The Chestnut Man (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I am the class teacher… MONDAY, 19 OCTOBER - I think we need to - I understand.
Le is staying with her grandfather for a few days, so if it has to be today, he'll be the one coming.
I've reached out to the school psychologist as well.
The school psychologist? Why? I thought it was just some girls bickering? That's what we need to figure out, and why everyone from the group of girls is coming.
- Yeah.
- So it'd be really nice if you could come.
- Yeah, of course.
I'd really like to.
- Good.
I'll see you later.
Are you here to see the flat? It's really nice.
It's all freshly painted.
I think you have the wrong person.
Do you know if Hess is home? I have no idea.
Go on in.
He never locks it.
He says he doesn't have anything worth stealing, but… What the hell is this? - What's up? - You just painted it all white.
Uh, yeah.
But it needs two coats anyway, right? Dad, we have to go play Monopoly.
Yeah, let's go, buddy.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What's going on? You're not answering, you weren't at the morning briefing.
Any news? The forensic tests didn't show anything.
And our IT department still can't find the IP address for the anonymous reporter.
And they can't tell who sent the text with the sex video.
- Any clues from the weekend cottage? - Nothing.
The perpetrator must have discovered us in Bellahøj and must have known Jessie Kvium would borrow the house from time to time.
So all we have is the chestnut figurine that was found with Hartung's daughter's fingerprint.
Yes, and that's also why we have to interview her.
- Rosa Hartung? - Listen.
It's all about her.
And it has been right from the beginning.
- We're not allowed to interview Hartung.
- Okay, you have to see this.
Take a look.
I've just found this video.
Not not now.
Nylander wants to say a few words about Ricks.
The police video from the place Kristine disappeared a year ago.
I've just noticed.
Next to her school bag.
A chestnut man.
We're gonna have to push Nylander again.
THE CHESTNUT MAN With 22 years in service, Ricks was just as much a part of the police station as the foundations these buildings are sitting on.
We're all affected by the loss of Martin and this whole case.
But we owe it to him, and the other victims, and their relatives to find and stop the perpetrator who's behind this.
I would ask you to hold a minute's silence in honor of our colleague and friend… Martin Ricks.
Four victims, and one of them is our own.
And from what I gather, the minister is next.
She's surrounded by bodyguards.
- All precautions - And her husband on TV? The press is tearing us apart.
Justice is all over me, due to those prints.
Fingerprints last forever.
- Hey, hey, hey! Let go.
Let go! - Hey! Stop! Jansen! - Jansen! - Stop! - Stop that.
- This is your fault.
Ricks is dead because of your fucking good ideas.
Stop it! I was the one who green-lighted that operation.
If you need to be mad at someone, it's me.
Calm down.
Go home and take a break.
Just a second.
Don't stand around staring.
We have a case to solve.
Get to it.
Yeah, I know perfectly well what you two want.
Go question Rosa Hartung.
I've told the ministry you're coming.
She has received some threats.
I'm sorry, but secret services wanted to keep things quiet.
There are some reports.
Bring those, okay? Steen's story is all over social media.
I just got off the phone with the prime minister's adviser.
And they want us to send out a press release in which you express confidence in the findings of the police investigation.
But Steen is right.
New uncertainties have arisen in the case.
We have to shut down speculation in the press, - to avoid putting the government - Rosa? …and minister of justice under any more - The police have arrived.
- …pressure.
Rosa… You wanna get back to the negotiating table, right? Uh, I I can't make a decision now.
Let me talk to the police first.
These are the three women.
Laura Kjær, Anne Sejer-Lassen and Jessie Kvium.
Yes, I recognize them from the media.
- Mm.
- But I've never met them.
All three women were anonymously reported by the perpetrator either for negligence or abuse of their own children.
Despite the reports, the abuse was never uncovered by the authorities.
Because you're the minister of social affairs, and Kristine's prints, we believe the perpetrator's motive is primarily to target you.
He thinks it's my fault? Possibly, yes.
And it may be the same person who is behind the threats you've received recenty.
But do you have any idea who might call you a murderer? Secret service asked me the same question, but no.
- I've no idea.
- Are you absolutely certain? Could you have had a dispute with someone who, uh… who might… who wants revenge? No, I have no idea who it might be.
I don't have any personal enemies, but I've pushed for earlier forced placement of children who aren't thriving.
So yes, it's possible that some parents feel let down.
Are there any specific cases you can think of? No.
I'm not the type of person who thinks about that.
The children always come first.
As you already know, I once needed foster parents myself.
