, Margaret, and Desiree - were all there.
- Mm.
Plus, a number of others.
That puts five of the five at the crime scene.
So, Waterson's money isn't gone? No, it exists.
It just can't be reached.
Does his death change anything? As to whether we ever see that money again depends on who the main beneficiaries of his trusts are.
Let me save you some time, Detective.
The main beneficiary is his new wife.
- Jools Fahey? - BUCHANAN: Yes.
So, why don't you look into the affairs of that witch instead of harassing the aged and the ailing? We'll let you know if we need to talk to Edward again.
Actually, I represent all of your "persons of interest," so I suspect we'll be seeing quite a lot of each other.
We're still to get formal statements from the residents.
Perhaps you could help? Yeah, as you wish.
Well, I sense a field trip coming on.
These people love an outing.
Last I remember, you and Jools Fahey were an item.
Well, while I was busy slaving away, trying to take Mitch Waterson down, she was busy falling in love with him.
That all ended very acrimoniously.
And she broke your heart? I wouldn't go that far.
But what I do know now is, I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her.
SIMS: Hey, we have yet to verify Jools' alibi, right? The wife as beneficiary, you mean? Well, she has the most to gain.
There's a lot of money somewhere.
And Dennis Buchanan doesn't trust her.
See if she's ready for the follow-up.
I really need you to bear with me.
What have you got? I've just returned from Planet Wiggy.
And I mean that almost literally.
A Christopher Kramer lives at Number 0 Bandon Drive.
It's up the hill from Waterson's.
Number 0? It represents a tear in the fabric of the universe.
SIMS: Right.
Christopher Kramer witnessed an alien spaceship - land on Mitch Waterson's house.
- Oh! Prior to that, he saw Batman passing his house.
And apparently it's not the first time.
He's been spotting him for a couple of weeks walking past.
At the same Bat-time, same Bat-channel? It's safe to let this one slide, I think, Breen.
I know, I know.
I was thinking that, too, until he showed me photos.
- Is that - Uh-huh.
It's a gym bag.
SHEPHERD: Who is this Christopher Kramer? A self-taught cosmologist.
He believes in the "Unseen Truth.
" Is this legit? I think so.
SHEPHERD: Bring him in.
I'll try.
JOOLS: When I met Mitch, I thought he had nothing.
Nothing but an amazing spirit.
I fell in love with the man, not the myth.
And you must understand that's all it was a myth.
These people accepted there was risk for higher return.
It failed.
Their money was lost.
That's the world of finance.
This happened before you got together? Yes.
Not all the money has gone, though.
What do you mean? I understand there were trusts he set up to shelter his assets.
- Who told you that? - SHEPHERD: Dennis Buchanan.
[ Sighs ] Dennis.
He's hardly objective.
But is it true? [ Sighs ] It's complicated.
You said the harassment had happened before.
The gym bag, cake tin, wheelbarrow, someone leaving notes.
Why didn't Mitch come to the police? Too proud.
He thought he could handle it himself.
With a softball bat? He was very stressed.
He called me that night.
[ Breathing shakily ] They're at it again.
I can't call the cops.
There's no point.
I'll call you later.
When was this? 11:00? - [ Cellphone beeps ] - 10:47.
We talked.
He said he'd call back.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Never did.
Who do you think might've done it? Don't know.
There are so many angry people out there.
I understand you visit Mitch's father regularly.
Pummel? Yes.
I felt sorry for him.
His and Mitch's relationship was [Sighs] nonexistent since the collapse of the company.
Mitch was too embarrassed to face his father? Something like that.
So, I pop in weekly, see how he's doing.
Not that I always feel welcome.
All right, I'm off now, Kenny.
I'm off to visit my mum in Hamilton.
- I hate Hamilton.
- [ Chuckles ] I'll see you next week, as usual.
You really have no place here, Ms.
I don't think that's up to you.
Living well, are we? High on the hog.
Dining out on other people's money? Sorry.
[ Sniffles ] It's hard living as a pariah.
