The Chestnut Man (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- It's Genz.
- It's Hess.
Okay? - I need a login to the video archive.
- Okay? I need access to the Hartung case.
I thought you were working with Thulin on the case about the woman whose hand was cut off in Husum? I am.
When can I have that login? - Uh… I'll send it straightaway.
- Thanks.
This is the video interview of Linus Bekker in connection with the murder of Kristine Hartung.
Detectives Martin Ricks and Tim Jansen are present as well as the barrister representing the accused.
Linus? In your own words, can you tell us what happened on Wednesday the 8th of June? Just in your own words.
It was one of those nights I was feeling restless, so I went for a drive.
That's when I saw her.
The girl.
She was walking with her bike.
We would like to know how you disposed of the corpse.
Can you tell us? I drove out north.
I had the machete in the car.
I cut her up and then I buried her in the woods.
Can you show us where? I don't really remember.
I don't remember exactly where.
Here you go.
Remember to eat your fruit, okay.
Off you go.
I have a tummy ache.
Listen, honey.
It was just an argument.
Hmm? No one is upset.
Okay? Good.
Have a great day, sweetie.
Hi, Mom.
Are you alone? Can you talk? - Yeah, they just left.
- You've made the right decision, Anne.
Well, it wasn't an easy decision to make.
I understand, but it's the right thing to do.
I don't know what happened, but the most important thing is that you think of yourself and the girls.
Yeah, I know, Mom.
- All right.
See you this afternoon.
- Pack your things, and the girls'.
I'll have mine and their things packed by then.
I love you, Anne.
You're not alone, okay? I love you too.
THE CHESTNUT MAN MONDAY, 12 OCTOBER Unfortunately, no one can confirm that you stayed at the motel on Monday evening.
And no one saw your car in the parking lot until seven o'clock the next morning.
You've detained my client for 48 hours.
He maintains that he stayed there all night, and that he has no involvement in the crime.
So unless you have new information Laura had the locks changed in your house without your knowledge.
Why was that? I've told you.
Magnus must have lost his keys again.
Or maybe she wanted to end your relationship.
We know she called you that night.
So what did she want to talk to you about? Did she want to break up? - You've already asked that.
- That must it must have been tough.
After everything you've done for her and the boy.
I mean, it would be natural for you to drive back to talk to her.
- I did not go back.
- But she insisted that it was over.
That you had to move out, and you couldn't see Magnus again.
So you lost it.
- Not true.
- You cut off her left hand - because she wore your ring on it.
- Stop this.
You stop right there.
You can't detain my client any longer.
He'd like to go home and see the boy - who is going to be released - Yes, please.
One last question.
Do you recognize this? No.
All right.
We're leaving.
- Uh… - Yeah, um… My client agrees that you have to conduct the investigation, but when will you relinquish his house? The house will be closed off until we're done, so he'll need to be patient a little longer.
- We'll keep in touch.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Abildgård, did you find any photos of Hauge's car? No.
There has to be something on the traffic surveillance - between Roskilde and Husum that night.
- There are lots of cars on that road.
Yeah, I know, but I'm only asking you to find one car, right? Just one car.
There is something I want to show you.
- You haven't been here for days.
- No, I've been reading up on osteology.
Okay, you've been reading up about bones? Yeah.
Follow me.
I've got the car running outside.
Uh, what what the hell is he doing? - Wasn't he going back to Europol? - I really don't know.
- I was reading about the Hartung case.
- The Hartung case? Have you Before we begin, I need to know I can trust you.
I'm serious.
If it doesn't take all day, and it's within the boundaries of the law, you can.
According to the pathologist's report, Linus Bekker killed and dismembered Kristine Hartung with a machete.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But he confessed, and the evidence was overwhelming.
Yeah, the murder weapon was found in his garage, and the pathologist found the victim's blood on it with 100% certainty.
Yeah, but something was missing.
I've brought an identical machete.