- So I know what I'm talking about.
- Tell us about that.
I'm adopted.
An only child.
I don't know my birth parents, and both my foster parents are dead.
But I had a good childhood.
But these chestnut men, they must mean something.
Can you think of why someone would confront you with those? Nothing other than what you already know.
- Kristine used to make those figurines - No, it's not about that.
It it must be something else.
It's… it's some kind of a strange signature.
Like it's someone who knows you and wants to tell you something.
Try again.
What about longer ago, when you were… When you were young, or… Wh what about when Kristine disappeared a year ago? No.
I… I don't know what it could be.
- Thanks.
- Does that mean you can't proceed? No, we'll be back.
But we'd really like to see all forced placement cases made during your tenure.
Of course.
I have a question for you as well.
Do you think there is any chance she's alive? Kristine? No, I'm afraid not.
But of course we understand why your husband went public and said what he did.
But the fingerprints… Three times.
- It it seems like - If the perpetrator wants to get to you, then the most evil thing to do would be to give you and your family false hope.
But you're not sure? There could be a chance? See if you can think of something.
Here's a pile of prints of the latest placement cases.
And the ministry says there'll be more.
Look for cases involving extreme anger - at the system or the minister.
- Yes.
These cases are our only lead right now.
I've gotta go to a parent consultation at the school, but I'm back in about an hour.
The chestnut man in the video must mean that Kristine's attacker is the same guy we're looking for, and And Rosa Hartung has to be the connection.
Yeah, but we have no evidence that the killings are connected to Kristine's case.
Can I see the video again? - Yes.
- What's the timecode? 01:28.
It looks like the others.
I mean, she could have made it and then it fell out of her bag? Look at this.
Do you see what I see? Again.
Play it.
Go back.
Genz, do you have a minute? No, I don't have time.
Nylander is on me 24/7.
Please put this on and go to the end.
Timecode 02:48.
Everyone, take five, okay? If you go forward and stop at the timecode… Yeah.
- At 02:48.
- Mm-hm.
Wh - Isn't that Linus Bekker? - Exactly.
Do you know the exact time this video was made? - Do you have that in your archives? - Yeah.
According to the report, Bekker's home was searched after an anonymous tip.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And the call was made from an unregistered prepaid cellphone.
- Yeah.
- But did you find more than that? Uh, well, no.
We were very focused on, uh… on… Well, on the machete and, uh, on Linus Bekker's perverted inclinations.
He'd hacked into police archives to look at morgue photos.
But he only confessed when Jansen confronted him with the machete.
Uh… Yeah.
I think so.
At 06:07 p.
, Linus Bekker stands there.
At 06:07.
What does it say? It it's the same time.
It's the same time Bekker claims he drove around with Hartung's body up north.
Uh… it's not to spoil the good mood, but Linus Bekker could still have killed her - either before or after he stands there.
- Yeah.
Why confess to a murder he didn't commit? Well, we'll have to ask him.
Do you think Nylander will agree to that? I asked Liv for all forced placement cases, and she'll meet me at home after my meeting at the women's shelter so we can skim them together.
And the meeting at the ministry of finance about the failed negotiations? Yes, uh, I canceled that.
I read your draft for the press, but we're not releasing it.
I agree with Steen.
Rosa, I like Steen, but from the outside, what he's doing seems a bit crazy.
If you support him, I have to tell you as your adviser and friend, that you risk the prime minister removing you from office.
Nothing matters more than my daughter.
- Take care of her.
- Yes, of course.
Oh, Jacob, two seconds.
I left my computer, but Liv is on her way.
- Yes, that's fine.
- Thanks.
Well, I think we… Dad's waiting, so we'll be going now.
Okay? Thank you.
Bye, Tobias.
See you.
Yes? There's too much happening with police and bodyguards.
- I think we should wait.
- She didn't wait.
She didn't give us a chance.
So why should we? Just do as we agreed.
What about the one from last year? - Mmm… - Have a look further down.
No… - No, it's not… - It's not that one.
How about… - Hey.
- Hi.
- Are the reporters still outside? - No.
But they've already been at the school, I'm afraid.
This is your fucking fault.
- You started it again.
- Yeah.
I, uh… I tried to explain why we are doing what we're doing.
But he's struggling to understand.
Well, I'll go into the office.
My phone is ringing off the hook.
I've gotten over a hundred emails from people who have seen the interview.
What are you doing? The police asked for all the forced placement cases, so I thought we'd go through them as well.
Rosa, I just thought of something.
