The Chelsea Detective (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Golden Years

SAM: Push. Push. Push. That's right.
Nice. Nice rhythm.
The roasted duck with a peach sauce
and wild mushroom salad, Mrs. Swanson.
CELIA: Thank you, dear.
Excuse me.
This duck's over-cooked.
Get the chef to start again.
Of course, Mrs. Swanson.
Start again.
Already have.
Come on, guys.
Stay in rhythm. Stay in rhythm.
Push. Push.
And four of you's. You're rushing.
No, you need to find a rhythm.
You're losing it.
Pick up the oars.
No. No. No. No. No. No.
This is not a day out.
Here, let me help.
I'm perfectly capable
of walking on my own.
Careful. Concentrate! Come on!
That is what happens when you let idiots
who've never rowed before on the river.
They're the people
that pay our wages, Sam.
How many times do I have to complain?
They could at least get the food right.
Are you at that rowing club?
- Yes.
- Why you chose to invest in it
I have no idea.
You've got no business sense.
Did you get the invitation?
CELIA: What invitation?
To the ceremony.
If you think I'm going to that,
you don't know your own mother, Maria.
I suppose these Zoom
calls are a good thing,
though it means
you don't actually have
to visit me so often.
Don't think that hasn't occurred to me.
Goodbye, dear.
There we go.
Thank you.
Yeah, rowing's been a
bit elitist in the past,
but what we're trying to
do here at Chelsea Oars
is to shake things up, get
a wider demographic involved.
You mean letting in riff raff like me?
[LAUGHS] I wouldn't call you riff raff.
I'm just, taking advantage of
the free trial period, really.
I'm off home.
Yeah, okay, um, I
won't be long, darling.
Are you sure that you don't
want to join as a full member?
Maybe you could persuade me.
All clear?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Can can you tell me
the way to the cinema room?
I'm a bit lost.
It's just round the corner
on the left, Mr. Swift.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
He should be in a home.
He is in a home.
No, he isn't.
He's in a high-end lifestyle choice
for discerning seniors,
who've got shitloads of money.
You've been a while.
MAX: I didn't want to make any decisions
without talking to you first, Asti.
Maybe your clubbing days aren't over.
I think you know the
answer to that, Max.
"The Ting Tings' Greatest Hits."
I could get it valued at that
antiques emporium on Lots Road.
Haven't you got to get to work, Max?
I tell you what, I'll drop
them off later at the gallery.
I don't want to clutter
up my gallery with old CDs.
But you don't mind
cluttering up my boat?
I got to go!
I'm coming.
Thank you.
Morning, Max.
MAX: Morning.
Welcome to Greyfriars West,
where your golden
years are truly golden.
I can't wait.
An 80-year old female was found
deceased in her bed this morning.
Her name's Celia Swanson.
The duty doctors alerted us to
the possibility of foul play.
Hello. I'm Gillian Compton.
I'm the general manager here.
D.I. Max Arnold.
I'm D.S. Layla Walsh.
You will keep this as quiet
as possible, won't you?
We'll do our best.
A purple bruise on the anterior
side of the right deltoid.
Evidence of subcutaneous hemorrhage.
On the inside of the
arm, further bruising.
Hold on.
Give us a minute.
The duty doctor did well.
The deceased had a progressive
neurological disorder
and appeared to have died in her sleep.
The key, however, is
the right upper arm.
Bruising and bleeding under the skin.
Older people get this pretty easily
from an intramuscular injection.
But assuming her medical
records are up to date
she hadn't had
an injection for days.
And then there are these,
bruises on the inner arm.
Unusual, unless somebody
was holding her down.
So you're saying she's
been forcibly injected?
That's right.
Oh, hello, Mr. Swift.
Good morning, ladies.
Do you mind if we just go back
to your rooms for a moment?
Thank you.
She ate early. She always did.
She didn't finish her food.
Who else was in here?
Nobody, as far as I remember.
I offered to help her
back to her apartment,
but she wanted to walk on her own.
It was painful to watch to be honest.
What time was that?
HANNAH: About 7:00.
And how about you?
Did you work the rest
of the evening shift?
Yeah, but it was pretty quiet.
It can get busy at lunchtime.
That's when the relatives come to visit.
But it's never very full in the evening.
- So you left at about - 9:30, I guess.
- Together?
- Yeah.
We live in Fulham.
CONNOR: Allibone Gardens. Nice menu.
Josh copied it from that place
in Knightsbridge, Hartnell's.
JOSH: Yeah, alright.
I added a few personal touches.
Uh, what did you think
of Celia Swanson, Hannah?
Well, we all made fun of her a bit.
Dressing up like she
was dining at Claridge's,
and she was quite fussy about her food.
But, you know
Translation she
was a poisonous old cow
- and nobody liked her.
- Josh!
Come on.
It doesn't matter what she was like.
She was eating in here
last night, and now
she's dead.
It's sad.
Do come in. Um
Mrs. Compton, perhaps you could explain
how access to the building is regulated.
Well, the staff and residents have fobs.
What about visitors?
Well, we like to keep it
as informal as possible.
It's really important that
Greyfriars doesn't have that
"institutional" feel.
Stephanie's very clear on that.
- Stephanie?
- GILLIAN: The owner.
Stephanie Lang.
What can you tell us of
Mrs. Swanson's movements last night?
Well, from what I understand
she went back to her apartment
after eating in the restaurant.
She didn't have any visitors after that.
One of our residents, Maurice Swift,
found her body this morning.
And is Mr. Swift
available to talk to us?
GILLIAN: Of course.
You might find that
he gets a bit confused.
There is no sign of forced entry.
Which makes it more likely
that the attack was carried out
by somebody with access to the building.
Oh, I can't believe that could happen.
