The Chi (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


1 [MAN.]
Previously on The Chi Walk your punk ass over there and talk to Andrea.
- Gonna sign up? - Sign up for what? [ANDREA.]
The play.
Oh, shit, get under the bed.
I ain't getting under the bed.
If all you're gonna do is fuck and get high up in here, the least you can do is start paying your mother some rent.
Coogie in jail.
I need you to give me a ride down to the police station.
What were you doing on that corner? You tried to rob him? Testing to see if he was still alive.
Shoes are missing, you know? Necklace.
Jason, Jason.
I want to know who did this to my boy! You say you his father, then you need to act like it.
You need to find out who shot Jason.
Emmett Junior is your responsibility, too.
Just 'cause you named him after me don't make him mine.
Says right there, you his father.
You killed my son? Your son was dead when I found him, man! He was dead! You got the chain that I gave him! Take the chain, man.
What's up, baby? I'm walking into work.
Brandon, it's Coogie.
You were supposed to be watching him.
That's what brothers do, Brandon.
Little man, I'll give you whatever you want.
Just show me who killed my brother.
- Get on the flo' - Get on the flo' - Get on the flo' - Get on the flo' - Gimme some mo' - Girl, gimme some mo' - I wanna know - I wanna know - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Would you look at this You ain't never seen another motherfucka Talking like he came from the jungle - With a mouth like me - Yeah I'm talking to the thotties Who be acting like they riders And they loyal but they treat their bodies - Oh, you like that, huh? - No Now that's what you been lookin' at instead of me? No, I haven't.
Bitch, what the fuck you lookin' at? Them cheap-ass shoes.
Bitch, you need to get the fuck up outta my face, 'cause you don't know me like that.
Oh, I know you gonna get your ass beat.
- Keep lookin' at my man - Bitch, back the fuck up! - Back the fuck up.
- Now that's what you want? Is that what you want? Ho-assed bitch.
Damn, Kiesha.
That bitch was lookin' at me.
The fuck I'm supposed to do? How 'bout you look away? Come on, now.
Don't don't do me like that.
Come here.
No, you ain't say sorry yet.
I'm sorry.
Emmett, I'm ready to go.
Let me make it up to you.
- Really, Emmett? What? He ain't gonna remember any of this shit.
He don't even know what's going on.
You lame as hell.
We can go into another room.
We can go into another room.
- No, this ain't me.
- We can go into another room.
Kiesha Fuck! [CRYING.]
Keisha! Keisha! - Man, come on.
- Leave me the fuck alone.
Man, you trippin'.
Bring your ass up - [CRIES.]
- What's up? - Triflin'.
- Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl - Get out the bowl Get out the bowl [SMOOTH MUSIC.]
- [LUIS.]
Yo, what's good? - [BRANDON.]
What's up, bro? I'm gonna swing through this party tonight.
You should come.
Nah, I'm good, man.
I gotta get home to Jerrika.
You know, I got a lot of shit going on right now.
How you doin'? Supposed to go over to my mom's house and help her clean all Coogie's shit out the room, but, like I don't know, it's just tough, bro.
You know, she's blaming me for this shit still.
Shit, man.
I'm sorry.
She hearing voices and fucking Yo, why don't you roll with me tonight, man? Get your mind off stuff.
No, I'm good, bro.
Something up? Talk to me, bro.
I think I know who killed my brother.
For real? Yo, what the fuck we gonna do then? I don't know what to do, Luis.
- You got a piece? - Nah, man, I'm I ain't trying to kill nobody.
You're gonna need one.
Whatever you wanna do, I got your back, all right? Thank you, bro.
I miss him.
Me too.
I'm glad you're here, Ronnie.
You know you can try something Here you go.
No, I'm good.
Oh, okay.
More for me.
You know you can That Jason's stuff? Yeah.
His phone is missing, though.
The detective said it wasn't in the inventory.
I wanted it back for the pictures, you know? [MUSIC ON STEREO CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY.]
I wanted you to have this.
I know you been hurt Little girl so many Many times before And I really don't blame you For wanting to be sure But how can I prove That I really, really Really love you If you condemn me Without a trial Ohh, ohh [SMOOTH MUSIC.]
Where you been? You said you were on your way home hours ago.
I went to hang with Luis.
