The Chelsea Detective (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Crime of Passion

I can't get over the organic
veggies business.
- It's the most Chelsea thing
I've ever heard.
So why did you say yes to a second date?
If I'm too Chelsea for you?
I have no idea.
Tell me something I wouldn't
expect, something personal.
I'd just rather talk about you.
[LAUGHS] Nice try.
Don't you want me to get to know you?
What are you hiding?
Nothing. I'm just not good
at banging on about myself.
Do you have bodies
buried in your basement?
I do want you to get to know me.
I like you.
A lot.
Jack, fancy meeting you here.
How have you been?
Not now, Kai.
Just give us two minutes.
As you can see, I'm kind of busy.
You got some nerve
showing your face in here.
Jack, this is important.
Get out, or I'm ringing the police.
JACK: You heard her.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
What was that all about?
No idea.
- Look at that view.
It's just so beautiful out here.
It is.
Do you want to come back to my place?
What about the bodies in your basement?
I'm not a psychopath.
I promise.
That's exactly what
a psychopath would say.
Sorry. I just closed
my eyes for a second.
Must have dozed off.
Big night, was it?
What if Nicholas had dropped by?
He's not spying on us.
Just one more day, then we can relax.
Oh, stop worrying. He's not
going to change his mind.
You're in an unusually good mood.
Things went really well last night.
I think
I think it could be
the start of something.
Just be careful with the men
on these apps.
They're only after one thing.
Then they move on to the next girl.
Jack's not like that.
We had this amazing connection.
He's already asked to see me again.
We're meeting up after work.
You can't go out again tonight.
I need you fresh for the morning.
It's an early dinner.
Look, I promise that I will
still be on my A-game tomorrow.
JACK: Hi. You've reached Jack's phone.
Please don't leave a message.
I'll get back to you when I can.
Hey, Jack. Um, I didn't hear from you.
So I assume you meant
to meet at the restaurant.
So, yes. See you very soon.
JACK: Hi. You've reached Jack's phone.
Please don't leave a message.
I'll get back to you when I can.
Hi. You've reached Jack's phone
Jack! I know you're in there.
Oh, my God. Jack!
Jack, you can't just ignore me!
You piece of shit!
You do anything nice last night?
Oh, John couldn't make it to London,
so I had the night to myself.
I started this brilliant doc
on serial killers.
Sorry. That's how you spend
your free time?
Serial killers?
Jack Felton 25 years old.
Multiple stab wounds to the chest.
From the condition of the body,
I'd say he's been dead less
than 24 hours.
And no, the killer
hasn't conveniently left
a murder weapon at the scene.
Always disappointing.
But from the size of the wounds,
it's a small knife or blade.
Well, it looks like he had company
or was expecting someone.
Hey. Hey.
Possible point of entry?
It was open when we arrived,
but there's no damage
to the glass or frame,
which suggests the victim
could have left it unlocked.
Could be a botched burglary.
The place hasn't been ransacked.
TV and computers are still here.
It feels more like a crime of passion.
Multiple frenzied stab wounds
to the chest.
Our killer let their emotions
get the better of them.
We found these on the kitchen counter.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Jack's cleaner found the body
around 8:00 a.m.
She has her own keys to the house,
but she says she was
traveling back from Spain
with her family yesterday.
I'll follow up and check her alibi.
Yeah, I spoke to one of
the neighbors at number 13.
He heard a woman outside Jack's
house at around 8:00 p.m.
last night.
Too dark to ID her,
but he said it sounded like
she was trying
to get Jack to let her in.
Although these were found
on the kitchen counter.
- Huh.
- Huh.
Um, yesterday morning at around 7:30.
He always stops by on his way
back from the wholesalers.
And how did Jack seem?
Oh, he was happy.
Yeah. His business is doing really well.
It would be helpful to know more
about Jack's routine.
Did he keep records of where
he made his deliveries
and his suppliers?
I don't know, but if he did,
I guess it would all be on his laptop.
Were there other people helping
Jack out with the business?
He's never mentioned anyone.
He does it all himself,
as far as I'm aware.
Jack's phone and house keys
haven't turned up,
but there was no sign of forced entry.
Apart from his cleaner,
would there be anyone else
who would have access to his house?
A girlfriend or partner?
Um, Jack's a bit of a player.
None of his relationships
lasted that long.
I know it's hard,
but today has to go smoothly.
Rena, please.
You know how important this is.
It would be really useful to
know your movements yesterday.
Just to establish a timeline.
Yes, I was working from home
in the morning,
and I had a meeting in town
in the afternoon.
So I was out from
about 2:00 till 4:00.
Who were you meeting?
A client.
I run an interior design business.
We were talking through plans
for their renovation.
You were at number 24 for most
of the day, weren't you?
Yeah, I was I've been doing up a Jag
for a neighbor, Ted Kingston.
I was there from 10 till 5:00.
And you, Caleb?
I was with one of my piano
students, Finn Edwards,
in the afternoon.
Then I stayed in all evening
trying to finish a new composition.
It's an enviable skill,
writing your own music.
Oh, Caleb's been offered
a place at the California School
for Creative Arts.
It's a very prestigious course.
You mentioned Jack and Caleb's
dad is now based in New York.
Would you like to notify him?
Or we can do it
for you if that's helpful.
Maybe you should let them do it.
You've got so much
on your plate without having
to talk to him, as well.
Yes. Yeah, thank you.
We're not really on speaking terms.
Could you take a look at
these photos from Jack's house?
Trying to figure out
if anything was stolen.
It's hard to tell.
Did you find his watch?
Do you have a photo of it
you could send us?
Yes. Yes. I gave it to Jack
as graduation present.
It has an inscription on the back.
"Love you always, Mum."
So Jack's missing watch.
Newish black leather strap,
inscription on the back.
I'll keep a look out, see if it turns up
in any pawnbrokers in the area.
I got hold of Michael Felton,
Jack's dad.
He moved to New York six months ago.
