The Chi (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Today Was A Good day

Previously on The Chi You killed my fucking brother! [SOLEMN SYNTH MUSIC.]
Bran - [GASPS.]
Fuck did you do? [BRANDON.]
Jerrika, listen to me.
Look at me.
Don't fucking touch me! Get your shit and get out! Hey, yo, what up, cuz? Fuck you come over to my house for if you don't want to talk? Got no place else to go.
- I need the gun back.
- Who's is it? My boy Jake.
It's his brother's piece.
- You got it? - Nah, I don't.
- What the fuck, man? - Some shit went down.
- Look, I'm sorry.
- So am I because now you owe me two.
You want to play with guns? Good 'cause we could always use another shooter.
I'm the one who called about the property.
As you can see, the place needs a little work.
I'll take it.
I could really use some extra shifts.
Right now we all good.
What y'all need to do is hire somebody from the neighborhood.
- Like who? - Like me.
You get me some Retro 4s, and we can talk, see what's up.
Well, I ain't cleaning your dirty ass bathroom.
It's good.
It's legit, and it pays cash.
Yo, bro, why you surprised by the brother man? I come to town with a band, not a second hand We can lay it down Sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, my bad, my bad, my bad! Attention to the El Niño We just chillin' in the hot sun My man, God bless.
Right? Yo, I'm gonna come in and get a shape up as soon as I get paid.
- What you looking at? - [LAUGHS.]
That's right, 'cause you late again.
You told me to be here at the crack of dawn.
It's already blue as day.
"Crack" means dark.
- Oh.
- All the ass you've had, you don't know what a crack looks like? I had to drop off EJ and all that.
Don't want to hear it.
Rinse the chicken, peel me eight potatoes, - and boil a dozen eggs.
- Yes, sir.
Twenty-four, twenty-four, I'm a motherfucking kid Twenty-four, twenty-four, I'm a motherfucking kid Twenty-four, twenty-four, I'm a motherfucking kid Wake the fuck up.
I'm a motherfucking kid Born in the South and raised in the South And a lot of bad decisions that I made in the South Every day found my way in the South You were supposed to signal before you pulled up.
We here, ain't we? - You got 30 minutes.
- Mm-hmm.
I know, I know, used to on front and I been around the world, but I keep coming back I been around the world But I keep running back like Ricky Watters Hide your girlfriends, hide your daughters Emerald City's favorite martyr Went to Queens to push it farther Feel like Weezy on Tha Carter Right here.
Come on.
Just to finish what I started 'Cause I never, ever switch I might be too good for my own good I was walking through my old hood Feeling like the shit They say, "Aaron, where you been?" [SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY.]
Twenty-four, twenty-four Get these doors open.
Twenty-four, twenty-four, I'm a motherfucking kid - Yes, sir.
- Pop that bitch.
Bro, the boxes, bro.
I think I need an intervention [REG.]
Big Mike, what I tell you? [BIG MIKE.]
Yeah! How you like that? [REG.]
Come on, load them, load them.
Talking about the town [REG.]
Load that shit.
Let's get it.
I'm the name you need to mention [REG.]
Come on, get every single gun.
Yeah, that's good.
Get all of that.
Hey, keep loading, bro.
Sleeping on the kid You about to learn your lesson [MAN.]
Pack that shit up, yo.
- You want one, huh? - Everybody else getting one.
Everybody else earned one.
Pick up some of these boxes, put 'em in the trunk.
- Can I get one then? - No! I might be too good for my own good I was walking through my old hood Come on, man, get the boxes and put 'em in the trunk.
Let's go, let's go, let's get it.
I'm a motherfucking kid, twenty-four, twenty-four [REG.]
Bro, make sure y'all get everything in there, bro.
Yo! We on the clock! Let's wrap this shit up! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- Yo, that's it.
Let's roll! - Go, move out, move out.
Yo, where the fuck is Jake, bro? - Let's go, let's go.
- Where the fuck is Jake? Jake! [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Hey, hold on.
- Jake! Fuck is you doing? We gotta bail! [MAN.]
Get your ass in here, boy.
The key, young Padawan, is to make yourself a spring.
You must absorb the energy, not reject it.
This is why you continue to fail.
You are a ball compressed underwater.
White Crane.
- And breathe.
- I'm gonna pull something.
Yeah, White Crane gonna pull something.
Oh, my ass.
Where did you learn this, anyway one of these, like, Japanese business trips you go on? Nah, blood, the YMCA.
No disrespect, cuz, this is a great gesture, but this ain't doing shit to help me relax.
Hey, hey, whoa, hey, your chi, brah, your chi.
What's going on? This Jerrika situation Man, yeah, you still ain't tell me what you actually did.
It was some strange, wasn't it? No, I wasn't fucking around, but But she kicked you out, though.
- I'ma go call her, man.
- Nah, man.
Hell, nah.
I ain't finna sit her and listen to you cry and moan and shit, "Ooh, Jerrika, you fine as a Persian rug.
- "Ooh, Jerrika" - That's that's you doing me? "you smell like, uh, strawberries and eucalyptus.
" - [LAUGHS.]
Fuck out - Strawberries and eucalyptus? - Really? - [CHUCKLES.]
That's you, nigga.
