The Brothers Sun (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


["Starry Night" by Peggy Gou playing]
The sit-down went on for hours.
The restaurant had to send
people to the market to get more food,
but your dad never ate a bite.
Ba thinks it's a sign of weakness
to eat in front of your adversaries.
Finally, they reach an agreement,
and we all exhale.
No one has to die.
But then, the waiter drops the check.
- Uh-oh.
- What?
It's considered an insult
to not let someone pay.
Big Sun and the head of the Shan-shen Hui
both have their hands on the check.
Neither let go.
Big Sun slaps the other guy.
Everyone pulls their gun out.
Pointing at each other, screaming,
cursing, and I'm like, "Oh shit!"
- "We'll die over who pays for dumplings."
- What happened?
[in Mandarin] Mrs. Sun.
[in English] She comes storming in.
She starts going off
on all of the Shan-shen Hui.
"I know your mother. What would she think
of you acting like this?"
Or, "Look at your disrespect."
She undressed every one of them
till they backed down and let Big Sun pay.
Now, I don't care how big your gun is.
No one stands a chance
against a Taiwanese mama.
[Bruce] Mmm.
Didn't Ba take out
the heads of the Shan-shen Hui?
Mmm. A month or so later.
That whole meeting
was a setup to ID the players.
But once they let Big Sun pay,
he knew they were weak.
I never heard that story before.
Your mother and father
were a good team then.
- They built the Jade Dragons together.
- That was a long time ago.
[in Mandarin] You weren't so fat then.
[in English] Jeez.
[in Mandarin] Fuck.
How I've missed you.
[in English] Time to talk business.
Bruce, take your plate
and go sit by the TV.
I think Bruce should stay.
Bruce is not part of this.
Bruce will never be part of this.
Bruce has proven that he's useful.
Not typical, but useful.
Uh If me listening increases my risk
of being tortured and-slash-or killed,
then, no, I am super not useful.
And, TK, you go too.
No listening to what we're saying.
[Bruce sighs]
A piece of willow tree
wrapped in yellow gauze was sent to Yuan.
That means Sleepy Chan will meet.
He's bringing his son, Drowsy Lee,
and his crew along with him.
Sleepy is one
of the most powerful Triad ghosts.
A meeting like this is historic.
Hasn't happened in over 20 years.
You ripped down his pants when
you made a mess of his seafood man in L.A.
Now his naked ass
is hanging out for everyone to see.
He has to accept the Square.
Sorry, what's a Square?
- [Mama] I said no listening.
- Sorry.
- We're, like, three feet away!
- A Square is a Triad meeting.
Like two triangles make a square.
[laughs] Geometry's crazy, dude.
How do we know he's not coming to kill us?
- Making a move at a Square is off-limits.
- But not unprecedented.
With respect, probably not a good idea
for Sun Tai Tai to be there.
Like, what if this was
what Sleepy wanted all along?
Get her out in the open and terminate her.
- Why would they wanna take out Mom?
- It doesn't matter.
I am going.
Anyone that wants to get to my mother
has to go through me. She's going.
Everything has to be very organized,
down to the last detail.
Neutral ground. Indoors. Detached building
at least 300 feet from the next building.
Multiple exits and an open rooftop.
He's already proven
he likes to blow shit up.
[tense music playing]
Um Ka Spa would work.
- It's this 24-hour Korean spa.
- [sighs]
You have to change into
these terrible Ka Spa shorts and sandals,
so no one can sneak any weapons in.
And and fighting in sandals
must be impossible.
I hooped in flip-flops once.
- That's it.
- Ah, it just tore my feet up.
- Go to your room.
- Okay.
[Blood Boots] This is actually perfect.
Full of civilians. It's bright.
And the food looks pretty good.
[TK] And
thank the Lord for Terrence Kang.
Terrence Kang.
TK. It's my real name.
This spot is
right in the cleavage of K-Town.
Which means all y'all Chinese folks
are so damn lucky
to have a friend
from the land of the morning calm.
The crew that runs that area are my boys.
I can set up a meeting
so that we can make sure it's all good.
I'd feel a lot more comfortable
knowing we have their blessing.
