The Chi (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 ["All We Got" by Chance the Rapper playing.]
Mm-hm And we back And we back, and we back And we back and we back and we And we back and we back And we, uh Hey, this ain't no intro This the entrée Hit that intro with Kanye And sound like André Trying to turn my baby mama To my fiancée She like music She from Houston like Auntie Yoncé Man, my daughter couldn't have a Better mother If she ever find another he better love her Man, I swear my life is perfect I can merch it If I die, I'll probably cry At my own service Ah! Ah! It was a dream Come on, sweep.
I'm running late to school.
Ah, no, no, no.
We are closed.
- Let me get a grape pop.
- You got money? Man, you know I'm good for it, Amir.
- [AMIR.]
Grape pop? - Yeah, and some of that jerky.
- What's up, man? - $1 for the pop, $1.
75 for the jerky.
- Wait, how much pop cost? - Dollar.
How much it cost you, wholesale? 17¢.
Okay, so I give you a quarter and that's like 8¢ profit, man.
How you lose on that? [HABIB.]
Everybody else pay a dollar.
Habib, listen, man, check this out.
I give you a quarter for the pop and I pay full price for the jerky - and we good, man.
- How we good? 'Cause you make your money.
- Cool? All right.
- [HABIB.]
Okay, but only this time.
Okay, man.
Cool, cool.
You give me a hard time Isn't this all we got Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom So we might as well give it all we got Isn't this all we got [DOG WHINING.]
Hey, girl.
Hey, baby.
I got something for you.
Some of that jerky you like.
Hold on, I got you, I got you, I got you.
Here it is.
Good girl.
Like that, huh? [LAUGHS.]
What's going on in there? Hm [FAINT MUSIC FROM HOUSE.]
Messed up, not feeding you, huh? [TIRES SQUEAL.]
I know how it is.
Oh, shit.
Yo boy, you better take your ass home! [STICK WHISTLES.]
Oh, shit.
Man, oh, man, I didn't do nothing.
- Shut the fuck up! - Come on.
I didn't do nothing.
These cuffs too damn tight, man.
Yo, check this out, B.
Oh, shit.
A fish eating fish.
Fucked up shit, man.
And now you gotta clean it, fry it, serve it to some hipster.
Circle of motherfucking life, dude.
Come on, let's go.
It's brunch time.
What the hell are you doing? Oh, he just found a baby shark in one of these squid.
Is shark on the menu? No, chef.
- So don't mess with it.
- Yes, chef.
- How many covers we got today? - 90.
- Shit, okay.
- And the greens are in.
What card do you wanna put it on? This.
Still haven't paid the wine guy, either.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to him.
Okay? Be nice.
Got this.
Hey, if you're good, you two book through those in 20.
Oh, we only need ten, chef.
Just get it done right.
Come on, let's go! [BRANDON.]
All right.
You ask him about getting a shot in line? No, not yet.
Why not? Because Luis been here, like, three years.
He should get it, right? I mean, you're twice as good as he is.
There's gonna be a spot opening up.
Tahir's leaving us for the Girl and the Goat.
For real? You all right? - I'm all right.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Thank you so much.
Chef's wife want to throw you some of that pussy.
Or maybe you already hit that shit.
Oh, go.
No, man, she's just helping me out, G.
Helping you with what? Giving me a shot on the line, you know? What you want to be on the line for? 'Cause I got plans, dog.
If I do my thing here, then me and my girl Jerrika can open up our own restaurant, and then I don't got to be in here, prepping with your ass anymore.
Whatever, man.
Kiesha, let me borrow your phone.
All right, then.
I'll tell Mom you're ditching.
If she asks.
Boy, you ain't gonna snitch.
And who you gotta text? [SIGHS.]
This girl.
Oh, you a player now, huh? [LAUGHS.]
Uh-uh-uh! Dang.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
What the hell is you doing, bro? [KEVIN.]
Nah, bro, whatchu doing? Not in public! [KIESHA.]
