The Chestnut Man (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

So, you talked to the head of homicide? Yes.
They found another chestnut man with Kristine's fingerprints.
It makes no sense.
- Why leave a chestnut man - I don't I don't know.
They think it's some kind of harassment.
How about Steen, how's he coping? We'll get through it.
We're good together.
Otherwise, let me know if you ever need to talk.
I'm here.
That's nice of you, Frederik.
Did you have a nice day? - Yeah, It was fine.
- Hmm? Where's Dad? Haven't you had dinner? No.
He's been in the office all afternoon.
It's probably the new building project.
I guess.
He told me not to come in.
Steen? What is all this? I just need to go through it again.
What if Gustav saw all this? What would it do to him? I know you're still drinking.
I have stopped drinking.
You need to stop this as well.
We have to move forward.
For Gustav's sake.
And for ours.
I can't lie about how I feel.
Yes, you can.
I do it every single day out there.
- So can you.
- But I won't.
Everything's so strange.
The fingerprints are strange.
- It's strange - You didn't pick her up.
- That's why you're doing this.
- You didn't either.
- Not even once did you pick her up.
- But you promised! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, honey.
Just promise me you'll take all this down.
THE CHESTNUT MAN And what about the lanterns? Are they lit? Sure.
It looks like a Chinese light festival here.
Really? - You should have seen it.
- Oh, that's too bad.
- You missed it.
Too bad.
- Yeah.
Can I talk to her? You know what? She doesn't have time to talk to you right now.
Okay, then say hi from me, and, uh… By the way, she asked if she could have her ears pierced.
- No, of course she can't! - I have to go now.
- We've already started searching for him.
- Okay.
Could he be our guy after all? No, he had an alibi for Anne Sejer-Lassen's murder, but… Come with me.
We came here because of an anonymous report about the boy's neglect.
- Okay.
- We found a hidden basement that Hauge built himself, and his computer, which we're unlocking now.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
The room is soundproofed, and so is the hatch.
It was all built under the grate.
I've never seen anything like it.
I've sent swabs of fiber to the lab.
We're checking for prints to figure out who's been down there.
Thulin? I've accessed Hauge's computer.
These folders are named according to different months.
I don't wanna watch this.
Magnus? Magnus, are you ready? This is going to be fun, real fun.
You don't want to make Mom sad, do you? Okay.
Let's take off your T-shirt.
That's good.
Good boy.
Really good.
Oh! You're so beautiful.
I love you so much.
You'd want to kill the stepfather.
Not his mom.
His mother knew something was wrong.
That's why she changed the locks.
If the anonymous reporter killed Laura Kjær, because to him, she was a bad mother… then… then why kill Anne Sejer-Lassen? Maybe the killer thought she was a bad mom too.
But why? She was packing and about to leave her husband.
Yes? Does the blood from the floor at Sejer-Lassen's house - belong to the daughter? - Yeah.
Yeah, and we also found some, uh, from the sister in the bathroom and in the… uh, in the garden room.
But it's all in the report.
Why? I think the girls have had too many accidents.
- What, do you think - Thanks, I've gotta go.
We need to get the daughters' medical records.
Gentofte hospital, broken clavicle.
Broken nose.
Don't look at me.
Look at the photos.
And here, from the national hospital's trauma center, when you lived in Copenhagen.
- Fall from the stairs, huh? - Yeah.
I already told you, it wasn't me.
- It was an accident.
- We know what you did to your kids.
The question is, who else knows? The state attorney has decided to prosecute you for violence against your children.
You may never see your girls again.
Do you understand? I love my kids, okay? I do.
Who knew? Your wife knew.
Or she was beginning to suspect it.
I tried to get help, okay? I even talked to someone after the report.
Wh what report? Uh, to the district.
A case worker came out, but I put my lawyer on it, - so nothing came of it.
- A case worker from Gentofte? From Copenhagen.
I specifically asked if there was a report.
The case worker said no.
Who filed that report? I don't know.
It was anonymous.
Yeah, okay.
That's just really annoying.
Thanks a lot.
