The Chi (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Quaking Grass

Previously on The Chi I want to know what happened to that kid.
That shit's bad for business.
As you can see, the place needs a little work.
I'll take it.
And I'd like it done by tonight.
We got back most of Jason's stuff after the autopsy, but not his cell phone.
We sent the mother what we had.
- Hey, don't fucking touch me.
- Hey, come on, man.
That guy you were talking to, outside the station.
Yeah, he said he didn't get his kid's cell phone back from evidence.
I heard you had a non-blood relative down in the morgue to ID the body.
- That's him, right? - Yeah.
That-that's the motherfucker that blasted the kid.
- What he doing here? What you think he doing here, man? You know where he hangs, right? - Yeah.
- So you go to him.
Show him you for real, and that you ain't gonna snitch.
I know who shot Coogie, and I seen him.
- Did you buy a gun? - No.
We got plans, Brandon, and this hood bullshit is not who you are.
You know, I-I got to cut through the park to get home, you know.
Say no more.
What's going on, Kev? [RONNIE.]
What's going on, little man? [tense tone.]
[suspenseful music.]
Brother, what happened? Let me take you to the hospital, brother.
Let me help you.
- You been shot? - I have.
Brother, let me take you to the hospital.
Come on.
Hey! Wait! What the fuck was that? You setting me up? - No, I no! - How the fuck he find us? I don't know.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I got scared.
I got scared.
And he said if He said if I didn't [SOBBING.]
I was just scared, okay? I was just I'm sorry! He said if I did [DISTANT SIRENS WAILING.]
- All right, come on.
Come on.
What's going on, little man? [solemn music.]
We need to squash this.
You shoot my brother? Yeah.
I did.
Come on, man.
What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? Listen, man.
You sh you killed my fucking brother! [GRUNTS.]
Shit, you got blood on your shirt.
Get-get it off, get it off! Yeah.
Stay calm, okay? Stay calm.
Listen to me.
You listening? [GASPING.]
I need you to go straight back home.
Don't let your mom see you like this, okay? - Okay.
- Look - How am I supposed to do that? - Hey, just do it.
And whatever happens, keep your mouth shut, okay? - Okay.
- It's gonna be all right.
[eerie music.]
Hurts, don't it? [RONNIE.]
What's going on, little man? [MEN STRUGGLING.]
Yo, chill, Emmett.
Kevin? Get if Mama found out you out here, you dead.
She's not, 'cause you gonna help me.
And why should I do that? 'Cause I know why you skip school, and I ain't tell Mom.
Get your little skinny ass out of here.
Please, please.
You okay? Yeah.
Where's Mom? Just got off work, changing her clothes.
Look, she see you out there all wet, she gonna know something is up.
- What am I gonna do? - Owe me.
Come on.
Ma? - Ma? - [NINA.]
Yeah, baby? Uh, where my tampons? I can't wear these supers.
Give me one moment, Kiesha.
We said stop.
You kept walking.
- Let me see your hands.
- What-what you stopping me for? Get over the car.
- Where you coming from? - Who you run with? Uh run with? I don't run with nobody.
- I'm-I'm coming from work.
- Why'd you drop this? Where's work? - Trestle & Crane.
- Trestle & Crane? No shit.
- What's that? We've been trying to get reservations there for our anniversary, but they never called back.
You know, if need be, maybe I could help you, uh, get a-a reservation.
Really? - Yeah, I could just - Hey! - Whoa.
- Nah, I I'm-I'm just reaching for my phone.
I'm sorry, it-it'll just be just a second.
Trestle & Crane.
Hey, Sarah, Brandon.
Hey, Brandon, what's up? Yeah, um, um I-I need you to do me a big favor.
I, um I need you to set me up a reservation.
- [SARAH.]
When do you need it? - For, uh, what day? Saturday around eight would be great.
Saturday at eight.
What's the name? Peterson.
Yeah, Pete Peterson is the name.
Okay, reservation for Peterson at eight on Saturday.
Yeah, thank you so much.
Yeah, you have no idea.
Thank you.
You-you're all set.
My wife's gonna flip.