Well, while you were hangin' with Luis, I watched two episodes of Fixer Upper.
Even put this on for you.
Oh, so you don't want none? Okay.
Don't be waking me up in the middle of the night.
- I got work tomorrow.
- Why you acting like that? - Come here.
- No! You missed your chance.
Why you trippin'? 'Cause you'd rather be hanging out with Luis.
I actually went by the store were Coogie was shot.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Cream, two sugars.
Oh, thank you.
That was, um, nice last night.
Yeah? - Now I gotta go to work.
- [SIGHS.]
Hey listen, why don't you stop at the store and pick up something good? Some ribeyes, crab legs or something, you know? I'll cook tonight.
- Okay.
- Okay? Oh, and grab a bottle of wine, too.
- Yeah? - Pinot.
You remembered.
No, I just I never forgot.
I'm about to be late.
Let's go.
Was chattin' up this girl too.
She looked good as a mug.
Called me "little man," said I had mad charm and whatnot.
Trice didn't pay to watch his whip.
Man, why you always hatin'? What he give me this for then? 100 bucks? What'd he drive? Rimmed-up G Wagon.
My brother roll with him in it sometimes.
Man, you saw that on his Gram when he was talkin' up that Lawndale shooting.
Bro, my brother Reg was there for that shit.
I ain't gotta check his socials.
Okay then, what your brother say about the shooting? Nothing.
What the fuck would I ask him for? He roll with Trice.
Maybe they know what the kid did to get blasted.
Look, we ain't asking to say shit, all right? If anything, that dude saw me.
I'm the one he comin' for.
What y'all whispering about? None of your business, Andrea.
You coming to play rehearsal? - That's tonight? - Yeah.
Wednesday and Thursday, too.
I texted you.
Yo, remember we was gonna play 2K? - Oh, yeah.
- Papa says he gonna posterize you.
Ain't nothin' stopping y'all, but we got play rehearsal.
- Ain't that right, Kevin? - Forget her.
Go, us.
Yeah, right.
Have fun with the munchkins.
You think Kev hitting that? Better be or at least get a good peek at her titties with all that Wiz bullshit she got him doing.
Excuse me.
Watch where you walking, fat boy.
- Hey, who you - Chill.
You don't want none of that.
My bad.
- Bitch callin' me fat? - That's Andrea's cousin.
- For real? - Yep.
Okay, I got two dead kids, both outside the stash house.
One was Jason Roxboro, a basketball star.
Yeah, he was second team all-city.
- What about this other kid? - Coogie Johnson.
He was shot in front of Snacks & Liquor corner store, so it's technically not the stash house.
Don't play word games with me, Detective.
The shit started there.
I'm just point out the facts, Sergeant.
Okay, who shot this Coogie kid? Easy.
One of Jason's crew.
This kid was a basketball star.
Okay, he was a good student.
- He didn't have a crew.
- It was asshole versus asshole.
- It's simple one-on-one.
- Are you serious, man? Yeah, I am.
You two handle your shit and work this together.
What? What does Wallace have going on with the stash house? That's need-to-know intel.
I'm late.
Ma! Ma! Bang one more time, son, we gonna have a problem.
My mom told me to come give her a hand.
Well, it better be to fix that leak like she promised.
I told her I'd come up there and fix it myself, but you know how she get.
Yeah, I know.
She fix that, I'll pay the rent.
I mean, I don't mean to be like that, you know, considering all y'all been through, but it ain't right, man, I gotta have water coming down my wall.
We'll get it taken care of, Delray.
Well, she ain't there, down at Royal's.
- Mm-hmm.
- Like usual.
Hey, you tell her I told you we gonna have problems.
You blessed.
I went by the house.
I thought you needed help with Coogie's stuff.
I changed my shift and everything.
Well, I changed my mind.
I'm not going over there now.
Yo, this the smart one, Laverne? [INHALES.]
What's a four-letter word for "away from the wind"? I know you ain't talking to me.
What'd you just say to me, boy? Did I stutter? I hear you living up in her house, eating her food and all that, and you can't even go to her son's funeral? I don't do funerals.
They're depressing.
Look, Mom, why don't you just come to the house with me? I'll make you some food.
You can relax.
Brandon, I'm not going, all right? [CLEARS THROAT, KEYS JANGLE.]
