The Chelsea Detective (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

A Chelsea Education

1 So embarrassing.
"Cowie's a cock.
" Damn.
I was, um I was just waiting for you to finish.
Yeah, I'm going home.
Thing is, um, James just called me.
He's livid, obviously.
Tried to make out you'd put me up to it.
Well, it's his own fault.
Didn't need to go this far.
Well, he's on his way back from Brussels, anyway.
Oh, good.
Tomorrow'll be fun.
Oliver, about what happened Don't worry about it, Saskia.
- I'm staying at Petal's tonight.
- Okay.
Mum's at yoga, said it was fine.
Have you eaten? Right.
I'm off.
Have you finished, Flo? Uh, yeah.
Just taking a break.
Bye, Dad.
- You should be studying.
- Why? I don't care if I get into school in Japan, anyway.
Yeah, but if you do well at ISC, we've got, like, some bargaining power for you staying with us My dad's already said no to that.
I'm just like a wheelie case.
Wherever his next job is.
I hate him, Petal.
We just got to get through this next year.
Then you can come back.
We'll get a flat together.
What you up to? Stay where you.
I'll get someone right to you.
Ahoy there.
Anyone in? Oh.
I told you I'd come and pick them up.
I had a breakfast meeting nearby.
Just as well.
You're not getting your hands on this little beauty.
Why don't you just, uh, set up a forwarding address? I did.
For important things.
Um, can I get you something, or No.
Um What is it you're doing here, Max? Sorry, I thought you were there when you asked me to move out.
You're living like a student, camped out on this dinghy.
Even the pot plant I gave you died.
It just needs a water.
Why don't you just find a proper address, make a home for yourself, Max? Right, well, thanks for dropping by.
You'll be wanting to get to your breakfast date, I imagine.
And next time, call first.
You know I-I might be with someone or If you're going to be like that Forget it.
Address? - Thank you.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Oliver Cowie.
Head of humanities at the International School of Chelsea.
His wife, Lyn, called it in about an hour ago.
She found him when she got up this morning.
She didn't hear a thing.
There's no sign of a break-in yet.
We just need a picture.
We've got those.
Anything you can tell us, Ashley? Probable cause of death Massive head injury following blunt trauma from multiple blows to the head.
Weapon? Take your pick.
Yeah, except it wasn't any of them.
Whatever caused these wounds would probably have a square edge and be heavily bloodstained.
And unlikely to be hung back on the wall afterwards.
From temperature and rigor mortis, I'd estimate time of death somewhere between 9:00 p.
and midnight.
I I got home about 11:00.
Flo was staying with a friend.
Oliver was in his study.
I didn't want to disturb him.
I knew he was up to his eyes, so I just I went to bed.
Was he already dead? We can't say for sure yet.
But we need to know if there was anything unusual.
Everything, I mean.
There was just so much to do before the move Tokyo.
As soon as the school year was over.
Visas, packing, rentals.
There was no sign of forced entry, Mrs.
It looks like your husband let his attacker in.
Is there anyone you can think of who may have had an argument with him or held a grudge? Oliver didn't make enemies.
I'm going to need the clothes.
I work here.
I'm their cleaner.
- They'll be expecting me! - No, no, no.
You can't come in.
There's a crime scene.
You can't come in.
Sorry, boss.
She says she's the cleaner.
You need to stay behind the cordon, madam.
This is a crime scene.
Carmel! Lyn! Let's get you back in the house.
Sweet Jesus.
Let's go back inside.
All right, come with me.
- What happened? - I'll explain.
- I'll explain it to you.
- You need to tell me.
First instincts? An angry attack, personal.
Spouse seems the most likely place to start.
Well, she seems shattered enough.
- But she would be, wouldn't she? - I'd say so.
Morning, boss.
I've got a neighbor across the road said he saw a push-bike leaning on the wall here last night around 9:00.
It wasn't chained up, and he thought it might get stolen.
What kind of bike? Any details? Just a bicycle.
No basket or defining color.
Flo? I'm Detective Shamsie.
- What's going on? - Can you come with me, please? Miss Fry cleans alternate days, 9:00 till 4:00.
Depending on requirements.
She was off yesterday.
You've worked for the Cowies for four years, Miss Fry? Since they moved back from Canberra.
Have you noticed anything unusual recently? They're a wonderful family.
Devoted to each other.
I was gonna miss them terribly.
Cowie mentioned the move.
Pretty stressful for any family.
I mean, Flo didn't want to go to Japan, obviously, being the age she is.
Lyn and Oliver had their hands full in that respect.
What do you mean? Oh, you know, just playing up at school and whatnot.
Bless her.
I mean, now what's she gonna do? Um, "alternate days.
" So that's, what, three days a week? More if they need.
I cook as well when they're busy.
And I used to sit for Flo when she was younger.
I suppose Mr.
Cowie didn't like you in his office.
Only, the mantel's a little dusty.
It's all this shifting things around, preparing for the move.
So, you'd notice if anything were missing? A trophy.
Cowie coached the debating team at his old school in Australia.
The cleaner said it was there the day before yesterday.
