The Chelsea Detective (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Gentle Giant

1 What an atmosphere there is in the Chelsea stadium today.
He keeps on working to win Chelsea a corner.
He didn't make the clearance.
The ball quickly found its way in Chelsea's half.
The goalkeeper was helpless there.
That is one of the goals of the season.
He finished it well, but the quality of the pass was astounding.
And that will surely be the goal that takes Chelsea to Wembley.
The referee is looking at his watch.
It's been another dominant performance by a resurgent Chelsea, who have their sights firmly set on Europe next year.
And that's it.
The result was never in doubt, but what a performance.
Chelsea at their magisterial best.
- You all right? Yeah.
- All right.
- Mind if I get a selfie? - Yeah, come on.
There he is.
All right, take it easy, boys.
See you later, yeah? Never lose it, huh? Never lose it.
Fancy a pint? - Might as well.
- You've twisted my arm.
See if you can finish your meal tonight, eh? You should get off.
After today's game, the thorny subject of violence from a tiny minority of football supporters - is raised once again.
- First the report of minor scuffles after the game.
We cannot allow these inferior elements to cast a shadow over a glorious afternoon for Chelsea.
- All right there? - Yeah.
Everything is shipshape, boss.
Another Chelsea win.
Watch out for the usual drunks later on.
Let 'em try something.
Oh, gosh.
Oh Milk, two sugars.
How are you feeling? - Late.
- Oh.
Good game, eh? Chelsea on form.
- It's almost like the old days.
- I wouldn't go that far.
Still missing a certain something in midfield.
Or a certain someone.
Modesty forbids.
Listen, Carsten, I'm gonna have to dash.
You might find some bread in this cupboard if the mice haven't got there first.
Ah, thanks, mate.
Nice gaff, by the way.
Oh, are we swaying slightly, or did we have one too many pints after the game? Drop the latch on your way out.
You're up? Police.
Thank you.
Not too close, please.
According to the photo I.
, his name's Steve O'Hara.
Appears to work at Cooper's, the building supplies place.
Do we know what time, Ashley? Early hours of the morning.
It's difficult to be precise.
I'd say between 1:00 a.
and 4:00 a.
This was lying beside him on the ground.
And this.
It looks like drugs.
There's also a mobile phone.
Given the amount of blood loss, he probably wouldn't have lasted more than a few minutes.
There are no obvious defense injuries.
We're not well served for CCTV 'round here, I'm afraid.
So this is what? A random attack? Did they know each other? Had they arranged to meet? This was in his jacket.
Brinston Close.
Thanks, Ashley.
Let's you and I do next of kin.
We'll get Connor and Jess on crime scene and witnesses.
We're looking for Siobhan O'Hara.
It's not a good moment.
We need to see Mrs.
It's about her husband.
Come in.
O'Hara? I'm D.
Arnold, and this is D.
Shamsie from Chelsea police station.
Can I confirm that you're married to Steve O'Hara? Yes, she is.
I have to tell you, a very serious assault has taken place.
And we believe the victim to be your husband.
It appears to have been a knife attack.
We're so sorry, but he didn't survive.
O'Hara, can you think of any reason why anyone would have wanted to harm Steve? Anyone he knew? It's okay.
Excuse me.
Could I have a word? It's fine.
You are? Paulo Mendez.
I'm her nurse.
Were you with her last night, Mr.
Mendez? No.
Um, I only work days.
What time did you leave? Just after Steve left for work.
O'Hara, at the scene we found a quantity of drugs.
Can you think of any reason for that? Nobody would have hurt Steve.
Everybody loved him.
He was a hero.
He was my hero.
You do realize Siobhan is unwell? - Shall we? - Yeah.
Steve's worked here for ages.
He's the night security guy.
I said goodbye to him when I left yesterday evening.
But this morning, I couldn't find him.
Any idea why he'd leave the premises in the middle of the night? The thing is, Steve and Siobhan his wife They only live five minutes away.
And Siobhan's got cancer.
She hasn't got long to go.
Steve would sometimes visit her when things were quiet, just to check on her.
Was that allowed? Well, I turned a blind eye.
You've got CCTV presumably? Sure.
Where were you last night, Mr.
Sylvester? Just at home.
With my family.
We saw a "Local Hero" certificate he got.
What do you know about that? Yeah, that was Steve all over.
He was so proud.
Chased a bunch of kids who were dealing drugs.
What do you call it A citizen's arrest? Very anti-drugs, was he? Steve? Definitely.
So the attack took place here, pretty much midway between Cooper's, where Steve O'Hara worked, and Brinston Close, where he lived.
Around 3:00 in the morning, give or take.
His wife, Siobhan, is ill, and his boss said Steve made it a habit of popping home in the middle of the night.
- We'll need to corroborate that.
- Will do.
Found at the scene This and this.
I checked out this "Local Hero" thing.
O'Hara chased and caught a gang of teenagers he saw with cocaine.
