The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s07e05 Episode Script

Exposed to the Light

Don't you look lovely.
Hello! How wonderful
to see you both!
And have you had the champagne?
Come over here, come over here.
Good turnout.
Yeah, I reckon.
Who wouldn't want to see
old Patu in his prime?
- Who?
- My great uncle.
My great, great Uncle.
- I'm named after him.
- Famous whanau?
Hell, yeah.
Patu Elliot.
One minute he's
a panel beater in Brokenwood,
then the movies come to town,
next minute, film star.
Can't you see the resemblance?
Yeah, they'll be
wanting you for the sequel.
I'm gonna be an actor
just like him when I grow up.
Ka rawe, tama.
So you want my autograph
right now?
Because I'm going to be
too famous later.
- Um
- Please, just one photo Michael.
Hold that thought, Patu.
I think my boss need's rescuing.
Sorry Gina.
I didn't see you there.
I can get my own.
- Reverend.
- Excuse me, everybody!
Our guest of honor
Charlotte Chambers!
Tena ra tatou katoa.
Nau mai haere mai ki te
whare nei.
I don't want to say much except
apologies for the late start.
We've kept you waiting
long enough so
We're here to witness a very
special piece of cinema history,
the only feature film ever
shot on location in Brokenwood!
And to watch it with us,
I am delighted to welcome
our leading lady,
Charlotte Chambers, everybody.
And in the projection booth,
the last of
the Brokenwood Empire's
old-time projectionists,
Colin Stubbly.
Colin will be joining us
in the foyer at the interval
to draw the raffle for the
vintage first-release poster,
signed by Charlotte.
A true collector's item.
I will see you all again then.
Enjoy the film.
That's your great uncle, Patu.
This can't be.
If my husband were
to learn of the Ater Nation,
the entire garrison
would be set upon you.
Well, let them come.
You think I fear
the pakeha muskets?
What's happening?
Ru whenua.
The projectionist has
forgotten a reel change.
- A what?
- Come on!
Get it together, Colin!
What the?
Attention, everybody,
could I ask you all to quietly,
but quickly, vacate the cinema
in an orderly fashion.
Call an ambulance.
And the fire brigade.
You're not who I was expecting.
Actually, I was expecting
a nice night at the movies.
You know, I talk to
corpses, too, sometimes.
I can take a hint, Gina.
He's all yours.
At the mortuary.
It can be lonely work.
So I talk.
I say "hello, person,"
and then I feel
I know what they are thinking,
and they say,
"Hello, Gina.
You are looking lovely today."
It's very nice.
That's a very special talent
you have.
Thank you, Mike.
You are too kind.
This is not my idea
of a relaxing Sunday evening.
What have we got?
Positive ID on the victim
from the driver's license
in his pocket.
Lyall Densem,
a local businessman
and property developer.
And what was he doing
in the projection booth?
I just asked him the same thing.
And I'm guessing
he didn't enlighten you.
No, but if anyone had a right
to be here, it was him.
According to Patricia here,
he owns the building.
Hi, um
Detective Kristin Sims.
Patricia Wells.
Patricia organized
tonight's event.
She's also behind the campaign
to restore this place.
"Save the Brokenwood Empire".
I've seen your fliers.
Do we have next of kin?
Lyall wasn't married.
There is a teenage son
living at home I believe.
Kane. And a brother.
He owns the building with him.
I've got uniforms on the hunt
for the projectionist.
He's disappeared.
He'd be lucky to make it far,
the state he was in.
You didn't see him
leave the building?
I wouldn't have let him go.
But you should talk
to the bar staff.
They're downstairs.
Copy that.
I saw Reverend Greene
being loaded
into an ambulance downstairs?
We found him unconscious
near the projection booth.
And it gets better.
He was holding this
Is that?
A naked woman?
If memory serves.
Reverend Greene, you dark horse.
The Reverend is in
no state to see anyone.
So it's serious then?
He needed stabilizing.
He won't be saying anything
till the morning
at the earliest.
Not even a couple
of quick questions?
given he's unconscious
Right. I see.
I have to go.
- Sims?
- Yeah, Mike.
There's no one home
at Lyall Densem's.
Try the brother.
And you were both in the foyer
the whole time?
Yeah, there were a lot of
glasses to set out
for the interval.
Some people pre-ordered
their drinks.
One of us might have ducked into
the stock room for a minute.
Maybe. Two minutes tops.
But there was always
someone at the bar.
Totally. Always.
And you didn't see anyone
come or go?
Not me.
Real busy, you know.
Boss, there's
something you need to see.
Hi. I'm Detective Kristin Sims.
Brokenwood C.I.B.
I'm looking for
an Oliver Densem.
Yeah, he's my uncle.
And you are?
Kane. Kane Densem.
This one you can see.
A broken leg,
three bruised ribs,
but fortunately feeling no pain
due to being boozed
to the eyeballs.
Detective Shepherd
would like a word.
You've been in the wars, Colin.
Do you remember what happened?
Nature called.
So you were in
the projection booth.
The film was running.
And I needed to take a slash.
I couldn't be arsed
going down the loos.
So I just went out
the fire escape.
I've done it hundreds
of times before.
It always feels good to piss
from a great height.
From the Brokenwood Empire!
But then
I bloody locked myself out.
I didn't realize I was going
to take my life
into my own hands.
I blame Lyall Densem.
Why's that?
'Cause he's sitting
on a fricken fortune,
and he's too tight to pay
for basic maintenance.
The old railings,
they're not even safety height.
Do you know what time it was
when you fell?
Yeah, I'd just done
the second reel change.
A reel's 11 minutes so
22 minutes into the screening?
I understand you found Colin.
He went out on to the fire
escape to relieve himself.
For God's sake.
Took a tumble
into a rubbish pile,
and got off lightly
with a broken leg.
We started a whole
15 minutes late
waiting for him
to roll in from the pub.
Been boozing all afternoon.
I noticed.
I'll just grab my roadie now?
Look, if I don't get drunk now,
then I'll just get drunk later.
And if he wasn't
boozing, he was smoking.
Am I right in thinking
that I saw
Lyall at the Open Day?
We needed access to some
of the storage areas.
He brought the keys,
stayed for a while.
How did he seem?
I couldn't say.
We didn't really talk.
Where'd you find all this stuff?
Personal collection, most of it.
I've spent most of the last
40 years living abroad
being something
of a memorabilia magpie.
Am I talking to a cinephile?
"Movie buff"
might be closer to it.
Well, here's looking
at you, kid.
I'm scared to ask.
How much damage did the fire do?
The projector survived.
Along with all five reels
of "The Wind From the South."
Well, that's something.
I'm afraid I can't say the same
for the other reels.
What other reels?
If you'll excuse me.
How'd you go?
I found Kane at
his Uncle's place.