And the rest of the family?
Pete and Caleb's alibis checked out.
Mrs. Torres, Jack's cleaner,
was flying back
from Madrid yesterday.
Her flight didn't get into Heathrow
till 1:00 a.m. this morning,
and I haven't been able
to get hold of Emily Easton,
the client Frances said
she saw yesterday afternoon.
But I have left a message.
Did we get anything useful
from Jack's laptop?
A folder with a few customer accounts.
I rang all the contact numbers.
No one had heard from Jack
since Thursday evening.
We should check out
West London wholesale markets.
Someone must have seen Jack
on Friday morning.
Good idea. What about his phone records?
There were 10 missed calls
from the same number
between 5:45 p.m.
and 7:53 p.m. yesterday.
It's registered to a Rena Friedman.
Could be the woman who was
trying to get into Jack's house.
Well, 10 missed calls,
she was pretty desperate
to get hold of him.
Let's pay Rena Friedman a visit.
SADIE: I can't tell you
how much this means to us.
I'm glad I can help.
You know, this place means
so much to our community.
As do you.
I know your parents
would have been so proud.
I'm Detective Inspector Max Arnold.
D.S. Layla Walsh.
We're looking for Rena Friedman.
Um, I'm Rena.
Is there somewhere
we can talk more privately?
She'll be with you in one minute.
We were just finishing up here.
Um, this really can't wait.
Sorry. I'm sure this won't take long.
This is obviously important.
I can come back.
Hi there, Andy. Yeah.
We were hoping to get
the contract signed today,
and you still need to try your suit.
I'll be in touch to rearrange.
Hi. Hi. Yes. Sorry. I beg your pardon.
LAYLA: And you met?
RENA: On a dating app about a month ago.
I feel like I'd known him
for longer because we
we spoke on the phone quite a bit.
But, um, yeah, I'd only met him twice.
When was the last time you saw him?
Thursday night.
We went to the Fox and Hounds
for a few drinks.
Did Jack do or say anything to indicate
he might be in trouble?
A guy came over to our table.
He seemed kind of desperate
to talk to Jack about something.
But Jack told him to leave.
Jack didn't tell you
what this was about?
Did you get his name?
Kai, I think.
The landlady knew who he was.
She threatened
to call the police on him.
Jack's phone records show 10
missed calls from you yesterday.
Why did you need to get hold of him?
He was meant to meet me
at a restaurant at 6:00.
Yeah. He never turned up.
Have you ever been to his house?
On the way back
from the pub on Thursday.
What about yesterday evening?
When he didn't turn up
at the restaurant?
No, I came straight home.
MAX: You're sure about that?
A lady was spotted outside his address.
Well, that wasn't me.
We'll need you to come in
as soon as possible
to give a written statement
and so we can take samples
of your fingerprints and DNA.
Whatever I can do to help.
I got the feeling Rena
wasn't being entirely honest
about what happened the day Jack died.
And I'll be interested to see
if she sticks
to that story in her written statement.
Oh, I have fond memories of this pub.
I had my first pint here.
And you were 18 at the time, I presume.
I was very tall for my age.
I haven't had the chance to
check out any of my new locals.
MAX: Oh, you're spoiled for choice.
Well, you got to know where to look.
I'll make some recommendations.
That'd be great.
Everything all right?
Shall we?
Yeah. They were here Thursday night.
Seemed like a sweet couple.
Do you remember a man
approaching their table?
Apparently, you threatened
to call the police.
Kai Whishaw. Wouldn't pay his tab.
I'm so angry with myself for letting him
set one up in the first place.
I thought he was just another
rich kid with a trust fund.
Why is he refusing to pay us?
Said his parents cut him off.
Who knows if that's true?
Was Thursday night the first time
that Mr. Whishaw and Jack Felton
had been in here together?
Well, they're both regulars,
but they normally
sit at different tables.
They seemed more acquaintances
than friends.
I'll get Jess and Connor to follow up
and run them through the PNC.
Grilled sea bass with lobster butter.
Things have changed in here.
Mm. Got to move with the times.
Sorry I'm late.
Work overran. You know the story.
All too well.
Let's walk. I've already had a coffee.
Your message was rather ominous.
What did you need to tell me in person?
I'm seeing someone.
I thought you should know.
Thank you for telling me.
He wants to know about our situation.
What are we doing, Max?
We're separated,
and we haven't made it official.
By official, you mean?
You know exactly what I mean.
Who is he? Have I met him?
I don't know.
He was at my drinks last month.
That photographer.
I thought you looked cozy.
Polished, isn't he?
Rather serious.
Didn't think that was your type.
What is my type?
Scruffy and childish?
Relaxed and witty.
Stubborn and argumentative.
[CHUCKLES] Well, you can talk.
The last trip to Rome,
you refused to eat anywhere touristy.
We wandered around in
the blistering heat for hours.
I wasn't going to have bad
Italian food in Rome.
No point in being there.
See? Stubborn and argumentative.
You always have to have
the last word, don't you?
That's one of the most
frustrating aspects
of your personality.
Well, now you've found
somebody else to argue with.
Good luck to him.
He's in for a bumpy ride.
It's very beautiful.
It's still a work in progress.
Can I come in?
Have you heard back about the grant?
Not yet, but it'll come through.
I know that Jack
could be a bit of a closed book.
I can't remember
the last time he confided in me.
But can you think of anything
that had been
upsetting him recently?
Anything that, I don't know,
seemed a bit off?
The argument on Friday morning.
Nobody mentioned it to the police.
Um, yeah, because it wasn't relevant.
LAYLA: Talk about an early start.
Not a morning person. Got it.
Not this morning, no.
someone around here must have
seen Jack the day of the murder.
Why don't we split up? Meet back here.
Oh, this is insane.
You know, I only saw him the other day.
CONNOR: At the Fox and Hounds?
Hm? We heard you interrupted his date.
What were you so keen
to talk to him about?
I was just making conversation.
