The Capture (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Toy Soldier

My client has been convicted and incarcerated for six months, based on erroneous video evidence.
Everyone's looking at me, like I've done it.
Like I killed a bloke in cold blood and got off on some technicality.
You thought he was reaching for a weapon.
Would you believe me? Yes, I believe you.
DI Carey's had a right result in court, Gov.
Operation Sycamore, longest terror sentencing since 2008.
Sycamore was your op, Rach.
You saw it before any of us.
Sutton South to Control.
No eye witnesses and no sign of the victim.
Have you got a facial rec on the suspect? - Armed police.
Stay where you are! - Armed police.
Don't move! - Where is she? - Who? When did you last see her? Hannah! I offered Hannah a lift home, she said no and that was that.
- What was what? - She went home.
We've got Emery's journey.
He heads west for two miles, then we lose him to a blind spot.
- No sign of the victim? - The blind spot borders the river.
This ain't what happened.
This ain't what happened.
None of this happened.
I didn't do that! I didn't do anything! And the BAFTA goes to I don't think so.
- What, then? - He doesn't know he did it.
Someone here to see you, Guv'nor.
- Peasant! - Alec Boyd? Speaking.
I mean, yes.
That's me.
Is there somewhere we can talk? - Carey.
- Rachel, bad news, I'm afraid.
The CCTV footage in the Emery case.
There's a problem with it.
Park it for me, please.
Redacted? DI Carey.
Sir, the footage? Yes, the Shaun Emery footage has been redacted.
Afraid so.
Because? Because the Gods have spoken and that is what they have to decreed.
The Gods? You're from SO15, aren't you? Sure you can work it out.
The security service? They came here? Turns out Sutton is on the map.
They do grace us with their presence occasionally, you know.
- Well, did they give a reason? - Security, fittingly.
- Just that? - Yep.
Now what am I supposed to do? Well, now you're supposed to proceed without the redacted video footage.
Didn't they teach you anything at fast-track school? Sir, the only thing that puts him at the scene is that CCTV.
He didn't even have a phone on him.
There were no other cameras in range, there were no eyewitnesses.
And now what? I'm supposed to find enough evidence to charge the suspect when we've already had him in custody for, what? 19 hours.
19? 20 Better get a move on.
Nads? You need to find the body.
Yeah, I wondered what I was doing down the river in the middle of the night, freezing my bollocks off.
What do you think I'm looking for, the Kraken? I mean, in the next four hours.
You need to find the body.
Nothing juicy on the eyeball sweep, no obvious blood samples from the boot or the interior of the car.
DNA? Samples went off to the lab this afternoon.
I need this marked as priority, threat to life.
You're looking at two to three days.
Did you just hear me say threat to life? I needed in the next - four hours.
- Best will in the world, you're not going to get within the next 24 hours.
Oh, fuck.
I mean, how can they ban us from using it? Easily.
All they have to say is threat to national security.
What's so "national security" about that video? I don't know.
But, without this or the DNA from the car, we'll be forced to release him.
Isn't there anything your friends from counterterror can do for us? They always manage to hold suspects a lot longer.
Terror suspects.
Whatever they do in CT, it's always by the book.
Well, we've got four hours to get a confession out of Emery or find more evidence.
There's by the book, or there's getting the job done.
There's been a development I'd like to make you aware of.
We found samples of Hannah's DNA in the boot of your grandfather's car.
Divers are currently searching the river for her body but, on the weight of the evidence we already have, this has now become a murder investigation.
Is there anything you'd like to tell me at this stage, Shaun? They said I wasn't allowed a phone call.
Do you understand what I've just told you, Shaun? I was supposed to pick up my daughter from school.
I understand it can be difficult.
Adjusting to civvy life.
We expect a lot from our Forces, don't we? And then prison.
Expecting you to come out and adjust all over again.
Perhaps it's not so surprising the first thing you did when you were released puts you straight back in custody.
What do you remember, Shaun? Did you lose control? I ain't speaking without my solicitor.
Mr Hall's gone home.
I thought I had the right to a phone call.
Phone calls are at my discretion.
So, why don't we sit down together and try to figure out what happened between you and Hannah Roberts? Get me a phone call.
I need to find the driver of this bus.
The reg isn't clear but from the date and time I was hoping you could help me find him.
Ma'am, divers have covered a quarter-mile radius without a result.
They reckon there's a chance she was dragged further downstream but it's unlikely.
We can expand the search area, but in the time we've got left I don't know.