Right on. Bruce and I
will go talk to them tomorrow.
No, you will go talk to them.
Bruce will go to school.
- [Bruce] Huh.
- [sighs]
[phone chimes]
It's from Sleepy's son, Drowsy Lee.
Sleepy Chan has landed in L.A.
[ominous music playing]
[Bruce] I know my mom told you to be here,
but I can look after myself.
[Blood Boots] You're right.
If your mum tells me to watch you,
then I'm watching you.
Do you always do whatever my mom says?
Well, between you and me, she was
the real brains of the Jade Dragons.
Me? I don't like to think too much.
It was nice for someone smart to tell me
what to do, because she's always right.
[woman] Next?
- [clears throat] Hey
- No. No way.
- Come on!
- Mm-mmm.
Please! I have enough
to back pay for the whole semester.
You're what we like to call "in arrears."
Do you know what that means?
- No?
- It means get out. Next.
You're kicking me out?
That is
I'm Korean.
Exactly. You're
you're probably punishing me
for my ancestors' war crimes
against your ancestors.
And, hey, if so,
for the record, we are sorry
Bruce, you've been late
on every single payment.
And you'll probably be late
next semester. And next semester.
- And the next semester
- We will pay for three semesters up-front.
[suspenseful music playing]
Keep the change.
- [Bruce laughs]
- And, uh we are sorry.
It's water under the bridge.
[in Korean] We are sorry.
[Bruce chuckles] Oh!
[in English] Dude! That was awesome!
Man, look at this place.
- Ah!
- All the fresh air, and the learning.
What is that smell?
Churros. There's a guy with a cart.
Ah! Hey.
Can I
can I ask your advice about something?
I think Charles wants me
to be at the Ka Spa meeting.
I know he does. You're his brother.
The family needs you.
Yeah, I get that, but
I don't want anything
to do with the shady life.
Except for when it pays
for your school in cash.
Okay, fair.
But my mom is pretty adamant
about me staying out of it.
A rock and a hard place.
But you said to always listen to my mom,
and she's always right.
Yeah, but so is Charles.
[sighs] Okay, well,
what if I just wanna do what I want?
We have a word for that in Taiwan.
Either way,
gotta choose for yourself, xiao di.
[sighs] It's not really my thing.
What? Being a man?
[Grace] Hey, Bruce!
She likes you.
- Have you asked her out yet?
- Uh Oh crap, she's coming our way.
- Please don't do anything embarrassing.
- You first.
[both giggle]
- [Grace] Hey, Bruce.
- [Bruce] Hey.
Hi. Who's your friend?
Uh He's my uncle.
Uncle Blood Boots.
- [chuckles]
- [man] Grace!
- Come on. Toss it back!
- [Grace laughs]
What are you doing?
He's just pissed
'cause I keep beating his ass.
You wanna walk the course?
- Uh
- Go ahead. I'll follow close behind.
- Okay. It's a little weird, but okay.
- [chuckles]
- I'm gonna grab my Frisbee real quick.
- Okay.
Huh. Okay!
Did your mom and brother tell you I met
them the other day? They're really nice.
- [Bruce] Really?
- [Grace] No. [laughs]
But I'm not gonna tell you
your family are dicks.
- Oh!
- [both laugh]
Okay. You're, like,
really good at this game.
- [chuckles] It's all in the wrists.
- [laughs]
[Blood Boots yells]
- [sighing]
- [Bruce] Uh
I I guess he thinks
it's a good time to stretch.
[laughs] My parents do that all the time.
Like lunges at the supermarket,
or hip thrusts in parking lots.
- It's actually a great use of idle time.
- Do you know that meme account
- Asians Exercising in Public! Yes!
- Ah! In Public!
[upbeat pop music playing]
- Wanna hang out sometime?
- Wanna follow each other on Insta
No! No, no, your thing. Let's do that.
- Okay.
- [both laugh]
Uh, I have this improv show tonight
at Groundlings if you wanna come.
I'm not on the team yet.
Uh, tonight is kind of a tryout.
I like the idea of something totally new
created by very talented people
who are risking everything
to make this world a happier place.
That is the most sincere description
of improv I think I've ever heard.