When an officer tells you to stop, you stop.
Yes, sir.
Oh, shit.
What the Oh, Jesus! Oh, baby.
Oh, oh, oh, oh [GRUNTS.]
Ronald Garvey Davis.
Oh, Lord.
Oh, thank you, Jesus.
Oh, baby.
Oh, what is happening? [WHIMPERS.]
- [GASPS.]
Jada, honey, it's Ethel.
Ronnie has got himself stabbed, shot.
I don't know.
No, I don't need no ambulance.
Just get your ass over here, now! What the fuck did you do? Babe, what you talking about? What you tripping for? Jerrika, listen to Look at me, hey Don't fucking touch me! - You lied to me! - Just let me explain! No, get the fuck off of me! Get your shit, and get out! [SIGHS.]
So you don't want to hear nothing I got to say? No.
All right then.
Baby, come baby [SOBBING.]
- There he is.
- What's up? I got to get to school.
I'ma be late.
Whoa, can't have you out there chasing that young pussy with your line up looking like that.
- I'm a'ight.
- No, you ain't.
Getting big.
Grown, what, five fucking inches this year? But your dick still small, right? Man, hell no.
That's right, you a fucking man.
You think you can go in my room and take my shit? I don't know what you talking about.
Ahh! You know what I'm talking about now? All right, Reg, please, come on! - Man, chill! - Go get my fucking gun back.
All right.
[jazzy piano music.]
- Cruz, heads up! - Oh, shit! - Ah! - [MAN.]
Come on, go, go, go! Come on.
Bring it home, bring it home! Oh, man, too late.
My bad.
The fuck was that, Cruz? - It's been awhile.
- Yeah? Well, that last run's on you.
- How's your case going? - Which one? The one that Sergeant Clemmons is crawling up your ass about.
- Oh, that one.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you didn't tell me that Ronnie guy is your C.
Yeah, I didn't think it was important.
Well, it is.
You show him the body of his dead son, maybe you tell him that we had someone in custody, thinking maybe he cleans shit up for ya? That's not how it happened.
Yeah, well, I want to question him myself, see what he says.
- I'll talk to him.
- Or maybe I talk to him first.
- What are you getting at? - I think you fucked up.
Just like you fucked up that fly ball.
I fucked up how? Being responsible for that kid being shot.
Better you tell me now.
I'll help you get your story straight.
I'm good.
All right.
Well, you say the word, I got your back.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- I thought you was a nurse.
- Nurse, girl! - What happened? What the fuck do you think happened? He got himself shot! - He got to go to a hospital.
- Not with a bullet in him.
Ethel I can't be involved with something like this.
No You got to fix him.
That's what you're gonna do.
I can't.
Our boys are all we got.
I can't have him going to a hospital.
The first thing they gonna do is call the police.
Then the police is gonna ask questions.
And then they gonna put him in jail, and then he's done for.
It's bad.
That's why you gonna do this for me.
- Please? - [SIGHS.]
I'm gonna need more supplies.
Then you better get 'em.
Okay, give me your diapers.
Give me your diapers.
- Oh, I got plenty.
- Come on, give me your diapers.
Oh, honey, hang in there, baby.
[tense music.]
Bring me another one.
Come on.
Oh Hang in there.
Grandmama loves you.
Mm I ain't doing no yellow on those walls, Greavy.
It's bumblebee, not yellow, woman.
Shit, the hell it is.
Look like piss to me.
I should know, I'm always cleaning up after your ass in the bathroom.
- What you think, Brandon? - [LIGHTER CLICKS.]
White? What you talking about? The walls is already white.
Put some fresh white, keep it neutral.
Man, fuck fresh white.
The-the Realtor said we need some color up in this place, make it pop.
I'm gonna take up them carpets too, get us some of them bamboo floors.
I need somewhere to crash, for a minute.
What's wrong with your crib? Oh, you beefing with your girl, right? I just need somewhere to stay.
Now, what you done gone and done now? - Nothing.
Mm-hmm, okay.
See, I knew that shit wasn't gonna last long.
- Mm-hmm.
You feeling any of these? Green is cool.