What's up? Child and youth services can't help until tomorrow.
- And only if we get a court order.
- I'll get that.
- And you're sure I can take the car? - Sure.
Take it.
Thank you for getting me out of that hole.
- Hey! - Took a chance and came over.
- Yeah.
- Are you off? - Yeah, I am.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Sebastian.
This is Hess.
He's my, um… partner.
Can can I get the key? Yeah.
See you tomorrow.
- But where is she now? - Sleeping at Aksel's.
Too bad.
I was looking forward to seeing her again.
- Yeah.
- But there are advantages.
- We get more time together.
- Mm! - You left last time, remember? - Yeah, I'm sorry.
You know what? I'm I'm really tired.
I'm not really up for, uh… No, no, no, no.
We don't have to do anything.
We'll just sit here, have some wine and hang out, right? I do have a wild fantasy about us going away for the weekend.
No, no, no.
I'm not going on any weekend trip.
Like, do you even realize what I do? No, because you can't tell me.
Wh what is it you want from me? Huh? What do you mean? Are you dreaming of your own toothbrush here, or me meeting your mom soon, or… You think that's what I want? Well, I think it's natural for you to dream of moving in and having your own kids at some point.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
I don't think I can give you what you want.
You can't, or you won't? What the hell's happening? Is it that bum in the car, or what? Then what? Can you please leave? Now, what the fuck is this? All I do is letting your oh-so-important job dictate when we see each other, and where, and how.
You know what? You are so fucking cold.
You only care about yourself.
I was held up when you called.
- I thought you wanted to come back.
- And I do.
- So why… - It's a bit complicated right now.
The longer you wait, the more complicated things get down here as well, no? - I'm calling Freymann tomorrow.
- Oof.
You'd better.
Hey! There you are! You work too much.
Uh, this is Rizwan, the guy I told you about.
The estate agent.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I just wanted to show him the flat… - Huh.
…so he could give you a good price.
- Yes.
- Think about it.
He sells ten percent above average.
See you.
Oh, by the way, I put the floor sander in there.
WEDNESDAY, 14 OCTOBER The investigation into the killings of 37-year-old Laura Kjær, a clinic nurse from Husum, and 36-year-old Anne Sejer-Lassen from Klampenborg has raised speculation about whether there's a connection between the two.
- I need this signature.
- The killings happened a few days apart, and anonymous sources say - there are certain similarities.
- And here.
- The police will not reveal… - Are you ready? - …same offender.
- Yes.
Where are we going? Bukke's closing the final amendments in the conference room.
He's finally caved.
Go ahead, Engells and Frederik.
I need to talk to Liv.
Liv, has the head of homicide tried to contact me again? No.
But I've heard that the detectives contacted child and youth services.
Why would they? I don't know.
I called to get some stats from Copenhagen this morning, and… I gathered the whole department was at a standstill due to a search.
A search? Yeah.
- Hey.
Hey, Liv.
- Hi.
- Mmm… do you have a minute? - Yes.
I'll be right there.
- Um… I'm, uh… a bit busy.
- Yes, of course.
You… you forgot your keys.
Thank you.
- Steen, what - I've thought about it.
What you said yesterday.
About Gustav.
I think you are right.
Of course we have to protect him.
So I… I won't go on… We've decided to go see a movie later.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I wish I could go.
You know, um… Maybe I can move some meetings.
I'll have a look.
Maybe we should grab a burger before? - Rosa? - Yeah.
I mean… only if you have the time.
Let's talk later.
- See you later.
- Yes, honey.
I'll leave you to it.
The problem is that when we talked yesterday, the system crashed - No.
No, it didn't.
- I couldn't You told me there was no report on Sejer-Lassen.
No, you must have misheard me I think you saw a notice from the national hospital when you looked them up in your system.
A notice that you didn't check up on.
Then you panicked, and now the mother's dead.
You made a mistake.
I'm so sorry if we've delayed your work.
I assure you that our social workers are working hard to manage the workload.
- Yeah.
And we did talk to the family - Look, don't apologize to me, apologize to the girls who had the shit kicked out of them.
