The Brothers Sun (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

The Rolodex

Authorities have the situation
here in Koreatown under control
but they ask that residents stay alert.
They described the scene
inside the Ka Spa as a massacre.
And authorities have confirmed
that an international gang leader
was among the casualties tod
- [sighs]
- [gasps]
- Sleepy Chan's dead.
- You were there?
- Where's Charles?
- He's not here?
Last time I saw him,
he was fighting near the exit.
You didn't help? Are you sure
he made it out? Was he arrested?
- [sighs]
- Sun Tai Tai, he told us to go.
- To make sure you were safe.
- [sighs] Charles killed Sleepy Chan.
- Now all Sleepy's allies will come for us.
- What?
Charles didn't kill Sleepy.
These killers came out
from underneath those little clay balls
and stabbed the shit out of him.
[Xing] Sleepy Chan's guys
were as confused as we were.
Assholes swarmed out of nowhere.
They were waiting for us.
So Charles was wrong.
Our true enemies
haven't revealed themselves yet.
Sleepy said the same thing.
He was talking weird stuff about us having
to work together before they killed him.
- They used Bruce as the go-between.
- [Mama] No!
Which was a terrible idea,
because my Mandarin sucks.
[sighs] Okay.
What did he say to you exactly?
Have you ever spoken to Sleepy Chan?
He talks like Chinese Shakespeare.
I got maybe two words out of ten,
but the last thing he said
was that our enemies want
- La laughter.
- Laughter?
Yeah, he said "LOL."
LOL. Which is weird, because you're not
really supposed to say L-O-L out loud.
- LOL.
- LOL.
[sighs] I think I have an idea
what this is really about,
but I need to see someone to be sure.
You're not going alone!
Xing has to watch you.
[in Mandarin] No, I'm not babysitting him.
- [in English] Bruce has to go to school.
- What? No, no! No, no, no. Okay, I
[sighs] I need a mental health day.
Stop being a baby.
This isn't like you sending me
to school with chicken pox
to preserve my perfect attendance record.
Which she did do, by the way.
Charles is missing.
I wanna help find him.
I want you to be safe.
Don't you care about how I feel?
- [Bruce sighs]
- Sun Tai Tai, I'll go with you.
Kai Wen, I need you to go find Charles.
I have to do this alone.
And if I'm right, this will all be fine.
- And what if you're wrong?
- [scoffs]
When have I ever been wrong?
[ominous music playing]
[muffled, pulsating thumping sounds]
[muffled thumping and rattling]
[muffled thumping intensifies]
[distorted moaning]
[muffled thumping and rattling
speeding up]
[sounds become clear]
[quiet ambient music playing]
- [keys jingle]
- [lock turns]
- [sirens approaching]
- [groaning]
- [Alexis] Charles, get in!
- [grunts]
[breathing shakily]
[Alexis] It's me.
Your stomach looks
more impressive when you're upright.
- All right, why don't we try resting?
- [groans]
[Alexis] Come here.
All right. Come on. Here.
[both sigh]
I got you shrimp chips.
Do you have any men's clothes here?
- Why would I have that?
- I don't know.
Ex-boyfriend left them behind?
- I need to go.
- Charles.
You have no clothes.
You're covered in blood.
You don't know
where you are or where you're going.
Which means that, at least for now,
you're stuck here with me, Xiao Pang Pang.
[siren whoops]
[Alexis] Jesus, Charles. Calm down.
- No one knows you're here.
- I need to check on my family.
All right, so call them.
I don't have my phone.
It's in a locker in Ka Spa.
Okay, I can go check on them.
What's their address?
I don't know it, and if I did,
I wasn't gonna give it to you.
Charles, I'm not the enemy.
Talk to me and I can help you.
You know there are rules in my world.
You don't question orders.
You don't sleep with another man's wife,
and you never, ever talk to cops.
[Alexis] It's not like
you're the only one in danger.
- I was attacked too.
- What?
- By who?
- Right outside of the morgue.
