The Chestnut Man (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

WEST ZEALAND, 1985 Don't jab.
Drill it like Astrid does.
Just try again.
How many are we going to make? We can make an entire family of these and put them in a circle.
Rosa? Could you come here for a minute? Um… We, uh… talked about keeping the twins.
Toke and Astrid have had a very hard time, and they need a good home.
And Dad and I think it should be here with us.
- Forever? - Yes.
If it's okay with you, sweetie.
Are you sure? Yes.
Come on, Rosa.
Don't you want to help me tell the twins the great news? It's been three days since the Copenhagen police tracked down the perpetrators, who are believed to have died by their own hands.
No evidence has been found to suggest that the perpetrators were involved in the murder of Rosa Hartung's daughter last fall.
Therefore, the case is considered as solved, and will be closed at a press briefing at police headquarters later today.
The political fate of Rosa Hartung, the minister of social affairs… Vogel's here.
Should I ask him to leave, or… I'm coming.
About emptying Kristine's room.
- I really think - We'll do it today.
- We are leaving.
Let's go.
- I'm not coming.
I'll bike.
No, you're not biking.
We have agreed that I'll drive you - when you're going to - No, not any more.
And you know why.
I'm going with Otto and Victor.
And nothing will happen.
See you.
It'll be a while before she… I'll wait.
Can we… talk later? Not really.
The prime minister would like a meeting with you, online.
Our position isn't very strong after you backed up Steen.
So… We need to find out what to do.
I had a… strange dream.
I… I think it was a dream, but I'm not sure.
Maybe it's not that important.
But this meeting is important.
We'll get through this, okay? Like always.
THE CHESTNUT MAN FRIDAY, 23 OCTOBER I'm going to a forenics seminar in Jutland.
- After that, a couple of weeks off.
- Yeah.
It'll be good to get out and unwind after all this.
Yeah, okay, It's a shame Hess lost his cool along the way.
- Is he back in The Hague now, or what? - I don't know.
I tried to call him, but, uh, he's not picking up.
- But they said you were so good together.
- Yeah.
So much dissent and not so much substance in all his theories.
Don't you think? Look, he had a reason to complain.
There was no indication Skans and the driver were interested in the murdered women, other than the body parts found in the freezer, which could have been planted there.
And we didn't find any chestnuts with Kristine's fingerprints either.
Okay, so you think Nylander closed the investigation too early? No, no.
But but we can't say for certain that the the chestnuts came from Skans and the driver.
Can you wait until I'm on holiday before you re-open the case? What's up? That's… - That's my daughter.
- Oh.
Yeah, and her friend.
- Uh-huh.
- It's a bit complicated.
She's living at her grandfather's, so, uh… Hey! Hey, sweetie.
Hey! Hey, girls.
Hey! - Mm… - It's good to see you.
- Hey, Fiona! - Hi.
You look great.
But, uh, really scary.
- Me and Fiona are doing a presentation.
- I know, I'll be there.
I'm looking forward.
And I'm bringing pumpkins.
And you know what? You can come home with me afterwards.
It's my last day at work.
- What do you say? - Who are you? - My name is Simon.
- Yeah, that's Simon.
We work together.
- Or used to.
Your mom's changing jobs.
- Yeah.
So we'll have more time, right? Where are you two going now? - A Halloween party.
- Oh! Oh, and you're not scared? Don't you know what's going to happen? You'll wake the dead from the grave, and they will come up and eat you for dinner… …with pancakes and jam! Pumpkin! So… Entrance card for the parking lot.
To the gym and… keys to the locker.
- Are you staying for the press briefing? - No.
Car keys? We're releasing the names of Benedikte Skans and Jacob Rasouli - as the perpetrators.
- Okay.
- Thanks for now.
- Thank you, Thulin.
There were some minor hiccups at the end, but I think you set things right.
And good luck with the IT geeks.
It's the coroner, asking if you need more data for the press briefing.
- Yeah, I would like that.
- All right.
Good luck over there.
- Thulin? - Yes.
I've sent you and Hess a mail with the photos you asked for.
- Photos? - Yes.
They're indexed on a list in an email for you.
- Which photos? - Don't you remember? You asked for a list of crimes - Linus Bekker was interested in.
- Oh! Right.
Look, sorry I didn't tell you, but it's my last day today.
