The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s05e01 Episode Script

Scared To Death

1 ["Ghost of This Town" plays] I'm the ghost of this town I'm the ghost of this town I say things I don't mean to people I don't know I'm the ghost of this town [Grunts] Nice day for it.
Roxy not with you? Down south at a kickboxing tournament.
Might go check out the giant pumpkins.
Yeah, they're, uh, worth a look.
[Crowd chanting "Simon! Simon!"] [Grunts] Yeah! [Crowd cheering] Strongest man in the world! I am Simon! Yeah! BOY: Whoo-hoo! [Laughs] Jesus.
[Growls] I warned you.
Stop messing around.
What? Giving people what they want? This is a family show.
Pull your socks up, girl.
I'm a fairy.
Don't wear socks.
All I know is it's not working at the moment.
Of course it's working! A small technical issue.
It will be sorted uno momento.
- Who the hell are you? - Frodo.
Well, where's Johnny? He was supposed to meet me here.
He just asked me to hold the fort while he sorted out the emergency safety fuse.
Hey, it's nothing.
It's bloody safe the way it is, all right? Don't shoot the messenger, dude.
I'm just doing my cousin a favor.
- Listen, Flippo - Frodo.
I'm gonna take a ride through to deem it safe.
When I'm out the other side, start taking the tickets.
You're eating one of my hot dogs.
- You made this? - Yeah, I call it a Frododog.
11 secret herbs and spices.
You should call it a Fidodog.
Tastes like dog roll.
Ladies and gentlemen, things will soon be under way after a small, infinitesimal glitch! Be prepared.
Get ready to be scared to death! [Laughs] [Evil laughter] Pull the bloody lever! [Cellphone ringing] [Scary music plays] Yeah, what do you want? She's not in there.
Ah, well, c'est la vie.
Don't look so relieved.
I can't pretend to be a believer.
Well, it's just meant to be a bit of fun.
- Might've learned something.
- Like what? I don't know.
The future.
DIANE: Not likely.
She was in the middle of reading my tarot, lost the plot, and left.
- Bad news? - DIANE: Bad business.
Hope I get a refund.
[Gasping] - Ewan.
- [Ringing] WOMAN: Hello? Are you there? [Brakes screech] Ghost.
WOMAN: What service to do you require? Police, fire, or ambulance? Hello? Apparently his last word was "ghost.
" I'm not sure if that's profound or just telling it like it is.
All the classic signs of a cardiac arrest.
It must've been one scary ride.
I guess so.
Uh, sorry, D.
Mike Shepherd.
- D.
- Off duty.
Aren't we all? Dr.
Jackie Lee.
Probably an underlying condition, although men of a certain age do enter the danger zone.
God, I thought you were getting butterflies.
She did it.
LEE: Angry fairies, heart attacks.
It's all fun and games at the A&P this year.
Nice meeting you, and good luck with your day off.
As a matter of interest, the deceased was the owner of the amusement rides.
Harold Wilbury.
The Wilbury Brothers.
They travel the country bringing joy to the provinces.
A family business for three generations.
You do realize you're not actually working, right? I was curious.
BREEN: Good thing you're not a cat.
You should, uh, get on with your day.
SIMS: Sure.
BREEN: Chess, A&P shows.
I'll be giving a best-man speech next.
I didn't know you were mates with Kahu.
I'm not, really, but knowing Kristin, I thought - So, bridesmaid, then.
- MARTY: It's okay, Simon.
Simon, it'll be okay.
- Argh! - Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - Whoa! - Octopus! Whoa! Steady, brother! Hey, hey, hey.
Deep breaths.
- Deep breaths.
- SANDRA: Sorry.
Simon's Harold's brother.
He's a He's a little bit on the simple side.
He's just trying to comprehend what's happened.
Difficult to understand at the best of times.
I'm really strong.
I can crush things with my bare hands.
- Come on.
- Good to know.
That's enough Simon.
That's enough.
Come on.
Let's get you a hot drink.
MARTY: Let's go and get a hot drink.
BREEN: I remember taking this ride as a kid.
It's not that scary.
[Keyboard clacking, telephone ringing in distance] [Knock on door] Mike.
Sorry to disturb.
For you, Mike, it is never a bad time.
Harold Wilbury.
The man from the Ghost Train? I'm waiting to hear from the coroner to see if he wants me to get stuck in.
You didn't notice anything unusual? No.
He was stripped, and I put him in the fridge.
Routine, then? I think so.
- Can I ask you a question? - Of course.
If you were dying, what do you think your last words would be? [Speaking Russian] I would like to Facebook my mum and dad to tell them I love them.
You can't always rely on the phones.
Can you do me a favor? - You were at the A&P show? - SHEPHERD: Never miss it.
Sun, food, rural displays, country music.
What's not to like? In Russia, we have similar days, but it's all bears and yaks and Kalashnikovs.
Uh, Dr.
Lee indicated all the hallmarks of severe myocardial infarction.
Do you see that? Can you KADINSKY: Traces of blood.
SHEPHERD: What do you think, mosquito? Snake? Perhaps a vampire.
Except vampires aren't real.
Neither are ghosts, but he was on a train made for ghosts.
SHEPHERD: And New Zealand is snake-free.
Only an autopsy will explain them.
I'll call the coroner.
[Engine shuts off] A&P shows.
Never a dull moment.
You wanna come in for a quickie? - Speed chess? - Yeah.
And there was that game of tennis you promised.
Did I promise that? A promise is in the ear of the beholder.
Isn't that what they say? No, that's not one I've ever heard.
Until now.
Sounds good.
[Cellphone ringing] Sorry.
Your husband calling.
Hold that thought.
Not the one about Mike being my husband.
That's all kinds of weird.
Um, okay.
Ah, okay.
Got it.
[Cellphone beeps] Okay, so KAHU: Another time, perhaps? Occupational hazard.
[Sighs] - Vampires? - Snakes? Obviously neither.
So the marks on his neck are connected how? By being unexplained.
Gina is continuing a detailed examination.
It wasn't a heart attack, then? Oh, it was.
Postmortem confirmed that.
SIMS: So what are we thinking happened? SHEPHERD: Well, if I knew that, I wouldn't have called you.
He's got his hunch on.
I feel like by the end, death by vampire is gonna be the easy option.
Come on, fella.
I can't just stop.
- We're on a schedule.
- It's a precaution.
SANDRA: Can I help? This cop wants me to stop.
Sorry, why? We need to firm up the exact cause of Mr.
Wilbury's death for the coroner.
Well, we have to get our equipment off-site before the council start charging extra.
Where is my brother? Oh.
At the mortuary.
Then we'll collect him and be on our way.
Uh, we'll need to clear that with the coroner.
My brother had a heart attack.
We want him here so we can show our respects.
SHEPHERD: And I assure you that will happen as soon as possible.
- MARTY: But not today? - SHEPHERD: Not today.
Why the interest in the Ghost Train? Because it's where he died.
That's it? Are you saying it's a crime scene? Not necessarily.
SANDRA: So I don't understand.
But it could be? It's a sudden death, so we need to look at everything, including exactly where he died.
That's all.
Sounds like a crime scene.
You can appreciate it's been a hell of a day.
There's There's a lot of sadness in the team.
I'm sure.
- You have a warrant? - No.
See, that says a lot right there.
Look, I would like to do this with your cooperation, - if that's okay.
- Yeah, and why would I do that? Because if something untoward happened to your brother, wouldn't you want to know? Well, of course.
Then perhaps we should take a look.
Yeah, just, look, leave the Ghost Train there.
Best we set up camp, then.
[Sniffs] Argh! Simon.
Simon, come on.
Move, move.
[Cow moos] JOHNNY: People get in the carriage.
I pull the lever.
They go through the doors, get some scares, come out here buzzing.
