The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s07e06 Episode Script

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ The Fourmyula's "Nature"
I need some thoughts
that are new ♪
- Hey.
- Hi!
Do-do-do do-do-do ♪
Do-do-do-do-do-do-do ♪
Dee-dee-dee-dee dee dee
dee-dee-dee-dee ♪
Nature, enter me ♪
Na-na-na na-na-na
na-na-na-na-na ♪
- Na na na na na-na-na-na ♪
- [ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
- Up in a tree ♪
- [ Camera shutter clicks ]
- A bird sings so sweetly ♪
- [ Camera shutter clicks ]
- Nature's own voice I hear ♪
- [ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Indistinct chanting ]
[ Birds chirping ]
JIM: Ah.
Morning, Maddy.
Have you seen Anne?
Maybe outside having a smoke?
You out here, love?
Jesus Christ!
Oh, Anne!
GINA: It's an open-microphone
night for aspiring poets.
I have been working
on some stanzas.
Maybe you'd like to come?
Uh, sounds interesting.
My only real reference to poetry
involves Johnny Cash, but
Russian poets are said to be
the best in the world, so
Um, action stations.
Hodges has called through
a suspicious death.
622 Tullamore Rise.
Uh, hold that thought, Gina,
but best be on standby
until we know what we have.
I'm always ready for you, Mike.
Uh, let's get to it, team.
Uh, Senior.
Call for you. Urgent.
- Seriously?
- Line one.
[ Sighs ]
I'll catch up.
Copy that.
Mike Shepherd.
Yeah, I'm listening.
I can do that.
But don't tell me the address.
I'm going to give you a number.
Text it to that.
[ Engine starts ]
Well, where the hell he's going?
He's going the wrong way.
Surely he knows Tullamore's
at the northern end of town.
Yeah, well, I blame
early-onset dementia.
Shall I, uh, message him?
No, he'll be deep in the lyric
of some country song
about a lonesome highway.
At the three-minute mark,
he'll realize and turn around.
In the night I heard calling ♪
I felt your curse,
but I know there is no sound ♪
It woke me up
when I was dreaming ♪
And I cut the rope, but your
thoughts just stay 'round ♪
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Shall we wait for the boss?
I've got this.
Copy that.
KRISTIN: She was found
in the pool, right?
CHALMERS: You're not going to
do that talking thing
that Mike does, are you?
It's a yard glass, right?
Yeah, rite of passage
for all Kiwis turning 21.
- You did one?
- I did. Not like this.
I imbibed the traditional way
through the mouth.
I doubt she was
trying to imbibe.
She's hardly 21.
Drunk person staggers,
trips on a yard glass,
pours into spa pool.
Freak accident, you reckon?
Probably not.
Well, either way,
we need to get Gina in.
Way too slow.
- [ Sighs ] Family?
- Yeah, around the back.
I'm Detective Kristin Sims.
- This is D.C. Chalmers.
- Kia ora.
We understand how hard
this must be for you all,
so we'll keep this
as brief as possible.
Can I ask who found
Mrs. Robinson?
I did.
I'm her husband, Jim.
Jim, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Uh, do you remember
the last time you saw your wife?
Uh, after everyone
left the party.
Oh, take care.
[ Laughs ]
ANNE: [ Exhales deeply ]
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for the excellent party,
What time was this?
See you at their 42nd!
It all wound down
around 2:30 a.m.
Then we went to bed.
I thought they'd never leave.
No one likes to leave
a great party,
and I throw
the best parties, Jim.
- You know that.
- [ Chuckles ]
That was the last I saw her.
In the bedroom.
Somewhere around, um,
3:00 a.m., I guess.
And this morning?
I woke up.
I went outside.
[ Voice breaking ]
And there she was.
- Well, she hadn't been to bed?
- JIM: What?
- No, no, I suppose she didn't.
- CHALMERS: What's your name?
You alright there, Fraser?
I, uh, can't move my legs.
You're in shock, my friend.
I want you to take
some big deep breaths.
[ Exhales shakily ]
He took something.
Shut up, Maddy.
It's true.
- Drugs?
- I don't know.
You want to tell me
what you took there?
Where's Where's Sascha?
- CHALMERS: Sascha being?
- His girlfriend.
Got to find her.
[ Grunts ]
Can you stand up for me there?
Yeah, I'm trying to!
Can't you see that?
Okay, need to get an ambulance
for this guy.
Where's Sascha?
You need to find Sascha.
She wasn't here
when Dad woke us.
Uh, perhaps she went home.
This is her home.
Yeah, Sascha lives
with the Robinsons.
She could be lying somewhere.
Okay, can you stay
with Olivia for me?
It seems someone's
unaccounted for.
Let's take a look around.
[ Cellphone rings ]
What have you got?
Um, middle-aged woman
found dead in a spa pool
impaled by a yard glass.
- A homicide?
- KRISTIN: Oh, yeah.
Gina's taking a look now.
MIKE: If you need extra help,
call Hughes at HQ.
Of course.
Is everything okay?
There's something I need to do.
I can't say any more.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
This just goes to show that
binge drinking never ends well.
Of course, we won't know
she was drinking
until toxicology comes through.
Where is Mike?
I don't know.
What she said.
It is unusual
that he is not here.
Indeed, but he's not, and I
honestly don't know where he is.
Now, obviously time of death
is going to be
extremely helpful on this one.
From initial
witness information,
it's got to be
between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
Mike never entertains guesswork.
But just at first glance,
would you say internal bleeding
as cause of death?
I think we can cut to the chase
on that one.
Only I will be doing
any cutting.
Now, please.
You are making too much noise.
Boss! You need to see this!
I'm guessing
this will be Sascha?
This is shaping up
to be a busy day at the office.
- We can get through this.
- [ Indistinct talking ]
Mr. Robinson.
We need to close
this whole property off.
It's a crime scene.
Do you understand?
Now, Victim Support
are on their way,
but is there anywhere
that you can stay
while we examine the scene?
Uh, what about Suzie's?
Yes, yeah.
We have somewhere we can go.
A family friend's place.
I'm sure that'll be fine.
Okay, good.
Once you're settled in,
I'll be in touch.
We need to get further detail
about last night
as soon as possible.
Thank you.
You've been very kind.
GINA: I have already discovered
something of great interest.
Let's have it, then.
Perhaps we should wait for Mike.
We'll be waiting for some time.
How long?
How long is a piece of string?
I have no interest in
playing games involving string.
Had Victim A been alive
when impaled
by the broken glass bulb,
then it would have been
filled with blood
as the neck of the glass
penetrated the abdominal aorta.
Even if she was lying down?
The effect would have been
a geyser,
filling like an inverted
decanter of claret.
But the bulb shows
no sign of blood?
Other than around the shaft
at the point of penetration.
So she was already dead?
Yes, because the heart
was not pumping blood
through the arteries.
So if the yard glass
didn't kill her, what did?
She died the same way
Victim B did.
Stabbed by the same fondue fork
to a different place
on the body.
That place being?
Downward thrust, the two tines
penetrated the heart.
Death would have been
very quick.
Whereas with Victim B, although
the wound is more superficial,
it would have been lethal.
When you say superficial
A small puncture
to the jugular vein.
Or a glancing blow.