Okay, look, I can't have my little brother looking all dirty, especially if you're trying to holler at some girls.
Come here.
All right, Kiesha.
Walk your punk ass over there and talk to Andrea.
Man, shut your fat ass up, Papa.
Hey, I'm husky, not fat Again about this husky shit.
And I don't know why you tripping.
Talking to girls ain't nothing.
All right, then.
Since you're such a fucking expert, you can come with me.
You with me or not? [PAPA.]
Man, why don't Jake go with you? Hell, no.
Stop getting me into this.
Papa, just come on.
You know what? I think we should head back.
No, no, no.
Don't wait Come on, man.
Hey, Andrea.
Hey, Kevin.
Yeah, Papa, I see you.
Well, now, what you laughing about, Rhonesha? - Nothing.
- [PAPA.]
Gonna sign up? - Sign up for what? The play.
You said you was gonna do it.
Uh I did? Yeah, you did.
Jake, Papa, you know, you guys should just sign up, too.
No, no.
We said "we're gonna check it out.
" Man, "we"? [KEVIN.]
We gotta see how it is first.
Oh, shit, "The Wiz"? Hell, no, you're on your own.
Hey, man, I don't fuck with plays, either.
Look, I just want to talk to you.
Okay, well, there'll be plenty of time to talk at the auditions.
Come on, stop with the play Come on, man.
Why you trying to sing, man? [MUTTERS INCREDULOUSLY.]
I'll see you later, Kevin.
Come on.
Man, you know you messed up.
You better erase that shit, bro.
- No.
- [JAKE.]
I don't know you Denzel wannabe motherfuckers.
You got a test or something? I don't even want to wait no more I don't even hesitate no more Take a break, hope that we break up for sure Making up make meout to be a fool While you out of my view I been thinking about you While you sleeping with her I been dreaming about you [SIGHS.]
Oh, no, what you doing? Fuck.
Come over here and give me mine.
But you know I gotta keep my eyes out for my mom.
Oh, I ain't finishing by the window.
You wanna get done, come over here.
And I don't want to fuck is my favorite move Loving you aches 'cause I'm hating to lose - Oh, wait.
- What? Did you get those Currys for my little brother? - The Currys? - Yes.
Your little brother want the Currys? Yeah.
All right, all right.
Who that? [EMMETT.]
Uh, that's just, uh, my boy E-Ron.
Why you ain't pick up, then? How will I answer some nigga's call - while I'm fucking you? - Emmett.
Come on, Kiesha.
I'm only lying with her 'cause I can't lie with you I'm just telling the truth I got nothing to prove I got so much to lose on this bland afternoon Ooh [PHONE VIBRATES.]
Oh, shit.
Really? Hold on, hold on.
You can't anymore 'cause I can't be with you Because loving you aches but I hate to lose Oh, shit.
Uh, it's sh Oh, Tiffany.
- Nah, it's no, no! - No, really, nigga? Tiffany? Get off my fucking phone! Get under the bed.
I ain't getting under the bed.
What'd I tell you about closing doors in my house? Shit.
Oh, fuck.
What'd I say? Uh, what? Uh, you said not to do it.
If all you're gonna do is fuck and get high up in here, the least you can do is start paying your mother some rent.
I told you, I'm working this Friday.
Why you always on me? Did you ask for more hours? Yes.
What's your name, girl? Who you talking to? What's your name, girl? Kiesha.
You hungry, Kiesha? You want to stay for breakfast, Kiesha? No.
You like bacon, Kiesha? Yeah.
Shut up.
Too bad, 'cause the sausage was on sale, so that's what we're having.
Help the young lady up.
Blues music Doggone Doggone I ain't gonna shoot I ain't gonna shoot [DISTANT SIRENS WAILING.]
What's up, fellas.
Hey! - [BARRY.]
There you go.
- There you go.
- Breakfast of champions? - [BARRY.]
That's it, boy.
My man.
Let me see.
