The Chelsea Detective (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Mrs. and Mrs. Romano

Yes, hi, you're early.
Astie, it's me.
Shit! What do you mean shit? I'm on my way out.
What do you want? Uh, a name.
Your friend who deals in rare books.
I got some first editions from dad's shop.
Thought he might be interested.
Is your phone broken? You couldn't text me? Well, I was passing.
And? And Hello? Excuse me.
Max, this is not a good time.
Oh, no, it's Patrick.
Hi, is Max still there? You mean the bloke with he bike? No, he's gone.
I'll be right now.
Ciao, good evening.
Would you like me to sign that for you? Yes please.
Who should I make it out to? Stef, with an F.
Okay, Stef with an F, enjoy your meal.
Lynn Franco.
She got the keys.
We agreed to the end of the month.
Yet you're still here.
I need more time to find something else.
Unless you crass me up to the big boss.
Didn't think so.
By the end of the week, I'm serious.
Ciao bella.
Where have you been all day? Did you get my messages? I was running an errand.
This lady I knock about with has a big birthday next week so Mind my own.
You are so mysterious.
Hey, you know the rules.
No PDA's in the kitchen.
Frightens the fish.
Service, table 12! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, table 12, go, go, go! All right, getting low on plates.
Luca! Where's Luca? Luca? Luca, you bribed him to come into work? I thought you'd like him here for the announcement later.
What, no we're not It's too soon.
I'll check the office.
Luca! You promised.
You agreed not to upset your mom.
I'm helping you.
I know what you're up to, Robin.
Just leave me alone! Luca, please.
Ciao food lovers.
Romano here from the beating heart of Romano's Restaurant.
This is our head chef, Cousin Johno.
And here comes the beautiful Beth.
Hi! And our junior chef, Nicks.
All right, two shitting Pomojono, one pissing Tonnerelli.
- What's my name? - Jack! Seriously? Oh leave that.
Everyone loves an outtake.
Evening, Mrs.
It sounds like a missing persons.
Oh, okay.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Oh, thanks.
Oh, is this decaf? Oh, yeah, my decaf.
You know, so baby girl doesn't buzz her nut off.
My mom used to give me a cup of Nescafe with my breakfast.
Never did me any harm.
Not that I'm advising you how to feed your child.
Yeah, not that I'm listening to someone whose mom gave him coffee as a kid.
Missing person is Robin Romano? 29 years old.
Celebrity chef by the looks of it.
You've not heard of La Familia Romano of The King's Road? I live in Stratham.
All right, so, neighbor called it in at 23:17.
Said she heard yelling and then a loud bang.
Gunshot? Patio door smashing.
A few minutes later same witness saw the Romano's Mini leave the property at speed.
Didn't see a driver.
Dispatch mentioned there was blood.
Yeah, first officer on the scene spotted some on the side gate.
Called us in as a precaution.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Looks like there's some spotting here, too.
Do we know where the car went? Phone company pinpointed the last three pings from the missing woman's mobile to a mast in Battersea.
Final one at 01:09, then inactive.
Switched off.
Assuming this is Robin Romano's blood here and on the gate, do we know if the car was facing the road or did it reverse out? I'll check.
What about hospitals? Yeah, they're on all that.
Oh hey Pri, heard you made the cut.
Congrats, representing.
What cut is that? I'll speak to the neighbor.
Romano, I'm Detective Inspector Max Arnold.
I've already explained everything to your colleague.
Well, let's start at the beginning.
When did you last see Robin? At the restaurant.
She came in around six.
She works there? She runs the PR.
This is Mrs.
That's all hers.
She left around half nine.
We were supposed to come home together, but I had stuff to do.
So Robin took the car.
I left later about half 10.
Did anybody see you leave? Maybe Johno.
And there's a camera on the front.
Who's Johno? Our head chef, and my cousin.
From the restaurant to here is what, 15 minutes? Oh no.
I was going to take an Uber but I changed my mind.
It was a nice night so I walked.