Yeah, they call that one Quaking Grass, some kind of Japanese green, I'm thinking, like that tea they always sipping.
What I'ma do is take and bump some of that white trim up in here with that right there, and this room will be some soothing Zen-ass shit.
Right? I guess.
So how long you need to stay? - A week, maybe.
- All right.
Well, I'm gonna be working here, so watch your shit.
I don't want to hear you bitching about getting paint on your shit.
That's on you.
Good to know.
She don't come here no more, says his ghost be living up in here.
You believe in ghosts? - Not really.
- Yeah, neither did I.
But the other night, I was up in here, having my cigar, with a little bump of Remy.
You like cigars? Well, they help you plot shit out, you know? Anyway, I was sitting right there, contemplating colors, you know, when it happened.
I mean, I-I didn't see him, but I felt him, like he was up in here, moving around in the smoke.
Why are you telling me all this? 'Cause maybe you feel the same thing, and I didn't want you thinking you was losing your shit.
But Coogie was a good kid, so I'm guessing his spirit ain't evil or nothing like that.
Matter of fact, it was kind of [CHUCKLES.]
kind of peaceful.
The yogurt in the fridge, I like to have that with berries for my breakfast, so don't fuck with that.
Beer is cool, as long as you chip in and buy some every once in a while, but don't fuck with the yogurt.
What's going on, little man? [GRUNTING, BLOWS FALLING.]
[solemn music.]
Where you going, baby? Just to go get my check.
You gonna be around for dinner? We having pork chops.
- I'll be around.
Nah, we having spaghetti.
Why we can't have pork chops? What are you talking about? You don't want to make things too comfortable for that boy.
He gonna be cribbing up in here.
He is my son.
[tense music.]
- Who you digging out, girl? - Oh [CHUCKLES.]
Uh, Mr.
Jenkins he never, uh He doesn't want to take his Colace.
Make sure you sign for it.
- Of course.
- Patient ID too.
See? Excuse me.
Yo, Kev.
- Huh? - My brother want his gun back.
I don't got it right now.
What you mean you don't got it? I don't got it on me.
I ain't bring it to school.
Get it back, or we both fucked, you hear me? - Yeah.
- All right.
Kevin Y'all should, uh, come to my house after school today.
Okay, why? My parents are gonna be gone, so I thought we'd have a little party, you know, for everyone in the play.
You can even bring Papa.
Man, come on.
Do black people own boats? Railroad cars? Planes? - Oprah owns a plane.
- Besides Oprah.
Michael Jordan probably owns two of 'em, and rents them out at double the price.
Oprah and Jay-Z are not bringing guns into the hood on their planes, so who the hell is? Here we go.
What, you don't want to hear about the dirt our country's up to? Not if I don't get a cut out of it.
Just the man I wanted to see.
Not-not now, Mr.
Sonny? Got some thighs, just came out of the fryer.
Nah, thanks a lot, Sonny.
Listen, I'm gonna need my tool bag.
What makes you think I kept it after all these years? - It's back by the cooler.
- All right.
Listen, wrap me up some meat scraps and some bones, all right? [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO.]
What are you getting into? Oh, just doing a little fishing, that's all.
And if you catch something? [CHUCKLES.]
Eh, that's gonna depend on how big it is.
[tense music.]
- What's up? - What's up? - I need the gun back.
- For what? It ain't mines.
Whose is it? My boy Jake, it's his brother's piece.
He don't know you got it, do he? No, but he ain't nobody to fuck with, a'ight? - You got it or not? - Yeah, I got it.
But it's gonna take me a minute to fetch it.
- God, I - Look, look, look.
I tell you what, I'll go get it, and as soon as I got it, I'll call you.
We'll take it to him together, all right? A'ight.
So you asked around? - About what? - You know.
- If he dead or not.
- Don't bring that up no more.
Listen to me, it's gonna be all right, a'ight? Everything gonna be all good.
Just don't talk about it no more, you hear me? I'll call you when I got it.
Be safe, Kevin.
What's going on, little man? [GRUNTING, GROANING.]
[solemn music.]
You're lucky it went clear through.
