The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s07e03 Episode Script

Dog Day Morning

Sometimes I wish I lived
in a little mountain town ♪
Where everybody
knows your name ♪
And nobody gets your down ♪
I'm gonna find
my way out there ♪
Oh, good morning, Trudy.
Mrs. Marlowe.
So nice to see you keeping out
of trouble these days.
Mopping toilets at
the Snake and Tiger
beats mopping toilets
at Brokenwood Women's.
Are you still doing classes
over there?
Oh, when I can.
The girls all miss you.
Oh, that's sweet.
But wild horses couldn't drag me
back to that place.
That's the attitude.
And to paraphrase
a favorite verse of mine,
"Walking side by side
with temptation,
the Devil mocks
their every step."
Is that the Old Testament?
No. Led Zeppelin.
True poets of the golden age
of hard rock.
- Take care, Trudy.
- You too.
- Back!
- No way.
Back! Come on, get back!
Get back! Get back!
Hey, easy there, fella.
That looks heavy.
- Shut up! Read it.
- "Attention, everyone.
- This is a robbery."
- [ Gasping ]
"Please remain calm,
and nobody will be hurt.
We have a bone."
- You have a bone?
- It's a bomb!
- Geez, can't you read?
- Sorry, your handwriting,
and and with the mask
Okay, we have a bomb!
Everybody just relax!
- I'm not Devin!
- I'm not Devin either!
And neither is he.
- [ Clangs ]
- Sorry!
Okay, Plan B!
[ Grunts ]
Oh, my God!
We don't want any trouble.
- There better not be.
- There's no need for that.
We will co-operate fully.
- Whatever
- The vault.
Put all the money in the bag!
- In there?
- Yeah!
What about the bomb?
Just hand it over then.
Do it!
- Is that it?
- We don't keep much
in the tills.
It's mostly electronic
these days.
There's not enough.
We need more, a lot more.
Wait here.
Okay! I need your
watches, wallets,
jewelry, everything out now.
Hey, give me that.
It doesn't belong to me.
I said give it here!
Or what?
[ Grunting ]
What the hell, lady?!
[ Siren wailing ]
No. No way!
Guys we got to go!
What are you
TRUDY: Thought so.
I don't think the guns
are real either.
While those clowns are pissing
around out the back,
would you be a sweetheart and
- [ Gunshot ]
- [ Screaming ]
- Go! Go!
- Let's go! Let's go!
- [ Siren wailing ]
- Where the f
- [ Tires squeal ]
- Sorry, sorry!
- What the hell happened?
- Floor it!
[ Engine sputters,
tires squeal ]
- What the hell?!
- I don't know! I don't know!
Okay, let's get out and push!
[ Engine sputtering ]
[ Siren approaching ]
[ Engine sputtering ]
- Did you fill her up?
- Oh, no.
MAN: You dickhead!
You've screwed us!
MAN #2: Okay, split up!
Just run!
[ Siren wailing ]
Bernie, are you okay?
Three masked men entered
the bank armed with handguns
and claimed they had a bomb.
The bomb turned out to be fake.
Another guy was
the getaway driver.
Obviously not a very good one.
All were seen leaving the scene
in different directions.
All four medium build,
medium height.
That's it?
They were wearing
dark suits and masks.
- Right.
- One victim inside, the manager.
Old Bernie Lazenby.
- You know him?
- I left town 20 years ago.
A lot has changed,
but not Bernie.
Until now.
Mike, I'm here for you.
Uh, hold that thought, Gina.
No security screens.
No security guard.
Hardly any cameras.
Yep, they don't make them
like this anymore.
MIKE: Looks like a printer?
It's a gaming console.
I knew that.
KRISTIN: Someone's birthday?
One of the offenders
dragged him back here,
presumably to open these.
We're pulling CCTV footage now.
Helluva day at the office,
Looked like a damn
good cake, too.
You should know that
he probably didn't suffer.
With a gunshot wound,
death comes quickly.
My turn now.
Do not worry, I will have a good
look inside your colleague.
Looks like a straightforward
gunshot wound.
Mike, you of all people
should know by now
that once a bullet enters
the body,
it very rarely travels
in a straight line.
Jan, is it?
DSS Mike Shepherd.
I'm sorry for what
you've been through.
Do you feel up to a chat?
There's a cake in the vault.
What can you tell me about that?
Chocolate madeira.
But why is it in the vault?
Oh, yes.
I made it for Bernie.
We were going to surprise him
at morning tea.
Jan, what sort of flour
did you use?
Regular flour.
When it's your retirement,
I'll make you a horrible
gluten free cake.
Oh, did you get the present?
- Of course.
- Can I see?
It's not your retirement!
Poor Bernie.
It's so unfair.
Can we find Jan a cup of tea?
Did you get a look at the
offenders without their masks?
No, no.
It all happened so quick.
And then
then I was on the floor.
But I'm sure one was
Devin Vance.
What makes you say that?
I recognized his voice.
He was a few years
below me at school.
I think.
You think?
Well, no, I know but
Okay, and Devin,
what does he look like?
Sort of medium height.
Uh, dark hair.
You know, eyebrows.
I think he works at
the Porky Pigeon Pizzeria,
as well.
Comms has an address
on the vehicle.
11 Gelston Street.
Thanks, Nicholas.
We've got a possible ID.
We've got an address on that.
And we're putting out a QP
on a Devin Vance.
Comms from Charlie 3,
heading to Gelston Street now
and need a last known address
on a Devin Vance.
MAN: Copy Charlie 3.
So how's your first day
going so far?
It's better than expected.
Breen said not much happens
around here.
[ Chuckles ] Did he?
What else did he say?
Whatever you do, don't let
Kristin make the coffee.
Uh, that was about it.
Hey, what happened
to Papa Hemi's?
When I was a kid,
that was Papa Hemi's place.
Pretty good.
Yeah, well, Ray Neilson
owns it now, so it's
Oh, you have got to be
kidding me.
Comms, we have a possible visual
on that person of interest.
Talking to him now.
MAN: Standing by, Charlie 3.
KRISTIN: Devin Vance?
We need to talk to you.
About a robbery
at the Brokenwood Savings Bank.
The suspects were wearing
suits and masks.
DEVIN: Yeah?
Know any other words apart
from "yeah"?
Yeah. No. I've been here
the whole time.
Devin! What the hell
are you doing?
Ray, has this man
been here all morning?
Well, if he has,
he's a bloody idiot.
I fired him three weeks ago.
Hells bells. Steady on.
Take off the sign, Devin.
Flash uniform for a pizza place.
Friend of yours?
Why were you at work
after you'd been fired?
I was suspended.
Ray Neilson sees it differently.
I fired his arse.
He was delivering pizza
without a driver's license.
I could have been shut down!
Light fingered
around the till, too.
For the record.
It was a misunderstanding.
We have a witness that placed
you at the bank this morning.
Well, they must have
bad eyesight.
They recognized your voice.
Bad hearing, too, then, I guess.
Devin, you have a police record.
Theft, property damage,
small stuff.
Stepping up to murder
and armed robbery,
that's a completely
different league.
I wouldn't know.
I wasn't there.
I was at home with my
grandparents, then went to work.
To the job you'd just been
fired from?
Bernie Lazenby.
He was 65 years old.
He was a grandfather.
He'd worked at the bank
for 45 years.
It was his last day.
What happened in there, Devin?
Who were you with?
MIKE: How about where are
the firearms?
Can you tell us that?
We need to bring them in, Devin,
before someone else gets hurt.
You better get back to it then.
Real tough guy in there.
Anything on the CCTV?