Lyall Densem was found dead
at the Brokenwood Empire
this evening.
At this stage, all we know
is that it seems
he was the victim of foul play.
I'm so sorry.
Is there someone I can call?
He'll be in his sleepout.
Been there all night.
Clearly Kane spends more time
with his uncle
than he does his own place.
Hey, Kane.
In situations like these,
we can organize some support.
No. I'll be okay.
Okay, well, here's my number.
Just give me a call
if you change your mind.
It's easy to do.
You weren't
at the screening tonight?
What screening?
The fundraiser
for the Brokenwood Empire.
No, I can't stand that place.
Dusty old flea pit.
No, not my sort of thing.
I was up at the house, reading.
I brought him down a beer
about an hour ago.
Hung out for a while.
It's cold tonight, right?
- Freezing.
- Yeah, funny thing.
The heater was on
but still warming up.
And neither Kane nor Oliver
knew anything about
Lyall's movements tonight?
Well, Oliver assumed that he
was here at the screening.
Patricia, I think
we should get you home.
Detective Sims here will
be happy to take you.
I'll get my coat.
Go easy, but find out
what you can
about her relationship
with Lyall.
We're just out the front.
I hardly knew the man.
We had a certain
grudging respect for each other,
I suppose.
Strictly business.
it is a shock.
Are you sure you'll be okay?
A stiff whiskey will help.
Well, it is the weather for it.
Thanks for the ride.
You're welcome.
A word of advice.
Don't be fooled by
Oliver Densem's
warm cuddly demeanor.
He might not be as flashy
as his brother, but, trust me
they're cut from the same cloth.
You know the film's
finished, right?
I used to love the movies
as a kid.
Saturday matinees.
Is this where you try
and tell me
that black and white
is better than color?
Okay. What do we know?
Lyall Densem was supposedly
a no show.
Lyall and Oliver own
the whole block.
They want to pull it down,
build a giant mall effectively.
Lyall was on the guest list
as attending,
but his brother Oliver wasn't.
That's Oliver.
Keeps to himself.
And you definitely didn't see
Lyall arrive?
You were here.
Did you see him?
I meant maybe you saw him
come in late.
You said you spent some of the
time out here in the foyer.
Prepping for the interval.
You didn't want
to watch the film?
I've seen it hundreds of times.
Besides, it's a lot of racist
old tosh, don't you think?
Here's the problem.
Colin Stubbly leaves
the projection booth,
goes out on to the fire escape.
Urinates, falls off.
Which gives Lyall time
to get in.
But no one sees him
enter the building.
How does he get in?
Hold on.
These are blackout panels,
Could've come through
this window.
It's a long way down.
Want me to climb out and try it?
Let's leave
the Mission Impossible stuff
for now.
Save it for daylight.
So until then,
we try to figure out
why a wealthy property developer
would want to play Spider-man?
When he could've just come
through the front door.
Hey, give us some light.
A second fire exit.
That would be
an option if it wasn't for this.
My money's on the window.
Lyall phoned his P.A.,
Cherie Kernan,
several times today.
Can you pay her a visit?
Copy that.
Go away!
I told you!
Open up please. Police.
Detective Constable Chalmers.
Can I come in?
Now I realize this is a lot
to take in,
but I do have a few questions.
We know Lyall spoke
to you today.
Yeah, he asked me
to come into work.
On a Sunday?
That's the job, always on call.
To do what?
Whatever needs doing.
And today was?
There were, like, reports
that he wanted typed up.
Financial stuff.
How did he seem to you?
Fine, like focused.
We didn't really talk much.
How long were you there for?
He called me in at 6:00.
And then, like, around 8:00,
he told me
to take a dinner break.
Hey, local's open.
Tell them it's on my tab.
You don't have to do that.
I owe you for calling you
on short notice.
- I haven't quite finished.
- Go.
Give me half an hour, and I
might even join you for dessert.
Did you often eat together?
When we were working.
Not tonight though.
I should've gone back to see
if he still needed me,
but I was tired and I just
wanted to go home, and so I did.
And the address
for Lyall's office?
It's right next door
to the cinema.
So you and Lyall were working
together right next door
earlier this evening?
Who did you think
was at the door?
When I knocked,
you yelled out "Go away."
I don't know.
So, when someone's knocks at the
door, you yell out "Go away!"
Is that a condition?
I thought it was him.
- Lyall?
- Yeah.
Has he been here before?
A couple of times.
Because if I'm working late,
he insists on seeing me home.
A gentleman.
Nothing ever happened,
if that's what you mean.
Um, my card.
If you remember anything else
that might be useful,
give me a call.
I didn't kill him.
Well, obviously if you thought
he was knocking at the door
10 minutes ago
That's what you said, isn't it?
Yeah, it was.
For the offender and the victim
to have got
to the projection booth,
they either came
from inside the cinema
or possibly
through the side window.
Interestingly enough,
Lyall's Brokenwood Central
project office is here,
just across the alley.
And if Colin is telling
the truth,
he took a dive from
the fire escape around 8:40 p.m.
Yeah, but was he taking a leak
or fleeing the scene of a crime?
And then there's
this shady character.
Found at the crime scene
clutching a spool of film,
which links him
to the cause of death.
"Likely" cause of death.
Gina is yet to call it.
But yes, a spool of
black and white film,
which may or not be a snippet
from "The Wind from the South."
Were there any fingerprints
found on the piece of film
wrapped around
Lyall Densem's neck?
No prints at all.
And what was Reverend Greene
doing with a clip
of a naked lady?
A gay man of a certain age
with an appreciation
of aesthetic
black and white nudes?
I can buy that.
Female nudes?
It's not the Reverend Greene
that I'm familiar with.
Well, I can think of someone
who knows him a bit better.
Dr. Roger Plummer.
He was at the Open Day.
Excuse me.
I think I'm in trouble.
Dr. Plummer?
Mike Shepherd,
Brokenwood C.I.B.
It's serious, but he is stable.
Detective, thanks again
for letting me know about Lucas.
I would've thought the hospital
would've have tracked you
down already.
Lucas and I are very close,
but I'm not his next of kin.
This is
the Reverend Greene's sister,
D.S.S. Mike Shepherd.
A concerning time for you.
I flew in from Wellington
this morning, first thing.
And you are?
Roger Plummer.
I'm a friend of Lucas's.
Were you with him last night?
No, I'm afraid to say I wasn't.
I'm still waiting for someone
to tell me what happened.
We're hoping your brother
might provide some clarity.
You'll have to wait.
He's having a procedure
to relieve
some swelling from the brain.
He is in good hands.
Oliver Densem vouched for Kane's
whereabouts and vice versa.
Well, except it was Oliver
who did all the talking.
Kane barely said a word.
Then there's Cherie.