We'll need to see a list of
who was on duty last night
and Mrs. Swanson's next of kin.
Uh, yes, of course.
Um, she has a daughter, Maria.
I'll give you her details.
What about your own movements?
What time did you leave last night?
Um, usual time.
I'm generally on my way by 6:00.
Oh, here's
Hi. Stephanie Lang.
Morning. I'm D.I. Arnold.
This is D.S. Walsh.
Chelsea CID.
I do hope you're being
looked after properly.
Have you been offered tea or coffee?
We're fine.
So you believe there's
something untoward about
Mrs. Swanson's death?
We do.
How shocking.
I assume you have evidence?
We're here to gather the evidence.
And all these police in the building?
Strictly necessary?
They are.
Oh, wow. Look at this.
You'd think she went to a
different party every night.
She's got so many.
The old hoarding instinct.
When my dad died, I went
round to clear out his house.
Apart from his books
and a few paintings,
everything else was just junk.
"Dearest M, I've come to a "
MAX: " firm decision at last."
How'd you work that out?
Sometimes dyslexia helps
you see things more clearly.
So the start of a letter
that was never finished.
"Dearest M, I've come to
a firm decision at last "
Why did you tell the police
that we live together?
I mean, in your dreams.
I was protecting you. Okay?
Suppose so.
And actually, in your dreams
HANNAH: Piss off! [LAUGHS]
Mr. Swift, we understand you
found Celia Swanson's body.
It was such a shock.
We we played cards on
Tuesday mornings, you see?
But she was late.
So I-I went round to her apartment.
It wasn't locked, so I went in.
And there she was.
LAYLA: Were you with
her yesterday evening?
Yesterday? Let me think.
No. No.
LAYLA: Are you sure?
Monday evening, no.
No, that's film club.
I liked Celia.
We used to make each other laugh.
I like her daughter, too.
She had such a nice smile.
The Morettis have been
waiting for a while.
Net worth?
About 40 million.
Um, then there's Lord Aldiss.
He was widowed last year.
Does he still live on
that huge estate in Devon?
Yeah. I believe so, yes.
I heard he's not well.
A Lord would be good for the brand.
MAX: So, what do you think?
I'm thinking, what a
way to finish your days.
In Greyfriars West.
MAX: We've got to end up somewhere.
You're looking puzzled.
Well, if Celia Swanson was ill anyway
and didn't have long to live,
why would somebody kill her now?
Oh, no. [GROANS]
Digging up the embankment again.
Be quicker on a bike.
MAX: It would.
Miss Swanson, can you think of anyone
who might've wanted to harm your mother?
Anyone at all?
I I honestly can't.
We found a letter, or rather
the beginnings of a letter,
which may have been to you.
"Dearest M, I've "
"I've come to a firm decision at last."
Could you confirm that
that's your mother's writing?
Yes, Mum liked to write letters
in the old-fashioned way.
I never got this one, but I'm guessing
it would have been about her diamonds.
She'd been talking about
selling them for ages.
They're just rotting in
a bank vault somewhere.
She never dared take them out.
You don't think it was
something more personal?
Mum didn't do personal.
Oh, my God, darling, are you alright?
Oh, it's okay, it's okay.
Hi. I'm Freddie Mercer.
I'm Maria's partner.
Are you allowed to just
turn up here without warning?
Maria suffers from anxiety.
- I'm sure you're aware
- No, I know.
I'll go and get your meds.
What do you do
professionally, Miss Swanson?
I'm a translator uh,
documents, textbooks, boring stuff.
I speak Afrikaanse.
Here we go.
Look, if there's anything else I can do.
What were your movements
last night, Mr. Mercer?
I was at the club, entertaining clients.
I run Chelsea Oars.
Well, we'll know where to find you.
Have these bruises changed colour?
The body doesn't stand
still when you die, Max.
autolysis, self-digestion.
All sorts of excitement
to look forward to.
Eventually worms.
Can't wait.
So, what do we know?
She was injected with Dialorphine.
It's a morphine derivative.
A healthy person in the prime of life
might have survived the dose.
Whoever planned this
knew what they were doing.
Which fits with the insider theory.
I've checked with Greyfriars.
They don't keep any Dialorphine on site.
It's a pretty obscure drug.
Has the advantage of passing
through the body quickly.
What about time of death?
Not earlier than 9:00
p.m., not later than 11:00.
She may have had one
last crazy trip or died
soon after the injection.
We'll never know.
So our victim is Celia
Swanson, widow of Cory Swanson,
a well-known South African businessman.
We don't have too much on her,
but he was quite the
figure in the 1980s
mines, property, pharmaceuticals.
It looks like the whole South African
establishment went to his funeral.
Celia and her daughter Maria
came to live in London soon afterwards,
and they've been here ever since.
She had a flat in Eaton Square
but sold it in 2019
when Greyfriars opened.
Well, here's what we
know about Greyfriars?
It's high end living for
people with money to burn,
owned and run by Stephanie Lang.
LAYLA: We've met her.
So, who visited Celia Swanson?
Did she have enemies?
Was anyone suspicious hanging around
Greyfriars yesterday evening?
All the usual angles.
The late '80s was the era of
the anti-apartheid demonstrations
in Trafalgar Square.
I remember them well.
Did you police them?
I was on them.
Right, this afternoon
we're gonna concentrate
on synchronized rowing.
You're not eight
individuals doing your best,
you are one unit pulling together.
A rowing crew is only as
good as its weakest link.
We are missing someone. Who's that?
ZOE: It's me! Sorry!
Well, get a move on!
You'll, uh, you'll jump in and
save me if we drown, won't you?
I wouldn't have thought so, no!
[SCOFFS] Oh, sorry.
I was mistaking you for somebody
I was talking to in the bar last night.
I thought you should know.
