The Cape s01e03 Episode Script


Episode 1x03: Kozmo This is Phillips.
I need backup.
So I open the door for you, and this is the thanks I get, huh? Well, they say the cream always rises to the top, but in my experience, it's always the scum.
What do you want? You know faraday was innocent.
You know chess is peter fleming, and now you're gonna tell the world what you know.
You wanna kill me? Go ahead.
If I talk I'm dead anyway.
Orwell: wrap it up.
He got a call through to ark.
They're on their way.
Last chance! If I die You die.
They'll make sure of it.
Been there, done that.
You said you were just gonna talk to him.
I didn't like what he had to say.
You can take me home now.
I'm shutting down cameras along 56th street.
You better move fast.
Take chandler boulevard.
I can give you a straight shot to trolley park from there.
Take your seats, please.
I want to introduce you to our new student.
As I told you yesterday he just moved to the area, and I think you'll all wanna friend him.
So let's give a nice welcome to trip faraday.
- Hey, trip.
- Hi, trip! Hi, trip.
It's never easy being the new kid.
But I have no doubt in my mind you'll fit right in as soon as they find out that you're not That you're a nice young man.
Son of chess! All right, everyone.
Calm down.
You sleep in that thing too? Or maybe not getting much sleep at all.
I'll sleep When dana and trip are next to me again.
Vincent You put that cape on to send a message to your son.
I know why i'm wearing it.
It's gonna take me home.
It can also take you to places you may not want to go.
If you blur the line and let all that rage you're feeling take over- Why don't we put the wisdom of solomon thing to rest for a night Please.
All right, fine.
But remember Either you wear the cape or the cape wears you.
And those are solomon's last words.
You can't come in here.
This is private property.
I'm looking for the ringleader of this merry band of misfits.
Gregor molotov.
Max malini! Or should I say kozmo? You look great, koz.
I don't use that name anymore.
Around here, I'm just max.
Now, what brings you to palm city? Do we have to play that old game? You know why I'm here.
I'm here for my cape.
So You have no idea who has that cape.
No, I don't.
Good riddance, if you ask me.
That old rag brought us nothing but pain.
You promised me that old rag would change my life.
20 years in prison It's all I thought about.
Well It's what kept me going.
I'm not leaving here without it, max.
Look, I'm sorry, gregor.
You can stay the night, but that's the best I can do.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
I just heard we had a foreign dignitary in our camp.
Gregor the great, master illusionist, contortionist And escape artist extraordinaire.
Trained by the great kozmo himself.
- Wow.
- And you are? Vince, the "never knocks before entering.
" He works with the carnival.
Gregor was just leaving.
Every cop cell in my body tells me that guy's bad news.
It doesn't concern you.
If it concerns the cape, it concerns me.
He called you kozmo.
You told me kozmo lived in 1875.
There were many kozmos.
That's why they called him unkillable.
The first kozmo was not an escape artist but a thief and a murderer.
His name and legend passed to each new owner of the cape.
I'm sorry to say I played my part.
Gregor was my student.
He was next in line.
But when I saw what the cape drew out of him I took it back.
We had a falling out and he went to prison.
And I stowed the cape away.
Are you saying i'm the next kozmo? I- is that what you think this is abou- No.
Kozmo ended with me.
I killed the unkillable.
You You're the start of something new, something different, something good, I hope.
So look, uh Do me a favor.
Just lay low for a couple of days.
Keep the cape out of sight.
And don't worry.
There'll still be plenty of crime in the city when he's gone.
I'll make sure of that.
Our caseload for the week.
How is anyone supposed to get a good defense with a caseload like this? Ark is out of control, travis.
Arrests are up 200%.
It's becoming a police state out there.
Crime is down.
The people are happy.
Look, our job isn't to bring down the system.
It's to bring down this pile, one file at a time.
Public urination.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Do you see what I mean? I suggest you use the "when you gotta go, you gotta go," defense.
Gotta go.