But love makes one do crazy things.
Such as? Sticking it out through thick and thin.
But if you can't have the back of the one you love, well what is there? You said you were in Hamilton when Mitch called you.
You must've left very early to make it back by 10:30.
I cut my trip short.
After Mitch's call, I was worried.
With good reason, as it turned out.
Could I have the phone number and address of where you stayed in Hamilton? - Why? - To verify your visit.
A formality.
Do you seriously think that I'm capable of stabbing my husband in the back? Can I answer that? Uh, yes.
Really, Dennis? You need to get over it.
BUCHANAN: Oh, my pride may have been wounded, but my heart has mended.
- What about you? - JOOLS: What about me? Are you over it? Hmm? You sleeping well? Living off the ill-gotten gains of others' misfortune? See what I have to put up with? [ Laughs ] As requested, and they're all very excited about giving you their full and frank cooperation.
Come on.
[ Laughs ] Margaret, thanks for coming in.
- You're feeling well? - Yes.
Tell me, do you remember where you were the night before last? Yes.
And where might that have been? I was there.
- At Sunset Manor? - Yes.
And can you remember if you left the home at all? - Yes.
- You did? No.
You didn't leave? No.
But I remember.
Oh, I did it.
Let the detective actually ask you a question first, okay? You did what? Killed the chap.
Who exactly? - Him.
- Mitch Waterson? BUCHANAN: You don't have to answer that.
No, no.
That That was him.
He deserved everything he had coming.
So, I'll go peacefully.
Can you remember how you killed him? Well, I shot him.
With a revolver.
Fancy a game of cards? Sorry.
I'm working.
- I've got 10 bucks.
- Sorry.
On the night before last, did you leave Sunset Manor? Yes.
Yes, you did or you Yes, I love dogs.
Then I wrestled him to the ground, and I hit him.
- With? - Why, with a candlestick.
Pummel, can you remember the last time you saw your son Mitch? Cassius? No, he's no son of mine.
I was at Sunset Manor.
All night? My client was hardly out roller-skating.
I've had enough of this.
That's right.
I coshed him with a piece of lead piping.
You're doing an amazing job.
I was a big fan of Strip Jack Naked when I was younger.
- Sit down, Kenny.
- Boris! - Sit down.
You're making a fuss.
- Boris! You're doing an amazing job.
No, I strangled him with a piece of - Rope? - That's it.
The rope.
All the weapons in a game of Cluedo.
Except the dagger.
[ Clears throat ] Well, that was fun.
I'm glad you were entertained.
Ah, well, sometimes you've got to accept the obvious, hmm? SHEPHERD: And what, in your wisdom, would that be? Most of them can barely cut their corned beef, let alone stab a fighting fit man in his 50s.
Cheerio, Detective.
Edward, his brother and sister, Pummel, Desiree, and Margaret all lost money to Blue Monarch Investments.
Having exhausted all legal avenues, every one of them had a very strong motive to want to kill him.
But none of them are strong enough to do it.
Mitch could swat them away like flies.
Let alone make their way from Sunset Manor to the Waterson house.
[ Sighs ] Where the hell is Breen? Mike.
Hello, Kristin.
Gina, hi.
I have been working the angles.
- On? - KADINSKY: The trajectory of the tanto sword into the victim.
The angle of the entry is through the trapezius, under the clavicle, and down into the heart.
So, with Mitch Waterson being about 6', you're saying the offender had to be tall? No.
All I'm saying is, the thrust was clearly downward and strong.
Perhaps ceremonial.
Because if the victim was kneeling, it could have been done by a dwarf.
- Ceremonially? - Maybe.
SHEPHERD: That's a good idea.
Thanks, Gina.
KADINSKY: I will keep thinking for you.
Good night, Mike.
I have Christopher Kramer in the car.
That took a while.
Don't get me started.
Okay? The guy is incredibly paranoid about being identified by the Unseen Truth.
- CHRISTOPHER: Yes? - Christopher, it's D.
BREEN: I need you to come down to the station with me.