Do you remember the awful case, uh, with that… Was she a doctor? She had a child removed and went to the media.
Wasn't she a nurse? I think so.
She made some major allegations against the authorities.
Yeah, I'm looking for her case, but I don't remember her name.
It was… it was after your trip to Brussels.
Liv, try going back two years? It was during the winter.
Maybe January or February.
Hold on.
Look at that one.
Jansen, I think you should go home.
Have you seen Hess or Thulin? No.
What's it about? It's Rosa Hartung's ministerial secretary.
They've become aware of a specific case.
Let me take the call.
Thank you.
Detective Tim Jansen.
I don't know where they are.
But you can talk to me.
Can you tell her I'm sorry I can't be there? They didn't ask to see the grandparents, but the parents.
- Yeah.
- Le wants to talk to you.
- Hey, sweetie.
Hey! - Mom, you have to come now.
I know.
I'm I'm so sorry, I can't.
But, uh… but Grandpa's there with you, and, um… and you'll figure it out together.
I miss you, Mom! - Sweetie? - It's me again.
We gotta go.
The meeting starts now.
Thulin, it's time.
- Hello, I'm Weiland, the chief physician.
- Hess.
He's waiting.
- Hi.
- Yes.
Follow me, please.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Our patients don't have access to the news, and certainly not to murder cases.
If you would like to talk to Linus Bekker, you can only speak about his case.
- No one else's.
Understood? - Yes.
Uh… I… I don't know where the body is.
I can't remember more - than I've already told you.
- This isn't about that.
Linus, first we'd like to hear more about, uh… the photo archive you hacked into.
The police archive with crime scene photos of dead bodies.
Can you tell us about that? Uh… Wh uh… I I knew that what I did was illegal.
Although at first, I thought they were good for me.
The photos.
But… but it only made me think of one thing.
What do you remember from the day with Kristine? I I remember that… I I needed some fresh air.
So I went for a drive.
You went for a drive on the day of the murder? Do you recall what happened next? Only in glimpses.
I I blacked out, because of my medicine.
But do you remember fo Following Kristine Hartung? Not really.
I… But I remember the place and her bike.
- Hm.
- But if you don't remember her, then how do you know that you assaulted and killed her? They told me so.
Th they helped me remember other things as well.
Wh who told you? The detectives? - Yes.
- Yeah? They found dirt under the shoes - and blood on the machete that I used.
- Yeah Yes, we know all the evidence.
But that doesn't interest us.
What interests us… is that you… At first, you said you didn't do it.
- Right? - Yes.
Why, do you think? That's, uh… The doctors say that's how my disease works.
That I I mix up reality.
Linus, were you especially close to anyone at that time? Someone you met randomly? Someone you might have confided in? Maybe someone online? I don't think I understand what you want.
I I'd like… I'd like to go back to my cell now.
- Calm down.
- Don't don't be nervous, Linus.
- Don't be nervous.
- Sit down.
We're almost done.
If you help us… if you think hard… I think we can figure out what happened to Kristine Hartung.
- You think so? - Yes, I do.
You said you drove around up north with Kristine's body.
But that's not true.
Because you're standing right there.
You're standing right there.
Where she disappeared.
You know, I think you heard about Kristine in the news and then you went to the crime scene because you like that kind of stuff, right? Linus? Just ask what you want to know.
What do you mean? Mmm.
Why I confessed to a crime I didn't commit? - Why did you confess? - Oh, come on.
Come on! - Why did you confess? - Don't you get it? Are you stupid? I know why you're here.
Why are we here? How do you know about that? How do you know about that? I was just as ignorant as you two.
Then you found a bloody machete in my garage.
Then, I understood I was part of his plan.
- I've been chosen.
- Chosen by whom? Who were you chosen by? Wh where does he put them? The chestnuts? Does he make them into little men? Do some of them have little wings? - Where's Kristine? - It doesn't matter.
- What did he do to her? It does matter.
- It doesn't matter.
- Tell us where she is.
- Oh, she's had a great time with him.
I can guarantee.
- Where is she? - Hey, hey! - Hess! Hess! - Tell me where she is, you sick fuck! - Tell me where she is! - Let go! - Let go of him now! - Tell me! Tell me where she is! He he attacked me.
The detective attacked me.
Sorry about that.
I went too far back there.
Nylander has called several times.
Something must have happened.
How the hell can Linus Bekker know who the perpetrator is? Bekker hacks his way into the police archive with photos from various crime scenes, right? Yeah.