Of all the weapons in the room, why'd the killer choose that? I doubt they "chose" anything.
Just went for what was nearest.
So, what Impulse, red mist, rage, or fear? There's something not right about Lyn.
She's out late, goes to bed without even checking in on her husband, and doesn't notice, or care, that he hasn't come to bed.
Or hopes he won't.
Either way, I agree, it doesn't look good.
Well, let's get everything we can from their situation before last night.
Well, according to the cleaner, they were the perfect couple.
Huh! There's no such thing.
Would you say I live like a student? Pardon? Something Astrid said.
Actually, I think she was trying to be kind.
Which makes it even worse.
Impressive building, innit? Mm.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- I'm D.
This is D.
We have an appointment with Mr.
James Green.
If you'd like to follow me, please.
I'm only just back from a conference in Brussels, so I can't tell you first-hand about his movements yesterday, But, um, he left the building at, um 18:38.
He had a lot to clear before end of term.
He was leaving, you see.
Yes, yes.
Gosh, it's appalling.
He was very Very well liked with, um, staff and And the student body.
And, um, a very, you know, popular teacher.
And head of department, I mean.
Would you say you were friends? We Well, we weren't bosom buddies.
We had our differences.
But, goodness, I hired him, didn't I? We'll need to see Mr.
Cowie's office and access any online facility he had here at the school.
Obviously discretion is paramount while we conduct our investigation I'll do my best to keep a lid on it, Detective, but his daughter, Flo, is a pupil here.
So are all her friends.
If you follow me down the staff corridor.
Is it true? About Oliver? The security guard's saying I'll pop into the staff room shortly, Miss Turner.
Can you think of any pupils, past or present, who may have held a grudge? Or their parents even? I mean, this is the International School of Chelsea, Detective.
I mean, it's competitive, yes, and obviously some pupils fail their baccalaureate, but really - What about a staff member? - Oh, that's absurd.
We're just going through all possibilities, Mr.
Thank you.
I still can't quite believe it.
His poor family We'll send a team to collect his belongings.
And we'll need to liaise with your pastoral care.
Nice view.
Oh! That's new.
Bloody estate kids.
Oh, yeah, that is impressive.
"Deadwood Price"? Is that the graffiti artist or a musician? Or an anagram.
"Drop dead, Cowie.
" Huh.
Same glasses as the victim.
- He's chicken? - It's a boy chicken, mate.
A cock.
We checked the security cameras.
The artist painted over the CCTV camera around 6:00, after the security guard locked up.
Message is on the money, anyway.
It's a bit of a giveaway pointing out your animosity so publicly when you're about to commit murder.
Maybe they thought the anagram was foolproof.
Teenagers, right? Who says it's a teenager? You know, a piece like this takes skill and planning.
They've left us a signature anyway.
I've seen that around.
Anything further on that bike that the neighbor saw? Nothing.
Got confirmation on Florence Cowie's alibi Petal Fisk, school friend.
Dad works nights as a staff nurse, so Florence often stays over.
The families are friends.
Turns out a couple of our lot called 'round to the Cowies' place only two nights ago about a domestic.
So much for the perfect couple.
It was a stupid row.
But there was angry shouting, wasn't there? And something smashed? Did your husband ever hit you, Lyn? What? No! Look, I lost my temper.
That's all.
What did you lose your temper about? I thought he was having an affair.
And I flipped because it's been a nightmare having to pack up and move yet again.
London was supposed to be the last time.
He promised.
Finally found something that I loved.
And he was offered some But he isn't.
But what made you think he was in the first place? I saw a text appear on his screen from a female colleague, thanking him for being "so great last night.
" Can you believe the cliché? And there had been this staff night out, so my imagination went nuts.
But Oliver explained he'd only driven her home 'cause she was drunk.
He was kind like that.
- And you believed him? - Yes.
I even remembered him mentioning it once I'd calmed down.
I was upset.
I'd just handed in my notice at the yoga studio.
Do you know this female colleague? I've never actually met her, but her name's Saskia.
Saskia Turner.
- I bet you loved school.
- I did, actually.
I was one of those bloody estate kids.
I bet you were head girl.
You weren't one of those estate kids, Max Arnold.
I was Chelsea Grammar boy.
Not that the grammar part did me much good.
Couldn't even spell.
Must've been tough, being dyslexic in the '80s.
It was.
How you see yourself, how others see you, has a knock-on effect.
It was all very character-building.
And look at you now.
I was head girl.
Where were you last night, Saskia? At home, marking books.
Ask any teacher.
It's relentless.
Can anyone back that up? Uh, my flatmate stays with her boyfriend during the week.
But, I mean, I I didn't kill Oliver, if that's what you're saying.
I really liked him.
What were you sorry about, then? Yesterday evening, a few hours before he was murdered, you sent a text "Sorry about everything.
" He deleted it before replying.
What I meant was, I'm sorry if I caused him any trouble.
And what kind of trouble would that have been? With the school.
With the position I put him in.
Um, over an issue.
A-A work thing.
So why do you think Oliver Cowie deleted your apology? Don't know.