- It won't take long.
- Look, I won't be laughed at.
BREEN: Nobody's gonna laugh at you.
I've got some yummy Thai beef salad here.
You want some? I'm vegetarian.
BREEN: Come on, Christopher.
I'm just feeling quite anxious.
There's nothing to be anxious about.
My boss is a nice guy.
Do you have a space blanket? What's with the space blanket? It's for deflecting radio waves and isotopes.
Christopher, could you take off your glasses, please? I like this room.
It's reasonably secure.
Oh, what's your roof made of? Tiles, I think.
You might want to get that looked at.
- I'll make a note of it.
- Well, don't humor me.
It's free advice.
Take it or leave it.
Christopher, I understand from D.
Breen that you saw a man walking past your house two nights ago.
That's right Batman.
Not the real Batman, of course.
Who do you think it might've Well, they made him look like Batman.
He was a scout.
- A scout for? - CHRISTOPHER: For them.
Those that are coming.
Or should I say have arrived? They sent him here a few weeks ago to look for a landing site.
Which you believe to be Mr.
Waterson's? I don't believe it.
I know it.
I photographed it.
They arrived.
Obviously they killed Mr.
Waterson because he witnessed it.
Now, of course, so did I, but they don't know that yet.
For that reason, I'm keeping a low profile.
If they arrived, as you say, at Mr.
Waterson's, where might this spaceship be now? Spaceship? [ Scoffs ] Please.
This isn't "Star Trek.
" This is real.
I know He's a nutjob.
He's certainly passionate about his beliefs.
But we can assume that whoever killed Mitch Waterson may have been masquerading as Batman.
I agree.
If we find this Batman, we may well have our offender.
Shall I look up Bruce Wayne in the phone book? Sorry.
- It's been a long day.
- SIMS: [ Sighs ] It's not over yet.
[ Suspenseful music plays ] - BREEN: Yeah? - Breen.
I need you to do something.
In position.
Okay, here we go.
[ Switch clicks ] [ Switch clicks ] Yep.
I can see it.
Right, keep going.
Take a look at that.
Yes! Yes! My God, they're back! Oh! Sorry, Christopher.
The plasma spacecraft is a swimming-pool light.
Uh, I doubt that very much.
[ Scoffs ] - Oh.
- BREEN: Mike, turn it off.
- [ Switch clicks ] - Now turn it on.
- [ Switch clicks ] - Now turn it off.
Okay, thanks.
I-I don't understand.
It's pretty binary, really.
On, off.
On, off.
I knew you were a skeptic.
I'm a realist.
And for the record, I do think there is other life out there.
I'm just I'm not sure they'll want to come to Brokenwood.
[ Scoffs ] It would seem that whomever Batman was, they lured Waterson out of his house by flashing his pool light.
The art of diversion and surprise.
So, we have that part figured out.
I'm Waterson.
I've got a softball bat in hand.
I walk out, I see someone fiddling with my light.
Why didn't I just give 'em a whack? Maybe there were two offenders.
Yeah, a decoy and the actual killer.
That would make sense.
Any prints on the money? Mm, nothing.
Too much water.
[ Sighs ] Plus, money has a thousand prints on it anyway.
And nothing from Exhibit B or the ransom note.
The whio.
Who puts a picture of a duck on money? Why not a peacock or an eagle? Because they're not native.
I remember from Sunday school how the Passover Lamb was to be sacrificed on the 10th day of the first month.
Could Mitch Waterson have been a sacrificial lamb in a process of restitution? Well, given he was killed on the seventh day of the fifth month no? Bummer.
- Ooh.
- SHEPHERD: What? Uh, I just remembered it's my anniversary on Friday.
Four years.
As I recall, four years is linen or silk.
So will it be a trip to the lingerie shop? No.
I'm getting Roxy a new Xbox.
You may mock, but she actually loves "Mortal Kombat.
" Okay, tomorrow, we go over security at Sunset Manor.
Whatever way you look at it, those with the biggest ax to grind live there.