You one of Jack's customers?
Was that the extent
of your relationship?
[SCOFFS] How do you mean?
Maybe Jack lent you money
you couldn't pay back?
Maybe you were asking him
for more on Thursday night?
Why would I ask Jack for money?
You told the landlady
you couldn't pay your tab
because your parents cut you off.
Or was that a lie?
That is not a lie.
You can call them if you want.
Why did they cut you off?
You must have done something pretty bad
to make that kind of statement.
They just thought it was time for me
to stand on my own two feet.
All the traders I spoke
to recognized Jack.
He came here at least once a week.
LAYLA: Yeah, he got most of
his produce from this guy,
Frank Townsend.
Excuse me.
I'm D.I. Max Arnold.
Are you Frank Townsend?
D.S. Layla Walsh.
We're investigating
the death of Jack Felton.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
Jack was a top bloke.
What happened?
I'm afraid we can't give out any details
while the case is ongoing.
We were told that Jack
bought most of his produce
from you every week.
I gave him a good deal.
Worth it to keep him coming back.
Also, we got on.
He used to update me
about his eventful love life.
We know Jack was here
last Friday, the 17th.
Did you see him that morning? What time?
He was one of my
first customers, around 6:00.
Did you notice anything
different about him?
Was he preoccupied?
More stressed than usual?
If anything, he had a bit of a swagger.
He got a girl to go home
with him the night before.
JESS: We'll be in touch
if we have any more questions.
Do you want to get that?
Oh. It's okay. They'll leave a message.
Okay, and he was usually
Wait, isn't that Jack's van?
It's fine. The van stopped, too.
Want one?
I'm all right for rabbit food. Thanks.
I'm saving myself for a bacon butty.
And an early grave.
- Sorry.
- What?
Clearly, there was someone else
involved in Jack's business
that his family didn't know about.
Well, one of them is lying to us.
Shall I?
You told us you weren't
involved in Jack's business.
Oh, I wasn't.
But there are angry customers
all over Instagram
demanding their money back
unless I get these out today.
Wouldn't it be easier
just to give everyone a refund
and shut the business down?
He worked so hard
to build the business up.
It feels like such a shame
to just shut it down.
I'm going to keep it going
until I can find someone else
to take it over.
It's what Jack would have wanted.
Just to follow up on our last visit,
is there anything else
that would be useful
for us to know about Jack?
It can be hard to be totally honest
about someone in front of family.
Maybe there are certain things
you might not want to admit
to your mother about Jack.
Things she might not want
to admit to herself.
I can't think of anything.
Where are we on the time of death?
It's been hard to narrow it down.
The window was left open,
and the underfloor heating
was on all night,
affecting the body temperature.
Best guess is 2:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Until I have the cellular work back.
But that could take
till the end of the week.
2:00 till 9:00?
That's not going to help narrow
down our list of suspects.
You can't always rely on me
to solve your cases for you.
Kai Whishaw, one of Jack's customers.
He tried to downplay
his parents cutting him off,
but there's definitely more to it.
And he got this call
from a withheld number.
Seemed to seriously spook him.
CONNOR: I have a new lead.
I've started going through
Jack's bank statements.
There's a payment
to the Cove Hotel in Brighton
on the Friday before he was murdered.
Just spoke to the receptionist.
Jack checked in at 5:00 p.m.
with a lady with long, dark hair.
She paid half the bill.
Card is registered
to a Mrs. Sophie Carter.
So the week before he was killed,
Jack stayed at a hotel in
Brighton with a married woman?
CONNOR: Mm-hmm.
Chateau Montclair!
I'm envious.
This is classy recycling.
Organic cacao nibs.
I can't believe
she's finished a whole packet.
I bought some once when I tried
to give up chocolate.
They taste like wood shavings.
Sorry. Give up chocolate?
Why would you do that to yourself?
I know. I won't be
making that mistake again.
Oh, what have we here?
Always look in the bins.
Everyone loved Jack.
Wanted to be in his orbit.
I felt very lucky to be his friend.
Were you and Jack
ever more than friends?
We had a very brief thing at uni,
but I don't see how that's relevant.
We know you and Jack stayed at the Cove
in Brighton on the 10th.
We were there for a friend's birthday.
It was cheap to share a room.
How long were you in Brighton?
Just the one night. I drove us
back Saturday afternoon.
And was that the last time you saw him?
A woman was spotted outside
Jack's house around 8:00 p.m.
on Friday the 17th,
the day he was murdered.
I was here with my husband
on Friday night.
You can ask him yourself.
What's all this?
MAX: Can you talk us through
your movements on Friday?
I had meetings with
clients all day at the bank.
Morgan and Featherstone
on Sloane Square.
Left at around 6:30.
I was back here for dinner
with Sophie at around 7:00.
Did you know Jack well?
He was Sophie's friend.
Is that why you didn't join
them on their trip to Brighton?
I was meant to be on a work
trip to Paris that weekend,
but my flight was canceled.
Did you and Jack often go away
together without Lawrence?
No, but like I said,
we were visiting a friend.
What's the big deal?
Not everyone would be okay
with their wife
sharing a hotel room with another guy.
I trust Sophie.
Yes, I understand that we're all
going through a lot right now,
but that doesn't change my decision.
I do know that, Michael,
So please don't say anything to Caleb.
Not until it's absolutely necessary.
Well, Laurence was trying
very hard to seem okay
with Jack and Sophie's trip.
A little too hard.
There's no way he believes that story
about the friend's birthday.
Maybe he knew full well
what they were up to.
Laurence was issued with
a speeding ticket at 3:00 p.m.
on the day of the murder.
MAX: So much for being
in the office all day.
Oh, it gets better.
He was pulled over
at the end of Carlisle Street,
Leads on to Jack's road.
You're speeding ticket issued
at 3:00 p.m.
on the day of the murder.
Just a few meters from Jack's house.
I thought Sophie might be there.
But I was wrong.