CHALMERS: Other than three
clowns running around
like they've lost their circus?
MIKE: Any angle on the shooting?
There's only two cameras
out the back.
One in the corridor near the
staff room, one near the vault.
What about this one?
CHALMERS: I'll get the tech boys
to work on the contrast.
Okay, our first guy takes Bernie
out the back,
makes him open
the deposit boxes.
This carries on for a bit.
Then another one comes in.
Dingus and Doofus
start fighting.
Then Bernie hides.
Then watch this.
[ Mouse clicks ]
They can't find Bernie.
[ Mouse clicks ]
Then comes the last idiot,
probably because
he heard the sirens.
Then one comes back.
[ Mouse clicks ]
KRISTIN: Is that the key?
I guess so 'cause
he didn't like it.
What did he grab there?
- [ Mouse clicks ]
- Can't make it out.
[ Mouse clicks ]
Bottom line,
they all look the same.
Yeah, those masks may be stupid,
but they are effective.
Look into any known associates
of Devin Vance.
I'll check his story
with his grandparents.
He lied about his job, he's
probably lying about that, too.
Okay. We'll pick things up
from Gelston Street.
[ Siren wailing ]
Attention occupants
of number 11.
This is the police.
We need you to make
yourselves known.
Come out of the property
immediately with
your hands clearly visible.
Sorry, I was just
picking persimmons.
Oh, dear.
I didn't even notice my keys
were missing.
When was the last time
you saw your car, Essie?
I hardly drive these days.
All my friends are dead.
At least all the ones
I like anyway.
It's the ones you don't like
who keep bloody going.
[ Chuckles ] So, you didn't
lend it to anyone?
No, too many hassles.
I don't like to leave petrol
in the car.
It's bad for the environment.
So I only fill it up
a liter at a time.
That's one unlucky car thief.
I have been taking
driving lessons.
I've got to re-sit
my drivers license again.
Bloody nanny state.
And who's your instructor?
A young man called Rhys.
Do you want lessons?
I've got his card.
Rhys Oades.
You know him?
- Not exactly.
- He's a very nice young man.
But not the sharpest knife
in the drawer.
[ Knock on door ]
Hi. You must be Angelique.
Who wants to know?
DSS Mike Shepherd.
Brokenwood CIB.
Could I have a word
with you and your husband?
Kenny, a detective's here
to see us.
What the hell
did you let him in for?
ANGELIQUE: Shh, shh, shh.
Kenny. Mike Shepherd.
You have a grandson,
Devin Vance?
There's been an robbery
at the Brokenwood Savings Bank.
We believe your grandson
was involved.
What time was this?
Just after 9:00 a.m.
Can't have been him.
That lazy lump never gets out
of bed till 11:00.
So he was here with you?
If Devin said he was here,
he was here.
What she said.
And you were here, as well?
You don't seem sure?
KENNY: What is this?
If she said she was here,
she was here.
What he said.
Leave Angel alone.
You lot give her anxiety.
Now get out of here.
Kenny, don't get excited.
Be nice.
Did you actually see Devin
in the house this morning?
Kenny and I were in bed.
We all sleep late 'round here.
Kenny's nights are god awful.
He tosses and turns.
Gets a lot of numbness
since his stroke.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Thank you.
- Gina.
- I'm happy to have you now.
Mike, how nice to see you.
We did just speak
a few hours ago.
Yes, but here,
it's always nicer.
What can you tell me?
A nine millimeter
from a handgun.
Forensics will trace the model.
Mr. Lazenby was very unlucky.
To be shot on his day
of retirement?
I'd agree with that.
Of course, but also
the bullet entered high
above the left lung.
Which normally would
have been fortunate,
but unfortunately it hit
the collarbone,
it was deflected
into the second rib,
screwing across the right lung,
into the heart.
Like pinball.
Oh, my God, you like pinball?
I haven't played in a long time.
Not since I was
a much younger man.
Mike, you are not old.
Besides, some things
are getting better with age.
That's true.
Wine for instance.
And sex.
9 millimeter.
Uh, better get back to it.
Your usual?
Sorry, I don't know your usual.
D.C. Daniel Chalmers.
I have a long black but
We're not here for coffee,
Oh, okay.
Well, Frankie Oades.
Frodo to the masses.
Oades. Right.
We're looking for a Rhys Oades.
Any ideas?
Why are you asking me?
Well, being an Oades yourself?
Not too many Oades-es
around here.
Right, I see the connection.
Um, yeah, well, uh,
actually come to think of it,
he's my brother.
Your brother?
Well, half brother.
From a different mother.
And a separate father.
See my step-mum married my uncle
after she left my dad.
It was a confusing time
for everyone.
Especially for Dad.
Uh, have you seen
your brother lately?
No. No, not really.
Not for ages.
Not since this morning.
Hey, excuse me.
Hey, you're in my spot.
Oh, hey, bro!
Hey, Frodo.
Sorry, didn't recognize
the car or the flash threads.
Got a job interview
or something?
Yeah, job interview.
At the bank?
Hey, good for you, man.
Hey, would you mind
moving your car?
Yeah, yeah, keep going.
- Yeah, that'll do it man.
- Yeah, yeah, sweet, sweet.
All good.
Hey, thanks for the help, bro.
No, it's all good.
Hey, let me make you a coffee.
- I should really go.
- No, no.
You got to try my new cold brew.
Here you go, bro.
I wonder if his job interview
was cancelled in the end
'cause of the bank robbery.
You don't?
No, no, no. No way.
Frodo, we need to find him, and
he's not answering his phone.
Look, Rhys wouldn't be involved
in anything like that.
- He's a good guy.
- Frodo.
Um, right, well, during the day,
he's usually giving driving
lessons round Tasman View Park.
KRISTIN: Okay, thanks, Frodo.
Nicholas, I appreciate
you coming down.
The CCTV footage of the scene
is interesting.
I've been on at Bernie for years
about updating security.
He was never much
for technology.
[ Chuckles ]
He isn't alone there. Please.
So the footage shows
three masked men.
Similar height, similar build.
They all looked the same, right?
That was the idea.
I mean, whoever had the idea,
that would have been the idea.
It would seem that way.
Bernie was a great man.
I mean, Banking can be a hard
business, cruel even.
In what way?
Sometimes you have
to tell people
they can't have what they want.
Bernie was always kind about it.
And he's why I decided
to work at the bank.
The fact that you recognized one
of their voices is a great help.
Anything I can do.
You knew Devin Vance well then?
Um, well, we weren't
mates, mates.
I barely know him, to be fair.
So how were you sure it was him?
I think he tried to bribe me
with a pizza once.
Bro, it's Devin.
From school.
What's up, man?
Hi, Devin.
Good to see you.
This is a really random,
but I, um,
just had
a pizza order cancelled,
and I'm supposed
to throw it away.
Do you want it?
Of course I turned it down.
So you knew it was a bribe?
Oh, no.
I'm gluten intolerant.
So yeah.
But then he, um, started asking
about the bank.
And what did you tell him?
What the work was like.
I just thought he was interested
in a job.
It's okay.
He can't see or hear you.
I'm going to play you
a recording.
I want you to tell me if it's
the same voice
that you heard at the bank.
MIKE: Devin,
would you mind reading this?
DEVIN: What if I say no?
MIKE: Then in court,
it will be registered
that you were uncooperative.
DEVIN: We have a bomb.
It says "bomb."
Can't you read?
Is this like a school play
or something?
I don't know. Like I said,
it all happened so fast.
You want me to play it again?
I'm not feeling that well.
Um, bit dizzy, if I'm honest.
I might even have amnesia,
um, a little bit.
He'll never know it was you.
