The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s07e02 Episode Script

The Witches of Brokenwood

FLEUR: Inhale, exhale,
melting into Mother Earth.
Following the gaze, like water.
God, I'm starving.
I swear I've never felt more
like bacon in my whole life.
Shh! They probably
bug the trees.
Steam room better be on.
Major toxins in need of release.
[ Laughs ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
[ Laughing ]
Oozing the body
and the mind, ladies, together,
harmonizing body mind breath.
That's it, beautiful.
Little more now, big sweep.
[ Laughing ]
ELLA: Do you think we will get
in trouble for missing tai chi?
I don't care.
A good old boil-up's going to
melt off more kilos than
"gathering clouds"
or "painting rainbows".
Oh, it's definitely on.
Does it smell funny?
Ew, God, yeah.
Oh, I could murder a dumpling.
[ Laughs ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Beeping ]
DSS Mike Shepherd,
Brokenwood CIB.
FLEUR: Please,
come right on up.
More security than a prison.
But at least you get meat
in prison.
MIKE: There's no meat here?
KRISTIN: No. Sugar, coffee,
alcohol, dairy.
Think they can smoke?
I'm pretty sure that's not
in the spirit of detox either.
MIKE: Hmm.
You're quiet in the cheap seats.
Eh? No. All good.
What was that about meat?
- They don't have any.
- Oh.
Makes sense.
Hey, I left a thing
on your desk.
About what?
Roxy got a job
teaching scuba diving.
And you think I might want
to take up scuba diving?
Well, no, it's more
This is DSS Shepherd
and D.C. Breen.
Fleur Masson.
I'm the owner.
Could I ask
for your discretion?
There are a lot of fragile women
here for a week's respite,
and a suspicious death
We'll do our best, but what
makes you think it's suspicious?
It's a well being center.
People come here to explore
a better way of living.
Without the chocolate
and Chardonnay?
We're minds and souls
as well as bodies, Detective.
- Of course.
- Shall we?
It's just down here.
Joy McNair.
She was a regular guest.
As you can see, fit, healthy.
So she was here more to focus
on the mind and soul.
I told you, women come here
with all sorts of problems.
Joy was a workaholic,
stressed to capacity.
She just needed a respite
from it.
What happens in here exactly?
Well, it's a steam room.
It fills with hot steam,
and you sit there
while you listen
to your hair frizz.
It removes toxins
and increases circulation.
It's actually good for you.
MIKE: Strange bruising
down one side.
Oh, yeah, that's what
Hodges said when he called me.
You think she'd been assaulted?
He thought something was off.
Sorry, Joy.
I can't speak for your toxins.
But the steam room definitely
didn't work on your circulation.
We'll do our best
to find out what did.
How long was she in here for?
Well, she shouldn't
have been in here at all.
No one should.
It is checked and turned off
every night at 7:00
by the cleaners.
Last night included.
There's no lock.
That makes it more suspicious?
You really are quite keen
on the idea.
If it gets out that you can die
naturally at my health retreat?
I just, I can't afford that.
You can't come in here
I'm sorry, this area
is off limits.
I just wanted to
No, you really can't be here.
We're examining the scene.
But I've got a mud wrap booked.
It's not just me. Everyone's
asking about their treatments.
FLEUR: Obviously the spa is
closed for special maintenance.
Otherwise I'm hoping it could
be business as usual.
We'd prefer it if no one
left the premises.
Well, they can't even
if they wanted to.
I make sure of it.
Broken fingernails.
KRISTIN: And that looks like
a recent manicure.
Do these look like
scratch marks to you?
Yeah, but as you said,
there's no lock on the door.
What do you wear
in a steam room?
Usually a swimsuit, like she is,
sometimes nothing,
depending on where you are,
but etiquette demands a towel.
Which makes that odd.
So, she got up from where
she was originally sitting,
on the towel, scratches at
the door until her nails break,
even though it's not locked,
and then died sitting up
in a different spot
with nothing between her rear
and a boiling hot bench.
MIKE: Call Gina.
And, Breen,
talk to whoever found her
and check in
with the cleaners.
Looks like Joy McNair
did not cook herself.
[ Sniffing ]
That won't work here.
- Sorry?
- Your phone.
We're on digital detox.
You have no idea how many women
are addicted to their devices.
A necessary evil in my case.
That's what they all say.
I can't send smoke signals
to the pathologist.
Although I'm sure
she'd prefer it if I did.
I don't encourage it,
but there is one place
you can get reception.
Gina, hi it's Kristin, I
GINA: I'm feeling
very disturbed by you.
KRISTIN: And I am sorry
to interrupt.
GINA: I'm busy.
I just assumed that
your superior powers
of concentration
would allow you to
GINA: Okay, I am listening.
We have an unexplained death
at the Brokenwood
Health Retreat.
GINA: Hm, I would like
to go there.
KRISTIN: Oh, would you?
Well, thank you so much.
See you soon.
We got country music ♪
Coming out all our ears ♪
We been singing
country western for years ♪
We think country music
is the best ♪
You better watch out when
The Top Twins are west ♪
[ Yoddling ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
- Breen.
- Why would anyone come
to a place like this?
No phones, $300
for a cactus massage?
I got Roxy a cactus
for Christmas,
and it only cost 12 bucks.
Was a cactus involved in
whatever happened to Joy McNair?
BREEN: No. But the cleaners
state the steam room
was definitely empty
and switched off
at 7:00 p.m. last night.
And she was found?
BREEN: 6:30 this morning.
And there's something else.
The cleaners are missing
a wooden wedge,
usually hanging on a ribbon
outside the steam room.
They use it to prop the door
open while cleaning.
But someone else could've put it
to quite a different use.
And got rid of the evidence.
Thanks, Breen.
Sorry to intrude, gents.
Which one of you is Gren McNair?
Who wants to know?
MIKE: Can you think of anyone
who might want to hurt her?
I mean, we were in the process
of divorcing,
but we still loved
each other very much.
So, why get divorced?
Are you married?
Not currently.
Turns out things can change
without you
necessarily noticing it.
What sort of things?
Once she started going
to that retreat,
I could do no right.
I tried.
I really tried.
But she was going in a
different direction.
When did you last see her?
It's been a while.
She was enjoying
being separated.
More than I was anyway.
Where were you last night?
I'm sorry, I have to ask.
I was at the 19th hole.
With them.
You okay, mate?
No, I'm not.
DSS Mike Shepherd.
He's had some bad news.
GREN: It's Joy.
She's um
she's dead.
I need to see her.
Uh, that's not
usually a good idea.
I just can't take it in.
I'll see what I can arrange.
You were with him last night?
We all tied one on
at the clubhouse.
Gren especially.
Come on, buddy!
Out to the count by 6:30.
Hole in one! Yes!
Right. Thanks.
There's nothing to them.
It's new technology from China.
Gren imports them.
But they haven't done much
for his game.
GINA: It would seem from
the disturbance to the skin
on her fingertips
and some damage to the nails,
that the victim attempted to
escape the room before she died.
Well, I could've told you that.
In fact, I did tell you that.
But you are not
the expert, so
KRISTIN: I'm pretty sure it was
Mike who first noticed it.
Mike is very astute.
And I'm sure Mike would also
have noticed
these marks on her finger.
Understandably maybe think
this was eczema or psoriasis.
These are not the same thing.
I never said they were.
You know, this place reminds me
of the banyas of my youth.
In Russia, it is good to spend
time with friends and family,
talking about Dostoevsky,
with no clothes and a felt hat.
I have nothing to say to that.
GINA: The only thing which is
missing is the ice cold water
for dunking
and the branches for whacking.
So, by any chance could venture
a time of death?
Cause of death, perhaps?
Joy's blood would have risen
with the temperature
in the banya.
Her organs would literally
have been poached.
Only a post mortem
will determine
how exactly she died.
Can I ask you to stay here.
GINA: In the meantime,
I can tell you
that the little fat she had
would have turned to mush.