Why did you think Sophie
would be at Jack's house?
You left your office in
the middle of the working day.
You must have had more than a hunch.
You're a suspect
in a murder investigation.
Might I suggest
you start telling the truth?
I have her find my phone login details.
I've been checking to see where she is.
That's quite an invasion
of your wife's privacy.
Sophie didn't even tell me
she was going away
for the weekend.
I only found out
because my flight was canceled.
So you thought you'd spy on her instead
of talking to her about it?
I did ask her outright
if something was going on
between them, and she said no.
I can tell when she's keeping
something from me.
So did you find Sophie
at Jack's that afternoon?
I thought she was turning
on to Jack's road,
but she drove straight past it.
That's when I got pulled over.
I didn't even realize I was speeding.
When I checked the app, I saw she'd gone
to a house on York Road
near Ranelagh Gardens.
Do you know what she
was doing on York Road?
Sophie said she'd been to a friend's
to drop something round.
I'm not proud of the way I behaved,
but I didn't go to Jack's house.
Ashley hasn't been able
to match Laurence's fingerprints
to any found in Jack's house.
If he was there, we can't prove it.
What about Rena?
Did she come in this morning?
She gave us samples,
but conveniently left
before we could get a written statement.
She's worried
she's going to perjure herself.
What's she hiding?
Our thoughts exactly,
so we did some more digging.
Looking at all her social media.
Nothing about Jack,
but there's this selfie of her
and an @LouisMontel99
from just over two years ago.
LAYLA: An ex do you think?
He hasn't posted anything
since he was tagged
in this photo,
so we checked his other socials.
JESS: "You left us too soon, my friend."
"Hope you're finally at peace."
Afternoon. We have some
more questions for your sister.
Thank you so much, Mrs. Greene.
I will call you later about that.
Thank you. Goodbye.
SADIE: Bye-bye.
Thanks for that.
It's probably on her street group chat
telling everyone we've had
the police round.
That'd be great for business.
Rena's not here.
She's out doing home deliveries.
She won't be back for a couple of hours.
We were really hoping to speak
to Rena about Louis Montel.
Do you recognize him?
This was taken about two years ago.
Don't think so.
Rena doesn't always introduce me
to the men she's seeing.
Why is that?
She's a hopeless romantic.
Keep telling her if she went
for a nice boy,
one who actually wanted to settle down,
then it wouldn't end in tears.
But she always follows her heart
instead of her head.
So Rena never mentioned Louis.
Not that I can remember.
Well, that's odd,
because a couple of weeks
after that photo was taken, Louis died.
Jumped off Chelsea Bridge.
God, that's awful.
MAX: We contacted his brother.
He said that Rena took
the break up very badly.
Sent Louis lots of angry messages,
turned up outside his house.
I don't know what happened,
but it sounds like you
only got one side of the story.
That's why we really need
to speak to Rena.
Can you ask her to return our calls?
Anything more on the murder weapon?
A sharp blade, inch wide.
Deepest incision was three inches.
Kitchen knife?
Could be.
But I've tested everything
we bagged up at the scene.
- No luck.
- Did we get anything
on the beer bottles
or the plates of food?
I only found Jack's prints.
The food looked untouched at the scene.
So the murder must have happened
before they had a chance to eat.
So we can't place Rena at
Jack's house on Friday evening.
You really do need me
to crack your cases for you.
Oh, Ashley's going
to save the day yet again.
We should get you a cape.
I couldn't wear a cape in the lab.
It's a contamination risk.
So I matched Rena's prints
with several found
inside Jack's house,
which could fit with her story
that she was only there
on Thursday night.
But I also found her prints
on the living room window.
Well, how do we know
she didn't just open it
when she was round on Thursday night?
Because there were four finger prints
on the inside of the frame
and a thumb print on the outside.
Which means
She opened it from the street.
We've got her.
You mean I got her.
Quite right.
I can't believe you nabbed the last one.
I need to keep my blood sugar levels up
if I'm going to get through all this.
You're naturally energetic.
Well, there's nothing
in the original police report
or coroner's records to
suggest that Louis' death
wasn't suicide.
Anything interesting
in his phone records?
Rena did contact Louis a lot
in the week of his death,
but all that proves
is she was struggling
to accept the relationship was over.
Hang on.
We found the last person Louis spoke to
before he jumped off Chelsea Bridge.
Well, that's very helpful.
CONNOR: You told our colleagues
you didn't know Louis Montel.
I didn't.
Then how come we found your
number in his phone records?
The last call he received
the day he died.
Rena was really upset
after the break up.
I just thought he should know.
That call lasted just over five minutes.
You must have had more to say than that.
Well, he used Rena
and then tossed her aside.
He needed to know that
he couldn't just go around
acting like a selfish prick.
And he threw himself off Chelsea Bridge.
Sounds like he took you seriously.
Louis didn't care
what I thought about him.
He was a very troubled guy.
The last guy I couldn't get hold of.
Louis. He
You were worried something
might have happened to Jack?
It that when you tried the window?
I just wanted to check that he was okay.
Then I, um, heard people walking
down the street towards me,
and I just realized
how crazy that I must look.
So I just ran.
I ran all the way home.
Did you see anything
when you opened the window?
Just two plates of
food and two beers.
On the coffee table, so
he had someone like with him.
What, no blood, no signs of a struggle?
Why weren't you honest
with us from the start?
Sadie has worked so hard
to try and find a new investor
to keep the business afloat.
I mean, if Nicholas hears that
I'm involved in all of this,
there's just no way that
he'll still become a partner.
If we lose him, we lose the shop.
It's been in our family for generations.
Sounds like Sadie puts
a lot of pressure on herself.
And you.
CONNOR: You're clearly very
protective of your sister.
Did you also confront Jack
when he tossed her aside?
Jack was yet another man
who didn't treat Rena
with the respect she deserves.
It would have killed you
to have seen her so upset.
I can understand why
you'd want to go round there
and have it out with him.