That's easy for you to say.
Don't think I can help.
[ Sighs ]
CHALMERS: That must be our boy.
Another attempt at hiding
in plain sight, you reckon?
Maybe as a getaway driver,
he's just not a natural.
KRISTIN: Certainly lacking that
killer speed.
Makes our job easier.
[ Siren wails ]
No way.
Is that 'cause
I didn't indicate?
Okay, um, you need to floor it.
- No.
- Hey! I'm your instructor,
and I'm telling you to drive!
[ Tires squeal ]
[ Beeps ]
MIKE: Devin,
you're free to go.
And what do I get for you
wasting my time?
A ride home.
Oh, hey, bro.
They got you too, huh?
What about the others?
Then again.
On second thoughts.
Devin Vance is having
some me time in cell 2
while reflecting
on the notion of mateship.
Let's talk to Mr. Oades.
Okay, do you want a coffee?
Uh, no.
I mean, I'm good.
Let's go.
Before you go, check this out.
Have you heard
from the tech boys?
Not yet, but I'm just going
through this footage again.
Anyone get a statement
from this woman?
First she stands up to
an armed assailant,
totally staunches him out.
And then
she runs off at
the sound of police.
Yeah that's Trudy Neilson.
She works at
the Snake and Tiger.
She might be able to help
identify the other two.
Do you want some background?
No. I'm all good.
Right, well, best of luck.
I had nothing to do with it.
So three masked men just
happened to run out of a bank
and leap into the stolen car
you just happened to be driving
while you just happened to be
wearing an identical mask?
Something like that, yeah.
So you admit stealing
Essie Monroe's car?
It was more like I borrowed it.
When you take something
without asking,
it's called stealing, Rhys.
But I had to so it
couldn't be traced back to us.
That didn't work out so well
for you, did it?
Did you go into the bank?
No. No way.
MIKE: But Devin did?
Well, yeah.
It was his idea.
How did you end up
being involved?
I was giving him
driving lessons.
He got fired from his job
for not having his license.
So, uh, you made
a little mistake back there.
Could you tell me what it was?
I know how to bloody drive!
And, you know, we got talking.
He pitched me the idea.
Made it sound easy.
The three of us in the bank,
we do the heavy lifting.
All you have to do is drive.
It's simple as.
Devin recruited you
and who else?
Nobody. Just us.
Rhys, you just told us Devin
said there were two others.
One of whom is responsible
for shooting Bernie Lazenby.
No. No way.
I mean
I mean, it's not possible.
Our guns were fake.
They were plastic guns.
Well, clearly,
one of them wasn't.
I I don't believe it.
Would you like me
to show you the CCTV footage?
The moment where
Mr. Lazenby dies.
Two of your mates
are still out there, Rhys.
Who are they?
There's there's no way
that could have happened.
No way.
Is that all you've got to say?
I think
You think what, Rhys?
That I should get a lawyer.
Trudy Neilson?
D.C. Chalmers.
Brokenwood CIB.
Didn't you used
to have red hair?
You were at the bank
this morning.
Nothing unusual there.
I go every Friday
to deposit the takings.
You were there
during the robbery.
If you can call it that.
A man is dead.
And you were right there
when it happened.
Yeah, I heard.
Bernie Lazenby was a good sort.
He didn't deserve that.
I looked at your record.
TRUDY: Look, I'm on parole.
I'm staying out of trouble.
I was trying to mind
my own business.
- Back!
- No way.
What are the chances?
That's what I thought.
What are the chances?
TRUDY: Hey, I'm as much
a victim here as anyone.
One of those little creeps
stole my takings.
That was my wages.
But then afterwards
[ Engine sputtering ]
they were like clowns
in a bloody clown car.
- You screwed us!
- How was I to know?
[ Siren wailing ]
So I followed him.
She's a skull and cross bones
danger sign ♪
Eye of the hurricane
coming alive ♪
[ Groans ]
Brother, you ain't
gonna survive ♪
She's gonna knock you flat ♪
She's gonna hiss an pop ♪
She'll stick you in the middle
when the other pin drops ♪
Everything goes quiet,
but what's that sound? ♪
A sizzlin' fuse,
that's you on the ground ♪
Come out, little dog.
Or I'll huff and I'll puff
and I'll blow your house down.
You better run for cover,
she's dynamite ♪
Watch out, that woman,
she's dynamite ♪
[ Groans ]
You're very tense!
You should see someone
about that.
Okay, okay, okay!
I'm sorry, Trudy!
Maybe an osteo.
I've always wanted to give
that a go!
[ Groans ] I didn't mean it.
Just don't turn me in!
Save it.
I just want my money.
Tell me you took off his mask.
Didn't need to.
MAN: Okay! Okay!
I'm no nark, but I'd say
you're looking for a kid called
Eli Gibbons.
He drinks here sometimes.
Well, that jacket
could've been stolen.
Either way, you'll know
you've got the right guy
by whether or not
he has a broken arm.
- [ Grunts ]
- Aaaah!
Those wendy houses
can be such death traps.
D.C. Chalmers.
I'm looking for Eli Gibbons.
Oh, thank God.
Is this about the mugging?
KRISTIN: Oh, no luck?
I wouldn't worry about it.
Trudy never co-operates
with anyone.
she was very helpful.
Eli Gibbons?
- No.
- Babe?
See, he's, he's delirious.
He got mugged on the way home.
I keep saying we should
call an ambulance.
I'm looking for two male
suspects involved in a robbery
at the Brokenwood Savings Bank
this morning.
I don't know anything.
One of the suspects is believed
to have a broken arm.
- Hun?
- How's the arm there, Eli?
I'm just a bit crook.
So you won't mind if I
[ Sighs ]
You in the habit of keeping
dog masks
down your pants there, Eli?
[ Sighs ]
Eli's under guard at the
hospital getting his arm fixed.
He spent two years as
an army cadet before
getting kicked out.
He knows his way
around a firearm.
And guess where he works now.
The Porky Pigeon?
As the mascot.
The one who's always
standing outside
in that stupid pigeon costume?
Yeah because nothing says
tasty pizza
like a giant mangey pigeon.
There's still one at large.
Yeah, I've got a lead
on that, too.
You gonna tell me where you
stashed the guns there, Eli?
You won't get much sense
out of him. He's sedated.
Not guns-guns.
Paintball guns.
Caleb nicked them from
Caleb? Caleb who?
None of your business pig.
Please. I barely touched you.
Borrow your phone?
Mine's flat.
Just say "no" if you want me to?
Do you want me to?
Oldie but a goodie.
[ Line ringing ]
Where are you, man?
Uh, who's this?
CALEB: It's me, Caleb.
Caleb who?
- Who is this?
- Who's this?
[ Velcro tears ]
That number is registered
to a Caleb Brantlock.
Last known address
16 Dead Rabbit Lane.
Good first day.
Let's bring him in.
[ Knocks on door ]
Mrs. Brantlock?
Detective Kristin Sims.
We need to speak
to your son Caleb.
Gosh, what a lovely surprise.
We need to speak to Caleb
about an incident
at the Brokenwood Savings Bank
this morning.
One of our suspects
mentioned him.
What, they mentioned
Caleb Reuben Brantlock?
His first name.
I'm sorry, you are?
D.C. Chalmers.
Well, D.C. Chalmers,
my 5-year-old nephew
is also called Caleb.
Maybe it was him.
He fits the profile
of the offenders.
Well, word has it
they all wore masks.
So how would you know?
Maybe this is just a case
of mistaken identity.
Caleb's been home all day.
There you go.
His mother corroborates
he's been home all day.
So no harm done.