I just hope she didn't suffer.
I've got to go now.
Sorry I didn't make it
last night, by the way.
You shouldn't be doing that.
I've got to finish it.
They want it in the morning.
Maria, take some time.
Look, I'll be done
here in a little while.
Why don't we go for a walk or something.
I'm so glad you're here for me.
Hi. Just closing up.
Well, don't worry. I'm
not here to buy anything.
ASTRID: You and the rest of the world.
I sometimes wonder whether
Chelsea has got all the art it needs.
I brought your CDs. A
few memories in there.
Max, I don't even own
a CD player anymore!
Haven't you heard of streaming?
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
MAX: Go on.
It's my mother.
She's struggling.
She's on her own, and she can't
get around like she used to.
I'm thinking of going back
to Germany to look after her.
What about your sister? Could she help?
When did you ever hear about
Brigitte doing anything for
anyone other than herself?
MAX: Could you bring your mum here?
She wants to be in Germany.
That's where she lives.
But you live in London.
She needs me.
I thought you'd understand.
I do. I do.
I always thought you hated Leipzig.
It's changed.
I here there selling Gucci there now.
The very definition of civilization.
Okay, so here's what we know.
There are no cameras in the
residential parts of Greyfriars,
so all we've got is footage
from the common areas.
At 21:14, we see Josh
Downing and Hannah Loftus
leave the kitchen area,
chatting to an elderly resident.
Morris Swift. They told us that.
Nothing else of interest
that we've found yet.
To make matters worse,
some of the cameras
they do have aren't working.
Do we get the impression the
Greyfriars' security system
was put in on a budget?
I'm also trying to
source external footage
people coming and going
from the building itself.
Okay, I've got this.
Go on.
Found by Max in the bin
in Mrs. Swanson's room.
ALL: Always look in the bins.
LAYLA: An invitation.
"In memory of the Nelspruit miners,
you are cordially invited "
et cetera, et cetera
"To a memorial service."
From Whitewash.
Anybody heard of Whitewash?
It's run by Bandile Nkosi.
According to their website,
"Whitewash a
campaign run by relatives
of the victims of apartheid.
Dedicated to the memory
of those who have suffered
and to fight for reparations from those
whose fortunes are
tainted by injustice."
Okay, so similar to the campaign
about families whose ancestors
benefited from the slave trade?
Yeah, and "Those whose fortunes
are tainted by injustice."
Sounds like a pretty good
description of Celia Swanson.
STEPHANIE: And Gillian
of course you know.
And this is our Head
of Residential Care,
Alistair Walker.
And here is our award
winning chef Josh Downing.
We offer a range of different cuisines,
all cooked fresh to your
exact specifications,
using the finest ingredients.
Thanks, Josh. I eat
here quite a lot myself.
It's all in the brochure,
and as we like to say,
at Greyfriars, you're not
just another resident to us,
you're a friend.
There seem to be all sorts of gaps
in the CCTV coverage, Mrs. Compton.
Why would that be?
GILLIAN: Well, we've been
having trouble with the system.
For some reason, it keeps
recording over itself.
I have mentioned it to
Stephanie, but, uh
well, there are other priorities.
What sort of person was Celia Swanson?
Well, I didn't know her well.
I'm not sure that anyone did.
There's all sorts of activities here,
but well she wasn't the type to join in.
Tell us a bit about
Mrs. Swanson's daughter.
Did you see much of her?
Relations were strained, I think.
Maria's boyfriend visited
more often than she did.
He used to bring her flowers.
Do you mean Freddie Mercer?
That's right.
So, we'll find a record of
that in the visitors' book?
Well, not necessarily.
If somebody's familiar
to the staff on reception,
they just let them in.
Oh, I did look into
whether anybody visited her
in her apartment after she went to bed,
but it seems that nobody did.
Apart from whoever murdered her.
Well, yes.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Are you Bandile Nkosi?
That's right. Banny. Can I help?
D.C. Connor Pollock, D.C. Jess Lombard.
You look busy.
Getting ready for the ceremony tomorrow.
50 years since the Nelspruit disaster.
You know how many people died?
82, wasn't it?
BANDILE: That's right.
And one of them was my grandfather.
We do this every year.
They let us use the memorial
even though it's dedicated
to "the other side."
So real live detectives. Exciting.
What can I do for you?
We're here in relation to the
death of an elderly woman
Celia Swanson.
Was she known to you?
Not personally, but I know who you mean.
She died in suspicious circumstances,
and we found an invitation to
your ceremony in her apartment.
Would that make any sense?
Cory Swanson owned Nelspruit.
He sent workers down mines
in unimaginable conditions,
and she lived a life
of luxury in London.
Do you know how much
compensation he paid out
over the years to the families?
I'm guessing nothing.
BANDILE: Well, you got it.
We asked Celia Swanson to
the ceremony every year.
We don't expect her to come.
So what was the purpose
of the invitation?
Well, to show contrition.
To share the pain.
If the worst she had to put up
with was an annual invitation
that she was perfectly free to refuse,
then, well, compared to
the benefits she enjoyed,
it wasn't that much of an inconvenience.
CONNOR: Where were you
two nights ago, Mr. Nkosi?
Choir practice. At church.
You're not thinking we might have
had something to do with her death?
CONNOR: These are
just routine enquiries.
Listen, Whitewash is a
law-abiding organization.
I'm sorry to hear about Celia Swanson.
Probably a bit more sorry than she was
when the people who worked
for her husband died.
I'm sorry I can't do
dinner tonight, Olivia.
You know how it is.
Oh, don't worry. I'm
busy with my painting.
There's an exhibition
at Chelsea Town Hall,
and I've put a few pieces up for it.
Though goodness knows
if I'll sell anything.