What about the staff party, Saskia? I believe he drove you home, right? The apology, was it something that Oliver didn't want his wife to know? I got drunk.
I made a fool of myself.
I tried to kiss him.
I know I shouldn't have.
And obviously he stopped me.
Said it was inappropriate, and it was.
I can't believe I did that to Oliver after everything he's He was backing me in a formal complaint about James Green.
Sexual harassment.
Unwanted touching.
Always getting way too close, you know? Little massages.
And he wouldn't take the hint, and you can't argue 'cause he's the boss, right? So Oliver's was the more senior.
So he said he'd have a word, spare James his blushes.
But James denied it.
So I made it official.
When was this? Yesterday morning, while James was still in Brussels.
Would James have been informed? It's part of the process.
How did he take it? Max.
What are you doing in here? I could ask you the same thing.
It's a faculty matter.
Nothing to do with the police.
This office has been quarantined.
Maybe so, but it's still school property, and as such, I'm in charge.
This is a murder case, Mr.
Green, and as such, we the police are in charge.
In fact, we have a few things to ask you about the night of the murder, if you wouldn't mind stopping by the station.
Once I've contacted my solicitor.
Much appreciated.
James Green's solicitor called.
They'll be at the station late morning.
Oh, great.
That'll give us a chance to speak to Ashley first.
Can you hold on, Max? Thanks.
You go see Daddy.
Don't forget, I'm out tonight.
Okay, I'll see you at the mortuary.
Mortuary? It's where you get to sleep forever.
Contents of his stomach suggest time of death was the earlier side of my window, say 9:00 or 10:00 p.
Seven or eight blows altogether, from the separate bruises and tears on the scalp.
I'd say four were direct and the rest tangential.
He probably lost consciousness quickly, hence no defense wounds, and the intracranial bleeding finished him off.
And the weapon? The trophy would fit.
This is the same make.
Even as a layman, you can see how the edges would work, and the side here for maximum damage.
Now we just have to find it.
Green's in with his solicitor now.
Well, we know there was bad blood between him and Cowie.
We know he's arrogant enough to muck the police about.
Just because he was in Brussels doesn't mean he couldn't get someone to do his dirty work.
Except he wasn't.
James Green was booked on the 8:00 Eurostar, but he boarded an earlier train.
This one got him into St.
Pancras at 8:25.
That gives him plenty of leeway to get to Chelsea within Ashley's kill time.
If you know about the accusations, then you'll understand why I wanted to return to London as soon as possible, clear my name.
And how did you go about that? Where were you between 8:30 and 10:00 on Tuesday night, Mr.
Green? I went to the school, if you must know.
Straight from the station.
And your fob will show a record of your comings and goings? It'll also show that I went into Oliver's office.
Another faculty matter? I wanted to check his computer, see what he'd said to the board.
But his laptop wasn't there.
It occurred to me that he might have kept some sort of written record.
You thought, with Oliver out the way, all you'd have to do is pressure Saskia into withdrawing her complaint.
I wouldn't want the man dead, for God's sake! I just wanted to protect my thus far unblemished record from a personal vendetta.
I mean, my God.
All because I'm friendly? Well, let's go back to that night.
What did you do after you left Cowie's office? Go home? I went for a walk.
I bought a pint at, um, that pub on Shawhill Street, The Cinder.
I sat outside for a while.
I wanted to think.
And I didn't want my wife to know that I'd taken an earlier train.
She was, until now, unaware of these false allegations, which clearly she is very upset by.
Green has our heartfelt sympathy.
Okay, thanks.
The pub have Green buying the pint at 9:25, but there's no CCTV coverage outside.
We don't know when he left.
He could have knocked back his drink, then gone to Fernlea Place and killed Cowie.
Pretty tight if we have him back home at 10:30, which his wife confirms.
He could have done it between the school and the pub while he was out "walking.
" He'd have needed a drink after that.
He'd be covered in blood, Max.
Let him go.
But tell him we'll need to speak to him again.
The school's pastoral care have been back.
There were only three pupils that clashed with Cowie in the last year.
Two have since moved abroad, but the third hadn't even been processed.
Eric Heidegger, 18.
Poor academic record.
Casualty of too many schools, the counselor says.
Dad's an exec for a German shipping company.
Cowie cut Eric some slack, but it seems even he ran out of patience when Eric spray-painted "Cowie's a cock" in the junior playground.
Looks like we've found our artist.
Yeah, and listen to this Cowie suspended Eric pending an exclusion hearing the day of the murder.
Let's get his address.
So I checked in with Lyn Cowie's yoga studio.
She was on the rota to teach a class, but turns out someone stepped in last-minute.
You and Connor go and have a little chat, with Eric Heidegger, and we'll see what Lyn Cowie has to say.
I've got a shift, I'm afraid, but Lyn's outside and the girls are upstairs.
I said they can stay as long as they want.
It's as much for Petal as it is for them.
She's had a tough time.
She lost her mother a few years ago, and this has kind of pushed all her buttons.
I'm sorry.
That must have been really tough.
Well, at least they've got each other.
Anyway I'll, uh, leave you to it.