I also like that there's a potential
for total and life-altering humiliation.
- I'll see you tonight.
- Yeah. Doors open at 8:00.
- [buzzer sounds]
- [door opens]
[door closes]
[ominous music playing]
These were found
at that kid's birthday party.
And on some of the bodies
at the Sure Sure Club.
Something that differentiates friends
and foes once things get hectic.
[Alexis gasps] Shit, it's a QR code.
Could be some entry point into a network.
[sighs] Come on.
There's nothing.
Wait. There was a Huawei phone
from the Sure Sure scene. Let me see it.
I'll be super careful. I promise.
[Mark sighs]
[tense music playing]
I'll only give you the phone
if you put the bag down.
Okay, now I'm feeling harassed and judged.
Last time you came in eating those,
you got powder all over my desk.
I got it on my hands,
and when I went to take a leak,
it felt like
I was wearing a burning condom.
Yeah, and if anyone comes in here and sees
processed Korean fire dust everywhere,
they'll know I was the one who let you in
to see this stuff when I shouldn't have.
Ugh. This is trash. You
You're not making any friends
doing all of this, you know?
I hear your coworkers
are having to pick up your normal cases
while you chase this Triad thing.
Look, we both build cases, right?
We're just having a disagreement about
where the starting point is. Come on.
Ah, fuck, it's locked.
Absolutely not.
Mark that I'm taking this.
[suspenseful music playing]
[tense music playing]
[man] We're closed.
Annyeonghaseyo. The boss is expecting us.
[whispers] Come on.
All right, come on.
You sure you got this covered?
In SGV, you may be king.
These motherfuckers here are my boys.
Come on.
[in Korean] Hello, Boss!
I am Terrence Kang.
My brother used to do deliveries for you.
You know Jonathan?
Until he got arrested
selling stolen air conditioners
to undercover police.
Fuck! Your brother is a dumbass.
I hear you are a dumbass too?
[in English] I thought you said
you got this.
I I do.
[dramatic music playing]
[in Korean] No I mean,
I was just saying that you and me
we good, you know? Like, we down.
[boss] Bitch. No, we not down.
I said yes to this meeting
to show respect to the Jade Dragons.
[man] Smart play, Boss.
[boss] Long time no see, Drowsy Lee.
We wouldn't want to show disrespect
and stir the infamous Chairleg temper.
[in English] I didn't know
you spoke Korean, Drowsy.
I took two years when I studied at Oxford.
Mandarin, English, French,
and Russian will only get you so far.
Your hair looks perfect, Drowsy.
Like Ekin Cheng in Young and Dangerous.
You humble me.
You guys gonna
suck each other's dicks here,
or you want me to get you a room?
You speak English?
I was born in Pomona, dick face!
Brother of dumbass, who's also a dumbass,
said you want permission
to have a meeting at Ka Spa.
We need neutral ground.
- No weapons.
- No attention.
[tense music playing]
I don't want any Chinese bullshit.
You can have your Square in my territory,
but I want collateral
in case things go bullshit.
We can have cash in an escrow account
in half an hour. 200,000.
200,000 is asshole money to you.
You won't mind handing it over
if it means you get to fuck each other up
at my place.
I want human collateral.
- You can have him.
- What?
[stifling laughter]
Yes, perfect.
Dumbass stays with us.
Look, I don't wanna
be difficult or nothin',
but I feel my skills
are wasted if I'm just a hostage.
People like you, TK.
You'll keep everyone relaxed so I don't
have to worry about them at the meeting.
You're the only one I trust with this.
- Aye aye, captain.
- You gotta stop doing that.
Oh, right, sorry. Okay. Okay.
[tense music continues]
[Drowsy] Hey.
I'm sorry about your father.
Make sure you remember how to smoke.
[Charles snorts]
One final item.
Sleepy agrees to all of the terms.
Except one.
[Mama humming]
Did they agree to it?
Then we need to go over
the details again and then again.
Sleepy will ask for more than he deserves.
He's always been a piggy.
They agreed to everything
with one exception.
He said it would be an insult
to have a woman at the center
of such a historic meeting.
Maybe Xing was right.
It's too risky to have you there.
