The Chelsea Detective (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

The Reliable Witness

Bloody racket!
Look, here. Can you see
she's trying not to cry?
We were told they weren't
starting 'til the weekend.
Well, it is the weekend, Iain.
A long one, starting this afternoon.
And you could have booked it off, too.
Yes, well, clients come first,
and my list is full at the moment.
Right, now, if you don't mind,
I've got a final session due shortly.
Well, then.
See you Tuesday.
Oh, Tony, it's that weirdo again.
No law against being a weirdo,
lucky for you.
Platanus x Hispanica,
the mighty London Plane.
Yeah, there's a a lot of them about.
Yeah, and I never tire of tending them.
Or talking about them.
When you've been round these
old timers as long as I have,
you get to feeling their energy.
This one's weary.
I know how it feels.
So it stands its ground
and bears witness for
Incoming fit bird,
southeast corner, my angle.
ASTRID: Max, you're on your dingy. Good.
I was worried you might
be away for the weekend.
No. I'm just here.
What about you?
Stuck in Germany, unfortunately.
My mother's carer was off sick,
and I can't get
a flight back to London
not until tomorrow now.
I'm expecting a delivery.
You couldn't go to the flat
and wait for it, could you?
Um, bring me back
some of that Marzipan I like,
and it's a deal.
Thank you.
Winding up, but bearing in mind
this is your final session.
It might be helpful to reflect
on where you are now,
as compared to how you were feeling
when we started your therapy.
I feel ready.
Ready to trust and to
to be loved.
I think.
I believe you are, Daisy.
And I'm so very glad.
I hope you're proud.
Bye for now!
- Cheers mate.
- See ya.
Thank you.
You're not gonna sit
in the whole weekend, are you?
No, I'm
I'm fine.
Let's talk when I'm back
from Bath, okay?
Have a good one.
Hey, hey, hey, you need to move.
You're too close to my car.
Sorry, mate, breaking for lunch.
Lunch? It's only 11:00 a.m.
Some of us start early, sweetheart.
Their fancy parking spaces
wouldn't exist
if we didn't look
after these old beauties.
They don't realize their bad
juju is recorded
in every annual growth ring
of these elder-statesman's
mighty trunks.
I'll lock up the van,
meet you in the caff.
Yeah, you go on ahead.
I'm gonna put some fliers
out round the area
while we're here,
and I'll catch you later.
Here, give us both a laugh.
Key his car while I'm gone. [LAUGHS]
I should have known I couldn't do it
I shouldn't have tried.
Take a breath, scan your body.
Where you're feeling tension.
KHALID: I thought this session
was gonna be about
my big achievement.
Instead, it's just
a massive step backwards.
Couple of controlled breaths.
IAIN: Then tell me about it.
Sorry, can you excuse me
for a moment, Khalid?
Keep breathing.
Here you are.
I think it's a loose connection.
Because the lights are flickering
and my piano shorted last night.
I know it's a public holiday,
but I need an electrician.
Well, my flight's on time,
so we should be well on the way
to Wicklow before any mad traffic.
Oh, old on.
I better take this.
How much?!
You have got to be joking.
It's a houseboat, not Wembley Stadium!
Uh, no, no, no.
Yeah, yeah, but no, that's all right.
Yeah, book me in. Understood, yeah.
Right. I'm on my way.
Are you at home?
ASTRID: Yes, I was going
to call and thank you
for stepping in for me.
Maybe you could return the favor?
Iain Frankland. 51, psychotherapist.
Bludgeoned to death it looks like.
Almost certainly with his own lamp.
Victim was in the middle
of an online therapy session.
The client called it in.
So we have an eyewitness?
Didn't see the assailant, seemingly.
Frankland muted the session,
and it all happened off camera.
Good thing is,
he says Frankland recorded it.
It's the type of therapy they do.
We need to see that footage now.
The back door has been jimmied,
and there is a blood smear
going out that way
The victim's blood?
I'm not speculating.
Well, looks like a panicked
escape, anyway.
MAX: Robbery gone wrong, perhaps.
LAYLA: The drawers were rifled,
but nothing obvious taken.
Victim's wallet was in his
pocket, cash and cards.
Could have been disturbed?
LAYLA: There's no CCTV in the building,
but the victim would have had
to buzz anyone in himself.
Cleaner? Other offices?
He shares these rooms
with another therapist,
Charlotte Twist, but she was off
for the weekend.
Mr. Frankland was alone.
Apparently not.
That's me trying to get the kids
to school every morning.
You're wanted outside.
I left him working yesterday afternoon.
He was determined to come in today
because he had a client.
Khalid Hasan.
We've seen the footage.
Is it normal to tape your clients?
Yeah. It's part of the process in ISTDP.
We only keep them long enough
to study the clients
as part of their treatment.
And the tapes are confidential.
Not when a murder occurs
in the middle of recording.
You'll want to see this.
It's yesterday's post, a couple
of estate agents' details,
and this.
Oh, my God.
I know who sent that.
Well, I don't know,
but it's got to be him.
There was this client last year,
Nathan Nathan Dix.
He initially presented with depression,
a history of personality disorders,
ADHD on top, but things deteriorated
when he came off his meds.
This was Mr. Frankland's
client or yours?
CHARLOTTE: Iain's, although we
we consult each other
as part of the process.
It's peer supervision.
Anyway, Nathan stopped
recognizing boundaries,
he started inundating
Iain with e-mails, voicemails, texts.