Here, just take 'em.
You go on over there, okay? Got some flowers that need to be taken out.
Why won't you just come to the house with me? - She said she was good.
- Did I ask you? No, but you sound like you askin' for a ass-whoopin'.
Man, what's up? Are y'all done pumping up your chests? Now I'm tired.
You get on out of here, and you just get me a fucking drink, all right? - Laverne.
- Just get me a drink.
You know what? You need to go and sit your old ass down.
Y'all have a nice day.
Four-letter word, Lucius? Come on.
"Away from the wind.
" One of you motherfuckers gotta know this shit.
Hey, hey.
Are we gonna have a problem working this? 'Cause you can ask off, you know.
I'm not I'm not asking off.
Okay, you talk to the brother? Not yet.
Why? Maybe the brother knows what Coogie was doing up there.
Yeah, what do you got going on at the stash house? Nothing you need to worry about, as it relates to the Gang Task Force, which you aren't a part of.
It's just just interesting why Jason would be there, too.
Maybe he was feeding that dog with your Coogie kid, jerking each other off.
Is this funny to you? Five years on Gang.
I see this shit all the time.
Eight-year-olds shooting each other up over grape pop.
- This ain't that.
- And it's not gonna fuck up the work that I put in the stash house.
- What if it does? - It's not gonna, 'cause I'm not gonna let it.
Hey, Cruz.
Did you play softball? Uh, not in a while, no.
- But you got a glove, right? - Yeah.
My third baseman blew his knee out.
We need someone for this game against the smoke-eaters.
- You in? - Oh, yeah, no.
Oh, come on, we have a little barbecue after.
You in? I could do left field.
Left field it is, Cruzer.
- See you this weekend.
- I can't wait.
What she doing now? She doesn't want to take her pills, and she just threw a diaper at my head.
A full diaper.
The woman is working my last nerve.
Accusing me of stealing from her.
No, she she don't She don't mean nothing by it.
Look, I'll I'll try to talk to her again.
Listen, if she wants to stay here, she gonna have to make an effort.
That means keeping up on her meds, her physical therapy.
She gonna need help with that, help from you.
- And not just when I come by.
- Okay, I mean, I'll try.
No, you gotta do better than try.
End of the month, I gotta write a report on her progress.
Now if her behavior does not improve, I will recommend she be moved to a facility, and you don't want that.
Trust me.
Y'all done talkin' shit about me? Don't forget your warfarin and your magnesium.
I do just fine with my One A Day.
Remember what I said.
story, tempers flared out of control today with finger pointing and rhetoric surrounding the announcement of cuts to the emergency services budget for the next - [SHUTS TV OFF.]
- You gonna be nice to Jada? You run her off, there won't be another.
Bitch is stealing from me.
Last week it was my AA batteries.
The ones I use in my remote.
This mornin' I had a whole Stouffer's lasagna out on the counter, and now it's gone.
Go on, take her side.
I see the way you look at her.
She ain't gonna get with you.
That type want a man with a job, and you ain't had one since God-knows-when.
I ain't trying to get with her.
She's here to help you.
You need to let her.
Or she'll send your ass to a home.
I ain't going to no home! I'm gonna stay in my own house, eat my own food, and watch my judges whenever I want.
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, Grandma.
Hmm? Getting yourself worked up now.
You just need to be nice to her then, okay? Sit back, relax, okay? [SIGHS.]
Gimme that.
You still looking good.
What you after in there? Gettin' one of my dress shirts.
What you got your dress-up clothes for? Going to Tracy's for dinner.
That heifer must got diamonds in her pussy, 'cause every time I look up, you trying to get a piece.
Grandma, don't talk about her like that.
This is my house! I say whatever the fuck I want.
She's stringing you along, Ronald.
No, it ain't that.
She needs me.
Better not go over there empty-handed then.
Oh, don't worry, I won't.
Then hand me my remote.
It's time for my Judy.
- Thank you.
- Come here, Grandma.
- Oh, go on with yourself.
Go get a job, damn it.
Kissin' all over me like you a rich man.
- Grandma loves you.
What was that? Boy, you heard what I said.
Now go on and get.
Oh, you wanna play, huh? [WAILING.]
Oh, we gonna have to limit your screen time.