Well, she's my little sister.
Of course I was angry.
And yet maybe I did
want to go round there
and give him a piece of my mind,
cause him some pain.
But I didn't.
She's done nothing but look out for me.
Our mom passed away when I was 11,
so she kind of took on that role.
And then our dad died five years ago.
So it's It's just the two of us.
Clearly Sadie takes her role
as protector very seriously,
perhaps too seriously.
Could she have gone to confront
Jack after he stood you up?
Why would she do that?
She confronted Louis the same day
he threw himself off Chelsea Bridge.
I would do just about
anything for my sister.
But I wouldn't kill for her.
Please at least wait
until Sadie gets back.
We can talk you through everything.
NICHOLAS: There really is
nothing more to say.
Nicholas. Everything okay?
I was just telling Rena
this really is not the moment
for us to go into business together.
Can I ask why the change of heart?
Certain rumors are circulating.
I have tried to explain it's all
just a big misunderstanding.
I have to take this seriously.
Please. Please don't back out.
I promise it will
all be cleared up soon.
I'm sorry.
I told you not to
get involved with Jack.
How could I know
that this was going to happen?
I said that he was bad news,
just like I did with Louis.
But you never listen to me.
And now look where we are.
They said that you rang Louis
the day that he died.
Yeah, well, I just
I just wanted him to know
how much he'd hurt you.
It was none of your business, Sadie!
It's my job to look out for you!
And I never asked
for that responsibility.
I'm 25.
You're clinging on to me
because there's nothing else
going on in your life.
Find someone else to smother!
We can't yet prove
that Sadie confronted Jack.
Ashley didn't find any of
her prints at the scene
LAYLA: And Rena's story hinges
on what she could
or couldn't see
from the living room window.
We need to go back to Jack's house.
I've gone through all the transactions
from Jack's business account.
Some of the outgoings
and incomings are much bigger
than you'd expect.
Lots of payments to and from
somewhere called
Fresh Produce Wholesales.
6,000 pounds seems an awful lot
to spend on carrots,
even if they are
overpriced organic ones.
JESS: I did think there was
something a bit odd
about some of the posts
on the business social media.
A few of them
are just rows of veg emoji.
LAYLA: New stock in today.
Reliable delivery within the hour.
At first, they look quite random.
Three carrots, four potatoes.
But what if they're not random?
What if each sequence
is a different code?
Mm-hmm. Advertising a different product.
Well, it looks like the sofa
would have blocked
the view of Jack's body from the window.
And the pool of blood
only comes to here,
which wouldn't have been
in Rena's direct line of sight.
Maybe she is telling the truth.
Stop, police!
Hello, Mr. Whishaw.
Kai. You dropped your bag.
Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
Sports bag must have been well hidden
or it would have turned up
in our initial search.
But you knew exactly where to find it,
suggesting you weren't just
one of Jack's customers.
You were helping him run his operation.
LAYLA: We have an eyewitness
who remembers
seeing you enter the corner shop
on Jack's road at around 1:00 PM
on the day he was murdered.
Jack was just my dealer.
I wasn't involved in the business.
So how did you know where
he kept his bag of supplies?
Look, we caught you red-handed.
If you don't start explaining yourself,
we can only presume
you're guilty of robbery,
dealing, and murder.
Up until a year ago,
Jack only ever sold weed.
But then he got involved with this guy
who ships coke into the UK through
fruit and veg crates.
That's why Jack set up the veg boxes
so that he could deliver drugs
under the radar.
Do you have a name
for this nefarious greengrocer?
I only know him as Frank.
He He has a stall
at the wholesale market.
Frank Townsend.
Frank knew that Jack was
taking more than his fair share
of the profits.
I don't know why Jack
would even think about screwing
over someone like Frank.
Maybe because he got
too big for his boots.
Or maybe he needed the money.
So Frank sent you to Jack's
to steal the stash?
I owe Frank a lot of money.
He said he'd write off all my debts.
I tried to warn Jack
that Frank was on to him
when I saw him at the Fox and Hounds,
but he wouldn't bloody hear it.
Right. Tell us exactly what happened
when you went round to Jack's on Friday.
KAI: Frank had given me
some money for a gram.
So I managed to get Jack
to invite me in.
Then, when he went to his room
to get the coke, I
I watched him through a crack
in the door and I saw him
lift up a floorboard
and pull out the bag.
Why didn't you take it there and then?
I just
I just thought I-I'd wait
and come back when Jack was out.
But then, Jack's conveniently murdered
a couple of hours
after you found the stash.
That's worked out well
for you and Frank.
I know how it must sound,
but that's the truth.
Hmm. Oh
Frank Townsend.
We'd like to have a word with you
about the business you were
running with Jack Felton.
Jack was a customer.
We weren't in business together.
Drop the act.
You're Fresh Produce Wholesales.
Your name was all over
Jack's business account.
- You got the wrong guy.
- Oh, I doubt it, Frank.
We know you were behind
the attempted robbery
of Jack's stash from his house.
I've no idea what you're on about.
That's some watch you've got.
- It was a gift.
- Can I take a look?
We need to rule it
out of our investigation.
Thank you.
"Love you always, Mum."
We've been talking to our colleagues.
We brought Frank Townsend in
for questioning.
He's been very informative.
KAI: What's he been saying?
That you stole Jack's watch
to try and pay off your debt.
Was Jack dead or alive when you took it?
Frank will say anything
to get you off his back.
Where would he have got the watch from
if you didn't give it to him?
He He must have gone back
to Jack's place after I'd left.
He's He's the one with the motive.
With Jack out of the picture,
he stands to have access
to 100% of the profits
and his whole client base.
That might well be true,
but he has alibis. You don't.
Look, this is your
last chance to be honest with us
before you make things a lot worse.
Look, I couldn't
leave Jack's empty-handed.
I had to give Frank something.
I just saw the watch
on the coffee table.
I just grabbed it
and legged it out of there.