CONNOR: I'll check for them.
And then he was arrested
for trying to enter
the offices uninvited.
Well, if he was arrested, we'll
have a custody image on file.
- Mm-hmm.
- CHARLOTTE: Oh, it's all
on record.
Our regulatory body was helping
Iain with legal advice
and a restraining order.
I mean, it happens.
Idealization of the therapist.
I imagine you'll have an address
for Mr. Dix.
Well, I don't know, because it
all peaked a few months ago,
and then Nathan's living
situation become chaotic.
But we should have a GP's
number in the office.
Because Iain was liaising with them
when things started to spiral.
Um, perhaps you could show me where.
You're telling me that
someone has killed my husband?
Yes, I am.
And we're trying to find out who it was.
He's dead?
I'm so sorry, but we need
to know your whereabouts
this morning between 11:00 and 12:00.
I've been here all day,
cooking for the weekend.
And your daughter?
Emma, too. She got up late.
And then she went out
for a run, I think.
you can't think.
I mean
This just can't be happening.
I'd like you to look
at this photo, Mrs. Frankland.
Do you recognize this man?
Did your husband ever talk
to you about a problem client,
Nathan Dix?
What, the one they caught
trespassing at the practice?
I didn't know his name.
Iain's very diligent
about keeping his professional
life confidential.
Oh, my God.
Has he been in this house, as well?
Could he have found
this photo elsewhere?
On social media perhaps?
It's my profile picture.
I'm going to need permission
to access your account.
Are we being stalked?
Are we in danger?
Because my daughter
and I are alone now.
Where's Dad?
GP surgery's closed for
the weekend. I'm chasing.
Last known address
was a hostel in Shepherd's Bush.
No phone or online presence,
not in his own name, at least.
Okay, listen up.
Iain Frankland practiced
intensive short dyn Short
Intensive, short-term
dynamic psychotherapy.
That's ISTDP for short.
Specializing in patients with anxiety,
depression, trauma,
and behavioral disorders.
Thank you.
We can place the time of death
between 11:20,
when the assault itself was recorded,
and 11:55, when the police arrived.
Now, Iain had practiced for 20 years,
married to wife Martha
for nearly as long.
Daughter Emma, 19, still living at home.
The assailant broke in
through the back door,
but left no fingerprints at the scene,
no known witnesses apart
from Khalid Hasan,
the online client who called it in.
There's a tree surgery outfit
working on the street outside,
They were on a break
at the time of the murder,
but they had noted a man matching
Nathan Dix's description
hanging around the day before.
That, combined with the
statement from Charlotte Twist,
Iain Frankland's business
partner of two years,
means that tracing
Nathan is our top priority.
Layla and I were gonna
talk to the eyewitness.
Meantime, I need a list of all
of Frankland's clients
and contacts, especially those
he's seen more recently.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yep.
LAYLA: I'll try take a couple
of days leave when I can.
I'm just sore I'll miss the gang.
Yeah, well, try not to
pine for me too much.
Uh, Helen's not a happy camper either.
Oh, Jon's literally a happy camper!
There's six of us hiking
the Wicklow Way,
so he's going on without me
just to ice my cake, you know?
Well, Helen hasn't got a choice.
We've got my parents and her mum
and step-dad visiting,
and it's too late to cancel.
Oh, there are advantages
to dating an older man
one parent, in a home.
And I didn't say that.
And there are advantages
to being stuck at work.
I didn't say that either.
Let's go.
The witness has OCD apparently,
so maybe no shaking hands?
KHALID: I want to. I swear.
I'm not trying to be obstructive.
It's the risk factor. The germs.
We can wear masks if you'd like.
You don't understand.
I have a phobia.
I was making progress,
but always with Iain.
I can't get it out of my head.
LAYLA: No wonder.
It must have been an awful shock.
We do understand, Mr. Hasan,
but we really need to talk to you.
KHALID: Then talk. I'm here.
You could video-call me if that helps.
We have your number, Mr. Hasan.
Ending zero, two, two, one, yes?
KHALID: That's me.
Call me Khalid.
I want to help any way I can.
Tell us about what you saw.
Did it seem that Mr. Frankland
was expecting someone?
No, nobody has ever interrupted before.
Therapy is sacrosanct.
Iain wouldn't answer the door.
Not unless it was an emergency.
I'm passing you a photo
through the letterbox.
Can you tell us if it's someone
you recognize?
Mr. Hasan?
I don't know.
There's something.
But is it just the power of suggestion?
He used to be a client
of Iain Frankland's.
Might you have seen him at the practice?
I've, um, never actually been
to the practice.
I see Iain remotely.
Jess, what have you got for me?
Nathan's GP got back.
We've got an address.
A grandmother in Belgravia!
MAX: We're Chelsea CID.
Detective Inspector Arnold
and Detective Sergeant Walsh.
Thank you, Ferguson.
My grandson has been
staying here for a while.
He's not been quite well.
We need to question
Nathan urgently, Mrs. Dix.
I understand.
But it would be best if I remained,
for reassurance, if you see?
We've been getting back on track
with Nathan's medicine
and establishing a healthy routine.
He needs a little support,
but he's getting there.
Do sit down.
MAX: You've injured yourself, Nathan?
Who told you?
GRANDMA DIX: Cutting is
a symptom of a more turbulent
inner climate, but as I say,
we're on the mend.
NATHAN: You're
you're here 'cause of the texts
and e-mails, aren't you?
But I've not broken any rules.