Good times, man.
The most popular ride in the Wilbury empire.
How long does it take? JOHNNY: A minute.
You can get a lot of scares into a minute.
It's value for money.
No question.
I remember riding it first time as a kid.
Changed my life.
I was 5 years old, and I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be the guy that pulled the lever.
But you weren't pulling the lever when Mr.
Wilbury went through.
Had to let Harold know it was inoperable due to a missing fuse on the emergency brake.
So I got my cousin to hold the fort.
You're Frankie Oades' cousin? Frodo.
Wouldn't that mean Frodo needed an operator's license? He was meant to hold the fort, not fire the bloody thing up.
The ride worked even with a burned-out fuse? Independent circuit.
Doesn't that defeat the purpose of an emergency brake? Why? It's only for emergencies.
And besides, it wasn't burned out.
It was missing.
You're saying it was removed? Or maybe it just fell out.
In my experience, fuses don't just fall out.
- You're a detective, right? - BREEN: Yeah.
- So not an electrician, then.
- Uh, uh [Clears throat] Track Frodo down.
So you and Harold had separated? Yeah, not that long ago.
Six months.
Look, I knew how to run the business, and Harold charged around telling everyone what to do.
It worked, so when we split, that was personal, not business, so I was always going to stick around.
This is what I know.
You say personal? We grew apart.
It happens.
Still, it must've been awkward.
Not really.
Harold and I lived the same life, just in separate caravans.
Um, having been married, you'd be aware of any underlying heart issues? He'd had a medical recently.
He was given the all-clear.
A medical for life-insurance purposes? No, a bank loan, to expand things.
So as far as you know, he didn't have any life insurance? Do we look like the sort of people that could stretch to that kind of thing? Sorry.
Uh, Sims, time to take the tour.
The Mothership.
People track down here and then around there.
- That's the Ghost Snake.
- [Snake hissing] We call him Fang.
[Chuckles] And that's the Ghost Bride.
We call her Bonnie.
The veil lifts, and there's the skeleton.
Kind of funny but also freaky as.
With dry ice and spooky music, people get a real kick.
Works every time.
Watch this.
[Laughs evilly] Yep.
This way.
- [Lid creaks] - I want to suck your blood! Cool, huh? That's the Ghost Vampire.
We call him the Count.
[Evil moaning] That's Bob.
SHEPHERD: The Ghost Ghost? You got it.
That's a lot of ghosts.
Well, it's called the Ghost Train.
A train full of ghosts.
And this all takes a minute.
12 scares, one every five seconds.
Is there any access other than the entrance and exit? Never use it unless the saloon doors get jammed or something.
I presume it's not locked.
JOHNNY: Well, nah.
It's for emergencies.
You don't want to be fumbling for your keys when you're in a hurry, right? Wouldn't be safe.
Engine trouble.
Not just that.
Generator running the fridge has stopped.
Gonna lose all my sausages if I don't get it started.
I thought you were a mechanic.
Apprentice, before it all turned to crap.
Listen, I need a statement.
You were operating the Ghost Train when Harold Wilbury Oh, come on, man, I only pulled the lever and only 'cause that Harold dude told me to.
Still gonna need a statement.
So when you get back on the road, swing by the station, okay? Fine.
Want me to call a towie? Nah, too expensive.
Hey, could you hold something for me? A man goes on a ride and exits after 60 seconds, dying moments later from a severe coronary attack.
His last word being [Door closes] Plus, he had two unexplained marks on his neck.
There's not a lot to go on.
He could've just had a heart attack.
No, there's more to this.
Oh, let me guess.
You've discovered oil in the hills of Brokenwood and are now a millionaire.
I found Frodo.
- Okay, I'm gonna give it heaps.
- Yeah.
Just put your thumb over that pipe.
- Press hard.
- Wait.
Which pipe? 'Cause there's sev Several.
Where are we headed with this? I mean, we've got no motive, no suspects, no witnesses, not even a specific cause of death.
When John Lennon was shot, do you know what his last words were? "I've been shot.
" So he chose to state the obvious.
Perhaps, but in that moment, he left no doubt.
"I've been shot.
" Imagine you're dying, right? You've got one breath left.
What would your last words be? Okay, well, this is weird, but I would probably want someone to tell Roxy, you know, I love her.
Well, that's not weird.
That's sweet.
BREEN: Right.
What about you? Who would you be talking about? Oh.
Oh, look, uh Hey, uh, come on.
I spilled.
I take Mike's point.
Harold Wilbury died saying, "Ghost.
" Was he trying to send a message? Exactly, but was it "Ghost," full stop, or "Ghost" Was he wanting to say more? I mean, what did he mean? The Ghost Snake, the Ghost Vampire, the bride? There There's even a Ghost Ghost.
Look, as Johnny said, "It's a train full of ghosts.
" Regardless, that man had ridden that contraption a hundred times.
He owned it.
Nothing was going to give him a fright other than something completely unexpected.
Reason enough to dig further.
[Indistinct talking] Usual, thanks, Rodriguez.
MARLOWE: Jean, please.
Sad news about Harold Wilbury.
Any sense of foul play? My understanding is it was a heart attack.
I knew his mother, Olwyn.
We were at nursing school together in the '60s.
The family were from here? Oh, Tahuna Point but travelers now.
Oh, she was a true matriarch.
Ran that business with an iron fist.
Dead now, sadly.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Old age, they say, but as I say, there's no such thing as old age, just aging attitude.
Was it a heart condition, do you know? Uh, kidney failure in the end.
Now it'll be hard for Marty, being the youngest and having to step up.
There's Simon, of course, who's a lovely boy but dumb as a post.
Double-shot soy macchiato with cow's milk foam and turmeric.
MARLOWE: That's me.
[Chuckles] Cheers, Detective.
Long black.
Why don't we start with I had nothing to do with that dude carking it.
Yeah, we're just after witness accounts so we can piece together events.
Thought he died of a heart attack.
He did.
So what else is there to know? How about you just tell me what you saw? I didn't see nothing.
I was just selling Frododogs.
One Frododog with 11 secret herbs and spices.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy.
Cuz, I need your help.
- I'm busy here.
- Hey, you've got help.
I don't.
- But - Now, cuz! Don't ask, do.
Hold the fort, yeah? Your cousin Johnny seemed very insistent.
FRODO: Yeah, he had to find his boss.
Something about a bung fuse.
That's when Johnny's boss turned up, rude as.
I call it a Frododog.
11 secret herbs and spices.
You should call it a Fidodog.
Tastes like dog roll.
Pull the bloody lever! [Cellphone ringing] [Scary music plays] Yeah, what do you want? I only pulled the lever like he told me to.
Any idea who he was talking to on the phone? FRODO: No.
I'm not an eavesdropper.
When he came out, was he still on the phone? [Evil laughter] [Gasping] [Brakes screech] Nah, nah, don't reckon.
When he first got to the Ghost Train, was Johnny with him? No.
He came later.
Get out of my way.
Get down to the Ghost Train.
Harold's carked it.
Oh, um, just one more thing.
Did you sell Harold the Frododog? No.
Kimberly must've.
Hey, um, what happened to the ice cream business? Oh, freezer blew up.
Turns out if you can't keep the ice cream cold, it's, like, really hard to put in the cones, so, yeah.
Frodo says that Wilbury was taking a call on his phone just as he entered the Ghost Train.
There was no phone on his personal effects.
We need to locate that.
- I'll look into that.
- SIMS: And he'd just finished half a Frododog.
What if his heart attack was triggered by some fast-acting botulism or A toxin of some kind.
KADINSKY: You think maybe he was poisoned? - Yes.
- You are right.
Well And also very wrong.
No botulism could act that quickly.
There would be obvious swelling or inflammation around the affected organs.