You need to start telling us the truth, Lyn.
I went to meet a friend.
An old uni mate.
Darren Floyd.
We just went for a drink at a bistro on Chelsea Green.
It's not what you think.
He's a family lawyer.
Divorce lawyer.
You were planning to divorce your husband? I just wanted to know what my options are.
- Because of Saskia Turner? - No.
I didn't really care about all that nonsense with Saskia.
It's been a difficult year.
When I thought, for a moment, that Oliver might be having an affair, I was jealous, but not of her.
Of him.
That's what I wanted.
I owned my own business once, you know? I sold up so Oliver could take Canberra.
I lied because I didn't want Flo knowing I was unhappy! She's had enough! Did you know Oliver was involved in a complaint about the head teacher? Everyone's knight in shining armor.
Except mine.
- You can't tell them.
- I promise I won't.
I swear.
Wouldn't just be me lying, Petal.
You already said I was with you.
But, Flo, I'm your best friend.
When my mum died, I thought I'd die too.
But you won't, Flo.
Your mum died of cancer, Petal.
She wasn't killed.
She didn't get her head smashed in! You loved your mum.
You looked after her when she was sick.
And I told my dad I hated him! You can't just fix this by telling me it'll all get better.
What's going on? - I want to go home.
- What? Oh, sweetheart.
Heidegger? Can we have a word, please? Come in.
It's your son we need to speak to, Mr.
Eric? What for? There was a very serious incident two nights ago.
An attack on a teacher from the International School of Chelsea.
My wife, she texted.
Well, perhaps we can speak to her, then? I'm sorry, she's in Bern.
Her mother had a bad fall.
I could have her call you if that helps.
Was Eric at home on Tuesday evening, Mr.
Heidegger? Yes, of course.
Tuesday, Eric, I said you could order in because Mum wanted an early night.
Tell them, Eric.
Detective Constable Jess Lombard, and this is DC Connor Pollock.
Eric! - Eric! - Stay there! He's heading towards the estate.
I'm on it! All right, Michelangelo.
You dropped your paints.
See, four grand in March, and the same in January, and more the year before.
Payee reference "RAF.
" Lyn Cowie claims not to know anything about it.
Standing order, some form of payment? I'll put a trace on the account number.
Max, the on-call brief has arrived.
I didn't do anything.
I swear.
I was home with my mum.
Yes, we've spoken to her, and she confirmed that.
She also confirmed that your father was in his office at Imperial Wharf overseeing a late shipment and that she herself went to bed at 8:30.
So neither of your parents saw you after that time.
That's not my fault.
So why did you leg it? I-I thought I was getting done for tagging.
I-I was freaking out.
There were rumors something went down at school.
But you were the one who spray-painted "Drop dead Cowie" the day he suspended you.
I just wanted to prove it to him.
If I wanted to say he was a cock, I'd do it better than what they pinned on me at school.
Stitched me up, man.
- Who stitched you up, Eric? - Cowie.
He said someone saw me, which wasn't true.
Plus, he planted a can of paint in my bag which wasn't mine.
I don't care what you think.
I know what I did and didn't do.
And no way am I putting my name on this.
Why would Mr.
Cowie risk his professional reputation to stitch you up, Eric? Obvious.
To me, anyway.
I got back with his daughter.
Sorry? Got back with? We went out, for six months maybe, before he killed it.
Have you got a bicycle, Eric? So, what do you reckon? Mum's fast asleep, Dad's not home till 1:00 a.
Eric could have been, done it, and gone to bed by then.
But? Well, no, I can't see him covering his tracks and keeping his head all this time.
- I heard he's a bag of nerves.
- Yeah.
Well, let's see what we've got anyway.
Thank you.
In the meantime, I've checked Lyn's story.
Her lawyer mate supports her account and the bistro where they met.
I've asked for CCTV to confirm.
So Lyn and her daughter now have solid alibis.
- Mm.
- But Saskia Turner doesn't.
Just cause her boss is sleazy doesn't mean she liked Cowie.
I don't know.
Her texts are "Thanks for being great," "Sorry for being an idiot.
" Doesn't scream "stalker.
" There's nothing of note on any CCTV local to the Cowie house on Fernlea Close.
Multiple prints on the front door, including the family's and Carmel the cleaner, obviously, but nothing else that checks out.
Who else knew Oliver was home alone? I've found who RAF is.
A is for Alistair, his middle initial.
- Rory Fisk.
- Of course.
Cowie's been giving him money.
10K over the last year.
Regular installments.
Giving? Or paying? Her bursary ran out the previous year, and I couldn't afford to keep her at the school without it.
And Oliver knew how good Petal's grades were.
Him and I become close friends after the girls teamed up.
Why not pay the school direct? Just to save my pride, so that I could pay the school.
He didn't even tell Lyn about it.
Just told me to pay him back whenever I could.
Which of course I will.
You were on shift here the night of the murder? Yeah.
I mean I did nip out for a burger during my break.
Do you know a kid called Eric Heidegger? He's on-off with Flo.
I knew she had some kind of boyfriend mucking her about.
You know, Petal is such a worrier.