- So… But I owe you one, right? - Yeah.
- I owe you one.
- At least.
- Oh, let me take that.
- Thanks.
So… - Good luck.
- Thanks, Abildgård.
- See you.
- See you.
You did good, once you got started.
I had some extra time.
- You want me to sign now, or… - Uh, I don't have the papers.
Can't you just print them? I want to get rid of the apartment now.
Yes, but first, you need a listing agreement, I think.
I'll send it for you when I get it from Riswan.
- Your phone is ringing.
- Yeah, just let it ring.
Mark Hess' phone.
Yes, just a second.
Here's the boss.
- Hess.
- Hey, it's me.
Um… I've got good news.
They found Hauge, and he was arrested.
- Yeah, I know.
- Okay.
- Or… I, um… - Let's go, buddy.
I'm leaving today, and I talked to Abildgård, who told me that they found him at a gas station.
So, uh… so your job worked out, or… - Yeah.
- Are you going back to The Hague, or… I'm actually going to Bucharest right now.
There's a case down there, so, um… I might as well.
I also, um, had my last day today, so it's a bit… - Right.
- Yeah, Well, thanks.
But, uh… Yeah, well, uh, take care, okay? Bye.
Say hi to Le.
And, uh, if someone comes and asks for your address? No one will.
ROSA HARTUNG RETURNS AS SOCIAL MINISTER But you caught him? The Chestnut Man? Uh… - Yeah.
- My son thinks you're a hero.
No, I'm not a hero.
More like the opposite.
Yeah, I'm going to the, uh… airport.
- Terminal 2, please.
- Sure.
Thank you for your help.
- You're welcome.
- Oh! - That was a lot of pumpkin to carve.
- Hey! - Hi, Naia.
- Hey.
Hi! - Hi! Hi and welcome.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm sorry about… - Well… - Yeah.
- Don't worry about that.
- Yeah.
- How was your last day? - It was, uh… It was good.
- Mm-hm.
- Good.
- Boo! - No! - Oh, you're so scary.
Did you make that for me? It's so nice! Thank you.
Look what I brought for you and Fiona.
Why didn't you carve them like all the others did? Well, I thought we were doing it here.
Ah, don't you worry about it.
No one will notice.
Come on.
She's been looking forward to this.
Rejsende med SAS rute SK224 til Bukarest bedes gå til gate B12.
I didn't receive the ticket.
Could you mail it again? Of course.
I'll send it to your work mail.
- By the way, I'm sorry about Bucharest.
- No, no.
It's fine.
Bucharest is… it's fine.
- I'll see you there.
- Eh, bien.
Meddelelse til alle passagerer.
Af sikkerhedsmæssige grunde og på grund af risiko for tyveri må baggage og andre personlige ejendele ikke efterlades uden opsyn.
Efterladt baggage vil blive fjernet af myndighederne.
Baggage… LINUS BEKKER - FAVORITES Attention, all passengers… THE MOTHER In Denmark in 2008, we produced 400,000 pumpkins.
And today, this number is well above 800,000, so Halloween is probably here to stay.
Thank you, Le.
And the girls have prepared something very, very delicious that you can cook in the autumn.
- We've roasted… - Chestnuts.
You are more than welcome to come up and have a taste while Le and Fiona tell you everything they've learned about chestnuts.
Attention, travelers for Bucharest with SAS SK 224… The flight is boarding now.
Rejsende med SAS SK224 til Bukarest.
Flyet border nu.
Flyet boarder nu.
And what else to remember? To choose the right kind of chestnut, - the one called the… - …sweet chestnut.
Thank you.
Because no two chestnuts are alike.
There are many different kinds.
They grow in many different places, and they all look different.
And a little bird told me… - that there's a bit of extra - Excuse me.
When you say different kinds, what do you mean, exactly? There are two different genera.
The horse chestnut and the sweet chestnut.
And each genus has many sub-species.
They all look different, depending on where they grow.
- Right? - Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Thanks.
Le, can you come here for a second? - What the hell is the matter with you? - Please don't start a fight right now.
You've got to make up your mind whether you are here or there.
- Yeah, I know! - How do you think Le is feeling? You don't think I think about her all the time? I constantly think about her feeling sad.
I think about it being my fault.