Just like boiled kartoshka.
You know, with dill.
Hello, Mike!
Hello, Gina.
I have the husband outside,
so could we tone down
the gastronomic references?
He doesn't like Russian food?
I understand.
Uh, no thanks.
I'm sorry, Detective,
I know this is awkward,
but is there any chance
that poor Joy's body
could be removed discreetly?
I'm sorry, Ms. Masson,
but that's not our priority.
Not Fleur Masson?
Yes. I'm sorry.
Who are you?
I'm Joy's bloody husband,
that's who.
She's who Joy left me for!
[ Croaking ]
Would you?
So you deny being in
a relationship with Joy McNair?
KRISTIN: Well, her husband seems
pretty convinced.
Look, I was close to her,
but only in the way
I get close to a lot of women
who come here.
But how many of them end up
dead in the steam room?
FLEUR: Have you ever tried
colonic irrigation?
You seem blocked.
So, why would Joy's husband
think there was more to it?
Some women who come here,
they develop
emotional attachments
because they find this
such a safe space.
Joy, she was simply one of them.
Everything will be
all right, Joy.
I promise.
You can't.
No one can.
I just feel so alone.
That's not true.
You're here.
With me.
It's like this life
isn't the one
I'm supposed to be living.
You are not alone.
Come down.
Let me take care of you.
There was no romance.
So you think Joy's husband
is mistaken?
I think Joy's husband was hoping
the finger of blame
would be pointed away from him.
Why would he do that?
FLEUR: Because much of Joy's
stress was caused
by his failing business.
He was putting pressure on her
to bail him out, yet again.
She was sick of it.
Yet she told you
all these personal details?
It's why most women come here,
He really doesn't get it,
does he?
He's still processing
the no meat thing.
And you're sure that nobody
has left the premises?
They can't,
not without me knowing.
So every moment
is accounted for.
BREEN: Bush dancing?
Laughing yoga?
It's an intense schedule,
designed to move guests
out of their normal patterns,
physical and emotional.
So you know who does
what and when?
FLEUR: It's not boot camp.
But yes, actually,
for safety reasons, we do.
GREN: I knew something was up
the first time she came here.
When she got home,
she was odd, distant.
Fleur described her
as a stressed out workaholic.
Yeah, well.
The more stressed-out
workaholics the better
in Fleur's business.
All these women paying
a small fortune
for a week of downward dog
and mung beans.
And you think Joy was getting
more than that?
I know she was.
She told me.
JOY: You and me.
I'm done.
You're not listening to me!
You're not listening to me.
I'm not happy, Gren.
You must know that.
Is it Stelios?
That bastard.
He always wants what I've got.
It's been a long time
since you "got" me, Gren.
So it is Stelios!
No, it isn't!
Then who?
Her name's Fleur.
Fleur Masson.
You're leaving me for a woman?
[ Engine starts ]
I'm sorry, Gren.
GREN: She got
her own place in town.
Never came back.
Were you angry about that?
Not really.
If she'd left me for another
40-something golfer
who couldn't do the splits,
I'd be angry.
It's hardly apples with apples,
is it?
I can't really compete
with Fleur.
Do you mind waiting here while
I check with my colleagues?
- I won't be long.
- Yeah, I don't know.
Something that makes you smile
and think about it
for a bit, doesn't it?
Hey, Detective!
Good for you.
Excuse me?
KIMBERLY: Coming off the coffee
or going down a dress size?
Oh, of course.
I'm I'm sorry.
The steam room thing.
It's so awful.
But we've been told to
carry on regardless.
What exactly will you
be carrying on with?
Oh, I teach yoga, water sports,
drum ball, that kind of thing.
- Drum ball?
- Yeah.
Don't knock it
till you've tried it.
While I've got you,
did you know Joy McNair?
Really nice woman.
How well did she get on
with the other guests?
- Well, for the most part.
- Most part?
KIMBERLY: I did notice she
seemed to be sticking to herself
a bit more this visit.
But, you know, sometimes
guests are a river,
and sometimes they're an island.
I think that has something to do
with bowel movements.
Mind you, a lot of things here
around here
have something to do
with bowel movements.
Thanks, Kimberly.
Oh, and hey, I was just kidding
before about the dress size.
I know you don't wear dresses.
What more you can tell me?
Well, she wasn't
cooked for breakfast,
if you know what I mean.
No, not really.
My hunch is the time of death
was some hours ago,
say between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m.
Naturally I will let you know
as soon as I can confirm
something more specific.
MIKE: Good.
Thanks, Gina.
And, Mike, once the crime scene
has been cleared forensically,
I think you and I should
come back here for a steam.
I can bring branches
to make it authentic.
Well, a whack from her
with a decent branch,
and your chakras
would be realigned forever.
- Not in a good way, though.
- Yeah, I don't have chakras.
everyone has chakras.
Then mine are fine
just the way they are.
BREEN: Speaking of
unrequited love,
Fleur claims
Joy had a rampaging case of it.
MIKE: But Fleur didn't feel
the same way.
Do we know where she was between
6:00 and 10:00 last night?
Gina gave you a time of death?
Well, more an indication.
Very unhelpfully,
Fleur was in a cottage
at the back of the property,
no witnesses.
Unlike Gren, who was
with his golfing buddies,
but he's definitely
a man scorned.
KRISTIN: Did he mention
his financial strife?
Fleur reckons
that he was putting
Joy under financial pressure
to bail out a failing business.
The lightweight clubs.
Make some calls,
see if you can find out more.
Um, I was going to check out
Joy's room
so I'll leave
the treehouse to you.
Just a moment.
So that thing on your desk.
I read it.
I forwarded it to Hughes at HQ.
- Oh. Right.
- You sure about this?
It's a big step.
Yeah. It seems like all
the planets have aligned.
Hm. So it's a chakras thing?
There you go.
You, uh, do all your
own handiwork?
Just small things,
these days, yes.
A big place like this,
I thought you'd have
your own maintenance person.
Yes, me too.
BREEN: Did you ever think
about building a phone booth?
Never made the list.
Oh, oh, sorry.
We need you.
There's a ruckus at the pool.
She was too good for you,
and you knew it!
Yeah, she would've
never stayed with you, Gren!
You're evil.
The trouble you caused Joy!
The trouble that we caused her?
Uh, people, people, please,
can we take this somewhere else?
Lower the volume, Gren.
- Hung over are we?
- I don't drink anymore.
- Tramp then? Better?
- Hey! She is not a tramp either.
No, she's a witch, just like
Joy's other two witch sisters.
Her sisters?
You're asking me
where I was when Joy died?
What are they even doing here?
You're Joy's sisters?
You didn't think
to mention that?
I didn't know.
No one told me.
Of course not.
The witches of Brokenwood
have been torturing
Joy with the silent treatment
for 10 years now!
Okay, does somebody mind telling
me what this is all about?
I don't think it's fair to say
that we've been doing
all the torturing.
He's like a mad dog, Kitty.
Don't make eye contact.
- I'll "mad dog" you, alright.
- You're a loser, Gren.
- Hey!
- Okay, okay!
Why don't we take this down
to the station?
Well, it's just that
it's quite nice there.
I mean, there's coffee,
tea, sugar.
No one is leaving.
It's policy.
Should we remind you
that Joy McNair has left?
These ones, we can bring back.
- Nothing like a gingernut, eh?
- [ Chuckles ]
So, you hadn't spoken to Joy
for 10 years.
Why is that?
A family rift.
After our mother died.
Can I ask what the rift
was about?
That's none of your business.
It's a private matter.
In my line of work,
private matters
often become my business.
The disagreements between us
and our sister
had nothing to do
with her dying.
- Are you all right?
- Fine.
So why would you go
on a week-long journey
of spiritual enlightenment
with her?
[ Scoffs ] We didn't.
Not on purpose.
Not in a million years.
What do you think, Dan?
Would "paradise"
be too strong a word?
We are so proud of you.