Some dude jumped me.
It was after I started
looking into those red ribbons,
which means he was with the assholes
who've been after you,
which means you and I
are looking for the same assholes.
How did you get away?
Spicy Korean noodles.
To the eyes.
That's a first, even for me.
What are you doing?
I'm making [in Mandarin]
stir-friend tomato with eggs.
[in English] We used to eat it
when we were kids, remember?
Yeah, but it didn't look like that.
You're cutting the tomato
in, like the worst angle,
If you turn the heat down,
the eggs cook more evenly.
I think.
[quiet, tense music playing]
I need you to go and get my phone.
I can't go.
There could be cops all over the place.
Which would make your phone evidence,
which means I would be
obstructing justice if I got it for you.
Yes, but if they get to it before I do,
they're gonna see your name
at the top of my messages.
Those texts are pretty incriminating,
don't you think?
What? I don't cook a lot.
[Charles chuckles]
Flirting with a criminal
at the center of your big case.
Hell of a story.
Press would be all over that,
don't you think?
Might even get you kicked off
if it goes to trial.
If I do this,
you have to stay here and rest.
Don't come up with some genius plan
while I'm gone and blast out of here.
I'm taking a risk having you in my home.
Why didn't you turn me in to the police?
if those red ribbon assholes
knew that I was coming after them,
then they could find out
that the police had you in custody alone,
unarmed, and in your cell.
You're here 'cause you're my friend
and I don't want you to get hurt.
Did you just move?
three years ago.
[Charles sighs]
Clean yourself up while I'm gone,
all right?
You look bad. [sighs]
I mean, you look good, too, but
you look bad. [sighs]
[keys jingle]
- [door opens]
- Hey, Alexis?
My phone is in locker 42.
[woman] This is an animation
of a cell dividing into two by mitosis.
Mitosis is the process by which
a cell divides its genetic material
- [whispers] You heard from Blood Boots?
- [lecturer]into two identical copies.
- Ultimately, into two daughter cells.
- [sighs]
[lecturer] At the start of the process,
structures called centrosomes
What do you think happened to TK?
Do we need to go find him?
[lecturer] The nuclear membrane dissolves
I'm sure he's fine.
[TK whimpering]
[sobbing] Please. Please.
Please help.
[lecturer]center of the cell
Do you think Charles is okay?
If anyone's gonna make it out
of this alive, it's someone like Chairleg.
- How do you know?
- Because I'm someone like that too.
[lecturer]opposite ends of the cell
by microtubules along the mitotic spindle
Am I someone like that?
[lecturer] Nuclear membranes
then form around the two daughter nuclei
- No.
- [student] Sh!
- [lecturer]chromosomes decondense
- Sorry.
[lecturer]which is called telophase.
I can't stop thinking about
that conversation with Sleepy Chan.
Why would he say that the key is laughter?
It makes him sound like
a white mom's kitchen decoration.
You're sure he said laughter?
He said they want LOL.
Then he got stabbed.
Like I said, I don't think he understands
you're not supposed to actually say it.
Idiot. He wasn't saying L-O-L.
He was saying luo luo.
Luo luo de ke shi. It means "Rolodex."
He was saying they want your mom.
Your mother's nickname is the Rolodex.
[tense music playing]
[lively conversations in Mandarin]
[Mama sighs]
Uh Okay, then send.
- Eileen!
- Lao Hong.
Ten minutes late, gu niang.
Now, normally,
I'd have to, uh turn you away, but, pfft
if you're here to book a trip with me,
then maybe I can forgive the tardiness.
How about it, huh?
I've got a special right now.
Bam. Three-night stay
at Waikiki Beach. Hilton.
Champagne. Breakfast.
All included.
All right.
- Or are you interested
- [sighs]
in somethin' else?
Definitely not that Waikiki trip,
you old crook.
I know they're only good off season.
I'm sure you heard about
the group that attacked Ka Spa.
They must have purchased their weapons
from you or someone you know.