I think about how I'm a crappy mom, because she'd rather live somewhere else, okay? - Hi, Le.
- Hey, sweetie.
- Come here.
- Hmm.
I'm so proud of you.
I miss you.
And love you.
Okay? I have to go now.
Because there's some work I really have to finish, but you're the best thing I have.
The best.
It's about the old murder case Bekker showed most interest in when he hacked into the archive.
I can't see the actual case, I can only see pictures, and I would like to read it.
There is nothing about the case in the archive.
It is just photos.
But I can see it's from '87, and from Møn.
So there's nothing in writing? You can't see who the killer was, - or who lived in that house - Mm, no, not right now.
The lead detective was John Brink, from Møn police.
- Come again? What was his name again? - John Brink.
I think there's still a local station down there.
And what's the address? Vadbro Torv 12, in Stege.
- Number 12? - Yes, number 12.
And just one more thing.
Has Thulin seen this? I don't think so.
It was her last day today, I think she had other things on her mind.
Are you ready? She'll be on in one minute.
And I wrote you a few lines here, in case you get stuck.
- Just remember what we talked about.
- Mm.
- Say "yes" and "thank you, ma'am".
Okay? - Yes.
- I'm I get it.
- Great.
Oh! Now she's here.
- Hey, Rosa.
Good to see you.
- Hi.
How are you? Well, it wasn't exactly the beginning I dreamt of.
But, uh… but now it's, uh… time to look ahead again and look forward.
Just let me know if there's anything I can do.
Everyone wants to help you.
Thank you.
Well, I'll take a few days at home, and then it'll be fine.
Well, we discussed this on our end too, and and I agree with you.
I also think it's a good idea that you take a break.
Yeah, I agreed with Vogel that I won't be in before Monday.
Uh, we propose you stay at home for the next three months.
Then both of us can think it over, and… we'll see how we feel.
Uh what about the negotiations? All the items we discussed for the national budget? That's no good.
Don't worry about it.
We'll find a good solution.
Well, as I said, uh, - the most important thing is - Oh, so you can use me when you need sympathy and some more votes, but now I'm getting a bit difficult, and so I have to go? Is that how I should take it? No, uh… no, I'm sorry.
I… I'll… It's perfectly fine, Rosa.
I have another meeting in a minute.
Uh… - So I need to know if we have a plan.
- Yes, we do.
Well, then, ask Vogel to swing by later, and we'll take care of the formalities and work out a strategy for the press.
Take good care of yourself, Rosa.
I'll go in and get everything settled.
And in three months, Rosa, you'll be much, much stronger.
Maybe the two of you should talk.
Let me know if I can help you.
Should we, uh… get started? - With Kristine's room? - Yeah.
I'll go to the gas station to get a trailer.
No, no, you don't have to.
I took care of it.
Well, then, I'll go and get, uh… Get some some of those plastic bags.
MISSING Steen? Honey? Is anyone there? That's all right.
You need to practice.
You're making me nervous.
Vogel said you agreed you would stay at home.
But but I need your help.
There's something I need to check.
We have access to the register for removals and foster cases, right? Yes, but… why Rosa? What are you doing here? I just arranged everything with the prime minister.
- Uh… I'll explain later.
I need - Let's go outside.
You shouldn't be here.
- No, you don't get it.
I need to - I do, Rosa.
I do.
Your career is in tatters.
I'm doing everything I can to save it.
It seems like you're doing everything you can to ruin it for us.
For us? I mean, with what you can do, and the sympathy you have among the voters… you can go all the way.
- Together, we can go all the way.
- Get out of my way.
Genz? Genz? - No, please.
Not now.
- I know.
- I'm on my way to Jutland.
- It's important.
- I tried to get hold of you.
- About what? - Bekker? - No, no, no.
Those chestnuts placed next to the victims, with Kristine's fingerprints, are they the sort that grow in Hartung's garden? Yeah.
They're horse chestnuts.
We established that long ago.
That's why we concluded the chestnut men had to come - from Kristine's little stand by the road.
- But is it the same sort? - What are you talking about? - It has to say in the report about the examination of the chestnuts.
It wasn't me who wrote it.
It was some forest botanist from the university of agriculture.
Can you find it for me? Only because it's you, okay? Uh, just a sec.
Well, um… Good.