Look, I swear Jack
was still alive when I left.
I do enjoy our chats, Olivia.
You should pop over more often.
I'm sorry.
I just realized that I've double
booked myself for Friday night,
and I can't decide which one to cancel.
What are the options?
Well, Eloise is a French brunet,
and she wants to go to the lido
and then that new restaurant in town.
And Cindy is a gorgeous American.
She's suggested a gig and then
drinks and dinner at her place.
I see.
I didn't realize
you were choosing between dates.
Did you think someone
my age should be at home
on their Friday night
with their cat or their nephew?
Not at all. You've always had
an enviable social life.
Well, it used to be very hard to find
like-minded people
at the same stage in life.
But now there's an app for everything.
Am I the only one not
on these bloody apps?
Yes! And it would
do you the world of good.
So go and get me your phone
and we can sign you up now.
I'm a murder detective.
I've seen too many cases
where a drink with a stranger
ended in a trip to the morgue.
You lifesaver.
I thought you might
need one as much as me.
I washed my hair with shower gel
and found my phone in the fridge.
Oh, dear.
I think your buttons are done up wrong.
I'd like to blame sleep deprivation.
This is not the first time
it's happened.
Jack wasn't selling drugs.
He's never been in any kind of trouble.
CALEB: Yeah, there's no way.
I'm afraid we found a bag of
money and drugs in Jack's house.
There's no doubt about
what he was up to.
MAX: All these deliveries
you've been making,
you haven't noticed
anything out of the ordinary?
I just had a customer on the phone
making requests for her order,
and none of them included Class As.
Jack would have had
some legitimate customers,
so if anyone ever
looked into the business,
it would all seem aboveboard.
It must be hard to hear
that Jack was keeping secrets from you.
Jack seemed to be doing
very well for himself.
You're not going to make that much money
from selling veg boxes.
I know you wanted to see
the best in him,
but he was very good at wrapping
you around his little finger.
And there was a side to him
that you just didn't see.
But you did?
Did you suspect Jack was dealing drugs?
No. No, but I'm not surprised
that he got himself involved
with the wrong crowd.
Why did he get involved
with the wrong crowd?
Did he have debts he couldn't pay off,
a drug problem of his own?
I'd know if my son was a drug addict.
Jack never asked you for money?
So why were you selling the house?
We finally got hold
of your alibi, Emily Easton.
She's an estate agent.
You met to talk about
putting the house on the market.
Why did you tell us she was a client?
Because I didn't want Caleb
finding out like that.
You can't sell the house.
This is Dad's decision, isn't it?
He's forcing you out.
FRANCES: No, no.
We just all need a fresh start.
You know, this has got nothing
to do with Jack.
LAYLA: We're just trying
to understand Jack's motives
for selling drugs.
It could lead us to his killer.
Now you know the truth
about Jack's business,
are you sure there is nothing else
you can think of that
might help our investigation?
Last Saturday, Jack came over
for l-lunch on his way back
from a trip to Brighton.
A friend dropped him outside the house,
and she tried to give him
a sports bag from the boot,
but Jack told her
to keep it for next time.
And I remember thinking that was
Is this her?
Sounds like their jaunt to Brighton
was more of a business trip.
We have a warrant
to search your premises.
Don't know what you think
you're looking for.
Well, that looks familiar.
Care to explain yourself, Mrs. Carter?
When I first met Jack,
he was growing his own weed,
just for him and his friends.
There was so much of it,
he started selling it as a bit of fun.
Then, when Jack moved on to coke,
he said he needed
someone he could trust.
It was easy money.
It's hard to just stop.
Possession with intent
to supply is a serious offense.
You make it sound like
we were hanging around
on street corners.
I was just taking stuff to parties.
We're not hardcore criminals.
You're no less of a criminal
just because
you're selling
to rich people at parties.
The trip you and Jack
made to Brighton
business or pleasure?
I told you, Jack and me
were just friends.
We went to Brighton because
we knew we'd make a killing
at that warehouse party.
Does Laurence know what you
and Jack were really up to?
No, but he started asking questions.
We found a similar bag
of drugs at Jack's house.
His business account would
suggest he's selling a lot more.
So where's he keeping his supply?
Sophie, you clearly cared about Jack.
Don't you want to help us
catch his killer?
Look, that one time
when I was with Jack,
he stopped off at a storage unit
on Redcliffe Road.
He told me to wait in the car.
Oh, hey.
I should have her ready
in time for the wedding.
I'm going to put one
of those ribbons on the front.
It'll look gorgeous.
Pete, you know the argument last Friday?
Yeah. Yeah. I
I told you it was nothing.
I heard Jack say it was
none of your business.
What was he talking about?
Well, I think he was
in a mood about something.
Girl trouble probably.
Promise me there's nothing
you're not telling me.
You know, after everything
that happened with Michael,
I can't cope with any more lies.
PETE: Hey. Hey.
I promise.
You recognize this man?
His name is Jack Felton.
We think he may have a unit here.
He comes in a couple of times a week.
Alone? Or was there ever
anyone else with him?
Probably. I'm not here 24/7.
Someone did come by
the other day looking for him.
Said they needed to see Jack,
and it couldn't wait.
When was this?
Last Friday, 17th.
I'd just got in, so it would
have been around 9:00 AM.
Can you describe the man for me?
Middle-aged Black guy
wearing a dad jumper.
Was this the guy?
Yeah. Wanted me to let him in.
And did you?
Of course not.
You can't get in
without a key to your unit.
Company policy.
He waited out in the car park.
Should have called you guys.
They made such a scene.
There was an altercation?
Pushed the kid right up against his van.
They clearly had some issues.
Can we take a look at your CCTV?
- Don't have any.
- Seriously?
This is a low-cost facility.
Our customers know
what they're paying for.
Do you remember if either
of them came back here
later in the day?
They could have come by
on one of my breaks.
Mm. We're going to need
to see inside his unit.
Can't do anything without a warrant.