But I have noticed a difference in Flo's behavior recently.
Like what? Or just you know, temperament, mood swings.
It's a teenager's job description, isn't it? Yeah, of course it is.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I'm really fond of Flo.
The Cowies moved back to London after my wife died, and Flo was missing her school in Australia.
Her and Petal just kind of saved each other, you know? But recently she's been getting up to all sorts.
Did you talk to Oliver about it? Oh, yeah, he knew all about it.
It was him that she was rebelling against, mostly.
But at least with Petal, she does her homework.
And I can't exactly ban Flo from the house, can I, given Oliver's generosity? You must have been a little relieved, then.
- About Japan.
- If I'm honest.
I just can't believe what's happened.
Him and I were really close, you know? We were good friends.
If you think of anything else, please do let us know.
Hi, it's me.
Listen, the police have just called 'round to talk to me.
I know, I know.
I know, but I think it would be a good idea if we just kept our distance, just until things blow over, okay? Okay.
Hey, do I have time for a run before you go? - Not a chance.
- But you're still working.
Because I had to put Poppy down.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Just let me finish this report.
It's nearly done.
Oh! See? She won't settle.
It's like she's knows I'm up against it.
I'll go check on her.
Lyn and her lawyer pal, just where they said they were.
Nice one.
That's my cab.
Do you want a lift? No, thanks.
I'm gonna crack on here.
How come the cab? Helen gets back from her mate's hen do tonight.
And you've trashed the place? I'm picking up some flowers and a bottle to welcome her home.
And I've trashed the place.
Looks like we both had a day of it.
At least you had some adult company.
You want to talk about it? Oh, I just want to go to the pub.
Don't we all.
Priya, these are potential clients.
- And even if they weren't.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- It's not all about you.
No, I'm sorry, I'm - I do need - I know.
I know.
I get it.
Go! Let your hair down.
- And don't slam the - No, okay.
Do you think he felt it, Mum? Do you think it hurt? I can't stop thinking Did he see who did it? Did he know what was about to happen? Was he scared? He didn't know anything.
He couldn't have.
It would have been over in an instant, I promise you.
Don't you ever stop working? You'll be glad I didn't when you check your in-box.
I'm just looking now.
It's downloading.
Where did you get this? It was e-mailed to Cowie's work account two weeks ago.
Sender encrypted.
By an amateur.
- Got him.
- Good.
We know you sent this photo to Oliver Cowie three weeks ago today.
Is it common behavior for teachers to take secret photos of the pupils in their care? Well, obviously not.
It looks a little off.
I can see that.
Yes, it does.
It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.
They were in the art department while the rest of their year was in assembly.
And I saw them through the stairwell door.
I was gonna haul them out.
And then I thought, well, it would mean exclusion for Flo.
I was going to delete it as soon as I took it.
But you didn't.
In fact you used this photo as leverage against her father.
Oliver was threatening my entire career for little more than hearsay.
I might never work again.
My whole life would be affected.
So I asked him to drop his vendetta against me in exchange for turning a blind eye.
And how did that go down? He declined.
You don't understand.
I tried to reason with him.
He wouldn't listen.
So, in Brussels you found out the formal complaint against you had gone ahead, even though Oliver had this photo on his laptop.
So you were hoping he couldn't find out you'd sent it.
But maybe he could.
Didn't take us long.
Right? Right.
So you jumped on an earlier Eurostar Everything else I told you is true except That's what I was looking for in his office.
In case he'd kept a hard copy.
Look, it sounds worse than it is Blackmail, concealing evidence, taking unlawful images of juveniles.
How much worse does it need to be? Does this have to go before the board? I think the school board is the least of your problems, mate.
- Morning.
- Oh, hello.
Is Mrs.
Cowie home? She went to solicitors.
There's a lot to sort out, as you can imagine.
Come in.
She said she'd hurry.
She didn't want to leave Flo alone too long.
But Flo insisted on going to school.
I couldn't stop her.
She needs her friends, I suppose.
Would you like a cup of tea? I just boiled the kettle.
Oh, yeah.
Tea would be lovely.
I've been stocking up the freezer for them, bless.
They're lucky to have you.
- Four years, was it? - On contract.
Paid sick leave, holidays, the lot.
Ask 'round who else gets that who ain't working for a firm.
They must really rate you.
Well, trust begets trust, I suppose.
Must have been a bit of a slap in the face, then.
Uh, the move to Japan, I mean.
- Must have been a blow.
- That's life.
I had something else lined up.
I'd have thought Mrs.
Cowie would need you more than ever now.
Lyn knows I'm here for her.
I got your message about Flo.
She wouldn't be stopped, Lyn.
- Maybe it's best.
I don't - Lyn.
Police are here.
In the kitchen.
May we speak privately? Flo! - Are you following me? - They've got my phone, Flo.
I'm so sorry.
I don't want to talk to you.
The police have been all over me.
Don't you dare tell anyone about us.
It won't change anything now.
I just want to make this okay.
Then leave me alone, Eric.
I can't stand to look at you! I knew nothing about this.
It won't be the first time you've lied to us, Lyn.