And it's not a crime
to walk down a street.
But it is illegal
to stalk people, Nathan.
And to send hate mail.
What hate mail? I just
I only wanted to see him again
Calm, Nathan.
Is this from you, Mr. Dix?
I never sent that!
Nothing like that. I wouldn't. I
Did Iain say I did?
No, he didn't.
We found it in his office.
Just look, just let me speak
to him, please. I don't
I don't want him to think
I'd do something like that.
Sit down, Nathan.
You can't speak to Iain Frankland
because he's dead.
Where were you this morning
at 11:20, Nathan?
I can assure you
I was with Nathan all day.
We have a routine.
It's what the doctor advised
after his recent breakdown.
We have our pills, then breakfast.
Then a good walk to the gym in Mayfair.
We cut through the park.
Which gym was it? We'll need to check.
Of course. I hope you do.
It's a private club.
Bannerman Health.
Nothing significant in his room,
except a freshly laundered
gym kit back in its bag.
From this morning?
In this house, we wash our
sweaty clothes after exercise.
You do understand this is a
murder investigation, Mrs. Dix.
We want to help, Detective.
It's a tragedy.
What will I do now, Grandma?
I know you're sad. It is sad.
But we'll find someone else to help you.
That's what we've been
building to, you see?
Getting well enough to have
face-to-face therapy again.
It's no use if you're not
feeling yourself.
NATHAN: I wasn't feeling myself
when I went to see Iain.
I know I shouldn't have gone. But
I just wanted to say sorry
for making him feel cross.
And I wanted to let him know
it wouldn't happen again
and that it was okay to come back.
This was when?
When he was arrested for harassment.
Last summer, went to visit
Mr. Frankland uninvited,
as it were.
How did you get into
the practice, Nathan?
Well, I
I just waited
till someone else came out,
and then I just walked in
and hid in the toilet
'til Iain's session was over.
You never interrupt a session.
It might be a good idea
to have a lie down, Natey.
You've had a bit of a shock.
Thank you, Ferguson.
I think I should share some of
the background with you,
if I may.
Was that actual Downton Abbey?
More like Bleak House.
Nathan's parents used to
lock him in the cellar
for days at a time
as punishment for bad behavior.
They called it "house arrest."
He was 6 years old.
That's literally torture.
Nathan was diagnosed
with ADHD as an adult,
but who knows how bad
his symptoms were made,
or even caused, by the abuse.
MAX: He was finally taken into care
until his maternal grandmother
applied for custody,
and she's done her best
to atone ever since.
Obviously we'll want to check
all that against Frankland's own
notes, but Charlotte Twist
confirmed he believed it to be
a safe relationship.
So did Nathan's GP.
Mrs. Dix has been focused on trying
to get Nathan's mental health
back on track,
and some sort of independent living.
But buying him a flat on his own
was a mistake, apparently.
Unsupervised, he stopped
taking his meds,
and things went downhill.
But he definitely has a solid
alibi for the murder?
Well, the gym confirms Nathan
and his gran checked in and out
with facial recognition security.
We've got the CCTV recording.
Then who killed Iain Frankland?
We have the full list of Iain's clients.
Khalid Hasan was his only one today.
But these are the people
he saw most recently.
Only two people actually came in
to the practice yesterday.
One of them was a client of Charlotte's.
But she and her parents flew
to Mallorca yesterday evening.
And the other was a Daisy Philips.
I've called, so has Charlotte,
but there's been no answer so far.
She may be away.
I've drawn a blank so far
on Frankland's phone,
e-mails, bank account,
but it's early days.
I want to know who sent that.
Could still be Nathan,
even if he's not the killer.
JESS: Max, it's Charlotte Twist.
She wants permission to fetch
some files from the crime scene.
Tell her I'll meet her there.
You and Jess call on this Daisy Philips.
Let's try and track her down.
DAISY: You can check these,
but I do need
to start making arrangements.
How well do you know Iain's family?
Would you know if there were problems?
Oh, he wouldn't have talked to me.
I mean, the daughter sounds
like a bit of a handful,
but that's just what I gleaned
from his telephone conversations
with his wife.
What about his wife, um, Martha?
Uh, well, I met her a couple of
times. I liked her.
She seemed very quiet, but Iain's
Iain was quite alpha,
so it probably worked for them.
Why do you say "alpha"?
Well, very
very sure of himself.
I mean, I don't think Martha
could say boo to a goose.
But I suppose everyone
has their breaking point.
So it would seem.
Phone's going straight to voicemail.
Do you know a Daisy Phillips?
I'm Letitia, her flat mate. Why?
I've been trying to call her,
too, tell her
I was coming home early.
Had a fight with my boyfriend.
JESS: Daisy, can you hear me?
Ambulance to flat 2,
27 St. Thomas' Road.
Red one, adult female,
mid-30s, suspected overdose.
It doesn't make sense.
She really wanted to get well.
She's unresponsive, but breathing, just.
She saved all her money
to get the best treatment,
like, every penny!
What was she suffering from, Letitia?
LETITIA: Anxiety, depression.
She grew up in care, fostering.
There was some bad stuff happened.
Like, it's complicated.
Is there any next of kin
that we could call?
Even distant?
LETITIA: No one.
Not that I know of anyway.
Had anything changed recently?
Only for the better.
She was finishing her therapy,
I think she might have even met someone.
I don't know.
I do know she wanted to get out there.
She was optimistic.
Till last night.