I detected nothing of this kind.
All toxins show up somehow.
So it wasn't poisoning? Except KCl.
Potassium chloride.
Isn't that what they use in lethal injections? The very same.
Potassium chloride kills by causing sudden hyperkalemia, resulting in the stopping of the heart.
In other words, it creates a heart attack.
Correct, and the curious thing is, when a person has a heart attack, the body naturally releases unusual high levels of KCl.
So any added level is disguised by the body's natural response.
An overdose is naturally masked.
You are keeping up well.
SHEPHERD: When used for the death penalty, it's injected.
Can it be consumed in any other way? Typically it is taken orally.
- Pills? - Yes.
Oh, but for KCl to kill through ingestion, it would take so many pills.
Was the KCl level any higher than if Wilbury just had a naturally occurring heart attack? Maybe.
Maybe? So you have no evidence.
KADINSKY: Maybe I would have had no evidence if I hadn't stayed up all night combing Mr.
Wilbury's body with a fine-tooth brush.
- KADINSKY: What? - Nothing.
And? Here.
Between the "A" and the "D," I found a puncture mark notable by the red blood cells in the tissue.
It marked a hole directly into a large vein.
- From an injection.
- KADINSKY: Almost certainly.
Such holes usually heal over quickly, unless the victim dies shortly after.
So the healing stopped as soon as he died.
The healing never began at all.
[Beep] Gina, how long does potassium chloride take to work? Once it hits the bloodstream, it can take effect within a minute.
The exact length of the Ghost Train ride.
But if KCl typically leaves no trace, how do we know that was the cause? We don't, until toxicology rules out everything else, but we do have the injection mark administered close to the time of death.
If this was the contributing factor, this wasn't a spontaneous killing.
The offender had to have planned this days, if not weeks, in advance.
SIMS: And as far as any initial motive goes, Harold never had life insurance, so depending on the beneficiaries of his will, that is unlikely to be a driver.
SHEPHERD: We need to find out more [Knocks] about Harold Wilbury.
MARTY: He was taken too soon.
But if there's any consolation, he died doing what he loved most on the ride that he loved the most.
The Ghost Train.
He loved that thing.
Grew up with it, operated it, taught others, saw thousands get their thrills.
Anyhow, here's to our boss and my beloved big brother.
- Harold.
- Harold.
SHEPHERD: Sorry to disturb, but we have a few questions when it's convenient.
We're trying to farewell a friend here.
You mean boss.
Either way, I reckon it can wait till morning.
Well, the sooner we clear up a few things, the sooner you can We're all doing fine.
Uh, we're all tired, but we we had to build a camp.
I was just leaving anyway.
You coming or not? Not.
Suit yourself.
[Slurps] [Can clinks] MARTY: He's sad.
Harold had a lot of time for Johnny.
[Sighs] I need to lie down.
Magdalena gets really tired from channeling messages from the other side.
Octopus! [Can crushes] SANDRA: Deep breaths, Simon.
Come on, Simon.
Let's go for a walk, eh? Good lad, come on.
Come on, mate.
I take it he likes octopi.
They're his favorite animal.
Highly intelligent, unlike him.
Shall we? So, Hine, would I be right in thinking Daisy Rose is with Johnny? Totally.
In fact, they're engaged.
Nah, it's a joke.
Johnny loves the idea of monogamy.
It's just he can't help sharing that love around.
Would I be right in thinking you're with that redhead guy? [Chuckles] No.
- Not your type? - SIMS: No.
And he's spoken for.
And actually, I'm happy asking the questions, if you don't mind.
- Sorry.
- SIMS: It's okay.
So no one, then? No.
Um, actually, um there is a guy who is a friend, Kahu.
We play chess.
HINE: In the nude? - SIMS: What? - Why else would you play chess? Uh, can I ask what happened to your arm? I had a couple of beers after packing out the last town.
Fell off a ladder.
Broke a couple fingers.
Um, can you think back on your movements around the time Harold took the Ghost Train ride? Can you just give me a sec? We're trying to locate Harold's phone.
A witness has him talking on it as he entered the Ghost Train, but it wasn't on his person.
Oh, you didn't find it glued to his ear? - BREEN: Sorry? - He was always on it.
- Wheeling and dealing.
- Right.
SANDRA: Yeah, no.
I haven't seen it.
I'll ask the others, unless one of the public took it.
Do you know his log-in? Maybe we could locate it with Find My Phone.
Harold wasn't that tech-savvy.
Have you tried ringing it? No.
His number? I'll write it down for you.
[Sniffles] Uh, we can do this some other time.
I was, uh SIMS: You've just lost your boss.
It's a difficult time.
How do you know it wasn't a heart attack? It was.
Then why all the questions? SIMS: Uh, there are some unexplained things.
Two marks on his neck.
You didn't see anything? Uh, I was in my booth, the Rifle Range.
So I didn't see anything.
I just heard about it over the RT.
Well, um, if you do remember any details - [Ringing] - It's ringing.
- [Beep] - And it's gone to answerphone.
They're trying to find Harold's phone.
- Did you see it? - When? SANDRA: Well, apparently it was on him when he went into the Ghost Train.
Have you asked Johnny? I'll keep trying.
I gave Simon a pill.
He's already out like a light.
Must be a big pill.
It's prescription medication.
Correct dosage.
He suffers anxiety.
Hello? MAGDALENA: I'm resting.
I thought I'd made that quite clear.
Uh, apologies.
I didn't know you were in here.
Well, if you asked me, you would.
You people.
DAISY ROSE: She gets really grumpy.
She says channeling dead people is really tiring, but it's just part of her schtick.
Don't take it personally.
I'll try not to.
Life on the road wears you down.
SHEPHERD: I'm sure it does.
Gotta get out before you end up falling down in a ditch and getting left behind.
Is that what you were planning? You get tired of it.
That's all.
I imagine you're a close-knit team.
You'd have each other's backs.
Like you wouldn't believe.
When did you last see Harold? It was just before he died.
I'm a fairy.
Don't wear socks.
No more occulty stuff.
What are you gonna do? What did he mean, "occulty stuff"? I don't always paint butterflies.
Right, the skull and crossbones.
DAISY ROSE: Butterflies are what parents think kids want, not what they really want.
SHEPHERD: And that is? Danger.
Harold used to get really upset.
But I knew how to handle Harold.
By threatening to resign? Don't want to end up in a ditch.
[Slurps] Did Harold seem out of sorts in any way? No grumpier than usual.
His death wasn't an accident, right? What makes you say that? Otherwise, why all the questions? I don't believe it was, no.
Then maybe he got what he deserved.
Are you saying someone wanted him dead? Not someone, everyone.
I'm a vampire again I'm comin' for you Open up your window 'Cause I'm about to sail in You can call for Mama But she won't know what to do I'm a vampire again Ooh Thanks for coming in.
Did I have a choice? SIMS: You chose to turn up.
Look, Daisy Rose, your statement last night gave us a I didn't mean it.
Probably had one too many beers.
Oh, what did you mean by, "Everyone wanted him dead"? I was exaggerating.
Everyone, as in all of us.
He was a hard-ass.
Whenever he got grumpy, which was, like, all of the time, any one of us might say, "I'd like to kill him.
" That's all I meant.
When you saw Harold, was there anything unusual in his demeanor? Was he complaining of feeling sick, nauseous, or faint? No.
He was too busy eating some disgusting hot dog thing.
As a matter of interest, where were you going at the time? Nowhere.
I was on a break, looking for Johnny.
You find him? No.
SIMS: Would you say that Harold was a good boss? Yeah.
He obviously paid you well.
Oh, that's a nice bike.
A Triumph, isn't it? It was a bonus.
For loyalty.
15 years' service to the empire.
So, yeah, no, no complaints.