Time to get some sleep, eh? WES: We're going to the gym, champ.
- Morning, Detective.
- Getting out and about again? Oh, I organize a biweekly outing.
If you want to talk, you'll have to come with.
SHEPHERD: Let's follow them.
WES: I set this place up when Kenny retired.
So I bring him here when I can.
And the others enjoy a spot of pugilism, too.
They like watching a new generation of boxers come through.
Oh, here we go.
I know who my money's on.
Nice to see you, Detective.
And yours.
[ Applause ] Come in.
All right.
I want a fair fight.
Nothing below the belt.
Three rounds of three.
- Touch.
- Go, green! There's no green, Edward.
- It's red or blue.
- Oh.
[ Whistle blows ] Sorry.
Ooh! Ooh! Dude, I wasn't ready.
We're here to box, Frodo, not check out the women.
FRODO: Oh! Come on! - DESIREE: Oh! - GEORGE: [ Laughs ] Oh! Oh! - MAN: That's the way, Kahu.
- It's blue! What was that? You're supposed to dance, boy.
Eh? You were dragging your feet like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
I've got a limp, man.
I shot myself in the foot.
What'd you do that for? Well done.
- I lost.
- I know.
I made 10 bucks.
[ Chuckles ] You, uh, still own this place? No, not anymore.
I had to wind it up along with everything else when that con man sold us out.
That con man being Mitch? He drained every dollar out of anyone he met.
He not only fleeced his own father He shamed him.
Used him and then cast him aside.
No respect.
Did you lose this place as part of the collateral fallout? WES: Oh, the new owner lets me come and go.
It's a respect for the elderly and foolish.
[ Chuckles ] You're hardly elderly.
[ Chuckles ] But foolish? Thanks.
[ Laughs ] There you go.
- Thanks.
- It's not so bad.
At least they can be matching now.
- [ Chuckles ] - SIMS: Why didn't you tell us that's how you got your black eye in the first place? 'Cause if you don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist.
I'm not a loser.
There are no losers in sparring fights, Frodo.
You came second.
KAHU: Thanks, Frodes.
Good fight.
Next time, I'm taking you down.
KAHU: Sweet.
You keen to give it a go? I'm not sure I saw much chess in the ring.
SHEPHERD: This is you? WES: Yeah.
After the Hashimoto fight? Yeah.
There were two swords given? WES: One each.
I take it you still have it? Oh, I think so.
Why? - Could I see it? - Yeah, sure.
It'll be at home somewhere.
Oh, can I get a ride? I don't drive.
- SHEPHERD: Oh, of course.
- Yeah.
I'll give my sister a ring.
Tell her to put the jug on.
My sister's an artist.
I know.
She gives it her everything, but Well, as my mother used to say, if you can't say something nice "Don't say anything at all.
" I can count on your sensitivity? [ Knock on door ] CATHERINE: My apologies.
I was painting when Wes called.
The light was so bucolic.
I couldn't let it go.
Detective Shepherd wants to see that old ornamental sword I got from the Hashimoto Jones fight.
Oh, I see.
It made it in the move, didn't it? Well, if it's anywhere, it'll be in the garage.
When everything went pear-shaped, we had to downsize.
Always meant to declutter, but you know.
Here it is.
Hardly pride of place.
WES: Pummel and I collected a lot of junk over the years.
- Doesn't feel that special.
- Hmm.
Even though you won the world title? For the third time.
I expect those things are a dime a dozen in the tourist shops of Tokyo.
Sorry to have troubled you.
Thanks for the tea.
Oh, you're welcome.
Did you find it? Yes.
Quite beautiful.
And these, too.
You're too kind.
You're very prolific.
Wes and I have very little.
So I paint away my time and my woes.
That would have to be Sir Edmund Hillary.
Well done.
The man who conquered the highest mountain and then gave back to the community.
Helen Clark.
New Zealand's first elected female prime minister.
What an achievement.
And? Oh, come on, Detective.
Huh? Your namesake.