I got back about 20 past 11.
When I saw Robin wasn't here I phoned and left a message.
I should have called 999.
What was your instinct? - Honestly? - Yeah.
That a bird had crashed into the glass.
Bloody big bird.
We tracked Robin's phone to Battersea.
Does she know anybody there? Not that I know of.
What do you think happened there? Well, I'm concerned about the blood we found on the drive, and up on the ceiling there.
I feel sick.
Thank you.
DI Arnold? There's a gentleman outside.
Says he's family.
We just got your message.
Robin's missing.
You've spoken to Luca? Luca? My son.
It turned right, shot off at a rate of knots.
Not that I'm a curtain twitcher.
But I bet a concerned neighbor like yourself is watching out for the police to arrive.
Did you see Julia come home? No.
Cooper? There's a son, Luca, who lived with them.
Bright lad, at Catron College.
But, well, where is he now? One day there, next day gone.
You know what happened to Julia Romano's husband? No.
15 years ago he disappeared too.
First the husband, then son, and now You saw Julia leave work? Yeah, about half 10.
But you were in the restaurant all night.
Well I was on late cleanup.
I left about midnight.
Anyone confirm that? Yes, our waitress Beth.
She was cleaning front house, she left five minutes before me.
According to our system two weeks ago Robin Romano reported a break in at this address.
Then promptly withdrew the complaint.
Was that the son, Luca? He's a good kid.
Did you see him last night? Briefly.
He's on the roster, but everyone knows there's only one reason that Luca turns up for shifts.
Julia kids herself that she's molding him in her image but when I cashed up at the end of the night we were 50 quid short.
It rained yesterday afternoon so we can assume these footprints are fresh.
Size eights.
And the pattern on the sole, Adidas Superstars.
I know my trainers.
Tracks end at the fence, so that's the likely point of access.
Officers have searched the neighbor's garden but didn't find anything.
The neighbor confirmed the car reversed out.
Then whoever's blood that is on the driveway didn't get in behind the wheel.
We have a third party.
And a possible kidnapping or abduction.
Luca dotes on Robin.
He wouldn't hurt her.
Luca's got quite the collection of trainers.
Can you sign here please? Thank you.
We'll return them as soon as we can.
Do you know where he's staying now? After Robin reported the break in, how did Luca react? Well, he was angry, but they made up after he returned the watch he stole.
It was the one I gave Robin for our anniversary.
His number's not available.
Shows how far we've fallen.
We need to speak to him.
You could try Nicks.
She might know where he is.
Nicks? Nicola Grieves, our junior chef.
She and Luca have an on off thing.
And what about Luca's father? Um, David in Westbury? Is he still on the scene? Why are you asking about David? Your neighbor mentioned him.
I haven't seen or spoken to David since he walked out 15 years ago.
For God's sake, a gossipy neighbor regurgitates a rumor and you take it seriously.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to lock it.
We're not open yet.
DS Shamsie, DI Arnold.
Are you Nicola Grieves? No.
Beth Dalton.
Nicks isn't in yet.
What's up, she in trouble? We want to talk to her.
We're investigating the disappearance of Robin Romano.
God, I thought you were joking.
What's happened? There was an incident at the Romano house last night.
We need to speak to Luca Romano about it.
Oh, Luca.
Where there's trouble, he's never far behind.
Um, you wait here.
I'll go and call Nicks.
Julia Romano said you and Luca are an item.
Were, we broke up last year.
When he's using it's exhausting.
What's he take? Nothing serious.
Did you see him last night? Yeah, but thankfully rarely bothers to show up for shift.
Did he used to talk to you about things at home? Oh, did he.
He's always minding about his hard knock life.
He was having problems? Of his own making.
And last year on his 21st, his mom offered in this place to takeover, to manage.
Like, I'd give my right arm, but he turned it down.
Did Julia or Robin pressure him to change his mind? Good luck with that.
Last night, did you see anything out of the ordinary? No.
