The Cape s01e02 Episode Script


(CARS HONKING) (DOORBELL RINGS) Give us the cash now! Now! You want to die today? Do you? SHOP CLERK: No.
I have a family.
Open the register! Okay.
Don't try to be a hero, dog.
Get down on the floor real slow.
No problem.
No problem.
Hurry up, fat boy.
Come on, pops.
Speed it up! Take all the cash out of the drawer.
Take it out now! Now! Come on, come on, come on! You think this is funny? Hurry up, Borat.
I have kids.
(THUDDING) What did I say, man? I said don't try to be a hero, dog.
Use your head, man.
You don't want to get shot.
What's up, dog? What? That was You How did you do it? I have an item here.
Keep it.
Take it.
It's good.
It's fine.
I can No, no, no! I insist! Thank you.
You're a superhero.
What do they call you? The Cape.
The Cape? Well, you'll work on it.
MARTY: Peter Fleming, the ARK Corporation, they're going to take over the police force.
VINCE: Chess is Peter Fleming.
I was framed.
Peter Fleming has been given our police.
And now he wants our jails.
As Secretary for the Bureau of Prisons, I will not rubberstamp this application.
At some point, someone in this city, and I guess that someone has got to be me, has got to stand up and say, "Enough, Mr.
" Yes.
NEWSREADER: Secretary of Prisons Patrick Portman remains the lone holdout against Peter Fleming and "ARK" Corporation's bid to privatize Palm City's correctional services.
In a news conference after today's special session at the City Council, the outspoken Portman joked that he would be doubling his own security team until after the vote, which is scheduled for tomorrow.
(BIRD CAWING) Tonight, a twisted journey into the mind of a killer.
Who was Vince Faraday? That's exactly what investigators want to know.
They have many questions but few answers.
Trip? Trip! (SIREN WAILING) Hey, this was not our agreement.
Get your butt downstairs.
He'll come.
I know you want him to be real.
But I'm in charge.
And it's bedtime.
Get downstairs.
Now, Trip.
Front door.
(DOOR OPENS) Who the hell are you? Hello, Peter.
Did you miss me? Take anything you want.
Just don't hurt me.
Don't play innocent with me, Chess.
I'm just a businessman.
No, you are a psychopath.
Well, people in glass houses Get thrown out windows.
(GROANS) Did you really think that I would let you get this close to me unless I wanted you to? I thought you had something.
I thought this was going to be fun.
Cain? Tell him what he's having tonight.
A Strychnine glaze.
Goes down well, without the seizures.
A fast death, balanced with just a pinch of red dart frog toxin to suffocate the lungs.
Sounds delightful.
I paid your masters well, Cain.
Don't disappoint me.
(GLASS SHATTERING) Oh, no! (CAR ALARM WAILING) What the hell were you thinking? (VINCE GROANING) Nice ride.
(GLASS SHATTERING) Go! Go! Drive! (GRUNTS) What were you thinking? You're lucky I followed you.
How about a little warning next time? I thought we were partners.
What's going on? It's poison.
It's poison.
(CHOKING) I can't breathe.
Who did this to you? Fleming called him Cain.
I thought you were better than this, Vince.
Can't we just talk about this later? There won't be a later.
We'll never get that close again.
If you weren't poisoned, I could kill you.
He's going after Patrick Portman.
Portman? Yeah.
Secretary of Prisons? (VINCE GROANING) Wait.
Where are you going? Hospital! No! No.
No hospital.
They'll find me.
Just take me to Max.
Trolley Park.
(CROWD CHATTERING) ORWELL: Fleming has already got the police department.
If he gains control of the prisons, he'll have his police state.
We have to stop him.
Are you listening? VINCE: Off and on.
I'm dying.
(VINCE GROANING) I'm sorry, Vince.
This is war.
ROLLO: Hey, you! RAIA: Hey! I can't let them find me.