If anything was to happen to you,
all the Triads would align
to tear us apart.
I will go make dinner.
[crickets chirping]
[Charles, in Mandarin] Seize the day.
Decide your path.
Live in the moment.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
[in English] Oh yeah!
[Charles] Tonight, we live.
- I got us a hookup at a club called Leo.
- Wait, Leo?
Wh It's, like, harder to get in there
than to become an astronaut.
I heard some nights, it's empty because
no one cool enough to get in shows up.
- I'm coming.
- Absolutely not!
You have your show.
You promised me
to focus only on school and the improv.
It's just improv. No "the."
Yes, your clown show is so much
more important than family business.
Go memorize your lines.
- There are no lines.
- What show has no lines? Are you a mime?
It has no lines
because they make it up as they go along.
It's silly, but he likes it.
Well, I love silly. If he likes it too,
then I wanna be there to support xiao di.
- Really?
- I wanna see your show.
- Will it be like Hamilton?
- She's obsessed.
No, it's not Hamilton.
Hey, yo, I'm just like my country
I'm young, scrappy, and hungry ♪
And I'm not throwin' away my shot ♪
I'mma get a scholarship
To King's College ♪
- What is happening?
- But, dang, I amaze and astonish ♪
[Blood Boots laughs]
Look at us.
All supporting Bruce.
[in Mandarin] Mrs. Sun, get dressed.
[in English] No, the improv isn't for me.
I don't like anything
that happens without a plan.
I'm gonna go and play mahjong,
and see if
Sleepy's soldiers talk too much.
- [in Mandarin] Mrs. Sun.
- [Mama chuckles]
[in English] Always looking
to get the advantage.
[Blood Boots sighs]
You had no choice.
[man] Welcome to the Groundlings Theater.
- [cheering and applause]
- Please, silence your cellphones.
Ah! Welcome, everyone,
to the Groundlings Theater!
- Thank you!
- Woo-hoo!
Thank you so much for coming.
To kick us off, can I get
a one-word suggestion from the audience?
- Purple!
- Beyoncé!
Monkey! Raccoon!
Raccoon! I like it.
Let's see where it goes.
Hey, Mom.
Can I keep this pet I found in the forest?
No, you cannot keep another raccoon.
We've got ten squirrels
[sounds fade]
[muffled laughter]
[quiet, ominous music playing]
[clears throat]
[music intensifying]
[sounds return]
It's day 700.
We've developed a raccoon potion.
We've exterminated the human population.
Long live the raccoons!
- Long live the raccoons!
- [somber ambient music playing]
[sounds fade]
[man] Purple!
[all chittering]
- [Blood Boots] You were amazing, xiao di.
- Really?
- My man.
- Ah! Thanks.
Not enough rapping.
Okay. Noted.
Hey! I'm sorry, can I borrow him?
- Okay, Bruce?
- [Bruce] Oh.
- [clears throat]
- Hey
- Hmm?
- I, uh
I don't know how else
to tell you this, but, uh
we want you on the team.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- Yes!
- Are you sure?
Because improv isn't a hobby.
It's a lifestyle. We meet every day.
There's a corporate gig tomorrow morning.
Are you free?
Uh yeah! No, totally! [chuckles]
- I'm, uh free as a bird!
- Okay. Right answer.
We leave at 5:00 a.m.
It's three hours away.
- Okay.
- Hey. Hi!
- Hey!
- Sorry.
- You were hilarious.
- Oh, thank you!
I, um I forgot to get you flowers,
so I got you a drink.
Ah! How did you know I love drink?
Um, speaking of drink,
we're all headed out to Leo.
You should come with us.
- I'll go.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Oh my God!
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Perfect!
- Cool!
- Right now? Okay.
- Yeah, I'm parked outside.
Okay! [chuckles]
[in Mandarin] Ah, youth, my brother.
Remember those days?
["Raingurl" by Yaeji playing]
Make it rain, make it rain, girl
Make it rain ♪
Make it rain, girl, make it rain
Make it rain, girl ♪
Make it rain, make it rain, girl
Make it rain ♪
Make it rain, girl, make it rain
Make it rain, girl ♪
Make it rain, make it rain, girl
Make it rain ♪
Make it rain, girl, make it ♪
- [woman] Whoo!