Oh, but Lynn Franco, the delivery guy, he's got a hold of Robin.
She handed him his cards last week.
Either of you got a light? No.
Do you have a number for Luca? Is this the only number you have? It's the one he used when we were a thing.
Look, are we done? I'm on practice.
Oh, nice trainers.
Okay thanks.
Laboot what? Philistine.
It's nothing.
I turned up late a couple times.
Robin has given to the end of this week to book up or clear out.
Was it normal for her to borrow the van? She's the owner's misses.
Me, lowly delivery driver.
If she wants to borrow the van she borrows the van.
How did she seem? Happy go lucky.
Robin loves attention.
Probably what this is all about.
- Not a fan? - She's a gold digger.
Your last delivery, 23:02? Stones throw away from the Romano house.
Yeah, and the night before finish the street over.
Night before that, round the corner.
You must have been annoyed when Robin fired you.
Oh yeah.
'Cause this is my dream job.
Lynn Franco.
Are you a Romano? No.
But you're Italian, right? My mom was born in Milan.
Oh Milan? I love Milan.
What part? Oh uh south.
Yeah, Johno locked up after me, just before midnight.
What's the kitchen gossip, Beth? You must all talk.
Does Robin put anyone's back up? Everybody gets on with Robin.
I just wish you'd tell me if there was something wrong.
Oh bloody hell! I'm sorry, sorry.
It's okay.
Has she talked to you about tensions at home? Luca.
You know he steals from the till.
What about Robin and Julia? The harmonious Mrs.
and Mrs.
Romano? No way.
Does the name David Westbury every come up? Julia's ex-husband.
It's before my time, but it's no secret.
23:19 Robin's car was captured on CCTV heading west on the Brompton Road, in the direction of the hospital.
It was not seen on the traffic cams in the hospital approach though.
Then where did it go? Well from the E-Link Mass Data it traveled on the A 40 to Oxbridge.
I've requested ANPR data.
What's that? Is that our case? Patrick Thompson? No, it's Astrid's new fella.
I bumped into him outside hers and kind of accidentally ran his plates.
Using Holmes to stalk your ex's new squeeze? That's a good look, Max.
Okay, according to NPS, Julia Romano never reported her ex-husband missing.
I couldn't find any social media presence for him.
No updates to his HMRC records since October 2006.
What about immigration? Nothing.
So he really did disappear? In 2015 Julia Ramona was granted a divorce in absentia.
She married Robin three years later.
Jealous ex husband turns up out of the blue 15 years later.
Or Robin asked too many questions about him.
I mean, you saw Julie's reaction when I mentioned David Westbury.
Julia pushes Robin into the window.
Robin cuts herself on the glass, runs to the car and escapes.
Blood on the ceiling.
So likely she was attacked first.
Julia carries her to the car, drives her to hospital, but it's too late.
Well, what time did the Marston Ealing last detect Robin's phone? Uh, 23:48.
By which time uniforms had been at the Romano residence speaking to Julia for 20 minutes.
You can't place Julia in that car.
Unless she had an accomplice.
- Connor? - Got it, boss.
Got what? From the door to door.
The resident said a black Mini nearly ran him over on his way home from the pub.
You found the car? Uh-huh, near Sheep Cut Lane, Battersea.
Nobody inside, no visible drag marks or shoe prints.
Okay, full lift for forensic examination.
There's blood on the passenger seat.
Looks like the passenger started seated and then slid down.
Foot mats soaked through with water.
Looks like the driver wiped everything down.
Lemon fresh? Alpine meadow.
Where are we on Luca? Nicks gave us the names of his mates.
But none of them have seen him.
Hair found in the boot of the car, pulled out at the roots.
Lab results returned a match for Robin Romano.
That was quick.
The boot of the Mini is too small to fit a body, so could be off the weapon.
When we've removed the wet foot mat we found this pendant.
Ran it through lab analysis, but it didn't put out anything useful.
But we inspected something under the wiper, hold on.
Where was the cut you made? Hm? That Jess mentioned.
