The Capture (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Truffle Hog

- Armed police! - Shaun Emery, I'm arresting you on suspicion of assault, kidnapping and perverting - the course of justice.
- What? That ain't right she got on that bus.
This isn't right, none of this happened! They made it so that I grab her.
What you're saying, it makes no sense.
I know! I had Shaun Emery in custody until she came along and redacted the footage.
MI5, I'm guessing.
Just be careful not to tread on their toes, especially you.
- Why me? - Well, after all your hard work on Operation Sycamore.
I am a senior video engineer and broadcast consultant.
Any career highlights? The FA Cup Final, 1991, Spurs v Nottingham Forest.
- Tottenham fan? - So long as there's a seat for me in the executive box! - What's the location? - Brenner Street.
Hannah Roberts' address.
I don't know what I'm going to find, but I've got to start somewhere.
You see that bloke that just come out? He was in the flat.
Taxi turning into Eaton Square, Belgravia.
We're in position.
Eaton Square, Belgravia, and we do not have eyes on Shaun Emery.
I can see him.
We need intel on that property.
We don't know whose turf we're treading on.
Wait here and do not take your eyes off that door.
What's the status, Eli? Toy Soldier is contained, Sir.
(BEEPING) (DOOR OPENS) May I? Apple or cranberry? I'd loved to have brought you a nice hot tea, but it's against safety regulations, if you can believe it.
It's clean.
Oh, him? Yeah I was hoping he wouldn't be necessary.
I guess that all comes down to you.
Well I'm just going to go ahead and and take the cranberry.
(HE SLURPS) Mm! Well, as much as I'm enjoying this back and forth, I'm a little pressed for time.
You mind telling me where she is? Hannah Roberts.
How should I know? Shaun - I'm going to ask you one more - I don't know where she is, mate.
(FRANK SIGHS) Well, like I said, it does come down to you.
That's not live.
Is it? You can't fool me twice.
That's a fake.
Malek, remove the hood.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of Secret Squirrels stopping us doing our job.
Issues of national security.
Is that what they'll say when Hannah Roberts' body washes up on the banks of the Thames? No.
They won't say a thing.
They'll slink off into the shadows, and we'll get shat on from a great height.
You know what the old lot used to do, times like this? Take a 10p piece to a phone box and call the News Of The World.
Well, there's no News Of The World any more.
Or phone boxes.
(LOUD CHATTER) Tom? More training? I need the session recording from earlier, but the room's being used.
Sorry about that.
Some people actually work here, and bloody rules state I have to give them priority.
But it'll still be on the system, though, right? I shall collate and send it to you as soon as possible, my dear.
Can I ask have you ever come across timing issues? Christmas drinks, '92.
Finally plucked up the courage to ask Philippa Ducket out on a date.
One day sooner, and she might've have said yes.
But Colin Parnell got in there first.
Bastard! - I mean to the network.
- Oh.
Delays to the camera feed.
Not on my watch.
But in theory? Well, in theory Wi-Fi faults between the time server and the recorders can cause delays, but we safeguard against it.
So it is possible to monitor an event, thinking it's live, while in fact it happened seconds earlier? Why are you asking? Because it happened today.
Either that, or my team are blind.
Well, which is it? The sooner I can review those recordings, the better.
Do you know if the Service own a safe house in Belgravia? I'd be the last person to know that, Carey! Why don't you ask the guv'nor, Danny Hart? He'll know.
Slightly busy man, I imagine.
He's always had time for you.
You'd better hold it steadier than that, Nads.
this is going to get a lot of views.
Wave to your friend.
Don't you want him to know that you're OK? Leave him out of it, mate.
Torture me instead.
- Torture? - Enhanced interrogation, whatever you want to call it.
Shaun, just tell me where Hannah is.
Why do you think I was in her flat? I've been trying to find out what happened to her, where she's gone.
I would have got somewhere if one of your guys hadn't turned up! What the hell are you talking about? The guy I was following, the fucking guy I was following! Shaun I could no sooner use enhanced interrogation on you than torture you.
Or your friend here.
I mean, how would that look an American hurting Brits? Two, three years down the road, The Guardian would come out with an expose, next thing you know, Oliver Stone's making a fucking movie, telling the world what an asshole I am.
No, thank you.
Now, Malek, on the other hand Well, he was recruited from the Syrian national guard.
They have an entirely different view of all that.
(RATCHETING) I sure hope his wife is the caring kind, you know.
I don't know where she is! I mean, he is going to need a lot of assistance - after my boys have finished with him.
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I'm being set up.
All the things you do with your fingers.
The video is a fake.