SIMS: Mm, okay, that is a good boss.
Did you hear that? Noted.
But he was tough? Nothing I couldn't handle.
Where were you just prior to Harold entering the Ghost Train? Why? A witness has said that Harold expected you to meet him there.
Who? Bloody Frodo.
So why didn't you meet him there? I was finding a fuse.
HAROLD: Bloody great.
Attendance is down this year.
Why didn't you use your RT? I could have brought you down a spare fuse.
Yeah, good luck finding one in this mess.
Hey, watch your mouth.
Battery's flat.
I thought you fixed that loose fuse.
Yeah, I did.
HAROLD: Not that well, obviously.
And don't think buying me this is gonna sweet-talk me, 'cause it's bloody foul.
I suppose there's a queue for bloody Africa.
Well, as long as they don't know it's about a safety issue Oh, Jesus! Hey.
Keep me in the loop.
- Hurry up! - Yeah, hurry up! SHEPHERD: Then where did you go? I found the fuse.
And I got back in time to see that he had carked it.
Get out of my way.
Apparently Harold was using his phone at the time.
Did you come across it? Nah.
You didn't see it? Mate, he was dead.
He wasn't making any calls.
[Door opens] Sandra, can you come through? SIMON: When is my turn? Soon.
- I'm strong.
- So you said.
I could pick you up and hold you over my head.
- Want to see? - Hey! No, whoa.
No need.
No need.
We're good here.
I believe you.
Sorry about that.
Shouldn't be too much longer.
SHARON: Yes, Harold rubbed people up the wrong way sometimes, but don't all bosses do that? In what way? He hated tardiness, anything that contravened what he deemed as family entertainment, sloppy attitudes.
Bad face painting? Case in point.
If people killed their bosses every time they had a go at them, there wouldn't be many left in the world.
I'll remember that.
I was barely out of school when I first went to an A&P show and saw Harold.
He was operating the Ghost Train.
That was back when his mum ran the business.
Me and Harold fell in love.
Simple story.
Except recently you split? SHARON: Amicably.
If it was that bad, I wouldn't have hung around.
Harold had a tattoo, um, Sandra Dee.
Obviously that was you.
Oh, God.
That old thing? No, that was his first love before we met.
Another Sandra? Olivia Newton-John from "Grease.
" Ah.
SANDRA: Well, he thought her character was called that.
It's, in fact, Sandy Olsson, but, you know, there's that line, "Look at me.
I'm Sandra Dee.
" I'm more of a country-music fan myself.
Well, you can't change a tattoo, so when I came along, I guess Harold thought, "Oh, well, it's close enough.
" W-We can leave it there for now.
Um, you'll be wanting to talk to Simon? We will.
He will need me or Marty to be there with him.
He has a mental age of 6.
I can honestly say I didn't see anything.
I was at my stall giving a demonstration.
Demonstrating? Marty's Miracle Cures.
Cures for what, exactly? MARTY: Skin, hair, follicles, fissures.
Itches, burns, warts, worms.
Tremendous healing properties.
Healing properties like the world has never seen before.
May I have another volunteer? That's when Sandra came and told me.
Um, excuse me, please.
I'll miss him so.
He was my big brother.
Such a big heart, mind, soul.
Hope like you've never seen hope.
Hope for what, exactly? Hope for the Wilbury Brothers, to keep the legacy alive.
When our mother finally let go, it passed to Harold, being the oldest, and he saw the opportunity to make it great again.
Natural-born leader.
So there was a legacy that the business passed to the next oldest? Indeed.
That would be Simon? MARTY: Well, no.
He's not mentally fit enough, obviously.
So it goes to you.
MARTY: Some are born to lead.
Others have greatness thrust upon them.
That will be my cross to bear.
I told you, I was in my stall, the Rifle Range, when I got the news.
About time.
No prize, no point in playing, right? Four shots, four hits, walk away a winner.
[Gun cocks, static hisses] JOHNNY: Get down to the Ghost Train.
Harold's carked it.
You didn't seem very surprised to hear the news of Harold.
Well, he was totally old.
He was like 50.
Dudes like him have heart attacks.
SIMS: But, um, leading up to that point, you weren't actually in your booth.
I was getting pandas.
We're always running out of pandas.
- You're joking.
- Either that or a pink flamingo.
[Indistinct talking, laughter] Simon, do you remember where you were when your brother Harold passed away? I was being strong.
I'm very strong.
So you said.
I punched him once.
- SANDRA: Simon.
- Who, Harold? - Right on the nose.
- Okay, all right.
I, uh I don't need a demonstration.
Hon, you can't do that.
It bleeded all over the place.
He gets overexcited.
SIMON: How many legs does an octopus have? - Simon.
- How many? How many? How many? Um, eight.
So [Laughing] Wrong! He got it wrong! - I think you'll find it's eight.
- SIMON: None! They don't have legs, they have arms! You're so dumb! [Laughs] Simon.
Simon, why did you punch Harold? Because he's my brother.
That's what brothers do.
Okay, so at the time Harold entered the Ghost Train, Marty was selling his wares to the crowd, Simon was wowing people with his act.
He's strong, by the way, in case you hadn't been told.
Sandra and Johnny were in the office sourcing a new fuse.
Uh, Hine was in her booth, though she had been sourcing more prizes from a storage locker here.
Daisy Rose had just finished talking to Harold, - and the enigmatic Magdalena - [Cellphone ringing, buzzing] has agreed to finish her statement but only in her tent.
KADINSKY: Toxicology has ruled out any unusual toxins except very high levels of potassium chloride.
Do you still believe it's a marker for something introduced? KADINSKY: Are you asking my opinion? Yes.
I think his death was far from routine.
Now I need your opinion.
KADINSKY: What is your most favorite song? Uh Oh, "Please Help Me, I'm Falling (In Love With You).
" - I will remember that, Mike.
- SHEPHERD: What? No, no.
That That's the title.
Gin Do you need a moment or No, uh, toxicology reports only high levels of potassium chloride.
So we are on the right track? Seems so.
Any luck with the victim's phone? Specialist Search Group came up empty on the Ghost Train and surrounding area.
Uh, likewise for any intravenous equipment.
I've been calling on the hour.
Also, no hospitals in centers the Wilburys have passed through in the last 12 months report any missing ampules of KCl.
- [Ringing] - It's ringing.
I wish my phone had that sort of battery life.
- [Beep] - And answerphone.
And we still have nothing to explain the marks on Wilbury's neck.
SHEPHERD: It'll come.
Or are we just drawing too long a bow? No, because all we have to do is find our source for the KCl, the vessel in which it was administered, whoever is recharging Harold's phone, their motive and opportunity.
Then we'll have our offender.
So, basically everything.
If only it was as simple as vampires.
[Clears throat] NEIL: Potassium chloride? Prescription only but low dose.
Nothing that would do you any harm? No, you'd have to swallow an awful lot of it, and you'd throw it up before it caused any real grief.
Anything high dose is held at the hospital.
Is, uh, this related to the Wilbury death? I'd rather not say.
Well, there is something you might want to consider.
Martin Wilbury was a pharmacist.
- Marty? - [Chuckles] I saw him at the A&P show.
Cures ringworm, warts, wrinkles, rashes, and in - Sorry, what's your name again? - Nicky.
Nicky! In Nicky's case, the scourge of acne.
As you can see, it's only been on for what, two minutes? Take a cleaning wipe and simply There you go! How's that? Would you like to see? You found it a dubious claim? If it was truly that effective, I wouldn't be able to restock my shelves fast enough, and Marty Wilbury would be a multimillionaire, not hawking his wares in the nearest park.
Smoke and mirrors? Let's just say Marty was always working the angles.
You said he was a pharmacist? Martin was struck off for malpractice.