Possibly the last person to see
Lyall alive apart
from the offender.
It's Patricia Wells speaking.
I need to talk to you.
I'm listening.
There's something I probably
should have told you last night.
Okay, are you at home?
I can come to you.
No, no.
I'll come to you.
If you're sure.
Of course.
You again?
Am I in the gun
for knocking off Densem now?
I want to talk to you
about the other reels
of film in the projection booth
What are you on about?
Not titles I recognized.
It's nitrate stock.
No wonder the bloody place
nearly went up in flames.
- They're a fire risk?
- Yeah.
They shouldn't have been there.
I put them back myself.
Back where?
In the vault,
next to the projection booth.
Yeah, it's where we found them.
When? Who's we?
When we were setting up
for the Open Day,
Patricia, she wanted to clear
out all the junk into the vault.
Densem had the key.
When was the last time
this place had
a decent clean out?
The previous owner,
he just locked the doors,
and he walked away years ago.
And the Densems, they only cared
about the land value.
My God.
They didn't realize that
they were sitting on treasure.
Patricia, she got all excited,
and she wanted them on display
in the foyer so Joe Public
could get his dirty
little mitts on them.
Well, I said, "Bugger that."
Nope, they're going back
where they come from.
They'll keep, alright?
And you and I will have a good
squizz at them tomorrow.
I'm going to hang on to this.
Is that okay?
So you had the only key
to the vault?
Buddy, who knows?
I just I put it
back on the desk.
Excuse me.
Kia ora, boss.
Gina's ready for
the post-mortem.
I'm going to need you
to cover for me.
I'll give her your love.
Don't even joke about it.
Tell her I'm busy.
I've still got to interview
Dr. Plummer.
- How's the Reverend?
- In surgery.
His sister's here.
She flew up from
Wellington first thing.
No, she can't have.
What do you mean?
Well, I got a call from my mate,
and he's been trying
to get out of Welly all morning.
Airport's closed. Fog.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Lucas has some rather
esoteric interests,
but as far as I'm aware,
the naked female form
has never been one of them.
And you have no idea where
the strip of film came from?
Tell me if I'm out of line,
but I thought I picked up
some tension between
the two of you at the Open Day.
I ended my marriage
to be with Lucas.
So it's troubling to think
he's not fully committed.
Did you even know we were
still together
until you saw us
at the Open Day?
I can't say I did.
It's the way Lucas likes it.
So you decided not to go
to the screening?
I could feel
an argument brewing.
I thought it best to stay away.
Lucas and Briony, when did they
last see each other?
I really have no idea.
He hasn't heard
from her recently?
He must have mentioned a sister,
what, twice in five years?
He's a very private man.
Detective Sims, please.
Sure. Sims?
Someone to see you.
That was quick.
I was just heading out
for a coffee if you wanted to
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Glass of water or
No, really, I'm good.
Did you manage to get
any sleep last night?
Not really.
I kept going over
it all in my head.
Remembering things
I should have told you.
How's Colin this morning?
On the mend, I believe.
Tell me he's not a suspect.
Well, it would be helpful
if we could find someone
to verify when he fell.
That's what I wanted
to tell you.
I know for a fact he was still
in the building at 8:36.
That's precise.
I checked the time knowing there
was a reel change coming up.
I didn't entirely trust Colin
to do his job.
I was right not to.
I tried the obvious place.
Colin! Are you in there?
He had been drinking
all afternoon.
For God's sake,
get back upstairs.
If you miss a reel change
You're sure it was Colin
in the cubicle?
Well, he wasn't in the booth.
Kane. Hi.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Well, that's it.
I hope it was of some help.
Yeah, thanks.
Take care.
You gave me your card.
I think I need to see my dad.
You know, to make it real?
Well, that won't be possible now
until after the post-mortem.
- But I can see him?
- Yeah, of course.
I'll be in touch as soon
as possible
with an appropriate time.
Kane, you should
bring someone with you.
What shall I tell Mike?
It's complicated.
Try me.
Tell Mike I'll be in touch.
That's it?
What more do you want?
Cause of death would be good.
In my country, we have a saying.
"The bear dances, but the tamer
collects the money."
In this instance,
I'm the tamer and
And I'm the dancing bear.
Well, that's Gina for you.
This is impressive.
"Brokenwood Central."
Lyall's current project.
With the newly restored
Brokenwood Empire
as its centerpiece.
So Patricia was about to get
what she wanted.
Any half decent architect
can knock up a model.
Funding, consents.
Different story.
There's a whole bunch
of paperwork to go through.
And these.
Lyall bought them early
last night,
along with a packet
of cigarettes and a lighter.
They were all on
the till receipt in his pocket.
And the flowers
didn't make it into water.
And he didn't end up
writing on that.
Man, that takes me back.
Where is it?
How long have you lived
in Brokenwood?
Long enough.
And you don't know
about Ngakinowai Falls?
What am I missing?
Well, look at it.
It's a scenic wonderland.
Just don't go flashing your
torch there on a Saturday night.
You'll see things that
you don't want to see.
It's a make-out spot
for high school kids.
And you know this
from personal experience?
And that's the cinema
right there?
Out of sight, out of mind?
Waiting for the bulldozers
to take care of it.
That's the blackout window.
From the top of that,
I could probably shimmy
up to it somehow.
Go on then. Show me.
Bit of a run up I reckon.
Wave the white flag?
You'd need a ladder
to get up there.
Man climbs up ladder,
man climbs in window,
man is killed.
Dead men don't hide ladders.
Do you reckon you could fit
through there?
What have we learned?
You're not Spider-man,
but you give a pretty good
impression of Elastoman.
Now, Lyall Densem
didn't climb in the window.
But got into the cinema
somehow without being seen.
And whoever killed him
could have done the same thing.
Followed him in?
And after they'd
done the deed
Came out the way they went in.
Question is,
where did they get in?
Hi, um, Detective Kristin Sims,
Brokenwood CIB.
Do you have a couple of
moments for some questions?
Of course.
It's only arthritis.
Some days are worse than others.
But if you're entertaining
visions of me skipping upstairs
to do away with Mr. Densem,
I'm afraid my carefree murdering
days are long behind me.
Well, the thought
hadn't crossed my mind.
How can we help you?
We're speaking with everyone
who was at the screening,
just on the off chance they saw
or heard anything unusual,
and you were
at the top of my list.
That's Charlotte.
A-List all the way.
Isn't he lovely?
Ben is my number one fan.
And when the invitation arrived,
well, I knew I couldn't
make it without him.
I work as a nurse
at Charlotte's rest home.
Well it must have been exciting,
revisiting your film career.
Sweetheart, it was one film.
And only because
the director fancied me.
Well, did either of you
leave the auditorium
during the screening?
We did have a trip
to the ladies.
