The Brothers Sun (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Whatever You Want

["I'm Gonna Catch Me a Rat"
by Fabienne Delsol playing]
Somebody's been stealing all my sugar ♪
Somebody's been sitting in my chair ♪
Somebody's been smoking my cigarettes ♪
'Cause I see butts everywhere ♪
I'm gonna set me a trap ♪
I'm gonna catch me a rat ♪
Somebody's been ♪
- [distant siren blaring]
- Oi!
You know the boy who lives there?
Big and tall. And loud!
Bastos. Always clomp, clomp, clomp
with those big feet
while I'm trying to watch my stories!
I'm just here to tidy up.
Be quiet about it.
I'm watching Cheese in the Trap.
[song resumes]
Somebody went
And painted my parlor blue ♪
They've been fooling
With the kitchen too ♪
Somebody went
And painted my bathroom red ♪
They've even been fooling with the bed ♪
Yeah ♪
Mmm-mmm-mmm ♪
[Mama] Aah!
[tense music playing]
[continues screaming and banging]
[Mama wailing]
[mysterious music playing]
[phone vibrating]
[in Mandarin] Hi.
[in Mandarin] Hi.
How is L.A.?
A mess.
- And Mama Sun? Is she safe?
- Yes. Despite her best efforts.
So she hasn't changed.
Was she always bossy
and passive-aggressive?
I mean, you know, her judgmental glares
were lethal and legendary.
- What about your little brother?
- Not young anymore.
But still silly and completely useless.
America has made him soft.
Too much Kentucky Fried Chicken
and Wendy's.
Taco Bell is good though.
How's my father?
Same. No change.
He is strong though.
Some news.
There's a rumor going around
that another ghost has been assassinated.
The boss of the Gold Committee.
Did they find anything on his body?
Like red ribbons?
I don't know, why?
Sleepy Chan is working with a new group
that has a thing for red ribbons.
Everywhere I go,
these red ribbon motherfuckers find me.
Even if that's true,
as long as your mother lives,
none of the other bosses
will dare join Sleepy Chan's side.
Send me Blood Boots and Xing.
I need my crew.
Then send word to Sleepy Chan
that we need to hang a white lantern.
He's a traditionalist.
Only a face-to-face meeting will do.
Tell him I want to discuss peace terms.
It must be in L.A.
I need to buy some time.
Chairleg, he is winning.
Why negotiate when he has the advantage?
He won't come.
Then I will make him come.
By speaking the only language he knows.
[chuckles softly]
[mysterious music playing]
[music fades]
- [in English] Sure you can handle
- The heat? I'm from Taiwan.
Oh. Excuse me.
Oh! I feel like
I put out a cigarette on my tongue.
Well, you did always love to eat.
[in Mandarin] Little Fatty.
[in English] My mother really liked me
hanging out with you.
She always noticed
how hard you worked at everything.
At school, badminton.
Citywide doubles champ at 14.
I never met anyone
who hated losing as much as you.
It's kind of a shame, you becoming a cop.
Not a cop.
The law is on the losing side.
I've built my career
looking after undocumented immigrants,
farmworkers, labor organizers.
I wanna help you. And your family.
Something's brewing, Charles.
Something big.
And I think you're in the middle of it.
So if you have enemies, I can clear them
out of your way without firing a shot.
All you have to do
is tell me who attacked you at the club.
You scratch my back
and I'll scratch yours.
I don't work with cops.
And I keep telling you,
I'm not a cop.
I also don't work with people
who work with cops.
[phone vibrating]
Who is it?
No one.
It's just my mom.
Your mom?
- Aren't you gonna answer it?
- Wasn't planning on it.
- You'll thank me later.
- Whoa.
[Charles sighs]
Mm, would you
[in Mandarin]
Can you make the broth milder?
My friend here is
[in English] How do I say this? Um
[in Mandarin] "A chicken."
[in Mandarin] Is he not Chinese?
Thank you.
[in English] What?
You should try "hello" or "wei."
Not "what."
And you left a mess in my kitchen again.
What kind of manners are these?
I'm worried about Bruce. He hasn't
answered any of my texts or calls.
You need to stop babying him.
I don't baby him.
You literally carry
baby photos of him in your purse.
Because he's my baby.