What it is, what it is.
No, man, I'm on the juice.
Purify the body, sharpen the mind.
Ronnie going Nation on us and shit.
Nah, it ain't that.
Just getting in shape, yo.
In shape for what, man? So I can fight the power.
Nigga, read the label.
That's just all sugar.
It's, like, 10% juice.
No, it says 12% juice.
Gotta start somewhere.
The fuck you talking about, man? Getting on the program so I don't end up like Chivas Fred over there.
Program? You ain't got a job.
The fuck I need a job for? So I can pay Trump taxes? Fuck that shit.
"Make America great again.
" [BARRY.]
Nah, nigga, so you make me great again.
Loan me some money, dig it? Where you going, little momma? Got a man? I know you like that Teddy Pendergrass.
- Strike one.
- What about R.
Kelly? [BARRY.]
Strike two.
- Your body's calling.
- [BARRY.]
Swing and a miss! Let's go half on the baby! Shit.
My girl looks better than her, anyway.
Tracy ain't your girl no more, though.
She gave me my son, so she'll always be mine.
Jason ain't even yours, man.
I raised him like he was.
No matter how hard you try, she ain't ever coming back no more, bro.
She ain't coming back, brother.
Not coming back.
- Fuck both y'all.
One time.
The fuck you doing here? - How's it going, officer? - [CURTIS.]
We need to talk, Ronnie.
Is somebody calling you? Hey, hey, hey, man! Hey, hey.
I told you, I ain't got no shit to say to you no more.
Tight-ass boots.
Tight-ass pants, boy.
Get in the car.
It's about Jason.
Mama still dressing that ass, nigga? [BARRY.]
You're fat, ugly as shit, man, for real.
Hey, Ronnie, we got you, though.
I got you.
Damn Goddamn.
Jason? Fuck.
Where? 79th.
Shot twice.
The fuck he doing up there? Shit Was he into something? No, he was a good kid.
Made all-city last year.
You in his life, then? Try to be, you know.
Can I see him? [TRACY CRYING.]
Jason Jason, baby Jason Ronnie, my baby [SOBS.]
My baby Oh, God, Jason I want to know who did this to my boy! You tell me who did this! They took my baby.
We picked up somebody.
He was standing over the body.
- Who? - Kid from the neighborhood.
That's That's all I can say.
Oh, God Ronnie Take all the time you need.
They took my baby Jason My baby My baby [SOBS.]
Ronnie Oh, God Can I phone a lawyer? [MUMBLES.]
Help me! This some police brutality shit here! Boy, don't even try to pull that shit with me.
Yes, ma'am.
What's wrong, baby? - Why you pulling away? - Oh, you stinky! Get off of me.
You stink.
It's just a little squid juice.
You gotta deal with your mother.
What'd she do? Well She just popped up, talking about she don't have your number.
How is that even possible? I don't know, but she's drunk.
Definitely possible.
It's not funny.
She probably just wants some money or something, J.
I'll deal with that shit later.
Hey, don't let it get to you.
You wanna hear some good news? What? I get a shot at the line.
What? You! Yeah, they gave me a shot, and if I rock it, I get the job, so Well, then you better rock it, then.
- Oh, I'm gonna rock it.
- You're gonna rock it? I'm gonna rock it.
You're so ugly.
You're so rude.
You still washing dishes, or they let you sweep the floors now? I had a great day.
Thanks for asking.
How was your day? Coogie in jail.
I need you to give me a ride down to the police station.
Wait, what happened? Listen here, girl, don't be getting your nose all up in my fucking business, all right? It's bad enough I gotta come all the way up here to see my son.
Why do you have to talk to her like that? - Why is this a thing? - I talk to her any goddamn way I please! Now you gonna take me down to the police station or I'ma have to catch a bus.
See, this some bullshit right here.
Look, I'll give you my car, and I'll just take the train to work.
What kind of man ain't got his own damn car? You stop buying dumb shit like flowers and throw pillows Does it even really matter whose car it is? You need a ride, don't you? Goddamn.