You were with Charlotte
the whole time?
He waited outside.
Actually, I nipped into
the men's for a vape.
Did you see anyone else?
No, but, this is weird.
I'd just got in, I was leaning
against the wall, and
it sounded like
someone falling.
I thought I should go and look,
but I had to get back
to Charlotte, and then
I knew I shouldn't be vaping
so I ducked into a cubicle.
Are you in there?
For God's sake get
back upstairs!
If you miss a reel change
And then you went back
to Charlotte?
And we both went back
to our seats.
Did you see anyone else
leave the auditorium?
I don't think so.
The Reverend guy.
Do you remember what
was happening in the movie?
I'm sorry, I just know
I saw him leave.
Patricia's smoking man was
almost certainly Ben Springer.
It can't have been Colin 'cause
Ben had just heard him fall.
That places Patricia
in the booth
around the time that Colin fell.
Maybe she pushed him.
I think Colin would've
mentioned that.
They could've just missed
each other.
Colin goes out on to
the fire escape for a leak,
the door closes behind him,
Patricia arrives
to check on him.
And then goes looking for him.
Just after he's fallen.
Yeah, the timeframe makes sense.
Assuming everyone's
telling the truth.
Why would we assume that?
Orders up.
Thanks, Kimberly.
You okay?
I just need to stop drinking
so much of the product.
Chai latte, soy.
It's Glenn, isn't it? Hi.
Detective Kristin Sims.
It's nice to see you again.
You're back in Brokenwood?
Yeah, I moved here.
Couple of months now.
Good for you.
Yeah, I kind of took a shine
to the place after the,
Actually, I've been meaning
to drop you a line
and thank you for all
the support after.
But there's no need.
Here you go.
Well, I might see you around.
Yeah, I hope so. Take it easy.
- All good?
- Yeah.
I mean, a bit weird.
Girlfriend kills co-worker
in Brokenwood,
ex-lover decides to move here.
Might be a tourism angle
on that.
Well, perhaps this
will help our process.
Is that a VHS?
Wow. Where'd you find that?
The museum?
The library.
The deepest darkest recesses
of the basement.
I figure that whatever was
happening off screen
was covered by this.
Well, it's time to
dust off the VCR.
"Brokenwood, where you can
still watch VHS."
Now that is a tourism angle.
What are we meant
to be looking for?
No idea.
If you want to be useful,
make popcorn.
We're looking for anything
exciting on the screen
that could have distracted
the audience
from someone slipping out
of the auditorium
or the noise upstairs from
the struggle near the booth.
Well, "exciting" is hardly
the word so far.
No, this bit's pretty hilarious.
What's happening?
Ru whenua.
Yeah, that would do it.
The old "maiden
at the waterfall" moment.
Ngakinowai Falls no doubt.
What happened there?
The censor saw something
they didn't like.
Like a naked woman?
Like the one we've got right
here in an evidence bag.
Although, I asked Charlotte
if she'd done
any nude scenes for the film.
I think I'd remember shooting
something like that, don't you?
Boss, someone for you.
You two keep watching.
There'll be a test
when I get back.
And Todd, isn't it?
Todd. That's me. Kia ora.
Kia ora.
I just want to acknowledge
that I think
you're doing an excellent job.
Geez. And?
Yeah and, um,
I need to change my statement.
We both do.
You know how I said,
we didn't leave the foyer?
That's what the notes say.
I might have some alternative
facts on that.
In other words, he was lying.
Nah, it was more like
What exactly did you
That we might have nipped off
for a tiny little
I mean, almost invisible
That's all.
You nipped off for a joint.
I just went out to give him
a hurry up.
Leaving the foyer unattended?
I locked the door.
There was a lot of booze
on the bar for the interval.
It could have been tempting
to someone passing by.
I didn't want to say last night.
Because of Patricia.
Yeah, she would've done
her nut if she thought
we were slacking off.
She's already talking about not
paying us for the whole night.
This alternative cigarette,
where were you exactly?
Right here.
Did you see anyone
leave this building
and perhaps head
around the back?
No. Definitely not.
- But you were stoned?
- I wasn't.
So I would've noticed.
What time was this?
8:35 maybe.
There was ages
till the interval.
Yeah, but we still
had heaps to do.
We were supposed to be
unpacking the glasses.
I did my part.
You were on your phone
half the time.
The killer could have walked
right past,
she wouldn't have noticed.
That's so not true.
So you didn't see anyone
while you were here?
Only old Walter.
What are you two up to?
Get back inside
where you're supposed to be.
And knock off the bloody weed,
you egg!
Yeah, you egg!
So Walter and his grandson
left the screening early?
I'm told you left early
last night.
Yeah, kid couldn't hack it.
Tell you the truth,
neither could I.
- You want some?
- Yeah, sure.
Let me.
Yeah, it was great seeing
the old guy on the big screen.
Not much of a story, though.
And young Patu
kept falling asleep,
so I just thought
"Stuff this, let's bail."
I wasn't the only one either.
Hey. Come on.
Reverend Greene.
I hear he landed up in hospital.
I presume that's not
all you heard.
Lyall Densem?
Something doesn't stack up.
We know from Walter that he
and Reverend Greene
left the auditorium
at the same time.
It fits with Todd and Kimberly
going outside.
They wouldn't have seen
the Reverend go upstairs.
But Ben only remembers
Reverend Greene leaving.
He didn't mention Walter at all.
And Charlotte claims
she didn't see anyone leave.
Someone's lying.
I've been trawling through
Kane Densem's Facebook page.
Smiling selfie at the beach.
Smiling selfie in the club.
Smiling selfie
in an empty cinema.
Smiling selfie on what seems
to be the cinema fire escape.
Well, he told me
he can't stand the place.
So, I did a QP,
and lo and behold,
a couple of our guys
got called to a domestic
at the Densem place
a couple weeks back.
Lyall was threatening to lay
assault charges
against his own son.
So Kane Densem has been
lurking around the cinema,
a place he says he doesn't like.
Hanging out on
dodgy fire escapes.
I suppose there's a pretty
good view from up there.
Mike Shepherd.
Hallelujah. On my way.
Reverend Greene's awake.
But I haven't even seen him yet!
I'll tell him you're here.
Briony! Good timing.
And that the police
need to speak to him.
Actually, I need to speak
to you, too.
I want to know why
you lied about
flying up Wellington this
morning, when you were
in town already, registered at
the Brokenwood Sands Motel.
Well, I don't see how that's
any of your business.
He's on the mend.
That's the main thing.
Now I possibly should have
mentioned this earlier, but
I hear that a lot.
Yesterday, as I told you,
I was talking to a younger man.
He was actually
a former patient.
Don't ask me why he
consulted me. I can't tell you.
I wouldn't expect you to.