One kid got nicked Finn Davidson.
Then there's Steve's boss, Artie Sylvester.
We've already spoken to him, but we should follow up, see what he has to say.
And finally, Siobhan has a palliative care nurse, Paulo Mendez.
Usual background checks.
Phone records.
And we need to find this Finn Davidson.
Let's get busy.
I made up something a bit stronger than usual.
I just think you need it.
You've had a shock.
A shock? My husband is dead.
What can you tell us, Ashley? Entry point here, in the lower abdomen, likely traveling up through the organs and into the aorta.
A perfect example of how a single stab wound can prove fatal.
The angle makes me think the assailant was very close to the victim.
Like this.
There's also an injury on the side of his head caused by a blunt instrument which hasn't been recovered.
Likely made before the stab wound.
You said there were no defensive injuries? No.
Someone he knew, then.
Look, he's a big fellow, right? He could chase down a gang of teenagers, but not save himself from this? Hmm.
The murder weapon has the dimensions of an ordinary kitchen knife The one we found at the scene.
Blood spatter would have been significant.
We found his keys and the wallet that you've seen, which didn't contain any money.
Though there was £500 in cash in the portacabin.
So you stab someone you're selling drugs to, panic, and leave the knife and drugs at the scene.
Well, that's assuming Steve was buying, instead of selling.
Although apparently he didn't want anything to do - with drugs, at all.
- Apparently.
Interesting collection of tattoos.
Never quite seen the appeal myself.
Oh, I don't know.
What, have you? I don't think that's any of your business, sir.
Poor Siobhan.
Ready? - Sir.
- Thank you.
Sad business.
Who'd have believed it, eh? Such a lovely man.
Were you a friend? Shh.
When does she move into her own room? Uh, just before university.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Are you gonna finish painting it? Yeah, I'll do it this weekend.
- I can do it myself if you like.
- No.
No, because decorating is my thing.
What shade are we going for? Um the middle one? Because it's not too dark and it's not too light.
You don't think we should just go for pink? - No.
- No? We're not doing it to please your mother.
What? Oh, come on.
- Ashley.
- Good morning, Max.
I've got some initial findings from the crime scene.
Give me a moment.
Most unusually, I've got a problem with the plumbing.
Go on.
Nothing exciting to report, I'm afraid.
The drugs were a heroin-fentanyl mix.
Whatever happened to good old pure heroin? I didn't get that, Max.
- Oh.
- Lips.
What about the surrounding area? Tricky.
The place is a piece of waste ground.
People dump their rubbish there.
The DNA's a mess.
But we're on it.
That's great, Ashley.
- Well, I - We'll speak soon, okay? Astrid.
What a surprise.
A nice one, I hope.
I thought I'd just pop by.
Uh Sorry.
Can I get you anything? Perhaps a glass of water.
Are you keeping up with your piano practice? I've got a lot of free evenings.
Um, I'm sorry.
Max, we need to discuss this business of selling the flat.
What business? What we agreed.
What you suggested.
It's our flat, Astrid.
Yeah, well, I've spoken to a couple of estate agents, and here are the brochures.
So you weren't just popping by? Max, you know what you're like.
You bury your head in the sand.
We just need to move forward.
Then it'll seem better.
Am I running slightly late? - Don't worry.
- Morning.
Here's our suspect, boss.
Finn Davidson.
Everything's in this file.
Interesting reading.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
Are you the detectives? I've been waiting for hours.
I mean, God knows what this is about, but I've got stuff to do.
- What do you think? - Can we get on with it? Well, I reckon Mummy and Daddy paid for the brief.
Do you know this man? Steve O'Hara? You mean the interfering idiot who assaulted me in the street in front of my friends and got an award for it? Yeah, I know him.
We've remained great friends, actually.
Then you might be aware that, very sadly, he was recently found dead.
Which might explain these posts of yours on social media "Steve O'Hara fat idiot.
Good riddance.
" No.
Hang on.
That was on a private account.
Isn't that a breach of my privacy or something? And this one from a couple weeks ago "Watch your back, Stevie boy.
The heat is on.
" I wonder, are you familiar with the 1998 Malicious Communications Act? - Is that a thing? - Yes.
Finn, let me ask you a simple question.
Where were you the night before last between 10:00 p.
and 4:00 in the morning? I was at the Chelsea game.
With some friends.
They'll vouch for me.
Afterwards we went to 404.
We were there half the night.
404? Off Sloane Square.
The 404 Club.
You must know it.
And did you leave at any point? No.
I mean, I popped out for a smoke a couple of times.
So you did leave? No.
Well Well, yes.
How long for? Half an hour? 10 minutes? Well, which was it? Because half an hour would be long enough to get from Sloane Square to the murder scene and back again.
Yes, but We'll be checking CCTV in that area.
Will we find you near the crime scene? Look.
I can see where you're going with this.
But you can't possibly think that I would have killed this man.
I mean, seriously? Right.