You can buy plastic flowers, you know.
Save money that way.
How you doing? I'm good.
Detective Armando Cruz.
You know who runs that corner? I know a lot of things, Detective.
And I know you ain't got shit to hold on me, but, you know, that's what y'all policemen do.
Y'all just make shit up just 'cause y'all the police.
Oh, wow, okay.
That's good to know.
Man, what do you have on? What are those? What? Your shoes.
You get 'em at Kmart? No, at the mall, and they're Clarks.
No, man, those are, like, some ugly-ass church shoes.
What were you doing around that body? [SCOFFS.]
Yeah, you know you should get some Timbs, Detective.
Yeah, Timberlands.
Think those would look real good on you.
What were you doing on that corner? Maybe you were following him there, you tried to rob him? Shoes are missing, you know.
Cell phone.
You had his blood on your hands.
Testing to see if he was still alive.
Maybe you grabbed his phone.
What would I want with a phone? You know those shits give you brain cancer, right? Do Do you think this is a A game we're playing here? No, man.
You do know who runs that corner.
If you know who runs the corner, what are you doing up there? I I was, uh, visiting this dog.
You know? Um I feed her.
We talk, you know? So that's that's what I was doing up there, Detective.
I mean, I wasn't doing nothing else.
Dog? Yeah, man.
I-I take care of her.
What now? Cruz-er.
He give you anything? Huh? He has no gun.
No priors, except for some bullshit shoplifting.
Body was in front of a stash house.
This touches your thing? You tell me.
What's this kid doing by that house? He said he came by to feed a dog.
Feed a dog? Why would he do that? 'Cause he likes dogs.
So you're gonna kick him? You know, I got nothing to hold him.
Did he see anything when he was, you know, feeding this dog? Like what? All kinds of shit he could see.
He was, uh he's a smart kid.
He ain't gonna say shit, even if he did.
- You know? - That's right.
You been working out? No.
I didn't think so.
I know I fucked up.
You need to ask her out.
Do it now, then.
No, she with friends and shit.
It ain't like you gonna catch her alone.
You know these pretty bitches run in packs.
Yeah, but they need to kick Rhonesha's ass out the group.
Sitting over there looking like a motherfucking sea donkey on steroids.
Oh, shit, here they come.
Can I help you? No.
Here's a script for you.
Got to find the role that you're gonna audition for.
Dude, you should ask her out.
All right.
Man, you blew it again.
You ain't never gonna ask her out.
You, shut up.
I'm just picking my spot.
Your ass taking long enough.
Hey, I know Andrea your girl and all, but to be honest, I think she's actually starting to feel me Sit your fat ass down.
Ain't nobody feeling you.
Everybody's like a third wheel today.
Back up, back up.
Trumpets blare Yo, one's for the father Two's for the nuns My kid, here's to blowing bullets back in guns People somersault Hope you in the mood for somersault You can run a hole But you gotta come up off the floor Ah! Ah! [BABY CRIES.]
Really, nigga? I'm not doing this with you today.
I really don't want to have to have my brothers come fuck you up.
I don't.
You need to start taking care of your responsibilities.
I do.
Their names are Davante and Cassius, and I can't afford no more.
Well, you're gonna have to start.
Emmett Junior is your responsibility, too.
Just 'cause you name him after me don't make him mine.
Let me get these in a size nine.
Fuck you, Emmett.
Yeah, you did.
You also fucked your way through the south side of You fucking lucky.
You lucky you did that shit to me, because a lesser dude would've punched you in your fucking mouth.
Take it outside.
I'm a paying customer.
I ain't going nowhere.
You all want to make some money in this bitch? [EMPLOYEE.]
Ma'am, if you're not gonna purchase anything, I'ma have to ask you to leave.
She ain't got no fucking money.
Well, I'd have some if you'd pay child support.