I'm afraid I irritated Lucas
by talking to him longer
than I should have.
I have to admit I was
a little flirtatious.
Being an ex-patient,
none of the rules
actually apply, of course.
Well, I have
the feeling all my old problems
are about to be resolved.
Are you saying there was
some follow up to this?
Is that who you were
with last night?
Good heavens no!
No need to mention it to Lucas,
do you think?
Dr. Plummer, that is a territory
I don't wish to get into.
Sorry to bother you again.
That's all right.
Is, um, Kane around?
No, I talked him into
going for a bike ride.
He's the sort of kid
who needs to keep active.
Can I help?
Yeah, I was wondering
if you knew anything
about a police call-out
to Lyall's place involving Kane.
There were some fisticuffs
and argy bargy.
Not much more than that.
What was the fight about?
They never needed
much of an excuse.
In that case, I think Kane
had taken some liberties
with Lyall's credit card.
It was after that they
pretty much stopped talking,
and Kane moved in here.
Was that his idea?
Yes, but Lyall was pretty
pleased to see the back of him.
The sad truth is he was never
much of a father.
He sort of lost interest
when Kane's mother died.
When was that?
Years ago.
Kane was just a toddler.
He's been more settled since
he moved in here with me,
but he's not a kid anymore.
There's only so much I can do.
Do you know anyone who might
have harbored a grudge
against Lyall?
A business rival perhaps?
I'm not the person to ask.
I made the decision
a long time ago
to stay away from the business.
Lyall must have left a will.
Who stands to inherit?
It'll all be held in trust
for Kane.
So Lyall can't have given up
on him completely?
Speak of the devil.
- Kane. Hi.
- Hey.
I've arranged a time for you
to see your dad.
Thank you.
That will mean a lot.
But I also have to take your
laptop and your cellphone
for analysis.
Can she do that?
I have a warrant.
Is there anything
I can tell Mike?
You're like a broken record
of a very boring song.
Can we just say it's like 99.9%
probability of asphyxiation?
If only it was that easy.
But with all these gawkers,
it slows my process.
The sooner this viewing is over,
the sooner I can
write my report.
Gentlemen, come through.
We'll leave you to it.
How are you feeling?
Dazed and confused.
Not least by seeing Briony.
My first thought was I must be
at death's door for her
to show her face.
You're not close?
She doesn't share my fondness
for Brokenwood.
Let's talk about Lyall.
I didn't see him.
I don't remember seeing anyone.
What do you remember?
Not much.
I was almost at the projection
booth when the door swung open.
I remember it hitting me,
and that was that.
Out like a light.
Why were you going to the booth?
I needed to give something
to Colin Stubbly.
A snippet from
"The Wind From the South."
Or so I was told.
I didn't inspect it too closely.
It turns out there was more
than one "Charlotte Chambers."
The director's vision
for the film
was a little bit more "European"
than anyone anticipated.
Charlotte was half way
through the shooting
when Klaus told her
about the nude scenes
he wanted her to shoot.
Charlotte wasn't having
any of it,
and Klaus couldn't bear to have
his art compromised,
so he went looking
for a body double
and found an adventurous young
nursing student
home on holiday,
keen for some extra cash.
Mrs. Marlowe?
She only agreed on condition
that her involvement
be kept quiet.
Not that she was ashamed
of it no, far from it.
But she had her parents
to consider.
The film was quite scandalous
when it was first released.
She was lucky not to be
tainted by it.
Most of Mrs. Marlowe's scenes
were butchered by the censor.
But even before that,
projectionists began
snipping bits as souvenirs.
Colin Stubbly's father
being one of them.
He was the projectionist
for years
before handing the job
on to Colin.
Now, a few months before he
died, Ernie turned up
at Jean's and rather sheepishly
handed over some footage
of a nude bathing scene.
How he knew it was of Jean
and not of Charlotte
is possibly best
left unexplored.
When Mrs. Marlowe found out
about the gala screening,
she decides she likes the idea
of the film being restored.
Knowing she can't be there
herself, she entrusts
the footage to Reverend Greene
and asks him to pass it on
to Colin.
The idea being that he could
splice it back
into the correct reel
ahead of the screening.
But you didn't take it to him
until after the screening
had started.
No. I let myself be distracted
by some personal matters.
I was expecting a guest
who didn't arrive.
Dr. Plummer?
To be honest, I was barely
watching the film at all.
But I did happen to notice
a particularly bad edit
which was enough
to remind me of my mission
and send me upstairs to my fate.
It's quite a story.
Only one way to verify it.
Charlotte Chambers?
She was plain old
Bessie Plumpton when I knew her.
But yes, it's quite true.
I was her body double.
They were heady days
in Brokenwood.
You'd be surprised.
Nothing you do surprises me.
Well, I'd like to talk further,
but I'm about to jump off
the side of a cliff.
A case in point.
Give my love to the Reverend.
- I will.
- And to poor
Patricia Wells if you see her.
She must be feeling
terrible about all this.
She and Lyall were
quite an item.
They were high school
I didn't know that.
And it all ended
rather suddenly.
I'd hazard a guess
Patricia's happy-clappy mother
had a hand in breaking them up.
Anyway, I must fly.
You do that.
And come back home soon.
We miss you.
Well, well.
Lyall and Patricia.
I suppose it's too much to hope
for some good news
about those nitrate reels.
Nothing to report, I'm sorry.
I'm not sure you appreciate
how rare they are.
Anything that survives
is being held as evidence.
That's all I can say.
I blame Colin Stubbly.
He should have done
what he promised he'd do
and put them in safe storage.
He claims he did.
And how did the fire start?
Whatever else happened up there,
Colin was obviously smoking.
He should have known better.
You told Detective Sims
that your relationship
with Lyall Densem
was only ever professional.
It was.
Even in high school?
It was a long time ago.
We were different people then.
I've already told you
When Lyall sent you off
to the restaurant,
he secretly made his way
into the cinema.
Now, the only logical reason
to do that
is because
he didn't want to be seen.
The big question is why?
I don't know.
Did anything unusual
happen here last night?
Did Lyall have any visitors?
No. It was just us.
There were flowers
on Lyall's desk.
Any idea who they were for?
Was Lyall a smoker?
I don't think so.
But he bought cigarettes
late yesterday afternoon
before coming here.
Same time he bought the flowers.
Yeah, well, they weren't for me
because I'm not a smoker either.
Okay, forget last night.
Cast your mind back.
Since you started working with
Lyall, can you remember a time
when he was arguing with anyone,
yelling, any kind of fight.
Yep. He yelled at people
on the phone every day.
It was how he did business.
I just learnt to tune it out.
I was thinking something
more personal.
Family stuff maybe.
Right, you mean Kane?
'Cause they argued,
like, all the time.
And can you remember the last
time you heard them argue?