Kate Sheppard.
She took the power from a male-dominated society and reallocated it fairly.
Of course.
They're very good.
Well, I need to get back to Sunset Manor.
Thanks again for the tea.
Good work on the art appreciation.
It's not too bad.
Oh, you don't have to live with it.
Look, uh, this business with Edward I'm worried it might be causing a rapid deterioration in his mental state.
I doubt we'll need to talk to Edward again.
Well, that's good.
[ Laughs ] Ah.
Light just too perfect.
Last night's casserole to be heated up for dinner.
Not like the heady days with Pummel.
We were wined and dined across the globe.
Still, that's what you get with age.
A gentle slide into irrelevancy and culinary boredom.
[ Chuckles, breathes deeply ] Well, still time for a power walk.
At least exercise is free.
[ Chuckles ] Must let you go.
Here you are.
- Are we okay? - SHEPHERD: Yes.
Thank you.
It's been like Grand Central Station today.
- In what way? - I say, what do you think? My sister just gave it to me.
Marvelous, don't you think? Edward.
It's very good.
Your sister's very kind to sort that for you.
Oh, did she? When? Just before.
She swaps his pictures around, keep things fresh.
KENNY: I killed him! - I killed him! I killed him! - Excuse me.
KENNY: Yeah, I killed him! I killed him! I killed him! - Yeah, I killed him! - Mr.
Waterson, please! GEORGE: Take it easy, brother.
It's all good.
I killed him, and I can kill you, too! He's gone crazy.
- KENNY: Ah! - Completely lost the plot.
He thought I hit his ball.
I killed him! - Put the pool cue down, please.
- Killed him! - I killed him! - It's okay, Pummel.
How about you give me the cue? - You want this? - Yes.
What? Give me the cue.
You want a game? Yeah.
Why not? So, who did you kill? Klisnik.
I killed Boris Klisnik! [ Mid-tempo music plays ] Morning, Detective.
I was wondering if I could have a word.
WES: Yeah, of course.
But it's a beautiful morning.
I'm just off for a power walk.
If you want to talk, you're welcome to join me.
SHEPHERD: Yeah, um Boris Klisnik? There's a blast from the past.
I understand he was a boxer.
Pummel was heard talking about him yesterday.
Really? Well, he was Pummel's archrival and the man who brought his career to an end.
1973? Yeah, that's right.
Mind if we take a breather? Oh sure.
You gotta realize that in the four years leading up to that fight, Pummel was invincible.
48 wins, 13 by knockout.
Two draws.
No losses.
Only Klisnik ever managed to find his weak spot.
In the fifth round, Klisnik whispered something to Pummel.
Your wife says hello.
WES: And in that brief second while Pummel processed the thought that this Soviet thug had been intimate with his wife he dropped his guard.
7, 8, 9 And that was that.
He never boxed again.
- Did his marriage survive? - No.
She took off with the Bolshevik.
Left Pummel with the kid.
Pummel believes he killed Boris.
[ Chuckles ] That's hardly likely.
The last I heard, Boris was alive and well and living in Vladivostok.
[ Sighs ] Dementia really is a fickle mistress.
Shall we? I should probably get back.
WES: Suit yourself.
Long black with extra hot water.
- Thank you.
- They call that an Americano, - you know.
- Mrs.
Marlowe, hello.
Or a gringo negro.
Colloquially speaking.
Oh, you learn something new every day.
Um, Detective, have you got a moment? Of course.
I have a confession to make.
About? Well, it's been nagging at me, and I feel I have to come clean.
It's about my friend Edward.
Yes? Well, perhaps perhaps he wasn't where he thought he was the night Mr.
Waterson was killed.
MARLOWE: Edward goes walkabout, you see.
- At night? - Yes.
I stumbled across him quite by accident.
I was driving home from the theater.
I'd been to the local production of "Oh! Calcutta!" They were all completely nude.
Oh, it was very interesting.
He can't tell the colors apart, you see.
He sees only in monochrome.
Edward? - So he stops there.