For what, exactly? Misappropriation of medications.
It's the real thing.
Tea leaves from Tibet steeped in blue quartz water.
It has properties that opens the chakras, cleanses the mind, creating a channel of truth.
Well, um, tastes good, anyhow.
You're a skeptic.
No, I keep an open mind.
Then we both have that in common.
Now, you weren't actually in this tent when Mr.
Wilbury died.
You seem sure of that.
By chance, I happened to be at your tent at the time.
Why? Well, I was hoping for a tarot reading.
So you're not a skeptic.
It was just for a bit of fun.
And, uh, I spoke with a previous client outside who said you'd left rather abruptly.
Yes, I needed some air.
This work can be quite overwhelming, even if it is just for a bit of fun.
The fact that I wasn't in the tent at the time of Harold's death is merely a coincidence.
So where were you, then? I went to the office.
To? Look for Harold.
- SIMS: But he wasn't there.
- No.
Did you go anywhere near the Ghost Train? Absolutely not.
You sound very definite.
I deal with real ghosts.
Spirits, in my experience, should not be trifled with.
So, where were you when you heard the news about Harold? In the office.
It came over the squawker.
The squawker being the RT? MAGDALENA: Yes.
Only then did I go to the Ghost Train, to see if I could be of some assistance.
Alas, I was not.
Well, um, thank you for the tea.
[Slurps] - [Clears throat] - Oh.
SIMS: What? Sorry, is there I see a man, a dark, handsome man, moving across black and white squares, something like he's waiting to move or for a move.
I'm sorry.
That doesn't make any sense to me.
My apologies.
Harold's death has shaken me.
Sure, um, well, uh, thanks again.
MARTY: Thank you, uh, Nicky, was it? Nicky.
Another satisfied customer, folks.
Feel free to come and peruse these healing properties like the world has never seen before.
Cash, EFTPOS, credit cards.
Are you curious about Marty's Miracle Hairline Restorer? Should I be? There's nothing like future-proofing.
When you have a moment.
MARTY: Another good day at the office.
On a day like today, I'm sure it beats being stuck in a pharmacy.
Counting pills or being outside traveling this beautiful country.
Meeting new people and helping them improve their skin like they've Never been helped before? Quite.
It was a no-brainer.
You were also struck off.
A regrettable misunderstanding.
I could've fought it in court, but I wanted out anyway.
What exactly did you do? Our mother suffered from a long, debilitating illness with so much unnecessary pain, pain like the world has never seen.
I simply took a little of this and a little of that and helped to relieve the suffering over the years.
When it's on hand, it's hard to resist.
All chemists do it.
You know that for a fact? It's more of a suspicion.
Wouldn't you, for a loved one? I merely did the wrong thing for the right reasons and paid the price.
But I am happier now.
If you'll excuse me.
The volunteer you just cured, uh, Nicky? Yes.
Uh, wasn't she the woman you encountered at the A&P show? Yes.
I believe she was.
So your miracle cure is only temporary? [Scoffs] On the contrary.
She was so pleased with the results, she came back.
I treated the other side of her face.
Far from being temporary, it is more complete.
SIMS: Oh, hello.
Can I help? I read about the Wilbury death.
There's something you perhaps should know.
When I entered the tent, Madame Magdalena was acting weirdly.
Well, what do want to know? Have you lost something? [Chuckles] Only my mind.
[Chuckles] It was all downhill from there, really.
Not quite the Zen-like spirit guide I was hoping for.
Then she freaked out and left.
Uh, can you remember when that was? Only a few minutes before you arrived.
Then things went crazy, and the boss lady came running over.
I hoped it was to offer a refund.
- She's not there.
- Oh.
I'd like to know when she'll be back or if I could get a refund.
Uh, sorry.
There's been an incident.
I'll have to get back to you.
She never did.
But I thought you, being police, could help.
I'll see what I can do.
Uh, can you remember what exactly freaked Madame Magdalena out? Absolutely.
She saw the Devil on a Chariot.
BREEN: Boss.
- Do you mean her? - Yeah, that's her.
Nicky Stone, daughter of the deceased from the Golf Club case.
With remarkably blemish-free skin.
Uh, track her down, will you? Okay, I have a statement from a witness which puts Magdalena right back in the frame.
What's she done? Made a prophesy.
She was talking about my husband, Harry.
MAGDALENA: There is a man.
A husband.
Um, I don't have a husband.
I've never been married, let alone to anyone called Harry.
Then she got really intense.
- Are you calling me a liar? - No, I just thought Did I say he was your husband? Well, you are reading my cards.
Shh! Harry, Harry, Harry.
Bastard! You must go.
- But - No, I must leave.
You must leave.
Go now! It's a matter of life or death.
Magdalena predicted Harold's death? Maybe.
If you believe in that stuff.
Which you don't.
Well You do? Aren't we paid to keep an open mind? Magdalena said she went to the office just before Harold was killed.
But the Ghost Train is en route.
So rather than predict his death, the other possibility is She played some part in it.
SIMS: According to a witness, when you left your tent just prior to Harold's death, you were agitated and talking about a "Harry.
" That can't be just a coincidence.
I did have a vision.
I went to warn Harold.
Where exactly did you go? I told you.
I went to the office, but he wasn't there.
By the time I got to the Ghost Train, it was too late.
SIMON: Get out the way.
I'm strong! Christ.
Get out of my way.
MARTY: Harold! You didn't try to help? There was nothing I could do.
Psychically I was spent.
I needed a lie-down.
SIMS: Did you see Johnny in the office? You said you went to the office.
Apparently Johnny was in the office at the same time.
Was he? He was looking for a fuse.
Well, he must've found it, then.
If you had a vision that Harold was in danger in the Ghost Train, why didn't you go directly there? Tell me something, when I read your tea leaves, the black and white squares, did that mean anything to you? No.
No, it didn't.
Well, there you go, then.
My gift is not an exact science.
Maybe it's just a bit of fun after all.
- Hi.
- Kimberly, hi.
I have this as the last-known address of Nicky Stone.
She's my flatmate.
Why? I need to have a chat with her.
She's at work.
So is this Frodo's house? No.
Um, I just let him park his van here sometimes.
Like the times when it's not working, which is, like, most of the times.
You were working in the van at the A&P show, right? Yeah.
Do you remember selling a Frododog to this guy before the commotion? No.
You're sure about that? To be honest, it was pretty quiet.
Frododogs are kinda chewy.
I did sell one to his cousin, not that he paid.
- Johnny Oades? - Yeah.
Real creepy, trying to hit on me, and I was like, "Eww.
" Uh, so where does Nicky work? You have been on at me for three days.
I am getting really sick of this.
Then why don't you just go and do it? JOHNNY: No, because I don't I don't know these people.
You are being a cruel and vindictive person.
Just back off, Magda! Geez! MAGDALENA: This is what he would've wanted.
Give me a break.
Do it or I will tell her everything.
Everything okay here? JOHNNY: Yeah, fine.
This is some bonus.
That's what it says.
Daisy! Did you find the fuse? What? When Harold was leaving his portacom office, you were looking for a fuse.
I found one.
So you must've raced straight back to the Ghost Train to get the thing up and running.
You didn't go anywhere else in between finding the fuse and getting back to the Ghost Train? What is this? Daisy! It's a simple question.
When I got back, Harold was dead.
What more can I tell you? All right, keep your mankey hair on.
Places to be.
[Engine starts] I wan to make this place more like the Frog and Cheetah.
You see, the thing about karaoke is it's very aspirational.
- That sound all right? - Mm.
It allows people to transport themselves into stardom.
Well, for three minutes, at least.
Ray, I was asking about Nicky Stone.
Uh, yeah, she's in the garden bar.
I've had to hire a few new faces now that Trudy's a guest of Her Majesty.