Not normally catastrophic, but
in this case, death was slow.
- She bled out?
- GINA: Yes.
Over how long?
Without first aid,
maybe three to seven minutes.
So withfirst aid,
she could have been saved?
It's possible.
Thanks, Gina.
Are you going to
the Poetry and Pizza night
at the Snake and Tiger?
It's not high on our list
of priorities.
Probably wise.
[ Sighs ]
I think it's best suited
for people who are serious
about poetry.
So the offender stabbed
Mrs. Robinson with a fork.
She falls onto the yard glass,
impaling herself,
keels over into the spa pool.
Meanwhile, perhaps
Sascha witnesses this.
The offender gives chase,
slashes her with the fork,
and leaves her to die.
Couple of issues.
Firstly, why didn't Sascha
stumble back toward the house
for help?
She was hiding
from the offender.
Left it too late.
Lost consciousness.
And secondly
The stand is still upright.
If Anne Robinson
had fallen onto it,
the stand would be
lying on the ground.
Mm-hmm, and, as Gina said,
the victim was already dead
by the time the glass
entered her abdomen,
which means the offender
killed her, then impaled her.
That's a cheery thought.
They really embraced the decade.
If the smoking didn't kill you,
the cholesterol might've.
I am not sure
that's a good time.
Next best thing to CCTV.
One angle is the offender
stabbed Anne Robinson
and stabbed Sascha Montgomery.
One a forceful stab,
the second more of a gash,
perhaps suggesting they were in
a hurry, possibly interrupted.
Fingerprints came back with
nothing conclusive on the fork.
Evidence only
of multiple prints,
suggesting it was
excellent fondue.
I'm not sure those two words
belong together.
I guess we start with statements
from the whanau.
Find out what went down
at that party,
aside from '70s rock
and potpourri.
A Glenn Tyson to see ya.
Hey, heading down
to the Snake and Tiger later.
Wondered if you still fancied
that game of pool.
Oh, um, now's not really
a good time, actually.
I've I've got a bit on.
- GLENN: On a Sunday?
- Yeah.
GLENN: Right. Stolen cars and
graffiti at the train station?
A double homicide at a 21st.
Yeah, I'll be working late.
That sounds heavy.
Uh, good luck with that.
Another time maybe?
Sure. Maybe.
Everything okay?
Uh, where were we?
CHALMERS: I was just wondering
because the phrase
"still fancy that game of pool"
implies the invitation
had already been extended.
Mm, quite the detective,
aren't we?
You in the property market?
Hi. Um, yeah, I-I guess I am.
Good for you.
There comes a time when
you have to make a choice
to put down roots,
you know, get a roof
over your head that is your own.
How 'bout you?
Oh, I'm just keeping
my options open.
But if you want to, um,
get a beer sometime
or a game of pool or both
Oh, wow.
Um, you never know.
Didn't you say
that guy had form?
No. His ex-girlfriend did.
Glenn Tyson is just
an acquaintance
with a knack for bad timing.
Another angle is
Sascha Montgomery
stabbed Anne Robinson
and then walked into the trees
and topped herself.
You're full of
cheery thoughts today.
We need to know out about
Sascha Montgomery's mental state
and why she might have wanted
to kill Anne Robinson.
You can see him.
He's alert,
but physically he's suffering
from a mild form of paresis.
Which is?
His body thinks it's paralyzed.
It's not, but the limbs
aren't responding
to the commands
sent by the brain.
Dr. Lee, is this
a temporary thing?
I'm confident it is.
The idiot took something
and won't say what it was.
DR. LEE: I'm waiting
on further blood tests.
- I'll know more then.
- Thanks.
Jim, I understand
that you and your wife
were down as next of kin
for Sascha Montgomery.
Well, she had no other family.
She was an orphan?
JIM: Her parents,
close friends of ours,
were killed in a boating
accident while overseas.
Sascha was staying with us
at the time and
simply never left.
She became one of the family?
She was a good kid
with a bright future.
Did she and your wife get on?
Of course.
Sascha was like
a second daughter.
Who was in a relationship
with your son?
Sascha would never
want to hurt Anne.
- Is that what you're implying?
- No.
I'm just trying to get an
overview of the family dynamic.
We are a loving
and dedicated family.
Shall we?
FRASER: You have find them
and lock them up and
We're working on that, Fraser.
As I keep saying,
you can help us
by providing any information
you remember from the party.
Any guests acting strangely,
any disagreements, incidents.
I hate feeling this way.
You've suffered enormous loss.
Having no control over my body.
The sooner you tell the doctors
what you bloody well took
Your dad's right.
The sooner they know,
the sooner they can help you,
and the sooner you can help me
and Detective Sims
with our inquiries.
And the sooner we can find out
who harmed your mother.
And Sascha?
And Sascha.
Okay, look, Fraser,
whatever you've taken,
we're not going to
lock you up for it.
MDMA, cocaine, GBH?
These days we're far more
interested in the supplier,
not the consumer.
Was there a drug supplier
at the party?
Don't be ridiculous!
We want to help you, Fraser.
Help you to help us.
I-I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I-I didn't know
it would be like that.
And if I'd known,
then I I never
I'm tripping out.
On what, Fraser?
Sorry, what?
The tests just came back
and corroborate that.
You mean people
Potentially lethal, too.
Nutmeg is a poison?
When ingested
in copious amounts, it can be.
What are the supposed upsides
of overdosing on ground spice?
The chemical within nutmeg,
is potentially psychoactive,
assuming the body
can process it.
A person foolish enough
to try it
would need to ingest
an unpalatable amount.
"Foolish" doesn't even
come close.
"Stupid moron" is my summation.
The things we do
when we're young.
I didn't snort bloody nutmeg.
The good news is,
your son will recover,
but we will need to monitor
for any liver and kidney damage.
Yes, sorry.
There's a lot to take in.
I should get back to Olivia.
God knows how she's coping.
Jim, you've yet
to supply an address
for where you're staying.
Sorry, yes.
We will need to follow up with
some further questions, so
Of course.
16 Dead Rabbit Lane.
16 Dead Rabbit Lane.
Why does that sound familiar?
Yeah, it's the house
of that Brantlock kid.
One of the idiots who tried to
rob the Brokenwood Savings Bank.
The psycho one.
TANIA: I thought
we wouldn't meet again.
Wasn't that part of the deal?
You seeing anyone?
Is that any of your business?
But it's all part of moving on.
New beginnings and all that.
Nah, it's just me and the kids.
I still have that old cassette
that you gave me.
Patsy Cline?
I never thought I'd admit this,
but I actually listen to it.
It's so sad, it makes me smile.
Country music
will do that to you.
As long as they're with you ♪
As long as they're with you ♪
[ Knock on door ]
Nobody's home.
That's weird.
- D.C. Chalmers.
- Detective Kristin Sims.
How could I forget?
- Is Jim Robinson here?
- CALEB: No.
KRISTIN: We were told that
he and his daughter Olivia
were staying at this address.
Well, they changed plans,
went to our family bach
near Riverstone.
Everything alright?
Home detention
is a real fun time.
Suzie is Olivia's godmother
and Anne's best friend.
So close friend of mine, too.
What you saw
We were hugging, that's all.
I've always been
a very tactile person.
- You understand?