Try hard dude at 11:00.
Ooh, no,
that's Simon Silvercloud.
He does this famous
Tribal Awakening thing.
Yeah, I read about it
in the brochure.
APRIL: What's that thing
he's got with him?
DANNI: Looks like a hair drier.
It's an ancient flute thing.
Yeah, it's all about
sound vibrations.
Or is it past lives?
Anyway, everybody's raving
about it.
- Ugh.
- Hey, Apes.
We're meant to staying open
to everything, remember?
- Are you going to do it?
- What, the Tribal Awakening?
No. God, no.
No, I just want to have
some peace and quiet.
I just want to get out
of elasticated waistbands.
And I just want to have a happy
time with my amazing sisters.
- Aww.
- Thanks so much, you guys,
for everything.
Couldn't have done it
without you.
Fancy seeing you here.
- Is this some kind of joke?!
- April!
No, we saved every spare penny
for this special escape,
and you're here to ruin it!
JOY: I'm not ruining anything.
I'm just here to clear my mind
and cleanse my body.
And you might want to think
about doing the same.
Look, I'm not doing this.
We should leave.
No! She should leave.
And I don't want to see your
pouty little face ever again!
Well, then it's you and your
fat face that should go
because I'm here for the week.
Catch me if you can.
So you hadn't spoken to each
other for 10 years until then.
That's what I said.
MIKE: And it was a coincidence
that you're all there
at the same time?
APRIL: Am I speaking Swahili?
This is a suspicious death,
Ms. Greenway.
I'm asking these questions
to find out
if someone is responsible
for the passing of your sister.
And we are very grateful,
aren't we, April?
I mean, you know, just because
Joy wasn't in our lives,
that doesn't mean
we wished her ill.
Not that sort of ill.
She was still our sister.
Can we leave it there for now?
First tell me about
your movements last night.
- Danni?
- Me? Um, I was
She was meditating with me.
Meditating with Kitty.
Yeah, I like to keep
a close eye on her,
even when we're travelling
on different astral planes.
And can I ask why that is?
Well, um, Danni has
had some issues.
Alcohol, dope, NOS
Which I assure you
is not a good time.
It's in the past.
And, Danni, you were travelling
on this astral plane
where exactly?
You mean spiritually?
MIKE: No, physically.
I'm sorry. This has got to stop!
- It's okay, April. Chill out.
- No, it's not okay.
This week was a reward
for Danni.
Six months sober,
six months clean.
But she lives a hair's breadth
from relapse, and all this
This, pressure and insinuation
on top of what
we're trying to deal with,
which is the death
of our sister,
it's just simply too much.
So unless you're arresting us,
we are heading back to
our peaceful bloody oasis.
Come on, girls.
Where were you last night
between 6:00 and 10:00?
APRIL: Trust me,
if I was going to kill Joy,
I would have
done it years ago.
Well, that sounded fun.
Yeah, family fallouts
are a special thing.
Did Breen make this?
No. I did.
Okay. Good.
Did they truly not know that
Joy would be at the retreat?
About that, I don't
think they're lying,
but I'm not sure I buy
astral projection as an alibi.
KRISTIN: Well, you could try
arguing it in court.
But if you did want something
a bit more concrete,
I think you'll be interested
in what I have here.
So much for a digital detox.
She really was a workaholic.
From what I can see, it looks
like she'd been wheeling
and dealing every minute
she wasn't running or jumping.
What did she do?
Executive recruitment.
Joy McNair died
a very wealthy woman.
Properties, stocks, savings,
you name it.
Although, according
to recent e-mails,
Gren was threatening
to take her for everything,
including future earnings.
So much for
the friendly divorce.
How far did you get
with his finances?
A lot of money going out,
not much coming in.
And he's not the only one.
Turns out it's going to take
a lot of cactus massages
Cacti massages
to dig Fleur Masson out of
the hole she's in.
Her retreat's about to go up
in a puff of aroma therapy oils.
If we're following the money,
or lack of it,
we have the as-it-turns-out
wealthy victim.
The cuckolded husband.
And the object of Joy's
apparently unwanted desire.
KRISTIN: Not to mention
the witches of Brokenwood.
Yeah, I can actually see
the older one on a broomstick.
MIKE: Yeah, well, they're not
telling us everything,
I'm sure of that.
[ Knock on door ]
Mike, hello.
Where are we at
with cause of death?
GINA: Multiple organ failure,
just as I suspected.
The poor woman was a big
However, I've been able to
pinpoint that it was the failure
of one particular organ
that led to Joy's death.
Her heart stopped before
it reached a fatal temperature.
She died of heart failure?
GINA: And that's not all.
There's something else.
Here, watch.
Like this, Mike.
All my organs would be
lying horizontally.
If you come down here
and lie next to me,
I can show you more clearly.
I'm good standing, thanks.
This is an organ.
This is the shape of Joy's
organs when I removed them.
And it also explains the
bruising on one side of her body
where her blood pooled
as she lay.
So she died on the floor.
Lying down, of this
I am certain.
Not sitting up,
leaned against the wall.
Which means she was
repositioned posthumously.
GINA: By someone else, yes.
But the cause of death
is officially heart failure.
Could this still have happened
if Joy hadn't been locked
in the steam room?
GINA: The heart failure?
I couldn't say.
I'm waiting on toxicology.
If you can find out
what medication she was on,
this could be helpful.
Of course.
GINA: And one more thing.
These marks here.
Not psoriasis or eczema
as I first thought,
but scratches,
indicating something
has been roughly removed.
Something like a ring?
Logic would suggest this,
but I need to do further tests.
Five, six, seven, eight!
And one, two, three, four,
hit the ball!
Six! Seven! Eight!
Reach it.
Open your ribcage!
Four! Five! Six!
Getting ready for the turn,
and we go and up
and cross and turn, and
Hey, detective!
Want to join in?
MADDY: And keep going,
and we're going!
Seven, eight,
we're going down
I know it looks crazy,
but you do like 360 squats
in one of those classes.
Um, did you ever notice
any interaction
between Joy and her sisters?
No, I was as shocked
as Fleur was
that they even knew each other.
So you know Fleur quite well?
Yeah, she's a great boss.
Did she seem
particularly close to Joy?
Fleur wouldn't hurt a fly.
I'm sure it doesn't
mean anything,
but I think they had a bit
of a dust up yesterday.
FLEUR: No. You promised.
But you're just like
everyone else.
Full of crap!
That is not true.
Give it back now.
- Joy
- I said give it back!
FLEUR: You know what?
You can have it.
What do you think she threw?
Something sort of tinny
that bounces?
I don't know.
And what time was this?
Just after laughing yoga,
so lunchtime.
MADDY: Hey! Hey!
Oh, and we're gonna
I should get back in there.
Tinny and bounces.
MADDY: One! Two! Three!
Yes, I wrote some e-mails.
I'm not denying that.
"Do you want to end up
with half of nothing?"
Have you ever gone
through a divorce?
Well, it's not the divorce
I'm interested in.
It's the threats.
So I was angry.
But the truth is,
Joy wanted to get back together.
Gren, as the main beneficiary
of her will,
you're about to become
a very rich man.
I know how it looks, but she
reached out to me yesterday.
It's the truth.
I went to meet her.
At the retreat?
That place is like Fort Knox.
[ Chuckles ] Well, don't try
ever keep a group of
middle-aged ladies
from their lattes.
There's a coffee cart
that comes to the boundary.
Backs on to McCarthy's Yard.
JOY: I've made
a terrible mistake.
You can buy another coffee, Joy.
It's hardly the end
of the world.
No, not the coffee.
Here we go again.
I've been a terrible husband,
a drain on resources.
You got me here
to go over all that?
No, Gren.
I'm the terrible one.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
I don't know what I am thinking.
It's just,
maybe it's not too late.
For us?
Is there a chance that we could
give this another go?
- Of course there is!
- Yeah?
I never wanted to split up
in the first place.