I'm gonna go and look for Bruce.
I don't need your help.
Go back to talking
to whoever the woman was.
So you called me to tell me
that you don't need my help?
[in Mandarin] Whatever you want.
- [in English] Whatever I want?
- That's what I just said.
- Because what I want is to not help you.
- Great.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah.
She just called to say that she didn't
need my help with something.
So she needs your help.
No, she literally said she didn't.
You've lived without a mom for so long,
you don't remember how it works.
When our moms say they don't want you
to do something, that means they do.
They just want you
to do it without them having to ask.
That's insane.
She said sui bian ni. "Whatever I want."
Oh my God, are you out of your mind?
You have to go now.
But let's get together again sometime.
- When I'm off the clock.
- When are you ever off the clock?
[mysterious music playing]
[churro vendor]
You wanna use cassia cinnamon, not Ceylon.
Brown sugar, not white.
Premium, high smoke-point oil.
Normandy butter.
Then you just finish with salt.
Yeah. Yeah, nice.
Dude, good stuff.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
I told you, you didn't have to come.
Which apparently means
you wanted me to come.
That's insane. Who told you that?
Look, this is a waste of our time.
There are more important things
we need to be doing.
What would you rather be doing?
Messing up my kitchen?
Or, uh, lunch with your new girl crush?
- Sleepy Chan is behind all of this.
- Maybe.
I put the word out that I wanna hang
a white lantern and have a sit-down.
Oh, you want to draw
Sleepy Chan out by yourself?
I'm gonna find his point person in L.A.,
and I'm gonna
[in Mandarin] kill him.
[in English] He'll have to come
or risk looking like a little bitch.
Oh, language.
I'm here to make sure Bruce is okay.
If you want to go and find
Sleepy Chan's guy by yourself,
be my guest, whatever you want.
[sighs heavily]
Why are you sighing?
I'm not sighing.
[mimicking] "Huuuh!" Yes, you are.
He was supposed to be
in my seminar this morning.
I could have a TA send the notes,
but Bruce usually prefers to wing it.
You looking for Bruce?
Who are you?
Oh, I'm Grace. He might have mentioned me.
Or, you know, not. Um
Anyway, I was talking to him this morning,
and I mean, everything seemed normal.
But then Bruce started
to, like freak out,
and kinda, like, running away, like a
- Like a baby.
- Yeah, exactly.
When I looked out the window,
I saw him getting pushed into a van
by this girl
with all these really cool tattoos.
I thought it was
some prank for his improv troupe.
The one he's in? Or, um auditioning for?
I'm not totally clear
on how it all works.
Okay. The girl.
Was one of her tattoos a crane
on her right arm?
Yeah, maybe. I don't
I mean, it could have been, like,
a black flamingo or a a stork.
I'm not much of a bird person, so
Well, thank you.
You've been very helpful.
[ominous music playing]
[Mama] That's bad.
I know who took Bruce,
and I know who can help us find them.
[ominous music continues]
[muffled cries]
- [moaning]
- [grunting]
[muffled wailing]
- [buzzing]
- [Bruce yelps]
Look, please just let me go, okay?
I'll give you anything.
- [moans]
- You can have my dog!
Okay, I don't have a dog, but I'll get
one, bond with it, and give it to you.
Please! I also have
this sweet massage chair.
The right leg is broken,
but the massage part works fine.
And and loads of hacked CoD profiles.
We're talking we're talking aimbot,
Damascus skins, you name it.
You just gotta let me go.
[muffled yelling]
And and Bruce go too, of course.
- Okay, yeah, let's talk about this.
- [Bruce yelling]
[TK panting]
What are you doing? Please
I want you to know,
I'm not torturing you to talk.
[TK] Please, please
I'm torturing you
because it makes me feel better
about what happened to my sister.
Wait, wait, wait! Hold on.
[screaming] Oh God!
- Oh God!
- [Bruce yelling]
[TK] Oh God! God!
Help me!
[sobbing] Oh my God!
[Jay Park] 'Bout to take you on a trip
Finna change your life ♪
'Cause I know you been stressed ♪
[burst of rock music]
["Tan Te" by Gong Linna playing]
[air blasting]
[air stops]
Saves gas.
Yes, you're right.
This totally isn't a waste of time.