- I do.
I was reaching out.
No doubt.
Holding someone.
It's like holding on.
[ Indistinct talking ]
I'm only just holding on.
Did Mrs. Brantlock attend
the party last night?
Of course.
She wouldn't have missed it.
Like a second mother, really.
[ Indistinct talking continues ]
We're all falling apart.
What can you do?
[ Cellphone ringing, buzzing ]
It's the funeral home.
I need to
Beautiful place you have here.
Thank you.
We couldn't help but notice
Olivia seems particularly upset.
Well, that's hardly surprising,
is it?
- With you, though?
- She's lost her mother, Sascha.
And now she's
In amongst the chaos,
she's dumped her boyfriend.
It's a lover's tiff, no doubt.
Was her boyfriend at the party
last night?
No, he wasn't.
Okay, and what's
her boyfriend's name?
That's hardly important, is it?
Well, you never know.
Caleb Brantlock.
My son.
A lover's tiff?
Would that have anything to do
with the broken glass
at your home?
And the reason
why you're all here
and not at 16 Dead Rabbit Lane?
Young people can be
so volatile these days.
It's nothing, I'm sure.
And Caleb definitely
wasn't at the party?
How could he be
with that wretched bracelet
around his ankle?
Can you describe the feeling
at the party?
[ Sighs ] It was wonderful.
Quite simply a great night.
Where were you this morning?
At home, when I got the news.
- With Caleb?
- Yes.
And Jim called me,
utterly distraught.
I should check on him.
I know what it's like
to lose a spouse.
What did you want to ask?
Well, we're just trying to
understand the family dynamics,
how Sascha fitted in.
[ Sniffles ]
Like she'd been there all along.
Mum and Dad thought
she was amazing.
They thought Sascha was
a good influence on Fraser.
OLIVIA: Totally.
And what did you think?
- [ Chuckles ]
- She was like a sister, eh?
We should go and see Fraser.
He'll be freaking out.
[ Cellphone chimes, buzzes ]
Wow. Okay.
We've got a fingerprint hit
on the yard glass.
Trudy Neilson.
Yes, I was at the party.
I was paid to be there as a
booze supplier and mixologist.
What's a mixologist?
A cocktail maker for the guests.
And it's no surprise my prints
are on the yard glass.
It was my job to decant it.
Okay, so come on.
Who's going first tonight?
FRASER: Well, uh, surely ladies
before gentlemen.
Doubt it.
But I'll be your turner.
No, I should probably do it.
Hey, back in my day,
we couldn't get hold of a yard,
so my brother Ray improvised
with a garden hose
and a kitchen sink.
Same effect.
Are you family friends
with the Robinsons?
No, I met Anne here
through her ladies' lunches
she has with her mate
most weeks.
I'm thinking about her future.
So am I!
That's not okay here.
You'll have to go outside
the dining area.
Christ, we areoutside.
It's illegal to smoke
in a communal area, sorry.
Theme parties aren't really
my thing, but a gig's a gig.
[ Rock music playing,
indistinct conversations ]
There you go.
I hope you and Tom Collins here
have a short
but lovely life together.
- You ordered a Tom Collins.
- Oh, yeah.
Party going well for you?
Time of my life.
Suzie Brantlock seemed upset
about something?
I'm no nark.
Well, I was surprised
to see her there
after the red wine incident.
Haughty bitch!
[ Gasps ]
Any ideas what prompted that?
No. All I know is that
I had to clean it up.
I'm Beth.
She's been looking forward
to seeing you.
I got here as quickly
as I could.
Yeah, she's been
talking about you a lot.
She describes you
as a special friend.
Our relationship is unique.
I'll take that as
"on a need to know basis," then?
I'll be back a bit later.
Call me if you need any help.
'Cause I just live close by.
She's in the lounge.
[ Door closes ]
Kia ora, Mike.
Thanks for making the trip.
Has been a while.
I got that postcard
five years back.
From the postmark,
I thought you'd relocated
to the South Island?
Too bloody cold.
The kids wouldn't settle.
Are they doing okay?
All the better
now we got moved here.
I said, "Right, that's it, kids.
We're not moving again."
And then
Whatever you have,
I'm sure you
What? Beat it?
I'm past that point but I
appreciate your positivity.
I wouldn't have
called you otherwise.
I can promise you that.
Then I'm very sorry
to hear that.
Me too.
Been battling this demon
for two years now.
It was always going to be
a one-way street,
but I'm right near
the end of the road now.
You must be tired
after that drive.
You need a cup of tea
or something?
MIKE: Sure.
Well, I'd make it
for you, but
I'll put the jug on.
[ Sighs ]
How much do the kids know?
It was a hard day getting
the news from the doctors.
It was a worse day
having to tell them.
And about the other thing?
What, you mean
why people call me Tania?
Your husband, Kelvin, was
a security guard in Brisbane?
And his van was held up
by a gang, The White Lords.
They shot and killed
one of Kelv's co-workers.
[ Sniffles ]
Kelvin's testimony
was the only thing
that was going to
put the bastard away.
But to keep safe until trial,
you were moved here.
Then last night,
before Kelv was supposed to go
back and testify, they broke in.
Kelv tried to defend us,
and he was killed.
I got out with the kids
through a window
and hid under the house.
Shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Do you think
you could identify him?
It's total.
A new identity, a new start.
Take your time.
It's a very big decision.
So what, I-I can't tell anyone?
No one can know.
Not even my own parents?
Are you kidding me?
For the system to work,
to ensure the complete safety
of you and your children,
it's the only way.
If I hadn't seen
that bastard's face,
then the last seven years would
have been completely different.
Kelvin would still
have been gone.
If it wasn't for your testimony,
his killer
would still be at large
and would quite possibly
have terrorized you
and your kids further.
Witness protection
was the only course.
I'm sure of that.
So we've accounted for all
the guests and taken statements.
All but one.
Do you know who this is?
Oh, the guy in the cowboy hat?
That was that creepy guy.
Mm, some friend of Suzie's.
His name was Clint.
Yeah, we found him crashed out
on our bed.
[ Up-tempo music playing]
- Hello.
- Oh, my God!
I found him in my room, too.
He was so wasted.
[ Up-tempo music playing]
Hey! Get the hell
out of my room!
And what time was this?
Uh, I don't know. Late.
1:30 in the morning maybe?
Do you think he's the guy?
Let's just say
he's a person of interest.
Thanks for your time.
I hope you feel better soon.
Oh, um, did anyone else
get involved
in the nutmeg experiment?
No. I was the only one
dumb enough to try it.
Three packets in a milkshake.
How'd you go
with Suzie Brantlock?
I went to Riverstone,
but she wasn't there.
I'm on approach
to Dead Rabbit Lane now.
Well, when you find her,
ask her about a friend
of hers named Clint.
He's the guy in the hat.
I hope you don't mind, do you?
It's been a hell of a day.
I could say it's just tonic,
but it's half gin if I'm honest.
It's good to be honest.
A witness has you arguing
with Anne Robinson
a few days before the party.
Where was this?
At the Snake and Tiger.
Can you tell me
what it was about?
It was nothing.
It was a boisterous lunch
between friends, that's all.
Do most boisterous lunches
by throwing a $15 glass
of Pinot Noir
in your friend's face?