RAIA: Hey! ROLLO: Vince! Vince! RAIA: Vince! ROLLO: Hey! What happened? Roll him over.
MAX: What happened? A major hottie dropped him off in a gull-wing Mercedes.
(GASPING) Vince, where did you meet her? Was it an online thing? Vince, can you hear me? (CHOKING) Poison.
I can't I can't breathe.
Max, do something.
Get my bag.
Keep breathing.
Leech him.
Sorry, Max.
I No way.
You're all making me crazy.
A man's life hangs in the balance.
Let Raia do it.
She's good with the animals.
Along the jugular.
And the carotid.
Max, what is that? Nightshade and Jimsonweed.
Nightshades's poison.
Omar the Wise used to have a Freak Show in Santa Rio.
Drank insecticide for his act.
Always had nightshade on hand as an antidote to counter the effects.
That's completely nuts.
Yes, it was.
Omar died young.
We need to increase the blood flow.
Look at me, Vincent.
Look at me.
Stay with me, son.
It's in God's hands now.
(GASPS) Trip.
I told you.
Don't get cocky.
And where do you want to put your popcorn maker? No.
None of that.
We have to unpack.
We are unpacking.
This is not unpacking.
And now, we have two popcorn makers.
Keep it together.
That was you that time.
Definitely you.
You are the most random packer.
There's a plate in here.
Rubber bands.
And coffee? No, that's not coffee.
What's this? Commendation Medal of Valor.
What did you get it for? Surviving.
And the can? It's what you leave behind.
On missions.
We couldn't take ID.
No pictures.
No letters.
Because if they caught you out there, well I couldn't be Vince Faraday.
So who were you? Someone else.
Someone you probably wouldn't like.
I hope you're in a red mood, because we had a big debate.
You did good.
How are you doing? We found accounts.
Bank accounts.
The day that the chief died, Vince was the head of security.
He called off the security detail just before the bomb.
That's enough, Marty.
I'm sorry, Dana.
What is wrong with you? I'm just trying to help.
SUSAN: We came here to have a nice evening, and you had to bring all of this up.
How does it feel to be a superhero? It hurts.
Count yourself lucky.
Where's the I need the cape.
You need your head examined.
Forget the cape.
No, you don't understand.
A man's life is in danger.
Fleming has hired an assassin.
I have it.
And with me, it will stay.
The hell it will.
One man can't make a difference with a tag on his toe.
So Fleming got the drop on me.
I made a mistake.
You can't afford to make mistakes.
Up there on the high wire, you have to be cold.
Like Peter Fleming.
In the lion's cage, you can't be worried about your family.
You can't be afraid.
The lions smell it.
You just walked into the lion's cage and got eaten, my friend.
Give me the cape, Max.
You're a desperate man.
The cape just threw gas on a fire.
I was wrong to do it.
You're not ready.
The Cape is the only way I can take down Peter Fleming.
It's the only way I can get my family back.
Not the only way.
There's no shame in it.
Go on.
I spent good money on these.
Pick up your family.
Change your names and live a life together somewhere other than this godforsaken town.
You can see your boy.
He can see you.
You can hold your wife.
It's the right thing.
It's the right thing? Spend my life looking over my shoulder? Teach my son to run from a fight? This didn't just happen, Max.
This wasn't an act of God.
One man just took everything from me.
My name.
My home.
My family.
I am not going to stop until I take it all back.
You have no idea what I am capable of.
So keep your damn cape.
I don't need it.
(CHUCKLING) Have a good one.
You too, sir.
Secretary Portman.
Oh, I'm so glad I caught you.
I'm sorry.
And you are? Diane Simone, Congressional Quarterly.
We had an interview and you didn't show up.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember you on my schedule.
Oh, it was on my BlackBerry.
Take the next one.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello? Who? Who is it, honey? Someone for Dana Thompson.
I was just That's for me.
I'll take it.