Caleb, would you sizzle me up
another one, me old mate?
They're very good.
So, detectives, unless you
have something
more compelling
than a first name,
like, I don't know, a warrant
or some potato salad,
then I suggest you leave
the Brantlocks in peace.
Well, Dennis Buchanan wasn't
there by accident.
Reckon his cologne arrived
10 minutes before he did,
[ Chuckles ]
So we get a warrant.
Or get more direct evidence.
Seems there's only one
paintball place in the district,
run by a guy called
Tony Canetti.
Yeah, we've dealt
with Tony before.
[ Engine starts ]
It opens first thing
in the morning.
Well, at least we know
where Caleb Reuben Brantlock is.
Fancy a pizza?
Strangely, no.
Real guns are
obviously my passion.
But they come with a lot of
the rules and regulations,
I'm sure I don't
have to tell you two.
And you probably shouldn't.
No, right, I mean, obviously
when it comes to real guns,
rules are great.
I love rules.
But I started this place
to blow off a little steam.
Shooting ducks and rabbits
is one thing,
but truly nothing beats
shooting another human being.
With paint, obviously.
Only with paint.
There's nothing fun
about shooting someone.
What? You've
In the line of duty?
Well done.
- Tony.
- Sorry. I didn't mean
Do you have any that
look like handguns?
Oh, yeah, yeah sure.
Not that popular.
Or that practical
for a long game.
Don't have the accuracy
or ammo capacity.
But you've got to admit
they look cool as hell, right?
We believe that paintball guns
were used to hold up
the Brokenwood Savings Bank
No way?
Have any of yours gone missing?
Uh, no. They're all here.
But I could ask Caleb
if he saw anything.
Caleb Brantlock?
Yeah, yeah.
He runs the place
when I'm at the hunting shop.
Interesting kid.
Bit entitled.
Got the impression
he never really needed the job.
Just liked hanging out
with guns.
Then there was
that possum thing.
That being?
One day, I found him shooting
at this dead possum
with a crazy look on his face.
What the hell are you doing?
It was already dead.
Well, knock it off.
Respect for the dead and that.
I can't say why,
I just didn't believe him.
I've had a few neighbors
complain that their cats
or dogs were coming home
with unexplained
paint splodges on them.
But seriously, I don't stand
for that sort of reckless
- Ow!
- Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!
- Are you all right?
- Ugh!
There must have been
a loose pellet in the chamber.
I'm so, so, sorry!
I'm fine.
- Oh.
- Technically,
you just shot a police officer.
I'm here about Devin.
He's in custody.
I've brought him some food.
Can I see him?
DENNIS: Why don't I deliver that
to my client?
Who are you?
Dennis Buchanan,
barrister to the stars.
And those
a little less fortunate.
I didn't call you.
DENNIS: Yet weirdly sometimes
that message is received.
Like a prayer.
You don't have to say it
out loud, yet still God hears.
We can't afford
someone like you.
Well, I'm pleased to say
that my services
are being gifted
by someone who cares.
They'd rather remain anonymous.
Can I speak with you alone?
I advise against that.
Sounds like she's not
your client.
Come through.
That's gonna bruise.
Yeah, I tried tie-dying once.
It's not as easy
as it looks, eh?
There you go,
D.C. Daniel Chalmers.
Hey, um, how's
how's Rhys doing?
You know we can't
discuss that, Frodo.
I just want to help him.
- [ Cellphone chimes ]
- Find him a good lawyer.
That would be a good start.
The search warrant's come
through for the Brantlock kid.
Alright. Thanks, Frodo.
Devin's mother was a nightmare,
and his father
was never in the picture.
So Devin is not your grandson?
From his first marriage.
But at 14, he moved in with us.
He struggled at school,
but he's an intelligent boy.
He has a lot of potential.
So you and Kenny have been
together for a while?
ANGELIQUE: Oh, we met
in the mid '80s.
Well before Devin was even born.
Kenny had just got out
from a stretch inside.
His first wife
didn't stick by him.
No class.
What was he in for?
Aggravated robbery.
Did nine years.
And in the name of transparency,
I did a little time, too.
For the same?
No. Soliciting.
That's how Kenny and I met.
They were different times.
Back then,
it was a considered a crime.
Times have changed.
A little.
And to be fair, I was never
truly comfortable in that world.
I just wanted to settle down.
So did Kenny.
And we've made
a very happy home.
And despite Kenny's disability,
I intend to keep it that way.
Because the way I see it,
this is a case
of police harassment.
You're suggesting
we're harassing Devin
for his involvement
in yesterday's robbery
because his grandfather
has a criminal past?
Don't play dumb with me,
You must know.
Know what exactly?
That in 1976, Kenny tried
to rob the same bank.
That's quite a coincidence.
Yeah, and that's all it is.
Can you see that Devin
gets that, please?
My client has already told you
he wasn't at the bank.
He was at home
with his grandfather.
His grandfather who had
previously attempted
to rob the same bank.
DENNIS: Circumstantial.
And let's face it,
that was over 40 years ago.
Does the name Caleb Brantlock
mean anything to you, Devin?
[ Cellphone rings ]
Dennis, they're taking him away!
You have to do something.
This can't happen!
DENNIS: Alright,
leave it with me.
They have nothing, Suzie.
Just sit tight and let me
do all the talking.
Nice move.
Did your grandfather
put you up to the robbery?
DENNIS: You don't
have to answer that.
He doesn't know anything
about it.
It was my idea.
So you admit to robbing
the Brokenwood Savings Bank?
I strongly advise
that you do not
I know you're only here
cause Caleb's mom's
paying you
for keeping me from narcing.
Whoa, there, Tonto,
let's not go down that track.
DEVIN: Leave it.
Okay, you're not pinning this
on Kenny.
He wasn't a part of it.
He can be a dick these days,
but he didn't used to be.
100,000 dollars worth.
DEVIN: Sure, he told me
about robbing the bank.
It's a cool story.
[ Kenny laughs ]
Don't read that.
The papers got it wrong.
Look, I was that close.
The papers, they tried
to make him look stupid.
But he almost pulled it off.
My grandfather was a legend.
I wouldn't go that far.
He used a cigarette lighter
as a gun.
He is.
Or was.
ANGELIQUE: Kenny? Kenny?
[ Gasping ]
Call an ambulance!
DEVIN: In a moment,
he went from cool old guy
to decrepit old guy.
Oh, dear.
I did it for him.
His legacy.
You were the one who took Bernie
into the vault.
What were you looking for?
What valuables?
The valuables that you find
at a bank.
And he kept telling me
there wasn't any.
Pissed me off with that.
The person who came back
into the vault and shot Bernie
made him open a very specific
safe deposit box.
Bernie tried to swallow the key
to that box.
He was shot, the key retrieved,
and the box opened.
I want to know what was in it,
and whatever it was,
where it is now.
I-I don't know.
Who shot Bernie Lazenby?
No one.
The guns weren't real.
Then why is Bernie dead?
- [ Cellphone buzzing ]
- I suggest we wrap this up.
I'm needed elsewhere.
Caleb Brantlock.
These are paintball guns from
Crazy Tony's Paintball Palace.
We've matched fingerprints
from Devin Vance, Rhys Oades,
and Eli Gibbons
to three of these guns,
and I'm willing to bet
You'll definitely find mine.
Being an employee of
the paintball range,
it should be of no surprise that
my fingerprints can be found
on any number of
the "harmless weapons"
in that establishment.
As to the other people
you've mentioned,
I don't know who Rhys
and Eli are,
but my friend Devin sometimes
comes by the paintball range
for my staff discount.
So sounds
circumstantial to me.