I'm so sorry.
I've been so confused.
GREN: Just come home, love.
I assume the reconciliation
would put an end
to your business woes.
Don't try importing golf clubs
from Chengdu.
They talk the talk,
but nobody ever mentioned
you had to re-engineer
your whole swing.
So, can I go?
MIKE: Oh, one more thing.
I don't suppose you noticed
if Joy was wearing a ring
by any chance?
She didn't like jewelry.
Didn't even wear
her wedding ring.
Ms. Masson!
Sorry, I can't stop.
One of my technicians has taken
a last minute mental health day.
BREEN: Oh, I thought you'd be
all for that.
In principle, yes.
In practice, it's a pain
in the arse.
I have some questions.
And I have a Brazilian wax
that won't do itself.
Although you're welcome to join
if the client agrees.
Uh, thanks anyway.
I'll I'll wait
till you're done.
Hello, Detective.
BREEN: Mrs. Marlowe.
You're here for poor Joy.
Any updates?
Just that Brazilian waxes
are best avoided.
[ Chuckles ]
You mean Bro-zillion?
A lot of men
can't stand the pain.
Uh, no, that's not what I
You know what? Never mind.
What are you up to here?
Oh, um, I teach a make-your-own
dream weaver class.
It's a good stress release
for burnt out executives.
Although it's more competitive
than you might imagine.
I have to be quite judicious
with the crochet hook.
Here's the treat
I get for my troubles.
I'm sorry?
"The gift that's known
as Silvercloud."
That man can plumb the depths
of a woman's soul
and blow the cobwebs away
like nothing on this Earth.
I'll take your word for it.
MRS. MARLOWE: Oh, poor Joy.
She'd only just had the cobwebs
blown away.
Although I don't think
it went all that smoothly.
Joy, please!
Joy, it will change your life.
Yeah, that's easy
for you to say!
It's easy to do.
Just trust me.
Don't talk to me about trust.
Joy, please!
Joy, you know
what you need to do.
Stop harassing me!
MRS. MARLOWE: Of course, a lot
of people get very stirred up
after a tribal awakening.
I mostly feel it's a shame more
people don't play the ocarina.
The what?
[ Ocarina playing ]
Mrs. Marlowe, are you ready
to be awakened?
For the fourth time!
[ Chuckles ]
I was just telling
Detective Constable Breen
about your special instrument.
What would you like to know?
About that, nothing.
But I would like to have a word
with you all the same.
Well, my time window
on the planet right now
is dedicated
to this receptive being.
BREEN: Alright, how much time
are we talking?
Three, maybe four hours.
Shall we?
Okay, well, first thing tomorrow
morning at the station then.
I hear you've been
moonlighting up near
the Brokenwood Health Retreat.
No way, man.
It's like, totally 100%
inside those gates.
MIKE: And outside the gates?
"McCarthy's Yard"
ringing any bells?
It's not a crime to swap
trim milk for full fat
if that's all you've got, right?
Well, it's a crime
to use trim milk
in the first place,
so you're good.
In that case, I do sometimes
find myself over those ways,
but I try to keep it
on the down low.
My girlfriend works there, and
she would not be happy about it.
So you and Kimberly
are finally official?
Well, that's kind of on
the down low, too.
Don't worry, Frodo,
your secret's safe with me.
Hey, um
do you remember seeing this
woman the day before yesterday?
Sure do.
She ordered decaf.
I mean, what's the point?
Was she with anyone?
FRODO: Yeah, some dude
[ Laughs ]
There you go.
Code brown, code brown!
Nutritionist on the prowl.
MIKE: Was he angry at all?
Why would you say that?
The way he crushed the cup.
Or maybe he was just compacting
it for the compost bin.
Littering is an offense.
I checked that.
Yeah. Good point.
BREEN: Mrs. Marlowe witnessed
Simon Silvercloud
having some sort
of altercation with Joy
late on the afternoon she died.
Was this before or after
your bro-zillian?
I did not have a bro-zillian.
- Well
- What's a bro-zillian?
Well, it's when a man
has his
No, you don't want to know.
So, Simon Silvercloud?
Has a ponytail, and therefore
should not be trusted.
But he should be here
any moment.
Meanwhile, he's not the only one
Joy locked horns
with the day she died.
Turns out there was
a relationship
brewing between her
and Fleur Masson.
Just not the kind
that Joy was hoping for.
I should've told you before,
but I didn't think it was
I did tell you she felt
an attachment to me
that wasn't reciprocated.
You didn't tell us you fought
about it.
It wasn't a fight.
It was a
Falling out?
A clarification
of expectations.
You need to calm down.
I thought you had feelings
for me.
I do.
The same way I have feelings
for all of my friends.
Friends? I'm talking about
a future together.
And so am I!
But if you'd really been
listening to me,
then you'd know
that I would never mix business
and pleasure
together ever again.
And if you had really been
listening to me,
you would understand that I am
only interested in business.
You said we could
do this together.
Yes. This!
I am in need of a major
cash injection,
and I thought you were
going to provide it.
Oh, God, you're just
like everyone else.
Full of crap!
That is not true.
I am woman of my word.
JOY: I'm not
talking about words!
You have got this all wrong.
We have a witness who heard
Joy asking you to give her
something back.
What witness?
You're saying
that didn't happen?
Look, it's my fault, I know,
to have mis-read it so badly.
I'm usually much better attuned
to this, but the truth is
We are interested in the truth.
The retreat is in
financial trouble, okay?
Oh, but you sell
so many cactus massages.
FLEUR: You may not see the value
in what I do here,
but it isn't easy being
a working woman
in the current climate.
These ladies are pulled in
a thousand different directions,
and all I want do
is to give them a break.
But the staffing numbers here,
the overtime,
the organic food.
In my desperation, I thought
Joy was interested
in a relationship
of the financial variety.
And when you realized
that wasn't the case?
I felt stupid.
But I did not kill her.
Is it possible that the thing
that Fleur says
she didn't throw at
Joy was a ring?
Sounds tinny and bounces.
Where's this coming from?
Gina thinks that someone
may have removed a ring
from Joy's finger.
Oh, sorry, Gina thinks?
- Surmises.
- She never surmises for me.
Well, it's only because
she doesn't like you.
Something I have surmised.
BREEN: So if a ring was taken
off Joy's finger,
we're looking
at a theft gone wrong?
MIKE: It's a possibility.
Although Gren thinks
that Joy didn't wear rings.
[ Cellphone rings ]
- Speak of the devil.
- Whoa, that's freaky.
Probably wants to promise
you her first born.
- Gina.
- Mike, I have what you want.
She's got
the toxicology reports.
We'll be right over.
Oh, fun.
Good luck with that.
[ Bell dings ]
I've got a tree to shake.
Hey, would you cover the?
Mr. Silvercloud.
Come on through.
Hello, Mike.
I should have had the results
earlier, but the human crock-pot
situation makes it
very difficult.
Did you find out what medication
Joy was taking?
Oh, I can help with that.
GINA: Dioxin, for heart disease,
warfarin for blood thinning,
and statins.
Um, warfarin, dioxin, and yes,
you're right.
GINA: This is compatible
with someone suffering
from Joy's level
of heart disease,
but I also found
very high levels
of serotonin in her blood.
Serotonin, it's a chemical
produced by nerve cells.
KRISTIN: Widely believed to
contribute to feelings
of well being and happiness,
although actually,
far more complicated.
You read this on Wikipedia?
No, I just happen to know.
GINA: Did you also read
about serotonin syndrome?
KRISTIN: Well, I didn't get it
from Wikipedia!
Too much serotonin can cause
fevers, agitation,
a rapid heart rate,
and catastrophically
high blood pressure.
So Joy McNair was an accident
waiting to happen.
GINA: Exactly.
How do you end up with
high levels of serotonin?
- Very good question, Mike.
- Well, actually, that was
GINA: I have my theories.
I'll be in a position
to present them tomorrow.