She's been traveling around europe using a variety of passports.
It's not her.
We should be able to get some clear pictures.
Don't waste your time.
- Fingerprints? - I'm her father.
I would know if I was looking at images of my own daughter.
Keep searching.
Woman: Mr.
Marty voyt to see you.
Send him in.
What can I do you for, mr.
Voyt? The ark surveillance team was able to lock onto orwell's signal last night.
Turns out orwell isn't untraceable after all.
And yet, orwell isn't standing in front of me right now.
By the time we got to the location, the place was toast.
So this isn't really good news.
Look at this.
Peter fleming tied to arms in iran.
It's half true.
Oh, here's one I like.
Is marty voyt peter fleming's puppet? Orwell used to be a petty annoyance like a fly buzzing around my head.
But now he's become a threat.
A threat to everything that we have been doing to keep palm city clean and safe.
Time to get serious.
I'm gonna start by re-tasking a few satellites.
Those are military satellites.
Manufactured, licensed, and operated by ark.
They won't miss them.
And while you're at it, you can double the size on the budget of the team.
Or want orwell found and eliminated.
Can you not Do that? - I don't think this can work.
- Look, I lost my temper.
- You nearly killed that cop.
- I knew what I was doing.
In response, ark threw out a satellite net and caught me in it.
I missed an ark dragnet by three minutes.
Yeah, well, like you said, this is a war.
- If I can't trust you- - And I'm supposed to trust you? I mean, who the hell are you anyway Orwell? Wha- What's your real name? Where'd you go to school? Where'd you get all this stuff? Who's bankrolling these fancy cars, huh? That's what I thought.
Now you're gonna turn on your friends.
My friends? No, no.
You see, my friends have names.
Like Max Malini? There's a name.
- What do you know about him? - I know enough.
Does he know about me? - No.
- Are you sure? Yes, I am.
I trust him.
At least he gave me the cape.
Are you sure it was his to give? You're talking about this gregor guy? Gregor molotov is a psychopath and a murderer.
I just did a quick scan on interpol and got 50 hits.
This guy's left a trail of bodies from berlin to moscow.
His weapon of choice Was the cape.
He won't get it.
You cost me my place.
- I need 24 hours.
- All right.
Suit yourself.
But the comfort inn, it is not.
I've got this little circus buddy who comes past here.
He tends to barge in unexpectedly.
So, uh, you- Well, who knows? Maybe you'll, uh, hit it off.
- Unlikely.
- Yeah? Little kids love the circus.
You were a kid once, right? "As the sun began to set on the city, the shadow stretched across the hot sizzling streets.
" Trip: "but one shadow was alive, "moving on its own.
"It was The cape.
"'now that the arsonist is behind bars, "'i should be able to catch my breath, both: "but I know that a new threat "'is lurking just around the corner.
"'when it appears, i'll be ready For I am the cape.
'" "one man One fight.
" "One right.
" Wait.
Where is he? Where'd he go? Looks like my lucky day.
Luck can get you into trouble around here if it runs too long.
Oh I'm not looking for trouble, just Just a cape.
A very special cape.
Some stories going around Trolley Park about a cape.
Does things Unnatural things.
What kind of Unnatural things? They say it could kill a man.
Who has this cape? Does he have a name? The cape.
His real name.
Surely he wants to be known for his crimes.
He doesn't commit crimes.
He's a hero.
Like in the comic books.
Max, max, max.
He lied to me Again.
What's goin' on? Some maniac cut a bunch of throats in there last night.
The cops are on their way.
A real bloody mess, i'm told.
One, please.
Extra kraut.
Yo, vince! Hey You're not vince.
That makes two of us.
Wait a second.
You're the girl from the mercedes.
Are you vince's main squeeze? I don't squeeze.
Did he tell you we're, uh, putting on a show this weekend? It would be my pleasure to give you a, uh, personal behind-the-scenes look.
Thanks, but I'm busy.