Let's check out this club he's talking about.
What was it? The, um 404.
You've never been to the 404, Max? Yeah, 404.
It's great Friday nights.
Yeah, very funny.
Look, I want his alibi confirmed.
And keep looking at the social media posts and all of the others involved.
It's really important that we don't Gov, you're wanted in the interview room.
I want to say something, because when you look at the CCTV footage, you'll see that, um well, I did pop out for a bit.
About 2:30.
Went to my girlfriend's flat to see if she wanted to join us.
At 2:30 in the morning? Yeah, I know.
Stupid thing to do.
I mean, I'm only saying this because I believe in being honest when talking to the police.
Anyway, the next day, she dumped me.
By text.
So this has got nothing at all to do with Steve O'Hara.
Who, by the way, broke my nose.
I mean, the guy was a maniac.
These texts are on your phone? Well So if you leave it with us, our technical team can collaborate that.
You'd get it back.
In a day or two.
Thank you.
Well, you've got to love 'em, the entitled, over-privileged offspring of the Chelsea elite.
Is that a point in the investigation or a Max Arnold prejudice? Bit of both.
Right, where are we at? Okay.
As we know, the "Local Hero" scheme was started by someone called Ricky Hopkinson.
Hello again.
Ricky's wife is Diana Hopkinson, and they live in Cranfield Gardens.
Oh! Now, according to Artie, Steve also had a day job working at The Chelsea Nursery.
Which is owned by Diana.
- Interesting.
- Mm.
Also, boss, the CCTV footage from Cooper's.
Switched off at 3:00 a.
on the night of the murder.
Working as normal and then nothing.
So Steve turned it off before he went home to Siobhan? Looks like it.
There's also the £500 in cash we found in his drawer at Cooper's.
Talk to Artie again, Connor.
I think there's something he's not telling us.
Ricky Hopkinson.
He's what we used to call a well-known local businessman.
Another Max Arnold prejudice.
We checked the CCTV, Mr.
It was fine until 3:00 a.
, - then suddenly went blank.
- Right.
Almost as if it was deliberately switched off.
Any idea why that might be the case? - Typical of Steve.
- How do you mean? He probably thought that if the CCTV was off, he was safe to pop home.
- Had he done that before? - I never checked.
So how did you know to switch it on again? You're on camera at 7:58 in Steve's portacabin.
We also found an envelope containing £500 in cash.
Why might Steve have had that? No idea.
Steve might not have been the sharpest knife in the box.
But he was a lovely man.
Maybe I covered for him a few times when he went to see Siobhan.
Is that such a bad thing? Oh, look at this one.
Now, there's no obligation to pay, but if you'd like to make a donation Oh, thank you.
It's for the Chelsea pensioners.
Well worth doing.
- Mrs.
Hopkinson? - Yes.
I'm D.
This is D.
From Chelsea CID.
We'd like a word with you and your husband, if it's not inconvenient.
If you must.
It's nothing serious, I hope? One second.
Scarlett, could you take that and go out to the front? Only let them in if they're genuinely interested in gardens.
- Yes, of course.
- Right.
Uh, excuse me.
Yes, this way.
Ricky, may I grab you for a moment? There are a couple of detectives here.
We're investigating the death of a local man last night we believe you may know Steve O'Hara.
When you say investigating his death, do you mean he? Died in suspicious circumstances, yes.
Oh, how shocking.
Steve was the man who caught those teenagers with the drugs.
You know, the "Local Hero" thing.
Can you confirm he worked for you? - No, I hardly knew him.
- Yes, he did.
Ricky, don't you remember? We gave him some work at the nursery.
You felt sorry for him.
Do you know why anyone would've wanted to harm Steve? Not a clue.
We were working here till God knows how late, getting ready for this Open Day.
They're not asking us for an alibi, darling.
We're not suspects.
How late? Well, all night, Detective.
We never left home.
We'll need to speak to Steve's colleagues at The Chelsea Nursery.
Of course.
It was very casual work.
Pushing wheelbarrows, that sort of thing.
Gosh, awful thing.
Excuse me.
It's coming back to me now.
Steve O'Hara.
That's what I started "Local Hero" for, really.
I mean, we know you lot don't have the resources to keep on top of everything.
We're very grateful.
Oh, what's your line of business these days, Mr.
Hopkinson? Ricky, please.
Strategic investments.
Mixture of things, really.
You've obviously done well.
Don't worry, Detective.
It's all completely aboveboard.
I wasn't implying otherwise.
You didn't have to.
Nice to meet you.
Max Arnold! Don't walk away from your beloved aunt.
What are you doing here? You know my interest in horticulture.
How are you, Olivia? Kind of you to ask.
He never does.
I wouldn't have thought that this was your cup of tea either.
Oh, it isn't.
Ghastly people making use of the Open Day to advertise their overpriced garden center.
For some reason, I volunteered to take photos for the best-tended herbaceous border prize.
Very public-spirited of you.