Thanks, Ray.
Tomorrow night.
Make sure you guys come along.
"My Sharona" is always a good one.
Or "Don't Cry for Me Argentina.
" Mike will be a starter for sure.
Uh, Nicky Stone? Nicky! Uh, Detectives Mike Shepherd and Sam Breen.
Yeah, I remember.
SHEPHERD: Life treating you well? What do you think? We have a few questions about your relationship with Marty Wilbury.
I don't have a relationship.
You volunteered for him at least twice, probably more, would that be right? Perhaps as an audience plant? Look, I don't want any trouble.
FRODO: I can't believe you did that! You're unbelievable, man! Take it easy, cuz.
How dare you hit on my girlfriend! Frodo, I am not your girlfriend.
A cousin doesn't mow another cousin's lawn! KIMBERLY: And I'm sure as hell not your lawn! - It's a metaphor.
- JOHNNY: I said cool it! It wasn't like that.
- It was! - It was? - No way.
- KIMBERLY: Totally.
Uncool, bro.
So uncool! - I was not flirting.
- You said you'd changed.
- And I have.
- I knew it.
I knew you were up to your dirty old tricks.
- [Thud] - [People gasping] JOHNNY: Geez! Now look what you've done! KIMBERLY: Oh, my God, Frodo! I didn't do it.
You made me do it! What the hell's going on here? BREEN: I think it's safe to say no charges need to be laid.
True, nobody was smashing bottles or anything.
Only his face.
Yeah, sorry about that.
It's okay.
Happens all the time.
You two know each other? Eh? Nah, I don't.
- NICKY: No.
- JOHNNY: Nah.
Oh, except the A&P show.
You run the Ghost Train, right? Yeah, that's me.
Uh, Daisy Rose, we should shoot.
Come on.
Come to Johnny.
DAISY ROSE: How many times? I love you.
You know that, right? He pays me.
Marty? Yeah, I smear this mixture of stuff on my face.
He puts the cream on.
It comes straight off.
It's kinda naff, but it works.
I thought you didn't want any trouble.
Well, he does it in every town.
Marty says it was okay.
That's highly debatable.
Things have been kind of tough since Mum died.
An extra 50 bucks makes a difference.
And you don't know Johnny Oades? All we really know is Harold went inside the Ghost Train.
60 seconds later, he came out dead.
BREEN: Given the ferocity of potassium chloride, it had to have been administered inside.
Otherwise, given the length of his conversation with Frodo, he would have been dead before entering.
And apart from that, we still lack any clear motive.
Okay, Johnny and Sandra are in the office.
Uh, Marty was at his stall.
BREEN: Simon is at his side stage.
Hine was in the Rifle Range.
And Magdalena was moving between her tent and the office.
Daisy Rose was seen talking to Harold here.
So if they're all to be believed, none of them could've been inside the Ghost Train.
Or someone wasn't where they said they were.
SIMS: Okay.
[Clears throat] What if What if we could see inside the Ghost Train? - They don't have CCTV.
- SIMS: No.
As a confirmed skeptic, I can't believe I'm saying this, but what if Magdalena had the ability to channel what happened to Harold? Are you suggesting a séance? She read my tea leaves and knew things she couldn't have known.
BREEN: Uh, you've been scammed.
- How? - I don't know.
But I'm pretty sure tea leaves only serve one true purpose.
All right, well, maybe I have, but if if Magdelena did actually have some ability to see what actually happened, wouldn't we be remiss not to at least try the avenue? I mean, what have we got to lose? Nothing but our credibility.
This conversation never happened.
Uh, thank you for agreeing to do this.
I know when I'm being ridiculed! I assure you it's not that.
It's Sorted.
Oh, um [Clears throat] Can we talk? You know, alone.
I need some advice about Daisy Rose.
It's personal.
I'll step outside.
Magdalena will be with you shortly.
So you like bikes? - Uh, not really.
- The Trumpet is awesome.
Sure it is.
Six-speed, grunt, torque, 76 brake horsepower.
And room for two.
Already noted.
Well, if you ever want to, like, you know, check it out, let me know.
We can begin.
There you are.
What? What do you see? I can see him.
I can see him coming.
- [Gasping] - [Door creaks] [Gasping] He's scared.
He can sense something's coming.
[Gasping] [Screaming] Fang! Please, I can't do any more.
Fang? It's what I saw.
But there was no trace of venom in his system.
Perhaps you're being too literal.
Perhaps it was Harold who was the snake.
Meaning? I'm spent.
- No, but - No more! Leave.
Okay, I'm prepared to admit it might have been a waste of time.
SHEPHERD: And in her vision, she didn't mention anything about Harold being on the phone? No.
Which proves she's a sham.
We know for a fact he was on the phone.
Or she deliberately omitted that detail.
Yet she knew about the marks on his neck.
I mean, that's a bit impressive.
Regarding the phone? Wilbury's cell provider has it still located within the Brokenwood business district, but short of doing a door-to-door search [Rings, click] SIMON: Harold? Uh, what? No.
This is not Harold.
This is Harold's phone? No.
Is that Simon? Um Simon, where are you right now? [Game beeping] Hi, Simon.
- Hello.
- Is that Harold's phone? No.
BREEN: Are you sure about that? Mine now.
He used to let me play games on it because I was never allowed one.
He doesn't need it anymore because he's dead.
What game are you playing? - "Shark Attack.
" - [Chuckles] You really like sea creatures, huh? How many legs does a squid have? Okay, um I got this.
- 10 arms.
- Wrong.
Eight arms and two specialized tentacles for catching and holding its prey.
Yeah, wow.
Yeah, you got me again.
That's okay.
You're quite stupid.
Not your fault.
How did you end up with Harold's phone? It felled out of his pocket, and I picked it up.
Put him down here.
There you go.
I'm strong.
LEE: I'm a doctor.
- Give me some air here.
- Thank you.
- What's his name? - Harold.
Harold? Harold? Harold? Three, four, five, six.
You know, I'd really like to quickly check something on his phone.
- You want to steal it.
I know.
- No, no, no, no.
I just want to borrow it.
Finders keepers, losers weepers.
I'm really, really strong.
[Game beeping] Hey, Simon.
Have you ever been for a ride in a real-life police car? [Siren wailing] SIMON: I'm Simon! I'm strong! Strongest man in the universe! [Laughing] Yeah! Go faster! Go faster! All right, we're going pretty fast.
The last call Harold received was from Sandra.
It lasted 11 seconds.
Then, 32 seconds later, he dialed emergency services.
Meanwhile, you're holding a mentally disabled person.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
Because I've called Sandra in as his support person, and so we can ask her about the call.
Two birds with one stone.
See? Always thinking.
Yeah, that's probably a good idea.
Whoa, whoa.
All right, Simon.
Look at you.
Why don't you, um Why don't you put the table down, eh? Simon, we need you to put the table down.
- Please.
- I punched him on the nose.
Harold? SIMON: Lots of blood.
Yeah, so you said.
'Cause he touched Hine again.
And Hine's not his wife.
And that's not right.
No, that's not right.
Magdalena said so.
If you ever touch my daughter again, I swear I will tear you to pieces! Go and wait in the truck.
He shouldn't have been put through that ordeal.
- No wonder he's got upset.
- We were prepared to wait.
He volunteered the information.
It appears the call Harold received just as he entered the Ghost Train was from you.
- Or at least your phone.
- Oh.
It probably was me.
It was about? Pandas.
Hine was after another box of pandas.
She was short again.
I couldn't find them.
Did Harold seem distressed at all? SANDRA: No.
Well, no more than usual.
He was wound up 'cause of the delay on the Ghost Train, - and he hung up.
- Oh.
And a witness has you arriving at Magdalena's tent just moments after Harold's body was discovered.