- Ah.
MARLOWE: Same place each night.
Where do you think you're going? I really couldn't tell you.
Well, best we get you home.
So I make it my business to pick him up and deliver him back to his room.
Every night? [ Sighing ] Yeah.
Dreadfully tiring.
Best we get you back into bed, you funny old thing.
Marlowe, why haven't you told someone? Once they start wandering, they're put into the secure unit.
And I can't be putting up with that.
Oh, no.
Not for Edward.
And when was the last time he went walking? The night Mr.
Waterson died.
- Edward.
- Hmm? It's come to our attention that you've been leaving the premises of Sunset Manor late at night.
Oh, have I? Specifically on the night Mitch Waterson was killed.
How do you know this? Jean Marlowe has been picking him up from the traffic lights on Tullamore Street over the course of several nights.
Jean Marlowe.
She can't be trusted.
Edward, do you know how you got there? Where? At the traffic lights.
Oh, no.
I don't drive anymore.
You were on foot apparently.
Was I? Do you remember leaving Sunset Manor? At night, you say? Yes.
Do you remember leaving? Was there someone with you or helping you? No, I-I'm sorry.
I I don't.
Detectives, this is leading nowhere.
And it's clearly upsetting my client.
No, wait.
I'm sorry.
I I thought But then Detectives, really.
Must we go through this charade? Wait.
Oh, this is cruel.
Thank you, Edward.
Did you say "Batman"? - Oh, he's clearly confused.
- No, wait.
Edward, you said "Batman.
" Yes, the Caped Crusader.
I was his lookout man.
That's right.
I waited by the lights while he went to get my money back from Waterson.
Have I got it back yet? I I can't remember.
No, Eddie.
[ Sniffles ] Not yet.
So, the reason the dog scent traced back to Sunset Manor is because Batman lives here? Or, at the very least, visits Sunset Manor.
To escort Edward out.
And if Edward got in and out, who else did? D.
Breen has a warrant to search several rooms.
[ Sighs ] If you must.
I take it the residents don't know the key code? LYDIA: No.
Only staff.
Look, I assure you, Detective, this place is absolutely secure at night.
- All doors are locked.
- Which other doors? George.
Detective Shepherd.
Unders or overs? - Overs.
- Ah.
LYDIA: This door remains locked, as well.
No one could enter.
Oh, it would hardly stop someone from leaving.
LYDIA: This is the staff lockers.
But, again, it's always checked at night.
No one could get in.
It's hardly Fort Knox.
Still overs? Yeah.
Yes, Detective.
You remember which ball.
I guess I did.
And you remembered me.
I guess I did.
Is that because I'm doing an amazing job? I guess you are.
George, have you ever been diagnosed with dementia? Detective.
Asking a dementia sufferer to remember their medical records.
Really? My client can't answer that.
I think he can.
I admit the dementia thing.
I play it up a bit.
SHEPHERD: So it's fair to say you've never been diagnosed? It's more a case of "when in Rome.
" I used to visit my old mate Pummel there.
I got to know the place.
Then when my wife passed, I thought I'd move in rather than be a drain on the family.
Your grandson Kahu says they didn't want you to go.
They wanted to look after you.
Perhaps you had another reason to want to be there.
Sadly, I've exhausted all legal channels.
Both civil and criminal.
Sorry, folks.
It's over.
I'm crying.
Why are we crying? It's all right, my friend.
That guy Waterson had caused a whole world of pain in those people.
I wanted to do something.
So I put together a disguise.
Oh! Edward wanted in, but was a liability.
So each night, I'd park him at the lights.
I'll be back when the light changes blue.
- Blue? - Mm-hmm.
All right.
GEORGE: And then I'd visit Waterson's and invite him to give the money back.
Get that out of here! Come on! Come here! Then I'd pick up Edward on the way back.
[ Engine idling ] But Mrs.
Marlowe took over.
So I left Edward in her safe hands.
It was only my intention to frighten Waterson into giving the money back.
I wanted to do something for my friends.