If it would've clipped your liver, you'd be dead.
Thank you.
Don't thank me, thank God.
It ain't what you think.
- Please shut the fuck up.
- What? The police get you for this, I was never here.
- You hear me? - Yeah.
He ain't no snitch.
Says you.
Don't put any pressure on the wound, otherwise it will open right back up, and if that happens, you can go to the doctor, 'cause after this, I'm done.
You got anything for the pain? Yeah, don't get shot again.
Pills? Something? [SIGHS.]
- Like this? - Yeah.
You can use Tylenol.
Thank you.
- What the fuck is we doing? We're being social.
Can you do that? We singing show tunes with a bunch of girls after school.
Anyone on the street hear that, our asses getting whupped.
Bitch, you know your ass is not out here in these streets like that.
- How you know what I'm doing? - I know what you're doing.
- You eating.
Better than sitting around, braiding my hair.
- At least I got hair, bitch.
Oh, so you guys decided to come.
Yeah, sorry, I had a lot, and I forgot to hit you back.
You're good.
So what'd you bring? Bring? Yeah, you're supposed to bring something to a party.
Barbecue? Thanks.
Come on in.
- The fuck? - You're welcome.
I thought parties were supposed to be fun.
When your ass ever been to a party? And church don't count.
I say we roll the fuck up out of here.
We got shit to do, Kev.
My brother be blowing up my phone.
Listen, I told you I'll handle it.
You still got the gun What y'all talking about? Nothing you need to worry about.
It's not personal.
They ain't said shit to us.
I'm good right here.
I'ma shake this lame ass shit up.
- Once again - Papa Papa got to save the day.
- Papa, sit your ass down.
- What are you doing? Papa, you know you cannot dance.
Check it.
Yeah, yeah Check it out You know what I'm saying? It's time to make my party people swing one time Swing, party people, swing Get wild Swing, party people, swing Yeah, tonight my crew, we gonna do our thing Jump around, cut loose [LAUGHTER.]
Swing, party people, swing Swing, party people [tense music.]
Fuck, I put I put the gun Oh, this mother [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Something wrong? - You been in Coogie's room? Yeah, that Quaking Grass look good, don't it? Yeah, but my shit is missing, my personal shit.
You got personal shit? That's news to me, because you ain't got no personal space here.
- I need it back.
- Hey, can you get me a spoon? Man, look, my shit is gone, and I want it back.
And I asked for a spoon.
Look, my shit is gone.
It's missing.
Just like your brother gone Boy, this isn't what you want, boy, bringing a gun up in my house.
- Your house? - That's right! And that gun is gone, motherfucker.
Where you learn to step like that? - YouTube.
- No shit.
Yeah, I also been teaching myself how to whittle wood.
- Why? - What? I like making key chains, especially the ones with your name on 'em.
I make crosses too.
You a strange cat, Papa, you know that? Nah, I'm a Renaissance man.
You can't even spell "Renaissance," bitch.
- Whatever.
I'll see you two at school tomorrow.
- All right.
- I'm out.
Did you kill somebody? No.
Did you see anything? What you mean? When you were on that floor, you were ready to pass.
I could tell.
You had this this look.
I didn't see anything.
No light? Nothing? Just darkness.
I smelled something, though.
Like flowers from heaven? No, bleach from the floor, I think.
That's something, 'cause I don't use no bleach, just vinegar.
Now hush, so I can go watch my programs.
Bleach [RONNIE.]
What's going on, little man? [GRUNTING, BLOWS FALLING.]
[tense music.]
You got it? Nah, I don't.
- What the fuck, man? - Some shit went down.
Is that what I'm supposed to tell my brother? What happened to it? Look, I'll just tell him myself, man.
Where he at? You can't just roll up on him like that.
Well, it's better he hear it from me.
Let's go.
Look, whatever happens, it's on me.
I-I'll handle it.
- Yeah, no, you won't.
- I'm serious.
So am I.
Just get the fuck out of here.
He right, Kev.
We got this shit, man.
Just go ahead.
He my brother, so he won't kill me.
That ain't a chance I'm willing to take, so when we get there, just hang back, all right? All right.