Oh, Eileen. Come on, I
Ah, these are new faces.
I don't [sighs]
I don't know these people.
I want you to help me set up a meeting.
I want to talk peace.
Oh, Eileen. You [laughs]
[chuckling] You are full of fortune
today, aren't you?
They came to me a few days ago,
asking to reach out to them
if you ever came to me.
Now, who am I to stand between
two lovers who want to be together?
[tense music continues]
Forgive me, Eileen.
The reward was too high,
and I'm a coward.
[tense music continues]
[Bruce] What the hell?
Something isn't right.
My mom should've answered by now.
[Xing] Didn't you just send the text?
Yeah, but I sent a ton before class,
and she hasn't read any of them. See?
My mother does that all the time.
My texting with her is five years
of me wishing her a happy birthday
and her not replying.
Do you wanna, like, talk about it?
Uh, okay. Um
If my mother is the key to all of this,
like you said,
shouldn't we be
extra worried about her going silent?
[sighs] Your mother knows
what she's doing. Just trust her.
I just found out that my mom's
gang nickname is the Rolodex,
like she's a kind of
offbeat Batman villain.
- You want me to trust her?
- Yes!
Hey, Bruce! Hey.
- [Bruce] Oh.
- Hi, Xing.
I love how Bruce brings
a different buddy to school every day.
[chuckles awkwardly]
- You okay?
- Uh, yeah. Um
How how are you?
My eyelid tape has been on your chin.
You can tell me stuff.
I'm just, uh,
kind of worried about my mom.
She's not missing or anything,
but she's, like, mom missing?
It's been an hour
and she hasn't responded to any texts?
- Exactly.
- Do you want me to help you find her?
- You're the nicest person I've ever met.
- Oh gosh, I hope not.
- [Grace chuckles]
- Oh shit.
It's Taylor.
I I kind of blew off,
like, an improv gig this morning.
Can you distract him so I can run?
- I can't deal with this.
- Of course.
He's an actor. I'll tell him
how great he is, and he'll stop caring.
- Okay.
- Keep me posted about Mom.
[Taylor] Bruce!
- Hey! Bruce! I see you!
- [Grace] Taylor! Hi!
If I were you,
I would've had sex with her already.
Multiple times.
- We have to go find my mom.
- You don't know where she is.
I know people who will.
Where the hell is Charles?
[man 1] Is it done?
No. He remains in perfect health.
[man 1] That's a pity, dear boy.
I'm sure by now
you're aware failure is not an option.
[dramatic music playing]
- [theme music playing]
- What? I have to wait?
[switches TV off]
["This Strange Effect"
by The Shacks playing]
You've got a strange effect on me ♪
And I like it ♪
You've got a strange effect on me ♪
And I like it ♪
You make my world seem right ♪
You make the darkness brighter ♪
Oh, yes, you've got
A strange effect on me ♪
- And I like it ♪
- [groans]
Yes, you've got
A strange effect on me ♪
And I like it ♪
[man] Do you know who this is?
[ominous music playing]
For years,
Triads have purposefully
been set up in this secret way,
so that no one knows
who anyone actually is.
The true identity of the Triad heads
are unknown from everyone,
including the heads themselves.
It's layers upon layers
of mystery and proxies.
But after decades of secrecy,
one person managed to figure it all out.
And here she is.
Luo luo de ke shi.
The Rolodex.
[chuckles softly]
I can't imagine.
It must have been a great burden.
All these years,
knowing every Triad in the world
wanted you dead
because you knew their secrets.
- But
- [taps table]
you're welcome.
I'm here to lift
that weight from your shoulders.
We figured out a few ourselves.
I hear your husband's still holding on.
Tough son of a bitch.
We just want your help
in listing these people.
Then we'll let you go.
We have no interest
in hurting an old woman.
You only found me because I wanted you to.
That's why I went to Hong.
He would betray his own mother.
He even got her to buy
one of those offseason Waikiki packages.