It's better than playing bridge
or whatever it is people my age
are supposed to do now.
What I really want is to go
to parties and get trashed.
Be young.
Are you working on
the Celia Swanson case?
I read about it in the Chelsea Gazette.
I couldn't possibly say.
Do you remember those
South African friends of your dad's?
The Bekkers?
I remember the Bekkers.
We used to see them on
the anti-apartheid marches.
They wouldn't have had much
in common with the Swansons.
So you are working on the case.
Anyway, how are you?
Go on, what is it?
Astrid has to go back to
Germany to look after her mother.
Is she ill?
Just getting older.
I mentioned bringing her Mum over here,
but she didn't seem to
think that would work.
If Astrid goes, who knows
when she might come back.
Would you take some advice
from a well-meaning Aunt?
Sounds like I'm about to get some.
Don't worry about Astrid
going back to Germany.
You're separated, Max. She's
got her own life to live.
And and besides that,
I think it's good that she's
looking after her mother.
One day, you might have
to do the same for me.
Many years in the future.
LAYLA: Max, take a look at this.
Latest financial
records for Chelsea Oars.
It's very much in what you would call
the "investment phase."
Meaning, they're losing money?
Well, lots of it.
At this rate, I'd give the
business about two months.
So if Maria stood to
inherit from her mother
and the rowing club's
burning through cash,
that would give Freddie Mercer a motive?
You'd think so.
What about Maria?
She said she was in Cremorne Gardens
at the time of the murder.
We found footage of her there.
There's a print out here somewhere.
Here it is.
LAYLA: Why don't we
see if Freddie Mercer
is still at the rowing club.
You all right there?
I'm just working my way
through the new contract.
It's, um, complicated.
I tell you what.
Why don't you get home
and I'll finish it?
Look, honestly, I'm fine.
It's always upsetting when
one of the residents dies,
but with all this, as well, it's
I know.
It's been a difficult couple of days.
Get an early night.
Go on.
What price did we decide on?
It's there in the agreement.
I think we can add a bit to that.
That can't be right.
I think it is.
- Max.
- Yeah?
We've been looking at
the set up at Greyfriars.
MAX: And?
Turns out you don't
actually own your apartment.
You acquire a lease,
and when you sell it on,
Greyfriars take a 20 percent
commission on the sale
and has the exclusive
right to set the price
and choose the buyer.
So essentially, the more often
Greyfriars residents die
The better for the business.
Looks like it.
Is that Lord Aldiss?
Stephanie Lang here, from Greyfriars.
Yes, it is good news.
As long as you're able to move quickly.
I'll follow, you check
out the boathouse.
No. Layla, you have no back up.
It it's fine, it's fine.
It's paint.
Oh, God.
LAYLA: We came to see you last night
to discuss the state
of the club's finances.
Look, I'm the victim of a
crime. The club's being trashed.
So, do you mind if we just
deal with this mess first?
What do you think the words
"You had it coming" are referring to?
Could we have a word
somewhere more discreet?
This is all a bit public.
LAYLA: Sure.
My job involves a fair amount
of entertaining with
the younger members.
It's very important for the business.
Well, I can't be sure but,
it's possible that one of them
might have misread the signals, and
you know.
I know what?
May have thought it was a good
idea to publicly humiliate me.
Oh. I get it.
Does this person have a name?
Zoe Stephens.
She was taking part
in a free trial period.
LAYLA: Well, thanks, Mr. Mercer.
If there are any other younger
members who might have also
"misread the signals,"
perhaps you could let me know.
Of course.
This, uh, business with her mother
been a terrible shock to Maria.
And I'm sure you're doing
all you can to work out
what happened, but
What can I say?
The sooner you get to the
bottom of it, the better.
I'll bear that in mind.
- LAYLA: Morning, Max.
- MAX: Morning.
So, where are we with Freddie Mercer?
Well, he didn't want to
talk about the finances,
and he's a rat.
But is he our man?
What does your gut tell you?
That he's smooth, good-looking,
appears to have money.
I hate to say it, but
there are women who go
for that sort of thing.
I've been plagued by them all my life.
He's given us an alibi
which seems to add up,
but I don't know.
Keep digging, I'd say.
Max, I've managed to find some footage
from an external camera
at the back of Greyfriars.
Turns out Josh Downing and Hannah Loftus
haven't been completely
truthful with us.
MAX: Okay, bring them in and
make sure we keep them apart.
Will do.
So to conclude, ladies and gentlemen,
this is a market that's
only going to grow.
I wonder how many of you have
heard an elderly parent say,
"Whatever happens,
don't put me in a home."
Well, Greyfriars isn't
a home. It is home.
Our residents can enjoy
a fulfilling retirement
before passing on an asset
to the next generation
which is almost guaranteed
to have risen in value.
Well, that's if from me.
My colleagues will be happy
to answer any questions
you may have, and do stay
for a glass of champagne!
Thank you.
MAX: I see you've already
found another resident
for Mrs. Swanson's apartment?
Yes, that's right. Lord Aldiss.
I'm sure you've heard of him.
That was quick.
Well, we have a long waiting list.
We'd like to know a bit more
about the way apartments change hands.
As we understand it,
Greyfriars sets the price
and take a commission.
That's a profitable side line.
I'm running a business here.
You're running a business
that's currently overshadowed
by an unsolved murder.
If you want to continue
this conversation,
I'll be happy to do so in
the presence of a lawyer.
The very same lawyer who will confirm
that our terms of business are
entirely legal and above board.
Oh, well, hello.
Hello, Mr. Swift.
I, uh, I thought you should know,
I didn't play cards
with Celia this morning.
She didn't turn up.
Today is normally our
cribbage day, you see.
Mr. Swift, Mrs. Swanson
died three days ago.
Did she?
So she did.
I'm sorry.