Can't remember my kid's name but you remember that.
Ha ha ha, you made the team.
- Yeah.
- Great.
Not great.
If you were a footballer, 40 is still young.
I thought winch green could be the corner of a flyer, but it's a parking ticket.
Romano, thank you for coming.
So I guess you've seen it too then? Seen what? The email here.
What email? Oh, it came to you about an hour ago.
It's, it's from Robin.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
I'm so sorry.
What a mess.
I can explain everything.
Column Gardens tomorrow at 10:00 AM.
Come alone.
Does anyone else have access to Robin's email? Nobody ever, I certainly don't.
Romano, we have some news.
We found your car left in Battersea.
There was no sign of Robin.
But we have to inform you that we found blood and hair inside the car.
Oh God! And preliminary tests suggest that both the hair and the samples taken from your house are a match.
It's Robin's.
But you think she's still alive? We don't know.
This was found on the floor of the car.
Do you recognize it? No.
I've been building a picture of Robin's movements yesterday.
It looks like she was at the restaurant until around 3:00 PM.
Then drove to Hammersmith.
Do you know what she was doing there? She's been being secretive all week, but there's an innocent explanation.
Next week is my 50th birthday.
I think Robin has been planning something.
Your car was also driven to Oxbridge last night.
Is there any reason why Robin or Luca would travel there? According to Robin's internet search history, she was trying to track down your ex-husband.
What? Did you know that? No.
Max, I've checked the financials for Robin Romano.
The restaurant had a bumpy few years, but it's back in the black now.
Enough to warrant a kidnapping? No.
But Robin Romano's savings account.
Last November, she deposited 300,000 pounds into it.
Only it didn't stay for long.
Over four months there were multiple payments all via PayPal, Pay and A, Google Pay Send, Western Union.
So no way to trace the recipient or recipients.
Random amounts too.
A few thousand here, a few hundred there.
300 grand, where's that from? Flora helping me trace it.
Boss, got a hit on that parking ticket.
Issued from a private firm by an overeager operative.
It's CPA parking.
At a quarter past midnight in a car park near Oxbridge.
There's no cameras on the approach road.
There's blood.
Veers into the woods.
Better get a search team.
What I wouldn't give for an innocent explanation.
Maybe tomorrow morning Robin will turn up to meet Julia with a brilliant excuse.
Ever the optimist.
The foot well in the Mini was saturated.
Yeah, soaked through.
We passed a lake on the way here.
So who wrote that email? Can I see her? Of course.
We'll be in touch as soon as we can arrange it.
I need to let people know.
Romano, I'm sorry to ask this, but could we keep this between ourselves for a while longer? What? Well, we know the email came from Robin's phone.
It was reactivated briefly earlier today.
It pinged the Marston Chelsea wall.
And if there's a chance, no matter how small, that whoever sent it might still show up tomorrow.
Whatever I can do.
Thank you.
There's something else.
But if you'd rather we'd Go ahead, ask what you need to ask.
Looking into Robin's financial history, someone transferred 300,000 pounds into a savings account last November.
Robin used to co-own a PR firm, Hillside PRP.
Maybe it was a windfall.
All but 5,000 was transferred out.
Do you know where? I have no idea.
We kept our finances separate.
I didn't keep track of her spending.
Hello? Whoever's out there, I've called the police.
Bloody hell, nearly gave me a heart attack! - What are you doing? - Nothing.
Did you call the police? No, but they're looking for you.
They think you were at the house Friday night, were you? Luca, did you have something to do with Robin going missing? Is that what mom thinks? Your mother is in bits.
Let her think what she wants.
Don't tell anyone I was here.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come here.
Be careful, okay? - Thanks.
- Go on.
That was my first foray into publishing.
Printed those little recipe books ourselves.
Me and Luca stapling pages in the kitchen.
We sold them to customers for five pounds a pop.
You signed my copy.
Did I? Why here? This is one of our favorite places.
The cruelty in sending that email.