Cheap suits,
tattoos that practically beg
cops to associate you,
and tea
that I wouldn't serve to a dog
living on a street.
And you had the idea
that you could outsmart me?
I'm not your prisoner.
I'm here to negotiate.
So go get me some good tea,
and then we can talk.
Oh shit.
[gentle piano music playing]
[Crystelle] The more I look at them,
the more I'm not happy.
[Jürgen] Neat enough, I think.
[Noel] Bakers, your time is up.
[Giuseppe] Oh yeah, just a second.
[timer beeping]
[Prue] I think that's sensational.
- [Jürgen] Thank you!
- [Prue] Textures are absolutely perfect.
Because it's very striking,
and it's absolutely delicious.
It's a little bit of genius.
[Paul] I've never had
anything like that before.
I don't know what it smells like
when angels have sex,
but I'm guessing it doesn't smell
far off from what it smells like in here.
Do angels have sex?
If someone bakes for them
like this, they do.
May I?
I used to have these
at my a-ma's all the time.
These are way better. [laughs]
It's dead.
- Do you have a charger?
- For a flip phone?
No. Haven't you ever heard of an iPhone?
Oh, relax.
- We can order one on Postmates.
- Did you have trouble getting it?
Just had to sneak it out
of an FBI evidence truck.
- No biggie.
- FBI?
Yeah, they said it went federal when
a high-level Triad boss was assassinated.
That makes no sense.
It's been, like, what? Four hours?
No way they would have
ID'd Sleepy that fast.
He would've been
traveling with a fake passport,
flown in economy
to avoid drawing attention.
He'd be just another
traveling businessman to them.
Just telling you what I heard.
The only way they'd know who he is
is if someone tipped them off.
Like someone in the Triads?
Do your father and the guy who was killed
have shared enemies?
That could pull this off?
Our societies don't work like this.
It's all about stealth.
No, whoever is doing this
is operating outside the system.
Can you get me names
of any notable Asian businessmen
who had violent deaths
in the past two months?
Wow. I just wanna point out that
us working together is your idea.
This isn't working together.
You're helping me.
- I'm not giving you anything.
- Those Triad rules seemed pretty absolute.
It's a nuanced situation.
- You don't know Triad rules.
- Okay.
According to the Triad rules,
which you don't know, this is fine.
I have a friend in Interpol
that I can ask.
Oh, I almost forgot. [clears throat]
I figured you needed new clothes,
but your taste is really expensive.
So I got you
what I can afford on a deputy DA salary.
You're very welcome.
[woman] Hmm.
[nostalgic jazz playing]
- Hey, Bruce! Bruce!
- Bruce!
Hey! Ah!
[all shouting greetings]
[in Mandarin] Hello, everyone!
- He brought a beautiful woman!
- He's a player!
[in English] You know
I only have eyes for you, Ayi.
[all laughing] Oh!
Is your mother dead?
I wish. Why?
'Cause she must be in order
to let you wear outfit like that.
Oh, let her be.
- She's so pretty, but she ruin it.
- Come on.
[in Mandarin] She's so strong!
She must eat a lot of meat.
[in English] Oh, you must be hungry.
You want to eat?
No way. We're not falling for that.
Ah! We would be here all day.
Not that I would mind.
[laughs] So good.
But we we do need to find my mom.
Do you have any idea where she might be?
[in Mandarin]
I haven't seen her for a while.
I saw her last week.
[in Engish] She went to talk to Hong.
- Oh no.
- [all scoff]
- Who's Hong?
- [Rebecca] He's a salesman.
He sells
bad vacation packages and weapons,
but he has a lot of information.
He's at the market. Back corner.
But don't buy anything from him,
especially the Waikiki package.
- Yeah.
- It's only good off season.
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
You all give the best advice.
Your sons are so lucky.
[all laughing]
[in Mandarin] Thanks, Auntie.
- Bye-bye!
- Come again.
[Bruce, in English] Goodbye.
A gu niang like that,
he must pound like a bull.
[all giggling]
[ominous music playing]
[Mama] Ah.