BREEN: So before you were
a Silvercloud who cleansed
people, you were a Smith
who served time for burglary,
fraud, bigamy.
Uh, that last one was more of
a communication issue,
but, yeah, guilty as charged.
Although the man who sits
in front of you now
is not the same man.
Oh, well, let me guess,
you've changed.
Trust me,
these days, it's no booze,
no drugs, no dairy, no harm.
I live my truth.
You don't believe
in rehabilitation?
Well, not when there's a rich,
dead woman
that you were seen arguing
with not long before she died.
SILVERCLOUD: That's what
my Tribal Awakening therapy
is all about
Unlocking the thought patterns
that keep you blocked.
Thought that's what the, uh,
colonic irrigation was for.
Joy's digestive system
was actually very free.
It's her heart
that was congested.
And you thought
a Tribal Awakening
would fix that?
I can fix most things.
It's just a matter
of reconnecting you
to your own authentic rhythms.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Both sobbing ]
[ Humming ]
So, you ended on good terms?
Sorry, man.
The number one rule for shamans
is keeping confidences.
Well, the number one rule
for staying out of prison
is to not willfully obstruct
a police investigation.
Really? You're banging
that drum?
Consider my authentic rhythms
permanently re-connected.
I doubt that somehow.
The argument.
It wasn't an argument.
Joy had had a tough day.
She felt betrayed by someone
she thought loved her.
She was worried
about impulsively
getting back with her husband.
And then there was the thing
with the sisters.
You knew about the sisters?
She told me, that afternoon.
I could see it was blocking her,
but sadly,
she couldn't see that.
There's a lot of talk
about blockages in that place.
There are a lot of blockages.
BREEN: So, what
was blocking Joy?
Some festering wound to do
with material goods.
I mean, where does it really
get you in the end?
I bet you didn't say that
when you were a burglar.
I've told you,
I've left all that behind.
And besides, I did electronics,
not jewelry.
SILVERCLOUD: She had a ring.
It was causing her
it was causing them all
a lot of pain and suffering.
- Did you see it?
- She was wearing it.
BREEN: So you can't describe it?
A ruby, maybe.
With diamonds.
I tried to help her.
She was not ready for it.
She was a good woman.
And I'm truly sorry
she's lost to us.
Where were you between
6:00 and 10:00
on the night she died?
Communing with nature.
In what way?
In a way that involved
nakedness, kombucha,
and the Egyptian goddess
of the star-lit sky.
According to the cleaners,
the wedge usually hung off
one of these.
Get some uniforms down here.
They've got some gardening
to do.
Yeah. A wooden wedge,
10 to 15 centimeters in length.
Quite a big needle
in a smallish haystack,
provided we've got
the right haystack.
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Gravelly voice ]
The ring has awoken.
- Sorry?
- [ High-pitched ] Precious.
My precious.
[ Chuckles ] Oh, no.
No, you don't.
I hated the books, and I slept
through all the movies,
so just tell me
about the ring.
Our ring.
[ Normal voice ] Joy was wearing
it the day she died.
It's what she and her sisters
fell out over.
What is it, the Hope Diamond?
BREEN: Um, ruby apparently.
But if we find it, maybe we find
who locked her
in the steam room.
[ Sighs ]
MIKE: Sorry to interrupt.
You don't look sorry.
No, that's his sorry face.
We were wondering what you could
tell us about a ring.
Oh, it's a circle you wear
on your finger,
usually made of silver or gold,
sometimes with gems attached.
We're talking about
a particular ring,
part of a family inheritance.
My family?
KRISTIN: Well, yes.
[ Laughs ]
My family didn't have
two farthings to rub together.
There was no inheritance.
So you know nothing
about a ring that
Joy may have been
wearing when she died?
APRIL: And I'm the one
with water in my ears?
Do you mind if we look
for it in your room?
Oh, I'm sorry, what was that?
Would you mind if we looked
for it in your room?
Yes, I would.
They say I'll be able to touch
my toes by the time
I leave here.
Although I'm not so sure.
[ Chuckles ]
Uh, we were hoping you could
help us find Joy's ring.
Oh, dear.
KRISTIN: So, you know what
we're talking about?
Yes, of course.
The ring Joy got
when our mum died.
But it was a very long time ago,
and I really don't think it has
anything to do with anything.
You haven't mentioned it
to April, have you?
Why wouldn't we?
[ Sighs ]
Can you describe it for us?
[ Laughs ] Heavens no.
I can't remember it at all.
Then perhaps you can
help us find Danni.
Danni? Oh, good point.
[ Chuckles ]
Um, I really should be taking
better care of her.
I will tell her that you're
looking for her.
Thank you. Goodbye.
No, I don't know anything
about a ring.
Look, how many times
do I have to tell you?
Joy was a client.
I understand, but the ring
might have a significant value
to our investigation,
so we'll need to search
her sisters' rooms.
I have no objection to you
searching mine,
but anyone else's would be
an invasion of privacy.
Search warrant time.
Back to the treehouse.
It reminds me of weeding
the garden with my sister
for pocket money
when we were kids.
Oh, I never saw you
with a green thumb.
Actually it was fun.
Hey, has Breen mentioned his
His what?
Hold that thought.
KRISTIN: Hey, Mike!
MIKE: Get that
to the fingerprint lab.
I asked you about
Joy's wedding ring
when you met her
at the coffee cart,
but did she have
any other rings?
I told you, she didn't like
Oh, of course!
Those witches!
You mean the garnet ring
that Joy's mum promised
to April and then gave to Joy?
Did you say garnet ring?
- Yes.
- Not ruby.
- No.
- With diamonds?
Completely worthless.
MIKE: And you know this because?
I had it valued, okay?
Back when I thought we were
gonna be halving everything.
But the valuation
cost more than the ring.
You wouldn't happen to have
a copy of it, would you?
GREN: Somewhere.
I'll find it
and e-mail it to you.
Here comes tomorrow ♪
Here comes tomorrow ♪
Here comes tomorrow ♪
Confiscate that,
and there will be a murder.
There was a strict rule ♪
Don't tell April.
She's gonna kill me.
Or Danni.
Especially Danni.
Here comes tomorrow ♪
Here comes tomorrow ♪
- Anything?
- Nothing yet.
Here comes tomorrow ♪
Well, the sisters
are keeping secrets,
there's no doubt about that.
But there's no sign of any ring.
And according to the valuation,
it's hardly worth stealing,
let alone killing over.
Well, there's no sign of Danni,
so she'll keep till morning.
Maybe she's done a runner?
Yeah, also, Fleur Masson
keeps this place
surrounded by high voltage
fencing, so.
Vegan barbecues
don't look like much fun.
Oh, it's not a barbecue,
it's a ritual.
Write down everything
you want rid of and burn it
so it can't haunt you
ever again.
Oh, if only it was that simple.
Maybe it is.
Hey, Mike, what did you mean
before when you said,
"Has Breen mentioned his"
I wondered how you felt
about his move?
What move?
Good timing.
The International Policing Unit?
Right, okay. Uh, yeah,
but here's the thing.
Trundling off
to the Solomon Islands
is not an insignificant move.
Were you going to tell me?
Yes, I was,
and I will, but first
Well, you kept that
on the down low.
Hey, what is Danni
doing in there?
Yeah, that's the thing.
She wants to confess
to killing Joy McNair.
DANNI: It was seeing Joy again
after all these years,
it just pushed them
over the edge.
We should have gone home
as soon as we saw her.
Being there all together
at the retreat,
it wasn't good
for anyone's health.
There was a crazy argument.
APRIL: You don't really think
Mum gave you that ring
because she loved you more?
- Of course she did.
- She would hate this!
Well, then she shouldn't have
given her favorite thing
to this pouty little suck up.
Hey, I didn't ask for it, April.
She just gave it to me.
On her death bed
when she clearly
wasn't thinking straight.
- It doesn't matter, April.
- It does matter!
April does care.
Kitty, too.