- And to the boy who was abused.
- You got a minute? Yes, I do.
I'm getting nowhere here.
I've compared the two reports.
One against Laura Kjær and the other against Sejer-Lassen.
SELFISH WHORE "That selfish whore.
She should know better.
" - The same.
The wording's the same.
- Exactly.
If the perpetrator made reports about people who were then killed, he might have reported his next victim already.
Hey, you two.
We need all anonymous reports about neglect and abuse in the last year.
Just the cases where you found no need to intervene.
Come on! Get to it.
- Yeah.
- Of course.
What… - What's all this? - The cases from social services.
I think we have to bring in more people to get through this quickly.
Of course.
Thomsen, you handle that.
Let me know if you find anything.
And we need to talk to Rosa Hartung again.
Is there something I should know? No, there isn't, but the perpetrator is most likely the anonymous reporter.
He's killed two women whom he deemed irresponsible mothers and he left Kristine Hartung's prints at the scenes.
It has to be a message to the minister of social affairs.
I get that, but I don't think - she has any new information.
- No, but we have to be sure.
Let me tell you something.
I lived in those two's living room for three months.
Every single day, I saw two parents go from hope to deep despair and back.
- I can't put them through that again.
- No.
And it wouldn't feel good either if it turned out you were wrong, would it? I'm not wrong, Hess.
How far have you got? I can't find any mention of "selfish whore" or "she should know better", as we saw in the other two reports.
- Why did you take these out? Can I look? - Yes.
Both Laura Kjær and Anne Sejer-Lassen were acquited by the district, although the children were suffering, so I looked for others they might have been wrong about.
These are the same five I took out.
These families seem highly dysfunctional.
It's such a long shot.
It makes no sense.
Why not just kill them? Why report them first? Maybe he gave the authorities one last chance to intervene, but they didn't.
What if he changed the way he writes? Mmm? Okay, so if you were the killer and you wrote the first two reports, and knew we were looking for the third… How would you write that? The readability stats aren't very high in the reports on the victims.
So if the perpetrator is wanting to confuse us… Yes? …then there are at least two that stand out.
They're both well-articulated, without misspelled words or typos.
And which is better written? Jessie Kvium's.
"Jessie Kvium, 24 years old, lives alone with her daughter Olivia, aged six.
" "No contact with the father.
" The accuser reports that Jessie's often very drunk while with her daughter.
And the neighbors often complain about visitors and loud music from the apartment all through the night.
In, out, in, out, in, out.
In, out, in, out.
Out! And come in.
Side to side.
Arms up.
And on vacation, we took a walk and then we went into this hotal.
We just went in to take a look.
- This huge infinity pool, right? - Arms up! So there was no question about it.
We have to go back, pack our stuff - and check in here instead - Hi, Nikolaj.
Even though it wasn't the plan, what else can you do there apart from lie in the pool? So, yeah.
My point is, I can really recommend it.
Were you at the parent-teacher meeting last Friday? No, my wife went.
There's something important I'd like to talk to you about with regards to the class culture.
Would you excuse me for a minute? That was the last time.
You got that? I'm married.
So stop following me, for God's sake.
Fuck you, you smug jerk.
Take your fucking Audi and stick it up your ass.
Fucking… door! Hello! Hello? Hello? Hello? How can we be sure that she's the next victim? What you're suggesting sounds risky.
We can't be sure, but she's our first choice.
If we look at the number of days between the two first murders, we can't wait.
So… what exactly are you saying? That there's a creepy stalker out there? We need to find out who sent the anonymous report.
I told you, it was one of the moms from school.
But we don't think so.
Know how annoying it is to have the district on your ass? Okay, look.
If there's anything to this report, you could be in danger.
- Do you get that? - But there isn't.
You said you felt like someone was after you.
- In the mall.
- Under the mall.
In the basement.
Tell me what happened.
- Already told this to the other one.
- Tell me.
I heard footsteps, and they stopped every time I did.
- Did you see anything? - No.
I said that as well.
- It was dark.
- And what were you doing in the basement? Okay.
What do you think? Could she be the one? It could be her.