- Company policy.
- We have a warrant.
All good?
I'm reading.
This is a surprise.
I was just passing.
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.
I didn't mean to.
ASTRID: Mm-hmm.
Aren't you going to apologize, too?
What for?
All the things you said about me.
- They were all true.
I finally realized
why we didn't work out.
This will be good.
You can't have two stubborn
people in one relationship.
We're We're like two bulls
locking horns.
You know what? You're right.
- Well, that's a first.
- We work much better as friends.
I do want you to be happy.
You know that, right?
I know my job wasn't always
the healthiest thing
for our marriage.
No, I should have tried harder to
Hindsight is a beautiful thing.
I want you to be happy, too.
Have you met anyone new?
The very thought of it is exhausting.
Yeah. Olivia wants me
to join the dating apps.
I told her that was ridiculous.
ASTRID: That's a great idea.
You could meet someone
as unique as you.
Okay. I I'll take that.
And I'll take that.
I'll leave you to it.
Weed in this one.
Pills over here. Ugh.
Lots of powder.
Could be
cocaine, MDMA.
Why would Jack need
to be selling all of this?
It's not what I would be doing
if I was from his background.
And he went to Cambridge.
Wouldn't be the first rich
kid to screw up their life.
This must be where Jack kept his records
for the non-legit side of the business.
Well, we won't know for sure
until we get all the results
back from Ashley, but it's looking
more than likely
that that's our murder weapon.
So far, we know Jack,
Sophie, and Pete all knew
about the storage unit.
Kai and Frank are pleading ignorance.
If they had the key to Jack's unit,
they would have cleaned it out.
Sophie wouldn't have led us there
if that's where she'd hidden
the murder weapon.
But we have charged her with possession.
What do we know about Pete's
relationship with Frances?
Uh, Frances said they met
around 10 months ago.
Pete works at the garage
where she gets her car repaired.
10 months. That's quite soon
to be getting married.
Guess at their age, you would
move things along faster.
Don't want to waste any more time.
They're hardly at death's door.
Not much older than me.
Anything else on the other suspects?
Ashley just e-mailed to say
there's no trace of blood
on Jack's watch.
Which suggests it wasn't stolen
from his body
after he was killed.
So it looks like Kai
was telling the truth.
But we can still
charge him with robbery.
- Make that call.
- Hold on.
None of Pete's financials
went back further than 2015.
I did a bit more digging.
Turns out his real name
is Paul McKenzie.
Hmm. Let me guess.
2015 is when he was released.
He did three years for violent robbery.
Thank you.
MAX: That's not the only reason
we're here.
Earlier this evening,
we found what we suspect
to be the murder weapon at
a storage unit on Redcliffe Road
where Jack had his drug supply.
The receptionist identified
you from your photograph.
We know you accosted Jack
in the car park
the morning he was killed.
I felt, for some time now,
that there was something off
about Jack's business.
And whenever I used to ask him
questions about it,
he would just fob me off.
So, last Friday, I noticed
that there was a load of cash
in his wallet,
so I asked him where he got it
from, and he
he blew up at me.
He said it was none of my business.
Stay out of his life.
But you said you'd told me everything.
PETE: But I wanted to know
what was really going on.
I didn't want to worry you.
Not without having all the facts.
So you followed Jack to the storage unit
and found out about the drugs?
But that was it.
I mean, I-I had nothing to do
with what happened to him.
You were seen pushing Jack up
against his van,
and you have a history of violence.
You did three years for robbery.
That's why you changed your name
from Paul McKenzie to Peter McLoud.
My mate told me to stay in the car.
I had no idea that he was
going to rob that place
or that he was going to put
that poor guy in the hospital.
That didn't matter, did it?
Not to you lot, 'cause you gave
me three years anyway.
And I I wanted to tell you,
but there was there
was never a right time.
I love you. I was just terrified
that I was going to lose you.
Questioning Ted Kingston,
he admitted he left the house
for a rather lengthy lunch
on Friday the 17th.
He was gone from 1:00 PM
to just before 3:00.
More than enough time for you
to go to Jack's house,
kill him, steal his key
to the storage unit,
and then return there
to hide the murder weapon.
We need you to come with us.
I didn't do this.
Fran, you ha you have to believe me.
You have to believe me.
I didn't do this.
- Please.
I'm sorry. I didn't
LAYLA: Why weren't you honest
with us about your past
if you had nothing to hide?
Because I've done time
for violent robbery.
I knew you'd think I was involved.
Look, there's no love lost
between me and Jack.
But I didn't kill him.
And he found out about your past
and was threatening to tell Frances.
That would have put a kibosh
on the wedding.
No. No, absolutely not.
Jack wasn't thrilled
about us getting married
because he thought it was too soon.
He thought I was after something.
Well, are you?
The Feltons are a wealthy family.
[CHUCKLES] No, they're not.
They're broke.
About a year ago, Michael was slapped
with a huge fine for tax fraud,
but no prison sentence.
'Cause the rich can wriggle
out of anything.
What about the house? I mean,
that'll be worth a fortune,
and Frances is about
to put it on the market.
They don't own the house.
Michael signed it over
to his parents
to avoid it being repossessed.
I thought she was selling the house
because she wanted a fresh start.
That's what she told you
in front of Caleb.
Because she doesn't want him to know
that he's the real reason
they're selling the house.
MAX: We know Pete was
at the storage unit
on the morning of the 17th,
but we can't prove
that he went back later
with the murder weapon.
I just spoke to Michael Felton.
He confirmed everything Pete told us.
HMRC caught up with him
just over a year ago.
To save the house, he
transferred the deeds
over to his parents.
What about the decision to sell?
Frances asked Michael to
convince his parents so Caleb
could go to California.
But Frances was keeping it
a secret from Caleb. Why?
Maybe she thought he'd try to stop her
or at least feel bad about it.
These accounts are dated
back to a year ago,
just after the family's
finances were wiped out.