They've been my saviors,
bringing me back from
well, I was in a bad place.
You're referring to
the substance abuse?
Yeah. I ended up on the streets
for a while.
Just really lost
the plot, you know?
But they stuck by me.
So seeing them get torn apart
like that
I couldn't let it happen.
So later that night,
after the argument
About what time was it?
DANNI: I had
a lomi lomi massage at 5:30.
And then I went to chill out
in the, um,
meditation circles.
So it would've been
just before 7:30.
[ Door closes ]
I guess I wanted to see
if I could make things better.
[ Door closes ]
I thought it was you.
I could smell you
before you opened the door.
I don't smell of anything
anymore, you know that.
Oh, is that so, wino.
DANNI: You know I've changed.
You don't fool me, little one.
Could you not?
Why can't you just be nice
so that we can all
get on with our lives?
Oh, yes, it's all my fault.
DANNI: Does it matter
whose fault it is?
What would you know, baby girl?
Letting them send you here
in to do their dirty work.
You know, you could've taken
my side back then, Danni.
When Mum died. And instead you
just went with them.
It doesn't have to be
about sides.
JOY: Stop your whining, wino.
I'm not whining!
I'm talking about how I feel,
and I'm doing all the things
I'm supposed to be doing,
and it's all thanks
to April and Kitty.
Well, you tell those fat tarts
to leave me the hell alone!
DANNI: Do you want
to be left alone?
- Yeah.
- You want that? Fine!
JOY: Danni.
[ Pounds on door ]
Danni, are you serious?
Come on.
Oi, I know you're out there.
Come on! Open the door.
WOMAN: Man, that was so intense.
I think I need another massage.
You jumped out the window?
Because you thought
other people were coming?
And what was Joy doing?
What do you mean?
MIKE: Before you jumped out
the window,
when you heard the voices?
Well, she was shouting
and shaking the door.
But I'd wedged it shut
with the wedge.
And then what did you do,
after you jumped out the window?
DANNI: Well, I hid in
the garden, and
and then no one came into
the spa after all,
so as soon as I could,
I went back.
Oh, no. Joy?
Oh, Joy!
Joy said you could have
taken her side,
back then, with her mother.
Was that about the ring?
You know about the ring?
Tell us about it.
DANNI: She'd never have done it
if she'd known.
- Who wouldn't have done it?
- Mum.
All the trouble that
it's caused between us.
You wouldn't happen to know
where it is now?
DANNI: Not exactly.
How about approximately?
Sorry, I should
have said sooner.
I did what I always
wanted to do.
I flushed it down the toilet.
Is the retreat
on a septic system?
[ Knock on door ]
Sorry to interrupt, but there's
been another development.
[ Kitty sobbing ]
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I just
I knew that I couldn't live
with myself!
Okay. Okay.
[ Kitty sobbing ]
Let's go back to what you
were doing that night, Kitty.
I take it you weren't surfing
the astral planes with Danni
at the time of Joy's death?
I'm hopeless at meditation.
I can't stop thinking about
laundry and string beans.
I was on the war path.
I wanted to teach Joy a lesson
for all the terrible things
she said.
[ Laughs ]
You don't know her at all.
- Please don't!
- Don't what?
You don't think this is
a coincidence, do you?
- What do you mean?
- That we're all here.
We're here for Danni.
As a reward
for all her hard work.
JOY: The same exact week
that I'm here?
Oh, come on, April,
you're the bull.
Don't you recognize
a red flag when you see one?
- I don't understand.
- Joy.
JOY: It was Kitty's idea
that we're all here!
She's been trying to make it
happen for months.
How could you do this to me?!
You are such a cow!
I am going to make you pay!
And I did make her pay.
That night, I was on
my way back from
the myofascial release class.
It must have been
just before 7:30.
I just wanted to talk to her.
Are you happy now?
I told you this was
a terrible idea.
Yeah, and you just made it
a hundred times worse.
Oh, yeah, just shoot
the messenger.
Oh, come on Joy,
we're too old for this.
I mean, don't you just want
to be friends?
Don't you just want
to stop being April's doormat?
KITTY: I have a perfectly good
mind of my own.
Since when?
You've been her punching bag
since you came out of the womb.
That is not true!
And now she's even got
little wasted Danni
under her wicked witch's spell.
KITTY: You know what?!
You're just jealous!
Because at least
we've got each other.
And who have you got Joy, huh?
You don't have anyone!
You are never going
to have anyone!
JOY: Kitty!
Kitty, seriously, let me out.
So you left her there?
I was just so angry!
I mean, I am not a doormat,
and April isn't a witch.
I I went back to my room
to try and meditate my way
out of it, but
string beans.
So I went back.
[ Screams ] Oh, Joy!
[ Sobbing ]
What about the ring?
The ring?
The ring you don't seem
to remember much about.
I did what I always wanted to.
I flushed it down the loo.
I wish with all my heart
I didn't kill my sister.
But I did.
So both sisters were lying
about surfing astral planes
at the time Joy died.
Question is,
who's covering for whom?
Good grammar.
Oh, I made that.
Let's not forget about April.
Her whereabouts
are also unaccounted for.
Well, we can't have three
confessions to the same murder.
Well, that was forensics.
Too many fingerprints on
the wedge to make a positive ID.
Both sisters said exactly
the same thing about the ring.
"I did what
I always wanted to."
They can't both have
flushed it down the toilet.
Someone is lying.
Unless it's Silvercloud about
Joy wearing the ring at all.
Or Fleur about not
throwing it back at her.
Where is this ring?
South of Rivendell?
Gates of Mordor?
MIKE: Rivendell? Where's that?
- Don't listen to him.
- Agreed.
I much preferred it when
"Lord of the Rings"
was banned in my country.
I'm sorry, what exactly
am I missing here?
- Nichego.
- Nothing.
Mike, I have tested my theory,
and of course, I am right.
The cause of Joy's
high level of serotonin
Too much hypericum perforatum.
St. John's Wort.
It's a herb often used
in alternative medicine
to treat depression.
Although it's efficacy
has never been established.
That aside, I've got
a pretty good idea
where we might find a decent
supply of alternative medicines.
KRISTIN: Do you know how hot
it is in the Solomons right now?
BREEN: Warm and balmy I imagine.
42 degrees in the shade.
You'll find me lazing
beneath the palm trees
with the gentle sea breeze.
They do have palm trees, right?
I'm going to have to make you
a cake now.
BREEN: I didn't know
you could bake.
Can't be that hard.
[ Gate opens ]
MIKE: Frodo?
Detectives. Three of you.
KRISTIN: Are you okay?
- That depends.
- On what?
On whether there's a law against
delivering a triple cheese pizza
to a vegan health retreat.
There's probably a medal in it
for the right person.
FRODO: That doesn't
really answer my question.
There's currently no such law.
I get an extra 10 bucks
if I wait and take
the evidence away with me.
MIKE: Very enterprising.
KRISTIN: [ Sighs ] Okay.
KIMBERLY: Sorry, Fleur's off
having a relaxation massage.
Who could blame her.
The cortisol levels in this
place are hitting the roof.
Um, Can I ask how herbal
supplements are dispensed here?
Simon Silvercloud's department.
He has an apothecary
over by the spa.
Thanks, Kimberly.
I told you never to trust a man
with a ponytail.
[ Heavy breathing ]
Sounds like
a real calorie burner.
[ Moaning ]
[ Bells jingle ]
Party pooper.
Quite the relaxation massage.
We all have different ways
of letting go.
Actually it was
Simon Silvercloud
that we were hoping to see.
FLEUR: Simon?
Sorry, he's not available
at the moment.
Ah, relax.
It's okay, Fleur.
How can I help you, detectives?
BREEN: What can you tell me
about kombucha
and the goddess
of the star-lit sky?
The truth
will set us free, babe.
The truth means I will lose the
best vegan chef in the country.
Would someone mind please
explaining what is going on?