I'll tell vince you stopped by.
Come on.
I don't bite.
Besides You'll get to meet all of Vince's freaky peeps.
Hey, you clowns, get outta the way! God, I love doing this! Rollo.
You know the rules.
No visitors.
She's a friend of Vince's.
You must be Max Malini.
I've heard so much about you.
Funny I've not heard a thing about you.
Well, my pleasure.
You've been holding out on me, Max.
Not very nice, Max.
Princess like this in your own crew, and you keep her hidden? What kind of friend is that? Gregor the Great.
Good-bye, Gregor.
Good-bye? Max, where's your manners? You need to give an old friend the proper sendoff.
There are 360 joints in the human body.
I can dislocate 187 of them.
Straitjackets fall off me as easy as a prom queen's dress.
Gregor could have been the greatest escape artist that ever lived.
Well, prison is a real career killer.
So is lack of discipline.
Are you not drinking? Nah.
It's my night to carry rollo home.
Besides, it's not that safe out there.
You probably know several people were murdered in Trolley Park last night.
Well, it seems there's nowhere safe to lay your head anymore.
You, uh You never told us why you were in prison.
I was framed.
They say I murdered a woman, but a woman is a thing of beauty To be admired, no? May i? I used to do this in the old country.
Oh, you've got a real live one here, max.
Lots of attitude.
Spoiled little rich girl but not your average, ordinary princess.
You've got some real daddy issues.
Let me see.
We have something in common.
We've both been imprisoned.
But I can't really tell who you are because you don't even know yourself.
But one thing is for sure- You're not julia.
It says here you were living in the freight yard at the time of your arrest- Is that right? Yeah.
Were you by any chance there when they Caught that guy in the mask, the one they call chess? That guy on tv they say done it? He wasn't chess.
What do you mean, he wasn't chess? I saw what they did to that guy.
They put the needle in him, then they took him away.
Next thing we see is the same guy.
In the mask now! He wasn't wearing it before.
That much I know.
You saw this? All the yard boys saw it.
Dana, what are you doing here? There were witnesses, marty.
Come on.
Walk with me.
Max ever tell you about that old cape he used to have? Some say it was first worn by egyptian priests who performed living sacrifices.
Others say it was used by alchemists As a kind of antenna to the unconscious, finding everything buried deep down in a man's soul and bringing it to the surface.
Some say it was the cape worn by merlin Maybe even jack the ripper.
Legends and stories.
- It was just a cape.
- If it was just a cape, why wouldn't you let me have it? Because there was darkness in me, like there's darkness in you.
The difference is, i'm a reformed man, cleansed by the light of russian justice.
You know, the strange thing about the murders last night Was the weapon he used.
It's amazing, really.
A card.
I'm thinking Only a master magician could use a card as a weapon.
Where were you last night, gregor? I might ask you the same thing.
You're a cop! And I put a hundred guys like you behind bars.
You gave my cape to a cop? - I gave it to no one! - You're lying, max! Just like you lied about prison.
I know you're the one who set me up.
And you-you're just me with a badge.
So give me the cape and save your soul.
Mine's already lost.
That ain't gonna happen.
Show's over, gregor.
You think you're a hero.
You think this is who you are.
You think this is all a children's book? You don't deserve the cape.
You're an escaped convict on foreign soil who just murdered four people.
The only thing you're gonna get is a one-way ticket back to that russian hellhole you crawled out of.
I'll never go back there.
Let him go! He wants his freedom more than he wants that cape.
I'm putting him back in his cage.
That's not your job! As long as I'm wearing the cape, it is! He wants you to go after him.
You realize that, right? Gregor the Great's not leaving without the cape.
If he wants to stay here, he does so on my terms.
When he read my palm, he wasn't wrong, vince.
He has a way of knowing things.
If he knows you're a cop, he could know My family.
- How can I help you? - You're my eyes.
If you see him, you call me.
Stay the hell away from me! Oh, my god! Travis I'm so sorry.