Thanks, sweetie.
Yes, this is Dana Thompson.
That's not your name.
You think he did it.
Honey, I have to get a job.
I need to find a job.
And right now, it's just really hard having Daddy's name.
It's his name.
Why are you trying to erase him? I'm not.
I love him.
Mom! He's innocent.
The Cape told me.
I think he's got my chin.
No, no.
That's my Mom's chin.
(BABY GURGLING) No, he's got He's literally got my chin.
No, that's a Faraday chin.
Oh, no, that's my mom's chin.
No? Dana, look at him.
I am.
He's beautiful.
Trip Faraday.
There has been a Faraday in Palm City for 200 years.
Your great-great-grandfather, he fought in World War I in the trenches.
He was very, very brave.
Just like you're going to be brave.
Oh, he doesn't have to be brave.
He's a baby.
And your Grandfather, he was a Palm City Sheriff.
And he could shoot a Coke bottle at a hundred yards.
Guns, too? What is this? This is his name.
I want him to be proud of his name.
Faradays are fighters.
And they all had this chin.
Okay, well, you can have the chin, because I want him to be just like you.
And you're going to carry on this name.
My son.
Okay, maybe we'll go a little slower there.
(GROANS) Good job.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, stop! Stop! Stop! (GASPING) (SCREAMS) (LINUS GROANING) Tell you what, Linus.
Linus? Really? Screw you! What do you know about the hit on Patrick Portman? Here's the deal, Linus.
If you don't talk, I'll make sure every Trigger Man from Scales to Johnny the Bull thinks that you did talk.
You talked Cain.
You talked smuggling.
You talked "L- nine".
Anything I can think of.
You just sang like a little boys choir soprano.
You dig that? Okay.
But not here.
Meet me at The Bottoms.
It's a bar.
I know it.
That was a good lead you just threw back in the ocean.
Yeah, thanks for the get well card.
Speaking of that.
What, are you reading my fortune now? Cain has this symbol tattooed on his arm.
It's the Tower.
One of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.
That's good.
That will make him easier to ID.
No, Vince, what I'm saying is Cain is not some "ARK" mercenary-for-hire.
This tattoo, this could be the first confirmation of the existence of Tarot.
Maybe because I've just been hit with a couple of baseball bats, I'm a little slow.
What are you talking about? A secret society of killers.
I think Cain is their poisoner.
I would have heard about this when I was a cop.
You've never faced anything like this as a cop.
I promise you that.
Peter Fleming is just the gift that keeps on giving.
By the way, where's your cape? Dry cleaners.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Pretty public place for a private conversation.
Portman's the hit is what I hear.
You're going to piss me off if you keep telling me things I already know.
Tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night, it goes down.
Where? (CHOKING) Linus.
Linus! Where? Where? Don't touch that.
(STAMMERING) I know how to use this.
The glass is poisoned.
I'm thinking the whiskey, too.
We need you alive, Portman.
Poisoned? How do you know that? And who the hell are you? Why don't you just come over here so I can see you? Put the gun down.
I want to help you.
Help? Really? How? I want to help you stand up to Peter Fleming.
Yeah, well, no thanks.
I'm through.
I've got a family.
I've been followed.
I've been threatened.
Somebody slipped this under my door this morning.
Something tells me this is not a good thing.
No, it's not.
But without you, Peter Fleming will win control of the prisons.
And that can't happen.
Yeah, well, we are the only ones in this city that give a crap.
And you're not exactly a portrait of courage standing over there with a mask on.
Listen to me, Portman.
I know what you're going through.
Palm City, it's like Peter Fleming's laboratory.
But if he succeeds here, it will just spread.
Unless people start standing up.
I can't show my face, Portman.
But I can and I will watch your back.
But you have to do this.
Palm City needs you.
What are you? Some Some Some do-good vigilante? Some superhero? I'm The Cape.
The Cape? You're not wearing a cape.