You know, I still feel bad sitting you in front of that TV set all them years.
What? I turned out fine.
- Jury's still out on that one.
You want some Cheerios? Come on, let's get you some Cheerios.
- All right, you two have fun.
- Hold up.
Where you going? I gotta mail these off, then I got work.
And what about your son? - He's staying here.
- Says who? I gotta work.
Can you please help me out? Emmett, I wasn't playing when I said babysitting is in my rearview.
Then what am I supposed to do? I don't know.
Pull out next time.
Yeah, I got it.
- [JADA.]
Ya'll have a good day.
Are you serious? - I'm serious.
Hey, stop crying, man.
Stop that.
All right, I got 'em.
Aren't you off today? I was, but I picked up a extra shift.
I have a client coming in.
Dan was supposed to help, but he's late.
Who's the client? Big wedding.
Two hundred plates at least.
That should be good, right? Pays the bills.
I might need some help with it, actually.
Good way to get more hours when you're not on the line.
Plus, you get to see some dope houses.
Last year we catered this birthday party.
I think he played for the Bulls.
Uh, what what player? Um, I don't really follow basketball, but he was tall.
That figures.
I'll ask chef.
- [SARAH.]
- [DAN.]
Ask me what? You're late.
This fucking asshole in a Prius cut me off.
- Almost killed me.
- [SARAH.]
Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- Good.
I need those tasting menus in, like, 20 minutes.
Okay, let me put my shit down.
- [DAN.]
Rock and roll.
Heard that.
Hey, Chef, you gotta check this out.
What's that? It's a new dish I've been working on.
It's a spin off that thing you did with the conch fritters, but just with crab and ancho.
- Fucking good.
- Uh-huh.
- I'm stealing that.
- It's all yours, Chef.
Hey, you want me to wait for you? - [KEVIN.]
No, I'm good.
- All right.
What if that dude's looking for you? I'll just take the back way.
Besides I get to walk Andrea home.
Damn, she got you pussy-whipped, and she hasn't even given it up yet.
She will, bro, chill.
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck You better not be talking about my cousin.
No, it ain't It ain't even like that.
Good, 'cause we Jehovah's Witnesses.
And you wanna be knocking on my door or something? No, dummy, so Andrea can't be nobody's ho.
He don't even like her No m no more.
I was talking to the pretty one, not you.
- You hear me? - Yeah, but I You heard me.
Hey, you good, Kev? Messed up my arm, bro.
- Dang, how I'm gon' play 2K? - [LAUGHS.]
You're late, and this ain't a nursery.
Come on, Sonny, I know.
My mom was supposed to watch him but she won't, and I can't find anybody else.
Well, I'm giving you the day off so you can go fix your shit.
Come on, Sonny, I need that money.
I can put him in your office or something.
No, my office ain't no place for no baby.
Take the day and handle your business like a man.
- Go on.
- [SIGHS.]
Hold on.
Come here, son.
What's your name, son? - Emmett.
- Emmett.
Emmett what? Washington.
Emmett Washington.
Well, Emmett, I'm Quentin Dickinson.
Folks call me Q.
That's a handsome little man.
Emmett was just leaving.
What's that for? You gonna get yourself a sitter, son.
So you can get back to work.
I respect a young man who wants to better himself.
Like I respect a man who looks after his own.
He don't need that, Q.
Hey, he's trying to be a man of consequence, Sonny.
And we need a lot more of that around here.
Go on, son.
Take the solid.
Thank you.
Um, I can I can pay you this back.
No hurry.
But if you spend that on nonsense, we're gonna have a problem, you hear? Yes, sir.
I won't.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Still waiting on that two-piece, bro.
You know, Mom was never this slow.
Shouldn't have taken that money, son.
Why not? Is that your brother? Yeah.
Too late now.
Do like he says.
Try Miss Tiny's Daycare.
You know Ida Brown's I have you deliver to? The red brick house, two doors down from that.
- All right.
- All right, get him outta here.
So you and Tracy a thing now, huh? [RONNIE.]
I don't know.
She making me dinner tonight.
Oh, for real? What she making you? Ribeyes, wine.
Gave my ass a shopping list.
Shit, shoppin'? Shit I don't got money for.
She know your ass a bum though, right? [LAUGHTER.]
I don't wanna mess this up again.