Nadia? So, how did you get on with the suspect? I'm only asking 'cos the bus driver's given us absolutely nothing.
He doesn't recall passing Emery and Roberts, let alone seeing the assault.
I pulled the CCTV from the vehicle itself.
And? I'm sorry, ma'am, it doesn't give us a view of the assault.
I'll save the file so you can take a look yourself but, short of finding the body I think we've run out of ideas.
Mr Emery, I am releasing you on precharge bail while we continue our enquiries.
- You will remain on bail for 28 days.
- Where's Hannah? When the answer comes to you, be sure to let me know.
A battlefield murder in Helmand province, captured by video evidence now thought to be technically flawed.
Appeal judges unanimously rejected the evidence from 2014 that convicted Lance Corporal Emery as legally unsound.
Karen? Is she OK? Is she OK? - The first inch I give you - I Keep your voice down.
They don't just throw them out onto the street when they're six.
- My daddy? - Hey, baby, hello? - Hello.
- Francis.
- Are you all right? - Fine.
Could you take Jaycee upstairs, please? She's just saying hello.
My first day off in months and I get called by the teachers and have to sprint to the school to find J's crying her eyes out.
Francis, can you please take Jaycee upstairs, please? I would have been there, all right? I've been at the hospital all night.
- My grandad fell over.
- Really? He fell down the stairs by the bins.
I've been a A&E for hours with no reception.
He's cracked two ribs.
They think it's gonna affect his breathing.
I called your grandad last night.
He didn't mention any cracked ribs.
He did say you were at the hospital, though.
Matthew Forrester had a heart attack, apparently? Karen Grandad? What happened? Matty Forrester in hospital with a heart attack? Well, I had to say something.
- Where's your phone? - There.
I want to borrow it.
This is Hannah Roberts.
For anything urgent, please contact the office at This is Hannah Roberts.
For anything urgent, please contact the offi This is Hannah Roberts.
For anything urgent, please contact the office at Thanks to the tenacity of our counterterrorism officers, that nightmare did not become a reality.
The suspects claimed they had no connection to the Birmingham-based arms dealer.
This CCTV footage says otherwise.
Your grandad's right about you.
You're not bad.
There's no-one here.
Anyway, I know your parking space isn't covered.
Anyone we know? - MI5, I'm guessing.
- Because? Because she dresses like she's at a funeral and walks like she owns the world.
I had Shaun Emery in custody last night.
What do you mean? Shaun Emery just got acquitted.
No, that's old news.
I had him on CCTV for assault and kidnap.
He even pos-ID'd himself on the footage.
What a result! It was until she came along and redacted the footage.
What other evidence have you got? Nothing that would convince the CPS.
Nothing much at all, actually.
Sorry, Rach, that's tough.
A woman's missing and we just released her attacker out onto the street.
- Do you know The Rook in Plaistow? - Should I? No, it's a horrible little pub.
We had a camera hidden in the back room a few years ago because a bunch of far right idiots were meeting in there, planning attacks on mosques.
One night, about halfway into the operation, one of them decides to drag a semiconscious woman in there and rape her.
Caught on camera? We couldn't use it as evidence.
It would have shown out the probe and sunk the op.
Mosque attack equals mass threat to life.
That took priority.
Yeah, but mine isn't a hidden camera, its council.
It's street CCTV.
I can't see any reason to redact that evidence, unless Unless what? You should see the look on his face, it's Like he's in complete denial.
Only it's more than that.
More? If there's any way you could reach out to our friend here and find out why it was redacted No, the service only share with me when they need to, you know that.
But, you can be sure, if she is who you think she is, it will have been done for a good reason.
It's not true, you know.
The coverage on that camera.
It catches the edge of the driver's seat.
It can see me but it can't see you.
It can't see this.
We said that was that.
You're still in my car.
All right, I can't promise anything, but send me the smudge.
I'll have a dig around, see what I can find.
Thank you.
Shaun Emery's here to see you.
They gave you bail? Yeah.
It was pre-charge they said.
It's all bollocks anyway.
Have you seen Hannah? I've Mate, I'm in a hurry.
I've got to get my stuff and go to court.
Have you tried looking where she lives? I can't do this.
Do what, Charlie? What are you talking about? Of course I haven't seen her! You don't believe that shit, do you? That fucking bullshit tape that they showed us? Charlie, it's fake.
Someone's got it and they've they've changed it somehow.
It's like the fucking Helmand video, only a million times fucking worse! I can't represent you, Shaun.
I'm not your lawyer any more.