I get so confused.
You don't think he could've
- What?
- You know
A mercy killing. Out of kindness.
Blimey, no one's safe when
Layla Walsh starts investigating.
Well, I'll double check the alibi.
So to recap, you and Josh both
left the building and what?
Went to the house you both
share in Allibone Gardens?
That's right.
So how do you explain the
footage we've got which shows
Josh leaving the building on his own?
I I can't remember.
I forgot something, had to pop back.
What did you forget?
I'm not sure.
Why wouldn't we have footage of
you leaving a few minutes later?
Is that because you didn't?
That would put you in the building
when the murder took place.
CONNOR: What this shows
is you carrying a box
when you left the kitchen with Hannah
but left the building alone.
Then you came back to Greyfriars,
carrying something under your coat.
And then you left again
an hour or so later
without whatever it was.
Anything to say about that?
I've got nothing to say about it.
It's private.
And it's got nothing to
do with Celia Swanson.
- That woman.
- "That woman" what, Josh?
You should have seen the
way she treated Hannah.
It was shocking.
So tell us what you're up to.
This a murder investigation.
I don't know whether
you're protecting Hannah
or if you've got something else to hide,
but whatever it is, we'll find out.
I'm wondering whether you just
didn't like Mrs. Swanson, Hannah.
How do you mean?
What was it that Josh called her?
A "poisonous old cow"?
Did you both decide to
do something about it?
No! No, I don't know
what you're talking about.
She was just an old lady.
So why did you lie to us about
living in Allibone Gardens?
I didn't! That was Josh.
He was just trying to protect me.
From what?
Okay! Okay.
It's the truth. I
I live at Greyfriars.
There's a staff flat for management,
but it never gets used.
I I can't afford
accommodation of my own,
so I stay there.
That's why he covered for me
saying that we live in Allibone Gardens.
But if Gillian found out
and then told Stephanie,
I'd get fired, so
It's just something we
need to keep quiet about.
So when Josh came
back into the building,
he was coming to see you?
Okay. What this is about is this.
The budget for food means
we get the best cuts of meat,
the freshest fish, you name it.
Like dining at the Ritz.
But half of it goes to waste,
so I sell it on to a mate of mine,
then I buy the stuff from
the local supermarket.
Simple as that.
So you're stealing
from your own employer?
I was doing it so that
Hannah could put down
a deposit on a flat.
How romantic.
I was trying to help her.
Is there something wrong with that?
There is if it involves theft.
What did you have under your coat, Josh?
It was a bottle of champagne.
To share with Hannah.
I know, I know, I shouldn't do it.
But at least somebody
at that bloody morgue
is having some fun.
High end lifestyle choice
for discerning seniors.
It's just God's waiting room.
MAX: So, Josh and
Hannah's stories add up.
We're agreed on that?
Stephanie Lang, definitely a
sharp-elbowed businesswoman.
But is she more than that?
Not impossible.
Maurice Swift, long odds on him.
Layla, you were gonna
double check his movements?
I did.
He was with half a dozen other
residents in the film club.
They were watching "Kind
Hearts and Coronets."
- Oh, great film.
- Mm.
Freddie Mercer.
JESS: I just spoke to the
woman he was entertaining
at the Chelsea Oars on the night
of the murder Zoe Stephens.
Apparently they only had a quick drink.
He lost interest when she refused
to sign up for membership.
Oh, so he's lied to us about his alibi,
and he's got a strong motive
if his business is struggling.
He's a slippery
customer, Freddie Mercer.
We need to catch him off guard.
You've got another
idea altogether, Layla.
I can see it on your face.
I keep thinking about the graffiti.
The spurned lover thing is
a convenient explanation.
It's certainly not how Zoe
Stephens came across to me.
What if the graffiti wasn't about that?
What if it was actually
aimed at the Swanson family?
- By whom?
- LAYLA: I don't know.
"You had it coming" could mean anything.
Don't forget that Maria
co-owns Chelsea Oars.
Aren't the Swansons
one of those families
that just about everybody hated?
Asimbonanga ♪
Asimbonang Mandela thina ♪
Laph'ekhona ♪
Laph'ehleli khona ♪
Asimbonanga ♪
Asimbonang Mandela thina ♪
Laph'ekhona ♪
Laph'ehleli khona ♪
We gather here on this day every year
to remember the 82 miners
that died at Nelspruit.
Those who were responsible
for the safety of the mine
weren't underground that day.
Nor were the police who
rounded up the protesters
at the riots that followed.
My grandfather was one of those miners,
and he died unmourned
by the authorities.
No compensation has ever been offered.
One day that might change.
But until then, we're
here simply to remember.
I'm now going to ask Reverend Akabe
to say a few prayers.
Didn't expect to see you here.
Thanks for coming.
As you can see, all we're trying
to do is keep the flame burning.
CONNOR: That's not all you're
trying to do, is it, Bandile?
Or should I call you Trevor?
What can I say?
When my parents came to England,
they decided to Anglicize their names.
Why they chose Trevor
Jones I have no idea.
You'd have thought they
could have done better.
All I'm doing is reclaiming
my African heritage.
A lot of people are doing that.
We appreciate that, but
you told us that Whitewash
is an entirely law-abiding organization.
You've got a bit of
a record, haven't you?
An incident outside the
South African embassy.
Assault. ABH.
CONNOR: We checked out your
alibi on the night of the murder.
Choir practice with the church.
It ended at 6:30.
Several hours before Mrs. Swanson died.
And then I went straight home,
as my family will confirm.
Look, in the past,
Whitewash has, on occasion,
chosen direct action as a
way of highlighting injustice.
Is that wrong?
Depends on whether you're on
the side of those who exploit
or those who are exploited.
We're on the side of the law.