It's time.
You all right? Won't they know we found the body? Press office is sitting on it until six.
Do we know what Robin was doing in Hammersmith the day she died? Anything come from the door to door? We canvassed the cafes just in case Robin was meeting someone there, but no one saw her.
Sorry, I thought my phone was on silent.
Girlfriend placing a takeaway order for tonight.
How is Becky? Yeah, really good, thanks.
Julia Romano? That's it, go, go! I'm sorry, this is for David.
David? Police! What's going on? - Step away.
- What are you doing? She said David.
My husband.
I just bought if for my husband's birthday.
I was going to ask her to sign it.
Our apologies, madame.
Yeah, unbelievable.
That email, it was meant to get her out the house.
Police, if anyone is in here, make yourself known.
The door panel's been ripped off.
Brown field's clear.
And there's jewelry and cash upstairs that hasn't been taken.
Is there anything in here missing or out of place? No.
I'll get a team in, check for prints.
In the park you thought that woman was delivering a message from your ex-husband David.
I panicked, that's all.
It was all her idea.
The book making us famous.
I hired her to find a way to save the restaurant, but I quickly fell in love with her.
She was brilliant.
She saved more than the restaurant.
I hope she knew that.
I'm sure she did.
Thank you.
If I think of anything, I'll let you know.
Of course.
Ciao, this is Robin Romano.
Please leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you pronto.
Ciao, this is Robin Romano.
Please leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you pronto.
The report is probably washed away our chances of getting useful fibers or DNA.
How long was she in there? Very little in the way of skin changes.
Not too long, maybe six to 12 hours.
Any water in the lungs? Dead before she went in.
Small messes.
Frontal temporal fracture caused by blunt trauma with a heavy object.
Any idea what? Ashley, I said any idea I heard.
This is my concentration face.
There's a patterned bruise in the skin overlying the fracture, small indentations close together, like dimples.
I have never been in your kitchen, But I imagine you don't own one.
Incredibly presumptuous.
Actually Actually.
My kids say it just like that before they make something up.
Actually, Astrid had one.
Well, we didn't find one in our search of the house.
That's what killed Mrs.
Romano here? Cerebral contusions.
Severe extra jaw hemorrhage.
Four right? Four what? Kids.
When I left this morning.
Love them to bits but thank God I have an off switch.
And are they No.
Not one of them.
What are the odds.
Sorry I thought you meant Oh no.
Are they boys or girls? Oh, sorry.
Yes, four boys.
What are the odds, eh? Ashley, just to be clear, we are talking about one of those hammers you use on steaks, right? Ciao food lovers, Mrs.
Romano here.
Tonight is the launch party for our new cookbook.
Ciao food lovers! Ciao food lovers.
Ciao food lovers! Is your volume button broken? Cookbook.
The murder weapon.
Hey, Usain Bolt.
This is a surprise.
Sweaty kiss.
Oh sorry.
So, so? Date night.
- I forgot.
- Yeah, that I realized.
You're mad at me? You're mad at me.
You know on the way over here I rehearsed a speech.
Ooh, a speech.
Yeah, the crux of which was that I was sorely disappointed and hungry.
And now I'm here, I'm just hungry.
You know, They serve pizza in the bar.
Is it any good? I mean it's edible.
That'll do.
And something with meat for me, and margarita? I love you.
Yeah, whatever.
Security footage shows Luca Romano leaving the restaurant at 19:05.
Robin Romano seems upset with him.
Bollocks! Thank you for coming in, Mr.
We'll try to keep this brief.
Where were you between 11 and midnight on Friday? Friday, let's see.
Early evening I had an engagement with a gallery owner I know.
And after that? I was at my office until the early hours with my legal team.
I'll give you their details.
Thank you.
Except you weren't there all evening, were you? Because this is you at 20:43 on Friday leaving La Familia Romano restaurant.
Yes, oh.
Maybe you can explain that to us, Mr.
What were you doing there? DS Shamsie, kindly request a search warrant for Mr.