And it's a moot point anyway
because people don't die
from exploding paint pellets,
as your shirt clearly attests.
Okay, well, then you'll have
an explanation for this, too?
Does latex add an extra layer
of flavor to sausages?
Anyone could have
Anyone could have
climbed over your fence
and hidden this in your barbecue
in full view of you
and your family, who claimed
that they were home all morning.
Yeah, I'm I'm sure
that a judge
will see it that way, too.
Okay. I was there.
But I was barely involved.
Well, Devin Vance claims
that this was all his idea.
Do you concur?
He said it was
entirely his plan.
I strongly advise
that you don't
Yeah. It was his idea.
There you have it.
It seems coercion was a factor.
But I turned it into a plan.
I needed the money.
University fees are a killer.
Here you go, boys.
Whatever happened
to "thank you"?
Thank you, Mrs. Brantlock.
So dark on her right now.
They're making me
get a student loan.
Totally backtracking on their
promise to fund my education.
You could always rob
Brokenwood Savings Bank.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, true.
I'm gonna finish
what my grandad started.
You being serious?
Could use your help.
I don't know, man.
I mean, banks hardly carry
any cash these days.
Plus the security.
They're not worth it.
This one is.
The place has barely changed
since my grandad hit it.
It's an easy mark.
This is a robbery.
[ Gasping ]
What's out the back?
The vault.
Let's have a look then.
[ Chuckles ]
Open them up.
I'm sorry, but no.
What's that, bow tie?
Look, you can take
the bank's money. It's insured.
But I'm afraid I can't allow
you to take these people's
personal belongings.
So you're saying
you'd rather die?
I don't believe you have a gun.
Do you want to find out?
BERNIE: Take this.
It's mine.
Worthless crap.
Do you think I'm a moron,
bow tie?
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Is there another way
out of here?
There's a back door.
KENNY: Open it! Come on!
You bastard!
Oh, you stupid bastard!
You're an absolute moron!
OFFICER: This is the police!
We have the bank surrounded!
Kenny knew he was screwed.
But before they caught him,
he took all the loot.
OFFICER: Come out with
your hands in the air.
And I hid it all in
an empty safe deposit box.
Number 42.
He reckons it's easily
200,000 bucks in today's money.
The chances of that still being
there are pretty slim, right?
No one's got the authority
to open a box
unless you're the key holder
or the bank manager.
The police and the bank
questioned him
forever about
where he'd stashed it.
He never told them.
Hid it right under their noses.
I didn't think he was serious.
A man is dead, Caleb.
I didn't shoot anyone, okay?
I would never shoot anything.
[ Scoffs ] Apparently there
are a few cats
at the Paintball Palace
who would disagree.
If you saw anything, now would
be the ideal time to say.
After we left, there was
something off about Eli.
He was quiet.
RHYS: Hey, what
the hell happened?
DEVIN: It doesn't matter!
[ Siren wailing ]
RHYS: What's your problem?
DEVIN: Floor it!
Really unlike him.
Samantha, right?
Are you back to pick on Eli?
Do you know how bad
his arm is broken?
Robbing banks
is a dangerous business.
There's no way he would do that.
He didn't need to.
He'd just won Lotto.
And how did you know
that he'd just won Lotto?
Because he told me.
Babe, this
this is incredible!
I can't believe it!
Neither can I.
I'm so proud of you.
Yeah, well, I'll be back soon
with more money
than we've ever seen.
Okay. I think that you have
been lied to.
It's just more bad luck.
First the bank loan and now
what bank loan?
What now?
We'd like a word.
About Devin.
Well, make it quick.
Alright. Did you put him up
to the robbery?
- [ Chuckles ]
- What I said, harassment.
What she said.
And no, I didn't.
Well the more we learn,
the more it seems
he was doing your bidding.
He's 25 years old
and still can't remember
his own PIN number.
He's not capable of pulling off
a sophisticated heist.
Who said it was sophisticated?
You said Devin was here
yesterday morning.
Clearly, he wasn't.
I don't snoop in his room.
If he went out, I wouldn't know.
But you were both here.
Yes. Sleeping.
She always wakes me if she's
popping down the shops,
make sure I'm still alive.
Don't you, love?
So what time did you wake?
When was it, love?
Usual time?
9:30 I guess.
Devin tells me you're a bit
of a stamp collector.
Always thought that might
be interesting.
It's not.
But I can hardy go
rock climbing, can I?
Look, if
if my grandson robbed that bank,
that's on him.
Part of me says, "Oh, yeah?
Good on you, boy."
[ Chuckles ]
He's his own man.
Another part thinks,
"What a bloody idiot."
He's not cut out
for big jobs like that.
Like you are?
Was. Like I was.
I did my time and paid my dues.
If Devin did it,
then let him pay his.
He's on his own.
Are we done here?
I'm due me afternoon nap.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Dr. Carlton.
Yeah, copy that. Thanks.
Eli's awake.
Dr. Carlton, do you know
a Kenny Cranston?
I've had the pleasure.
He was hospitalized here
with a stroke some months ago?
Detective, I can't discuss
Did he have
a hypothetical stroke?
Or a real one?
Hypothetically, yes.
After I left the army, I got
a job at the Porky Pigeon.
I worked as a front line
brand ambassador.
Flash title.
Important job.
Customer interface.
When a punter sees a pigeon,
they get triggered
and feel like
a Porky Pigeon Pizza.
But when they see
a dancing pigeon,
that makes them feel happy,
and they're more likely to order
two plus a couple of sides.
It's called business psychology.
They don't pay much,
but it's a sweet job.
Free pizza.
Then Sam got pregnant,
which was so cool,
but I needed to start
thinking about my future.
Money and all that.
Then Devin came to me.
He'd just been fired
- Everything goes by the book.
- and he had this plan.
This is going to set you up
for life, man.
I told Sam that I'd won
the lotto
so she wouldn't question
where the money came from.
And that's why you stole
Trudy Neilson's money.
I couldn't come home
empty handed.
Caleb said you were acting
strangely in the getaway car.
I was trying to hide the bag.
I couldn't afford to share
with the others.
And that's it.
Yeah, I helped out
with the robbery.
But I don't know
who shot the guy.
Or why. Or nothing.
Aren't you forgetting something?
The fact that just a month ago,
"that guy" personally turned
you down for a bank loan.
I'm sorry, you two.
I'd help if I could.
But your credit rating
is simply too low.
Humiliating, I imagine.
It was.
Did you shoot him because
he tried to swallow the key?
What key?
Or simply for embarrassing you?
No, I didn't.
You're the only one
with proper firearm training,
access to 9 millimeter handguns
through your time in the army.
They don't let you take them
away with you when you leave!
Well, you didn't leave.
You were kicked out.
Yeah, okay.
Because I fell asleep
during training.
Not because I'm some psycho.
Caleb goes around
shooting fricking cats.
Okay, I've seen him do it.
He laughs while he does it.
It's sick.
CHALMERS: Eli has the training.
Has a motive.
So does Devin.
Avenging his
grandfather's nemesis
by shooting the man
who locked him up.
What about Caleb Brantlock?
KRISTIN: Yeah, I mean, cruelty
to animals can be a gateway
to sadistic behavior
towards humans.
Maybe he just wanted to see
what it was like.
How would any of them
get hold of a handgun?
Maybe Eli has some dodgy
connection from the army.
It bothers me that
it's still out there.
Any progress
with the missing CCTV?
Nothing yet.
Then we need to get
our own picture
of what went on in that bank.
Okay, we need to go over
a few things.
A detailed account of the time
you spent inside the bank
and leading up to it.
Start at the beginning then.