Tying your shoelaces, wiping your ass.
I'm telling you everything that I know, I'm being set up.
Holding your kid's hand when you're crossing the street.
The video is fake, it's not me.
Why don't you tell me where Hannah Roberts is, before your friend starts dropping digits? I don't know where she is.
Jesus Christ, what a waste of fucking time! - I didn't do any - Malek - I don't know where she is! - Sorry, man.
- None of this fucking happened! - It's just a question of time, - at this point.
- I'm being set up.
- the video is a fake.
- What say we start with the thumb? I'm being set up.
The video is a fake! Don't you understand that? I'm being fucking set up! - None of it fucking happened! - There we go, look at this.
- Tell him to fucking stop! - Oh, damn! Mat! Matty boy! This little piggy went to market Mat! - Mat! - this little piggy stays home Mat! Matty boy! - We're down to three now, Shaun.
- Mat! Pretty soon, we're going to be on the left hand.
Just tell us where she is, Shaun.
(SHAUN GROANS) You see that? I thought it was some of our finest work.
I'm talking about Emery.
What do you make of that story? You think he was following somebody? Sir? It's been online for 12 minutes.
Hi, you've reached the voicemail of Commander Danny Hart.
Please leave a message and I'll get back (PHONE VIBRATES) It's Carey.
Ma'am? I suppose you've seen it? What's that, Ma'am? Somebody's uploaded the Emery footage to YouTube.
The CCTV? Who did that? I don't know.
But if we identify the IP address, we can find out.
Is tracing the leak really a priority, Ma'am? If the video's uploaded, they won't be able to keep it redacted.
Might force them to relaunch the case.
It already has.
Boyd's called a full department meeting, 20 minutes.
- We're on our way.
- No, wait.
One of you stay there.
Patrick, keep your eyes on that address.
If Emery surfaces, call me immediately.
Looks like you're getting the bus.
In the last few hours, dramatic footage has emerged online, depicting a man believed to be former soldier Shaun Emery attacking and abducting a woman.
The victim is thought to be Emery's barrister, 32-year-old Hannah Roberts.
Emery was acquitted for the previous charge of murder, just hours before these images were captured.
Obviously, it's a very distressing situation Come here, baby.
She was right next to you! I didn't see! Kind of a bit distracted! why the only suspect involved in the disappearance of Hannah Roberts, namely Shaun Emery, has been released.
You've all seen the video evidence by now.
I'm sure you all know how seriously we take the leaking of classified material.
Make no mistake, the culprit will receive full disciplinary action.
Our foremost concern, however, is finding the victim, Hannah Roberts, whose whereabouts remain unknown.
And, of course, apprehending Shaun Emery, - - the lowlife who took her.
The investigation will be led by DI Carey, for those of you who've not had the pleasure.
And due to the urgency, our colleagues in Counter Terrorism have generously offered their assistance.
So you'll feel right at home.
We have the use of a CT ops room and the support of SO15's finest, led by DSU Garland.
I will now hand you over to DI Carey - Sorry, Sir.
DSU? - Garland.
Regarding the hunt for the suspect, I took the liberty of putting - - an all-ports warning in effect.
I can authorise a facial-rec search, too, if you issue the order? I know where he is.
Shaun Emery was last seen entering a property in Belgravia earlier this afternoon.
DS Flynn's stationed close by, keeping eyes on.
It's a large mansion house.
We know of at least two others inside the building.
Both male, both unknowns.
Beyond that, we have no intelligence on the property.
Perhaps you sounds like we need to knock on the door.
SO15 to monitor.
Arrest teams go in soft.
Uniform and armed units on standby would be my suggestion.
Carey who do you suppose leaked the footage? I've no idea, Sir.
A number of people had access across the department, plus there's Comms.
Ma'am? The detective super from SO15, do you know her? It's a big department.
Rachel? Why don't you jump in with me? We can get up to speed on the way.
I'm surprised we haven't met.
I'm SO15, myself.
Well, till recently.
I've been on secondment.
We must have missed each other.
Oh, sorry! Just chuck that in the back.
How many do you have? Kids, not dolls.
Two girls.
- You? - Me? No.
I never thought I'd have any.
My mother died giving birth to my younger brother, so God! Sorry.
Yeah, sad.
I was only three, so I don't remember much, but it certainly put me off the whole thing for a long time.
That's why I ended up doing what I do, I suppose.
Anything to avoid a normal family life, you know? But we all change.
After a while, you crave a bit of normality.
Not sure I will.
So what about you? Father in the police, or bullied at school? Come on, I told you mine! Why a detective and not a pole vaulter? Do you want my usual, flippant answer, or my deep and meaningful one? Which do you think I want? Well, my dad wasn't in the police.