I'm aware of that.
No offense.
None taken.
It's not just me, Portman.
There are others.
There's an underground.
You're not alone.
The Cape? Dana Faraday.
Travis Hall.
I really hate to do this to you, but the job's been filled already.
I'm really sorry.
Thank you for coming in, though.
I know my name is a stigma.
That is not the case.
You need me.
Convictions are off the charts down here.
ARK's flooding the streets with cops who make four hours of court overtime every time they make an arrest.
You're on your backs.
And as for my name Let me enlighten you and your super-curious little staff here to one nagging detail regarding my husband, Vince Faraday.
He never had a trial.
I am here to provide the justice to others that my husband was denied.
And if you have a vertebra in your spine, you'll give me the chance.
This interview is over.
And as for the vertebra in my spine, it works both ways, because now I'm afraid to send you home.
You defend your clients with this much energy? Yeah.
I do.
Faradays are fighters.
Find a desk.
I murdered my brother.
And my mother.
And my two sisters.
Cain is the father of all murderers.
ORWELL: Cain's real name is Raimonde LeFleur.
Raimonde LeFleur? Yes.
Trained as a gourmet chef.
Three young wives.
All deceased.
He spent time in Owl Island Prison, where he was probably recruited by Tarot.
Raimonde LeFleur.
Man, this guy is super French.
What are you doing? I am inside the ARK Police search engine.
I wouldn't bet your password's still good, Vince.
Yeah, maybe not mine, but Marty's, on the other hand What the hell was it? Never changed it.
It was his Mom's cat that he hated.
I'm in.
Nice one.
Cain's got about 50 aliases here and an address two years old.
It's worth a shot.
You stay on Portman.
If Cain gets to Portman before I get to Cain, you call me.
Play safe.
(MAX LAUGHS) Love what you've done with the place.
What the hell do you want? Rollo made a cauliflower soup.
The smell alone drove me away.
He has a profound lack of talent in the kitchen.
Yeah, well, I'd love to stay and chat, Max, but I'm trying to prevent a murder.
Aren't you forgetting something? Most men would have walked away.
Not you.
My family is not my weakness, Max.
It's my strength.
But if you choose to stay and fight, they will be in danger.
Not as long as Vince Faraday is dead.
Is that a secret you're willing to keep? This is a war.
I was a cop.
I was a soldier.
I'll do what I have to to keep my family safe.
The cape is just a tool.
It alone won't get you home.
Only Vince Faraday can do that.
Don't ever forget who it is that's wearing the cape.
I won't, Max.
Thank you.
Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
Fleming, I understand that Oh, my God.
We are fully booked, I'm afraid.
Anna Orlando.
I write the blog Taste-Buds.
Not to brag, but we were just bought by Mise En Place magazine.
Drove up the traffic to our reviews 200 K last week.
I don't typically do drive-bys, but here I am.
I'm sure we can find you something, Miss Orlando.
The Chef will prepare you something quite special, I'm sure.
Thank you.
Good evening.
I'm so pleased you came.
Miss Orlando, is it? (CELL PHONE BEEPS) Have we met? No.
You look very, very familiar to me.
I think you remind me of my second wife.
(LAUGHS) A reviewer.
You are a food expert, no? Please.
You will be my guest to the kitchen.
I will show you the whole works.
I couldn't.
I insist.
You must be very, very busy.
What with your food blog and writing for the Congressional Quarterly.
(LAUGHING) You just don't know when to give up, do you? It's my most annoying feature.
Sorry, sir.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
(SCREAMING) It's alright.
I'm sure everything is fine.
Sir, we should get you out.
It's under control.
(CHUCKLING) I have heard all sides.
Everyone has had a fair hearing.
I will not approve Mr.
Fleming's application.
The jail system will remain under city and state control.
The motion is denied.
Can I join you? Hey.
You know, no matter what they say, they can never take away our memories of him.
We know the man he was.