And… - What the hell is that? - Could you take that end? - You do it.
- Come on.
- What, me? - Yeah.
Why-why why me? Yeah.
Yes Okay.
How about we do something later? Together? Mom's negotiations are sure to drag on.
Like what? I don't know.
Something… fun? Mm-hm.
Why did the police come by the other day? Uh… Did Mom tell you? No.
I saw them.
Well, it was nothing.
It was just a misunderstanding.
So it wasn't about… No.
- I love you.
- Sure.
Watch where you're going! Mathilde? Hey.
How are you? I'm fine.
I just wanted to ask you… Last fall, when you and Kristine made those chestnut men at our house, can you tell me about that? - Chestnut men? - Yeah.
- Did you make them, or was it - Uh… - Was it her? - Well, we both did, I think.
And then what what did you do with them? - We sold them.
- To whom? To people you knew, or passers by? Or I don't know.
I don't know.
You don't know? You must remember who you sold them to? - Uh… - Come on! - We we didn't know them.
- Are you completely sure? - Mathilde, it's important.
- I have to go.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
I really didn't mean to… We miss you.
I miss you too.
And her.
Sorry, I can't… Wait! Was it last year? Yeah.
Uh… We didn't make chestnut men last year.
Well, we thought it was childish.
The truth is, we haven't done enough for children during our time in power.
But that's over now.
I suggest, with the help from your party, to commit more resources to early action, which we know makes all the difference.
We need more social workers at day care centers, and we need to improve our childcare workers' ability to spot children faring badly earlier - Gert? Am I boring you? - Not at all.
But you've said it all before.
Yes, I said it at last year's negotiations.
But we weren't able to secure the funds needed to accomplish Rosa, I like you.
And I sympathize with you and your loss.
But it seems as though the prime minister is taking advantage of your situation, and that makes me feel sick.
- Bukke, I think we should - I'm not sure I follow you here.
While you were away, the ruling party have been polling poorly.
The prime minister is treating the budget negotiations like a goody bag, using her most popular minister to play Santa in order to reclaim votes before the election.
This has always been my platform.
It has nothing to do with political pandering.
Right, if you say so.
But if you think what we're offering is a "goody bag", let's talk about that.
If we were to offer- -We're not offering anything, Frederik.
I think we should let Bukke talk it over with his party.
Please excuse me.
If Bukke is putting on the pressure, we have to do the same.
We, uh… we need to do interviews.
Today, and throughout the week.
As many as possible.
- You sure that's wise? - We need to make our social policy heard.
That way, we'll force Bukke into supporting us.
Then he'll appear weak and indecisive.
Well, you know they won't just ask you about politics? I'm not afraid of that.
Good, but we'll have to control it, then.
We need a strategy or it's all going to revolve around… Well, how much you miss Kristine.
How tough it is, and how often you cry.
You can't have it shift attention away from your political message.
I was ordering a sandwich.
I was gone for five minutes, max.
Who would write something like that? MURDERER I'm calling the security services.
Hess! Can you please explain the deal with the pig? Look, I have a staff meeting in three minutes.
I just need to clean this.
In terms of bone thickness and density, the pig matches a 12-year-old, right? Yeah, I I guess… I mean, what's the point of all this? Hess? Yeah.
- Do you have a microscope I could borrow? - Yeah.
When you cut through bone, microscopic dust is left in the crevices on the weapon which is almost impossible to remove.
Yeah, unless you scrub it thoroughly, - like Linus Bekker said he did.
- Yeah, and like I just did.
Take a look.
That's pretty interesting.
There's bone dust.
So what? Well, forensic analysis of the weapon showed traces of Kristine Hartung's blood, but no traces of bone residue.
Uh… so it's possible that Bekker didn't dismember her? - Yeah.
- Or what? It sure is strange that the machete had no bone dust.
But Linus Bekker confessed to the killing.
The blood on the machete that was found in his garage was from Kristine Hartung, so either way, he killed her.