Thanks, mate.
DI Carey.
Are you still looking for the lab results on that Rover? - Yes.
- I could hear how desperate you were, so I've been hounding them all morning.
Got the report on the interior pushed through.
Oh, thank you! The majority of hair and skin samples found in the boot and in the interior of the car matched the vehicle owner or a family member.
No match to the DNA of the alleged victim.
- No match to - Nothing from the victim? Nothing from the alleged victim, yeah.
I said I'd get you the result.
I didn't say I'd get you the result you wanted.
Wanted to have a quick word, ma'am, away from wigging ears.
Ma'am, Shaun Emery doesn't know me.
I wasn't at the interview or the arrest.
I could follow him.
See what we can learn.
Surveillance detail? I'd keep my distance in a motor.
He might lead us right to Hannah Roberts.
We can't launch surveillance without a warrant.
Yeah, sometimes, ma'am, we'd rather beg forgiveness than ask permission, if you follow my drift.
Look, Shaun Emery is a soldier.
A target like that needs human surveillance, aerial platforms, digital intercepts Besides, you know, we don't know what the Service has invested in all of this.
Well, personally I can't think of a reason that justifies leaving a missing woman to rot.
Forensics didn't find any trace of the victim's DNA in the vehicle.
Doesn't make any sense to me, either.
Well, maybe it was them.
- MI5 had the car scrubbed.
- That's hysterical.
Covering up Emery's crime, protecting a soldier.
Look, the Service aren't perfect.
They're not the enemy, Patrick.
You know, these people deal with mass threats to life, so, like it or not, their priorities trump ours.
I'm going to find out the reason for the redaction.
In the meantime, if you want to trail Emery properly, then you need to find me some evidence first.
No charges? - Mr Hall.
- He came to my office.
- Shall we find somewhere to sit down? - Where's Hannah? If I discover she has suffered unnecessarily due to police action or inaction, I will rain lawsuits down on the fucking lot of you.
The flawed evidence in Shaun's appeal.
What was it? I mean, it's mentioned in some of the reports, but they don't go into much detail.
The helmet camera that recorded them was faulty, out of sync.
So Shaun Emery wins his appeal on the basis of flawed video, then gets arrested and claims the video evidence isn't real? Well, that's probably where he got the idea from.
You think that was all an act, in the interview room? I I know Shaun Emery very well.
Go on.
Last time, you told me he was salt of the Earth.
So if you know any different, then please share it.
My friend and colleague is missing.
You said you would find her.
What happened to you the other night? You shag that lawyer? Well, you're out now, Shaunie, so maybe take it easy Yeah, I'm out, but where's Hannah? Hm? She ain't at work, she ain't answering her phone.
- Someone's got her.
- Well, let the police find her.
They ain't looking! I just went to her flat.
There's no-one there.
- What, you went to her house? - I can't just sit here and do nothing! I wanted to see was inside the flat.
And you want me to help you get in? I don't know what I'm going to find, but I've got to start somewhere.
So, what? It was, like, CGI or what? I don't know, but it looked real.
Like real life.
They have me and her, yeah? She got on the bus, but they made out that she didn't, just after we kissed.
They made it look like you kissed? The kiss was the kiss was real.
They have me and her.
And it looks like she's trying to get away from me.
They made it so that I that I grab her.
They made it out that I grab her.
Shaun, mate.
You know I'm the only person that's going to say this, right, to your face.
Now, there's no way in the world you'd ever do something like that On purpose.
Like You're sound, mate.
And when you joined up, it done you good, being in the Army.
Sorted you out.
We all saw that.
What's your point? How many people came back from your tour needing counselling, mate? What? It doesn't make it your fault.
You think I did it.
Look, I'm only asking the You think I could fucking do something Because what you're saying, it makes no sense.
I know, I know! Come on Shaun.
Shaun! So what is it, a deadlock? It's a key fob on the outside.
Inside, I don't know.
Better stop at a chemist.
He came here this morning.
I told him to get lost.
What's this about? Can I ask how long you and Shaun have separated? Technically, he lived here until he got sent down.
Six months ago.
So was that when the relationship ended? I know how it looks.
I dumped him as soon as he went away, but it weren't like that.
Look, Karen, I am not here to judge.
We were over already.
Long before.
Do you mind telling me what the issues were? We'll be here all night.
What do you want to know? Was Shaun ever violent? What's happened? - I'm unable to discuss it.
- But he's done something.
Was he violent, Karen? I've known Shaun since we was at school.