Hm, that's what the
police would have said
when they attacked peaceful
protesters in Johannesburg
- with electric batons.
- That was 50 years ago.
Yeah, and your telling me
the police are saints now?
I'll tell what you I
really think of people
like the Swansons, bad people,
people who've lived off the
hard labor of my ancestors,
our ancestor, for years.
Hey, don't!
Don't do that.
We're talking about murder.
Don't point the finger
of suspicion at me.
We're the victims here.
I know you'll be wondering why I'm here.
Tell us.
Can I have a glass of water?
At the end of last year,
Stephanie brought in a new duty doctor,
Dr. Jakovski.
Thank you.
I thought it was odd at the time.
I mean, she wouldn't
normally bother herself
with things like that.
Anyway, that's when the rate of deaths
among the residents starting going up.
Four this year alone.
But when Celia Swanson died,
Dr. Jakovski was on holiday.
So I called in a locum.
And the locum spotted
something was wrong.
Obviously it could be
a coincidence, but, uh
You will keep this
between us, won't you?
I don't want to lose my job.
MAX: Let's get Ashley to
check which duty doctor
signed the death certificates.
Better go back to the end of last year.
- Oh.
Everything all right?
I've got to go out. I won't be long.
Having your ex round the
corner can be a bit complicated.
I keep Jon down in Exeter.
Lock him in the cellar.
We see each other for
occasional weekends.
Oh, that sounds perfect.
Did you have to come straight
here? I've got customers!
You said you needed to talk.
On the phone, Max. Like normal people.
Shall I go round the corner
and phone you from there?
I talked to Mum.
It's all happening
quicker than I expected.
She can't look after herself,
and I can't afford to
put her in a private home.
- And Brigitte?
- [SIGHS] She can't help.
Or she won't. I don't know.
When will you go?
Probably next week.
Could you to keep an eye on
the gallery while I'm away?
Yeah. Okay.
- It's my Mum.
- Yeah, I know.
I got us tickets to a gig next week.
What gig?
The Ting Tings. Shepherd's Bush Empire.
Max, we're separated.
We can't go on dates like
a couple of teenagers.
Well, we can go on dates
like a couple of old friends.
When will you be back?
I don't know. Does it matter?
Yes, it matters.
Thank you. Thanks for coming.
It matters to me.
Oh, this is interesting.
What have you got?
Some footage from Ranleigh Gardens.
Isn't that just round the
corner from Chelsea Oars?
It is. Watch out, Layla.
You're starting to sound
like a real Chelsea girl.
Not a chance.
About 10 minutes after our
graffiti artist got away.
Here's someone behaving
as if he's being followed.
Looks like he's been running.
Quick look over his shoulder.
LAYLA: So, who is it?
LAYLA: Well, well, well.
Don't take your coat off.
We're heading back to Chelsea Oars.
I still haven't had lunch.
If you're looking for
Freddie, he's not here.
It's not Freddie we're looking for, Sam.
So it seems you were in
the vicinity last night.
SAM: And what? I work here.
And shortly before that image was taken,
somebody graffitied the boathouse.
Have you any idea who did it?
Not a clue.
What do you think the words
"You had it coming" meant, Sam?
I don't know.
You'd know if you painted them yourself.
Oh, you have evidence?
Listen, some of the old Putney clubs
have a problem with Freddie.
He keeps undercutting their rates,
bringing in special
offers, free trial periods.
So you're suggesting that
one of the other rowing clubs
vandalized Chelsea Oars?
SAM: Maybe.
How much do you actually
know about Freddie, Sam?
He would sell his own grandmother
to get membership numbers
up, I can tell you that.
What about Celia Swanson?
Have you heard of her?
SAM: I read the papers.
Freddie told us that
he was in the club bar
entertaining members
the night that she died.
Entertaining members? Is
that how he describes it?
Did he ever talk to
you about the difference
it would make to the
business if Maria inherited
her mother's fortune?
No. Look, I'm not
Freddie's keeper, all right?
I don't know what he's
up to half the time.
If you're asking, would he
kill his girlfriend's mother
to get his hands on her money?
I wouldn't put it past him.
How's yours?
- Disgusting.
Why did I let Helen persuade
me to become a vegan?
To help save the planet.
It's a big sacrifice just for that.
What I'd give for a decent burger.
Mmm, mine's delicious.
Oh. No, nothing.
You sure?
Mm, yeah. I thought I'd made
a connection, but maybe not.
I'm off.
Got a date.
Bad moment?
Not at all.
What have you got there?
You set me thinking.
You know, your dad
was a terrible hoarder.
Hmm. One of his qualities
I'm worked hard to reject.
And has Eric Bekkers was a journalist,
I think he asked your dad to
hang on to some his old files.
All sorts of odds and ends.
There's even an invitation to
his daughter's wedding in there.
And there's a piece about Cory Swanson,
which I thought might come in useful
if you're investigating that murder.
Which I can neither confirm nor deny.
Would you like a drink?
If you're forcing me.
I must say, it's rather depressing.
Eric Bekkers, someone
with real integrity,
has nothing more to show for his life
than a box full of
old newspaper articles.
Cory Swanson. Total bastard.
They practically gave
him a state funeral.
Oh I do love you, Max.
You've been a detective for 25 years,
and you've finally worked
out how the world works.
Oh, here we are.
Is this any good?
I've a feeling I gave that
to you a few Christmases ago.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
No time like the present.
Let's get something a little
stronger than that, shall we?
Bottle of house white please.
BARTENDER: Yeah, no worries.
So yeah, we're stealing customers from
the sleepy rowing clubs in Putney.
- Which they hate.
It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.
Sounds fascinating.
One more tranche of investment,
and we'll be on our way.
But look, what about you?
We're just talking about me here.
Oh, nothing as interesting as that.