No, my, um My mum died when I was 13.
And then my dad introduced me to his other woman and my half-sister.
Your father had another family? In secret, for seven years.
He'd spend half the week with us, the other half in London.
Mum thought it was for business.
She never suspected? She died not knowing.
I never want to be like that.
Like what? In the dark.
Well that beats my story.
Since the footage got redacted I've spent pretty much every waking moment trying to imagine why.
That's understandable.
(BEEPING) You just can't stay out of the spotlight, can you, friend? Tactical are in position, Ma'am.
If backup's required, we're ready to deploy within 15 seconds.
Hopefully, it won't come to that.
DS Flynn and I will approach the door in the first instance, supported by remote surveillance from the monitoring stations.
They've bounced the feeds from the ops room.
Good to go.
All other units await further instruction.
Clear vision on arrest team.
- Comms check? - 10-4, receiving.
Tactical and support units in position.
Standing by.
Received, Ma'am.
- Sorry, Sir.
I didn't see you - Ignore me.
I'm passing through.
Glad to be back on the case, Ma'am? Officially? Almost a good thing, the leak.
(DOOR BUZZES) Sir? We have some visitors from out of town.
Bring it up.
They're looking for me.
(HE BANGS ON DOOR) Detective Sergeant Flynn.
Homicide and Serious Crime Command.
We're looking for a suspect, believed to be in this area.
Any chance you recognise him? I know him.
From the TV.
He's the soldier.
In this area? I don't see him.
Mind if we take a look inside? But the owners are overseas, so it will be very difficult to contact them - for permission.
- We don't need permission, we have a warrant.
Downstairs! I'm downstairs! What is this place? Private apartments.
I need all these doors open.
Jutca! How many people in the building? Normally, two.
Since you came, four.
I need it open.
This one, I do not have.
Get Tactical in here now.
(SIRENS WAIL) Downstairs! Here! I'm down here! - Search every room.
- This way.
Tactical with me.
- Armed police! - Armed police! I'm downstairs, yes! I'm here! Shut up! Check that door.
Hit it.
- Clear.
- Clear, Ma'am.
How we doing? - Clear, Ma'am.
- Clear, Ma'am.
Search complete on the top floor.
No contact, Ma'am.
No other exit points either, Ma'am.
You had eyes on the front door all afternoon? Yes, Ma'am.
House search complete.
No contact.
I need a full CCTV trawl of the last three hours from all cameras in the immediate vicinity, starting with this one.
GARLAND: Understood.
Where's the monitor for that camera? Let me have audio.
Let me see it! Come on! We just searched the whole house! Where is the monitor for this camera? Er I don't have.
Why not? I never have.
This camera is a (HE SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE) How you say in English, dunny? - Dummy? - Dummy, yeah.
This is a dummy.
It's a dummy camera, Ma'am.
Think we put them off the scent? Yeah but for how long? (BEEPING) (DOOR OPENS) On your feet, Soldier.
You're a real shit magnet, you know that, Shaun? Just a routine measure to protect my friends against your temper.
All right, mate.
(FRANK CHUCKLES) You've got to admit, it's kind of fitting.
put his facial rec back to the old suspect.
As yet, no matches.
How's the trawl from Eaton Square? It's happening.
Pulling the feeds up now.
Anything in particular you're looking for? Yes.
The suspect leaving the property we just raided.
- Where's Tom? - He's off shift.
I thought he never went home.
He was going to pull the recordings from my session.
- Rachel, would you like to lead this? - I am leading this.
I meant the briefing, sorry.
You go ahead.
Just to be clear, folks, the investigation continues to be under Detective Carey's operational command How long has she been in SO15? A lot longer than me.
You've worked with her? Ma'am, sorry to interrupt, but DS Phillips and I pulled the suspect's journey on CCTV during the initial I'd like you to go over it again.
Things may have been missed.
(BANGING) Shit! He's out! He's out! (CAR HORNS BEEP) Let him go.
No need to cause a scene.
Attaboy! Today's feeds from Eaton Square? Yes, Ma'am.
Nothing of interest so far.
The suspect doesn't leave the property? - Does anyone? - No, Ma'am.
- How far back have you checked? - Till 9am this morning.
Shaun Emery, the suspect? You don't see a taxi arrive and him enter the property? No, Ma'am.
Check again between 12 and 1pm.
Where's the techie who was on my session earlier? Off shift, I guess.
Well, I need to speak to him.
Get him on the phone now.
All right.
- Who was it? - For fuck's sake! Can I help with anything? Ma'am.