Don't you think I would have said if I knew that vile man was blackmailing us?! He could be the one who murdered Oliver! For God's sake! It was him, right? We're talking to Mr.
And if there's a link, we'll tell you.
Oliver told me he'd caught Flo and Eric with some vodka.
That's why he banned Eric from the house.
Maybe your husband was trying to protect you.
That explains why he was so rigid.
He wouldn't even consider letting Flo stay with Petal for her final year.
And you disagreed? Flo was kicking off because we moved her around so much.
But underneath, she just needed a bit of leeway to get through the next year without ruining her future.
Because Oliver's future always came first.
So, you see, it wasn't just Saskia we were rowing about.
Oliver thought the move would solve everything.
I didn't.
Everything fits if it weren't for his alibi at the pub.
Maybe he did just buy a pint and go.
I mean, he's no stranger to manipulating evidence.
He's not very good at it, though, is he? And he was bricking it when we put the pressure on.
I think he would have cracked.
So, what else have we got? Despite the spider signatures, I don't believe the kid that painted that painted the first one.
So maybe Cowie did set him up to get rid of him.
Why would he? To protect his daughter? He could hardly punish Eric for the coke since Flo was just as guilty.
He needed something to fit him up with.
It seems pretty juvenile and unprofessional.
Wasn't there a witness, Eric said? Yes.
Give the school a call and check with pastoral care.
Hah! There's a guy in reception.
Says he's a neighbor of the victim, might have some information.
Ranjit Johal.
He wasn't on the list in the vicinity, so I don't know if he's just a busybody.
I live half a mile away, but I recognized him from the paper.
I've seen him when I walk my dog.
So you recognized Mr.
Cowie getting home from work or through the window? No, Officer.
I saw him when he answered the door to a man.
Can you describe the man? His back was turned, I'm afraid.
But he was tall, a white man.
I could see his neck because he had very short hair, and he was wearing running clothes.
It was too dark to tell the color of the sweatshirt, but it had a cross on it, like a first-aid sign, a plus sign? Like a paramedic or a doctor? No, not like that, just a sweatshirt.
And he was annoyed.
Gesturing, you know? Well, it seemed so, anyway.
You're being very helpful, Mr.
Did you notice a bicycle leaning against the wall? Or did you get the impression the man had cycled there? I thought he had been jogging.
I didn't see a bicycle.
Do you recall what time this was? I always walk my dog at the same time, listening to the radio.
It was just coming up to my favorite program, just before 9:00.
So maybe 10 to 9:00? Rory would certainly count as a first-aider.
But Rory was on shift at the hospital.
James Green has short hair.
A known blackmailer, increasingly desperate, though the timing's impossibly tight.
Course, it might have just been someone collecting for charity.
That time of night? And annoyed? Either way, this witness puts Oliver Cowie still alive at 8:50, and we know he died in the next hour.
Let's make a list of sportswear and leisure brands that use a plus-sign-type cross as a logo.
Just checked with the hospital.
Rory Fisk went to grab a burger on his dinner break for two hours and 20 minutes.
Rory and Lyn? Two bereaved parents find love after fleecing the deceased.
I mean, who would question it? I'm just off shift.
I was about to go home.
Where were you between 8:30 and 11:50 on the night of the murder? Because we know you didn't just nip out for a burger.
I was with a friend.
A girlfriend.
Amy Lightfoot.
She's a nurse practitioner here.
It's early days, but I didn't want anyone to know, especially my daughter.
Why on earth didn't you tell us? Your friend's been murdered.
Because it had nothing to do with Oliver.
Here Amy's contact details.
Look, Petal's been blindsided by her mother death, she's got important exams coming up, and she's upset that her best mate is going away.
Now this nightmare? I really didn't think it was a good time to throw another curve ball at her, and it just wasn't relevant.
You do realize we're gonna have to check your whereabouts with Miss Lightfoot? Yeah, of course, but please, just don't say anything to Petal.
I don't think she can take that right now.
What better place to dispose of bloody clothes than a hospital? Just put on a fresh pair of scrubs, and bingo.
Plus he's a cyclist.
And did you notice he was wearing a track suit? Max, I have four track suits.
Scroll left for what I've dug up.
Nothing I can find that has the logo on the back, though.
What about an old design or a club logo? I'll keep on it.
Amy Lightfoot confirms Rory Fisk's alibi.
- Any evidence? - Absolutely.
She even took a selfie of them at the flat.
Time, date, coordinates, there.
Oh, you idiot.
- Max.
- Eric Heidegger's dad.
He's something senior in a German shipping firm, right? Go on.
But that doesn't mean he's German himself.
He said his wife was flying to Bern.
Well, that's in Switzerland.
I usually go jogging.
I went to see him that evening.
I admit it.
But I didn't even go inside the house.
I was out for a run.
I had an important shipment to coordinate that night, and I wanted to clear my head.
You run around there regularly? No, but I was upset and worried about my son being suspended, so I decided to talk to Cowie about it as fathers.
To reason with him.
I know where he lives.
Eric used to be friends with his daughter.