Let's go play mahjong with some aunties.
We might win three whole dollars.
You see a basement
full of chatty old women.
I see a complex network
of relationships, favors, and debts.
They're gossips, not spies.
If you want to know about politics,
you go to Mrs. Chang.
She works at the mayor's office.
And if you want to know about the church,
ask Mrs. Liu.
Her husband is the pastor
of the Chinese church.
And if you want to know
anything about Pastor Liu
[whispers]ask Mrs. Wong.
She is having an affair with him,
and rumor has it she gave him herpes.
When someone cooks for you,
and someone cleans up after you
When you're older, a woman,
people forget you are there.
[speaking Mandarin]
- Do they know who you are?
- No, they think I'm just a nurse.
Oh, show some respect.
Serve Auntie Victoria first.
She's the best player.
Of course. Hi.
Eileen, who is this?
My nephew. Charles.
Oh! You never mentioned
you had such a handsome nephew.
Ah, he used to be so fat.
- Ask them about the red ribbons.
- Sh. Later.
[Victoria] How is your son, Bruce?
Ah! Grade A student at CSUSG.
3.85 GPA, but he's gonna get that up.
He works so hard.
- He's going to be a doctor.
- And how do you feel about his improv?
- [thump]
- Ow!
He has testicle torsion.
I keep telling him to go to the doctor,
but, you know, so stubborn.
[Victoria] Mmm.
Hey, your turn.
- Come on, come on.
- Ah-ah-ah!
[Mama] Oh, pung.
[tapping tiles]
Yeah, I [growls]
Ah! Hu le.
- [Mama tutting]
- Ooh!
[Mama] Hey.
Hey, did you all hear about
the incident at Sure Sure Club?
- It's all anyone is talking about.
- I suppose it was the White Cranes, eh?
The two sisters. Ah.
So much drugs since they appeared.
But who's their supplier?
It cannot be from inside
the San Gabriel Valley.
[auntie] Ecstasy, ketamine, cocaine.
Maybe it is the cartels.
I hear their cocaine is very pure.
Kenny Cheng bought some. Pooped his bed.
- Kenny has irritable bowel syndrome.
- Aiya!
Rebecca, you always say that.
Kenny has ulcerative colitis.
- This is a waste of time.
- How so?
They're talking about ulcerative colitis.
Ah, no. It's not ulcerative colitis.
It's a collapsed rectum.
No, Charles. They are talking about
a collapsed rectum.
Keep up. If you listen,
you might just learn something.
You know, the supplier cannot be cartel.
The CBP is too active near San Diego.
Yeah, I think I remember
something about their plug.
[in Mandarin] The old man.
Tony Tang.
[in English] He brings the drugs in
on his fishing boats.
He owns the Number One Seafood Restaurant
in Alhambra.
What's the name of the restaurant?
That is the name.
Number One Seafood Restaurant.
It's in Alhambra.
[Mama] You know what? You are too good.
I should get going,
but you should stay and play another hand.
- Hey.
- Ow!
She tell you to follow her. Go.
[Bruce] Okay.
You and your brother killed May.
We didn't kill May.
It was just we just happened to be there
when she was killed.
It's a classic case
of correlation, not causation.
- [wheezes]
- And what was that?
Correlation or causation?
Wh Both, I think.
Please [panting]
If I knew something that could help you,
I would I would tell you.
Then tell me where your brother is.
Can I please tell you
something besides that?
Wait, wait, no. Listen, please!
I'm not brave, and I'm not tough, okay?
I I'm not trying to prove anything.
Tell me what I want to know.
Or I'm going to tattoo
a penis on your face.
Okay. Yeah, so
[laughs] I'm I'm an improviser,
and, um, it's it's a display profession,
and I'm not sure
if a face tattoo would be great for my
[yells] No! Stop it!
- I can't hear you!
- No! No, no!
Charles is in Bakersfield!
355 Montalban Drive.
355 Montalban Drive, Bakersfield.
[both, in unison] Stay here.
- [sighs heavily]
- See? You just did it again. "Huuuuh."
Just let me handle this.
[chuckles] Here in L.A., we do it my way.
Your way is too slow.
Bruce could be dead by now.
She won't kill Bruce.
She'll want to know where you are.