Come to think of it, they haven't got enough judges.
Oh, well.
Priya Oh, come on, Max.
Isn't it time you did something for the community? Send me the pictures.
By the way, Max, how's that boat of yours? Still above water? I should pop 'round.
Maybe tomorrow night? I'm free.
That would be rather nice.
- Stop it.
- Stop what? Whatever it is you're thinking.
I'm just thinking what a charming lady your aunt is.
Thank you.
What was all that about? Who knows? That's what comes of giving jobs to people like him.
Not for the first time, eh? I didn't get much more from Artie.
He claims to know nothing about the cash and puts the CCTV down to Steve leaving to visit Siobhan.
Does anyone believe a word Artie Sylvester says? Separate issue.
Connor's also found some interesting footage - near the O'Haras' flat.
- The coverage isn't great.
That's Steve O'Hara.
And this is the other guy.
They're not chatting about the Chelsea match.
Good work, Connor.
Well, we all know who that is, don't we? I think we do.
Strange job, palliative care.
And them long-term clients.
Dad and his carer got quite close the last few months.
I thought they might get married.
Yeah, I remember.
You were worried she was gonna get the bookshop.
She'd have been responsible for the debts.
- Shall we? - Mm.
- She's asleep.
- That's fine.
It's you we want to talk to.
I can't be long.
We have some footage we would like you to look at.
The image is quite small, but you can see the date in the corner.
It's the day before the murder.
What were you arguing about with Steve, Paulo? Listen.
This was a brutal attack which left a man dead and deprived the woman you're caring for of her husband.
Look, I didn't approve of what he was doing.
- Which was? - He was buying drugs illegally to supplement the pain relief.
But I didn't feel I could interfere.
What kind of drugs? Heroin.
Where were you the night before last? I was at home.
With my partner.
- You can check it out.
- We will.
It's the detectives, love.
We understand that Steve would sometimes come home from Cooper's in the middle of the night to check on you.
Were you expecting him to do that the night he was attacked? He never did that.
- Right.
- He would never have done that.
So you don't think he would have left the premises to meet somebody? What are you suggesting? That Steve was doing something wrong? How can you say that? We're not suggesting that.
We're trying to establish why he left his place of work.
Maybe he saw someone selling drugs and chased them, like the time before.
It's not my job to work out what happened.
It's yours.
And it won't bring him back anyway.
You all right? Had a date tonight, if you must know.
I'm sure he'll understand.
Who's to say it's a he? - Oh, this is interesting.
- Hold on a minute.
- Oh.
- You go first.
When you found that footage of the carer arguing with Steve, did you go any further back? Yeah, a couple of days.
Take a look at this.
Last Monday.
That's our friend Paulo again, isn't it? What the hell's he up to here? What did you have? So here's a list of all the registered U.
Guess who isn't on it.
- Paulo Mendez.
- Mm-hmm.
It was a bloke, as a matter of fact.
- What? - My date.
Quite a promising one, actually.
Well he's a lucky lad.
Thanks, Dad.
Hello? Yeah.
The man who attacked Artie Sylvester last night is the same man I saw at the scene of the crime, where I managed to take a not-very-helpful photo of him.
Steve and Artie were attacked in the same vicinity.
So we need to find this man.
Connor, see if Artie's well enough for you and Priya to pay him a visit.
Okay, people of interest.
Where are we on Finn Davidson? His alibi checks out.
He said he went 'round his girlfriend's flat, but she sent him packing.
She's corroborated this, and his phone movements back it up.
Hard to see how he could have been anywhere near - the scene of crime.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Turns out Artie Sylvester discharged himself already.
He's clearly well enough to talk to us.
Jess, you and I need to talk to Paulo Mendez.
- Is he here? - Uniform are bringing him in.
Okay, find out who he was talking to on that footage from last night.
There's no hurry, Paulo.
We've got all day.
You told us Steve was buying drugs to supplement Siobhan's medication.
Well, he's dead, so he can't argue with that.
But these pictures tell a different story.
What you've got to realize is, cancer is hard.
You know what they say about people dying peacefully in their sleep? Well, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.
I hated seeing her suffer.
I'm sure you did.
So tell us what you were up to.
How's the arm, Artie? It's okay.
Don't want to make any fuss.
You were the victim of an assault.
We'll be looking for the person that did that.
I wouldn't want to press charges.
- Why? - Who attacked you, Artie? - Do you know? - I know exactly who it was.
Steve's friend Taffy.
Steve was furious.
But Siobhan asked me to do it.
She gave me the name of this dealer.
So you lied to us.
I didn't want to get anyone in trouble.
You mean yourself? Is that because you're not registered, Paulo? We've searched everywhere, and we can't find you.
I'm a qualified nurse in Brazil.
I'm just waiting for my U.
license to come through.
- Then you're breaking the law.
- I'm supplying a need.
People don't want to look after the terminally ill patients.
It's hard, it's upsetting.