- She's not there.
- Oh.
I'd like to know when she'll be back or if I could get a refund.
There's been an incident.
I'll have to get back to you.
Was that after you sorted the pandas for Hine? Yep.
You came to tell Magdalena about Harold? Yes.
Well, why didn't you use the RT? Magdalena doesn't use them.
She believes that the radio waves interfere with her gift.
Thanks again.
HINE: [Sighs] You had it worse.
It's called maintenance.
Can't make it too easy.
Oh, you want a go? Not right now.
Uh, Hine, we have a witness who suggests that Harold Wilbury might have behaved inappropriately with you.
Who the hell said that? - SIMS: His brother Simon.
- [Scoffs, chuckles] Simple Simon? What would he know? He seemed pretty sure about it.
And sure that your mother knew about it.
He's gone.
What does it matter? It matters because if you were abused, you should be supported.
These things are best talked through with professionals.
Look, Harold was a creep, but I learned to live with it.
You shouldn't have to live with it.
HINE: [Sighs] - I'm not gonna be one of them.
- One of who? Those broken girls.
The women that talk about it and then get told they're liars.
Things have changed.
I promise.
I didn't kill him.
SIMS: I'm not saying that you did.
Well, you're not saying I didn't.
Can you talk to me about this? HINE: [Sighs] Yes, I did say that.
That you would "tear him to pieces"? In the heat of the moment.
Do you know if he did? If Harold did abuse Hine again? No.
I think he got the message.
But you knew about what had been going on? Yes.
And you didn't tell anyone? - Who? - Marty? - Sandra perhaps.
- [Scoffs] Martin Wilbury has cloth ears.
He revered his brother.
"See no evil, hear no evil.
" As for Sandra, she spoke to Harold several times.
They fought about it.
But as an ex-wife, what can you do? Come to the police.
And have my daughter made out to be a victim? Have lawyers make a fool out of her in court? I dealt to it directly.
SHEPHERD: By threatening to kill him? It seemed to work.
Why didn't you leave the Wilbury Brothers? Because this is all we have.
That train wreck is my family.
We work together, we fight together, we laugh, and we play together.
It's like a strange kind of marriage.
But you wouldn't understand.
Where exactly were you when Harold died? I told Detective Sims that I went to warn Harold.
I was in the office! I understood Johnny was in the office, yet you say he wasn't.
How is that important? SHEPHERD: If one of you wasn't there, then maybe one of you was somewhere else.
The Ghost Train, perhaps.
He wasn't.
SHEPHERD: So, where was he then? You want to rethink where you were when Harold rode the Ghost Train? Like I said.
Found the fuse.
Went back.
He comes out, dead.
What's the connection between you and Johnny Oades? Okay, when you saw him at the A&P show, where exactly did you see him? So you found the fuse, and you went - straight to the Ghost Train? - I reckon so, yeah.
- Reckon so or know so? - Look, what is this? Well, if you did that, you would have got to the Ghost Train before Harold.
Except I didn't, 'cause when I got there, he was dead.
I already said that.
Harold stopped off along the way to talk to someone.
Enough time maybe for you to hide yourself away inside the Ghost Train.
- Whoa.
No way.
- Then where were you? By the portaloos.
Long time, no see, sweet pea.
Look, it's nothing serious.
We just hooked up last year when they came through.
How did you know Johnny would be at the portaloos? I hope Johnny doesn't see you here.
He never stopped talking about you after last year.
Really? He's still with that fairy, you know.
That's all for now.
What? I'm free to go? Mm.
Okay, Johnny, time to come clean.
Dude, I am clean.
Nicky Stone sees it differently.
I told you.
I barely know the chick.
- She says otherwise.
- Well, maybe she's lying.
SHEPHERD: We have a witness that corroborates her story.
Johnny was by the portaloo with that local slapper.
- And who is that? - It was the one Marty was using as a plant.
Look, it was just a little kiss.
No harm done.
It's not worth mentioning, right? How did you know she'd be waiting by the portaloos? Found the sucker! Oh, that little minx.
I told her to stay away.
Eh? Aww.
How about that? - Uh, Johnny - [Chuckles] HINE: Hine to base.
I need more pandas.
I did hook up with this girl the other day.
- You bastard! - It was just a little kiss.
- Like, really small.
- Making me an idiot! Again! I knew you couldn't change.
- She was a friend.
That's all.
- Forget it, Johnny.
- We are so over! - Ow! Angry fairies.
The old wand to the neck.
- Vicious.
- Take it easy, would ya?! I'm bleeding here.
Jesus! Daisy Rose, can we talk? - He deserved it! - Yeah, I'm sure he did.
Um It's this way.
- [Door closes] - Sims.
Um, yeah, could we have a word first? The abuse has been going on for years.
He was always gropy and stuff.
But then, one one morning, I woke up.
Holy How did you get in here?! Get out! I must have come in the wrong door.
Jesus, get out! You sick bastard! - Get out! Get! - Okay, calm down! - When was this? - [Sniffles] Just before his mum died.
And it wasn't just me.
He was an octopus to all the girls.
The octopus.
Let's take this easy, then.
When Harold stopped you and told you to stop with the occulty stuff, did you hit him in the same way you just hit Johnny? So what if I did? It would clear something up for us.
He was being a pig.
I'm warning you Do as you're told, girly.
So you're gonna fire me? Me and Johnny are leaving after the show.
- We're done.
- Johnny won't leave.
DAISY ROSE: Yes, he will.
But that bike's still in my name.
And when he knows all about our special times Aah! Geez! You'll keep.
What a pig.
The "special times" Harold mentioned.
You were the victim of abuse.
[Scoffs] Do I look like a victim? Can you tell us when it started? Anything you say is in complete confidence.
[Sighs] I rode the Ghost Train when I was 16.
I got the hots for Johnny, and the idea of working and touring sounded really cool.
But when I approached Harold for a job Would you like to talk to Detective Sims alone? No.
No, I'm okay.
He agreed, but only if I let him touch me.
It seemed like a stupid thing at the time, and I was like, "Whatever, you creep.
" And I really wanted the job.
[Voice breaking] But he kept on.
And promising to tell Johnny that I'd come onto him.
I never did that.
He did it.
Did you talk to anyone about this? Sandra.
She kept telling me it wouldn't happen again.
But I'd had enough.
And Johnny did promise to leave with me.
[Sighs] Fat chance now, though.
With what happened to both you and Hine, and with Sandra and Magdalena knowing about it, why do you think it didn't stop? Magdalena threatened him all the time.
But Magdalena needed Harold.
In what way? How did she need Harold? Hello? Magdalena? [Suspenseful music plays] What the hell do you think you're doing? How long have you been using? Using what? I know the rules.
Unless you've got a warrant, you've got nothing.
That is true.
Then I suggest we both agree this never happened.
There's nothing there but a needle and syringe.
Nothing illegal in that.
Perhaps I'm a diabetic.
Johnny? Do it or I will tell her everything.
"Her" being Daisy Rose, I presume.
About his fling with Nicky Stone.
This conversation is finished.
Why did you think Harold had been bitten by a snake? Oh, these things come to me.
By way of Hine.
How do you know it wasn't a heart attack? There are some unexplained things.
Two marks on his neck.
She told you about the marks on his neck, didn't she? And Kahu.
[Chuckles] That's how you knew to mention "dark and handsome" and the black and white squares.
Let's just say that I'm right about some things.
It might be wise for you to take heed.
MARLOWE: Ah, Detective Shepherd! I trust you'll be making an appearance tonight? - For? - There's some jolly good tunes.
SHEPHERD: [Chuckles] We'll see.
Tell me, you said you were at nursing school - with Olwyn Wilbury.
- Yes.
But between you and me, she was a terrible nurse.
- A bit rough.