Anne and I were besties.
Sometimes we would just
get carried away.
What more can I tell you?
How about the truth?
Caleb, honey, the detective
is talking to me, not you.
I don't mind broadening
the discussion.
Got something to contribute,
I'd like my mother
to tell it how it is.
That we're lepers.
Ah, enough!
I need a refill.
Anne and I argued about Caleb.
She didn't want to invite him
to the party,
which I thought was unfortunate.
Well, surely that would be
a moot point.
Given his home detention, he
wouldn't be able to go anyway.
Well, what would be so wrong
for him to simply
have been invited
to his girlfriend's 21st?
That's all I was saying.
But Anne didn't seem to have
her listening ears on.
- He can't be invited.
- Why not?
Because it sends
the wrong message!
What if I get him an exemption,
just for a few hours?
It's not that he can'tcome,
it's that I don't
wanthim to come.
Your son's criminal record
will be a millstone
around his neck
for the rest of his days.
He's not dragging my daughter
down with him.
Oh, face it, Suzie.
Caleb is damaged goods now.
Whiff of loser about him.
You haughty bitch!
[ Gasps ]
And you and Anne were
on speaking terms last night?
Of course.
We buried the hatchet.
Thanks for your time.
One more thing.
I believe you attended the party
with a guy named Clint.
We'd like to talk to him.
Do you have his contact details?
He was my plus-one.
He does odd jobs for me.
He's not Clint, though.
That's an in-joke.
And what time did you and your
plus-one not named Clint leave?
Well, I got home at 2:00 a.m.
I don't know about him.
We didn't leave together.
That's his name
and number there.
All the guests had gone
by 2:30 a.m.
Leaving this lot
on the premises.
One or more of them
had it in for Sascha and Anne.
Yet ask anyone,
and Sascha was a golden girl.
Faultless, it would seem.
No sense on why
she would be a target?
Unless the nutmeg made Fraser
do something crazy.
He snapped and took out
his mother and girlfriend.
Remind me to lay off the eggnog
at Christmas.
Jim Robinson said Anne was
in the bedroom at 3:00 a.m.,
but we only have his word
for that.
So we're still working
on the theory
that she died somewhere
between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.?
Until Gina says otherwise.
Do we know when Suzie Brantlock
left the party?
Um, according to her,
sometime before 2:00 a.m.
And any possible motive arise
from the red wine incident?
She was angry that Anne
wouldn't invite Caleb
to the party.
I suppose that could've driven
a wedge between Anne and Olivia.
Yeah, but if so, why dump Caleb
the following day?
And anything
on the elusive Clint?
I do have some interesting news
on that front.
Clint is actually this guy.
Glenn Tyson was at the party?
He was indeed.
And peace and harmony.
That's it.
That's it, Rua.
And pull it back.
I taught them this
when I first got sick.
They can take it with them
wherever they go.
Still got it.
[ Chuckles ]
Ka pai, korua.
Time for bed, eh?
Can you read us a story?
Uh, it would be an honor.
Lead the way.
Hey, make it something other
than "Jive's Pipi Diggers," eh?
MIKE: "Drifting between here
and dreamland,
Jive thought to himself,
'Yeah, I do have
the choicest pipi diggers.'
And he dreamed of good kai
and cold sand between his toes."
[ Chuckles ]
A very cool story.
I would've thought he was ready
for something a bit older.
It's the book Dad read
the night he got killed.
He doesn't like reading
anything else.
[ Light switch clicks ]
Are you going to
take care of us?
I want to help
the best way I can.
Good night.
There you go.
Ka pai.
When that deep pain digs in,
we start the morphine tablets.
You don't get a gold star
for suffering unnecessarily.
In the meantime,
I will leave you
in the capable hands
of your special friend.
Po marie.
Don't hesitate to call me.
- Thanks, Beth.
- Night.
[ Door closes ]
I need to reunite with my family
so that my kids have whanau
to look after them.
I need to leave
witness protection.
You don't actually need
my permission.
'Cause I don't want it.
I want your blessing.
Once you break protection,
there's no going back.
It makes no difference to me.
This is about my kids' safety.
[ Sighs ]
I can't
promise that.
I need you to reunite me
with my family.
That is all I'm asking.
My whanauwill take care
of the rest.
Is this a cop thing?
You don't make promises
you can't keep?
I'll see what I can do.
TANIA: I'm not asking you
to look after my kids.
But I am asking you
to look outfor them.
And that would bring me
a lot of comfort.
Better late than never!
We can get one in
before closing for sure.
[ Snaps fingers ]
Still working.
Let me have a word
with your superior.
'Cause you work way too hard.
Take it easy, Tyson.
I'm not your garçon.
Fair enough.
As you were.
Did you go
to the Robinsons' 21st?
I did. Yeah.
No, I was there, actually.
Yeah, no, it was a
it was a good party.
- Why's that?
- And you know the Robinsons how?
Well, I don't, to be honest.
It was a friend-of-a-friend thing.
That friend being
Suzie Brantlock?
Well, you know,
I do some work for her.
Gardening, maintenance
'round the house kind of thing.
I met her here, actually.
Off to side's fine.
There's a notice board
over there, too.
Thank you, Trudy.
I might be in need of a man
who's good with his hands.
Ah, you know,
it's just a turn of phrase.
So this morning when I mentioned
there'd been a double homicide
at a 21st,
you didn't make that connection?
No. Not really.
I mean, it couldn't have been
the only 21st
in Brokenwood last night.
Being a Saturday.
And why were you
calling yourself Clint, Glenn?
Yeah, um,
I misinterpreted the brief.
I thought it was
a costume party,
so I went as Clint Eastwood
from "A Fistful of Dollars."
You know, introduced myself
to everyone as Clint.
Bit of fun.
No harm in that.
What time did you go home?
I don't know.
Uh, okay.
12:30, maybe?
Yeah, I-I walked home.
Last drinks!
That's last drinks, people.
Hey, time for a quick one,
Come on.
Still working.
Further fingerprint matches
on the bulb of the yard glass.
Aside from Trudy Neilson,
Sascha Montgomery's are a match
and two others
as yet unidentified.
Sascha the golden stepchild.
No one has indicated anything
close to a motive with her.
Yeah, which dilutes the
murder/suicide idea, right?
I've got a theory that could be
a little challenging.
Oh, yeah?
Bring it on.
The only potential motive
we have is Suzie Brantlock.
She was angry at Anne
for snubbing her son.
Caleb Brantlock is a sociopath.
Anne's point
wasn't unreasonable.
Well, more than that.
Anne was basically
disowning her.
She was saying, "Your son
is not worthy of my daughter.
Your kind is not welcome."
They were supposed to be
best friends.
Yeah, but they kissed
and made up.
Well, only according to Suzie.
But what does she do right after
this personal slight?
She conveniently employs
an odd-jobs man
who she brings to the party,
someone nobody knows.
They don't even know
his real name.
Next morning,
Anne Robinson is found dead.
So you're saying Glenn Tyson
is some kind of
handyman assassin?
More of an opportunist.
Maybe she said
she had this side job.
And what, he said, "Oh, yeah,
I'll take care of it"?
What do we know about this guy
other than he drifts into town
and someone dies?