That was close.
Could have freshened me to death.
Oh, this is for my client, the urinator.
He's a little pungent.
Is, uh Everything okay? Oh.
Thank you.
I've been a little on edge lately.
I'm still living out of boxes and Getting used to being a single mom.
Trip's been fighting at school.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to dump all that on you.
No, no, no, no, that's okay.
I'm here if you need someone to talk to.
Or if you If you want, I could talk to trip.
Maybe we could, uh, he and I could go to a ball game together? A little male bonding.
I would appreciate that so much.
Well, you know, just let me know when.
- Yeah.
- And, uh You know, try not to, uh, spray our client with mace when you see him.
Good idea.
Good night.
Beautiful, isn't she? Why don't you get in on the act, join our little family? You have any talents? I can hotwire a car.
Burn through any fire wall in under a minute.
Do you ever give a straight answer? I just did.
And I thought I was mysterious.
Well Stick around for the dress rehearsal.
We're gonna put on a hell of a show.
The show must go on.
And the gut must come off.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let's have a round of applause for the master of ceremonies, the one and only Max Malini! Welcome to Gregor the Great's carnival of fear! Tonight, you will see two great acts in their first and last performances.
See the tiger tamers devoured by their own pet, morsel by morsel.
Applause but first, the greatest act of them all, the death of max malini! You should have picked me, max.
I wouldn't let my master suffer like this.
Where is a hero when you need one? Max.
Max! She loves me.
Okay? Gregor! Gregor! Gregor! You think you can defeat me? You have no idea how to use this.
You're a child with a gun.
Audience: oh! Imagine that After all these years, it fits like a glove.
Gregor! Gregor's dead.
Call me Kozmo! Now, let me show you what the cape becomes in the hands of a real master! Get outta here! Move, move! You-you should thank me.
Max turns on people.
Vince, come on, get up! It is his nature.
The great max malini.
Come on, show me what you've got! - I tried to help you! - You lie.
You were jealous of me, of my potential.
Get back! Daddy's girl.
I killed that woman.
It was an act of mercy.
Act of love.
When I read your palm, I left something out.
There'll be no one to miss you when you're gone.
Do you ever shut up? See this? See how the cape is an extension of my body? I tense a muscle The cape constricts.
This is how a snake feeds Tightening Just like a vise.
What happens when the snake swallows his own tail? Hmm? Keep fighting, gregor.
Fight! That's what the rage is like, right? It just feeds on itself.
It eats you up.
When you have got nothing to believe in, when you have got no one to fight for.
And that is why I win.
Let's throw him in the river! That's what he would do to you If you were on the floor.
Well, that's the point, right, max? I'm not him.
You think owl island prison can hold him? Nothing can, for long.
If he lives He'll be back for it.
I'm not a murderer.
Get him out of here.
Into the van.
Into the van! Let's go! We all need toacate the property.
They're shipping them all out of state.
Anybody and everybody who might have seen something the day Chess was killed.
May i? Dana.
Yeah, we looked into it.
Wasn't anything there.
I guess he was crazy.
Thanks for looking, marty.
Sorry to have bothered you.
- Hey, no problem.
- I look forward to seeing you - and susan next week.
- Me too.
See you then.
Okay, bye.
That's a nice hook you got there.
I I wasn't sure you'd come back.
I made you a promise.
You wanna talk to me about the fighting? Has my mom called you? - I know things, trip.
- Man! They call me the son of chess.
You know that's not true, right? You have a hard road ahead, trip.
But you're not alone.
You know, in my In my comics I lost my family.
That really happened? Justice takes time.
And sometimes it feels so, so unfair But that is when you have to remember who you are.
And you remember that I'm always out there watching over you.
You know the cape motto- "one man "one fight.
One right.
" Do you really say that to people? Yeah, you know Once in a while.
Your dad didn't get those medals for fighting.
He got them for valor.
He got them for keeping his cool.
So you remember that when you wear 'em.