Maybe that's why Jack started
selling Class As.
Good theory.
We've been lied to all along.
Call Ashley.
We're going to need her to run
some new prints.
ASHLEY: The blood on the knife
and T-shirt
are a positive match
for Jack's DNA profile.
No surprise there.
Did you have any luck with the prints?
They didn't seem to match
anything I had in evidence.
I only found a partial on
the handle of the utility knife.
But I've been testing
each of the banknotes
from the sports bags
you retrieved from Jack's house.
And I finally found some prints.
One of Jack's, a few unknowns,
and another partial.
I checked the partial from
the knife against the partial
from the banknote.
Together, they formed enough
of a print to make a match.
Your hunch was right.
- How can I help?
Your mother was right.
This course is very prestigious
and also very expensive.
Almost $53,000 a year.
Not to mention housing and living costs.
How are you planning to pay for it?
I've got a grant.
That's interesting because we spoke
to their finance department,
and you haven't settled
your tuition fees yet.
It's just taking a while
to come through.
Ah. They also told us
that you were meant
to start the course last year
but had to defer your place
because of a family emergency,
i.e., your dad's whopping tax fine.
But they don't let students
defer for more than a year.
So if you don't find
the money by September,
you'll lose your place.
Must have been incredibly frustrating.
Jack got his education,
paid for his own house.
You were on your way to becoming
a professional musician,
and then everything
got snatched away from you.
Is that why you persuaded
Jack to graduate
from selling weed to Class As?
I had nothing to do with
Jack's business.
This past week is the most
involvement I've ever had.
Your handwriting gave you away.
You wrote the accounts
just like you write the music.
Such a distinctive flair.
Fancy fountain pen.
LAYLA: Finn Edwards has admitted
you rang him at 2:30 PM
on Friday to cancel your session.
You both agreed
not to tell his mum so Finn
could spend the afternoon with his mates
instead of practicing for his exam.
So I am a relaxed teacher. [LAUGHS]
I mean, what's that meant to prove?
You left a partial print
on the drug money
we found in Jack's house.
And another one on the murder weapon.
Did you plan to kill Jack
when you went round on Friday?
How can you ask me that?
Well, you took his phone and keys,
went to the storage unit
to hide the murder weapon.
That's a cold, calculated crime.
It wasn't like that.
Perhaps you better explain it to us.
The plan was to go for lunch at Jack's
so we could go over the new orders.
But when I got there, he was in a state
because a customer
had run off with his watch.
He didn't know how
he was going to tell
Caleb. What happened next?
The veg boxes come in these flat packs.
So I started cutting them
out of the packaging
and putting them together.
Jack refused to help.
He said he wanted
to make the business legit.
Just sell the veg boxes.
He'd met a girl he really liked.
Someone special.
He said he was tired of having to lie.
He wanted a genuine relationship,
to finally show someone the real him.
No more hiding.
He'd only just met her.
And now we wanted to ruin everything.
I hadn't saved up enough for California.
It must have hurt,
Jack always putting his own
needs above yours
when he'd already had so much.
I tried to talk him out of it.
He had the relationships with
the dealers and the customers.
I just handled the accounts.
And he said he was done.
I had to find the money another way,
but there was no other way,
not within my time frame.
Jack never had to work hard
for anything.
Friends, women,
the business,
everything came so easy to him.
And he couldn't do
this one thing for me.
I still was holding the knife
I used to cut out the boxes.
I don't understand how it happened.
[VOICE BREAKING] I loved him so much!
MAX: The family liaison officer
will talk you through
what happens next.
I should have told him
that we were planning
to sell the house, but I just
I just knew he wouldn't want
to lose the family home.
But i-i-if I just told him,
none of this would have happened!
Frances, none of this is your fault.
D.S. Walsh is right.
Caleb has to take responsibility
for his own actions.
Oh, Caleb! Caleb!
Oh, do you have to shoot?
I was thinking maybe it might
be nice to try
one of the local pubs on the way home.
Yeah. Great little place by the river.
You prefer my company to your
serial killer friends on TV?
I'll have you know,
I have a very busy social life.
I just maybe haven't made
the most of living in London.
You finished the documentary,
didn't you?
Yeah. I literally have
nothing better to do.
Well, at least I know
where I stand. Drinks?
- Yep.
- Yes, please.
RENA: The police rang
while you were out.
Couldn't really go into details,
but they said that
they've caught Jack's killer.
Are you okay?
It's good to get closure
and to hear that Jack felt
that connection, too.
You know?
I don't want us to fight.
Me either.
Sadie. How are you?
Have you come to pick up your suit?
I got a call from Rena.
She explained everything.
I thought we could have
another look at that contract,
if that's what you both want.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were double booked.
Well, I decided
that I'd much rather spend
the evening with my nephew.
MAX: That sounds very unlikely.
What happened?
Well, I made the mistake
of canceling on Eloise
before I checked to see
whether Cindy was still free.
And I couldn't go back
to Eloise and tell her
that I'd miraculously recovered
from very severe food poisoning
in the last half an hour.
It sounds like dating
two people at the same time
was more complicated than you thought.
- What's this you're drinking?
- Oh.
It's been a tough week,
so I thought I'd treat myself
to a Chateau Montclair.
See how it compares with the other stuff
I usually get on offer.
- And?
- I can't tell the difference.
I'll get my own glass then, shall I?
Sorry. Yes. Please help yourself.
When I said, "Help yourself,"
I didn't mean to the entire
contents of my fridge.
I told you my dinner plans fell through.
Very subtle.
Well, I thought you
might need a little nudge
in the right direction.
Maybe there's no harm
in giving it a try.
I'll do the bio.
We both know what your spelling is like.
I'll embellish it a little bit.
Make you sound more exciting.
Isn't that called catfishing?
I'm just going to, you know,
give you a few more hobbies.
What? I have lots of hobbies.
I mean, I I cycle. I play the piano.
I drink wine.
I eat cheese.
Horribly dull.
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