I think something had happened,
but I was in a hurry to leave and
It's okay.
Okay, thanks, Layla.
No, keep me posted.
Can it be a coincidence,
that one of Iain's last clients,
Daisy Phillips, just attempted suicide?
Well, suicidal ideation is not
unusual in our business.
But I'd be surprised if Iain
stopped her treatment
if he thought she was in a bad place.
In fact no, no, he was really
pleased with her progress.
We discussed it.
And who is Spike?
Uh, I don't know, but I can
check her tapes if you'd like.
Oh, uh, I'll take the tapes.
All the recent ones.
They're evidence.
Wait, this is different
to Khalid's tape.
Daisy can't consent, and the attack
didn't take place during her therapy.
No, but she tried to
kill herself shortly after,
and I want to know why.
Are you suggesting
she had something to do with it?
Anyone who visited the practice
in the last few days
is of interest to us.
You and your own clients included.
IAIN: Your fight or flight response
was malfunctioning
for good reason, Daisy.
You're very brave.
I want you to recognize that.
DAISY: I do.
I mean, I'm not afraid
anymore, I don't think.
Or when I am, I understand it.
It doesn't feel, you know
She's in intensive care.
Still unconscious.
She doesn't look strong enough
to bludgeon anyone.
If she caught him unawares.
But what's the motive?
Maybe she didn't want
to end her therapy.
Maybe he insisted and she
couldn't handle being cut loose?
I haven't found anything
that even hints at that yet.
IAIN: I hope you're proud.
Bye for now!
We've got her last two sessions,
and they're 90 minutes long,
so there's a lot to trawl through,
but so far, there's
no mention of any Spike,
and she seems just like
her flat mate described her
Maybe her OD-ing is just coincidence.
Check this out!
CHARLOTTE: Where's your father
in all this?
I mean, you talk about
your mother a lot, but
Wait for it.
The picture behind her.
JESS: Oh, my God, the tree surgeon.
We took his statement.
I don't suppose he mentioned
he was a peeping Tom.
At the very least.
We might be able to catch them
before they knock off.
Where's the gaffer?
TONY: At the Caff, round the corner.
You take it in turns going up?
Uh, Ross mostly. He's got
more experience with pruning.
JESS: Oh, yeah?
How long have you been working
for Ross, then?
About a year. Why?
Just filling in some gaps
I forgot to ask this morning.
You lot are like busses.
Never around when you need one,
but when you're after
a quiet bite to eat
Who was up the tree this morning
when the therapist was attacked?
We were on lunch.
I said. I said, didn't I?
Before you broke for lunch, then?
Ross was.
Look, what what is all this?
Is he in some kind of trouble?
Not that I know of.
So I have to take a chainsaw up
a tree with a blindfold on?
Oh, and here comes another bus.
Does it look like Mr. Pickard
here is craning his neck
to see through the window?
Oh, it's got to be said, does
look a bit like voyeurism.
What do I want to voy
in a shrink's office?
JESS: You tell us, Ross.
Because it's looking a bit wrong.
Look, I'm a tree surgeon, not a pervert.
I didn't do anything dark, man.
And I never saw any murder.
But I did see a bit of a to and fro
between her and the dead guy.
Her, yeah, the therapist.
They were having words.
I could hear her shouting
at him, "lying bastard."
Words to that effect.
When was this?
Yesterday, about an hour before that.
Is this absolutely necessary?
Your assistance is duly appreciated.
Because I'm really quite up against it,
rescheduling Iain's client list
for the next few weeks at least.
You can't just cancel?
Well, these are real people
with real trauma,
and now their therapist
has been murdered.
I have a duty of care.
Don't they get to say who sees them?
Well, sure, yes, eventually,
but there's, uh,
a mechanism in place.
It's like a safety net.
We all designate someone
who will inherit our clients
in the event of our death.
Mine was Iain. Iain's was me.
Good thing you'll be able
to squeeze them all in.
I've seen your client list.
It's only half as full as Iain's.
There's a natural ebb and flow.
And Iain charged more?
My rates are client variable.
But you'll be keeping Iain's
clients on the higher rate,
I assume?
For now.
One could say it's worked out
rather well for you.
I don't like the insinuation,
Detective Inspector.
Can you please remind me
why you had me come here?
Oh, I want to ask you about
a row you had with Iain yesterday.
You were overheard shouting.
I lost my temper, that's all.
Iain had, once again,
taken a referral
that was intended for me.
He made some excuse, saying he
was better suited to the brief,
but it was underhand.
Iain was very competitive.
"Alpha" I think you said this morning.
Yeah, and I felt sorry for his
wife and daughter,
if you must know.
Yes, I must.
Well, then.
He was a greedy, egotistical bully.
And I told him, if he insisted
on taking the lion's share of
the referrals, then he should be paying
the lion's share of the rent.
He told me to "up my game."
I think he had a bit of
a God complex going on.
It wasn't just about vocation for Iain.
It was about being seen to be the best.
It was about his ego.
I have to ask you again, Charlotte.
Where were you this morning when
Iain Frankland was murdered?
I was home, alone,
browsing estate agents.
Because if Iain hadn't died,
I was planning to leave.
Are you okay, darling?
We can talk if you want to.
I want to be left alone!
Thank you.
All sorted.
But it took longer than expected.
Because he charges by the hour.
It was a woman.
Can I get you a drink to say thank you?
I, uh, helped myself.
And I don't want to be here
when you see the bill.
I take it you've already looked?
No comment.