I'm doing my best.
So let me get this straight.
This Taffy badgers you for a job, and you refused.
Because he's a drunk.
I hardly know him.
I don't even know his second name.
- I don't believe you.
- I don't.
How about this for a theory, Artie? You, Steve, Taffy, you're all involved in selling drugs.
Steve gets killed, and Taffy blames you.
It was nothing to do with drugs.
A man is dead.
You keep lying to us.
Clearly you're up to something.
- What is it? - All right.
Steve and me were selling a bit of excess stock for cash.
Taffy got to hear about it somehow, probably thought that he could use it to twist my arm.
There's nothing more to it than that.
Does Siobhan know about it? Of course not.
She wouldn't approve.
We need to talk to Taffy, Artie.
- Where will we find him? - I don't know.
- Artie! - He did some work at that posh garden center with Steve.
They might be able to help.
You were practicing in the U.
without a license.
You were buying drugs illegally and administering them to a dying woman.
Her husband, quite reasonably, confronted you about that, and then he gets killed.
I was at home with my partner.
You talk to him.
We have.
What's this dealer called, Paulo? "Marac Ata.
" I should get back to Siobhan now.
I don't think so, Paulo.
If that's your idea of care, nursing's better off without you.
What No, that's great.
Got it.
No, stay where you are.
I'll come to you.
Jess, can you follow up on Marac Ata? - Maybe talk to the drugs team.
- Will do.
Meanwhile, we've got a name for our man at the crime scene Taffy.
- Just Taffy? - Afraid so.
Max, this has just come in.
We've been looking into Paulo Mendez's bank records.
He's been paid regularly by CHAPS payment.
Nothing odd about that, but look at this Where the money came from.
Well, well, well.
I think I might go and buy some plants.
Come on! Oh, God, this traffic.
Could turn on the blues.
You know the rules, Max.
Go on! You can do that! Go on, do it.
It's a good job you don't do the driving.
I'm actually very good.
I just prefer two wheels to four.
So you think Artie's building scam is unconnected to this murder? Yeah.
I mean, he gave us some names to check out.
But I'd be surprised.
- Oh.
- Oh, thank God! Diana Hopkinson? I wasn't expecting to see you again.
Your colleagues were here yesterday.
Well, they tell us nobody was able to help.
The truth is, most people hardly knew Steve.
The horticulturalists tend not to mix much with the more casual staff, I'm afraid.
But, uh, oh, it really is so sad.
We're very cut up about it.
We'd like to speak to someone who works here, but we only have a first name Taffy.
Yes, Taffy.
Yeah, he did help out from time to time.
We've had to let him go.
He, uh wasn't reliable.
Do you have a home address? Phone number? We should have some basic information, yeah.
This way.
Yes, there we are.
Taffy Clarke.
Do you mind if I, um No, go ahead.
I remember when The Chelsea Nursery was a flower stall off the Kings Road.
You've come a long way, Mrs.
Well, uh, it's Sorry.
It's been a lot of hard work.
There was one other person I wanted to ask about Siobhan.
Steve's widow.
Oh, yes, yes.
Poor woman.
You said you first met Steve a few months ago.
That's right.
Ricky felt he was somebody who could do with a leg up.
That's very Ricky.
That would account for Siobhan's palliative care nurse? Sorry? Do you know him, Mrs.
Hopkinson? Paulo Mendez? Why would I? He's been on your payroll for the last six months.
Look, I can see that might seem surprising.
It's a gesture.
I wouldn't read too much into it.
How much is your husband involved in the business, - Mrs.
Hopkinson? - Hardly at all.
This is my territory.
Honestly, anyone would think you suspected me of attacking Steve O'Hara myself.
I'm showing Mr.
Ata CCTV footage of an exchange that took place on the 23rd May between him and Paulo Mendez.
Ata, you understand English? - A little.
- Of course you do.
Not your first time here, is it? We've interviewed Paulo Mendez, and he gave us your name as the man he's buying drugs from here.
A heroin-based substance.
Show me again.
Could be anybody.
- We believe it's you.
- If it wasn't you, why did Paulo Mendez give us your name? I don't know the guy.
Is he someone you can trust? Does the name Steve O'Hara mean anything to you, Mr.
Ata? - No.
- Steve O'Hara was found murdered two nights ago.
He was the husband of Siobhan O'Hara, whose nurse, Paulo Mendez, we believe, you were selling drugs to.
We're interested to know whether you ever met Mr.
O'Hara, and we'd like to know where you were - on Saturday night.
- Why? Because it's part of our investigation.
So you thought, "Let's round up the foreign guy"? I was at home.
Like every night.
Can anyone corroborate that? I live alone.
What about your phone records? I don't stay up all night making calls.
Here, take my phone.
Help yourselves.
See if you can find any connection to this Paulo Mendez or Steve O'Hara.
Well we've got the phone he gave us, but not much more.
- Tech are gonna scan it.