The chestnuts that were found in Hartung's garden - are called Aesculus hippocastanum.
- Yeah.
And those from the first crime scene, that is, Laura Kjær's crime scene, are called Aesculus hippocastanum… novum.
- Novum? Can I see? - There.
I don't get it.
It doesn't make any sense.
But then they're a different species.
- Well… - But try - What about the other chestnut men? - Anne Sejer-Lassen.
Jessie Kvium.
Aesculus hippocastanum novum.
A-ha! Okay.
But does this really change anything? This means that it can't possibly be Kristine's chestnut men we found at the crime scenes.
It can.
She could have used other chestnuts than the ones from her home.
I think you should talk to Nylander on Monday.
Nylander thinks the case has been solved.
And you know that.
- I can't help.
I'm on my way to Jutland.
- Please.
It won't take long.
- Please.
- I can't right now.
Well, fine.
Then I'll, uh… Then I'll find someone else who can help me.
Because this means that Kristine could be alive.
Please stop! Uh, and wait, and then… and then tell me what you think we should do.
Møn's police, this is Erik.
- How can I help you? - This is Mark Hess again.
Is Brink there? No, he's still in a meeting.
You're going to have to try again on Monday.
POLICE Could you open the door? Hess.
I called a minute ago.
- If you can find me… - You're welcome, or you can call back.
- Yes? - Yeah, I need to speak to John Brink.
- Well, he's still in a meeting.
- Then you have to tell him it's important.
Unfortunately, Chief Superintendent Brink has left for the day.
- What's this about? - It's it's an old case.
If it's old, it can probably wait until Monday.
Otherwise, you can get Erik here to help you.
See you.
Have a nice weekend, Brink.
Yeah, no, no, no Listen, I'm looking for a perpetrator.
All right.
I think you met him in '87 when one of your colleagues was killed.
The station got a call from our chief, Marius Larsen.
He'd gone out there because some of the animals had escaped from the farm.
Go ahead, take a seat.
Shit, I'll never forget that day.
I'd just turned 29.
I was still wet behind the ears.
When we arrived at Ørum's farm to assist Marius… - Ørum? - Yes.
That was the name of the family's father.
The one running the farm.
My hunch is, he wasn't doing too well, so, uh… that's probably why the wife decided they should take in some foster kids.
Each kid came with a check.
And everybody knew that, uh… Ørum and the wife probably weren't the best qualified, but… on the other hand, there was a lot of fresh air, the fields, the animals, and so, uh…so we thought that it would be a better life for the kids than the one they had.
Who are Who are the two young people? They are Ørum's own teenage kids.
We found the wife in the bathroom, killed.
And I found Marius in the basement.
- Still warm.
- And the perpetrator? Well, first we thought Ørum had run away, but then we found his body in the marlpit… behind the farm.
He'd shot himself with a shotgun.
But how do you know he was the perpetrator? Both his, uh, two teenage kids and the pig had been shot with the same shotgun.
We assumed he might have gotten, uh… a bout of guilt.
For what? About, uh… what they did.
And what they did to their foster kids.
The twins.
We found them in the basement.
A boy and a girl.
I'd heard about them before, because they were in the same class as my sister's daughter.
But none of us had any idea that they, uh… were living in a dungeon.
And then we found the closet with, uh… a lot of videotapes that, uh… showed what had been going on.
- Poor children.
- Yeah.
You can clearly hear her brother screaming for their mother to make her her intervene, but… But she didn't? She was the one filming.
And then… they locked the boy in a room and asked him to make one of his chestnut men.
And so he did.
Every time.
The whole basement was full of those damn chestnut men.
- Why is there no picture of the boy? - There isn't? No.
I don't get it.
I I need to know everything you know about that boy.
- Yes.
- What's his name? Toke.
The sister was called Astrid.
Their last name was Bering.
Toke and Astrid Bering.
Where are they now? Do you know? I would like to talk to them.
Well… It's more than 30 years ago.
Why are you bringing that up now? Because I don't think it was Ørum who killed your sergeant back then.
Or his own family, for that matter.
The boy? You're not serious.
But he can't have been older than 11 or 12.
It doesn't make sense.
The case has to be there.
The foster parents' name was Petersen, they lived on Kirkevej 35, in Odsherred.
Um, the dad's name was Poul, the mom's name was Kirsten.