Thompson's properties.
There's no need.
Why were you there? And why did you just lie to us? I didn't want to scupper anything.
The contracts are ready to go.
What contracts? For the restaurant.
On Friday I was there finalizing the details.
What details? I'm in the process of purchasing it.
Julia Romano is selling you her family business? Yeah.
And I'm planning to franchise it.
How much is that deal worth? Around 3.
Yes, thank you.
It's hot property.
Half a million followers.
Runaway bestseller.
Now all this publicity.
I mean How did Robin feel about the sale? Did she try to stop it? Not at all.
Look, I'm not forcing anyone's hand here.
Julia and Robin were both completely behind it.
So are we going to discuss the elephant in the room? What, your OAP race? You're walking.
You're the youngest in your heat.
How do you know I'm the youngest? Oh, Jess.
So you're gonna cheer me on? You bloody are.
So what about the other elephant? What did you think of him? He's bloody gorgeous.
Max, I'm kidding.
I knew that.
Pri, I've been running background checks on the restaurant staff.
Came across something you might find interesting.
The P60 for Lynn Franco Astori.
Robin Romano? That's me.
Sign here, please.
Where do you want them? Uh, just over here please.
I didn't want the staff knowing till it was a done deal.
Thompson promised that he would keep them all on.
It was the last resort.
I'd hoped it might inspire Luca to turn things around, to bring us close again.
Spent my life trying to save the restaurant, battling against the tearing down of old Chauncey.
Promised my father I'd never sell.
I did the same with my dad's book shop.
The last of their kind.
We were going traveling.
That was the plan.
I'll see if they're ready.
Hello, you've reached Astrid.
Please leave a message.
Hi Astie, it's me.
I was hoping to catch you.
The thing is The thing is Nevermind.
There's another reason why I didn't tell you about the restaurant sale.
My ex-husband is still on the paperwork.
He has a stake in the business, and I don't want him benefiting from what Robin and I built together.
Do you know where he is now? 15 years ago I was working every hour trying to keep the restaurant open.
I came home one day, and David was gone.
Luca was seven.
His father left without a note, never called.
Took the best part of two years, but I found him living outside Cork under a different name.
His mother's maiden name.
As far as I know, he's still there, alive and well living with this partner and their three daughters.
I begged him to call Luca.
Every Christmas and birthday I would buy Luca present and sign it from dad.
False hope.
I'm good at that.
Robin was too.
I think she was helping Luca try to find his father.
She didn't know the truth.
How do I explain to Luca that, for his father, he doesn't exist? Thank you for coming in Mr.
Wasn't aware it was a request.
How are you doing today, Andrew? Or do you prefer Andy? Who's Andrew? South Milan, was it? According to your P60 Lynn Franco Astori is 24 years old.
Whereas you, Andrew Stafford, were born June 5th, 1969.
Bloody hell.
Look, I'm lying low.
That's all.
Got myself into a bit of a pickle.
What kind of a pickle? The kind that comes with extortion at interest.
You're working under a false identity to hide from debt collectors? It's a real identity.
Lynn Franco's this lad I know in Coventry.
It's all above board.
I've got an email from him saying I can use it.
And Robin found out about this? So she terminates your employment.
And then last Friday after work, you pop over to Robin's house.
Have a quick chat about it.
After I finished work, I went to my girlfriend's.
Look, okay.
Yeah, Robin found out about it and we made a deal.
I'll go quietly.
She wouldn't report it.
Avoid the bad publicity.
After I'd done her a favor or two.
What favor? Got her that watch back, didn't I? When was this? Last week.
Nicks asked me if I'd help her flog a watch.
Like I'm that stupid.
I knew Luca had nicked it.
So I told him to give it back to Robin, ungrateful cow.
God rest her soul.
Hello Nicks, how you doing? Can I help you? How's Luca? Is he in? Luca? No.
Not to worry, we'll wait.
There's a warrant and a battering ram on the way.
They said it'd be 10 minutes.