- He's probably got - a cupboard full of 'em.
- We've found out Taffy's last name Clarke.
But that's about it.
He's not answering his mobile, and he's not at the address they gave us.
Did you follow up on the leads from Artie Sylvester? Yeah, I did.
We've got a few loose ends to tie up, but I don't think there's any connection with the murder.
And the Hopkinsons? We're waiting to hear more from fraud.
There's a web of interlinked companies which they've been trying to disentangle for a while.
Well, we're two nil down at halftime.
- Mm.
- Come on.
We need to score some goals.
Yes, boss.
Ah, perfect timing.
Well, this is a privilege.
The beast in his lair.
- Mwah.
- Mwah.
Glass of wine? - Some crisps? - Oh.
You've made an effort.
I am touched.
Well this is cozy.
I won't fill it too full.
Tide's coming in.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Mm Olivia, you remember those photos you sent me from the Open Gardens Day? You don't have any more from a similar angle, do you? Of course, darling.
I've got loads.
There you go.
Olivia, these are good.
Ah, just what I was looking for.
Does this mean I'm helping the police with their inquiries? It does.
I don't think an arrest will be necessary.
Oh, I also brought this.
I didn't know you were selling up.
I'm not.
Well, perhaps it's a similar flat.
I mean, they're all much of a muchness in those mansion blocks, aren't they? Max.
One thing you learn as you get older is, it's better to be together, not on your own.
Jane and I drove each other mad.
But when she'd gone, I just missed her.
You and Astrid, you were right for each other.
We were.
But it turns out we're not anymore.
Shit happens.
Aw! What are you doing? Clearing up your mess, Ricky.
As usual.
Let it go.
Let it go.
That's good.
Max Arnold.
I don't see you in months.
Now it's twice in three days.
What brings you down here? Are you in charge? Yeah.
It's not exactly Real Madrid money-wise.
But, trust me, these players are great.
That's it.
Hold it up.
Head up.
Lay it off.
Didn't you put much away during the glory days? You're kidding.
What was it George Best said? "I spent most of my money on booze, birds, and fast cars.
" "And the rest I just squandered.
" Yeah.
Heads up.
Can I ask you about tattoos? A midlife crisis, eh, Max? Well, I'd recommend going for a dragon as your first option.
Not for me.
I was thinking more Chelsea tattoos.
Well, there are loads.
If you had a tattoo like that, am I right in thinking it meant something else? That, my son, indicated you were a member of the Chelsea Headhunters.
An association of violent thugs.
- Racists, too.
- Go on.
Well, you remember.
There weren't that many black players in those days.
That's why we got it particularly bad.
What's going on? It's just something I'm following up.
I mean, they said they were Chelsea fans, but were they really? I mean, football was a sideline, like it was for all the other firms back then.
The funny thing is, some of 'em had respectable jobs.
You know, they'd sell you a used car on a Friday, kick your head in on a Saturday.
- Oh.
- Okay, ladies.
That's your lot! Same time next week.
All the bibs in the bag.
Everyone's silent for a change.
Here we go.
We've got this.
We've got this.
Come on.
Oh, nice.
You've got it.
The feet, the feet.
Oh! Ohh! Yes, Max.
Oh, yes.
Lovely control.
So, Steve O'Hara.
Ricky Hopkinson.
Taffy Clarke.
Not only are they all linked to The Chelsea Nursery They all share a tattoo.
And this tattoo is evidence that they were all in the Chelsea Headhunters.
Any more information on Taffy? We're doing all we can, boss, but Taffy's a nickname, and Clarke is the 13th most common surname in London.
- Hmm.
- This business with the tattoos, boss.
Where did that come from? Well, it might surprise you to know I, uh, spoke to Carsten Hughes.
Carsten Hughes? You're kidding! He was my idol when I was a kid.
Well, it just so happens he's a friend of mine.
- Hoo-hoo! - Respect.
Let's look into Headhunters - and any links to football.
- Okay.
I'm a man of surprises, Connor.
You probably think that if you asked me to name Chelsea's '97 Cup-winning side against Middlesbrough, I'd struggle.
Go on.
Hughes, Zola, Petrescu, Lebouef, Clarke, Dennis Wise - Mm.
- Newton, Minto Oh.
Oh? Oh, he's struggling.
Di Matteo.
Di Matteo.
Right! But who was in goal? - Hmm? - Who was in goal? Who was in goal? Watch your step.
I'll just be over here.
All right? Yeah.
I'll be fine.
Sorry to intrude.
We won't be long.
Have you caught them? We're pursuing various leads.
Somebody killed Steve.
My husband.
Have you caught them? Are you being looked after, Siobhan? Do you have friends around to support you? Why do I want friends? Steve was my friend.
Siobhan, were you aware, when Steve was younger, he was a member of a group that called themselves the Chelsea Headhunters? Steve was a lovely guy.
You're supposed to catch his killer.