Until Oliver Cowie found out Eric introduced her to cocaine and banned him from the house.
Did you know about that? Yes, I knew.
I knew that's what Cowie thought.
But it was Flo who bought the cocaine, not Eric.
You think I wouldn't know? And then a few days ago, Cowie accused Eric of obscene graffiti which he didn't do.
He was going to be excluded in his final year.
- And you were angry.
- Yes! I went for a run, and then I went to see him.
But I didn't kill him.
Why would I? You lost your temper.
Eric's academic career over like that, and this man wouldn't listen.
To the contrary, he did listen.
He was really very nice about it.
Cowie said he had reconsidered, and he would review his case first thing.
So you sorted it out nicely, off you jogged, and then when you found out he'd been killed, you didn't come forward because? I wanted to make things better, not worse.
My son was already in trouble with cocaine.
He has one chance to get these exams.
I know I should have told you, but I didn't want the association.
I have my visa to think of.
You must have known you were a key witness.
I didn't have anything useful to tell you.
Heidegger, you were seen with the victim less than an hour before he was murdered.
We'll decide what's useful.
Why would I kill the man who was about to clear my son's name? Well, we only have your word for that.
I told you, I was working that night.
You can check.
My colleagues would have mentioned it if I came in covered in blood.
So would the schoolkid who nearly knocked me over on the corner.
So would the guy at the corner shop who I bought cigarettes from.
- Check it, please.
- We will.
Believe me.
So, either someone visited Cowie moments after Alex did Unexpected, unplanned, and wasn't seen Or he's lying.
Let's check out the corner shop, schoolkids out at that time.
And let's follow up on his comings and goings at Imperial Wharf.
We've got authority for a PACE house search.
We don't need it.
He's invited us in.
- Confident.
- Or calculated risk.
The more he cooperates, the less guilty he appears.
He could hardly look more guilty.
It's been washed, but if there's blood on it, we'll find it.
Well, he may have had several, anyway.
He doesn't.
Mum gave it to him.
Your father gave us permission to search.
I know.
I called him.
I wanted to tell him I lied.
I wasn't here that night.
I left after Mum went to bed.
- Can we talk somewhere else? - Sure.
I thought I was getting done for tagging.
I didn't say 'cause I thought you'd do me for vandalism.
It's a shame people keep blinding those security cameras, else we'd check.
I was with someone who can back me up.
She called me, wanted to come out and help me tag.
So she wasn't at Petal's? At first.
Then Petal covered for us.
We weren't supposed to see each other after the coke thing.
So what time did Flo get to you? Maybe 10:00.
She'd come with me before.
It wasn't the art, really.
She just liked breaking the rules.
What did you do after? Went back to Petal's.
She was asleep.
Her dad was at work.
I left later on, like 3:30, snuck back in here.
And what did you do in between? What do you think? You think my dad did this, right? There is no way.
He's always talking to me about honor and trust.
I feel bad even sneaking out.
All I ever do is let him down.
I I thought maybe if I could get into art school, he'd be pleased.
- You're talented.
- Tell that to them.
Doesn't matter how talented.
I've still got to finish school to get in.
Oh! Then finish.
Go back.
Knuckle down.
Do your best.
Make it happen.
The corner shop owner says he gets dozens of joggers, but he thinks he recognizes Heidegger's photo, and he recorded a cash sale for a packet of cigarettes at 21:15 just like Alex said.
Got it.
See you there.
Eric Heidegger's phone records.
On it.
I told you it was my fault.
If I hadn't lied, if I'd stopped being so selfish and just stayed at home If you'd stayed at home, you could have been hurt too.
All you did was go and see Eric.
That's forgivable.
I forgive you.
So would Dad.
Would it be all right to have a few moments alone with Flo? That's me off home now, Lyn.
Thank you.
Flo, we need to know the truth about what happened that night.
And I think you want to tell someone.
Uh I went to Petal's.
And I was already so angry at Dad anyway.
We know from Eric's phone records that you called him at 8:45, but you didn't get to the bridge until 10:00.
So, what time did you leave Petal's, Flo? I can ask her, but I'd rather you told me.
I left Petal's right after I called Eric, and he told me Dad was having him kicked him out of school.
So I went and scored some coke from the guy I got it from before.
I just wanted to punish Dad.
I wanted to hurt him.
So, who did you get the coke from? Where did you go? Please don't make me grass.
We'll be discreet.
We just need to know what time you were there.
He's in the year above me.
It's just like by word of mouth.
I'm gonna need his name and number, okay? Did you take him to your home, Flo? I don't even know him.
Did you take anyone to your home? Or send someone to punish your dad? No.
No! I I just I went to meet Eric, and then we went back to Petal's.
I loved my dad.
Course I did.
I just wanted to get away from all the aggravation, all the fighting.
It never used to be like that at home.
Even Carmel had a bust-up with Dad over something.
It was like a war zone.
All 'cause of Japan.
And I blamed Dad.
I always thought I'd know if my kid was doing drugs.
Well, we'll check out the dealer, close him down.
But she seems to be carrying a lot of guilt.
She wanted to go to Petal's this afternoon.