(SIREN WAILS) (CLAMOURING) (CHEERING) Come on, you Spurs! Come on, you Spurs! Come on, you Spurs! Come on, you Spurs! Come on, you Spurs! Come on, you Spur I need to report a concern.
The sighting of the suspect at Eaton Square, it was via CCTV.
I monitored it myself, live.
But there's no trace of it in the archive.
- You're certain you saw him? - On the feed, Ma'am, yes.
Except, my team on the ground didn't.
- Didn't? - I realise how it must sound.
It's almost as hard to believe as Shaun Emery.
But also very similar.
The only eyewitness to Hannah Roberts' abduction was a council worker monitoring the feed.
Shaun Emery claims this evidence is somehow untrue.
While I'm strongly disinclined to believe that, I also cannot deny the correlation with what happened today.
How do you make sense of it? I was hoping you might shed some light.
Why me? I imagine there's only so much you can tell me, but I thought it might be pertinent To? to the concerns that saw the Emery footage redacted.
You're right, Rachel.
There is only so much I can tell you.
But thank you for bringing this to my attention.
It may well be pertinent, as you suggest.
I've been trying to retrieve the recording from my original session.
I'd like to see that.
(ROWDY CROWD NOISE) He's always in the toilet! You spend more time in the toilet We can go home now, you can go to your own toilet! - Thank goodness for that! - Take care, mate.
Come on, you lilywhite Spurs! Marcus.
Don't freak the fuck out.
Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.
I just want to talk to you alone.
How far's your place? How do you know I live alone? Wild guess.
(DOOR SLAMS) If you want money, I don't keep any in the house.
Even if you did, it'd take me a month to find it! You ever heard of a cleaner? You seen it, then? The video? I suppose everyone has.
Well, it's not real.
Go on, get it up.
So what, by "not real", you mean this isn't you? It's me, and that's Hannah, but that didn't happen.
She kissed me.
She got on a bus, that's the last I see of her.
Go on, then.
Figure it out.
How they did it.
Like you did at my appeal.
Well, I This is very intricate.
There's a lot of action.
On the other hand, face-mapping technology is becoming more and more accessible.
You've probably seen these deepfake porn sites.
Well, as I understand it, they um they take famous women's faces and they put them on bodies that Well, apparently they can look quite convincing.
The point is, someone had enough images of you, plus the right software Fucking Army's got thousands of photos of me.
But none of this explains how it could have appeared on CCTV.
Police said they'd seen it live.
- Live? - Live, yeah.
OK, um, let me show you something.
Right Do you know who that is? No.
- It's Joseph Jastrow.
- So? What do you see here, Shaun? Are you taking the piss? A duck.
What?! Not a Not a rabbit? You see, Jastrow observed that people were more likely to see a rabbit at Easter time.
So he concluded that what we see depends on our surroundings, our state of emotion.
I mean, I don't know a great deal about it, but, um I know the mind can be tricked.
And I know you can't alter live CCTV.
Listen, you duck-rabbit fuck! - I didn't do it! - Please don't hurt me.
I wasn't going to hurt you.
(DOOR SLAMS) (HE SIGHS) Ma'am, it looks like DSU Garland was right.
There was another blind spot in Emery's journey.
On his way back home from the river.
You missed it the first time? Apparently.
Phillips was leading it.
It's not your fault.
Get down there, take a look.
Ma'am, aren't you coming? - You and Patrick can take it.
- OK.
Is this room free now? I need to upload my training session from earlier today.
The entire recording from 11.
30 to 1.
Ma'am, just spoke to a caller, reckons he's got new information on Shaun Emery.
- He's asking to speak to the SIO.
- Take his details for me.
Is it up? It's not on the main server.
- Why not? - I don't know.
You said it was training I thought the whole system was saved for a week? - Ma'am? - What's this? The caller's details.
Mr Levy.
He did say it was urgent.
It's not always a week, OK? - It's measured in volume of data.
- Yeah, but it's been a couple of hours! Rachel? You found another gap in the suspect's journey? DS Latif is leading the search.
I'm trying to recover that recording we discussed, Ma'am.
The discrepancy.
It doesn't appear to be on the system.
Look, I can't find what's not there.
I wanted to make sure that you saw it, given how important you said it was.
So All there is to go on is the trawl that revealed nothing and your account.
The Tech Op.
He saw it too.
Is he here? Apparently not.
But like you said, Ma'am, this needs looking into.
I understand you have this drive to get to the very heart of things.
It's commendable, and, in other detective work, vital.
But here at Counter Terrorism Intelligence, accepting you can rarely see the whole picture is part of the job.