And we need to find him before he talks.
And remember,
you know about Tony Tang because of me.
We also know about Kenny Cheng's
leaky butthole because of you.
Stay here.
[playful music playing]
[music fades]
[in Mandarin] I just saw a roach.
What kind of restaurant is this?
- I'm sorry
- I want to speak to the owner.
Hello, madam.
[in English] I heard there was an issue.
Mm, yes. He's dead now.
I just hope
you don't have an infestation of issues.
[laughs] Please,
have some tea on the house.
I can assure you
that our standards are very high here.
The San Gabriel Valley Tribune
named the Number One Seafood Restaurant
the number one seafood restaurant
in Alhambra.
Is there anything we can do
to make your experience better, ma'am?
The house special lobster.
Ginger and onion.
Good choice.
Make sure you take the drugs out first.
Cocaine makes me kooky.
[tense music playing]
Follow me.
[music fades]
Are you working for the police?
Chief Gutierrez comes here all the time.
He loves our scallion pancakes.
- Oh, the MSG doesn't give him headaches?
- That is not a real thing.
MSG doesn't have an effect on most people.
- What do you want?
- I'm trying to find the White Cranes.
I have it on good authority
that you're their plug.
All I deliver
is the number one seafood in Alhambra.
If you're looking for something else,
you've come to the wrong place.
You have a very interesting accent.
Where are you from?
[Tony] Keelung. A fishing village
just north of Taipei.
- [Mama] I've been!
- [Tony] Hmm. We're very proud people.
My father, Tang Xiao Lu,
would go out in the morning
and sell out his haul by noon.
He specialized in fresh crabs
and whitebait.
Eventually, he sold the business
to a larger conglomerate
and gave me this nest egg
to start this restaurant.
[sighs] Ah, yes.
Like father, like son.
[sighing] Uh
It's clear
I've been given bad information.
So sorry to have wasted your time.
My lobster?
I got the address
of the warehouse of the White Cranes.
What do you want? A kiss on the cheek?
[in Mandarin] Red envelope?
[in English] Stop gloating
and just take care of it.
And what are you gonna do?
Ugh. Find us a safe house.
Our home is too dangerous now.
If our enemies can find Bruce at school,
they can find us.
You must bring your brother home.
He is everything to me.
[poignant music playing]
[whispers] Hey.
We have about 30 minutes till she's back.
I gave her a fake address
to buy us some time to escape.
What's the point in escaping?
What's the point in anything?
She took my fucking thumbs.
How did she find me at school?
I don't know.
You told her?
She was scary!
Did you tell the cops
to find me at school too?
[sighs] Okay, yes.
Do do you have any balls at all?
I don't!
[gasping] I'm a thumbless,
ballless, dogless wuss
that has a massage chair
that just kind of works.
Oh, fuck.
I just
[sobs softly]
I just wanted to be the man.
Or, at least, I just wanted to be
better than my brother was.
[sighs] She'll be back soon,
and when she is,
we need to be out of here.
["Lit Right Now" by Ayo and Teo playing]
I'm so lit right now
Your life is so borin' ♪
Why y'all sleepin' on me ♪
I can hear you snorin' ♪
I'm so lit right now
My diamonds on that wet-wet ♪
- Makin' hits right now ♪
- [Bruce] Come on! Motherfucker!
- Ooh! Lit up in France and in Europe ♪
- Where are you going? What are you doing?
- Countin' big bands on the tour bus ♪
- Hey, hey ♪
- All the girls go crazy ♪
- Ah! ♪
Off that reverse ♪
I'm so lit right now!
- Okay, okay, okay ♪
- Ugh! ♪
They say
"Ayo, why you always wearin' Bape, man?" ♪
Hey, call up big ape
'Cause I'm little ape, man ♪
Ugh! ♪
- The address you gave me is a Chick-fil-A.
- Really?
Wow. I I just totally made made that up.
I know.
You're a nerd.
You have a CSUSG lanyard,
and you're wearing a Fall Out Boy T-shirt.
Actually, it's, uh, Fall Out Men.
They're a Filipino cover band. See?
I'm just trying to figure out
how you and Chairleg Sun are related.
Hey, if if you come up with something,
let me know.
I'm just as confused as you are.
Are those yours?
They're super good.