It was about a month ago.
I came back to the office
after running some errands,
and I could hear them.
Face facts, I don't want
you in my life, I never did.
You're old enough and ugly
enough to look after yourself,
so get on with it.
Piss off and don't come back!
It was embarrassing,
like, obviously,
I wasn't meant to hear it,
so I hid until it went quiet.
Kane never came back
to the office after that.
Not while I was there anyway.
I can't have been the only girl
in love with him.
Well, when I say love, I was 15.
What did I know?
Too much, according
to my parents.
They didn't approve?
Of course that only made me
more determined.
We were kids.
It was exciting.
Slipping out the bedroom window
and sneaking off
to our special place.
Where was that?
The same as every other
local Romeo and Juliet.
The swimming hole
at Ngakinowai Falls.
Thought we'd be
together forever.
It was barely one summer.
What happened?
I made the mistake of
sleeping with someone else.
Lyall found out
and never forgave me.
That must have been tough.
At that age, you think
the heartache will
last forever, too.
We moved away soon after that.
And the next time you saw
Lyall was?
40 years later.
When I moved back to Brokenwood.
Didn't have a clue he and Ollie
owned a cinema.
And then suddenly,
there we were,
on opposite sides of a fight.
Not the same thing.
We know where that photo
was taken, don't we?
It's the Brokenwood Empire's
dodgy fire escape.
These photos are all
from the same series.
If you look really closely,
this door frame,
you can see someone you know.
Is that
What are these?
Photos from Kane's phone.
There's dozens of them.
But here is where things
get interesting.
Who's the guy?
Who do you think?
Lyall Densem.
Cherie, you lied to me.
Well, Kane hasn't been
entirely truthful either.
And suddenly he has motive.
I feel sick.
Sick at the thought
of someone spying on you,
or sick because we found out
you were lying?
Okay, I had a thing with Lyall.
Big deal.
Did anyone else know?
No. I never told anyone.
Why not?
Did the whole
"Me Too", "Time's Up" thing
not even happen in your world?
Who has an affair
with their boss these days?
You do.
Yeah, I didn't say
I was proud of it.
Who took these photos?
You tell me.
Kane. Has to be.
I knew that he had
a crush on me, but that is
We'll be talking to him.
He's in more trouble
than he realizes.
I saw him.
I saw Kane last night.
Quarter of an hour later,
I saw him leave again.
15 minutes.
You're sure about that?
Yeah, I was keeping
a close eye on the time
because I still thought
Lyall might join me.
Thank you.
For finally telling me what you
should have told me yesterday.
Kane, I think it's time
you told us the truth.
Alright, so I went to see
my dad at his office.
Things have been weird
between us for ages.
I just wanted to talk to him
and try sort something out.
Why last night?
Because I was sick of waiting
for him to come to me.
It wasn't going to happen.
And did you?
Talk to him?
He wasn't there.
No one was.
Did you see Cherie?
You didn't see her at all?
So then what did you do?
I waited.
About 10 minutes or so,
and then I left.
Did you happen to notice
if the back door
to your dad's office was open?
I don't remember.
Well, it was a cold night.
Surely you would've noticed.
Why does it even matter?
We're still trying to figure out
how the person
who killed your father
gained access to the cinema.
Here's a crazy idea.
He used the front door.
It was locked.
Okay, well,
maybe you should talk to
the one other person apart
from dad who had a key.
And who might that be?
Come through, come through!
It's just at that crucial stage.
Fill your boots.
Yeah, I'm listening.
Well, Kane was seen
near the cinema last night
around the time
your brother was killed.
When you claimed he was
at home with you.
I see.
To put it bluntly, if Kane
no longer has an alibi,
neither do you.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
Oliver was with me.
All night.
So who are we looking for?
Good question.
See if the name Ben Springer
pops up anywhere.
the movie star's nurse?
Yeah, it something
that Dr. Plummer said.
He was actually
a former patient.
Don't ask me why he
consulted me. I can't tell you.
Anything that connects Ben
and Lyall together, let me know.
Hey, greatest movie
ever made. Quick.
"The Lion King."
Well, if you're 8 maybe.
Alright, um,
"Fast and the Furious 5."
Seriously. It's good.
The first four.
5 really knocked it
out of the park.
It's not exactly timeless
classic category, though, is it?
Alright, um,
"Shawshank Redemption."
Over "Citizen Kane"?
Never heard of it.
The youth of today.
You need a coffee.
"There's only one person
in the world
to decide what I'm going
to do, and that's me."
Is that a yes?
No, it's a line
from "Citizen Kane."
Great. I guess I don't need to
see the movie then.
Wouldn't mind that coffee.
Briony was here with me.
Surely that's all
you need to know.
Why lie about being here
with Kane
unless you thought he
actually could've killed Lyall?
Well, given Kane's
history with police,
I had an instinct
to protect him.
Did Reverend Greene
know you were in town?
No, I-I didn't tell him.
Why not?
To be honest, I didn't want
my Bible bashing brother
interfering in my relationship
with Oliver.
And what exactly is
the nature of your relationship?
Well, we don't know
what we are anymore.
We're in the process
of finding out.
Oliver and I were
together when we were teenagers.
Life got in the way.
We didn't see each other again
until this past weekend.
And why now?
Why after all these years?
Perhaps if you were dying,
you'd reach out to
the love of your life, too.
I don't have much time left.
I don't intend to waste it.
Two versions of
the Brokenwood Central designs.
The model and the plans
taken from Lyall's office.
See if you can spot
the difference.
Brokenwood Empire's
on the model.
It's not in the printed plans.
They're old.
Check the date.
That's six months ago.
So between then and now,
Patricia talked Lyall into
keeping the cinema
and restoring it.
Or did she?
Version three, dated last week.
There's no car park, but there's
no cinema house either.
No, it's just right there.
"Boutique Cinema
and Film Museum."
It's a totally new build.
And it's a fraction of the size
of the original.
It's not what Patricia
was fighting for.
I'm going to try and get her
before she heads home.
Hey, do me a favor
and look into a company called
Rosebud Holdings.
Rosebud. On it.
I think the fire
in the projection booth
may have been deliberately lit.
By Lyall.
Not for the insurance money,
but to free up the land
for development.
With an attempt
to implicate Colin
by putting burned down
cigarettes in the booth.
Lyall bought the same brand
that Colin smokes.
The plan being to cast blame
on one of the key people
who was trying
to save the building.
That's ridiculous.
Not even Lyall would set fire
to a cinema full of people.
Why wouldn't he just wait
till they'd all gone home?
That's what I've been
grappling with.
Excuse me.
Found something
on Rosebud Holdings.
It's a limited company
with one listed director.
Patricia Wells.
Thanks for that.
There's something else
I'm stuck on.