Genz? - Yeah? - We have to get going.
- Excuse me, they're calling for me.
- Okay.
Why couldn't Linus Bekker identify the places where he buried the body parts? He's a diagnosed schizophrenic.
He's a multiple sex offender.
He confessed and was convicted.
I just don't see how this connects to the murder of Laura Kjær.
Apart from the chestnut man with Kristine Hartung's fingerprints found by her body.
- Thulin? - Yeah? A message was sent to Laura Kjær's cellphone.
- What message? - I don't know what to make of it.
We normally cancel victims' phone subscriptions when we are done, but this came in.
Who sent it? The number is hidden, but it came from the city.
When was it sent? Earlier today.
We just saw it now.
No one apart from us and the Hartungs know about the chestnut man.
- How much time do you need to track it? - I'll get right on it.
I acted like an idiot, honey.
I'm I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
I promise.
I called that couple's counselor and made an appointment for the two of us.
I love you and I love the kids.
I can't live without you.
Could you please call me when you get this message? Okay.
Thank you.
Bye-bye, honey.
Come here, you.
Come on! - Phone.
Your phone.
- What's going on? Yeah.
We've got him.
I got it.
Laura Kjær, 37 years old, dental nurse.
You've sent her an audio file.
Suspect is found… I have no idea what you're on about.
I don't know any Laura Kjær.
The audio file isn't there.
But lots of pictures of women.
Who are they? No one I know.
So you like to take pictures of random women? I'm happily married.
- It's not like you think.
- What about the message to Kjær? Does he have another phone? I don't have any other phones.
What the hell do you think you're doing? I haven't done anything wrong, and you're throwing accusations around.
We've traced the audio file to your cellphone.
This is from Laura Kjær.
Why do you have a package from her? - What's in it? - I got a text about a package, and I I just picked it up.
Hey! That's private.
You you can't open it.
Jesus Christ! Let me out.
Let me out.
Let me the fuck out.
Thulin here.
We need a technician at Lima 2.
You need to think really, really hard.
Laura Kjær.
How do you know her? - I don't know her.
I told you.
- Where were you Monday evening? - What? - Where were you last Monday? Where is your wife? - My wife? Why? - Where is she? - Why are you asking? - Your wife, where is she? She's at home.
What the hell is going on? What's happened? Hello? Hello? - No one's home.
- I'll check upstairs.
There are signs of struggle in the bedroom.
The garden door was open when we arrived.
But we haven't had time to search the area.
Hess! Report Anne Sejer-Lassen missing.
Check her phone signal.
Ask the neighbors if they saw or heard anything.
We need a canine unit.
Call for the dogs.
Anne? Hess! Hess! But why would someone write "murderer"? Security services are asking the same.
We'll have to talk about it tomorrow, Engells.
I have to go now.
- Bye.
- Of course.
You're a minority government.
How certain are you that your other parties will back you? Our parties work very well and closely together, so I can't imagine Gert Bukke won't help us make room in the budget for this.
Now that I've got you… After everything you've been through, how tough is it to go back to work? I'm not the same person I was before.
My husband and I have made the decision that we need to go on with our lives.
We need to, for the sake of our son, and for our own sakes.
It helps me to take on responsibility that goes beyond my family.
But… Be careful not to burn it.
You were good.
You're doing well.
Does it make you mad at me to see that? What do you mean? That I'm even able to talk about it.
And don't be mad at yourself, either.
You called earlier.
Why? I met Mathilde at the school this morning.
Mm? How was she? We were mistaken.
They didn't make chestnut men last year.
I see.
It must have been the year before, then.
- Uh, are we out of ketchup? - Do you understand what I'm saying? How can Kristine's fingerprints show up - on a crime scene in Husum - Steen, stop! Don't go there.
We can't take it anymore.
- Gustav, dinner's ready! - Why is it that I can't go there? - It's strange - Don't.