Which places you at the scene of the crime.
Not necessarily.
I was, yes.
Okay, but that's not the same as committing any crime.
You were witnessed by a Christopher Kramer - approaching the scene - [ Camera shutter clicks ] - then again leaving.
- [ Camera shutter clicks ] So, when you did your hugging thing GEORGE: Kia or a, Margaret.
SHEPHERD: you mixed your scent with everyone else.
GEORGE: Kia or a, Eddie.
[ Dog barking ] And on your way back to Sunset Manor through Princes Park, you dropped this.
Look familiar? I didn't kill Waterson.
I swear.
I didn't touch him.
But you wanted to? Detective.
You have no evidence of that.
This has all got a bit out of hand, hasn't it? He seems like such a softie.
He's there.
He has motive.
Something doesn't add up.
Kramer photographed George running away at 10:49.
See? He has no gym bag, and he's heading west, about a three-minute walk away from Mitch's house.
But Mitch Waterson phoned Jools at 10:47.
They spoke.
He wasn't dead.
He was alive.
And Kramer saw the aliens landing at 10:51, which means George can't have been present when Waterson was killed.
[ Sighs ] So, exonerated by a crazy Chris Kramer.
I fear you have nothing, Detective.
Not even harassment, because Waterson never laid a complaint.
So I'm not being charged? Not even for a bad costume design, my friend.
Unless you want to charge him with asking a crook to repay misappropriated funds? George, you're free to go.
Sims here will show you gentlemen out.
- [ Knock on door ] - KADINSKY: Knock, knock.
- Gina.
- I don't want to disturb, but I had another thought about the money.
If the offender had used a $100 note, then it would have been Ernest Rutherford on the picture.
The man who split the atom? Some say the father of the atomic bomb.
This would have been a sign perhaps that it was espionage but, also, a very rich person, to throw away this money.
But if it had been a $5 bill, then it would have been Sir Edmund Hillary and perhaps a poor person.
Of course.
I could kiss you, Gina.
Really? Why don't you? SHEPHERD: Breen.
Let's go.
[ Knock on door ] - Hi.
- Detectives.
We need to photograph the tanto sword your brother has in storage.
[ Camera shutter clicking ] Boss, we have what we need.
We'll e-mail it to the lab for cross-referencing.
And you'll check on Pummel's one at the Manor tomorrow? First thing.
I'm sorry.
- Is there a problem? - No.
It's just that a sword of a similar description was used in Mitch Waterson's murder.
Oh, I see.
BREEN: So we need to cross-reference all known tanto swords in the country.
It's the tedious side to our job.
But now that we have Wes' on record, we won't need to bother you again.
- Thanks for your patience.
- [ Vehicle door closes ] Of course.
Good luck.
[ Engine starts ] Coming your way.
Mike the whio has flown.
[ Bell rings ] Ms.
I was I was hoping to see you.
Why is that? I'm keen to see your new painting.
May I? Oh, it it isn't finished.
I like a work in progress.
It was easy to smuggle Pummel out at night.
Edward and George were doing it.
The place leaked like a sieve.
- Where are we going? Eh? - No.
Shh, Kenny.
- Why? - Quietly, quietly.
We're gonna see an old friend.
After all, you're the person that Pummel trusts most.
You drove Wes and Pummel up to Mitch's house.
You knew Mitch would be alone because You'd overheard Jools Fahey saying she'd be away.
All right, I'm off now, Kenny.
I'm off to visit my mum in Hamilton.
Where are we going? To get even, Kenny.
To get even.
Boris Klisnik is about to show his face.
Boris Klisnik! Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Come on.
[ Switch clicks ] [ Switch clicking ] What the hell are you doing here?! It's Boris! It's Boris Klisnik.
MITCH: What?! What are you on about? [ Screams ] Leaving by car meant there was no scent for the dog to pick up.
[ Kenny snoring ] And when, thanks to George, the Caped Crusader, our investigation quickly closed in on Sunset Manor Then it became a rather manic game of switching the remaining sword between two places to keep us guessing.