Colin told me that
the nitrate films in the fire
were found in the storage vault
over the weekend.
They were.
And you told me
how rare they are.
What are the chances of there
being more than one print
of any of those films
floating around New Zealand?
And yet those very same titles
were recently sold
in an up market auction house
to an entity called
Rosebud Holdings.
One of the things
Lyall was doing
before he was killed
was organizing the transfer
of a large number of shares
from Densem Developments
to Rosebud.
Which I've just been informed
is owned entirely by you.
Maybe we should continue
this down the station.
Could we make it tomorrow?
I have to finish moving
all these collectibles.
"After all tomorrow
is another day."
That won't be you, will it?
Gone with the wind?
No, Detective Shepherd.
It's taken me 40 years
to come home.
I'm not going anywhere.
So far, Briony's story
seems to hold.
The motel called
and confirmed
her bed wasn't slept in.
We're on our way.
Looks like we missed out
on all the fun.
You have a warped idea of fun.
I didn't know where I was.
I was just walking.
Down Lyall's drive,
all the way to his back door.
Was it this
you were looking for?
One of our guys found it in
Lyall Densem's mailbox.
It must have been there
a few days.
Lyall's not in the habit
of checking his home mail.
If you'd known that,
you wouldn't have had to
muck around trying to break in.
It's the results of
a DNA test, under your name.
Amazing what you can
find out these days, isn't it?
You found out you have
a half brother.
Kane Densem.
It wasn't Kane that you sent
the results to though, is it?
It was Lyall.
He was my biological father.
Well, why don't you tell us
the whole story?
I was adopted out as a baby.
I spent most of my childhood
in and out of foster homes.
Ever since I was old enough
to think about it,
I've been trying to find
my birth parents.
They didn't make it easy.
They both placed vetoes
on any information
being released to me.
You can't do that now.
They changed the law.
Too late for me.
So your best hope of finding
any kind of living relative
was through a DNA test?
- Yeah.
- And then what?
You mailed the results to Lyall
as evidence
that he's your father?
- Yeah.
- Without a letter?
No "Dear, Mr. Densem,
you don't know me, but I'm"
I didn't know how to say it.
Anyway, I knew I'd be
seeing him soon enough.
At the screening?
Because your research
told you that
Lyall owned
the Brokenwood Empire.
Where does Charlotte
fit into all of this?
She got the invitation
to the screening,
and I thought, "Right,
Brokenwood here we come."
So the plan was to
introduce yourself to Lyall
as his long lost son?
Well, I didn't get the chance,
though, did I?
You'll be charged with burglary
and held overnight.
What about Charlotte, though?
She needs me.
We'll make sure that she
receives the care she needs.
For Kane to be
in the DNA database,
he must have sent
in a test himself.
Maybe he hoping to find out
Lyall wasn't his father.
I get the impression
he'd prefer anyone but.
Well, I had
an interesting conversation
with Charlotte last night.
This is Lyall Densem.
Quite striking, wasn't he?
He was at the Open Day.
Do you remember if he
talked to Ben at all?
- You all right?
- Thank you.
Probably realize that
I think the old biddy in
the wheelchair scared him off.
Or was it
Ben who scared him off?
Lyall saw him at
the Open Day and turned tail.
Maybe that's why he wasn't
at the screening.
He was trying to avoid him.
That only makes sense
if Lyall knew who he was.
How do we know he didn't?
Face facts, I don't want
you in my life, I never did.
Talk to Cherie.
Find out what,
and preferably who,
she actually saw that day.
Not just what she heard.
And by the way, Lyall's only
feasible way into the cinema
was via the disused stairwell.
I thought it was barred
from the inside?
Which means he had help.
From who?
Alright, Mr. DeMille.
Ready for my close up.
These are the old plans.
There's a parking building
where my beloved Empire
should be.
And the model
from Lyall's office.
The cinema, fully restored.
The jewel in the crown of the
Brokenwood Central development.
The result of a year's
campaigning and negotiating.
And then there's this.
Fresh from the "recently used"
files on Lyall's computer.
Dated Sunday.
It's a totally new development,
80% of which is either
car parks or retail.
There's still a cinema.
It's just not
the Brokenwood Empire.
I've never seen this before.
Could you could you tell me
what it says?
"The Wells Film Archive
and Museum."
Finally a permanent home
for that collection of yours.
You're assuming a lot.
I'm assuming that you
and your old boyfriend
came to a mutually
beneficial understanding
that didn't involve
the preservation of the cinema.
Cherie's still not
answering her phone.
I'll give her half an hour,
see if she calls back.
Copy that.
Good morning, Ben.
Sleep well?
Well, made you a coffee.
Wow, that's
Free of charge.
Now, I want to know
if you'd ever met
Lyall Densem before?
I don't think so.
Not three weeks ago maybe?
In his office.
If it's true, it wouldn't be
hard to place you in Brokenwood.
All we'd need is access
to your bank or phone records.
Okay, yes.
Yes, I came to see him.
Just out of the blue?
I'd tried calling.
I sent him e-mails.
He didn't want to know.
I take it your meeting
with him didn't go well.
Face facts, I don't want you
in my life, I never did.
You're old enough and ugly
enough to fend for yourself,
so get on with it.
Piss off and don't come back!
You would've been
the last person
Lyall wanted to see
at the Open Day.
That would explain why he didn't
come to the screening.
He wouldn't have wanted a scene
like that in public.
So things changed
between you and Lyall, how?
A kind word now and then,
a casual drink
after a business meeting,
an invitation to lunch.
I'd forgotten how charming
he could be.
It was then that I realized
he regretted the past
as much as I did.
And nothing says love like
shares in prime real estate.
He did love me.
Of the way we thought
we'd be ♪
Together ♪
But by then,
"Save the Brokenwood Empire"
had real momentum.
Lyall had the idea of setting
a fire in the projection booth.
- Arson?
- Shh!
Hear me out.
It probably won't destroy
the building.
It'll just take the roof off,
do enough damage to make sure
the whole place
has to be demolished.
And take that old drunk
Stubbly down a peg or two
while we're at it.
But I swear it was never
the plan to do it
while the cinema was occupied.
What was the plan?
You were right about
the nitrate reels.
They were mine.
We planted them in the vault.
And staged their discovery
in front of Colin,
knowing he'd be excited by them.
Aw, they'd be things
of great beauty.
What we didn't
count on was Colin
insisting on hanging on
to the key.
Lyall couldn't ask for it back
without raising suspicions.
And he needed access
to the films to implicate Colin
so that the fire didn't
look like an insurance job.
We knew the key would be
on the projection desk.
The new plan was for
Lyall to retrieve the films
during the interval.
When Colin would be
busy downstairs.
Colin will be joining us
in the foyer
at interval
to draw the raffle
Then put the films
under the projection desk,
where Colin wouldn't
notice them,
and then Lyall could come back
later and set them alight.