- What if it's just me? ♪
[Bruce] Yeah, that's it! Let's dance!
Yes! Yes!
As real as it can be ♪
Hey! Hey, what's the deal with Mom?
And and everyone trying to protect her
like she's the queen on a chessboard?
You need to decide who you are.
You can't enjoy free bottle service
and having your tuition paid for
if you're not gonna do your part.
Mom would kill me if I went.
You had no problem lying to Mom
about improv because that was for you.
What would I even do at this Square?
Our father may never recover.
That means every burden
might eventually be mine.
I'm going to need people I can trust.
Your eyes have been opened,
but you need to open them wider.
Protecting the family is everything.
How is me,
a freaking medical student,
at a historically dangerous
meeting of skilled criminals,
protecting me?
Like, I'm "the family" too, you know?
I won't let anything happen to you.
I don't want to be a gangster.
I'm just asking you to be my brother.
Hey! Hey, you've been sitting here
for way too long. Come on!
["Risky Business" by Zhu playing]
Your double eyelids.
They're deep as hell.
[laughs] Are they real or fake?
- These lids are 100% au naturel, baby.
- Oh, man.
- [chuckles]
- You're lucky. I use eyelid tape.
That's nuts!
You wanna see it?
Oh wow.
Which version of me do you like better?
I like both!
What's the deal with your family?
Uncle Blood Boots.
Comped bottle service at Leo.
You and your brother seem like you grew up
in completely different houses.
It's complicated. Would it be okay
if we didn't talk about it?
Yeah, of course.
I'm just saying,
you seem different from them.
Like you're your own person.
In a good way.
- My eye
- What?
My eyelid tape was on your chin.
- Oh! Oh shit.
- Sorry.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
[both giggling]
[line ringing]
This is Alexis Kong. Leave a message.
- [bleep]
- Alexis.
Just saying hi.
- [music playing]
- [Charles] Just saying hi.
[phone vibrates]
[woman] Ms. Kong, we're ready for you.
- [Bruce] Oh, that smells so good. Ah!
- [Blood Boots laughs]
Man, tonight was the best!
We should go out like this all the time.
Nah, xiao di.
We only party like this
before a big Triad event
in case one of us
doesn't survive tomorrow.
If you do come tomorrow,
make sure you stand up straight.
- Shoulders back like you give a fuck.
- Mmm.
Do you think my dad would like me?
You're his son.
Big Sun has no memory.
He has no expectations.
He likes men who take action
if that action serves him,
and he hates men
who take action if it gets in his way.
[in Spanish] Thank you.
[quiet ambient music playing]
[in Mandarin] You have liked
to make everything neat
before going to bed
since you were a child.
[in English] If you discover
that it's Sleepy Chan
who has been behind all this,
if he shot your father,
set people after us,
and signaled war on our name
I know this meeting was made in peace,
but you know
exactly what you must do tomorrow.
Take action
and end this.
If Sleepy Chan was responsible,
he won't leave there alive.
- These are all from this week?
- There's a whole other room with more.
[sighs] Jesus.
So, um is this legal?
Trying to open someone's phone postmortem?
There's no invasion of privacy
for the dead.
- I just need one goddamn match.
- [dings]
Tell me about it.
[laughs] I'm on Hinge all day.
And Tinder. And Coffee Meets Bagel.
I only match with freaks with Indian
fetishes, or worse, coroner fetishes.
Sorry, I don't get to talk
to that many people.
Oh, let me get those for you.
All those gross fetish dudes remind me
that even if I find the love of my life,
I'll never really know
if they like me for me.
It's dehumanizing.
Right. [sighs]
When I match with an Asian fetish freak,
I just lean into it.
Just chat with them
until their grossest shit comes out,
- then post it online.
- [chimes]
Oh my God!
[phone chimes]
You did all this for a chat room?
What? Fuck! No
Mark, I connected to their network.
- Something happening at Ka Spa at 6:00.
- Slow down.
- Get a whole unit there now.
- Not based on a guess from a deputy DA.
- It's not a guess. I saw it!