I'll give my sister a ring.
Tell her to put the jug on.
[ Dialing ] Oh, hi, Catherine.
Just swapping Edward's paintings.
Keeps his mind stimulated.
SHEPHERD: On the guise of helping Edward, you were free to switch the sword as needed.
But the giveaway? Like any artist, you felt the need to put a signature to your work.
But I'm curious How could Mitch know you'd got your revenge with the $10 note in his back? Oh, he knew.
Boris Klisnik is about to show his face.
Boris Klisnik! What the hell are you doing here?! I'm here to give you my last $10, Mr.
Why not have it all? What?! What are you talking about? What $10? It's Boris! It's Boris Klisnik.
I'm not sure Kate Sheppard would condone your version of women taking the power back.
Justice was done.
And for Pummel, it's as if nothing had happened.
He killed his son, is what happened.
In Pummel's mind, he killed Boris Klisnik.
And in that brief moment, he got what he wanted.
[ Cheers and applause ] My client did not kill Mr.
But you put the murder weapon in the offender's hand.
Party to murder for now.
He took everything, you know.
Everything we built up in the past, everything we might want to do in the future.
He had no right.
No right! [ Door closes ] Well, at least we got our own space.
[ Sighs ] BUCHANAN: Pummel will be deemed unfit to stand trial.
You know that.
Is it worth pursuing? [ Cellphone rings ] Well, here's a familiar number.
Quelle surprise, ma chérie.
I am taking this seriously.
Very much.
All right, I'll meet you there.
Well, well.
It seems Jools Fahey has grown a conscience.
In what way? She wants legal advice on how to unlock trusts and release the funds back to Waterson's creditors.
I'm going to meet her for a drink.
I thought you couldn't trust her.
Innocent until proven guilty, Detective.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Pummel Waterson kills his own son, thinking he's a Soviet boxer, and has no memory of it.
Yeah, but does it constitute murder? Or even intent? - I'll bring him in.
- Leave it with me.
It's Friday night.
You have your anniversary dinner.
And I know you have a date.
What? What? A date? Who with? Um, "A," don't look so surprised, "B," it's none of your business, and, "C," it's not really a date.
Sort of more of a game.
The dating game.
Go, go, go.
[ Reb Fountain's "Hopeful and Hopeless" plays ] Hopeful and hopeless - All you guys - Come on.
Get us of this goddamn mess And fight for the hopeful and hopeless BUCHANAN: Ah.
Romance is in the air, I see.
It's fourth anniversary.
- It's an Xbox.
- You romantic devil.
Is it true you're wanting to give the money back? Something good has to come out of all this.
- Time to bury the hatchet.
An unfortunate turn of phrase, given the circumstances.
But come, let us dine and talk fiscal morality.
Each time that I get close to the mark I'm reminded I need to speak with Kenny Waterson.
He's been playing up.
He's been most difficult.
He wanted to visit his old gym, so the activities instructor took him on an outing.
- For the - Thanks.
Right, what have we here? "Tunnels under Colditz.
" "More Escapes from Alcatraz.
" "Prison Break"? [ Laughing ] Oh, really, Edward? Ready when you are.
All you guys, better open your eyes Get us out of this goddamn mess And fight for the hopeful and hopeless [ Switch clicks ] Who? Who's that? Who is it? Pummel.
Yeah? I know you? We've met before.
I'm a detective.
We need to talk about something, perhaps down at the station.
You want me to go Yes.
[ Breathes sharply ] Uh I can't remember how to get up.
It's a funny thing.
You You wouldn't believe it.
It's I can't remember simple things.
It's just not there.
Tell me about Hashimoto Jones.
I I took him out in the ninth round.
The old one-two and the uppercut.
He's a good bloke fair fighter.
[ Laughs ] I took him out in the ninth.
Good old double left jab and an uppercut.
Hopeful and hopeless Hopeful and hopeless All you guys, better open your eyes Get us out of this goddamn mess And fight for the hopeful and hopeless