Why don't you get one of them payday loans.
- 'Cause it's a payday loan.
- Yes.
Which means you gots to have a job, young fella, to get that advance, and then they gonna hit you with a big ass interest rate.
Shit, your dumb ass might as well just give 'em the money.
Plus we already know who own that shit.
Who's that? [CURTIS.]
Fuckin' Chinese, man.
Yo, so how you get back up in that, though, bro? Took care of shit for her.
Fuck that mean? I'm just saying, bro, like Hey, come on, man.
You know we heard some shit, bro.
What'd you hear? I mean, nothing really.
Just Bro, you good, man.
Chill out.
You good.
You're good, yo.
Chill out, man.
That's right, 'cause there ain't nothing to hear.
What about the piece I sent you with last week, though? You know Meldrick always looking for one of them pieces.
I ain't fuck with Meldrick no more.
You're looking for money, ain't you? I ain't got a piece.
All right, bro.
This nigga, man.
Uh, hey, Miss Miss Tiny? - Do I know you? - Sonny said you could help me.
You just gonna give your baby over to a stranger, huh? No, I meant I have money to pay you.
I'm full up today, baby.
Oh, please, I need to make sure my baby's taken care of proper.
Like like he's with his mother, you know? - Where is his mama? - I don't know, which is which is why I need your help.
Please, you got some You got some room in there? You can save your charm, boy.
I got a house full of kids from men just like you.
I could put you on a waiting list.
- Wait list? - Two months.
Two months? Depends on what days you need.
I need someone now so I don't lose my job.
I hear you, baby.
I gotta get back to my job.
- Two months, all right? - Damn.
- Sorry, man.
- Thank you.
Come back.
Tiff, I'm not playing with you.
Answer the fucking phone! God damn.
She got me out here looking crazy.
Didn't even ask me if I want the baby.
Oh! I can't do this shit.
Babies crying and shit.
I'm sad, too.
- Fuck.
Gonna lose my fucking job over this shit, man.
Fuck this, man.
What the fuck am I doing? Come here, man, come here.
I got you.
I got you.
I ain't gonna never leave you.
I will never leave you, man.
Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
How was work? - Uh, it was good.
How 'bout you? - It was fine.
- I missed you.
I need to know you're not gonna do something stupid, Brandon.
I'm serious.
You've been going by that corner store every night.
You're not sleeping.
I just I really need to know you're not gonna try to do some stupid-ass hood shit.
Come on, baby, we can just go to the police.
Really? The police ain't gonna do shit.
And neither are you, 'cause you're gonna promise me.
- Promise me! - Okay, I promise! I promise.
I'm not gonna do nothing.
I'm just sitting here looking at pictures because I miss him.
- I'm thinkin' about him.
- I know.
I can't stop thinkin' about him.
- I'm here, Brandon.
- I miss him.
- Great.
That's great.
Alderman Martinez.
Still holding the finchas, I see.
Yeah, I give me one quick second, Wilson, okay? - [WILSON.]
Um, so you You back-back or? Eh, it depends.
Listen, I, uh, brought you a little souvenir back, too.
It's a cone snail shell.
This what you been doing in Cuba? You know, I walk the beaches and I think.
Met this other old man who collects those for the tourists.
- Says that one's rare.
- Hmm.
It's got this little harpoon on the end filled with venom.
You know, the joke is if you get stung by one of those, you got just about enough time to smoke a cigarette.
How long do you think that is? Five, ten minutes.
More time than most folks get to think about the end.
I wanted to thank you very much for your generous contribution.
Yeah, it was the least I can do.
I like to keep a hand in things.
What can I do for you? That kid that got shot.
- Which one? - Jason.
You know, the basketball player.
What can you tell me? It's a tragedy.
His mother's good people, too.
Yeah, she is.
You know, I'd really like to know what happened.
So do me a favor and, uh, put the word out for me, will you? Yes, of course, anything that comes in, I'll be sure to get a hold of you right away.
All right.
Appreciate you.
Thank you.
Take care.
Hey yo, little man.
I need to talk to you a minute! Hold up! On the east, riding round don't be slipping Don't Blood me 'cause whole Long Beach Crippin' I just want to talk to you a minute! Pimp hand strong, pimp hand strong Time to show them bitches who the man Come on, man! Gimme a strong pimp hand [SIGHS.]