Well, two people die.
How does Sascha Montgomery
fit into this?
Possibly she witnessed it.
Tyson panicked,
and he dealt to her, too.
Can I be honest with you?
[ Mug thuds ]
I would want nothing less.
That is nuts.
I mean, it's imaginative, yeah,
but it is it's nuts.
Okay, I'll get him checked out
by the fingerprints branch
If Tyson's are a match
on the yard,
why else would they be there?
Sometimes the answer is where
we don't want to look.
Sometimes we see what we don't
want to see and look away.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, well, it's not like that.
- It's just
- Nuts?
- Gina.
- Why are you in Mike's chair?
Excuse me.
I am in Mike's chair because
I am leading this investigation.
Does Mike know?
It's his idea.
Hmm. Oh.
Thank you very much.
Wow, is this number
Yes, Victim A had more alcohol
in her system
than the Russian Parliament
She would have been helpless
in putting up resistance
with her perpetrator.
And Victim B, Sascha Montgomery,
it's blank.
There seems to be a faulty
reading in the report.
A very strange
chemical imbalance.
I sent it back for retesting.
And what was it?
You would not understand.
Try me.
I will update when I can.
Ooh, will Mike be back
for Pizza and Poetry night?
Uh, I can't say.
Can't or won't?
Can't because I don't know
where he is.
Wedon't know where he is.
Whatever he's up to,
it's top secret.
Well, I hope he makes it.
He works very hard, so I have
written a poem for him.
Can we a get a preview?
[ Chuckles ]
It's a work in progress.
Oh, even better, a window
into the artist's process.
- Mm.
- If you insist.
[ Exhales sharply ]
"There once was man
called Michael.
Whose heart was as big
as Lake Baikal.
He does what he can.
He is a good man.
As I said,
it is a work in progress.
Mm, the missing last line
of a limerick.
Such a tease.
It's not a limerick.
It's a poem.
The last line is tricky
because it needs to rhyme
with "Lake Baikal."
What about
"And he likes to recycle"?
It's okay.
Not everyone is naturally gifted
at poetry.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Uh, Glenn Tyson.
- D.C. Chalmers, Brokenwood CIB.
- Yeah?
CHALMERS: I need you to come in
and provide your fingerprints.
[ Sighs ] Why?
We're working through
a process of elimination
at the Robinsons' party.
Okay, and what if
I don't want to?
Oh, sure, you don't have to.
It's completely voluntary,
but then again,
you could always pop down
to the station
at your earliest convenience.
I'm kind of flat out
at the moment
working at the Brantlocks',
Then I'll come to you.
All part of the service.
[ Birds squawking ]
If we let her
expose her identity,
we need to protect her family.
HUGHES: You know we can't
guarantee that.
Why not?
If that piece of scum
ever gets parole,
I need to know that Tania's
children will be looked out for,
kept on the radar.
Surfacing and resubmerging,
there's no precedent for that.
Oh, spare me
the submarine analogies.
Just get me the answer
I need to hear. Please.
Send her my best wishes.
I will.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Indistinct arguing
in distance ]
CALEB: Just get the hell
out of my face!
FRASER: Don't talk to me,
you sick bastard!
Fraser, that is enough!
You're gonna go to hell
for what you've done.
I didn't do anything,
you dickhead.
Look, give me a break.
You were seen!
- Maddy, tell him.
- I don't know.
Fraser, you are not well.
- Stay out of this, Mum!
- I'm fine now.
I'm totally fine, which is more
than can be said about you.
Get away from me!
Don't believe a word he says!
You want to tell me
what he's referring to?
Hey, it's all part
of the service, Detective.
Well, you've certainly got your
body back into full control.
Come out of hospital swinging,
and I want to know why.
Unless you want to be
charged with assault.
Don't you get it?
Get what?
If that bastard hadn't been
at my birthday party,
none of this would've happened.
Caleb Brantlock
was at your 21st?
And everyone knows it.
BETH: Oh, I thought
you'd done a runner.
In my haste,
I forgot the basics.
She's a little in and out
of focus this morning.
She's been asking after you.
Usually someone
in Tania's condition
would have been moved to
a hospice a few days ago, but
I don't think she wants that.
She's stubborn.
It's going to get worse,
and fast.
How long do you think?
Whatever business
you have with her,
you should wrap it up quickly.
In my line of work, I find
it's better to be honest.
Mine too.
Gonna miss it here.
The trees, the sound
of the wind in the leaves.
In the end, the only thing
that matters is whanau.
And I traded mine away.
I made the call.
Are my kids going to be safe
from that monster?
We'll know soon If not
tomorrow, then the day after.
Tomorrow is a long time away.
Tell them to move their asses.
Geez, listen to me.
Anyone would think I was dying.
[ Door closes ]
- You were at the party?
- No.
So why do people think you were?
I don't know.
How could I have been without
setting off my ankle bracelet?
Good question.
That would seem to be a barrier.
On the other hand, people have
been known to dupe the system.
- It's not unheard of.
- Well, I didn't!
Did you want to go to the party?
Of course I wanted to go.
But you couldn't.
Yeah, that's right.
I couldn't.
Because you weren't invited.
How did you feel about that?
About Mrs. Robinson saying
you couldn't come?
I couldn't go,
so it didn't matter.
How about Olivia?
How did she take it?
She wasn't happy.
She thought her mother
was being unfair, which she was.
You can't do this to me!
You won't do it.
This is so unfair!
Well, I can.
And I did. And I'm not.
This is so humiliating.
You need to grow up, my girl.
- I'm 21!
- So act like it.
Act like you care
about your future.
Oh, that's rich
coming from someone
who still lives in the past.
Dating criminals
is a dead-end street.
Suck it up.
I guess true love
reigns supreme.
Still wanted me to come.
Okay, so let's say
you heeded that call
and deactivated
the bracelet somehow
and turned up at the party.
Apart from breaking
the terms of your sentence,
where's the harm?
I mean, why was everyone
so upset?
Surely Olivia was pleased
to see you.
How many times do I have to say
I didn't go!
People say they saw you.
Fraser Robinson
says you were there.
"Everyone knows it."
Why is that, Caleb?
They think there's a photo.
Have you seen it?
No, because it doesn't exist.
Well, do you know who has it?
Who told you about it, then?
You sick animal.
I don't know what
you're talking about!
- This is all your fault.
- I didn't do anything!
There's photographic proof,
you total creep!
- Oh, oh, no, Liv! That's enough.
- Okay.
I think we should
head to the bach.
Let everyone catch their breath.
We are so done.
She'll be okay.
Caleb Brantlock,
I'm arresting you for
- For what?
- Assault
on Fraser Robinson
will do for now.
Heassaulted me!
Well, that's very subjective.
[ Chuckles ]
This is so unfair.
[ Knock on door ]
Someone at front desk for you.
I would like to see my son.
Once he's been processed,
we should be able to get you in
for five minutes.
Please, take a seat.
This is quite unacceptable.
If we find Caleb
wasat that party,
he could well be facing a raft
of very serious charges.
Do you remember seeing your son
at the party, Ms. Brantlock?
I do not, because I am sure
he wasn't ever there.
Well, for now we're following up
with the monitoring company.
Until then,
he will remain in custody.