So about three weeks ago,
we started making plans.
It was my idea to pretend
we had a bomb.
Danger without being dangerous.
It's like driving a car
at a brick wall
and braking just before.
Everyone gets scared,
no one gets hurt.
Unless your brakes fail.
And Caleb offered to get
paintball guns
from his work as a plan B.
Where did you get the masks?
Bought them from
an encrypted browser.
Is that a Husky?
Nah. Alsatians.
- Killer dogs.
- Hard out.
Intimidating as.
Yo, they got, um, labradoodles?
Oh, I've always wanted
a labradoodle.
Then we cased the bank.
And Devin remembered
the bank teller from school.
Thought he might be able to get
some information about security.
So I personally found it
really rewarding,
and honestly,
great working culture.
So, Nicholas enjoyed
the pizza, did he?
Of course.
Who doesn't?
Then I took the boys
through some basic training.
Take aim!
[ Guns popping ]
[ Engine starts ]
DEVIN: That is how it went down.
CALEB: At first, it was sweet.
Everyone was terrified,
just like I'd planned.
Adrenaline was pumping.
Shut up.
DEVIN: Okay we have a bomb.
Everybody just relax.
Then it all started going wrong.
- I'm not Devin!
- I'm not Devin either!
And neither is he.
- [ Clang ]
- Sorry!
DEVIN: Okay. Plan B!
There was no turning back.
I had to take control
of the situation.
Vault! Now!
I wasn't going to make
the same mistake as Kenny.
I made him open
the back door first.
We're all good here. See?
DEVIN: What's all this crap?
It's my last day.
My staff must have planned
a surprise.
DEVIN: Congratulations.
Now open lockbox 42.
I can't do that, son.
But it was empty.
I started getting edgy.
I knew we only had
a few minutes.
We've got to go.
- Not yet!
- We're out of time.
Kenny must have got
the wrong number.
CALEB: We've got some cash.
Let's go.
DEVIN: I'm not leaving!
CALEB: This is not
part of the plan.
DEVIN: It's the entire
bloody plan!
Keep looking!
Where'd he go?
CALEB: I don't know.
DEVIN: Oh, how did
he slip past?!
ELI: I can hear the cops!
Where's Caleb?
CALEB: I'm Caleb! And don't say
my name, you idiot!
Go get Devin.
So confusing, man.
I guess one of you should have
dressed as a labradoodle.
I was looking for
that old bastard.
I couldn't find him.
CALEB: We checked everywhere.
DEVIN: And then
[ Gunshot ]
Look, I know the sound of a real
gunshot when I hear it, okay?
I just legged it man.
CALEB: I made the tactical
decision to retreat.
DEVIN: I just ran.
Why didn't you use
the back door?
Well, in the panic,
I just forgot.
Where the f
[ Tires squeal ]
And then, after all
our hard work, that moron
That dumb-ass
That absolute muppet
forgot to check the petrol.
DEVIN: Okay, split up!
Just run!
CALEB: The guns!
And I took the guns
back to Tony's,
and then I went home.
Caleb, think very hard.
After you heard the gunshot,
did you see anyone
come out of the vault?
- What the hell was that?
- I don't know. It was chaos.
I couldn't even see out of those
stupid masks anyway.
Look, it could have been Eli.
It could've been Caleb.
All I know is that it wasn't me.
Their stories are consistent.
Yep, Caleb, Eli, and Devin
in their own special
and frustrating ways would all
seem to be telling the truth.
It's got to be one of them.
But it's like one potato,
two potato, three potato.
Unless the fourth potato
was the person
who came driving out
from the side of the bank.
When they were meant
to be waiting on the road.
And given that we now know
the back door was unlocked
You're looking very dapper.
I'm here to offer legal guidance
to Rhys.
Okay but, um
FRODO: No buts.
He's my half-brother,
and it's the half-brotherly
thing to do.
Oh, Frodo, no, um
I think it would be better if
you addressed me as Mr. Oades.
Rhys, are you sure
It's Mr. Oades.
Mr. Oades, are you sure
Wait, are you talking
to him or me?
Mr. Oades, are you happy
to proceed
with Mr. Oades as your advocate?
Frodo has heaps of experience
in this field.
And like you always say, bro,
experience is 9/10 of the law.
It is indeed.
Please state your full name.
You don't have to answer that.
Actually he does.
Oh, okay.
Rhys Oades.
Where'd you get
the book from, Frodo?
From the library.
Well, given the robbery didn't
take place on the high seas,
I'm not sure the third edition
of "New Zealand Maritime Law"
will be particularly useful.
I'm sorry, can we just
step out real quick?
Um, Rhys is already
in a lot of trouble,
and you really don't want
to make things worse for him.
[ Sighs ] Sorry. I just
I just feel so bad.
I should have been around
for him more.
I've just been so focused
on my career lately.
Well, you know,
Rhys is an adult,
and you really can't
blame yourself for his actions.
But what I think
he could use now,
while we're waiting
for a more suitable
lawyer, is a support person.
So, do you think
you could do that?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah!
I need you to tell me again
where you were
during the robbery.
I was in the car.
Then, uh, Frodo turned up.
FRODO: Hey, excuse me.
It was taking way too long,
and I knew the cops
would get there any second.
The other three stated that when
they came out of the bank,
your car emerged from the side
of the bank, not from the road.
We now know that the backdoor
to the bank was unlocked.
I didn't know that.
I need to know why you came from
the side of the bank
moments after Bernie Lazenby
was shot.
Um, okay.
The truth is, uh
I was uh, relieving myself.
I forgot to go all morning
in the excitement,
and Frodo's coffee machine
just tipped me over.
[ Urinating ]
That's when that's when
I heard the gunshot.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Zipper zips ]
[ Engine revs ]
And I swear, I didn't know
anything about the back door.
That's really brave of you, man.
And it's not illegal
to urinate in public
if it's on the back
left wheel of your car.
So you did good.
MIKE: Thoughts?
I'm inclined to believe him.
Nothing about Rhys Oades
screams cold blooded killer.
Bed wetter perhaps?
We've tried the old
conquer and divide.
Let's try divide and unite.
More questions?
Actually, we're short on space.
It'll just be for a bit.
But, Frodo, I'll have
to show you out.
You'll understand,
legal reasons.
I do understand.
Call me if you need me, eh?
Just wait in here.
[ Door closes ]
We need the cells, too.
We ask that you don't converse
with each other.
Do you guys know
Shut it.
They'll be watching.
They can't hear us.
And it's illegal to record us.
MIKE: Have faith.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Ah, great, CCTV
has come through.
So which one of you idiots
did it, then?
What happened in there?
[ Scoffs ] You had one job.
Drive the car.
You couldn't even do that.
DEVIN: And what about you?
Why didn't you wipe
the paintball guns for prints?
The teller recognized
your voice!
If you had stuck to my plan,
we would have been fine.
Oh! Your plan? What?
To throw pot plants at everyone?
Dumb and dumber.
ELI: I'm not dumb!
Then how'd you break
your arm then?
Why'd you bring a real gun?
DEVIN: I didn't!
I don't even know where
to get a real gun.
You're the gun expert, army boy.
And you're
the psycho-in-training.
What did you tell them about me?
The truth.
That you like to torture cats!
I peed on my car!
None of them killed
Bernie Lazenby.
Based on?
Body language.
CHALMERS: You're going to want
to come see this.
We have another player
in the ring.
KRISTIN: Is that?
MIKE: It is.
Dark suit, roughly the same
height and size as the others.
Headed out the back.
But, what would his motive be?
MIKE: Thank you, Jan.
I hope I haven't said too much.