Hey, Kevin! Where the fuck you think you going? [KEVIN GROANS.]
I was talking to you.
Maisha, please, please.
Listen I wanna apologize for today.
It wasn't Christian of me, the way I talked down to you.
- All right.
- I see it now.
You got them eyes.
You like my hair? My mom's friend did it.
She said my hair's like silk.
Yeah, it's nice.
Now don't you run and tell anybody about this.
Maybe next time we can do more.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's up? Um, there's a police detective out back.
Says he needs to talk to you.
It's probably just about my brother.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
- Hey, Brandon.
What's going on? How's your mom doing? The best she can, I guess.
Come on, take a walk with me.
So you get the guys who shot my brother or what? No.
You know, on a case like this, uh, you need a witness to come forward.
Was your brother in In anything that might have caused his demise? Like what? What's he doing standing there over a kid's body? I-I didn't know he was even there to begin with.
- Detective, I don't - Hey, hey, whoa.
Sorry, man, I I didn't mean it that way.
He he's just a goofy kid, you know what I mean? I don't I don't know what he was doing.
I know.
Told me I should buy some Tims.
I-I went and got 'em.
Is that why you here, Detective? To show me your shoes? No, I just wanted to tie up some loose ends, you know? - But I'll - Yeah.
- I'll be in touch.
- Sure.
You have a nice day, Detective.
What the fuck are you doing? I come here to take my coffee break.
Scenic as fuck.
That the brother? What does this have to do with your thing? We've been over this, okay? Just making sure we don't cross swords.
I already told you, this Coogie kid didn't kill Jason Roxboro.
It don't matter.
They'll eventually kill who needs to be killed, and then we file the paperwork.
- [CRUZ.]
Oh, fuck.
- I gotta go.
See you at the game, Cruzer.
- [NINA.]
Kevin - [KEVIN.]
What you want? I need to holler at you right quick.
- Why you got a bat? - It's for protection.
Protection from what, Kevin? From that joker that killed your brother.
What? What are you talking about? He saw me today.
Ran after me like he was gonna kill me.
Hey, look, I ain't trying to put you in a situation.
Look, the only reason I told you this shit, 'cause I thought you's gonna handle it.
So handle your business, nigga.
What I told you about using that word? You gonna kill this motherfucker or not? You sure it's even the right dude? Yes, I'm sure it's the right dude.
I got you.
- Do you? - [NINA.]
Kevin? - And you are? - How you doing? I'm Brandon, I just came to bring him his bat.
He left down at the, uh At the playground.
So I was just, you know, coming to return it.
- Okay.
- All right.
Um, get that homework, dude.
How old is he, Kevin? Um, I don't know.
Only returning my bat.
I'm watching you.
Meldrick here? Wanna see a spider? Do you see it? [MELDRICK.]
Girl, go on and get outta here before I kill that spider the rest of the way.
You a sassy freak, huh? Hey, man, what's up? Shhh.
What? Feeling your thoughts, motherfucker.
You wanna sell me something, Ronnie? Any bodies on it? - No.
- Hmm.
- How much? - Three.
Three? Let me feel that shit.
- Is it loaded? - [GUN CLICKS.]
Oh, chill, man.
I told you I could feel your thoughts.
Two fifty.
See what I got here.
I know what you think I said.
Take these two.
You can have some of that pussy in there if you'd like.
Oh, but if she start talking that spider shit, look out, brother.
Nah, we good with this.
He finally went to sleep.
Kiesha came by looking for you.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? I don't know.
You don't know? I'm sorry for everything.
I just want you to do better.
- I'm trying.
- I see that.
But it's not all about you anymore.
Can't be.
I know.
- Lay here? - Yeah.
Yeah, Luis.
You know that little thing we talked about? Yeah, let's get that gun.
Naw, man, we ain't doing this.
Where you going? Shopping? Going to Tracy's for dinner.
All right? What you want, man? What you know about that kid that got shot on 77th? Coogie Johnson.
Why? Looks like it was payback for your son Jason's murder.
Well, I don't know shit about it.
I told you I had a kid in custody, and then he showed up dead the next day.
Here's the thing.
This Coogie kid, he didn't shoot your boy.
I thought you might want to know that.

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