How well do you know
Glenn Tyson?
Hardly at all.
He does odd jobs for me,
nothing more.
Yet you invited him
to your goddaughter's 21st?
It gives me great satisfaction
to hire a good-looking man
to do all the things
my ex-husband used to do
and get him to pay for it.
There's no harm
in a little tit for tat.
He's mentioned you
on more than one occasion.
Glenn, that is, not my ex.
Well, I've been asking
a few questions.
I wonder if it's appropriate
for a detective
to be investigating someone
to whom they are
in a relationship with.
[ Chuckles ]
I can assure you,
we are not in a relationship.
Oh, have you told him that?
I don't need to tell him that.
So do I have the wrong end
of the stick?
It's interesting how people
get the wrong end of the stick
I have no doubt the same
could be applied to my son.
So any chance
of that five minutes now?
Could we?
Talk to me.
Uh, fingerprints
on the yard glass
are consistent
with the evening's festivities.
Aside from Trudy Neilson,
whom we know filled it,
the other matches are Fraser,
Sascha, and Olivia,
which, being the 21st
celebrants, makes sense.
Mm-hmm, but?
[ Clears throat ]
Most interestingly
the other match
is to Glenn Tyson.
No way.
You want me to bring him in?
Hell no.
Allow me.
[ Tania imitating engine ]
[ Chuckles ]
Just here?
That's north.
The way back home.
Kua hoki au ki toku ukaipo,
kua karanga mai
te rerenga wairua.
I'm ready to go.
You found yourself a wahine yet?
[ Laughs ]
I've been busier
than I imagined.
So much for retiring
and growing grapes, then?
I've found tasting the wine
easier than making it.
Ah. [ Laughs ]
You know you need to take
some time for yourself.
You never know when
it's all going to end.
Glenn, as mentioned,
we have witnesses
who report seeing you asleep
on their beds at 1:30 a.m.,
yet previously,
you told me you left at 12:30.
That's quite a big discrepancy.
Well, 12:30, 1:30,
what's the difference?
You still being on the premises
potentially connects you
to the murders
of Anne Robinson
and Sascha Montgomery.
Okay, I was drunk.
I passed out.
But once my mistake
was made known to me
Oh, my God!
Ew, get out, you freak.
Get the hell out!
We need some privacy.
Easy, tiger.
[ Snoring ]
- Hey!
- [ Grunts ]
Get the hell out of my room!
Sorry, sorry.
I, um I'll head home, eh?
Home time.
Do you make a habit of crawling
into young women's beds?
No, no.
Come on!
I was drunk,
and I saw an empty bed,
and I-I crashed out
for 40 winks.
You've never done that before?
Have you had any dealings
with Sascha Montgomery?
- I don't even know who that is.
- You were sleeping in her bed.
And Anne Robinson?
What about her?
Any dealings, altercations,
I honestly
didn't know the woman.
Why would your fingerprints
be on the yard glass?
Because I helped turn the
yard glass for the birthday boy.
Fraser! Fraser! Fraser!
Don't you waste
that precious nectar, fella!
That's all for now.
So what, I can I can go?
KRISTIN: Mm-hmm.
Why did you come back
to Brokenwood?
Well, the same reason
that, uh
that most people,
um, shift town.
Because I met someone.
Yeah, I'd been through a pretty
tough time, as you know.
I mean, after all that business
with my, um my ex-girlfriend,
I really felt like
I needed a change of scene.
And around the same time,
I met a woman.
She was kind to me.
She helped me
process everything.
So I decided to join her.
She offered me shelter
from the storm, if you like.
And what happened to this woman?
She's standing
right in front of me.
W-Well, I
Sorry, I didn't offer you
shelter from the storm.
Not in so many words, sure,
Sometimes it's best that we
say these things out loud.
Um, okay.
Glenn, we'd appreciate it
if you stayed in the district
while we work things through.
I mean,
I-I just moved here, so
I don't plan on leaving.
HUGHES: There's a minimal chance
Prisoner A will ever get out.
But there's still a chance?
HUGHES: And if he does,
he'll be deported back here.
What about
the other gang members
associated with the case?
Well, three have since
gone to prison
for subsequent offenses,
and another was killed
in a drive-by shooting.
So the chance of retaliation
is slight.
Particularly when Tania is gone.
And they'll offer protection
to the whanau?
They could.
Why's it so hard to get a "yes"?
Mike, I have worked the channels
as hard and fast as I could.
Yeah, but no promises?
Since when have they been
in the business of promises?
Look, you can in good faith
tell Tania
what she needs to hear.
I'm not going to lie.
You don't have to.
If there comes apparent any risk
to the whanau,
I will make the call.
I will make sure
they're looked after.
That sounds like a promise.
Between you and me?
It is.
Thanks, Simon.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
You accused Caleb
of being at the party.
Did you see him there?
I saw all I needed to see.
And what does that
actually mean, Olivia?
I saw the photo.
A photo of Caleb at the party?
Do you happen to have it?
I don't know where it is.
But I promise you,
I totally saw it.
Caleb made it after all, but
[ Music playing in distance]
I saw him with your mother.
Oh, my God,
did she turn him away?
Well, what, then?
Oh, my God, no way.
Can you tell me what you saw?
It was a photo of Caleb
kissing my mother.
And you're sure about that?
Maybe he was really drunk.
I don't know. I thought
he was such a great guy.
But then to go and do that.
Did you confront him about it?
He'd gone.
Took off.
What about you mother?
She denied it.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Where is he?
Don't play dumb.
Caleb isn't here.
You're such a liar.
I saw you!
You've had just
way too much to drink.
- Anne?
- Mm.
This one's for you.
[ Mid-tempo music playing]
Oh, my favorite.
And then what happened?
I went to my room.
That is so sick!
Maybe your mum was right.
You know, he's a douche.
He'sa douche?
What about her?
Maddy said,
"He made it after all."
Does that mean
you were expecting him?
She laid down the law
with my mum.
I'm not even invited.
End of story.
Gosh, my mother acts
like it's herparty,
but actually it's mine.
- And mine.
- No, you have to come.
It's going to be
the best party ever.
To show her.
Yeah, I'd like to show her.
I'll find a way.
And he did.
Did you do the yard glass?
God, no.
I'm not that crazy.
And such a guy thing.
Because your prints
are on the glass
and we're following
a process of elimination.
I held it for Fraser.
You have to have a turner.
CROWD: Fraser! Fraser! Fraser!
Fraser! Fraser! Fraser! Fraser!
Thanks for your time, Olivia.
Did that creepy guy Clint
Were his fingerprints on it?
I can't say.
So you canpromise?
We will do everything we can
to make sure your kids are okay.
And they won't have to
change their names again?
They won't need to do that.
And they're not going to have to
sleep with one eye open?
I don't want them sleeping
with one eye open.
I will make sure of it.
Well [Sighs] you're going to
have to call my parents.
- You don't want to?
- TANIA: Yeah, I do.
But given the fact that
I disappeared seven years ago
with their mokopuna,
they're gonna be mad as hell,
and that is on you.
Over there, in that vase,
is my mum's number.
As long as it hasn't changed.
I hid it there.
Impossible to get to
on an impulse.
But this is a case of
"break in time of emergency."