Uh, I brought the marzipan
to sweeten the pill.
I'm out of here.
MAX: What the?
I used to count happy times on my hand,
like, save them up,
for when I needed one.
I even used to rate them.
IAIN: What was number one?
DAISY: It used to change.
But then there was that
summer at the caravan,
when we ran away from Petershill.
I told you about it.
IAIN: Yeah, you and your friend, yes?
DAISY: Just me and Spike.
Just a rusty old caravan nobody wanted,
but it was like a sanctuary.
Nobody bothering us,
nobody trying get in my room at night.
I felt safe.
I stopped rating them after that.
Nothing could top it.
You want to know the worst time?
IAIN: If you want to tell me.
DAISY: When they caught us,
they accused Spike of coercing me.
The only guy I ever really trusted.
Apart from you.
And they kicked him out.
Locked me back in with my abusers.
Oh, shit.
DAISY: Hope died for me that day.
Hi, Ashley.
Max, what are you doing
sitting in the dark?
MAX: Cursing my electrician.
And be quick. My laptop's
running out of charge.
So, it's a yes on the lamp as suspected,
the murder weapon, which does
make it look opportunistic
rather than planned
That's our theory so far.
ASHLEY: Max, get this.
I also found
a small area of foreign blood
on the head wound.
ASHLEY: It could have been there before,
but unlikely at that precise location.
I'll know more when the lab
can clean up my sample.
Everything's taking longer
thanks to the bank holiday.
MAX: Thanks, Ashley.
Let me know when you have anything.
No, I don't want to book
another call out.
I want to book the same call out
to do the job properly.
I'm fully aware it's a bank holiday.
That's why I'm holding
an invoice for a small fortune.
But the job was botched.
Yes, Detective Inspector Max Arnold.
And I haven't had a coffee yet
because I can't plug my machine in!
I'm gonna have to call you back.
You can try to keep me down ♪
I'ma always give it all that I got ♪
You can try to keep me down ♪
I'ma always give it all that I got ♪
Why they want to take from me ♪
Why they want to take from me ♪
'Cause they know that I got ♪
Why they want to take from me ♪
Why they want to take from ♪
You called the police?
I didn't know what else to do.
Of course you didn't.
'Cause he's not here
to tell you anymore.
Yeah, I sent the card.
You might think that makes me
a psycho or something,
but actually, it was
the only therapy I could get,
and it really made me feel better.
Can you elaborate a little?
My dad's a therapist.
He knows a lot of therapists.
And if I had therapy,
I'd have to tell the truth,
or what's the point?
And if I told the truth,
he'd be struck off.
Just give me a sec.
He's still my dad,
even if I do hate him.
He had an affair.
Three years ago, when I was
16, and I found out.
I'm sorry.
Yeah. Me too.
It was my best friend.
And yes, that made her 16, too.
He ended it immediately.
Said he was grateful
that I'd saved him from himself.
Midlife crisis and all that.
And he begged me not to tell my mom.
She's fragile.
He swore he'd never do anything
like it again.
And as far as I know, he never did.
So I kept his secret.
When did you start sending
the hate mail, Emma?
EMMA: Six months ago, maybe?
We had a fight about my anger issues.
And I couldn't believe
he was lecturing me.
Sounds like you were
pretty angry with him.
Only sent three in all.
The first one he thought
was from his stalker.
He never mentioned one of them.
And the one mom found,
I never sent because
someone killed him first.
It must have been really tough
keeping all that to yourself.
I didn't kill him or hire an assassin.
I'm not quite stupid enough
to send out a calling card
before committing murder.
What was her name, your friend?
Somehow shagging my dad came between us.
This is Mandy Cho, Emma's friend.
Lives in Australia now.
Left about 18 months ago.
Quite a weight to carry.
No wonder Emma struggled.
Fact is, though, she doesn't
have a firm alibi,
however sorry we feel.
Looks like Daisy's off the list anyway.
Toxicology suggests she OD'd
before Iain Frankland was murdered.
I still need to talk to her.
She's stable,
but still in intensive care.
So that was downstairs.
Seems there was a domestic burglary at
22 Havelock Street while
the owners were away yesterday.
And the suspect was caught on CCTV.
Nearly missed the facial ID
thanks to the helmet.
He was dressed as a Rush Order driver.
The guy I told you about yesterday,
all cosy with Ross Pickard,
the tree surgeon gaffer?
Hello again, Mr. Peeping Tom.
And, guess who else
has a criminal conviction.
His sidekick, Tony Donner.
Bring 'em both in.
Who is David Slinn?
Is he a pizza delivery driver,
or is that just a disguise?
No comment.
If Mr. Slinn is
your delivery driver friend,
just remember, he has a cast-iron alibi
for the murder of Iain Frankland,
because he was robbing the house
down the road at the time
on camera.
Listen, I know how it looks,
but I'm a man of peace.
I wouldn't raise a hand to anyone.
Then what would you do for
averaging a grand a month?
We've checked your account.
Okay, look, all I ever did for him
was recce the odd empty, hm?
And pass on anything
that might be useful.
I never did any robbing.
No. That was Davie S.
Davie S? With the alibi for murder.
Meanwhile, you were robbing
50 Havelock Street
only to find Mr. Frankland
working the bank holiday.
But no, I was on a lunch break, man.
I swear!
I knew he was working. We had
words earlier about his car.
I was by the food trucks
out on the river.
Ask Tony. He'll back me.
Tony, your accomplice
with the criminal record?