Yeah, I better hurry them up.
Yeah, why not.
This is a murder investigation.
We found the body of Robin Romano yesterday.
He's asleep on the sofa.
I'll wake him up.
He was waiting when I got home from work on Friday.
What time was that? Like, quarter past 11.
Why didn't you tell us that before? Oh and get thumbed for possession or whatever? We're gonna need the clothes he was wearing.
We believe Robin Romano was attacked at her home on Friday night.
At the bottom of the garden we found footprints from a pair of shoes identical to yours.
Were you there? We found this in Robin's car.
Is this yours? No.
Quite a collection of Adidas in your wardrobe.
Whenever I fall out with mom, Robin takes me shopping.
Her way of keeping the peace.
Emotional bribery.
That's a lot of shoes.
A lot of falling out.
Over what? Money, restaurant, my father.
You know about him? She promised when I turned 21, she'd tell me where he was.
Robin was helping me look for him.
Did she suffer? You were at the house on Friday night.
Why were you there, seeing what you could nick? I didn't even see Robin.
I let myself in the back, but she came home early.
So I jumped over the garden wall.
I licked it straight to Nicks.
What time was that? Quarter to 10.
There's cameras everywhere if you don't believe me.
We're checking.
What do you think happened to Robin? Soles from his trainers match the footprints from the garden, but there's no blood on his clothes.
He didn't do it.
Jess did some more digging into the financials and found this.
I've called Ms.
Dalton in for a chat.
Thank you for coming in, Mrs.
What's this about? Please have a seat.
You should take this.
It's regarding the 300,000 pounds that was deposited into your wife's account six months ago.
Multiple transactions, which we believe Robin tried to disguise using a variety of online payment methods.
In total, over four months, Robin spent 294,567 pounds.
We've requested details on those transactions, but we're hoping you can speed things up.
I'm sorry, it's the first I've heard of this.
The 300,000 pounds was from this re-mortgage loan.
In your joint names? I never seen this before.
How do you explain this, Mrs.
Dalton? That is your signature.
I didn't sign this.
- Julia - I didn't! Robin asked me to sign it.
I didn't even look at it though.
You had no idea what it was? Robin turned up for work and said, "Will you sign something for me?" And so I did.
Did Julia know about it? No, no.
She asked me not to tell her.
Did Robin tell you she'd forged your signature? That explains why you're selling the business.
To pay off this debt.
These trips to Hammersmith began the same time as these transactions.
Can you shed some light on this? Beth? No.
Is it possible that Robin was in a relationship with Beth? What? No, no of course not! Hi, this is Beth.
Please leave a message.
Beth, what the hell were you and my wife up to? Whatever it was, I deserve to know.
Call me.
Remember when the book first came out it hardly sold? And you were upset because you thought it had flopped Then Robin suggested that we buy a few copies to get a pulse going.
Every few weeks she'd buy more.
And then she'd drive a van load to a book recycling place in Hammersmith.
Robin bought The best seller.
She was going to tell you.
Once you'd sold the restaurant she was going to come clean and ask you pay off the 300 grand from the profit.
It worked, the plan worked.
And Julia, she did it for you.
This is all for you.
CCTV from the World Zen confirms Luca's alibi.
Beth and Johno were at the restaurant until midnight.
Lynn Franco? A, his girlfriend confirmed that he was at hers from just after 11, and B he's too stupid.
And Julia was talking to our officers whilst Robin's body was being dumped.
Don't mind us.
Sorry, new trainers are pinching.
Max? Whenever Luca got upset Robin would take in shoe shopping, her way of keeping the peace.
Those, the boot shoes, the ones with the red soles.
Christian Louboutin.
Are they expensive? Hideously.
So a junior chef wearing a pair? You own a pair of Christian Louboutin trainers.
I own a lot of trainers.
Did Robin buy them for you? No.
According to Robin Romano's credit card statement three days before she died she bought a pair of those trainers from Harrods.
They were size seven, gift wrapped too.