- He ain't my son! - The fuck is you talking about? He looks just like you! - He looks like the last nig - Fuck you, Emmett! I got it, I got it.
Grab the baby.
We're gonna do the paternity test right now, and you can get the fuck out of my face.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
I'm so sorry, Tracy.
I'm sorry.
It's gonna be all right.
You'll be okay.
Thanks for seeing I had shit to do with this.
I mean, if that's their call [PEOPLE TALKING IN BACKGROUND.]
You in school? You don't got to lecture me.
All right? I'm done fucking with dead bodies.
You gonna do something about them shoes, though, right? Timberlands, right? Yeah, and not them fake-ass Oriental bullshit they sell on Maxwell Street, all right? The real ones.
With pink socks, too, right? Man, that's the style.
You need to keep up, old man.
- Mama, I - Get your ass Mom, Mom! Hey, calm down! I want to know what the fuck you been doing.
I'm sorry about that.
Thank you.
Uh You're his brother? Yes, sir.
You know, we We found him standing over a body on the nine.
Well, he ain't got nothing to do with it.
He's a good kid.
Here's my card.
You know, just in case But that don't matter to the police! - Don't you know? - Goddamn You don't talk to the police, 'cause you can't trust 'em.
Mom Really? Maybe he should just come stay with us for a little while.
What for? [COOGIE.]
Just a couple nights.
That's it.
Just a couple nights.
You know me and Jerrika got the space.
Just let me spend some time with him.
It'll be good for him to get out of the neighborhood.
You think you can do better than me? I'm not saying Go on, boy.
Mama - [LAVERNE.]
Go already! - You gotta do all that? - [LOUD KNOCKING.]
- [JADA.]
Open this door! Wake your ass up right now! Huh? [KNOCKING.]
Oh, my God.
I'm coming! [SIGHS.]
What the fuck? She just handed him to me and said you were expecting him.
This bitch is crazy.
He ain't mine, Ma.
And this was in his diaper bag.
Says right there, you his father.
Fuck! That's exactly what you did, and keep on doing for some reason without a condom.
Hey, hey, look.
Hey, have it.
Just watch him for, like, ten minutes.
Where do you think you're going? I'ma try to find her! Well, you're taking him with you.
I ain't got no car seat, Mom.
Then I suggest you sell some of these sneakers and buy one.
Emmett, that child is your responsibility now.
Mom, could you watch him for just 30 minutes No, because I'm done raising nappy-headed little boys.
Where your mom at? Huh? Oh, you like these, huh? Maybe you is my son.
But you can't have these.
Let me let me see.
You can't have these.
These are my babies.
How about these? [GRUNTS.]
I woke up this morning What what What is it? It is PB&J.
- It is? - Yes.
It's pork belly and apple jelly.
Just culture yourself.
Trust me.
That is really fucking good, babe.
See, I told you.
I used a little Hawaiian sweet roll.
They make it in a loaf now.
'Cause there wasn't no coffee Wasn't no coffee - It's good, ain't it? - All right.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good, I give you that, but this ain't no fucking PB&J, man.
- All right.
- What? But it's good, though.
It's good.
It's gonna be on the menu when I open up my spot, so Oh, your spot? - I'm sorry.
- You mean our spot? Our spot.
Me and Jerrika are opening up a restaurant, so You gotta have tall stacks to do that, bro.
Your brother got promoted to the line at the restaurant.
I don't got the job yet, but You're gonna get it.
Oh, thank you.
- Mm-hm.
- Mm-hm? All right.
Um, I gotta go get my bike before someone boosts it, so Well, actually, I have some errands and stuff to run before work if You don't mind, do you? Oh, so y'all just gonna leave me with the cleanup? Uh, you know.
I'm sure I can make it up to you.
Oh, yeah, how? I'm sure I'll think of something.
All right, I'll see you! Okay.
- Come on, man.
- Yes.
All right.
That's my only key, so do not lose my shit.
Jerrika will kill us both, - and, um - I got you.
Text her when you're on the way.