Do you do all your own tattoos?
That that's you you're, like
you're really talented.
There's, like,
no more space left on on your arm.
there's a blank space
where the origin of my heart meridian is.
Powerful spot.
Haven't decided what to put there yet.
What was that you were tattooing
on your forearm earlier?
It's a Chinese plum.
After your sister.
As in uh May.
Our parents died when we were ten,
and we were on the streets.
Prey for the wolves.
But, uh May made sure
we learned how to fight.
To protect each other.
We got so good at fighting, the wolves
started to come to us for protection.
No one fucked with us anymore.
Until your brother showed up.
You kind of remind me of him.
Except you you seem even more angry,
which is sort of impressive.
May thought I was too angry. It's, uh
It's why she encouraged me to spend
a couple of nights a week giving tattoos
instead of being with her at the club.
Which is why you weren't there that night.
Hey it's not your fault.
You you shouldn't feel guilty.
[breathing shakily] No.
No, it's not my fault.
It's your brother's.
Where is he?
Please. You you have to believe me.
We really didn't kill May.
Forehead dick tattoo it is, then.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait. W-w-wait!
- [tears paper]
- Hold on. Hold on. Wait. Wait, what are
No! No, no, no! No, no, no, no!
Okay, wait! It it
it doesn't make any sense!
[panting] Wh wh
What's in it for Charles
to come all this way
and make all that noise just to kill May?
It's Something doesn't add up.
[TK] Charles! Over here.
Oh, thank God you found us.
They're in there.
Hurry, hurry. Untie me, quick.
[tense music playing]
- [chair clattering]
- [grunts]
[TK] Wh what are you doing?
What the fuck? Charles, come on!
Give me my brother back.
- You can keep this one.
- [TK] Oh, come on, man!
[music intensifies]
[Bruce] Motivation!
[gasps] Motivation.
Bruce, stay out of this.
- You don't know what you're talking about.
- Shut up!
Look. I'm an actor.
You do improv.
It's a strong foundation to build off of.
The point is, in acting, you need
to understand your character's motivation.
The motivation is all wrong here.
Why would Charles want
to attack your club and kill May?
To make a move in L.A.
[Bruce] He almost got blown up too!
No one wanted to kill May,
but there is someone
who wants to kill Charles.
Yes, me!
[Bruce] No!
Uh Sleepy Chan.
He's, like, our family's mortal enemy.
May died because Sleepy Chan
was after Charles.
Someone has tried to kill me
four times in the last four days.
Five including you. It's a new record.
[Bruce] See? [laughs]
We're all on the same side here.
- [Bruce sighs]
- [exhales]
- Ah!
- Fuck!
Aah! Aah, aah!
Oh, oh!
Wh what? Is is it bad?
[crickets chirping]
Oh, my baby boy!
- Mm-hmm.
- You Oh! Oh my God! Are you okay?
I was so worried!
- Because he lied to you about improv?
- It's fine. I'm fine.
- But, uh, TK's thumbs
- [Mama] Terrence!
You have to be more careful.
How is this my fault?
Mom, whose house is this?
[Mama] Oh.
Auntie Rebecca's church friend's nephew
is on a cruise around Italy for a month.
His garage code is his birthday.
[Bruce] Okay.
- Put this on your foot. All right?
- Okay.
- [Mama] Let me have a look. Aw!
- [Bruce] Mmm. Mmm.
[Mama] Aiyo. Nosebleed.
- [Bruce] Mm-hmm.
- [Mama] Okay, buddy.
The oldest always gets
the most respect and the least love.
[Mama] Ooh.
Let me have a look at this monster.
- [TK whimpers]
- Oh. Sh.
Uh, this is June.
I better make more food, then.
- [laughter]
- [Charles] You were on your ass.
- Tied up like a hog.
- [Bruce] I guess you do live there.
- No
- She hog-tied you.
- Mmm.
- You said you were tied.
I'm not saying
I want to officially be in the gang.
But don't I deserve some kind of
honorary membership to the Jade Dragons?
[TK] What, Girl Scouts?
- No! Like a medal or something!
- [TK] You would look good.
June, will you please tell my brother
how much of a badass I was?
- Mmm. Yeah.
- [June] Mm-hmm.
[TK] Major badass.