This is probably the only time
in your lives
that you will actually
be allowed
to smash an ornament on purpose.
Take hold.
Two, three!
MIKE: I know this is a lot
to take in,
so my colleague
Area Commander Simon Hughes
will be knocking
on your door shortly
to verify what I'm saying.
[ Voice breaking ]
Kia ora, Mum. [ Sniffles ]
Yeah, it's me Lana.
I need you.
Oh. [ Chuckles ]
You won't believe your mokopuna.
They've grown so much.
I don't have much time.
[ Birds chirping ]
Yeah, there was a photo.
And who took it?
I did.
[ Indistinct conversations,
up-tempo music playing ]
When he dances, you can't
help yourself but stare ♪
[ Camera shutter clicks,
whirring ]
He's got the groove ♪
He's got the groove ♪
So, you showed it to Olivia?
It was awful.
I didn't know what to do.
To tell her or not to?
But I figured
she needed to know.
I think I might be peaking.
Whoa. W-What's the matter? Liv?
It's Caleb.
He made it?
Is that
No way.
Tell him it's over.
Tell him.
And then stab him in the eye.
- Just saying.
- [ Chuckles ]
What did the photo
actually show?
You should see for yourself.
Do you have it?
Uh, I guess it's
back at the house.
In Olivia's room.
Okay, thanks.
Uh, how's Caleb doing?
Is he okay?
He's in a safe place.
Seems Maddy
was telling the truth.
Ring any bells, Caleb?
So you still deny
you were at the party?
- CALEB: Yes.
- But that is your jacket?
It's hard to say.
Not that hard, actually.
Okay, that's my jacket,
but I can explain that.
Don't forget about me.
Wear this.
When we get there,
I'll peel it off you.
[ Chuckles ]
I love you so much.
CHALMERS: And how does that
explain what exactly?
I gave her my jacket.
So you gave her your jacket,
and now you're wearing it.
All that could prove is that
you were at the party,
you peeled it off her, and
then encountered Mrs. Robinson.
I would never do that.
It's so disgusting.
All I know is that
I gave it to Olivia,
and now she hates my guts.
KRISTIN: Who would've been
most affronted at the idea
of Anne Robinson getting it on
with Caleb Brantlock?
- CHALMERS: Obviously Olivia.
- KRISTIN: Mm-hmm.
Likewise Fraser, the protective
brother and appalled son.
Mm-hmm, and by extension,
Sascha Montgomery.
Suzie Brantlock may have
found it challenging,
if for no other reason
that Anne Robinson
was trying to prove a point
that Caleb wasn't suitable
for her daughter.
And then there's the husband.
How would Jim Robinson
have felt about if he knew?
If I'd known, I would have
had something to say about it.
I learned about it the next day
when Olivia started
going off at Caleb.
So you knew nothing of it
at the party?
No, and it's a very
disturbing accusation
and completely unfounded.
You think it's untrue?
Oh, come on.
It's obviously pissed kids
getting hysterical.
Look, Anne was
a flamboyant woman.
She loved to throw a great party
and be the center of attention,
but she would never
have done that.
She thought Caleb was a loser.
KRISTIN: The pattern
on the sleeves are matched
to numerous other photos of her
taken throughout the evening.
Well, that is undeniably
Caleb's jacket,
but the last person I saw
wearing it was Olivia.
She paraded it,
trying to provoke Anne.
You're my song,
all is right with the world ♪
You're the one ♪
- Come on, take it off.
- No. Stop!
No doubt ♪
Hold on.
You are really pushing
my buttons tonight, young woman.
- Take it off.
- No.
[ Sighs ]
- Then allow me.
- No, stop! No. Oh!
You are unbelievable!
This This symbolizes
a dead-end street.
You need to grow up and move on.
Any moment he'll be here,
and you can't stop him,
because you can't stop love.
If I see him,
I will call the police.
There is no way
you would do that.
Watch me.
You're my song,
all is right with the world ♪
- You're the one ♪
- [ Sighs ]
And how do you know this?
Anne told me
when we went to bed.
And I just threw it
out the door.
- [ Shoe thuds ]
- Come to bed.
- Just like that.
- [ Shoe thuds ]
Out the door.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
- Come to bed.
- Mm.
That girl of ours is in a silly
funk with that silly boy.
Take it outside.
I'm spinning out.
That's the last I saw her.
Perhaps Caleb was waiting
outside ready to sneak in.
And Anne inadvertently
gave him his jacket back.
If he did, I never saw him.
Perhaps that isn't even Anne.
That this is all some kind
of terrible mistake.
[ Voice breaking ]
I don't want this to be
how she is remembered.
Oh, my God.
Excuse me.
I have to go.
Thanks for your time, Jim.
If there's anything else
we need, we'll be in touch.
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
I'm sorry.
That walking out without saying
goodbye is very Mike-like.
You okay?
Things are falling into place.
Care to share?
I will,
as soon as I know I'm right.
I was told Glenn Tyson was here.
He's outside.
[ Weed trimmer whirring ]
- [ Weed trimmer shuts off ]
- Hey.
After you landed in the garden,
before you walked home,
did anything else happen?
[ Sighs ]
Why can't you let this go?
Because I need the facts, Glenn,
not some wishy-washy version
of events.
Well, honestly,
it's all a little
This jacket, you were wearing it
the morning after the party.
I didn't want you to get
the wrong idea, but
[ Up-tempo music playing]
You're Suzie's friend.
Well, actually, Glenn, so
Trent, Clint, Glenn,
it's all the same to me.
Oh, you're nice.
[ Laughs ]
Dance with me.
Oh, I don't think
that's a very good idea.
It's just, it's the '70s.
It's, you know
It's free love and all that.
Just Just feel it with me.
She lunged at me.
I was a good rugby player
in my youth,
but the old side step's
not exactly what it used to be.
You keep telling yourself
that, Glenn.
Oh, the jacket.
How did Caleb end up with it?
Oh, next morning,
I recognized it,
so I dropped it 'round
at Suzie's.
And you turning the yard glass?
Did you wishy-wash that, too?
GLENN: No, the birthday boy
was doing it,
but the the girl
that was turning it,
she was getting a bit wobbly,
so I stepped in
to make sure it didn't smash
on the ground and end in tears.
And that girl was Olivia?
The one with the headband, yeah.
That thing with Anne Robinson,
that's nothing.
It shouldn't affect
what we have going here.
There is nothing going on here.
Eh, you keep
telling yourself that.
Up again with the sun ♪
Go and sleep
when you're gone ♪
Did you hear a car?
Not yet but soon.
Your mother's plane
landed an hour ago.
Hughes picked them up.
They'll be here soon.
My mum's here?
Uh, kids, how about we
you back to everything ♪
And the conversation hurts ♪
It's not getting better ♪
And the truth is we've hurt ♪
The time we had together ♪
And there's nothing
left to say ♪
Put it all in a letter ♪
It's not long now.
They'll be here, I promise.
I thought you didn't
make promises.
they get better ♪
Okay, fingerprints on the yard.
Trudy filled it,
Fraser drank from it,
Olivia turned it,
and Glenn Tyson stepped in
to stop it from smashing.
And the offender made no attempt
to wipe their prints.
Otherwise, none of the others
would have remained.
Which leaves Sascha Montgomery.