What size are you, Nicks? I didn't want anything to do with this.
Last week I came in early and I walked in on Robin and Johno arguing.
Like top of their lungs.
Johno was furious.
He was asking Robin when the royalties were coming in, said he was sick of waiting.
And she bought me the trainers so I wouldn't mention it to Julia.
What, are you going to impound them? No.
You can keep them.
They're the same recipes.
They reused them in the new book.
Johno's recipes.
But according to Beth, he was at the restaurant until midnight.
At least that's what Beth told us.
Ciao food lovers.
Romano here from the beating heart of Romano's Restaurant.
This is our head chef, Cousin Johno.
And here comes the beautiful Beth.
Johno and Beth? About midnight Johno locked up after me.
We think you're lying.
Has Johno talked about what happened that night? No.
Have you asked him about Robin? Why would I? I take it your husband doesn't know about you and Johno? Recognize this? We found it in Robin's car.
Oh God.
Is it yours? It was a gift for Johno.
I gave it to him the day The day that Robin died.
Got it.
Connor says his phone just pinged the mast in Oxbridge.
Alert all units.
Suspect Johno Romano wanted in connection with the murder of Robin Romano, driving a blue Honda CRV, Sierra Yankee zero five Foxtrot Foxtrot Tango.
Over there.
No sign of him.
I'll call it in.
He's at the lake.
There he is.
I'm going to talk to him.
Max, Max! All right.
Mind if I join you? Good of Beth to give you an alibi.
We didn't pick up on that.
You and her.
She didn't want to believe you had anything to do with what happened to Robin.
Backup's on its way.
We found the necklace Beth gave you.
That's what you were looking for in Julia's house.
Why you sent that email to get her out.
You must have been desperate.
You didn't drop it in the house.
It was in Robin's car.
We were going to run the restaurant together, me and Beth.
She was leaving her husband.
As soon as my royalties came through I was going to make my pitch.
Luca couldn't care less about the place.
I was next in line.
40 odd thousand copies sold, 20 quid apart.
That's 800,000.
How much were you due to earn from the royalties? 50, 50 grand.
Robin forgot she'd ever promised it.
She stood there in that house said there was no money.
Told me I'd have to wait.
She'd pay me when the sale of the business went through.
You were never on their radar.
I'm a Romano, I'm family.
You never even asked me.
I saw them talking about blokes.
I went round after work to ask Robin about it.
She thought I was worried about losing my job, told me not to worry.
I could carry on working in the kitchen under the new owner.
I told her my plans, my ideas, and she laughed.
She laughed at me.
So what did you do? Picked something up.
Didn't even know what it was, and I swung.
Missed, smashed a window.
Then I I hit her.
I tried to save her.
I was taking her to the hospital but it was too late.
It was too late.
So instead you brought her here.
We're dredging this tomorrow.
Will we find that hammer? Johno.
Oh God, I'm sorry! It's okay, it's okay.
Good job.
- Brilliant, thanks.
- You're welcome.
Hey, I'm okay.
He's a chef, Max.
Of course he's got a bloody knife.
Well I know that now.
I suppose I could still clap one handed.
It is tonight, right? Your veterans race? That's all right, you're off the hook.
Ah, thanks.
I really didn't want to go.
I've Have you eaten? I thought I could just rustle us up something to eat, if you like.
Yes, I'd like that.
Hey, you're going to be late.
What time's your competition? I thought we'd have a date night instead.
Love you.
I know.
What happened to your hand? Occupational hazard.
What do you want? I'll give you a fair price for the books.
Is your phone broken? You couldn't text me this? I was passing.
You weren't passing.
I was.
In your boyfriends Porsche? For the record, Patrick and I are not dating.
He was interested in my gallery.
I told him it was not for sale.
We used to laugh at rich pricks like him, in expensive shoes and thousand pound suits.
Not everyone's thinks is a crime to buy nice things, Max.
Take away his money, his good looks, and his charm.
What are you left with? You.

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