After the screening.
Yeah, dropping
cigarette butts in the process
to implicate Colin.
And make sure that
he wasn't seen
by using the disused stairwell.
When he didn't turn up
at the screening,
I assumed
he'd had second thoughts.
I I have no idea
who killed him
or why the fire started
when it did.
We found this on Lyall's desk,
along with a bunch of flowers.
It's blank.
A "thank you" maybe?
He was a romantic at heart.
But towards whom?
Charlotte thinks
she might have slept
through part of the screening.
She doesn't remember you
leaving a second time.
But you did though, didn't you?
You told us you saw
Reverend Greene walk out.
I did.
But we know someone else
left at exact the same time.
You never mentioned it.
Perhaps because you weren't
there to see anyone leave.
I like my coffee strong.
Of course you do.
So, cause of death?
I'll wait for Mike.
Cherie, thanks for
Cherie, are you there?
I've got to go.
Mike! Good.
Hold that thought, Gina.
Can I help you?
I simply wanted to apologize
for not being completely
straight with you.
It was unnecessary.
It's an occupational hazard.
You wouldn't be the first.
I'll make my own.
It's all right.
I forgave you a long time ago.
I was never gonna hurt her.
Kane, where's Cherie?
Cherie, are you there?
You all right?
- Help!
- It's DC Chalmers.
I want you to stay there
until I say it's okay, got it?
Drop the knife, Kane.
Put it down now.
I was just trying to
unlock the door, you know?
Now, you're going to lie face
down, hands behind your head.
Kane Densem, you're under arrest
for brandishing
an offensive weapon.
Okay, Cherie.
I just wanted to talk to her.
I just wanted to talk to you,
What did you want to
talk to Cherie about, Kane?
I don't know. Just
From Russia with love.
Don't let me interrupt.
Do you recognize these, Kane?
You took these photos, right?
They were on your phone.
You didn't go
to your father's office
to make up with him, did you?
He knew I liked her.
He totally knew.
That must have hurt.
Anyway, he wasn't there.
The lights were on,
and the back door was open.
What time was this?
I don't know.
Well, let me help.
Cherie saw you go past the
restaurant at quarter to 9:00.
8:43 p.m. to be precise.
About the time Lyall would
have expected the interval
to be starting.
He didn't know that
the screening was running
15 minutes late.
I'll leave you to it.
Ready to talk?
Look, Ben, so far, no one's
accusing you of anything,
other than lying.
But if you did see
Lyall in the cinema
or anything else at all unusual,
it's important that you tell us.
It might just help us
find the offender.
Look, Charlotte fell asleep
in her own movie.
To be honest, it was tedious.
So I went for another vape.
So you headed out the back door.
Then I saw Dad.
And he was acting kind of weird.
So I followed him, wondering
what the hell was going on.
I heard voices
coming from the booth.
My dad and someone else.
I couldn't hear what
they were saying,
but then Dad actually
started shouting.
What was he shouting?
I've already got one
useless son dragging me down.
"Why would I want another?"
What's happening?!
You were vaping
in the men's loos.
Then what?
No. I went upstairs.
And that's when I saw him.
He seemed to be looking
for someone like he was
expecting someone else
to be there.
Colin. Then what?
I went downstairs.
Back to the movie.
The very man you'd come
to Brokenwood to see?
He's right there,
and you don't go after him?
Need a word.
Excuse me.
I'm charging you under
section 268 of the Crimes Act.
Conspiracy to commit arson.
I hope you're not expecting
to pin a murder charge
on me, as well.
It was you who put the bar back
over the door, wasn't it?
I thought at the very least,
it might cover Lyall's tracks.
You and Briony Greene,
I didn't realize
you knew each other.
Surely you've
worked it out by now.
Oliver always wanted
what Lyall had.
He had a perfectly lovely
girlfriend of his own,
but that didn't stop him
making a play for me.
I didn't stop him either.
I liked the attention.
But it was almost as if Ollie
wanted to be found out.
Lyall, no!
After all, what was
the point of having me if
Lyall wasn't hurt by it?
Things have changed a bit, Ben.
We have a witness to the events
in the projection booth
leading up to Lyall's death.
They heard the words,
"I've already got one useless
son dragging me down."
It's taken a while for events
to come into focus.
But now
All right.
You're on the landing.
You heard shouting coming
from the projection booth.
Then what?
Eventually it went quiet.
So I went up to the booth,
and there was just this guy
just lying on the floor.
Most people, when they
come across a dead body
reach for their phones
and call the police.
What did you do?
I I panicked.
I just ran back down the stairs.
So you took off.
Like you were never there.
Except Cherie saw you go.
What happened when you got home?
I told Uncle Ollie
everything that happened.
So he set about creating
an alibi for you.
Turned on the lights
and the heater,
tried to make it look as if
you'd been there all night.
Except you didn't go
straight home, though, did you?
Kane, you're freaking me out.
I don't want you here!
You just can't tell anyone
you saw me tonight, okay?
Promise me!
But then when you
learned that she'd
broken her promise,
you paid her a visit.
How the hell did you
get in here?!
Sorry, I
I just want to talk.
- Can we can we
- I'm calling the police.
No, no!
Don't do that!
Get out!
Please get out!
Just listen!
All that effort to avoid
looking guilty
for something you say
you didn't do.
I stood there and saw
my own father dead,
and I didn't care.
I felt nothing.
In that way, I'm guilty as.
I just I just wanted
him to listen.
What are you doing?
- Get out.
- I just want to talk!
Get out and keep your trap shut!
You can't keep treating me
like this.
I'm your son!
I deserve some respect.
I've already got one
useless son dragging me down.
I don't need another!
Get your hands off me.
What the hell?!
I didn't mean to.
I swear I didn't mean to.
Blood was obviously
much thicker than water.
After that, neither
Lyall nor Ollie
wanted anything to do with me.
Three months later,
I found out I was pregnant.
My parents moved me away.
Being a good Catholic girl,
I had the baby
and gave it up for adoption.
I never knew who the father was,
but I put Lyall's name down
on the birth certificate.
Wishful thinking
or lesser of two evils.
I still think about that boy
I gave away.
Every now and then, I
I think about finding him.
Never been brave enough.
You know the crazy thing
about this?
Apart from the fact
that he killed his own father?
Or did he?
Well, DNA being what it is
and Patricia not knowing who
the father of her baby is,
it's entirely possible
that Ben was on the wrong track.
So the kicker is,
if Oliver is Ben's father,
he'll be dead by the time
Ben gets out of jail.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to this very special
screening of the newly restored,
version of Brokenwood's
own cinematic classic,
"The Wind from the South."
That's it?
That's what all the fuss
was about?
They were more innocent times.
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