Much better.
[in Mandarin] The salt I've eaten is
more than the rice you've eaten.
[in English] You kids
always fighting for power,
wealth, and blah blah blah.
Forget the list and your plans,
and I'll cut you a deal.
The Jade Dragons will take over
Sleepy Chan's businesses in Taiwan,
but we're not interested in Los Angeles.
You leave my family alone
and you can have all his operations here.
Drugs, animals,
[sighs] Everybody makes money.
We would rather see your money burn
than use it.
Don't understand.
What do you want?
Who are you?
We're the Boxers.
What the hell is that?
Okay, thanks.
They said they'd look into it,
but it's a lot of data to go through,
so it should take a couple of hours.
I see you went through my stuff.
I could have you arrested for that.
Stop it.
Who's the letter from?
[Alexis] It's, um
it's from one
of the first cases I prosecuted.
This guy got caught dealing.
Nothing crazy,
but the letter's from his kid.
He asked me
not to send his father to jail.
May have been an asshole,
but apparently
he was also a fantastic father.
So, what'd you do?
I asked for leniency.
Then the guy got out of jail
and murdered someone.
The letter's a reminder
to never get sentimental.
The job is the job, and it needs
to be done right no matter what.
- What?
- You and I are still a lot alike.
[timer beeping]
[Alexis] Wow.
When we were growing up,
you hung out at our house all the time.
I thought you liked being around me, but
now I think
you just liked how normal it all was.
I started baking when I was 16.
Broke my hip in a fall.
Wasn't much use to anyone.
I don't think Ba said
six words to me while I was healing.
One of the old ayis took pity on me
and would wheel me into the kitchen.
We'd bake and talk.
[in Mandarin] Cream buns.
Sun cake.
Taro buns.
[in Mandarin] Before I knew it,
the day was gone.
For a little while,
I was happy.
She was like a mom to you.
These are really, really good.
Whatever happened to you, I [shudders]
I'm sorry.
[passionate music playing]
[music fades]
Okay. Right. Uh
Let me talk to them. These
these old guys prefer to talk with a man.
Let me know when one shows up.
You've been a real dick to me all day.
Because I don't wanna be here,
and you have no idea what you're doing.
I don't wanna be here either!
I like improv.
Okay? I don't like guns and silence
and guys who hide
under clay balls until they stab people.
But I need to help my mom,
and, like it or not,
I'm a G.
Blood Boots told me I was,
and he has a nose for G's,
so he would know.
Excuse me.
- Are you Hong?
- I don't care if it's same day.
No refunds!
I'm looking for my mother,
Eileen Sun.
[clears throat]
And which brother are you, huh?
The killer or the dipshit?
Don't answer. I can already tell.
She's not here.
Oh, whoa! Okay, okay!
Calm down there, buddy.
Tell me where my mother is. Tell me!
[laughing loudly]
[wet thump]
- Oh shit!
- [whimpers]
- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- [yells]
- I am so sorry!
- [Xing] Why did you do that?
It I didn't mean to!
You went straight from
asking him once to impaling his hand?
- It was an accident!
- [wails]
I am really sorry.
Let me just pull it out. Okay.
- [screams]
- Ohh, okay
Okay. All right. I am so sorry.
She's not here! She came to me earlier,
wanting me to set up
a meeting with someone.
- She left with them!
- Who did she want to meet?
You don't wanna know.
[Bruce] Ooh!
- [screams]
- [Bruce whimpers]
Who did she leave with,
and who did she want to meet?
It doesn't matter!
If she left with them,
she's probably already dead!
- [dramatic music playing]
- [phone rings]
- [in Mandarin] Did you find him?
- No, I followed Mama Sun instead.
Didn't she tell you to find Charles?
Damn it!
Charles can handle himself.
He told me to protect Mama Sun.
I can't just let her
be out there by herself.
[in English] She left the market
with a group of red ribbon guys.
It didn't look like she was in trouble.
She got into the car herself.