What if he saw something in the archive that he recognized from the Kristine Hartung case? I'm calling Genz right away.
Hi, what's up? What did Bekker say? I'll tell you later.
Um, we need the photos Bekker found in the archive and a list of the crimes he was most interested in ASAP.
Sure, but you have to call the IT people yourself.
I'm on my way out to the place Jansen called us about.
Jansen? - He didn't call you? - No.
Yeah, we got a tip from Rosa Hartung's secretary.
They think they found the perpetrators.
- Where's Jansen? - In the apartment.
By the entrance.
We received a tip from Hartung's secretary.
They remembered a woman who had her child removed because of negligence.
Over here… It's an abandoned foundry, where the old porter's lodge was used as housing.
It's leased to Benedikte Skans, a 28-year-old nurse.
She suffered a puerperal psychosis and the child was removed by the authorities.
Shortly after, the child died of a lung infection.
She was confined to psychiatric care, and discharged recently.
She went back to her old job as a nurse, and moved into this place with her boyfriend.
But as you see, they haven't forgotten what happened.
My guess is Skans and her boyfriend were in it together.
FINALLY YOUR TURN, YOU DISGUSTING WHORE - Where are they now? - Skans left the hospital at two.
No one has seen her since.
- Which ward was it? - Pediatrics.
- Do we know who the boyfriend is? - We're working on it.
They're not married, so the case about the child being removed is in her name.
But, Jansen, do we think it's them? That they are behind harassing the Hartungs, the women's murders, and killing Ricks? - I think it's them.
- We don't know for sure.
But she worked as a nurse on the ward… …where she definitely would have met at least two of the victims.
They should definitely be questioned, but… They won't be easy to find now that you've told the whole world we're looking for them.
Jansen, what do we have on the boyfriend? What the hell is this? I have a chief physician on the line telling me that you've questioned Linus Bekker without me knowing.
And you attacked him, Hess.
And that the guards had to pull you apart.
What's happening? Well? Yes.
Yes, that's her.
- What exactly do you think she's done? - Have you had any contact? - Has she contacted or threatened you? - No.
Have you found something that indicates that… Liv, what is it? I'm telling you, this is bad.
We need The police have determined the identity of the nurse's boyfriend.
- Hi, darling.
I thought it was - Where's Gustav? - He didn't go with the driver, did he? - Yeah.
They drove to tennis training ten minutes ago.
He's not allowed to ride his bike, you know, so… Rosa? What's going on? - Rosa? - Um… You have to find him.
The police says my driver is the boyfriend of that nurse.
And are on their way.
- Where are you? - I'll be there in in two minutes.
I see where he is.
I'm tracking his phone.
Do you see him? Gustav? Gustav? Can can you hear me, Steen? Steen? Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! And we have witnesses who saw a gray van drive away from the location.
We need to start a search for it.
Uh… They found the ministerial car.
We'll start by questioning their families and workplaces.
Nylander's coordinating the search with secret services.
I, uh… I have to take this.
Hi, Aksel.
What's up? - Did the meeting go okay? - No, it didn't go well at all.
- It was a mistake you weren't there.
- What do you mean? She broke down.
I can't talk about it now.
She's still awake.
Come and take her to school tomorrow and we'll talk about it.
All right? Bye-bye.
TUESDAY, 20 OCTOBER Okay, so he, um… he hasn't talked about any places he used to go? With friends or family? No.
You just asked me that.
I He's new.
I didn't even know he had a girlfriend.
I'm really sorry we have to repeat our questions, but we're searching for anything.
It could be the smallest thing.
Something your driver said, or some… detail you noticed about him.
Any anything that could help us - find the location - Rosa already answered that! Yeah.
I still don't get how this could happen.
Don't you screen people? - We're not the ones - What if they took Kristine too? If they're the same ones? I'm afraid we don't know much about that yet.
But it's important to say that we do know their identity.
Their child died of a lung infection shortly after it was forcibly removed, and they feel it's your fault.
We're searching for the silver van.
Several witnesses saw it leaving the crime scene at high speed.
All bridges and larger roads are blocked.
And we're keeping an eye out at airports, train stations and ferries.
Right now, they have two options.
They can hide or surrender.
If they hide, we will use all resources to find them.
And we have a task force ready to move any time.
You said the same thing when Kristine disappeared.
I want my son back.
And my daughter.
Find my children.
Well, reach out to the Home Guard.
We need more personnel now.
It's been 12 hours.
We haven't heard shit from the kidnapper.
- Hi, you two! - Hi.