You know what I mean? Let her know.
- All right? - Cool, cool.
You need anything? Nah, man, I'm good.
Well, shit.
Maybe tomorrow, I'll take you downtown.
Get you fresh, get you out of them bright-ass diving boards you got there.
Bro, what you mean? Man.
["Yesterday" by Noname playing.]
And I know The money don't really make me whole The magazine covers drenched in gold The dreams of granny in mansion and happy The little things I need to save my soul Don't grow up too soon Don't blow the candles out Don't let them cops get you My granny almost Sparrow I can see the wings The choir sings And la-da-di-la Da-da-da-da Only he can save my soul I know the money don't really make me whole The magazine covers drenched in gold The dreams of granny in mansion and happy The little things I need to save my soul When the sun is going down And the dark is out to stay I picture your smile Like it was yesterday When the sun is going down When the dark is out to stay I picture your smile [RONNIE.]
Try to sleep, all right? I don't want to sleep.
Just doesn't make sense.
Where was he coming from? He texted me and said he was at a party.
What, did someone fuck with him there? He would've told me.
I don't know.
I mean He had his own way sometimes.
You sure? I know my son.
And I loved him like he was mine, too.
Taught him how to pee straight.
And that crossover he used to put up 20 points on Simeon We worked on that shit for weeks at the park.
He was mine, too.
You say you his father, then you need to act like it.
You need to find out who shot Jason.
I'll I'll ask around.
I ain't asking you to "ask around.
" Cops already said they had Cops ain't gonna do shit, Ronnie, and you know it! [MOURNFUL MUSIC.]
You always took care of me, Ronnie.
And I want to again.
["Roof Gone" by Taylor Bennett playing.]
Baby shine brighter than a limelight my type What would you do? What would you do For a Klondike a sweet bite Baby, I'm tripping like we don't got time Yo, Curtis.
Make it a wrong like a wrong and a right Could do some We fight like it was love in the city But we call them street fights You ask around about Jason? Yeah.
Reg said one of his lookouts might have saw something.
Told him you might come through and holler at him.
Sh where at? The corner? Yeah.
We used to roll cassette tapes Hotbox like a VCR Call your boy when you needed some CPR [REG.]
I never saw your boy Jason around before.
Except he ended up dead here in front of my house.
And now the police is all up on us.
Curtis said one of your boys saw something.
Yeah, the kid the police took, who was standing over your boy.
What? Where? Yo, Stick! Baby shine brighter than a limelight What would you do what would you do For a Klondike a sweet bite Baby I'm tripping like we don't got time To move feet right two rights Making a wrong like a wrong and a right Could do some we fight Like it was love in the city Tell him what you saw.
Same nigga the police got Seen him fucking around behind the house today.
What he look like? Got a big fro, like a girl.
I see him all the time at the store, fucking around on his bike like a white boy.
Get the fuck back to it.
All right.
Wake up in the morning With the roof gone Do what you gotta do.
Just don't fuck with our shit more than it's already fucked with.
You bet.
Back, right.
That's it.
Stay together now.
You here for auditions? Name? Kevin Williams.
Hey, Mr.
You're late.
What role? - Uh - Tin Man.
Tin Man? Is you cr I can't do Tin Man.
How do you know unless you try? [SIGHS.]
So I was thinking, maybe What? We could go to the mall sometime? When? Maybe this weekend? Saturday, I'm going to the movies with Jake.
- My boy Jake? - Yeah.
He asked me.
- Anyway, what scene - Nah.
Fuck you, Jake! You was taking too long! Boy, that's foul.
Shut up, Papa.
Man, you knew I liked Andrea.
Hey! Man, that bitch ain't even worth fighting over.
Fuck it.
You can have her.
Hope you have fun at your movie.
Now, both y'all need to chill and hug this shit out.
Man, I'm cool if he cool! Fuck both y'all.
- Yo.
- What's up, man? Wanna talk with you a minute.
You up on 79th? Nah.