There are boundaries you learn to recognise and respect.
Just the same as in your private life.
You asked, why the police? I should have given you my usual answer.
Because when they say, "Move along, nothing to see here", they're lying.
Mr Levy? It's Detective Carey returning your phone call.
(DISTANT VOICE) (DISTANT VOICE) How big is this blind spot? Just this lower level.
And he was in here for a minute? One minute, 12 seconds.
Let's get these garages open.
- Mr Levy? - Yes.
- Did you get the links I sent you? - To your Wikipedia page? Well, just so you don't think I'm some crackpot.
You're a sports producer.
Senior broadcast consultant.
I'm in the middle of a manhunt, Mr Levy.
He came to my house.
Shaun Emery? - About an hour ago.
- I need to call this in.
Don't, please, please.
Listen to what I have to say, before you do that.
(VEHICLE APPROACHES) Shaun! Shaun! - Mat? - Yeah.
- You got out? - What? How the fuck did you find me? 'Cos you're shit at hiding! Quinny's stag! When we missed the last train, so we broke in and kipped in here.
Said we'd always have a place for the night.
What, you forgot? It's just me.
Your fingers? What about them? - They chopped off your fingers.
- What?! Fuck.
Are you going to put that down now? You've seen this many times, I'm sure.
Now, Shaun claims this has somehow been fabricated.
And what do you think? Well, as I said to Shaun, almost anything is possible these days when it comes to video manipulation.
I imagine you're familiar with so-called deepfake pornography, for instance.
Go on.
Well, the point is, you don't have to be Anslem von Seherr-Thoss any more to produce convincing visual effects.
In any case, the simple fact of the matter is, you cannot manipulate CCTV images live.
But what if it wasn't? What if it wasn't what? Live.
You mean, like, if there was a delay to the feed? Let me ask you something.
Do any other street cameras border this one, or cross its range? No.
There were no border cameras.
Right, no need for direct continuity.
Now, if someone were to hack into this feed when this street was empty, and then slow it down or loop it for a few seconds, who's going to notice? But then, once the delay to the feed is introduced, that would buy time for the next component of this subterfuge.
- Which is? - The stitch.
See, Shaun remembers this stage as accurate and authentic, yet, he claims what follows is a work of fiction.
Now, if that is the case, then there has to be a transition that the human eye doesn't see, an invisible cut.
And is there? I don't know, I can't see an invisible cut any more than I can see the Invisible Man.
But I know where it'd be if there was one.
If I wanted to hide an edit in this scene, I'd use the wipe.
The wipe.
The wipe is something crossing the frame, blocking the action.
This could be an edit? It's the perfect place to hide one.
And, after all, the contentious part of the action is post-bus.
Now, I must say, it is extremely well-executed, if it is, but I mean, that's the point.
If properly done, it's impossible to prove.
It doesn't have to be a bus.
No, anything that passes by and obscures the action, would do it.
A bus, a train, a person, if they're close enough to the camera.
- A truck? - Yeah, yeah, a truck.
Look, look, it's just a possibility, but I thought you should know about it.
Thank you, Mr Levy.
I need something, from the archives.
- I don't know where your session is.
- No, not that.
From Sycamore.
The Rashid meeting.
What, your star turn? Try YouTube, it was in all the reports.
Carey? Why do you need it? - This one? - Yeah.
Where's your car? With my other half.
So, where's your other half? I saw them torture you.
It weren't me, Shaun.
They must have made it up.
It must be the same ones that faked your CCTV.
That don't make sense.
If, er If he faked the CCTV, why would he ask about Hannah? What's the matter? I know it's not real.
But when I think about it, when I close my eyes, I've started seeing it like that fucking video.
Why does that happen? Shaun, you've done nothing wrong.
Remember that.
I need to get out of London.
All these cameras, I can't fucking think.
They've got cameras outside London.
Not as many.
- You drove.
- Shaun - I can't.
- Yeah, you can.
Just give me the car, all right? You ain't coming with me.
The four individuals sentenced this morning had the means TV: The suspects claim they had no connection to the Birmingham-based arms dealer.
This CCTV footage says otherwise.
This CCTV footage says otherwise.
This CCTV footage says otherwise.
The suspects claim they had no connection to the Birmingham-based arms dealer.
This CCTV footage says otherwise.
DS Latif to Control.
We're looking for a dark grey Skoda Octavia Registration: Yankee, Yankee, Zero, Six, Uniform, Papa, Oscar.
Running plate check.
Suspect vehicle heading south-east on the A282.
(HE GRUNTS) Got him.
What the hell's he looking at? I'm heading down there.
Don't you need to stay and command? Not from here.