Does the name Taffy Clarke mean anything to you? We're keen to talk to you about Steve's job at Chelsea Nursery.
Did you know about the financial arrangements - that were in place for you? - He isn't called Taffy.
His name is Brennon.
Brennon Clarke.
I'm going home.
I'm ill.
We're trying solve her husband's murder, for God's sake.
It's hard to put pressure on someone in that position.
She just lost her husband.
She's probably only got a few weeks to live.
You don't think she's using her illness to dodge our lines of inquiry? Come on, Max.
Thought I was the hard-hearted one.
A man makes an arrangement to buy some heroin in the middle of the night.
Argument ensues.
Man gets stabbed and dies.
It's probably the person selling him the drugs.
We can't place anyone at the scene of the crime, so we keep investigating.
That's what we do.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Your flat in Streatham.
Do you and Nitin own it jointly? Yeah.
Any particular reason? So if you were to split up I mean, if your marriage didn't, - you know - Right.
you'd have to both agree to sell the flat.
Right? Yeah, I guess.
I mean, I haven't really thought about it.
You don't think about these things, and then they happen.
Murders, you can solve.
But relationships Oh.
Hasn't changed a bit.
How do you mean? Every Saturday, my dad got me to serve meals here.
Either that, or he wouldn't let me go to the match.
Sounds reasonable.
Not to a 14-year-old.
Brennon Clarke? We'd like a word.
It's okay.
- How are you? - Bearing up.
They give me a bed here at the hostel.
It'd be nice to get me own place, though.
Why do they call you Taffy when you're not Welsh? Yeah, it's a funny story.
They started calling me that after an away match in Cardiff where things got a bit lively.
Some bloke ends up in hospital.
We wanted to talk to you about Steve O'Hara.
Ah, yeah, Steve.
That is so sad.
Had you known Steve a long time? We were both Chelsea fans.
You were both in the Headhunters.
Steve? I wouldn't have known that.
I know he got dragged into some nonsense at work by that man Artie Sylvester.
He's a bad lot.
Is that why you attacked Artie? I gave him a shove.
He was hospitalized.
Habit of yours, Taffy.
My mate died.
What can you tell us about Siobhan O'Hara? I knew her slightly.
Ricky, too, obviously.
Long time ago.
Old friends keeping in touch from time to time? Yeah.
She tried to contact me after Steve died.
Did you speak to her? I lost my phone.
I lost my job.
It's been a bad week.
Where were you that night, Taffy? The night Steve was killed.
Look, this is a murder investigation.
- You knew the victim.
- He was my friend.
So you say, but you have a history of violence.
Where were you? I ended up in a scrap after the game.
I spent the night in Fulham nick.
So when Steve was murdered, you were under arrest? It's the drink, you see.
That's why I come in here, to pray.
What is the matter? Nothing's the matter.
I know you too well.
You're like a sulky schoolboy.
What is it? You said you wouldn't do anything with the flat, and then you advertise it in the Chelsea Gazette.
- It's a misunderstanding.
- Ah.
Besides, you were supposed to decide between the two estate agents, and I never heard back from you.
You were asking me to choose an estate agent.
I have a problem with the underlying concept.
Max, we have to do something.
You're still paying half the mortgage, and you have the rent on the boat.
It can't be easy for you.
And I'm struggling, too.
As you can see, this is one of the best conversions on this row.
Some of the boats remain unmodernized, but things are improving all the time, as more desirable tenants move in.
It really is a very unique Remind me what the German for asshole is.
- Arschloch.
- Absolutely.
It's gorgeous.
Max, I found a new flat.
It's by the football stadium.
Might get a bit annoying on match days.
"Chelsea! Chelsea!" We need a plan.
We had a plan, Asti.
Remember? We exchanged vows on it.
I liked that plan.
That was plan A, Max.
And now we need plan B.
Yeah? - I do like that one.
- Yeah.
It's so peaceful.
It's lovely.
There's quite a bit of interest, so my recommendation is to move fast.
There's something very special about living on the river.
It really is the most peaceful spot.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, Max.
- Hey.
Sorry to disturb.
I think I might have found something.
In April 2000, Galatasaray and Leeds United were involved in an especially violent semi-final of the UEFA Cup in Istanbul.
Leeds? Not Chelsea? Yeah.
A few weeks later, the final took place in Copenhagen.
So, take a look at this picture from a press report.
See any familiar faces? Got it.
I'll see you in the morning.
Sorry, sorry.
Secret boyfriend.
Well, there's this guy I've been spending a lot of time with.
Very charismatic.
You trying to make me jealous? Is it working? Thanks.
Yeah, okay.
And Connor's brought him in? Great.
Thanks, Jess.
We'll meet you there.
Can we just get this gentleman to sign in? Of course.
Just sign in here.
Thank you, Mr.
If you'd like to take a seat over there, someone will be with you in a moment.
Help yourself to a beverage.
- Is Connor ready? - Mm-hmm.
Let's go for it.
Just one to sign out.