- I'm trying - It won't get you anywhere.
- I'm trying to - Steen, she's dead.
- What are you talking about? - Nothing, darling.
- Do you want a soda? Go get one.
- No, thanks.
- I don't feel like it.
- Okay.
Hey! It was your job to set the table.
I totally forgot.
Get to it! - How was tennis practice? - It was fine.
- Hmm? - Henrik was out sick.
- Oh, okay.
- So we just took it easy.
Yeah, cool.
So, what? You thrashed him, or what? And then we found another chestnut man at the house.
Nobody saw anything? - Dog walkers, joggers, anyone? - We're looking into it.
Thomsen and Kragh, you stay at the house.
Abildgård, you talk to the forester when he arrives.
- Over.
- I will.
He's here now.
We're searching the area and the crime scene up to the main road.
It's getting dark.
Hurry up.
I guess you want to know about this before anything else? - Yes.
- I'll hurry.
Charlie 5 is on their way.
We're setting up a perimeter along the road.
Forensics are coming through.
- I saw the news last night.
- Mmm? Are you sure you're right for this job? Yeah.
That's the problem.
Don't forget the Halloween party tonight at Le's school.
Have you heard about all the new trash cans that can be used for recycling? Plastic, metal, biowaste… - What time is it? - What the hell? You in a rut? - Please don't touch that.
- Hey, buddy.
Over here.
You better do something about the floors, if you want to sell fast.
Where the hell is my phone? We happen to have a floor sander in the basement.
I can bring it up.
And if you need a real estate agent, like I said, my, uh… friend is great with properties.
- That's great.
- Bad news? TUESDAY, 13 OCTOBER Both victims were in their 30s, and they were attacked in their homes.
Preliminary investigations suggest death by blunt weapon that pierced through the eye, impacting the brain.
The first victim had her left hand sawn off.
The second victim had both left and right hands sawn off.
Presumably with a battery-powered saw, but we're looking into the various models.
The phone found in the package that was used to send a text to Laura Kjær's phone? What do we know? Well, it had an anonymous prepaid calling card.
The serial number was burned off, so we can't track it either.
- Who sent the package? - Laura Kjær is listed as sender.
The killer placed the package with Laura's hand and phone at her doorstep, where it was picked up by a delivery man.
Our initial, um Our initial suspect was Laura Kjær's boyfriend, Hans Henrik Hauge.
But it looks like he met with his lawyer last night.
So, we have nothing? There's nothing to connect the victims apart from two chestnut men with fingerprints.
In both cases, we found a chestnut man close to the scene of the crime.
And both these chestnut men were provided with a fingerprint which, according to dactyloscopic analysis, is identical… to Kristine Hartung's fingerprints.
What? Hey, guys, guys, guys.
Calm down.
This is all we know so far.
The fingerprints may well turn out to be irrelevant to the case.
How old are the chestnuts? It can't be said with certainty.
According to the analysis, they could be anywhere from a few weeks to over a year old, depending on how they've been stored.
I know this is something that affects us all.
But I have to remind you that this is strictly confidential We have to reopen the Hartung case.
One print could be a coincidence, but not two.
If they are Kristine's, our conclusions about her disappearance may be wrong.
You're saying we're not doing our jobs? No, no, I'm not.
This isn't personal.
I'm not personally offended.
It's just… weird to take criticism from someone who just walked in, because he fucked up in The Hague.
Hess, do you know how many resources we put on that case? - The forensic evidence - It was a minister's daughter.
- The whole country was turned upside down.
- New prints, which you have to address.
They worked 24-7.
Don't make wild assumptions if you can't back them up.
There'll be more killings.
What do you mean? What does a chestnut man look like? It has no hands nor feet.
The first victim was missing one hand.
The next was missing two.
You better not be saying These cases are connected to Kristine Hartung and the chestnut men, so we have to re-interview the family.
I'll talk to them.
You two stay far away.