[Alex Wiley's "Quicksilver" playing.]
I am just feeling it, I am just feeling it I am just feeling it, whoa [HUMMING.]
- Hey, girl.
I'm friendly, all right? - Come on - [DOG BARKS.]
Come here.
Come here, girl.
Come here, girl.
Come here, girl.
Oh, hang on, hang on.
Huh? How 'bout that, huh? Yeah Yeah, hungry little bitch, aren't you? Hmm? We gonna take this real slow, okay? Real slow.
We gonna get to know each other.
All righty [DOG WHIMPERS.]
You managing on your end? Nothing to manage, as long as you keep making magic.
No magic.
We just get back to it.
You know, we still got eyes, 'cause of that kid.
I told you I got that handled.
- Hmm.
- Something else you need to tell me? Nah.
Nah, I'm tight.
Shipping manifest.
- It's a train yard? - Yeah.
What you want is gonna be in the second box.
Course you got some closed circuit cameras you got to bypass.
Yeah, I got it.
Yeah, like usual, you're gonna have to peel some off.
Cool, just as long as it's not those inbred cross-burning Aryan Brotherhood cracker types, man.
Mexicans, dumbass.
You like Mexicans.
The fuck? That motherfucker's got my bitch Daenarys.
What the fuck you talking about? Is this a problem? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Nah, nah.
Nah, man.
I'm good.
Nothing I can't handle.
Disrespect me And I'm real disrespectful Disrespect me and I'm real disrespectful Get the fuck out of my face I'm posted with my clique, we ain't never flinch Credit card work the wrist, LeBron with the chip All this sauce made us slip, when I walk I trip We don't care that you rich, you corny little bitch I started all the vibes, started all the waves Could've made it in my country Took it to the States That's a four right there.
Man, that's barely three.
Nigga, you crazy.
Hold on.
I told you, G.
Man, fuck it, just give me 40.
Both of y'all need to shut the fuck up.
That shit just make you slow and stupid.
How many motherfuckers y'all know been caught lacking off drank? Somebody kick the door in, both of y'all getting y'all ass shot.
Mm Who the fuck is this? Uh, all right.
Bro, I'm here to see Reg.
Come on.
Who the fuck is you to be looking for me? Nah, I'm, uh I'm actually here about your little brother.
- See, now we got a problem.
He took something from you, right? You got it? Nah.
What the fuck you doing here, bro? [STAMMERS.]
I I just came so I could talk to you face-to-face, so you won't be out here, like, looking for me and shit, but I-I had it Mm-hmm.
- And now it's gone.
- Mm.
So how you gonna make that right? Uh Shit, I I got, uh, $150.
$150! [LAUGHS.]
That banger going double for that on the street, bro.
I can get you the rest.
You owe me.
But I Yeah I like it when motherfuckers owe me.
How your credit? - What? - Your credit, bitch.
You over a 720? I think.
A'ight bet.
I'ma see you.
We gonna make it right.
Get the fuck on up out of here.
A'ight, yeah.
He just kept looking, and so finally, I was like, "What the fuck are you looking at?" - Mm-hmm.
- No, you didn't.
Yes, I did.
And he's all, "Oh, oh, uh, nothing nothing, baby.
" I'm just, uh Uh, taking in the scene.
" - Ha, sure.
- Right.
And so we get to this valet - Mm-hmm.
- And there she is again.
- Ms.
- Of course.
And I am just clocking his ass.
The fool goes over, and he introduces himself, with me standing right there.
"Hey I'm, uh, Derrick Jones.
"It's, uh, so nice to meet you.
What lovely weather we're having here today.
" - Weather? - Weather.
I wanted to chop him in his throat.
- I bet you did.
- Yes.
Girl, as soon as we got in that car, I went in.
Uh-huh, girl J, you must've finally got the good chef to stop pissing on the floor.
She got that brother house-trained.
Well, unfortunately, missing the toilet is the least of my concerns.
Um, this morning, I found a gun in his bag, and a bloody shirt.
- No.
- You what? Ghetto.
That's why I kicked his fucking ass out.
Bring that shit in our home - Honey.