Her prints have no other reason
for being there.
- Mm.
- [ Cellphone rings ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Is Mike back yet?
I have a toxicology update.
Mike will find it
very interesting.
Mm, but he's not here, so
Victim B had
an off-the-scale recording
of a chemical
I never thought possible.
I sent it back for retesting,
but it came back the same.
This chemical being?
The only way to have so much
would be to
Ingest copious amounts
of nutmeg.
And why would you?
Thanks, Gina.
Never thought I'd say this,
but you've been very helpful!
[ Grunts ]
When you said
you were the only one
who indulged in the nutmeg,
that wasn't entirely true,
was it?
Uh no.
[ Mid-tempo music playing]
- [ Glass thuds ]
- Ahh.
Ooh, this better be worth it.
Yeah, well, that's the plan.
Supposed to be
a really good time.
Look, I didn't want that
to be her legacy.
"Girl dies after dumb attempt
to get high."
So if you weren't
straight up about that,
where were you around 3:00 a.m.?
Stuck in the hammock.
Once I got in,
I couldn't get out.
It's not like I could sleep.
And later,
that's when I saw Caleb.
Hey, Caleb.
You made it.
The nutmeg,
that's not what killed her?
Anyone who indulged in nutmeg
fell into a full-body coma.
If Sascha was fully nuked
on myristicin,
that hardly makes her eligible
to be swinging around
a yard glass impaling people.
She might've wanted
to kill Anne Robinson.
She might've even
seen her target
but would hardly be able
to move towards it.
The problem with investigating
a party
is that no one
is a reliable witness.
Because they're mostly drunk
or high.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Aw, no way.
Can a guy not enjoy
a quiet beer in peace?
Think very hard, Glenn,
about the moment Fraser Robinson
was doing the yard.
What, you mean pouring it
all over himself?
You told me you stepped in
to rescue the yard
from the birthday girl.
Yeah, I did.
CROWD: Fraser! Fraser!
Fraser! Fraser! Fraser!
Easy, girl, easy.
Come on.
Don't you waste
that precious nectar, fella!
So it was Sascha, not Olivia?
I don't know. They all looked
like flower children to me.
Take your time, Glenn.
This woman or this one.
That one.
Totally wasted.
"We look.
We see what
we don't want to see,
but we don'tlook away."
Enjoy your beer.
Okay, one, this walking away
is becoming weird.
And, two, "We look.
We see what we don't want to see
but we don't look away,"
is not exactly what I said.
But it's exactly right.
[ Vehicle doors close ]
This is it.
Thank you for coming.
- Where's my girl?
- Just this way.
Just through in the lounge.
from the sun and the rain ♪
No, you're spreading pain ♪
Come to me ♪
Ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh ♪
And when you find me ♪
Come to me ♪
What did you actually see
that night, Maddy?
I saw him.
I-I saw Caleb kissing
Mrs. Robinson.
It was so wrong.
I thought it was Olivia.
Free love.
Just feel it with me.
But is that what
you actually saw
or what you wanted to see?
You've been very concerned
about Caleb's well-being,
more so than Olivia is,
when I think about it.
We are so done.
Hey, she'll be okay.
How's Caleb doing?
Is he okay?
He's in a safe place.
Would it be fair to say
that you like Caleb, too?
I mean, perhaps if he was seen
kissing Mrs. Robinson
and Olivia found out about it,
she might want to break
things off with him, right?
[ Scoffs ]
If I was wearing these,
I could imagine I was seeing
whatever I wanted to see.
It wasn't clear
with the glasses.
Mm, but to look at the Polaroid,
you couldn't have been
wearing these.
Likewise when you turned
to check what you saw.
KRISTIN: But if you
just showed the Polaroid
and Olivia thought
what she was seeing was true,
then she might tell Caleb
that it was over,
creating an opportunity for you.
I guess.
The problem was, Olivia might
do way more than that.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
You lied to us about turning
the yard glass for Fraser.
Can you tell us why?
I didn't want to seem like
a bad sister.
I wasn't in the mood
for a stupid yard glass.
I stayed in my room
most of the night.
Or did you lie
to hide the real reason
your prints were on there?
I couldn't sleep.
I went outside
for some fresh air.
And there she was.
Like nothing had happened.
[ Gasps ]
You're up late.
- How could you?
- What?
- You're such a selfish bitch.
- Oh, go to bed!
Laying down the law,
saying he couldn't come.
Well, of course he found a way
'cause he's smart
and he loves me
but you can't handle that.
So you had to have him.
You are way out of line,
my girl.
Do you know how sick that is?
I-I wouldn't have him
if you paid me!
There's a photo,
for God's sake
Oh, get real.
of you sticking your tongue
down his throat!
A photo?
That wasn't Caleb.
Oh, that was No, that was
just a little thing.
Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!
- It's not what you
- Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!
[ Gasps ]
You've got it so wrong.
[ Gags ]
And then what happened, Olivia?
I thought
you know,
if it was an accident
I killed my mother.
But I didn't kill Sascha.
That wasn't me.
Well, actually, it was.
[ Gasping ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
- No.
- Hey, Mum ♪
This can't
I can't
I can hear you ♪
believe this has happened
to me.
This can't
This can't be happening.
[ Sighs ]
Olivia Robinson,
you're being charged
with the murder of Anne Robinson
and the manslaughter
of Sascha Montgomery.
Who do you think
you're saving ♪
I didn't ask you
to play your hand ♪
Ah-hoo ♪
Save this life ♪
Leave me, please ♪
Bring me back to life ♪
Ah-hoo ♪
- [ Indistinct talking ]
- Oh, howdy, stranger.
Hey! Am I late?
No, you haven't missed a stanza.
And Gina is first up.
- Beer?
- Hm.
So, where have you been?
- Tell us everything.
- [ Liquid pouring ]
I had to say goodbye
to a friend.
Oh, very enigmatic.
[ Microphone feedback ]
Welcome, everyone,
to the Snake and Tiger's
first annual
Pizza and Poetry night,
proudly sponsored by Gourmet
Ray's Porky Pigeon Pizzas.
First up, Dr. Gina Kadinsky
with "Ode to Russia."
- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo!
"Russia, Russia, oh, Russia.
My heart feels like
Lake Pleshcheyevo.
Very big and full
and wide and swollen.
She has a thing for lakes.
Mm. wait till you hear the one
about Lake Baikal.
This is where I leave it.
Jean, no.
Oh, life's too short
for Russian poetry.
I don't want to seem rude,
but I'm just stepping out
for a while.
I may be some time.
Dr. Gina Kadinsky, everyone.
[ Applause ]
Thanks, Gina.
That was truly, uh
Right, uh, next up, I believe
No. I haven't finished.
I have another one.
Well, I think
that one should be
No, no, no, no, no.
My next poem
I would like to dedicate
to a man who works very hard.
Detective Mike Shepherd.
It's called
"I Am a Russian Cowgirl."
[ Clears throat ]
I am a Russian cowgirl
from Vladivostok.
I roam out across
the Siberian tundra.
- That's worth a toast.
- To Russian cowgirls.
Russian cowgirls.
And absent friends.
Across many mountains.
To absent friends.
Across many rivers and streams.
Also desert plains
and quite nice sunsets.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
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