Let me guess.
You're a rich heiress,
and you don't even need to work.
Is that your type?
And what's your type, Jess?
Hm, I'm not sure I really have a type.
Uh, I like someone with a
bit of mystery about them.
Guys with secrets.
So tell me more about the
growth plan for Chelsea Oars.
Do you have the investment lined up?
Or are you hoping for
an unexpected windfall?
JESS: Hi. This is Jess'
phone. Please leave a message.
Who's Connor?
Just a colleague.
Not your boyfriend?
If I had a boyfriend,
why would I be here?
Why are you here?
Why do you think?
That's what I'm trying to work out.
Let's have some more wine, shall we?
Didn't you come by scooter?
Did I?
Well, you don't want to
get stopped by the police.
It's well it's okay, I
can pick it up in the morning.
Just gonna pop to the loo.
JESS: Hi. This is Jess'
phone. Please leave a message.
You did what?!
His profile came up on
a dating website I use.
And you said we needed
to catch him off guard.
It was a mistake. I can see that now.
Please tell me you had nothing
to do with this, Connor.
JESS: It was entirely my initiative.
It was nothing to do with Connor.
I've actually discovered
quite a bit more
about Freddie Mercer, Max.
There are procedures to follow, Jess.
- You know that.
- He'd never met me.
He didn't know I was police.
I was just seeing if I could
find out something we didn't know.
We work as a team!
Sorry, has something happened?
I found Freddie Mercer
on a dating website
and thought it would be a
good idea to meet for a drink
LAYLA: Smart!
Not smart?
Depends if you think prejudicing
the whole investigation
is a good move.
Connor, tell me what you've
found out about Freddie Mercer.
I've tracked a complaint
from a woman in Italy
who tried to pursue
a case against Mercer
in 2016 after she invested
more than 80,000 euros
in his skiing business and
he disappeared with the lot.
Apparently, there wasn't
enough evidence for charges
to be brought against him.
Right. Bring him in for questioning.
You're gonna have to
stay out of this, Jess.
So I looked into the
previous deaths at Greyfriars,
as you asked me to.
What we're looking for is a pattern.
Ever since Harold Shipman,
we're trained to be suspicious
when elderly people die soon
after an injection of morphine.
In this particular
case, there's no pattern.
Different causes of death.
One heart attack, two
died after a stroke,
and the fourth after a
long battle with cancer.
So Greyfriars are in the clear?
I'm not saying they
didn't kill Celia Swanson,
but they're not systematically
killing their elderly residents
for commercial gain.
- Damn.
- Max!
Sorry. No, I I didn't mean that.
I just mean we're no
closer to discovering
who did kill Celia Swanson.
- Max, have you got a minute?
I know the main focus is Freddie Mercer,
but I've got another lead.
I've been looking at Celia
Swanson's appointments diary.
The entry for the Monday
after she died says,
"3:00 p.m., A and B."
We thought it was something
Greyfriars related,
but we've checked, and nothing fits.
So I've been looking
at other possibilities.
- Jess, slow down.
- JESS: Sorry.
The Swanson's family lawyers
are a small firm in Lincoln Inn's
called Abbott and Blythe.
Could that be A and B?
Okay. Why don't you pay them a visit?
JESS: I'm here to see Patrick Blythe.
He's been expecting you.
Straight through there.
Thank you.
Please take a seat.
You understand I'll have to
consider lawyer-client privilege
depending on the nature
of your questions.
It's often best to do
these things in writing.
Of course.
But I'm here now.
Can I start by confirming,
did Celia Swanson make
an appointment to see you
at 3:00 p.m. on the
Monday following her death?
She did.
Can you tell us what the
purpose of the meeting was?
I can't.
Because you don't know?
Or because you are citing
lawyer-client privilege?
Well, Mrs. Swanson would come
and see us from time to time.
We've represented the
family for decades,
so we were always at her disposal.
The Swanson estate is unusually complex.
There's a series of inter-locking trusts
that you'd need a degree
of technical knowledge to understand.
More than that I can't really say.
Are you able to tell me what
will happen to the estate
in the light of Mrs. Swanson's death?
I'm afraid not.
Have you heard of an organization
called Whitewash, Mr. Blythe?
Some sort of lobbying group?
I seem to remember sending them a letter
on Mrs. Swanson's behalf.
They were harassing her,
but I put a stop to it.
Max, um, I'm not sure
if this is relevant.
I think I just saw Maria
Swanson in reception
at Abbott and Blythe.
Are you there?
I'm here.
Thanks, Jess.
Is Freddie in? We were
hoping to have a word.
I don't know where he is.
He didn't come home last night,
and his mobile seems to be switched off.
- Is that unusual?
- Very.
He's always been so dependable.
When did you and Freddie first meet?
MARIA: About a year ago.
And you decided to invest in
his rowing club soon afterwards?
That's right.
Why are you asking?
We've traced allegations
from a previous girlfriend.
She reported Freddie after
he disappeared with funds
she'd invested in his
new business venture.
Also, there are questions over his alibi
for the evening of the murder,
which makes him a suspect
in our investigation into
the death of your mother.
He may be banking on you
putting your inheritance
into Chelsea Oars.
You don't seem surprised?
Maybe I was just fooling myself.
I'm 55, and a handsome younger man
falls for me so easily.
My mother always said,
"You're too naive."
Well, well done for working it all out.
If he gets in touch, it's important
you contact us right away.
Of course.
Um, one more thing.
I believe you had a meeting
earlier with your lawyer,
Patrick Blythe.
No, I didn't.
I've been here all day.
MAX: Ah.
Maybe a misunderstanding.
How was it?
He basically stonewalled me.
Lawyers, eh?
You got to love 'em.
I've always thought
they were slimy creeps.