According to district, Jessie Kvium's an alcoholic.
There's been meetings at school.
Teachers think she's neglecting her daughter.
And she thought someone was following her at the mall.
Captain, look at this.
I think we have a problem.
- God damn it.
Nylander, what's it gonna be? How long do you need? Captain, the press is asking for a statement.
- What do I tell them? - Don't tell them anything.
Guys, listen up.
Gustav? Are you coming? - We need time to buy sweets as well.
- Yeah.
What about Mom? Mmm… She couldn't make it after all, so… it's a guys' night.
- Hi.
Sorry to disturb you.
- Hey.
- Steen Hartung? - Yes.
I'm sorry to turn up like this, but I tried calling a few times.
I'm Niels Davidsen, a reporter from Background.
Do you have a comment? A comment on what? About the murders of the two women.
There are rumors about some fingerprints.
I haven't heard anything.
Your daughter's fingerprints were supposedly found in connection with the murders.
We have it from a source in the police.
- I know nothing about - Do the prints make you wonder if she's still alive? Steen, we would like you to come on the show tonight.
My son is home.
We are on our way to see a movie.
- Go away.
- Wait a second.
Won't you please Who was it, Dad? Who was it, Dad? It was nobody Get the glue.
- Where is it? - I don't know.
Where we keep glue, damn it.
Just get the damn glue! I'm going to Victor's.
- Please move your homework.
- Okay.
- How long will you be gone for tonight? - We talked about that.
Please set the table.
- You weren't at the lantern party either.
- No.
Why can't Sebastian be here sometimes? Because we have Grandpa.
And look, you don't ask him if you can get your ears pierced.
You ask me.
- You listening? - Hmm.
I think it's a really bad idea.
You can tear the earlobe, and it can But I have drawn pictures for Sebastian.
- And you said he could come over.
- Yeah.
But we're not together anymore.
We're good friends, but we're we're not dating.
- Yeah, but he'll still sleep over, right? - No, not any more.
That's over.
- Why did you break up with him? - It's none of your business.
- Yes, it is! - No, 'cause that's adult stuff.
- Fuck your adult stuff.
- That's not how we talk here! How would you know? You're never here.
Would you please let Grandpa in? It's not Grandpa.
It's someone from your crappy job.
I wanted to look at the floorplan before we go.
- Sorry to interrupt your dinner.
- No, it's fine.
- The place is set for my grandpa.
- Le, enough.
- No, I'll just go for - No, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Eat your vegetables.
- Mmm.
- Do you want more? - No, no thank you.
- It was good, though.
- Mm-hm? You're lying.
Grandpa will be here soon, so get ready.
He is not my real grandpa.
He is just helping my mom, because she doesn't have a dad or a mom.
I see.
You have different coloured eyes.
Uh, yes, yes, I do.
Is that a budgie? - Mmm.
- Mmm.
Do you have kids? No.
A wife? No.
- You can't keep a relationship either? - Uh, yes.
But, uh, my wife died.
How did she die? Ah… - You don't want to hear about that.
- I do.
Well, she… She… There was a fire in the building we lived in.
There was some… We'd just moved in, and there was some illegal wiring.
I think… Um… I wasn't home.
But, uh, she was.
If our flat caught fire, I'd run out as fast as I could.
I'm sorry.
- You can watch some TV.
- Okay.
- Should we look at the floorplan? - Yes, let's do that.
Where does Jessie live? Right here.
Kvium's car is coming.
Englandsvej 7.
Kvium and her daughter are moving towards East Block 18.
Kvium has arrived at the apartment.
Sixth floor.
Hess over.
…daughter Kristine, who disappeared last fall.
Fingerprints have been discovered that belong to Kristine, who was presumed killed last year.
The police refuse to make any comments, and say that the case is closed, pointing to the physical evidence… …and full confession - I'm in position.
- Yeah.
Everyone's in position.
If he turns up, we'll see him immediately.
What's up? - Steen, Kristine's dad.
Good evening.
- Steen Hartung's on TV.
- Good evening.
- Kristine's fingerprints have turned up in two murder cases.