I followed them
to some kind of abandoned building.
Things seemed okay, but I started
seeing armed men coming in and out.
Where are you? Describe it to me.
There's a giant laundry sign
with a bear in a suit?
That's, like, five minutes away.
- We'll be right there.
- Nah, don't come yet.
The building's well guarded.
I counted ten men, all armed.
We can blast our way in,
but we'll need six men.
Half will need machine guns,
preferably ARs adapted to full-auto.
Also, six ounces of C-4
with remote detonators.
And a Humvee, but that's optional.
- Uh Can you see her? Is she still alive?
- I don't know.
But they're not gonna hurt an old lady.
I'll scout to find the best way in.
[in Mandarin] God damn it.
[in English] Meet you under the sign
in 20 minutes.
[cocks gun]
- Hong sells guns, right?
- Yes, but I have a better idea.
- Where are we going?
- To get bigger guns.
[ominous music playing]
We attacked Charles
to bring Big Sun out of hiding.
Then, when we got to your husband,
we knew Charles would lead us to you.
This is a waste of everyone's time.
You think
I haven't been interrogated before?
I lasted 16 days of questioning
shackled to a tiger chair
in a police station.
I gave them nothing.
But two of my interrogators
ended up in a mental institution.
Wow, so we should just kill you?
[chuckles] No.
My information is too important for you,
and you're all nice boys.
You don't want to kill an old lady.
[eerie music playing]
[inhales] You're right.
We're not gonna kill an old woman.
But we can't let you go
until you tell us the names.
Okay, then we'll just sit here.
What should we do for dinner?
But we have
no problem killing someone else.
[man] Bring him up.
[door opens]
[door closes]
We caught him trying
to sneak in and save you.
Someone you care about.
Start writing or we'll kill him.
[in Mandarin]
I told you to look for Charles.
I couldn't let you go by yourself.
[emotional music playing]
You know I can't give them what they want.
I know.
The Sun family will always be my family.
[in English] I won't do it.
Then this is on you.
[high-pitched ringing]
Give us what we want
or your sons are next.
I dare you to go after Charles.
[scoffs] Who said anything
about Charles, huh?
You go anywhere near Bruce,
there will be nowhere on Earth
you will be safe again.
Maybe we find
some other way to get you talking.
I said we wouldn't kill you.
- But I can definitely hurt you.
- She's just an old lady. You
We need the names!
[door opens]
[man 1] Whoa.
- Oh. Bruce!
- [man 2] How'd you get in?
[man 3] Uh, Steve?
[Mrs. Liu, in Mandarin] My God.
- What are they doing here?
- Where is Eileen?
- [in English] What the hell? Hey! Hey!
- [in Mandarin] This place is a bit scary.
[in English] What's going on here?
Where is Eileen?
[in Mandarin] Who are your parents?
I know your mother!
- [in English] What do we do?
- [man 4] I don't know.
- [in Mandarin] Who is this?
- You bastard!
Hurry up, so scary!
- Come on!
- Hurry up.
- Hurry up!
- So scary!
- Come on!
- Hurry up!
[in English] We have to go.
- Bruce, we have to go.
- [sobs] We
- We can't leave him.
- [Mama] There's no time. Come on.
- [man 3] Are we going after them?
- [door closes]
What the hell?
We just let them go like this? Come on.
[phone vibrating]
She got away.
But we still got what we needed.
We know her weakness.
It's Bruce.
The Rock is literally five seconds away
from becoming the Raw champ.
And then Stone Cold Steve Austin
flies in and clotheslines him.
- What?
- [laughs]
- That's crazy.
- I know.
And they were teammates.
- Oh, wow.
- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]
- That's the drama.
- No wonder you're so into it.
- [laughs]
[phone chimes]
Your phone charger's here.
It can wait.
[phone rings]
- Don't.
- Okay. [laughs]
- Wait.
- Uh-uh.
Oh, it's Interpol.
I gotta get it.