- I believe you. I don't have authority.
- I can swing by
- Oh, for fuck's sakes. I'll do it myself.
[dramatic music playing]
[man grunting in pain]
[keys jangle]
[attacker yells]
[tires squealing]
[phone vibrates]
I don't know if I'm choosing to be here
or doing what I think you want me to do.
Doesn't matter.
I don't wanna die, though.
You're not gonna die today.
[Bruce sighs]
[in Mandarin] Brother.
If things go wrong today,
you look after Bruce and my mother first.
Don't worry about me
or anything else, understood?
The Sun family will always be my family.
[tense music playing]
[in English] Only Charles.
Everyone else can fuck off.
These are the new rules.
Where's my brother?
He'll be fine
if you do what I say.
If anything funny happens,
kill them all
but leave this one for me.
[Drowsy] Hmm!
Who is this?
What the shit? What the
What? Who who are you?
Who Wh
[Charles] Hello? Who's there?
Charles? Is that you?
I'm here. Just
Are you okay?
What's going on?
[man, in Mandarin]
If he doesn't tempt fate,
the god, Guan Yu, will be with him.
[in English] Hey
hey, I think it's Sleepy.
Oh yeah. He does look kinda sleepy.
Uh, and I'm in a room
with a bunch of pits,
uh, filled with clay balls.
Oh, uh, no, thanks.
I don't I don't smoke.
No, no. It's an old tradition.
They want to use you as a negotiator.
Grab it with your index
and middle finger of your right hand only.
Okay. Um
Then press your knuckles into his thumb.
Then put the cigarette into your pocket.
Okay. Uh
Right. Right.
Oh shit.
Okay. Um
- [sighs]
- Did you do it? Did he nod?
Yep. Yeah, he's got great neck muscles.
[in Mandarin] Know the person,
not the heart.
[in English] What is he saying?
I can't hear.
[in Mandarin] This idiot is merely
a buffer, so listen.
[in English] Something about idiots?
And listening to Dad's
[in Mandarin] I'm not responsible
for your father.
Flies can never infest
an egg without cracks.
[in English] Dad To Dad
Uh Dad's eggs.
God damn it, Bruce.
Why would it be [sighs]
When viewed horizontally,
Mount Lu looks like a range.
Along the ridge, it is a peak.
When viewed from various angles,
Mount Lu looks different.
One can't see the true face of Mount Lu.
Because one is in Mount Lu.
[in English] Mountains!
Okay, he's talking about mountains.
[Sleepy] But I am not in the mountain.
- He's saying the word mountain a lot.
- Bruce, focus.
[in Mandarin] To understand
our true enemy is to
Our true enemies are understanding the
Luo Luo.
[in English] Uh, wh Um, sorry
What what was the last word? LOL?
- LOL?
- [Charles] Bruce!
[in Mandarin] I've traveled all this way
to tell you we have a shared enemy,
Little Sun.
One that is both old and new
and will put us all at risk
if we do not fight together.
- [in English] We must fight to, um
- [rustling]
[screams] Oh! Oh!
[in English] Oh! Help!
[Bruce wailing]
- Bruce? Bruce!
- [Bruce] Help! Help! Help!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Bruce] Oh my God! Ah!
Fuck! Fuck!
Oh God!
Charles, be careful!
- Bruce, get out of here!
- What about you?
Go to Blood Boots now!
[in Mandarin] Fuck.
[Boccherini's "Minuet" playing]
[Bruce yelling]
We're all gonna die!
- Where's Charles?
- He told me to find you and get out!
[Bruce yelping]
[in Mandarin] These are not my guys.
Bring it on, then!
[in English] Oh shit!
How's my hair look?
Like Ekin Cheng.
- [clang]
- [groans]
[Bruce screaming]
Come on!
Leave one alive to question!
[Xing chuckles]
- [Bruce mumbling]
- [Xing] Ha! Come on.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Charles!
- Don't worry about me! Go!
- Who do you work for?
- [laughs]
What do the red ribbons mean?
[in Mandarin]
The riddance of evil must be thorough.
[in English] Fuck.
[sirens approaching]
[ominous music playing]
[music ends]
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