Tony had nothing to do with it.
I didn't know anything about it!
I've spent years trying to
avoid trouble.
You think I want to
go back to jail again?
Nobody wants to go to jail.
Look, I got wasted and nicked
a car when I was 19,
but I haven't put a foot wrong since.
You can check.
So why now?
I'm a good person.
I know that.
I don't need no judge or no rap
sheet to tell me what's in here.
Ross Pickard claims you were
at some food trucks
together at the time of
Iain Frankland's murder
and the robbery.
No, that's bullshit.
The food trucks ain't even there
on a bank holiday.
I brought my own food in,
and I ate it by the river.
I don't know what Ross did.
Oh, okay, maybe I did get
my days confused.
But I didn't murder anyone.
Innocent 'til proven guilty, right?
So if you weren't at
the food trucks with Tony,
where were you, Ross?
It was only yesterday.
No comment.
So, Pickard takes the number one spot.
But you're not convinced.
Don't have the evidence
to charge him yet.
Can't rule Tony out, either.
Let's check that CCTV by the river.
Okay, but that's a lot of checking
on a Bank Holiday where everyone
and their nan's off
for a walk by the river.
Let them both go.
For now.
ROSS: Yeah, it's no biggie, man.
TONY: You think you can mug me off?
You know how much
I wanted a clean slate.
These guys have got nothing
on me, anyway.
I hope you go down.
Either way, I'd rather clean
the sewers than work for you/
ROSS: Tony!
Max, it's Ashley. She says it's urgent.
We got the results on the foreign blood
from the victim's head wound.
And there's a match on the DNA database.
Sending now.
Bloody hell.
Where's Nathan, Mrs. Dix?
He's barricaded himself in the kitchen.
I don't understand.
It's jammed.
Police! Open the door!
OFFICER: Back door's open!
He's gone over the wall!
WOMAN: Person fitting suspect's
description seen running down
Elm Park Road.
LAYLA: Heading that way now.
JESS: Is that him?
Just a jogger.
Suspect still at large,
armed and dangerous.
I'm sorry, Ems.
I should have given you
the benefit of the doubt.
I just thought
I didn't know what to think.
Yes, you did.
You thought I was insane enough
to kill dad,
but you never questioned
whether he was anything
other than right at all times.
He knew better than me.
He looked after us.
He knew how to manipulate us.
Please, Ems, I need you.
Too late.
You put all your faith in one man, mum,
and look what he left you with.
A bunch of fake memories
and a nut job for a daughter.
Jess and Layla are
following an officer sighting.
Try and stay calm, Mrs. Dix.
We need to know anything
you can tell us.
I I told you everything
truthfully yesterday.
Well, then Nathan must have lied.
How else would his blood have
ended up on the murder victim?
It was a mistake.
I told you, I was with him all day.
At the gym, even?
We I take an over-60s pilates class
while he does his machines
and whatnot, but then,
he joined me for a swim,
then the juice bar.
Go back to the gym,
check every camera they have.
I'll meet you at the station.
You said Nathan self-harms.
Did he have any open wounds
that you remember?
Well, of course, but they were bandaged.
We see to that daily.
What about when you go swimming?
We I remove the wet bandages
and afterwards,
I-I redress them at home.
You seem uncertain.
It's just that yesterday,
I'm not sure
Try to think back, Mrs. Dix.
If I may.
There was a deep laceration.
I should have said no to swimming.
When they returned,
the bandage was gone.
And he said he'd been "bad."
Bad how?
I assumed he was referring
to the cutting.
And you didn't think to mention
any of this until now?
Even though you knew a man
had been murdered?
Nathan is a good boy who
has had bad things done to him.
The only person he's capable
of hurting is himself.
While Mrs. Dix attended
her pilates class,
Nathan slipped out the service door.
CCTV picks him up in the lane
behind the gym, bandage on.
Then 45 minutes later,
he returns the same way.
A cleaner even holds the door for him.
And then, cool as you like,
he goes for a swim?
No bandage, right?
And look at this.
Picking him up on Quay Street.
This is 20 minutes before the phone call
is made to report Frankland's attack.
And he's wearing his bandage, see?
Freeze there.
Zoom in on the taxi guy.
That's Khalid Hasan,
our agoraphobic friend.
Housebound my eye.
If you've got it in you
to travel to a murder scene,
you've got it in you to open the door.
And if you don't, I will get
a warrant and come in by force,
which will be very expensive,
not to mention much more
upsetting all round.
Might be best if you stay here.
KHALID: I was feeling so much better.
I was planning to surprise Iain
by attending my session in person.
But there were these guys
doing some work
on Havelock Street, bits of dust
and God knows flying everywhere,
and I started to panic.
They were tree surgeons. It was sawdust.
I have a phobia.
I understand.
So then what?
I ran away.
It sounds pathetic, I know,
but it's been so long
since I've left the flat, other
than in a cab to the doctor.
You build it up, you see?
And then I thought I was
going to pass out.
So I asked this guy to call me
a cab, but he made some excuse.
Why didn't you tell us this
the first time we questioned you?
It didn't seem important.
I was overwhelmed by
what happened to Iain.
Did you recognize the man
you saw in the street?
I showed you this yesterday.
Oh, my God.
He he said he was in a hurry.
He didn't have much time.
Tell me everything you remember
Okay, gather round.
So Nathan Dix is still at large,
and we have to assume
armed with a knife.
He's likely to be confused,
frightened, and highly agitated.