[pensive music playing]
[Alexis] Three businessmen
were all brutally murdered
in the past seven weeks.
All unsolved.
Do you recognize any of the names?
But that's the point. I'm not supposed to.
Three Chinese businessmen
all violently murdered in that timeframe.
Look at their companies.
All industries that Triads deal with.
Shipping, agriculture, car dealerships.
Okay, so they're Triad hits?
I have to go.
Wait, we we can work together on this.
Alexis, don't.
Let me help. Just tell me what you know.
[whispers] Think about
how great today was.
[tense music playing]
- You've been playing me this whole time.
- What?
You think I haven't been trained
to spot a honeypot?
I can't believe I fell for all this.
You think I fucked you
to get you to snitch for me?
Fuck you, dude.
When was the last time
you got to be yourself before today, huh?
Not what your family wanted you to be,
but who you really are.
I see you, Charles.
Today was the best day
you've had in ten years.
You think a few hours together
tells you who I am?
What about you?
Boxes that have been sitting for three
years in a place that looks like a prison?
Don't try to analyze me when you don't
have a life outside your job.
You're right.
I do put my job first.
Next time I see you, you'll be in cuffs.
Fuck off.
[door opens]
[door slams]
- [line ringing]
- [sniffles]
It's on.
Go ahead and activate it.
- [siren whoops]
- [helicopter hovering]
[dynamic music playing]
And he gave you permission
to get his phone from the scene?
[Alexis] Yes, and the FBI
and supervising LAPD officer
approved my request to remove it.
All right, I am giving you
a warrant to track and tap the phone.
- Do you need to see what's on it?
- No.
People like him don't use it like that.
It won't be helpful.
[somber music playing]
[man] Okay, it's up.
- You should be able to see it now.
- [Alexis] I got it. Thanks.
- [steady beeping]
- [sighs]
[music fades]
[steady beeping continues]
Hey, uh I know you probably
[dog barking outside]
[sighs] Do you know where my mom is?
She's in his bedroom drinking.
My mom doesn't drink.
[Mama breathing shakily]
[front door opens]
Oh! Oh! [gasps]
[breathing shakily]
[in Mandarin] Are you okay?
[in English] I'm fine.
Where have you been?
They killed Blood Boots.
- We can talk about that later.
- He died trying to save you.
Doesn't that mean anything?
There will be time to grieve.
[in Mandarin] Now, we need to get to work.
[ominous music playing]
[Charles and Mama sigh]
Our enemy is a group called the Boxers.
They're just a bunch of kids. Fanatical.
They know I'm the Rolodex.
These bastards are taking out Triad heads.
Do you recognize these names?
[Mama] Mmm.
What do they want?
I don't know.
[music intensifies]
[in English] Okay.
Kai Wen and I live in a world of death,
and we accept our lives can be
blown out by a strong breeze.
But I wanted better for you
and Charles.
[emotional music playing]
I thought I could protect us.
A Rolodex of every name and secret.
An insurance policy
to keep our enemies at bay.
What's the Rolodex?
Remember how I told you
no society head uses their real name?
Because if it ever got out,
they would be killed
or arrested in an instant.
Mom's list was a gun
to every one of our rivals' heads,
so Dad could operate untouched.
Go after Dad
and the Rolodex would be activated.
But the information only had value
if no one could find me.
That's why the two of us had to leave.
Why didn't Charles come?
[sighs] It was better
for Charles to stay.
To protect the family.
[in Mandarin] Protect the family.
[in English] You aren't made
for this life, and we both know it.
But it is what it is.
And now there's only one thing
that can keep you safe.
The people who shot your father
and killed Sleepy Chan
and Kai Wen
will come after you to get to me.
What is this?
Everything I know.
[Mama] You were gifted
with a good memory, Bruce.
I want you to memorize every word tonight.
And if the Boxers ever find you,
you must tell them everything
in exchange for your life.
I don't I don't wanna know any of this.
You have no choice.
[somber music playing]
[music intensifies]
[ominous music playing]
[music ends]
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