Just there.
Just sign out on this line here.
He recognizes him.
I thought he would.
So Do I need a solicitor? It's up to you.
Well, what is it you want to talk to me about? The battle of Copenhagen.
What? You told us you only met Steve O'Hara a few months back.
Yet here you are together, twenty years ago.
Did that slip your mind? Why is it relevant? Does the name Marac Ata mean anything to you? Not a thing.
Withholding information, wasting police time These are offenses.
You ought to know that, with your glittering record.
Grievous bodily harm, actual bodily harm, assault.
And in your later business career, a brief spell inside.
Don't you remember, Ricky? When I was on the fraud squad, we spent quite a bit of time together like this.
Oh, yeah It was a stitch-up, and you know it.
You'd think someone with your background would be squeaky clean these days, Mr.
Our friends in Fraud tell us you've got some serious questions to answer.
- Is that why I'm here? - No.
You and Steve were in the Chelsea Headhunters.
Then twenty years later, your wife gives him a job.
And then he gets killed.
You can see why we might be interested.
For God's sake, we were kids.
It was a lark.
We look out for each other.
I give 'em a bit of work here and there.
They haven't all done as well as me.
You paid for his wife's nursing care.
So why would I kill him? I mean, Steve basically was a hanger-on.
Was he one of the lads? Not sure he had the bottle for it, to be honest.
I felt sorry for him.
How he ended up with Siobhan Taylor, God alone knows.
Siobhan Taylor? Hold off.
Apologies for the inconvenience, Mr.
We'll just get you signed out.
Just there.
So, you were a Chelsea fan back in the '90s? I was.
Still am.
Do you remember Carsten Hughes? - I do.
Great player.
- Yeah.
Is it true the fans used to make monkey noises at the Black players? Can I go now? I'll get you some water.
Siobhan, you and Steve, how did you meet? Steve was a Londoner, but your accent is more Yorkshire? Somewhere near Leeds? You remember that match in Istanbul in 2000? UEFA Cup semi-final, Galatasaray and Leeds United.
The press reports said two Leeds fans were stabbed to death.
But there was a third fatality, which only emerged later Vince Taylor.
He was your brother, wasn't he? The English firms, including Chelsea, agreed to sink their differences, and a few weeks later, they went to the final in Copenhagen to take revenge.
All the Chelsea firm were there.
That's you, isn't it? Siobhan Taylor.
And that's where a fight broke out with a gang of Galatasaray supporters.
One of which was this man.
Marac Ata.
He's walked with a limp ever since.
Steve didn't lay a finger on Ata.
That was Ricky.
But Steve was beaten up so badly, he was in hospital for weeks.
That's why we could never have children.
So why are you sitting on Ricky's knee? I loved him.
But I couldn't have him.
So I settled for Steve, and he made me happy.
How did you find Marac after all this time? We knew the names of the gang who killed Vince and we tracked them.
And then last Autumn, Ata turns up in London, selling drugs.
He was the ringleader.
So Steve decided to kill him? It was my idea, not Steve's.
I would have murdered the bastard myself if I had the strength.
Vince was my brother.
When he died, nothing else mattered.
Twenty years we waited.
I planned the whole thing.
I should've known Steve would mess it up.
And Taffy? He wouldn't help.
He let me down.
Everyone lets me down.
Siobhan O'Hara.
I'm arresting you for conspiracy to murder Marac Ata.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
Do you honestly think I care? Ah.
Oh! Let him go! Stay back! Look, I don't know who you are He knows who I am.
He ruined my life! Help him! Let him go! You're under arrest.
You bloody animal! I should've finished you off the first time! - Stand back, Mr.
- Stand back?! I'm the innocent victim here! Stand back! Always the innocent victim, eh, Mr.
Hopkinson? Well, we may have limited resources, but we've just saved your life.
Which is good, because our friends in the fraud squad have just issued a warrant for your arrest.
It's a tough one.
Marac will run a self-defense argument.
For Steve, yes.
But the attempted murder of Ricky won't help.
It's not much to choose between them Marac, Ricky, Taffy.
Once a thug, always a thug.
- Connor did well.
- Yeah, he did.
What do we think about Siobhan? Weirdly, I feel sorry for her.
She told her husband to stab a man to death in cold blood.
The fact that he didn't succeed is neither here nor there.
It's such a mess.
And over what? Football? It's just a game.
Some people think football is a matter of life and death.
And you? Much more serious than that.
- It was Grodas, by the way.
- Sorry? The 1997 Chelsea goalie.
It was.
I'm off.
Uh Hi.
Ohh! - Shh.
- Oh, little baby I agree, Asti.
I wouldn't want to live near Stamford Bridge, either.
Let's think again.
- Max! - Carsten! I was heading home and I thought, why keep a six-pack all to yourself? The joys of bachelor life.
Let me get rid of this.
So what are we celebrating? How about a strong finish to the season for Chelsea? I'll drink to that.

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