Until you can back up your claims.
Forget about the Hartungs.
There must be something else you've missed.
I'd like to speak to Thulin now.
Alone, thank you.
God damn, he's annoying! Shall we send him home? I think he's good.
He's your responsibility.
Why didn't you back me up in there? Huh? Are you too scared You'll be going back to The Hague soon, and I'll have to pick up the pieces.
Hey, Sebastian.
- Can we talk later - It may have something to do - with your transfer to cyber crime.
- Yeah.
I'm not the only one who wants to leave.
Am I? You know what? You don't know anything about me.
Thulin! Erik Sejer-Lassen is ready for you in the meeting room.
Sejer-Lassen, come on.
You must know something.
Laura Kjær.
Did Anne know her? Or ever talk about her? I don't think so.
Was Anne scared of anyone? Did she have any enemies or… Anne just took care of the house and the kids.
Then why was she going to leave you? Your mother-in-law told us Anne was going to leave you.
Why was that? I've had a few affairs.
Did Anne know about these affairs? - Yes.
- So your affairs were the reason why she was going to leave you? Hm.
I guess so.
But but she also packed for the girls.
That seems serious.
I told you, that's all I know.
Crime scene technicians found dried blood on the living-room floor of your house.
Do you know how it got there? Our eldest daughter, Sofia, had a fall and broke her nose and clavicle a few months ago.
- Was admitted to hospital.
- Admitted to which hospital? The national hospital.
- Which department? - I don't know.
Pediatrics? Anne took care of it.
That's where Magnus Kjær was treated.
We called earlier.
We have some questions about two children who were treated here.
- Is there someone who can help us? - The attending physician.
- But he's doing his rounds.
- Yeah, but we have to talk to him now.
Can I help? We nurses often know the children better than the doctors.
We need to speak to the attending.
Uh… yes.
Wait down the hall.
I'll go get him.
Magnus has been coming for around a year or so, for a lengthy review.
Sofia was admitted for a simple fracture following an accident at her house a few months ago.
Do you know if the kids knew each other? Or if the parents did? No.
They didn't seem to have any contact.
Uh, what's important to understand… about this department is that its primary function - is to filter into other departments.
- Who brought the children in? Mostly, their mothers, as far as I recall.
If you want to be sure, you'll have to ask them.
But I'm asking you.
Yeah, and I just answered.
It's very impressive that you remember them.
And their mothers.
Yes, well, and that's also one of the most important aspects, you know, that we can make the parents feel safe.
Of course.
- Did you know the mothers really well? - Yes.
What do you mean? Did you sleep with them? If these are the questions you have, - I'd rather get back to the children.
- We're not done yet.
Both kids' mothers have been killed.
You're the only link between them.
Well, I I, um… I knew Magnus' mother.
I mean, I knew her better than the others, because Magnus had been in treatment for so long with his autism.
She was frustrated because nothing seemed to help.
And then, suddenly, they just stopped coming in.
But why? She called and said that a report had been filed with social services.
What do you mean? What kind of report? Your patients are waiting.
- I'm on my way - They have to wait.
What kind of report? Was it about abuse? I only heard it from his mother, but she said someone had accused her of neglecting Magnus.
- Did she mention who? - No.
It was filed anonymously, as I recall.
She was a loving mother, so… it's not true.
Let's go and get that report.
Secret services believe that the person who vandalized your car also emailed you the threat.
Yeah, I had guessed that much.
- Hmm.
- But who is it? The car was parked in a surveillance blind spot, so there are no suspects.
Security services insists on a bodyguard detail.
Okay, if there's no other way around it.
I'd like to inform my family myself.
Of course.
The prime minister was pleased with your interview.
SAME MURDERER? - Hm? - And Bukke wants a meeting.
If we can come to an agreement.
Have him come by my office.
Um, sorry, but the head of homicide asked if you and your husband had time to meet.
It's important.
Uh… Uh, thank you for making time to see me.