- Are you already going to school? - Hi, Mom.
- Yeah.
- Hey! I was on my way up to you guys.
- With breakfast.
- It doesn't have to be now, Naia.
I heard the news.
But, uh, let's, uh… let's drive.
Come on.
Hop on in.
Let's go.
So, who's up for a granola bun or some pastry? Huh? Sweetie, I'm so sorry I wasn't at the meeting at school.
I should have been there.
My work is just taking up more time than expected.
And I know you're not very happy these days.
But it's just for a short while.
Soon I'll be back home, and then we'll be together all the time-, because I'd rather live with Grandpa.
You'd rather live with Grandpa? He's never mad.
And he always lights candles and we play Go Fish! I'm happier at his house.
Yeah, but you being happy is the most important thing in the whole world.
What if I come over to you guys tonight, and then we'll talk some more? I think it's a really good idea, Le.
Is that a deal? Good.
There's still no traces indicating where they could have gone with the boy? Not yet.
We found a room made to keep a child locked up.
NATIONWIDE SEARCH FOR GUSTAV HARTUNG What about the iPad or computer from Skans' flat? We're on it, but it takes time to recreate deleted files on the laptop.
So what do we have? Come on! I checked with the psych ward in Roskilde.
Skans had a hard time.
- But - What do we have on Rasouli? Ex-soldier.
Two tours as a driver in Afghanistan.
His record is good, but some colleagues think he was getting shaky.
- What, PTSD, or… - It's definitely a possibility.
And, considering the grief they went through, they might do anything.
Everything points to them killing those women.
No, no, no it doesn't.
We have to focus on the facts here.
They threatened Rosa Hartung, and they took the boy.
But, Genz, you didn't find evidene of murder plans at their residence, did you? No, not yet.
No DNA, fingerprints or chestnut men.
Look, Skans has clashed with the authorities several times.
And this is an exact quote from her diary.
She's "a way better mom than those fuckheads who got to keep their children.
" That doesn't prove a damn thing.
Nylander, we need to talk to Linus Bekker.
- Enough with Bekker.
Hess, stop! - No, I won't.
Our top priority is to find that boy.
Thulin, I need to talk to you.
Look, visiting Bekker might have been a bit impulsive.
- But - I know Hess wanted to go.
- I'd like to talk about that - No, it wasn't Hess.
It was me.
I just talked to his former boss.
And he told me he has a long history of psychological imbalance.
Uh… I know his wife died in a fire.
But I don't see what that, um… Their three-month-old daughter, too.
Okay, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.
I'm splitting the two of you up.
You take Parliament and Rasouli.
Skans and their joint home in the abandoned foundry.
Check if you missed something in the room they made for Gustav.
- Get going.
- Yeah.
We'll stay until things calm down.
We need to feed him, babe.
He hasn't eaten since this morning.
We shouldn't have taken him.
We should have dropped the idea when they found out where we live.
Maybe we should just give him back? And tell them everything.
That we just wanted her to feel like we did.
It's about time she felt what we went through.
What the hell? What are you doing? Give me the knife! Stop! - Let go of me! - What the fuck? Come on! - She's not getting away with it.
- He's just a boy.
I'm on your side.
I miss him too.
I miss him every day.
Come on.
And he's never mentioned a place where he would go with family or friends, or… - Um… - Um… I didn't really talk to him, but here is his schedule on the dates you asked for.
In no way did he come off the way he's been portrayed in the media.
Of course, it was mostly Rosa and Vogel who dealt with him.
And this is correct? Usually Vogel books the car, but yes, it's correct.
So you can definitely confirm that Rasouli was driving for the minister on the 14th? In the evening, at this time? Yeah.
- Where can I find Vogel? - His office is in there.
MISSING KRISTINE HARTUNG STILL ALIVE? What? Is he in my office? Hello.
- Have you found Rasouli? - Not yet, no.
And how can I help you? For how long have you known the minister? Rosa and I went to high school together, and we studied political science together.
- You've known each other a long time.
- Yes.
Through studies, and relationships… - established family… - I haven't started a family yet.
I see.
But yes, I have had the pleasure of being part of hers.
- Mm? - And Steen's, of course.
- And you also knew Kristine? - Yes, of course.
Wh… what's this about? According to this schedule, Rasouli was working on the evening on the 14th, until late.
Can you confirm this? Or is it possible you gave him the night off? On the 14th, I believe Rosa was to attend a prize award.
Then the event was canceled.
So… Yeah.
You see, Rasouli noted that he was working that night.