No, you have been most helpful.
Oh, hi, Nicholas.
Your head okay, love?
[ Door opens ]
When Devin tried to bribe you
with the pizza,
you said you didn't eat any.
Why did you lie about that?
Says who? Devin?
MIKE: Yes.
Well, I am gluten intolerant.
But okay, I ate some pizza.
So what? I love pizza.
I gave in.
Did you lie about anything else?
What do you mean?
CCTV footage of the robbery.
You recognized Devin's voice.
He knocks you down.
You were out for a good
few minutes.
That's right.
And then there's this.
MIKE: What were you doing?
I was going to call the police.
Police had already been called.
I pushed the silent alarm as
soon as I knew it was a robbery.
It's standard protocol.
CALEB: Back!
Come on, get back! Back!
TRUDY: Easy, fella.
JAN: We knew help was coming.
I just wanted to be sure,
you know.
Did Devin tell you
about the robbery?
Or did he try and cut you in?
No! Are you insane?
Why would I try and kill Bernie?
You told us Bernie
was the reason
you got into banking.
Bernie was a great man.
Banking can be a hard business,
cruel even.
It's true!
But you weren't completely
honest about that one either.
What do you mean?
Nicholas, we know
about your mom.
Nicholas has been through
such a tough time.
His parents had issues.
Alcoholics, you see.
And they lived in one of those
leaky homes, you know,
with the black mold.
So, one day he comes
into the bank.
He must have been 17.
Yeah. And he was asking Bernie
for a loan.
He's quite desperate.
And Bernie wants to,
but he's helped
Nicholas' family
out so much over the years.
And of course Nicholas
is too young.
Bernie couldn't help him.
Not long after, his mother died.
[ Mouthing "suicide" ]
Jan told us that you turned up
a year later
and applied for a job.
You wanted to work with the man
who had denied
your family money.
By rights, you should have
hated Bernie.
Well, maybe at first,
but it wasn't his fault.
He tried.
I thought if I could become
like Bernie,
then maybe one day, I could
help people like me, too.
What was in the backpack?
Jan said you were secretive
about the contents of your bag
on the morning of the robbery.
You didn't want to show it
to her.
It was a present.
It was a present alright?
It's still in my car.
It's out the front.
Can you explain what you were
doing in the back of the bank?
I I was hiding.
Devin hit me, and suddenly,
I was on the floor,
and I was so scared.
BERNIE: Alright,
we don't want any trouble.
DEVIN: There better not be!
I knew I should help Jan,
but I was too afraid.
ELI: Okay, I need your watches,
wallets, jewelry.
Everything out now!
I crawled out the back, and I
hid in the supply closet.
And the whole time, I kept
thinking I would go back out
and help them.
I couldn't move.
And then one of them came in.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
[ Gunshot ]
If I wasn't such a coward,
Bernie might still be alive.
It's nothing. Open it.
For his collection.
It's true. He loved stamps.
It was his thing.
KRISTIN: Although it's there
now, it doesn't mean
it was there a few days ago.
[ Book closes ]
Thank you, Nicholas.
That'll be all.
CHALMERS: I've watched this
20 or 30 times.
Nothing sets them apart.
Although that's got to be
Eli limping
post Trudy Neilson's shin kick.
Caleb? Devin?
Take your pick.
KRISTIN: And so we're back to
one potato, two potato?
Whichever way you look at it,
they were able bodied.
Was it something I said?
Oh, no. He often does that.
He gets a little hunch,
and off he goes.
Sure. I'll make it.
MIKE: Kenny Cranston's stroke.
If you're about to ask me
anymore hypothetical questions,
I'm hypothetically going
to ask you to leave.
What if he was hypothetically
linked to a homicide?
[ Typing ]
Like I said, evidence of
a T.I.A. that was ignored.
Transient Ischaemic Attack.
A mini stroke,
usually a warning sign.
Then a week later,
a significant event.
He's no longer an outpatient.
He only attended a couple
of rehab sessions,
then never returned.
So he's recovered?
DR. CARLTON: Unlikely.
Sometimes patients can regain
acceptable levels
of normal function,
but sadly, men with his kind of
attitude often just give up.
[ Telephone rings ]
Excuse me.
Dr. Carlton.
Oh, hi.
No, no, no, no, I understand.
Let's forget about last Friday.
This Friday, same time?
9:00 a.m., great.
I will see you then.
You take care, Angelique.
Angelique Cranston?
Detective Shepherd, come on.
Was she here last
Friday morning?
So that was Angelique Cranston?
she was booked into
Brokenwood Elms
on Teeling Street.
I run appointments there Tuesday
and Friday mornings
for women
who need oncology support.
So could you tell me
if she was there?
No, I couldn't.
But you could tell me
if she wasn't.
Detective, please.
MIKE: The bank was robbed
just after 9:00 a.m.,
the time that
Bernie Lazenby was killed.
If she wasn't there,
that might account for why
she just re-booked
her appointment.
Four masked men
set about robbing a bank.
One stays in his car.
The other three enter the bank,
carrying a fake bomb
and fake guns.
They unlock the back door
in case they need
a quick getaway.
Not long after,
a shot rings out.
[ Gunshot, screaming ]
10 seconds later,
they flee through the front
and are picked up
by the fourth man.
[ Tires squeal ]
What if there was
a fifth masked man
who came through the back door?
Someone who knew Devin
was going unlock it
because he told them to do it.
Kenny Cranston's the fifth man?
He had a motive to kill Bernie,
he knew the layout of the bank,
and he had a clear opportunity
to know the details
of the plan.
Yeah, but the man
can hardly walk.
He faked his stroke.
No, he didn't.
But he could've possibly
faked his recovery, or lack of.
Kenny Cranston
was playing the long game?
Less than three months ago,
he had a stroke.
Not long after,
the robbery was planned.
So, Devin was in on it?
Not necessarily Devin.
What do you want?
A chat about
the Brokenwood Elms.
What about it?
You had an appointment there
on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m.
So much for privacy.
Did you go?
Dr. Carlton tells me you didn't.
I didn't see her.
Who did you see?
No one.
MIKE: Why didn't you go in?
ANGELIQUE: Because part of me
knows it's true.
And another part
doesn't want to know.
About the decisions
that have to be made.
Please don't tell Kenny.
Kenny doesn't know
you were there?
I left him sleeping.
You've seen him.
He wouldn't cope
with the stress.
But you're unwell.
You need someone
That is my business,
and I will handle it my way.
I can't have Kenny
worrying about me.
I need someone to verify this.
Uh, well, after a bit,
I came home to Kenny.
Where have you been?
Just popped down the shops.
You shouldn't be smoking.
Someone other than Kenny.
Taxi receipt.
I need to get back to Kenny.
He's probably fine without you.
Your grandfather having a stroke
must have been horrible to see.
I understand he was full of
energy before, a lot of life.
Now he can hardly stay awake
for more than a couple hours.
He just sleeps
in his chair, right?
Sometimes people can recover
from strokes.
Partially, sometimes
even completely.
Well, no such luck.
What if Kenny is not as sick
as he makes out?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
I think that Kenny has been
acting sick
so that nobody suspects he's
capable of doing what he did,
shooting Bernie Lazenby.
He can barely walk.
Is this a joke?
Physically, mentally,
your grandfather
is quite possibly
as sharp as ever.
Sharp enough to pull
one over on all of us.
Even you.
This is so messed up.
When was the last time you got
Kenny to tell you
the famous bank story?
Few weeks ago.
And did he mention
the back door?
Always have more
than one way out.
MIKE: And what was
the first thing you did?
Just like he told you.