- And they took some twins into their care.
- But… What exactly is the case? Do you have an identification number? Something I can run through the system so that… Uh… They also had a foster daughter.
…8122… - That's your identification number.
- Yeah.
Just enter it.
There was a boy and And his sister was with him.
But don't you have a name, or something that I can No, they were only there for a few months.
There's something.
Bering, Astrid.
And the twin brother… Toke.
They were there for two months before they were sent on.
Where were they sent to? I have to What happened to them? Just let me.
I need to find them.
What's going on, Rosa? Is there something you want me to do? PUNISHMEN LOCKED UP FOR DAYS NEGLECT, SEXUAL ABUSE Rosa, I'm sorry, the prime minister's head of department wants to see you.
COME TONIGHT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR DAUGHTER WHERE? They were foundlings left at the entrance to the national hospital.
We have a little on Astrid Bering.
A suicide attempt, drug abuse.
Just over a year ago, she was released from a psychiatric hospital.
And no registered address since.
And what about the boy? Toke Bering.
That's very strange.
There's nothing.
He hasn't had an address since he was 18.
Uh, what's going on, Hess? - Abildgård, are you coming? - Yes.
And now, I can't help you anymore.
I have to go.
- We have a press briefing.
- Okay.
Just give me the names of the other foster families they lived with.
Maybe some of them are still in touch with them.
Um, the first foster family rejected them after two months.
And then they went to Chestnut Acres.
- And then… - Hold on.
Why were they rejected? It doesn't say.
- And now, I really have to go.
- Yeah.
Give me the name of the first family.
Poul and Kirsten Petersen.
And they already had an adopted daughter.
Rosa? Could that be… Abildgård, you need to call Rosa Hartung now.
Ask if her maiden name is Petersen and if she lived with the twins.
Yes, I'm on it.
I'm afraid we can't find anything on Toke Bering.
What about your sister's daughter? You said she was in the same class as them.
Let's ask my sister.
No, I don't know where she is.
You'll have to try her cellphone.
Well, then, try the ministry.
Yes? Hello.
Sorry to bother you.
My name is Steen Hartung.
This is my daughter, who disappeared last year.
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL? Um… I thought you might have seen something, or… Just something.
She was on her way home from training that day.
And had a red windbreaker on, and blue jeans.
So… Yes.
Wait wait a second.
I've seen you before.
- Uh… - Where the hell have I seen you? Uh… I've also seen you.
You rang my bell yesterday and asked me exactly the same questions.
I'm so sorry.
Maybe you should just go home.
- Should I go home, do you think? - Yeah.
Do you think I would be here if I had a place I could stand to be? You think so? I'm sorry about that.
It's not your fault.
No… Why don't I drive you home? I'll go get the car keys.
Rosa? Dad? Dad? Hey, buddy.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Where's Mom? - I don't know.
I've been trying to reach her all day.
The car's gone.
What's this? I found it in the living room.
And the front door was wide open.
Dad, is something wrong? Now you're ready to go and play again, sweetie.
What's wrong? It's just Toke… What about Toke? Look, if something's wrong, you need to tell me.
Okay? Has he done anything to you? Okay, well, what did he do? You're completely sure that's what happened? Sweetie, it's really important that you're not lying about this.
Come here.
Look, we fully understand your decision.
- Thank you.
- How is your daughter? She's well, under the circumstances.
- Fortunately.
- Yeah.
- Do you know where they're going? - Møn, I think.
They'll be fine.
Thank you for helping.
NUMBER WITHHELD: TURN OFF PHONE AND DUMP I OFF So, do you think she can find a class roster from back then? - Johanne, come on, damn it.
- Yeah! - We don't have all day, you know.
- Yeah, I'm coming! I just had to turn off the roast.
The kids and the little ones are coming.
Yeah, it's the first time the little ones are going "trick-or-tweeting", or whatever it's called.
Well, would you like some cake? No, thanks.
Uh, is it correct that your daughter was in the same class - as Toke and Astrid Bering? - Yeah, yeah, it's my daughter, Iben.
Oh, it was a terrible story.
All the kids were really affected by it back then.
But now, Iben lives up in Norway.
- She works in a hotel.
- Yeah.
So it's just the boys coming tonight with their kids.