Might you have forgetten to tell him, so he was waiting at the Black Diamond? No idea.
I mean, who can trust anything he made a note of? - Shouldn't you be out finding him? - Where were you that night? Or the night of October sixth? Or the 12th, at about six p.
? You're talking about - the time of the murders.
- Am I? I'm happy to answer that during an official interview with my solicitor present.
- Hess.
- It's Genz.
The minister's asking if there's any news? - Them acting like I'm a suspect is new.
- A suspect? I'm on my way.
I have to go.
What's up? - Did you speak to Genz? - No, why? He's traced the gray van that Skans and Rasouli are driving.
A rental.
- Where? - Somewhere in Gribskov.
I'm on my way there now.
Jansen and the task force are on it.
- Okay.
I'll be there immediately.
- But listen.
Something doesn't add up.
I've checked Rasouli's work schedule, and I think he might have an alibi.
I think he was working the night Jessie Kvium was murdered.
I'll have to hear about it later.
I'm going to Gribskov now.
Hello? Hello? It's the police! Is anybody here? Guys… It's mayhem out here.
At the roadblock… Move in slowly.
Where? Gonna be pretty tight.
We need a dust crew.
Yeah, we're dusting for prints.
- Okay, get… - Jansen? - Yeah? - Where's the boy? Over by the ambulance.
He seems fine, but they're getting him checked now.
- What does the forensics say? - She hasn't arrived yet.
But they were still warm when we got here, so it happened a few hours ago.
It seems like the woman went crazy.
First, she used the knife on her boyfriend, and then she cut her own throat.
Any signs of anyone else? - We've been dark too.
- Yeah.
Is the scene secured? Okay, we need to search the woods.
Uh, call for the dogs.
- You two, that way.
- Hess, why? - Abildgård, come with me.
- What do you need? Here.
It's Thulin.
I need forensics at Skans and the boyfriend's residence.
You have one new voicemail.
First new voicemail.
Hess, it's Nylander.
It seems Skans and Rasouli are behind it.
I'm stopping the investigation in the woods.
Gustav Hartung has been to the hospital.
Other than being hungry, he's well.
Rosa, can we have a picture, please? There's a briefing at the station.
See you there.
- Rosa! - There are no more new voicemails.
Main menu.
Listen again, press one.
For more options… Are you sure you couldn't hear them talking? I told you already.
I could hear them fighting, but not about what.
Gustav, I understand.
It's just to be completely sure… - You didn't hear them talk… - No, they didn't talk about Kristine.
Is Gustav okay? Yes.
Well, we hope so.
Are there any news about Kristine? No, unfortunately not.
So so, what have you found out? I'm sorry, Rosa, but we haven't found anything that suggests that Kristine's alive.
- What about her fingerprints? - And the chestnut men? What about those? My best guess would be that… they must have bought them at Kristine's stand to do you harm.
- But, as I said, I was… - But that can't be right.
You are Maybe you're wrong.
Today, we made a discovery on the perpetrators' property that settles the case.
Nothing suggests that they had anything to do with Kristine.
I hope that, uh… I can leave soon.
You don't have to hurry.
She's already asleep.
She didn't want to talk about it tonight anyway.
- She doesn't want to go home? - No.
She kept talking about that she wanted to stay here with me, so… - Okay, but, um… - I don't know what to do.
Yeah, we'll have to talk about that.
I'll drive over as soon as I can.
Very good job.
Enjoy it now, while it's cold.
Thulin, aren't you joining us? Yeah.
Nylander! Nylander, why did you stop the investigation in the forest? I don't have time.
I have a press conference… Look, the pathologist can't say for sure that Skans killed herself.
The boyfriend might have an alibi… - Didn't you get my message? Hess? - …for the murders of Kvium and Ricks.
- Didn't you get my message? - We need to check this.
Listen, they didn't do it.
They didn't do it.
Someone's playing with us.
Someone wants us to believe we've cracked the case.
We have to speak to Linus Bekker again.
- If you're wrong about this, if you're - Hess, I'm not wrong.
Thulin, please help him.
- Hess, have a look at this… - Okay, we need to - We need to question Bekker again.
- Hey, your - We need to check if - Your nose is bleeding.
I found this at the foundry.
In a freezer.
Why wasn't this found before? Was the place locked? - Co could someone have planted this? - Calm down.
- Calm - This proves nothing, and you know it.
It proves nothing.
If we stop looking for her now, we risk… - Come come here.
Come here.
- We risk You gotta let it go.
Okay? We'd let her down.

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