And that's how he got in.
This is all very exciting.
But I'm just wondering,
if you're so sure about this,
instead of traumatizing
a young man who's already
been through a great deal
He did rob a bank, Dennis.
Well, that aside.
Why not simply arrest
Mr. Cranston?
I need proof.
And, Devin, you can help us.
Help us prove that Kenny
has been lying to you.
Sorry? You want me
you want to turn
on my own grandfather?
[ Scoffs ] You cops.
If we're right,
your own grandfather
would let you go down for
a murder that he committed.
They have a point.
No way.
You're back?
Thought you'd be locked away
for good by now.
No. I thought you'd
be happy to see me.
They let me go.
Why would I be happy?
You go off and try to steal
my thunder
with your dropkick mates.
Try to show me up
by robbing me own bank.
And then you screw it up,
royally, get someone killed.
You're an embarrassment.
Did you squeal to the cops, too?
Is that why they let you go?
They think you
killed that guy.
That's because they're idiots.
And they wanted me
to dob you in.
Wear a wire.
And what did you say?
I told them no way.
Good boy.
Maybe I was a bit harsh on you.
[ Chuckles ]
Come give your old grandad
a hug.
[ Laughs ]
Did you you remember
when you used to be a teenager
and you used
to steal my whiskey?
I could also tell
when you were lying
because you're useless!
You little weasel!
DEVIN: What the hell!
Jesus Christ!
KRISTIN: That's us.
I'm good.
There's still the matter
of the missing murder weapon.
Yeah, never needed one before.
I'm not going to go changing.
Is this really the time
for country lyrics?
Take the money and run ♪
When I fired the gun ♪
When I fired me that gun ♪
When I fired me that gun ♪
Just in the neighborhood,
were you?
Well, thank God.
Grandson tripped on the rug,
bumped his head.
He might need an ambulance.
You bastard!
Get off the grass.
He fell over.
Didn't you, Dev?
This is so messed up.
We need to talk to you about
the murder of Bernie Lazenby.
I was here.
Ask her.
She was here, too,
weren't you, Angel?
I was not here.
You know that.
So she popped down to the shops.
Not to the shops.
I went to see a doctor.
Oh, yeah? What for?
Like you would care.
So she snuck out.
Not my fault.
I was here.
Where's the handgun you used
to shoot Bernie Lazenby?
Take them out outside,
then start the search.
We'll have a chat
to Mr. Cranston.
[ Chuckles ] Talk all you like.
You got nothing.
I didn't know, love.
I swear I didn't know!
Paramedic's on their way.
Devin, you did the right thing.
I did it to prove you wrong!
Don't you get it.
I thought you were wrong!
KENNY: Would have
fired up the barbecue
if I'd known you were
bringing all your friends.
When you robbed the bank
all those years ago,
clumsy as it was,
you might have pulled it off,
had it not been for
a resourceful young teller.
Come on!
More like completely
Either way,
you stewed away in jail,
never quite letting go
of the botched robbery.
As the years followed on,
you would tell the story
of the robbery
over and over to your
devoted grandson Devin.
That close, boy.
You embellished it, of course,
adding details about
a bogus secret stash of jewels
in a deposit box.
To make it seem like you came
out of it with the upper hand.
The the winner.
But there was something
you didn't get your hands on.
It haunted you for 40 years.
Something that you let slip
right through your fingers.
What might that be?
MIKE: Stamps.
Specifically a set of four
Inverted Kakapo.
Red, blue, green, yellow.
Bernie was always selfless.
He didn't want some thug taking
people's precious heirlooms.
So he offered up the only
lockbox he could.
His own family's.
BERNIE: Take this.
It's mine.
KENNY: Letters and stamps?
Do you think I'm an idiot?!
How did it feel
when you found out
how much those stamps
were really worth?
Thanks for coming back in, Jan.
The stamps you mentioned
of Bernie's.
JAN: Bernie was
so proud of them.
He had that artwork made
as a motivator
towards his retirement.
He told me once at
a Christmas party $20,000 each.
You must have stewed on that
for decades.
But there was nothing for it.
Then you had your stroke,
but it did something
unexpected, didn't it?
It gave Devin motivation.
But it was also a keen reminder
of a job you'd messed up
40 years ago.
So you pretended that your
condition was getting worse,
when in fact,
it was getting better.
[ Engine starts ]
And now you've got your bags
packed and your Sunday best on.
You're planning a trip to
cash in your stamps.
Look at me.
I need help to put my pants on,
for Christ sake.
You'd really let your own
grandson go down
for something he didn't do?
A lag never did anyone any harm.
It's character building,
especially for a loser
like Devin.
Or a loser like you?
You were a joke
when you got caught.
Picture in the paper,
"The big bad bank robber
who got locked in the bank."
Finally getting your hands
on those stamps
would have vindicated you.
But instead, your grandson
is going to jail,
an even bigger failure himself.
And that's how they'll talk
about it by the way.
The Cranstons two generations
who tried to rob the same bank,
but failed both times.
That's a pathetic legacy.
Wait a second.
Who says I failed this time?
How's that, Kenny?
[ Kenny chuckles ]
I didn't fail.
But I knew Devin would.
We take the bank manager
into the vault,
and we make him open lockbox 42.
I told him number 42
over and over.
Probably the only fact that
ever stuck in his tiny brain.
Well, I couldn't have him
getting his hands
on the prize, could I?
After all this time,
I'm not going to split it
five ways.
[ Door closes ]
That dropkick didn't even try
to conceal what he was doing.
And nobody expects
someone my age
to know their way
around a computer.
[ Chuckles ]
And no one looks twice
at an old fart
on a mobility scooter.
Devin handed it to me
on a plate.
Open the lockbox.
I already have.
Yours. Number 24.
BERNIE: There's
not much in here.
I'm here for the stamps, Bernie.
Oh, no.
It can't be.
KENNY: Hand them over.
And don't be a moron.
But he was a moron.
And it cost him.
Bernie had the chance to do
the smart thing, and he didn't.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Tires squeal ]
I finally pulled it off.
And here's the proof.
Proof that I'm not a joke.
It's time to go, Kenny.
KENNY: Yeah, alright, alright.
All this hunching and shuffling,
it's terrible on the shoulders.
But I should warn you.
I'm not going back inside.
Yeah, well, fortunately
it's not up to you.
No, it's up to you.
I shot myself in the arse!
[ Grunting ]
You okay?
CHALMERS: Kenny Cranston,
you're under arrest
for threatening
a police officer,
for the murder
of Bernie Lazenby,
and for the possession
of an illegal firearm.
And for getting out of bed
in the morning
and anything else that makes you
the miserable bastard you are.
I believe you said something
earlier about not needing a gun?
I didn't.
I had Nadia Comaneci here.
Nice vault by the way.
I was thinking Ritchie McCaw.
A try saving tackle on the line.
Well, you know, rugby playing,
Olympic gymnast.
That's what I do
with all my spare time.
I'll see you back
at the station.
For the paperwork.
[ Engine starts ]
If the whiskey ♪
Then the moonshine will ♪
That music isn't ironic, is it?
Hell no.
So is Brokenwood
how you remember it?
Oh, you know, bank robbers,
spontaneous gymnastic displays,
I'm tempted to head back
to the big smoke for a break.
Oh, so soon?
Still I want to check out
that pizza place though.
I hear the mangey pigeon
and chorizo is good.
Oh, and the magpie with fennel.
KRISTIN: Yeah, please stop.
I'm sold.
I needed money
'cause I had none ♪
I fought the law,
and the law won ♪
I fought the law,
and the law won ♪
I fought the law,
and the law won ♪
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