I think there's a possibility
Mr. Silvercloud and Ms. Masson
were, uh, burning calories
together the night Joy died.
It's not about the calories.
Yeah, I was trying
to be discreet.
Yes, we were together, and no,
I didn't tell you
because as it turns out,
Simon's relationship
with my head chef
it isn't quite as open as he
initially led me to believe,
and I didn't want
her finding out.
The booze, the drugs,
no problem.
Communication issue.
MIKE: Yeah. Good to know.
But we're actually here to see
if you keep records for
the remedies that you dispense.
Oh, sure.
You mean for Joy?
MIKE: Hmm.
Let me see.
Uh, magnesium and melatonin,
for sleep support.
That's it.
No St. John's Wort?
FLEUR: We dispense that
sparingly at the moment.
I bring it in from France.
It costs a fortune.
No generic brands
from China here.
You don't always know
what you're getting with them.
- Indeed.
- While we're here,
can you tell us who had
a lomi lomi massage
the evening that Joy died?
And who was doing
a myofascial release class?
Good for skeletal mobility,
lymphatic circulation.
Mind, body, soul.
I'm getting the hang of it.
So both Danni and Kitty
were telling the truth
about their treatments.
Although there was no CCTV
at the meditation circle.
Which means either of them
could have been
at the spa when Joy died.
BREEN: And the retreat's
on a sewerage system,
so if the ring was flushed,
it's gone-burger.
My locker key!
My brush!
- That's my robe.
- Oh.
You've got to help me.
I think something's happened
to my sisters.
What have you numbskulls
been telling them?
DANNI: It's okay.
I did it, April.
- No, I did it!
- Kitty, don't.
All these years obsessing
about a stupid ring,
and now look what I've done.
You can't believe a word that
they say, because I'm to blame.
For everything.
I locked Joy in the steam room.
I'm the eldest,
but she was the perfect one.
She always could get my goat.
But I never meant to hurt her.
You must believe me
about that.
KITTY: How could you
do this to me?!
How could you do this to me,
you bloody idiot?
Hey! Don't let her talk
to you like that!
Oh, you mind your own business.
April, please don't be
angry with me!
There's just so much noise!
Just dial it down.
Now look what you've done,
you pompous, rich bitch.
- Oh, God!
- Oh, you're a vicious.
Oh, you're a vicious cow!
There's plenty more where
that came from!
I was so angry.
Danni was regressing right in
front of our very eyes, and
I know now that it was my fault,
but then I blamed Joy.
I've spent 10 years
blaming Joy.
So later that night, when I saw
her sneaking into the spa,
I followed her.
I really wanted to give it
to her once and for all.
- Leave me alone.
- I want the ring.
- I mean it, April.
- So do I.
A sweat hog like you,
you wouldn't even last
in here for 10 seconds.
Why do you always have to
resort to insults?
JOY: [ Laughs ] You taught me
everything I know about that.
I didn't teach you to steal
from our dying mother.
- Evil witch!
- Aah!
You spoilt bitch!
You stay away from me.
You just got your wish.
JOY: April!
Open the door, please.
[ Pounds on door ]
Oh, my! Joy! Joy!
Joy, Joy, wake up!
MIKE: You propped her up
in the middle of the bench?
The middle, the end,
I don't know. I was in shock.
So what did you do
with the wedge?
The wedge?
The one you used to jam
the door shut.
I can't remember.
Did you hear the bit
where I killed my sister?
What about the ring?
I wish it had never existed.
That doesn't answer
what you did with it.
APRIL: I didn't do
anything with it.
I don't think Joy ever even
wore the damn thing.
So, where is it now?
APRIL: I have no idea.
And for the first time
in 10 years, I don't care.
Because of that ring, I've
ruined everything for everyone.
So, we do have
three confessions.
Which means two of them
are lying.
But it could have been
a collective effort.
There are holes
in all their stories.
Any one of them could have been
in the steam room
at the time of Joy's death.
And still no ring.
I think I might have an idea
about that.
Well, let's not forget
the St. John's Wort factor.
Indeed, and I might have
an idea about that.
I feel like I need an idea.
Yeah, while you're working
on that,
I need you
to organize a warrant.
Ah, your girlfriend.
Turmeric chai latte.
And stop telling people
I'm your girlfriend.
Told you she likes
to keep it under the radar.
Hey, Frodo?
Three nights ago,
did you deliver a pizza
to April Greenway at
the Brokenwood Health retreat?
Every night, I deliver a pizza
to April Greenway
at Brokenwood Health Retreat.
Man, that lady can eat.
Do you happen to know what time?
FRODO: Same every night.
Deliver at 7:30,
wait 10 minutes for the box,
then skedaddle.
But you said that was cool,
Yeah, that's cool.
Thanks, Frodo.
Ah, one more thing.
The man we were talking
about yesterday,
Gren McNair, Joy's husband.
The cup crusher?
I don't suppose you've
remembered anything else
about him?
Um, actually, yes.
Flat white, triple shot,
two sugars.
Not quite what I had in mind.
I just wondered
whether you'd seen him again.
Oh, no.
MIKE: Thanks, Frodo.
But yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. I saw him again.
Later that night,
he was sneaking around
the retreat when I was
sneaking around the retreat.
I'm thinking it was potentially
a make-up situation,
if you you know what I mean.
What time was this?
April pizza time.
I was early, so maybe 7:20-ish.
Thanks, Frodo.
Hey, how are you getting on
with that search warrant?
This is a bloody outrage!
On it, boss.
[ Sirens wailing ]
Like I said, loser pays, so Gren
was buying in rounds all night.
Until he passed out
on the couch.
[ Chuckles ] The big Jessie.
And when did you see him next?
We all got a taxi home.
So you woke him up?
Did we?
I suppose we did.
All I know is that he was there
at the beginning,
conked out in the middle,
and there again at the end.
You've been a great help.
Anything for a golf buddy.
[ Knocking on door ]
Oh, hello.
Hi. Detective Kristin Sims.
Of course, I remember you.
I went looking for you
at the retreat.
Yeah, come in.
Sue's making a coffee.
She hasn't stopped
drinking it since we got home.
[ Chuckles ]
And you're sure about that?
It's retreat policy.
You can't stay here
unless you agree to it.
- Thanks, Maddy.
- No worries.
Alright, ladies, come back
into a child's pose,
nice and gentle.
I don't know what the hell
you think you're doing,
but you're going to be
hearing from my lawyer.
Yeah, you, uh, might want
to get on to that.
I was right?
Gina, hi.
Could you do me a favor, please?
It will be my pleasure.
What the hell is that?
Oh, I think you know
what that is.
We found that in your garage.
MIKE: What did Gina say?
That she thought she was
dropping everything for you,
not me.
But she tested it anyway.
St. John's Wort.
Bought from what
our investigations reveal to be
a pharmaceutical company
in Chengdu.
More than 100 times
the recommended dose.
For someone with Joy's
damaged heart,
on top of the medications
she was already taking,
extremely dangerous.
You lamented your
business dealings in Chengdu,
and we've since been able
to confirm
that it was you who purchased
these supplements there.
That's a lie!
We've, uh, had this translated.
Your name is all over
the invoice.
How did you know
she was even taking it?
I mean, did you find
any in her room?
MIKE: Uh, we didn't.
But there's a good reason
for that.
- [ Laughter ]
- Once you realized you had
the opportunity to play
happy families with your
rich wife again, you knew there
was something you had to do.
GREN: You're going to lock me up
and throw away the key
because Joy didn't have this
whatever-it-is in her room?!
Oh, but she did.
It's policy at the retreat to
check all guests for contraband.
MADDY: Hm. What's
Ah, cool, that can stay.
You are clean as a whistle.
And Joy, being on the safe side,
declared a bottle of this.
Which, when we searched her room
the day after she died,
was no longer there.
She must have thrown it away.
Unfortunately for you,
the rubbish bins
are checked on a daily basis
for signs of banned substances.
Then she hid it.