- In what way? MRS.
MARLOWE: Oh, when it came to taking bloods, she'd wrench out the I.
lines, telling the patient not to be a sook.
Raised her boys in the same way.
As a matter of interest, is much skill required to hit a vein? Well, off the record, it does take skill, but, sometimes, just dumb luck.
Why? You're not developing a habit, are you? Not high on my priority list.
Well, I'm so glad.
Too many good people lost chasing the dragon.
When was the last time you saw Olwyn? Oh, we kept in touch through Facebook and Snapchat.
That's how I knew to pay my respects.
I took a road trip to Tahuna Point.
Knock, knock! It's only me.
Ohh! Aren't you looking bonny! Bouncing back, I see.
Given the circumstances, a little white lie goes a long way.
You said it was kidney failure that took her? Oh, hypokalemia got her in the end.
They just couldn't get it up.
"It" being? Oh, potassium levels.
Chronically low.
Oh! "Light My Fire.
" [Chuckles] I'll get Ray to put me down for that one.
Enjoy your ale.
What are you looking at? Thank you.
Marty, do you recall what medications your mother was on as part of her palliative care? Uh, morphine, saline.
Her sodium levels were critically low.
And SIMON: I feel sad.
Can I have some medicine to make me feel better? You don't want that stuff.
Too much will kill you.
Potassium chloride? But we were fighting a losing battle.
We just did what we could do to keep her comfortable.
You didn't want to use a hospital? My mother was a stubborn type.
She didn't like hospitals.
She believed they were an opportunity for people to knock you off.
So, in the room, there was just you and this nurse called? Uh, don't know.
Friend of a friend.
Simon, Harold, and Sandra.
And Magdalena.
How long's she got? What's your prediction? For God's sake, Harold.
This is real life, not some sideshow stunt.
Thanks for your time.
How long have you been supplying Magdalena? Don't know what you're talking about.
I think you do.
Can we talk? You know, alone.
SIMS: You turn up.
She goes from agitated to nodding off.
It's not rocket science.
I found her works in her tent.
And I'm sure your fingerprints will be nicely recorded on this.
It wasn't me.
Harold was the one who kept her high.
She was the star attraction.
He made her dependent on him.
But you were the delivery boy? Is that why Harold gave you the bike? Reward for doing his bidding? JOHNNY: [Sighs] [Suspenseful music plays] [Watch ticking] [Watch beeps, ticking stops] [Woman cackles] We know Harold controlled his victims by wielding power over their loved ones.
Both Hine and Daisy Rose were victims of ongoing harassment and assault.
They'd both reached the end of their tether.
SHEPHERD: Meanwhile, Johnny planned to leave with Daisy Rose.
Was it a case of exact revenge and escape town? We have a fortune teller who's also an intravenous drug user.
She certainly had the expertise in finding a vein.
A discredited pharmacist with a clear knowledge of the lethal chemical compound and a clear opportunity to access KCl.
And Sandra an ex-wife who insists on defending her ex-husband, even in light of his recidivist behavior.
And Simon? Well, we know he's strong.
I think we've got this.
Uh, we have a motive and probable cause, but we still don't have a witness or any actual evidence.
I'll settle for a confession.
[Sighs] He's got that Hunch thing happening.
SHEPHERD: We've established that the person who killed Harold Wilbury is amongst this group.
I find that hard to believe.
SHEPHERD: Your brother was killed by an overdose of potassium chloride, or KCl, administered intravenously.
MARTY: [Laughs] Come on! I don't even know what that is.
- Medicine! - This is ridiculous.
SANDRA: You better have evidence before you start casting these aspersions.
Magdalena, you conveniently left your tent in the minutes before Harold died.
You had time to enter the Ghost Train through the access hatch.
As a drug user, you also had the equipment necessary to administer the lethal dose.
I went to the office to warn Harold.
SHEPHERD: Yes and no.
You were there, but not to warn him.
Rather, to berate him for taking your kit.
You thought he was punishing you for your threats, withholding your fix.
That much, I admit.
Which means you didn't have the syringe.
I can understand your desire to revenge the terrible things that Harold did.
You know about your mother's habit, where she hides her kit.
And moments prior to Harold being found dead, you were not at your station.
- No way.
I was getting pandas.
- No.
If she was provoked, then I'm responsible.
I've been a terrible mum.
I did it.
But you didn't.
One thing that is true Hine left to get more pandas.
As verified by a witness.
I won it at the A&P show.
Magdalena, you were in the office.
We know this because it's the only vantage point where you could see It was nothing more than a kiss.
Marty was selling his snake oil.
Excuse me?! Simon was flipping a car.
Neither had time to cross the crowds and climb into position.
The only person who had the actual opportunity to secret themselves in the Ghost Train was Yeah? What do you want? SHEPHERD: The call to Harold was to place the offender somewhere else.
Otherwise, why call if you were close by? And only someone with an intimate knowledge of Harold's tattoo would know where to aim that needle on the move.
[Woman cackles] Aah! Hey! Hey! Base! Harold to base! But it was, of course, flat.
[Gasping] OPERATOR: Hello? Are you there? What service do you require? He tried.
[Breathing heavily] - [Brakes screech] - Ghost "Bride.
" It's what he wanted to say.
After all, you were once his bride, and one of the few people who had access to ampules of KCl while keeping vigil over your mother-in-law.
Why don't you take it outside? Give your mum some quiet.
But it's your movements afterwards that are the most telling.
Returning to Magda's tent - She's not there.
- Oh.
wasn't to tell her of Harold's demise, but to return her kit knowing that, if by some remote possibility Harold's death was looked into, focus would turn to Magdalena.
There's been an incident.
I'll have to get back to you.
SHEPHERD: Otherwise, why would you enter the tent if you knew she wasn't there? Taking the fuse from the Ghost Train meant that Johnny would come looking for Harold.
Especially since you set him up with a dodgy RT.
Battery's flat.
SHEPHERD: Which you then switched and made sure - Harold left with it.
- SANDRA: Hey.
Keep me in the loop.
- Hurry up! - HAROLD: Yes, hurry up! So that when he went to the Ghost Train, he would have no quick access to communication.
Having set the honey trap in the form of Nicky Stone, you knew that Johnny would be delayed in getting back and that Harold's impatience would send him through to you where you would be lying in wait.
No more Harold.
I just could not take it anymore.
I had warned him over and over.
Sometimes you feel like you haven't done enough.
And then you think of a way.
And I just wanted him gone.
A heart attack on a busy day.
No one would ask questions.
No one would think twice.
Except when an angry fairy struck back.
Aah! Geez! You'll keep.
BREEN: Sandra Wilbury, I'm arresting you for the murder of Harold Wilbury.
- Take away your hands off her! - Hey, hey, hey! Easy, Simon.
I'm strong! I say no! She's nice.
- Simon.
- Want a punch? Not this time, Simon.
It's okay.
[Handcuffs clicking] Well, at least Harold won't be doing it again.
You knew about Harold's behavior.
He was my brother.
My big brother.
And what'd you do about it? You're not parking? Uh, I'm gonna skip it.
I'm psychically spent.
- You did a great job.
- Thanks.
I still feel like I need a shower.
Take it easy, Sims.
What do you want? Single malt.
Splash of water.
Kristin not with you? She headed home.
- Call her.
- Sweet.
Hey, Chontelle.
RAY: Okay, good times.
Well, first up tonight, we have Dr.
Gina Kadinsky with "Please Help Me, I'm Falling (In Love with You.
)" [Cheers and applause] I'd like to dedicate this to Mike Shepherd.
A man who is far from routine.
[Intro plays, cheers and applause] Could you make that a double? [Off-key] Please help me, I'm fallin' In love with you Close the door to temptation Don't let me walk through [Up-tempo music plays]