I'll make it brief.
I know you have another meeting.
In connection with another murder case, we found another chestnut man with Kristine's fingerprints.
It's a woman.
Anne Sejer-Lassen.
Do you know her? No.
They live in Klampenborg.
Her husband was Erik Sejer-Lassen.
We've just begun our investigation, but it's most likely a matter of malicious harassment directed at you.
- But how come? - Uh… I wish I had an answer.
We're working with the security services, and I know you've received threats at your job.
Yes, it doesn't keep me up at night.
- Wh what kind of threats? - I'll tell you later.
I know this is painful for you.
I promise we'll catch whoever it is, - so you can get some peace.
- That would be nice.
I I just have to… Yeah? If you've found her fingerprints again… Yeah? Then it could mean… that Kristine… she could be alive? Steen, no.
I'm sorry.
Fingerprints can last for many years.
The killer could have obtained those figures a long time ago.
But but how can you be sure? I know it's hard to accept what happened, Steen, but this doesn't change anything.
- Nylander? - Yeah.
Please excuse me.
I was just wondering about these.
- If you could sign… - I was, uh… threatened twice.
First in an email and then by vandalism on my car, but it's nothing special.
But security services - have assigned a detail - It's nothing special? Two women were murdered.
You were threatened.
Kristine's fingerprints are turning up.
What's going on? Rosa, your driver wants to get you moving.
Can't you cancel? I can't.
I need to meet with Bukke.
I won't be late.
- Thanks for coming.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, Steen.
SEARCH FOR KRISTINE HARTUNG ABANDONED No, there's no problem at all, Aksel.
I've just shopped for the Halloween party, okay? I'll meet you at the school.
Social services did indeed receive an anonymous report about Laura Kjær, requesting forced removal.
"The whore is ignoring her child's needs, despite knowing better.
" Further down, it reads that evidence of the abuse can be found in the home.
- Okay.
What did they find? - Nothing.
So they don't know who reported them? Uh, no.
That's, like, the meaning of "anonymous".
What about Sejer-Lassen? - Any report on them? - Not according to the social worker.
Let's go back to the Kjær house.
Okay, let's have a look.
I need to get back to the station before my daughter's Halloween party.
Don't you have anyone waiting at home? I can see you're married.
Or did she kick you out? I'll check the house.
- You talk to the neighbors.
- Yeah.
No matter what, somebody bothered to report Laura Kjær.
The keys? - Hey, Francois.
- Bonjour, mon ami.
Well, he says he's willing to forget what has happened.
But I think it would speed things up if you call him and give him an apology.
I will.
I'll talk to Freimann later.
I think that's the best option.
I cleared the way for you.
- Thanks.
Well done.
- You'll be back before you know it.
- See you soon, then.
- Okay, ciao.
Found out anything? The neighbors call them a lovely family.
No one saw anything or had any reason to file anonymous reports, so… Oh.
Just go home to your son.
I'll take it from here.
I'll lock up when I leave.
My son! Finally, you called! - Hey, Sebastian.
Are you still at work? - Yes.
What's up? I just really need to see a normal person.
Come see me.
Hey, Thulin.
Can you get Abildgård to look up a licence plate for me? - Yeah, what's the number? - Thanks.
It's BS 23 512.
Yeah, I'll have him call you as soon as it's done.
What's it about? Uh, I don't know, but, um… Have him call me as soon as he's got something.
I'll do that.
- Hi.
- Hey! - Thought you were busy? - No, I'm very busy.
I only have ten minutes.
I see… Okay.
I just thought that, um… Yeah.
I don't know what I thought.
Can't you just let it ring for once? Do you have to answer? Abildgård, what's up? Hess? Police! Turn around.
Turn around now! Hauge, what are you doing here? You can't be here.
What the hell are you doing, huh? Hey! Fuck! What was that? Where's Hess? Move that.
Open it! Hess! Get the laptop.

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