Why would someone hide
a supposedly harmless
health supplement?
[ Sobs ]
I loved her. I really did!
I just needed one more chance.
And when she didn't give it
to you, you poisoned her.
But I changed my mind!
When you realized you could
get access to her money again.
I didn't lock her
in the steam room!
Yeah, but you did deliberately
mess with her heart medication!
[ Sobbing ]
I'm sorry. I really am.
You have to believe me.
Oh, don't tell me
he just confessed?
Joy's death is more complicated
than we thought.
Well, how is that
even possible?
He was feeding her
the St. John's Wort.
Oh, so attempted murder?
So, where does this leave us
with the sisters?
Approximately the same place.
Well, at least I've solved
the ring issue.
No, I have solved
the ring issue.
Can we get a bell on the door?
Further tests beneath her nails
reveal not only fragments
of the door on which Joy was
scratching, but skin.
Joy's own skin.
[ Joy gasps ]
Nobody else removed the ring.
- She took it off herself.
- She took it off herself.
BREEN: But the robe hanging
outside the steam room
was checked,
the pockets were empty.
Yeah, but the robes
are all identical, right?
So when I saw two guests
at the retreat realizing
they were wearing
the wrong ones
ELLA: Yeah, I found it
in my pocket yesterday.
Ella was very upset.
ELLA: I'd been wearing Joy's
robe all that time,
and she was, you know
The whole retreat thing
wasn't really the zen experience
we were hoping for,
was it, doll?
We took the ring to Fleur
straight away.
So Fleur has the ring?
Well, she did.
Joy, I can't accept this.
No, please.
It's nothing, really.
It's just a token of my
deep and abiding love.
You're always telling us
that love is all that matters.
[ Laughs ]
And then, she didn't.
I said give it back!
FLEUR: You know what?
You can have it!
[ Sighs ] That stupid ring.
And you didn't think to tell us?
Yeah, I should have,
but I accepted it from her
in the first place, didn't I?
All I could think about
back then was a rescue plan
for the retreat.
But as soon as I told you
I didn't know about any damn
ring, it came back to me.
Thank you, ladies.
I would appreciate it if you
didn't mention this to anyone.
You know this whole thing
has been very unnerving?
Oh, I totally understand.
How about an extra night,
free of charge?
Thanks, but we're leaving.
First stop, the Snake and Tiger
for a margarita!
SUE: Mm-hmm.
[ Sighs ]
So do you have it now?
I gave it to Simon.
Oh, let me guess.
He fenced it.
No. And[ Chuckles ]
Don't read anything
literary into this,
but he wanted to make sure
it didn't cause anymore trouble.
It didn't bring
Joy any happiness.
And it won't do anything
for her sisters either.
Trust me, it's not
worth anything.
And I mean anything.
Just like Frodo!
The other Frodo.
Into the crack of doom.
Ne eto snova.
So the ring is gone?
Into a fiery pit.
You must stop this. Now.
What she said.
Don't listen to them.
It truly was me.
- Danni.
- I deserve it.
- Deserve what?
- Punishment.
I've been a nightmare.
A self-centered bitch.
Letting the booze own my soul.
KITTY: You are not
that person anymore.
You've got that beaten.
Perhaps not entirely.
Please sit down, Danni.
This is a complicated situation,
but if there's one person who
can't take the blame, it's you.
I told you, it's my fault.
All of it.
That's not strictly true either.
Your desire for your sister's
ring unfortunately
combined with your
brother-in-law's desire
for her fortune.
What does he have to do
with this?
He was meddling with
Joy's heart medication.
It may have contributed
to her death.
MIKE: When April locked her
in the steam room.
And Kitty covered it up.
April was the only one who knew
Joy wasn't wearing the ring
in the steam room,
which proves she was
the only one with her
When she was still alive.
It's true.
I locked her in.
I went back to my room
and binged down
a large three-meat pizza.
But I went back to get her out!
I thought she'd already
gotten out.
I had no idea she was dead
and that I'd killed her.
[ Stomach rumbling ]
And then the pizza,
on top of all the mountains
of kale that they feed us,
I I had to go.
Danni, I thought it was you.
- Me?
- Yes!
I saw you when I was on the way
to my myofascial release class.
On your way to, not from?
She'd told me she was going to
the meditation class
after her massage,
but it's up the hill
by the sun salutation deck.
So after my class,
when I couldn't find her
I went looking.
[ Gasps ]
Oh, my
And you thought I could do that
to our sister?
Well, you did confess to it.
DANNI: I thought it was you.
I saw you. I was there.
Saw me what?
DANNI: Outside the spa,
with the wedge.
So Danni covered for Kitty,
who thought she was covering
for Danni, while April didn't
know who she was covering for.
I'd do anything for these two.
As would they for you.
But, Danni, we talked about it
that night.
You confessed.
DANNI: I did?
KITTY: Later on
when I finally found you.
Danni! Danni!
I know about the spa.
I'm so I'm so sorry, Kitty.
Please don't hate me.
Please just don't tell April,
I won't do anything
like that again.
I promise.
I know what I was talking
about with the spa.
But what were you talking about?
I think I can help answer that.
I don't think we need CCTV
to know that you didn't
go to the meditation circle
after your massage.
The litter seemed out
of character
at Fleur Masson's usual
neat and tidy grounds.
[ Sniffs ]
So the next day I went back
to have a closer look.
The water bottles in your room,
filled with vodka?
I fight it, I really do.
Oh, sweetheart.
I was on my way back from there
when you threw the wedge
out the window.
And thinking it was Kitty,
you knew enough
after overhearing
Sue and Ella the next day
She was sitting, propped up
in the right hand corner.
MIKE: to pretend it was you
I just wanted to do
something for you,
the way you've done
so much for me.
We love you no matter what.
Well, we should've loved
Joy no matter what, too.
I know.
DANNI: You know, Mum gave her
that ring 'cause she knew
that we had each other.
She wanted Joy to have
something special, too.
I'm sorry.
I am so, so sorry.
He used to play
his harmonica for me ♪
When I was just a kid ♪
And I still remember all those
fun things we did ♪
Watching the model boats
down by the lake ♪
Eating sweets, flying kites,
yeah, we were good mates ♪
I call this
the Breen Survival Pack.
A Hawaiian shirt? Nice.
A cap, very cool.
And binoculars?
Yeah, well, you can never
trust scuba instructors.
I mean, you're going to want
to keep an eye on Roxy.
That's not creepy.
Is she coming or not?
Yeah, she'll be here
just after karate.
For you to read aloud to her.
The greatest love story
of all time.
"Anna Karenina."
Very romantic.
About a woman who throws
herself under a train.
Gina, I don't know what to say.
And you should have this.
Oh, Frankie the Ferret.
You shouldn't have.
Well, he's always
wanted to travel.
And, uh, there's this.
A Walkman?
That's actually great, 'cause
I have a lot of cassettes.
Allow me.
"Mike's Top 20
Country Essentials."
MIKE: Get you through anything.
Thanks, Boss.
[ Knock on door ]
Oh, that'll be Roxy.
Um, DSS Shepherd?
Ah, Breen.
I'm Chalmers. DC Chalmers.
Your, uh, replacement.
BREEN: Right. Of course.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- No. No. No, not at all.
Come and meet everyone.
Come on.
Everyone, this is DC Chalmers.
DSS Mike Shepherd.
Detective Kristin Sims.
- Hi.
- Hey.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Oh, sorry, um, I have to go.
Oh, what about the cake?
Uh, yeah, Roxy's clocked
herself with a nunchuck.
Oh. Is she all right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm sure she's fine.
She's you know bruised,
but ultimately invincible, so.
Um, well, bye.
Take care, Breen.
And when push come to shove ♪
- See ya, Breen.
- See ya later, mate.
Got any tips for the new guy?
Oh, nah, I mean, not much
happens around here, so
That's it?
No, actually,
there is one thing.
Whatever you do, don't let
Kristin make the coffee.
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