His dad died when he was six.
Mum, when he was 14.
Shit life.
And that's not an excuse, it's a fact.
As a dad to Jaycee, he has done his best.
As a partner to me difficult.
He's never laid a finger on me or Jaycee.
I saw the soldier follow the girl to the bus stop.
They kissed.
She tried to leave, and that's when he became aggressive.
Was that him? - Yeah, that's him.
- You're sure? 100%.
Would you say you recognise him from the news? Should I? No.
That's ideal, Becky.
I'd just like you to sign a witness statement.
The cameras usually do the talking for us, so You've been a huge help.
Was a weird one, though.
Weird? Normally, I can see it coming, something like that.
I get a feeling.
Behavioural analysis.
We all do it.
But she's the expert.
It's just certain postures you get used to seeing before an act of violence.
There's tensions in the arms, in the neck Yeah, if we do need you to testify.
Becky, just stick to the facts, what actually happened, OK? Understood.
Come on.
Come on, what's the problem? Hmm? What's the problem with that? That isn't what happened.
She got on that bus.
This ain't what happened.
None of this happened.
- Whoa, what the fuck was that?! - Sit That didn't fucking happen, none of this is fucking real! - Sit - This didn't fucking happen! - None of it fucking happened! - Sit down! Hey.
Got something for me? Yeah.
So, I did dig, as promised.
Dug as far as I could, but I hit rock.
Does that put me on your shit-list? Guess I won't be getting any more 3am phone calls, at least.
Sorry, Danny.
Thanks for trying.
How's it going, otherwise? Well, we've got no body, no video.
Forensics drew a blank on the car.
I'm starting to think Shaun Emery's telling the truth.
Except that I can prove he isn't.
Oh? Well, in his interview, Emery claimed over and over that Hannah Roberts got on that bus.
But my DS has pulled the camera feeds, and whether he's lying or deluded, we can prove Emery's account is false.
Hannah Roberts did not get on that bus.
What do you think it'd take to get a surveillance warrant on Emery? Well, a bit more than that.
It's hardly a mountain of evidence.
Besides, you don't know what Thames House want with the investigation.
Neither do you.
Look, just be careful not to tread on their toes, that's all.
- Especially you.
- Why me? Well, after all your hard work on Operation Sycamore, you're only a step away from coming back to 15 as DI.
You'll be working with the Service directly.
Do you think they had the car wiped? The Service or MoD, protecting a soldier? Are you seriously asking me? I'm just sharing a theory, Danny.
It's what we do, isn't it? Look, I have to jump on a call.
From where I'm standing, Rachel, all you've got is a missing person.
If the case were mine, I'd refer it to MisPers and move on.
That's not what the data says.
You weren't joking about never going home.
Carey! The prodigal daughter returns.
I wondered if I could use a room? Training purposes.
Training purposes? You'll run out of favours one day, Carey.
If the police turn up, just call me then get the fuck out of here, all right? Roger.
Sorry about earlier.
Shouting in front of your kids.
So you should be, you prick.
I'm sorry I thought you were mental.
He's that soldier who got done for murder.
What's he done this time? Told you, it's just training.
Any good? That's him.
Pos ID.
Run a check on that unknown.
What's the location? Brenner street, SW6.
Hannah Roberts' address.
How's the coverage? Seem to have most of the street.
Go in on that cafe.
- Ma'am.
- Are you tracking Shaun Emery despite my instructions to the contrary? Other side.
Cooey! Get Nadia on comms.
Guv's got eyes on us.
What, Boyd? No.
You must have found some compelling evidence before you launched into this.
What, beside the fact the suspect's staking out Hannah Roberts' flat? Look, Flynn found a witness.
Really? Well, I took a statement from the CCTV officer who reported it.
An eyewitness via a feed.
And yourself, ma'am? Am I allowed to ask why you're tracking him? And did you find out why the video got redacted? No.
Nadia, get back from the window.
You're too close.
He doesn't even know who I am.
It doesn't matter.
You, too, Patrick.
Put your radio down.
It's not just Emery we need to worry about, there could be other surveillance teams in play.
I can't say I've noticed anyone.
Yeah, well, you wouldn't.
Like I said, we don't know why the footage was redacted or what they want with this case.
We need to tread carefully.
Here we go.
You'll be needing this.
Come on.
Target's in the building.
That's breaking and entering.
Give me two minutes, I can catch him in the act.
Didn't you hear what I just said? You don't know what you'd be barging into.
We wait.
Have you got anything inside the building? Not without a warrant.