My son was killed up there.
Man, I don't know nothing about that.
Where'd you get that chain? I found it.
No, no, no.
I gave my boy that chain! Nah, it's my chain.
- Bullshit! - You can't just come on, man! You killed my son! [COOGIE.]
Who the fuck your son, man? [RONNIE.]
I knew you were there! Now you're running around with his shit on your neck! [COOGIE.]
Please, please [RONNIE.]
That's bullshit! Man, your son was dead when I found him, man! I told you the truth, like I told the fucking cops! He was dead! You jacked my boy's shit and then you shot him.
Fucking running around like this? [COOGIE.]
It ain't what you think! I was just seeing if he was okay! Your son was dead when I found him, man! I told you like I told the fucking Man, I didn't do nothing! [RONNIE.]
Ain't no other fucking way around this.
You got the chain that I gave him! Take the fucking chain, man! - What the fuck were you thinking? - Take the chain, man! [GUNSHOT.]
Shit [SNIFFS.]
Shit [GROANS.]
Yo, B.
You on tonight? Hell, yeah.
Hey, chef's in a fucking mood.
Don't fuck with him.
What's up, baby? I'm walking in to work.
Brandon [SOBS.]
It's Coogie.
I'm sorry [CRYING.]
Precious Lord Lead me home Or let me stand I am tired And meek I've been Worn Through Through the storm Through the night Oh, won't you lead me on Through the light Oh, take my Take my hand Precious Lord Oh, lead Me home [MAN.]
Good morning.
Good morning.
I need to make a correction, because it says here in the program that, um, Charles Frederick Johnson was survived by his mother and older half-brother.
It's true, we had different fathers, but I loved him with my whole body, so I don't see how he could have been my half-brother.
We shared everything.
We shared a room.
He got on my whole nerves.
And I loved him, and I just don't know how to say good-bye.
I ain't even ready for this shit.
This shit don't even feel real.
I'm sorry for cursing, but Man, Coogie was just so much better than me, you know? Smart, charming, funny He'd kill me if I told y'all this, but he a virgin.
Don't laugh.
We shouldn't laugh, 'cause It's sad that we live in a world where being a 16-year-old virgin is funny.
You know, I was talking to I was talking to God last night, and He told me the reason He took him is because he was better.
He deserved better.
He better than all this.
And I just know I'ma miss him.
You hear me, bro? I'ma miss you, G.
What the fuck was that? Why'd you walk away from your brother like that? You were supposed to be watching him.
That's what brothers do, Brandon.
You know, I I know you ain't got nothing to say, do you? Ma, really? You gotta do that right now? This on you, Brandon.
- I told you, one one night! - What did you do? You didn't take care of him! You ain't got no right to judge me! You and that bougie-ass bitch right there! I left him with you for one night! Car's waiting to take us to the repast.
I ain't going to that shit.
What do you mean, you're skipping it? So she can throw salt on me? While I sit in some fucking church basement, she gonna make it seem like I'm the reason that he dead! No, I'm not doing that shit.
I'm not walking past that fucking store again.
Hey, man, me either.
That dude could be looking for us.
- I'm the one he saw.
- [GASCA.]
Williams! [PIANO MUSIC.]
What you gonna do? - [SIGHS.]
I'll catch y'all later.
- All right.
Look, I ain't doing the play, all right? I was just trying to holler at a little girl.
Well, you signed up, didn't you? The least you can do is be a man of your word.
Come on.
I wanna hear you sing something.
- Now? - Yep, right now.
Here you go.
Take that.
Get up there.
- But I can't! - Oh, neither could I.
I still can't, really, but I wanna see what you got.
Get up there.
Come on.
"Slide Some Oil.
" [SIGHS.]
Slide some oil to me Let it trickle down my spine Man, I can't do this.
Okay, no, stop.
Stop laughing.
Get back there.
Let's try it again.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Get back there.
To me Let it trickle down my spine If you don't have STP Crisco will be just fine [LAUGHTER.]