John said something about there being a reunion a few years back, - for former students? - Yes? - Yeah, Johanne.
- Yes? We need Iben's class roster, and, uh… - a contact list, so… - Yeah.
But I'm sure I have it, 'cause we're storing all Iben's things.
- So I'll show you - Okay, yeah.
- Down here… - Yeah.
It should be here somewhere.
Ah, no, damn it.
Jeez, it's just magazines and stuff.
Aah! Now I can't find it, of course.
Ah, goodness.
- Johanne, get up.
- I wonder if Iben has it, or if we put it in the attic or in the garage… - when we renovated.
- Well Let me have a look.
- John, stop pushing.
- You said you had the class roster.
- Yes, but - Okay? And then I But here we are, and it's not here.
And we drove all the way here for it, okay? - So… - Right, but you're both welcome - to stay for dinner.
- Oh! What are we having? We're having rolled pork belly, but not with prunes this year.
- Who are the people in the pictures? - Just herbs from the garden.
- Have a look down here… Yeah.
- Who's the person in that photo? Oh, that's Iben.
And her class.
And that's Toke right there.
- It was at the graduation party… - That… - …at the Møllevang School.
- That can't be right.
It is him.
- I remember it clearly - That's Toke? - Yeah.
- I remember it clearly.
Iben was very puzzled that he showed up at the party.
He'd left the class several years earlier.
I think he only stayed about an hour.
No one said anything.
Everyone felt for those kids, everything they went through living at Ørum's.
Let's start.
I don't know… - …how much information you plan - Yes.
Uh, just a second.
Yeah? I really think you should mention the things with the underline.
- Nylander, you have an important call.
- Not now, Abildgård.
- I have a press briefing.
- You need to take this.
- You'll regret it if you don't.
- They're waiting.
- Nylander.
- Now, you listen carefully.
- Hess.
- Get a hold of Genz, and do it now! Understood? We're breaking down the door.
Go round the back.
POLICE Shit! Nylander.
What's up? Do you have him? No, he left.
- Where to? - No one knows.
Him and Thulin left a couple of hours ago.
- Thulin? - Yeah.
The staff say they had a meeting.
They found her mobile in the bin.
SIX MISSED CALLS Fuck! Thulin is of no use to Genz.
Check if he dropped her off.
Check her home Just find her! - It should be around here.
- Here? Wh We've been all over Møn already.
The botanist said there are three places where it's possible - to find that exact chestnut.
- And we've been three places.
I need to get to Jutland.
- I can drop you at Vordingborg station.
- Can we drive back the other way? - No, it's a major detour.
- Let's give it a try.
Be careful not to break that.
It's evidence, right? Yeah.
Your gun's in there.
Oh, right, yeah.
Must remember to lock it.
- I'm sorry that I've wasted your time.
- That's all right.
I was going this way anyway.
Yeah, almost.
It was fun to meet her, actually.
Your daughter, that is.
- I mean, she seems like a great girl.
- Oh, yeah.
How was the party? It went well, I think.
Think? What do you mean? You weren't there? No, I left.
- I'm here, right? - But you can still make it up to her.
'Cause you want to be a good mother, right? A good mother? What the hell is a good mother? Someone who understands that children are the most precious thing we have, - and we have to take good care of them.
- Yeah, but a father should too.
Have you seen my phone? - Last time I saw it was in your office.
- It's different with a mom.
In the end, it's her job - to make sure the child is well.
- What the fuck are you talking about? It's not just the mom's responsibility that the child's well.
Part of the responsibility is to work and make money.
For the child, it's primal instinct.
The child can do without a father.
It's the mother the child becomes attached to.
Right? She has to be there for her child.
Otherwise, everything else is meaningless.
Of course, she needs to be there, but a good mother also knows when her child needs her, and then, she's there.
At least she has her grandpa Aksel.
How do you know his name is Aksel? Wh Because you told me.
Can I borrow your phone? Oh, uh… I'm not sure where it is.
- Hey, stop, stop.
- Why? Stop the car.
Stop the car! Wait.
Wait! Naia, we're in a hurry.
Bring the bag.
Come here.
It could very well be it.
Weren't you going home to Le? Yeah, I just need to see what's there.
It'll take five minutes.
- There's a farm up here.
- Right.
If you really want to.
Then let's do it.

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