- Oh!
- [TK] You should have seen him.
Right up to the moment
he started kicking the door over and over
like a complete asshole.
- It was like this man was like, "TK!"
- [Bruce] Hold on.
- [TK] "TK, we need to go!"
- [Bruce] No! No!
[all laughing]
Careful with that one.
He's just confident enough in himself
to get us all killed.
[Bruce] Oh, man.
[men laughing]
[somber ambient music playing]
[laughter fades]
I want to talk to you about the improv.
I give you permission to continue.
What? Are you serious?
But you need to promise me
that you will still
focus on your schoolwork.
I want you to be sure
this is what you want,
because there will be
no time to do anything else.
Um Uh, no.
I mean, yes!
Yes, I I really want to do this.
[sighs] Oh man!
- Thanks, Mom.
- [Mama] Mm!
No, your brother first.
Oh my God.
I have to go number two.
You're on your own, dude.
[Charles chuckles]
[Bruce laughs]
You okay?
I, uh think so.
I just
When will all of this be over?
Soon, I hope.
We'll all be okay, right?
You did good.
You're a lot tougher
than a lot of "hard" guys
I have working for me back home.
You keep bringing out your inner gangster
we'll be okay.
I don't really want to, though.
I I know I talk big,
but I don't like any of this.
I wasn't tough
when she was torturing me. I just
I didn't wanna let you down.
Tell him what you told me.
Your mom asked about the red ribbons
you guys saw
on all the hoods that have come after you.
I don't know what they mean.
But a couple of weeks ago, a guy came in
to get inked. He was wearing one.
- What did he get tattooed?
- A phrase on his forearm.
[in Mandarin]
The riddance of evil must be thorough.
[in English] The same writing
was on the wall in the Giant's apartment.
When did you go to the apartment?
Why didn't you mention this earlier?
It wasn't important earlier.
None of the people who are wearing
the red ribbons are the usual players?
No, no one I know.
Fresh faces. Strange mottos.
Sophisticated, coordinated attacks,
and in a matter of months,
everyone's terrified of them.
[in Mandarin]
What the hell is Sleepy Chan playing at?
[in English] We still don't know
if he's behind all this.
Which is why I need
to find his man in L.A.
I've already found him.
Tony Tang, the seafood guy.
While you were handling his driver,
I was taking notes on his operation.
Tony might pretend to be a buffoon,
but he has all the signs
of being someone at a very high level.
Multiple entrances, surveillance,
and an army of employees.
He mentioned his father, Tang Xiao Lu.
His first wife was
Sleepy Chan's second cousin,
and they ran
an underground casino together.
The Rolodex in action.
[in Mandarin] Not bad for an old woman
who wastes her time playing mahjong.
[in English] What do you want?
A kiss on the cheek?
[in Mandarin] Red envelope?
- I'll take care of it tonight.
- [June] No.
Let me do it.
But make sure you lay low after.
You can't imagine the flaming pile of shit
that'll fall on you
when Sleepy Chan
finds out you killed his man.
If you want Sleepy Chan to come here,
she has to make a spectacle of it.
His death has to be legendary.
Then Sleepy Chan will have no choice
but to show up to save face.
He works for the man who killed my sister.
When I'm done with him,
they'll be talking about it for years.
["The Lantern"
by The Rolling Stones playing]
- We ♪
- [phone vibrating]
In our present life ♪
Go to the Number One Seafood Restaurant
in Alhambra.
That's the name of the restaurant,
not the title.
You might find something helpful.
Oh, and don't eat before you go.
I thought you didn't talk to cops.
I thought you weren't a cop.
[sirens whooping]
You ♪
Crossed the sea of night ♪
- Free ♪
- [retching]
- From the spell of ♪
- [sighs] Jesus Christ.
- Someone's sending a message.
- [sighs]
Well, they might as well
have hired a fucking skywriter.
Your cloak ♪
[Alexis] See what you can find on his
connections to the Taiwanese Triads.
You'll wake me into my - ♪
- Sleeping hours ♪
- [Mark] Look.
They packed his hands
and feet in this box.
Like a cloud ♪
- Please ♪
- Can you bag these up?
Carry the lantern high ♪
[song continues]
Carry the lantern high ♪
[music fades]
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