You okay?
Yeah, fine. Thanks.
Freddie's details have disappeared
from the dating site.
Another slimy creep.
MAX: Ashley!
Me again, Max.
I've managed to find out a
bit more about the Dialorphine.
It's an unusual drug.
There aren't many places you can get it.
ASHLEY: I'm sending a report now.
See what you think.
Might be significant.
Thanks, Ashley.
No sign of Freddie Mercer.
I'm wondering whether we
should escalate things,
say he's the prime suspect
in a murder enquiry?
I'm thinking.
CONNOR: Shall we do that?
CONNOR: Because?
Because I don't think he is.
Of course.
So sorry to disturb you, Mr. Swift.
How are you today?
I'm feeling very well.
You remember the conversation
we had when you said
you liked Celia Swanson and
used to play cards with her?
Yes, yes, yes, I did.
You also mentioned her daughter.
You said she had a lovely smile.
Did I?
Could you take a look
at this photo, Mr. Swift?
Is that who you meant?
Yeah, yes, yes, that's her.
Lovely smile.
In this picture from her apartment,
Celia here is holding a baby.
Now Maria was born in
1967, which makes her 55.
But the date on this photo is MCMLXV.
So the baby in this photo
must now be 58, not 55.
This is the CCTV image of Maria
the night Celia was murdered,
wearing the same distinctive
coat that Jess saw her in
at Abbott and Blythe.
But Maria insists that
she was at home all day.
Then, there's the "Dearest M" letter.
What if it wasn't addressed to Maria?
So who was it addressed to?
Maria has a sister,
Marieke, brought up at
the Ida Cordon Children's
Home in Pretoria.
And she was born in 1965.
This isn't about Freddie Mercer
or Stephanie Lang or Greyfriars.
This is about family.
- Mr. Blythe, can you confirm
that the next appointment you
had after our meeting was with
Maria Swanson's sister Marieke?
I'm afraid I can't divulge
confidential information.
Look, if you don't want
me to slap a warrant on you
and search your offices,
please just answer the question.
[GROANS] Yes, yes, it was.
What's her address?
PATRICK: Let me look it up for you.
JESS: Marieke Swanson lives at
Tilson Court, Godwin Road, SW11.
Neighbors have reported hearing
a disturbance inside her flat.
We're trying to get access.
They're on the balcony.
Seventh floor, flat 48.
- MAX: You stay here.
- JESS: Okay.
- You don't get it, do you?
- Give it to me!
- Stop!
- Help me!
MAX: We don't want anyone to get hurt.
Let's try and keep calm.
- Get her off me!
- Give it to me!
- Get her off me!
- No, it's mine.
- Layla!
- Give it to me!
MAX: Just step back from the balcony.
Police. Go through there!
Just go!
What? No! She killed my mother!
MAX: Your sister didn't
kill your mother, Maria.
You did.
I'd finally found a way to
do some good in the world,
and then Mum ruined it.
That money is poison.
It's not your fault. It was Mum and Dad.
They destroyed everything they touched.
How could I have known?
They put me in a children's home.
We could have been sisters.
We are sisters.
MARIEKE: Not anymore.
You mean nothing to me.
JESS: Well, done, Layla.
You kept your cool.
I do a lot of abseiling, you know?
It was about six months ago.
Mum had a daughter before
she got married to Dad,
and they gave her up for adoption.
It took Mum years to find her again.
Mum cared about Marieke more than me.
I never minded that.
But then she decided to change her will.
She said that after all the advantages
I'd enjoyed, it was Marieke's turn
and she was going to
leave Dad's fortune to her.
But the will was never
signed. So why attack Marieke?
I didn't attack her.
I went to get the completed
version of that letter.
"Dearest M."
I needed to get hold of it
so that the lawyers
didn't use it as evidence.
So, in essence, you
killed your own mother
to prevent her estate
going to your sister?
MAX: And you knew how to do it.
"The Encyclopaedia of
Clinical Pharmacology."
In Afrikaans.
It was at your flat.
You trained as a nurse in
South Africa, didn't you?
That's where you got
the dialorphine from,
'cause it's not available in the U.K.
But you'd never have got
in to Greyfriars unnoticed
that night without help.
And that's where
Gillian Compton came in.
Or should I say Gillian Bekkers?
Because she's the daughter
of the anti-apartheid
activist Eric Bekkers.
What about the CCTV of
you in Cremorne Gardens
at the time of the murder?
I invited Marieke to meet me there.
I knew she'd look like
me from a distance.
Gave me my alibi. I
aren't stupid, you know?
And Freddie?
I was stupid enough to tell
him that I was gonna give
the money away, and I
haven't heard from him since.
I was gonna hand that money
straight on to Whitewash.
So, you did all this for Whitewash?
Bandile has got nothing to do with this.
We'll be questioning him.
He's 100 percent innocent.
I did it for him and
the Nelspruit families.
JESS: Uniform are on their
way in with Freddie Mercer.
Good. Let's see if we can
find a way to shut him down.
Gillian Compton?
Have we brought her in yet?
JESS: Yes, she's here now.
Thanks, Jess!
Hello, Astrid.
Put that away.
Done and dusted.
I'm leaving for Germany in the morning,
and I wanted you to have a
set of keys for the gallery.
Thank you.
I won't be able to come to
come to the concert, I'm afraid.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll I'll put the tickets on eBay,
get a few quid for them.
Why don't you take someone else?
You'll enjoy it.
No, I doubt
I'll put them on eBay.
So, am I allowed to know
what your case was about?
Well, um
Let's just say it was about two sisters
and a complicated relationship
they had with their mother.
Sounds familiar.
Well, I'd better be going.
Good luck in Leipzig.
Give my love to your mum.
I will.
Four little words
just to get me along ♪
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