Just training, is it? Fuck! Oi! - Oi, I was calling you! - Huh? Did you see that bloke who's just come out? Got eyes on target.
He was in the flat.
Go home, all right? I'm going mobile.
I'll track him from here.
You can afford to hold back.
Target heading west on the near side of Denham Street.
Taxi! Oi, mate! Ma'am.
Is he trying to lose us? I don't know.
Patrick, track him at a distance.
Nadia, give me the reg on that cab.
Lima Romeo 07 Lima hotel golf.
Yeah, where to, guv? Just left, please, mate.
I'll tell you which way to go, yeah? Be a lot better if you gave me your destination, mate.
Yeah, just left, please.
I'm only asking 'cos I've got a Gatwick job at half past three.
You'll make it.
In pursuit of target, ma'am.
Go easy.
I'm tracking him from here, he's not far.
Here, don't I know you from summat? Yeah, ain't you that soldier? Blimey, you don't half look like him! You do know who I'm talking about, don't you? Shane something.
He got banged up cos he shot one of those whatsitsnames, Isis.
Patrick, you're too close.
Hold back.
I'll lead it from here.
Yeah, we had a little demo for you, like, demonstration round the courts.
Mate, would you just slow down a little bit, please? All beeping their car horns, they was.
Proper protest, like.
I would have been there meself, but I had a Luton job.
Well, is it you, then? Yeah, it is, yeah.
Ha, yeah, I thought it was! I'll tell you what, you can kill this, for a start.
- You sure? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You ain't paying a penny, mate.
You wouldn't mind just going a little slower for me, though, yeah? You following someone or something? You see the red Prius? - Seriously? - Yeah.
Oh, I'm all over it, son! Yeah, but just don't get too excited.
Yeah, never mind going to Gatwick.
You wait till I tell me mates I had you in the back of my cab! Patrick, you're still too close.
Trust me, I can see him.
Backing off, ma'am.
So how long was it you was banged up for? I did six months.
Just for doing your duty? It's bleeding outrageous, that is.
Honestly, it's not like you were sent out there to read them bedtime stories, is it? Hey, mate, you just You missed the turning! Oh, shit.
Mate, you missed the turning! Will you just turn around, please? We'll catch him up.
Will you stop the car? Stop the car, please.
Excuse me! Let me out of the car.
Let me out of the car.
Oi! Let me out of the car.
Will you stop.
Oi! Stop the fucking Oi! Stop the car for me! Let me out of the fucking cab! Oi! Stop the fucking car! - Let me out of this fucking car! - Shaun! Shaun! Relax.
We just need to talk.
Get on that side street.
Can't, it's a blind spot.
Pull up the border feeds.
Got him.
Taxi turning into Eaton Square, Belgravia.
Not going to cause a scene, are you, Shaun? Target is out of the cab.
Approaching Eaton Square, south junction.
We're at the corner now, ma'am.
Take it slow.
Don't enter the square.
Just get a visual from the junction.
No eyes on target, ma'am.
Repeat location? Eaton Square, Belgravia, 48.
We're looking at number 48, ma'am.
He's not there.
Could you check? He's there.
Target on foot, approaching 48 Eaton Square with two Caucasian males.
Taxi on the move.
Ma'am, we're in position, eyes on the front door of 48 Eaton Square, Belgravia.
Repeat, there is no taxi, no Caucasian males and we do not have eyes on Shaun Emery.
I can see him.
Empty your pockets, please, Shaun.
Is anyone going to tell me where we are? Jacket and shoes.
Just like when you go on holiday.
Come on, now, Shaun.
- Oh, come on.
- Shaun.
Oh, fuck.
This is it.
48, Eaton Square.
We were right here, ma'am.
We didn't see him go in, ma'am.
We didn't see anyone.
Well, I did.
Well, shall we knock on the door, then, ma'am? No, not yet.
We don't know whose turf we're treading on.
Oh, the same people who took our case away? Maybe.
I've seen MI5 safe houses before.
They didn't look like that.
Ma'am, I don't mean to sound like a stuck cassette, but are you convinced he's in there? I'll show you.
Wait here and do not take your eyes off that door.
Look, I beg your pardon, ma'am.
But what are we tiptoeing around for? If you're saying Emery went into that house, the answer could be in there, too.
You were right to follow Emery.
But we are not going to find Hannah Roberts by blundering into the unknown.
We need intel on that property.
Maybe I can get it.
What's the status, Eli? Toy Soldier is contained, sir.