I was going to say no, but maybe she needs her friend.
Carmel cycle to work? Sometimes.
If the weather's okay.
Carmel? I was at home, like I've told you, watching telly.
What did you watch? That vet thing with Mr.
I tape them.
Isn't there some box that proves what you've seen? Your phone would be helpful, if you wouldn't mind.
And if you could unlock it, please.
What did you and Oliver Cowie row about a few nights ago, Carmel? I-I-I don't Nothing.
You're here voluntarily, but we could detain you if need be.
I wanted to go with them to Japan.
Well, they'd want a cleaner in Tokyo, wouldn't they? But Oliver said no.
It was too complicated with visas and whatnot.
And they didn't need as much now Flo's older, he said.
I lost my temper, briefly.
But he was right, of course.
And he said he'd spread the word about another client for me, so And how did that make you feel? Honestly? I was hurt.
I've no kids of me own, and they'd told me time and again I was part of the family.
I felt used, I suppose.
Yes, I was very upset.
But I didn't kill Oliver, if that's what you're getting at.
Might be a lonely cow, but I'm not a murderer, thank you very much.
I'll see this is returned to you.
Her phone places her at home.
Assuming she was with it.
Right, let's go over what we've got.
We know Heidegger called on Cowie at 20:50.
Either he went in and killed him, or he left and someone else, on a bike, came shortly afterwards.
Carmel rides a bicycle, she has a grudge, and she is a key holder.
But she'd have cycled all the way back to Battersea covered in blood, then turned up cool as you like at the scene the next day.
Would she have a choice? Heidegger was definitely back at his Imperial Wharf office, 21:15.
Nothing unusual.
What about the schoolkid he said he bumped into? That could be anyone.
Fernlea Close covers three catchment areas.
But do we need it, Max? If we can place him in the corner shop, Alex Heidegger couldn't have done it.
The owner said he wasn't sure.
What about the first graffiti? Did we get anything back from the witness who saw Eric do it? I'll chase it now.
Something's missing.
Shall I tell Heidegger he can go? Max? Her alibi.
Oh, my God.
This schoolkid you say you bumped into after leaving Cowie's place Was it a girl or a boy? A girl.
She nearly came off her bicycle.
Let him go.
The pupil, the witness who grassed up Eric I know who she is.
I'm working, Flo.
- Can't you take a break? - No.
You won't pass your exams if you don't finish your essay.
Exams can wait.
I need you.
What is it? You need to let us in, Rory.
Can't we go out? Just go somewhere.
For a walk? I need to concentrate.
Petal! Seriously, get changed.
Where are the girls? I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
I'm the one who needs help.
I'm the one whose having a breakdown.
We need you to stay here.
We're going to go out.
And you're going to get I didn't mean it.
It's okay to tell her.
You were off out with Eric, doing drugs, ruining everything.
So you were trying to help your friend.
Was that what it was, Petal? I thought if her dad understood, if he knew what I knew, he'd catch her before she fell too far.
So you didn't go there to hurt him? I went to warn him, how messed up Flo was getting.
And maybe he'd even let her stay? But he was angry with me.
For making stuff up about Eric.
But I was only trying to protect you, Flo.
He said he was disappointed in me, that I needed to To back off, to go home.
Never heard him talk to me like that.
That must have been very painful.
He said she wasn't my responsibility and that I wasn't that we weren't family.
Like all my caring was for nothing again.
and I'm alone.
I'm nothing.
He went to reach for his phone to call my dad.
I just wanted to stop him.
I'll call the duty social worker.
How does a kid survive something like this, either Petal or Flo? A good therapist, for starters.
It's a long road to forgiveness, but we have to hope that's possible.
Uh, I just need to make a call.
Astrid, it's me.
Look, I'm sorry about the other day.
Can we talk? Great.
And listen, there's a favor I need to ask you.
Heidegger? I'm Astrid.
Detective Inspector Max Arnold's friend.
Arnold left a message.
Um, he said you have connections at the art college my son wants to go to.
I can certainly offer your son some advice, maybe get through the door for an interview.
It's very kind of you to spare the time.
I'm off home if that's okay.
Sick of the sight of you.
Don't stay too long, okay? No, I'm gone.
As soon as I've finished my paperwork.
- Good night, guys.
- Good night.
She went down fine.
You've got the magic touch.
Oh, please.
But I'm working on it, babe.
I know you do a lot.
Too much.
And I'm sorry.
It's what I signed up for.
So, what's for dinner, Nigella? Oh, well, tonight you have the choice of pasta pesto or something I like to call pesto pasta.
I'm feeling the pasta pesto.
Mmm! Good choice.
Can you cook it? - You're early.
- You're late.
I stopped to see your budding Banksy earlier.
I like him.
Thanks, Asti.
I know how busy you are.
Not too busy for the posh dinner you promised me in return.
Kebabs okay? Do I have a choice? Oh, yeah.
Lamb or falafel.
Just so you know, I've signed a license on the boat.
A year, with an option to renew.
And I've officially changed my address.
You were right.
It's time to move on.
So we have something to toast.
I'll be right in.

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