See? I told you I sucked, right? Now you give it a try.
Come on.
Slide some oil to me Let it trickle down my spine If you don't have STP Crisco will do just fine [GASCA.]
Hey, I didn't say it was gonna be easy, right? But your voice is not unpleasant, Mr.
["Nobody Speak" by DJ Shadow playing.]
Picture this: I'm a bag of dicks Put me to your lips I am sick I will punch a baby bear in his shit Give me lip, I'ma send you to the yard Get a stick make a switch I can end a conversation real quick I am crack, I ain't lying Kick a lion in his crack What are you doing? I thought you had the funeral.
I did, but I'm good.
No, we got it covered.
Chef, you said you was gonna give me a shot at the line.
Go home.
Be with your family.
You're not stepping in this fucking kitchen, not right now.
Chef, okay? Please.
If I fuck it up, I'll go home and I'll never come back.
But I'm asking you.
Just let me work.
Just give me a shot, chef.
You know I got this shit.
I'm on it, Jeff.
Nobody speak nobody get choked [CHEF.]
One spider, two shrimp, three plank special! One strip, medium rare.
All right, one soup combo, back of strip, medium-rare, spaghetti, dessert [DESOLATE MUSIC DROWNING OUT SOUND.]
Right, that fire strip, mid-rare, yes, chef.
Nobody speak Nobody get choked Nobody speak Nobody speak Nobody speak Nobody get choked ["Brother Where Are You" playing.]
They said you came this way You did great tonight.
Thank you.
I messed up a couple of times, but It felt so good.
Like, thank you so much.
You think they still got room for me on the line? I'll ask.
Thank you.
Sorry about your little brother.
Said you came this way I'm just glad you came back.
That you came this way [HEARTBEAT POUNDING .]
Brother, where are you They told me that you came this way Hum brother, where are you They said you came this way [HABIB.]
Sorry about your brother.
He was a good kid.
A good negotiator.
Ain't nobody at the counter, man.
Hey, one minute.
Oh, come on.
I don't got all day.
Have some respect, man.
Thank you, Habib.
Appreciate it.
His brother was killed.
Eh, Coogie was your brother? - Yeah.
- I just bought some sneakers from him.
He seemed like a cool dude.
What happened? I wish I could tell you.
Are you going to pay, or what? Have some respect.
Well, listen, I heard my girl talking about her little brother saw it go down, or something like that.
- For real? - Yeah.
Where he at? Up the block.
The one next to the empty lot.
Just tell me who shot him! Look, I ain't telling you shit, all right? Look, I know you know! If I tell you the person that killed your brother, and you kill the nigga, his goons gonna come after me.
Now, this conversation over.
Move your ass, hell no.
You about to show me.
I ain't showing you shit, all right? For the last time, so you can keep a-stepping.
Look, little man.
I give you whatever you want.
Just show me who killed my brother, bro.
I'll take the wheels.
You can't have that.
It's not like your fat ass capable of riding it.
Look, this all I got, bro.
I got $42.
Take this.
And the bike.
Sell drugs? No.
I could tell.
What you mean, you could tell? I mean, you look like a regular old person who does a regular old job.
What's wrong with having a regular job? Sure, but you ain't got to preach to me, nigga.
Yeah, don't call me that.
Only reason I called you that 'cause I don't know your name.
It's Brandon.
Nice to meet you, Brandon.
So this shooter You see him? Well, so I come home from school when this dude jumped another dude.
Then they started yelling about some chain.
After that, I heard the shot.
He say anything? Nothing I could hear.
I was just scared, tried to run.
And the dude who did the shooting did he see you? And you know him? I said I know where he hang, all right? All I'ma do is show you where he at, so I don't get killed.
That's the dude.
Wait, wait, where? Back up, back up.
Which one? The one with the hat.
Good? Yeah.
You sure that's him? Hell yeah.
What you gonna do? [SLOW DYNAMIC MUSIC.]

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