- That must be devastating for you… - I've just heard - Sh! - Do you think she could be alive? Yes.
I think she might be.
- That must be just horrifying - That's why I'd like to tell people.
If you know something, or saw something that could be connected to our daughter, please contact the police.
- Where's Vogel? - It might not be too late.
- And to the person who took Kristine… - Find him now! …I have just one plea.
Will you please give her back to us? Kristine… - When did you arrange this? - We didn't.
…is a good girl.
- She didn't deserve this.
- There will be repercussions.
- You know that, right? - Kristine deserves to be with her friends, and go to school.
She deserves to be with her family, she deserves to get back to life.
- Rosa, the minister of justice.
- If Kristine's watching, - what would you like to say to her? - We miss you.
We won't give up until we find you.
Where's Gustav? He's sleeping.
He's devastated.
I didn't mean to Most nights, I can't sleep, because I I think I hear her in her room.
When I look out of the window, I I see her sitting on the swing in the yard.
I hear her laughter in the car.
I can still feel her warm hands in mine at the hospital that time she had appendicitis.
Ah, Rosa.
I would never have done this… if I didn't believe it with all my heart.
I can feel her.
I I know she's out there.
Honey… can't you feel her too? Entrance B, entrance C, check.
Moving on.
- What's up? - What's going on? - Why did you turn off the light? - I figured Jessie'd go to bed now.
What's happening at your end? Really not that much.
He might not even strike tonight.
We'll look like idiots.
- Well, mostly you.
It was your idea.
- Yeah.
- By the way, um… - Yes? I'm, uh… I'm sorry about your wife.
- Your daughter's pretty bright, huh? - Yeah.
She takes all the credit.
And her grandpa, of course.
- She told me he helps out sometimes.
- Yeah.
You can say that again.
It started with Aksel and his wife taking care of me a long time ago.
- Why? - I was in some trouble, and, uh… Since then, he's just been there for us.
- And what about her her dad? - He's not really worth mentioning.
That's why I want to go to cyber crime.
- To have more time? - Yeah.
And I just get too many nightmares and too little sleep.
It's hard to keep it all up.
Yes, but it's also what makes you good at it.
The male with the cigarette from earlier is approaching the entrance.
Do you have a description of him? Over.
No, he's wearing a hood.
Medium height, slim.
Hess, what's happening? Someone just sneaked in.
Switch to radio.
What Bravo, can you tell if he's armed? Jansen, over.
Fourth floor.
Bravo, over.
Fifth floor.
Bravo, over.
Thulin, he's on your floor.
He's walked past the apartment.
Hess, over.
Okay, he's going back.
Team Bravo, stand by.
Hess, over.
Green light, Bravo.
On the ground.
On the ground! Hands, hands! - Don't move! - What are you doing? Let go of me! Ah! I haven't done anything.
Let go of me.
Nikolaj Møller, Mantuavej 76.
- What are you doing? - I wanted to talk to Jessie.
About what? - She sent me a text - What text? PIN? - Mobile PIN number! - 2003.
What the hell? "Get over here now, or I'll send these to your wife.
" I was to meet her.
She was blackmailing me.
- Only wanted to scare her.
- Shut the fuck up.
Who filmed it? The text was sent from a hidden number.
Half an hour ago.
- Who's with Jessie? - Ricks.
In a holiday rental she uses.
What's up? Can we please go home? No.
Go to bed.
- Where's the other detective? - He went to get some pizza.
In the meantime, you're just kicking it on Pornhub, or what? So what if I was? What the fuck? Stay here.
Hello? Where are you? Someone there? Olivia? Sweetie? Mummy? Mummy! Mummy, I'm thirsty.
Jessie! - Jessie! - Hi, Olivia.
Whoa, whoa.
Calm down, don't be scared.
I'm Mark.
I'm with the police.
We're looking for your mom.
- Do you know where she is? - No.
Jansen? Ricks.
Ah, for fuck's sake! Ambulance! No, no, no… Jessie! Hess.
There's no pulse.
Let's get the others.
Hess! Jansen, over here.

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