I've placed a car outside
Mrs. Dix's property,
and another outside the murder
scene in case he returns.
We know he slept rough
when he was in crisis before,
so eyes and ears
on all known homeless hangouts.
Meantime, we've sent an alert
to all patrol cars
and British Transport Police,
hostels, and hospitals.
I checked in on Daisy Philips
at Chelsea and Westminster.
She's still in ICU, but making progress.
And someone called Spike
has been calling,
asking after her.
Can we trace the calls?
We did. To a burner phone.
Well, according to her therapy tapes,
she claims to have lost touch
with Spike years ago.
We need to find him.
I'll call the hospital.
Go home, all of you.
Get a break while you can.
Nathan has to rest himself sometime.
We'll standby.
Gives me a chance to unpack
my camping gear anyway.
JESS: Oh, one word, Layla. "Staycation."
Less packing, more time
in your pyjamas watching TV.
CONNOR: All right for you, mate.
I've got a stressed out
girlfriend and two sets
of parents waiting at home.
Oh, good luck with that.
CONNOR: Thanks.
Just bloody marvellous!
Oh, shit!
Hello, Nathan.
How did you get in?
Um, you left
left the door open.
Um, can you turn the torch off, please?
Yeah, uh
I said turn it off!
Now sit down.
Why do you live on a boat?
What is it that you want, Nathan?
I went to the police station
to find you, but I-I just
I knew that you'd arrest me,
so I followed you back here.
You want to tell me something?
Yeah, but you have to listen.
If you don't just listen then
then what's the point
of wasting everyone's time?
Will you let me light a candle?
Okay. Well, how about you light one?
If I can't see you, how do
I know if I can believe you?
There's matches on the shelf.
Hi, Max.
Why don't you tell me
what it is you want, Nathan?
You followed me home for a reason,
so why don't you put the knife down
and start from the beginning?
No, no, no, because
if I put the knife down,
then you won't listen to me.
Oh, I
I'm listening.
You've hurt yourself, again.
Yeah, but I didn't hurt him! Iain.
I know you think I did, but I didn't.
I wouldn't hurt him, because I
I loved him.
So, can you tell me why
your blood was on his body?
[SIGHS] I knew it!
You've already decided.
That's what you guys do.
You can't see past
what you think you know,
but not everything is explained away,
not everything mad is madness!
MAX: That's true, Nathan.
I want to hear your story. I really do.
And hopefully
Urgent backup needed, Cheyne Wharf.
MAX: I'll be able to help you.
I missed him.
You know, I was a pest, I know that,
and I I wanted to tell him
that I was back on my meds
and it was okay and that I could
start seeing him again.
So, you went to see him when you
snuck out of the gym yesterday?
Was it only yesterday?
You see, I, um, I went
the day before, as well,
hung around outside in case
he came out, but he never did.
Yesterday, you went to the gym
with your grandmother.
And maybe you thought
you'd get in trouble
if you told her where you were going.
Yeah. Yeah. She wouldn't have let me.
Not after the time I got caught,
but it's chicken and egg, isn't it?
It's chicken and egg, so I went,
and I was gonna wait for someone
to come out, and then hide
like before, but when I passed
behind Havelock Street,
I noticed that the back door
was already open.
I went in.
There wasn't anyone around,
and, you know,
I remembered it was the weekend.
Then I heard this noise.
Like a
Like a sort of bumping.
So I went up anyway,
and he was sitting in his chair,
calling out to me.
He was still alive?
No, he was he was calling in here.
And his eyes were open.
But he'd hurt his head,
so I took off my bandage,
and I-I stopped the bleeding.
He blinked, and he yeah, he was
he was staring at me.
He was trying to tell me something.
And then I heard the sirens,
like last time,
but it wasn't
Iain who called the police.
I know that now.
Um, because he gave me a talisman.
He gave you what?
Um, like an amulet?
A lucky charm, for protection.
Yeah, from evil.
Because he knew.
He knew about house arrest.
He wanted me to run.
I'd saved his life, so he saved mine.
You wanted to be safe, so you ran?
Yeah. I ran back to the gym.
What did you do with the bandage?
NATHAN: Oh, I just I
just throw them in
with the dirty towels,
but but I knew I wouldn't
get caught because of my
um, my amulet.
Everything was as it should be.
I understand, Nathan.
Thank you for explaining.
May I see it?
What was that?
Uh, it's just my
phone, you don't need to
NATHAN: Give it!
You lied!
Yes. Yes.
It's it's horrible
feeling frightened, isn't it?
I understand that because
I'm frightened right now.
I don't want to hurt you. I wouldn't.
That's what I've been saying.
MAX: I believe you, Nathan.
But I'd feel better if you put
put the knife down.
Could I at least see your lucky charm?
Maybe it could protect me, too.
Please be careful.
It's precious.
Iain gave you this?
It was in his hand.
It's her.
She was so happy to see him.
She was crying, but she was so happy.
MAX: Who, Nathan?
Show me who?
I saw her. She she just
kept hugging him.
Who did she hug?
Armed police! On the floor!
Hands behind your head!
Stand down! He's no threat.
Alert a psychiatric crash team.
I believe you, Nathan.
I promise.
You're safe now. Trust me.
LAYLA: I have got a potential
2MHA at Cheyne Wharf
by Battersea Bridge.
Urgent request for LAS.
For being there.
For picking up your phone.
Thanks for trusting me to.
Besides, you'd have sacked me
if I hadn't.