- Girl [STACIA.]
Oh, my God.
[Brenmar's "Don't Want It" playing.]
Like a preacher, lay my hands on it I don't want it if it ain't no ass on it I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it I don't want it if it ain't no ass on it God damn Throw my cash on it I don't want it if it ain't no ass on it Let me grab on it I don't want it if it ain't no ass on it I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it I don't want it if it ain't no ass on it I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it I don't want it if I don't want it if There he is.
I ain't even put my hands on you.
Come on.
I fucked up.
Steal a nigga's shit, you got to cover your ass.
How else you fuck up? How you really fucked up is 'cause you let some lame-ass bitch end up with my pole.
- Look, I'm sorry.
- So am I because now you owe me too.
I owe you? Can't no other nigga cover your debt [CHUCKLES.]
not on 63rd Street, little man.
You know what, you want to play with guns? Good 'cause we could always use another shooter.
So you in now.
And this shit? This shit is for life.
- For real? - Hell yeah.
Just one thing first.
Cry like a bitch And I'ma beat you twice as hard.
Get your ass up.
Y'all get the fuck back to the party, man.
I don't want it if Yeah, I don't want it if Yeah, I don't want it I don't want it if it ain't no ass on it [DOG BARKING.]
Ronnie, open up! Come on, Ronnie, don't fuck around.
- He ain't here! I'm sorry, I just I need to talk to him for a sec.
I told you already, he ain't here.
Go away.
I am not letting you in Oh, what the hell? He ain't here! I know my rights! Told ya already, he ain't here! I'm trying to help him.
Only thing you police do to help men like my Ronnie is to help them into the penitentiary.
What is that? [SIGHS.]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Get your skinny white ass out of my house.
You're raising a gun at a police officer.
Who broke into my house! Okay.
You tell Ronnie I need to talk to him, ASAP.
I ain't gonna tell him shit.
Now get! Yo, let me see that flick, though.
The fuck you walking all crypt keeper and shit for? I need a place to rest up, hang low for a while.
You still got a spot in your basement? Yeah.
Hey, but you need to slide on Meldrick's.
The fuck I want to do that for? 'Cause he sent that bug-eyed Haitian motherfucker over here looking for you.
The fuck you want? Speak, man.
You bleeding on my Orientals.
Oh my bad.
Was it a bullet? Machete? A woman? A bullet.
- You handle your business? - Yeah.
You hungry? Nah, man, I'm good.
We got sandwiches in here, boy.
Which one of these got the banana and honey on it? Thank you, man.
What the fuck! [SPITS.]
What have I told you about using the crunchy? - Only organic one they had.
- Ah, damn! Got a cramp in my hand trying to stir this fucking oil in, man.
Okay, man, fuck that.
Where that phone? What the fuck? Shit, man! Why the fuck would you put it there? - You said keep it safe.
- Smell like balls.
It's your boy's, right? - Where did you get it from? - Homeless man.
Said some cop was asking about it.
- Hey, yo, what up, cuz? - What up? Yo, man.
So for the last week, like, my house been smelling like shit, right? I mean, like, fucking foul, nigga - Right.
- You know what I'm saying? So I go under the basement, and I put a trap down there.
'cause I think it's a motherfucking skunk, right? Come to find out, it ain't a skunk.
It's a possum, and it had a liter of possums, and the skunk must've sprayed it.
And apparently, possum daddies are all fucking deadbeats, man, 'cause they fuck the mom, and then they leave.
And 20 days later, them possum bitches be having, like, seven, eight babies, and the daddy's nowhere to be found.
Nigga, it's like a motherfucking Maury Povich episode underneath my house.
Anyway, I called animal control, and they say it's gonna be $75 to get rid of one animal.
Eight possums is $600.
Nigga, motherfuck that.
Hey, cousin, look, is there any way we could just not talk right now? The fuck you come over to my house for if you don't want to talk? Got no place else to go.
What's going on, little man? [solemn music.]
Bran Kev [GUNSHOT.]
Ahh! [GROANS.]
Come on, let's go.
Let's go! Run! [GROANING.]
[soft percussive music.]

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