Oh, guaranteed.
Have they informed his grandmother?
She's going to meet them
at the hospital.
Nathan found this in Frankland's hand
as he lay there bleeding to death.
I think he must have pulled it
off his assailant.
A carabiner.
The kind used by climbers.
Or tree surgeons.
This is harassment now. Yeah?
I've got no comment
'til my brief gets here.
Fine by me.
I've got all day.
That was the hospital.
Daisy's out of danger.
They're discharging her into her
flat mate's care later today.
Come and see. It's all here.
Day before the murder.
Daisy Philips's leaving
after her final session.
Half an hour after.
See behind her, the tree
surgeons packing up for the day.
Check out Tony.
He's clocked her.
Following Daisy's trajectory.
Picking up on CCTV on Bell Street.
And a closer angle
from the CCTV across the street.
Wait for it.
Nathan's been hanging around
the practice
waiting to say sorry to Iain,
but Tony and Ross have
clocked him, so he goes home.
That was the day before the murder.
But why would Tony kill Iain
the next day?
I don't understand.
Is he Spike?
- Well?
- He's waiting for his brief.
Good. Let's not give Tony a heads up.
Let's get a warrant.
Mr. Donner!
Things would go better for you
if you'd just open the door.
The caretaker keeps a set just in case.
Apparently he's a good tenant.
No trouble, helpful to neighbors.
And apparently a murderer.
- IAIN: How do you feel?
- I'm nervous, to be honest.
MAX: It seems Ian was making
separate recordings.
But I trust you.
Good. I'm glad.
Look, alright. Alright, it's okay.
We can't desensitize
your intimacy phobia
unless we expose you to what you fear
without there being any real danger
Now, look, you are in complete control.
Everything that you say,
everything that you do,
and everything that you touch.
Thank you.
IAIN: We'll start gently.
I'm sorry. I just don't think
IAIN: Right, you can't.
You have to experience you
past shame to move on from it.
Get a car ready.
I know where he is.
Tony Donner, I'm arresting
you on suspicion
of the murder of Iain Frankland.
It's okay, Daise. I want to confess.
You do not have to say anything.
But it may harm your defense
if you do not mention
when questioned something which
you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Do you understand?
I get it, but I need
to get this off my chest.
I need you to understand.
Prison changed everything for me.
When I was inside, I realized
there was only one person
in my whole life that mattered,
that needed me.
She was on her own.
She'd long gone from the home
when I got out,
but I never stopped looking.
She wasn't on social media,
or anything like that,
but I knew I'd find her somehow.
And then I saw her.
Just the other day out the blue.
Couldn't believe it.
But she was in bits.
'Cause this rapist had just took
every bit of trust
Daise had built up
and obliterated it, and he
and he taped it!
We know what he did, Daisy.
And none of it's your fault.
I wanted to call you lot then and there,
but all Daisy wanted was the tape back.
I did not want anyone to see.
So I went to go and get it.
When Ross went for lunch,
I told the bastard to hand it
over, and then I just
I lost it.
I lost it, Daise.
I could always look after myself,
but what Daisy went through
when it was lights out
And this animal, this predator
pretending to be looking after her,
was trying pull rank on me,
as if I was the intruder.
Well, you know the rest.
And I'm glad he's dead,
and I'll do my time.
And I will never stop loving you, Daisy.
You're what's been missing, Spike.
All this time, it's been you.
I'm sorry.
I forgot who was supposed
to be caring for who.
It's unforgivable.
If I'd told you about Mandy Cho
when it happened
instead of colluding with him.
The feelings you're having
are real and complicated,
and they're going to take
some time to work through.
Iain wasn't my husband
or my father, but I knew him.
And I know that he alone
was responsible for his actions.
At least this proves I'm not
a murderer or a peeping Tom.
Just a bog standard house-thief.
You must be very proud.
His mate Davie Slinn sang like a diva.
Turns out Ross was holding the ladder
whilst Slinn did the job
on Havelock Street.
And he's been linked to three
other jobs in the area.
Good with trees, not so much
with covering his tracks.
Doesn't seem fair, does it?
Murder's murder, even when their
victim's an egregious groomer.
Well, you have to feel for them, though.
Seems like they were
meant to be together.
Right, well done, team.
You've earned your day off.
I'm only sorry your holiday got wrecked.
Anyone fancy a drink?
Oh, yeah.
Make it two and the parents
will have left
by the time I get back.
Layla, are you in?
If you're sure I'm not needed.
Go! First round's on me.
- Oh!
- Boom.
- Come with us?
- I think I'll pass.
I've had quite enough of you
all for one weekend.
You sure you're gonna be okay on
the boat after what happened?
A new door and some electricity,
I'll be good as new.
MAX: Any preference?
ASTRID: Whatever. You choose.
Just as well I got the new sofa.
The old one, your back would have kaput.
I'm sure it's very comfortable.
Olivia's got guests for the weekend,
or you know I wouldn't
I said it was okay.
Maybe I should book a hotel.
Sit down, relax.
I see you brought your own refreshments.
Hey, I'm prepared to share.
I've prepared a cheese board.
What, no
Please let me.
That's new.
Yeah, and the carpet.
Didn't you notice?
One good thing about living on your own
is that it doesn't take all
night to agree on what to watch.
Even better, not having to pick
toffee popcorn out of the rug.
Never mind what it's doing
to your arteries.
Hi. Please go ahead
and start without me.
Richard, just one sec.
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