- I'm fucking with you.
Listen, I know exactly what to do to get your mind off her.
Check this shit out.
Come on, grasshopper.
Man, my body is tight as hell now.
You got to get that White Lotus Flower, man.
See, I should've stretched before this shit.
This is bad.
That's my shit.
Try that Creeping Snake next time, man.
That's the shit.
Keys to the kingdom.
- Ah - Oh [BOTH LAUGH.]
- Look at this.
- What? This is nuts.
Welcome to the jungle.
You got way too much time on your hands.
Come meet the family, man.
This is La Toya.
How you doing, baby? This is Janet.
Hey, precious.
Oh, she's This is Tito.
- These are the Jacksons.
Ain't they pretty.
You see this one right here? - Oh, my - See this baby right here? [JAPANESE ACCENT.]
It's Godzilla.
It's Godzilla, the bud.
- Oh, oh, I know.
- Yeah.
Yeah, "Godzilla"! [LAUGHS.]
Man I've been saving this bad boy for the apocalypse or Kwanzaa, but I can see that you're in need right now, so I want you to do the honors.
Uh, gentle now.
Snip the stem.
- There is a God.
- Uh-huh.
Godzilla got me flying with the sparrows.
- Ah! - It does Ah! - [CHUCKLES.]
- With the sparrow - [CHUCKLES.]
Maybe she fucking somebody else.
- Maybe.
- Really? Uh, I mean, maybe, like Like, it's possible.
Hell, anything's possible.
My shit is still there.
Like, what if some nigga around my shit, like my toothbrush and my clothes, using my George Foreman grill? Your Foreman? That ain't right.
And and, uh, what do you mean possibilities? What do what what What does that mean? No, no, no, no, no, I'm saying, like, statistically possible, you know? She probably fucking some pretty, yellow-ass Negro named Cornelius, - who's an orthodontist and shit.
That cloud look like a pork chop to you? - I'm going to call her.
- Hey, look, man, you go crawling back to her now, you're just You're just proving to her that you weak.
You got to be strong.
Mama told me [MUTTERING.]
Not long ago - I see you, Chef Boyardee.
You gonna fool around and end up running this place someday.
Nah, no disrespect, but cooking ain't my calling.
- I'm an entrepreneur.
- Where you off to now? My second gig, remember? I told you we doing the block party.
- You remember that? - Oh, shit.
Okay, um, what time you want me to be there? Before dusk.
You know what dusk looks like, right? - Yeah, man, it's dark.
- Wrong.
Be there before the streetlights come on and help me set up.
- Q? - Hey.
Need to talk now.
I can't eat You know I can't sleep All I can do is Need to find the old crew, Sonny.
- I don't want no trouble here.
- Hey, no trouble, no trouble.
I'm just calling on some old friends, that's all.
This new breed, they don't run right? Yeah, well, maybe they need an example set.
Uh, sorry.
Um My bad, I-I-I shouldn't be in here.
No disrespect.
I was actually just coming in here to tell you I was gonna give you that $100 back.
Yeah, I know.
Go sweep something.
Brown, am I to understand that you are the plaintiff in this action [ETHEL.]
That judge is fine as frog hair.
Wonder what he hiding under that robe.
The man makes me want to get arrested, just so I can throw myself on the mercy of his beautiful black court.
What are you talking about now? [ETHEL.]
None of your beeswax.
What are you getting dressed for? I'm putting your Stouffers in the microwave.
Don't forget it's in there.
When I'm hungry, I'll fix myself something I want, instead of you doing it for me.
All you got to do is hit five minutes.
I can still count, motherfucker Jada's coming by for your bath.
You still ain't told me where you off to.
Tracy, I'm betting.
- Talk about it.
- We ain't talking.
I'm trying to set your ignorant ass straight about that bitch.
Grandma, don't call her that.
I'll call her anything I want to.
You're making a mess.
Come on wait.
Just let let me help you with that.
Whoever, or whatever, you chasing, I hope you find it.
You'll be back in time to escort me to the block party? Of course.
Don't forget about your Stouffers.
- Come on, bro.
- Come on, bro.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Come on, come on.
- Cheating, bro.
- All right, watch.
- Wait.
What you doing? Come back, come back, come back.
- Let's get it! - Come on.
- That worked.
- Head shot.
Why is that game so loud? I'm getting ready to take my nap.
- I'm murdering Papa.
- We don't murder people.
- Sorry, sorry.
- What's good, Miss Williams? Hey, Stanley.
How your parents doing? They doing good.
My dad getting ready to start up his own church, as soon as he finds some members.
- Oh, that's good for him.
- Yeah.
Kevin, turn that volume down.
Two two seconds, two seconds.
- Now.
- Two seconds.
Please, Mom.
Ma, wait! [CLICKS TONGUE.]
What the fuck? Kevin, I hear you use that word one more time, and these video games going straight to Goodwill.
- Is that you want? - No, Mom.
I don't know what's got into lately.
It's hormones probably, Miss Williams.
- It's in the meat.
- Y'all go on outside and play.
I'll take you to the block party after I wake up.
Come on! Go.
Just go.
- Back from the beach, Q? - That's right.
And you still wearing that same shitty cologne.
Let's take a walk.
So how you been, Tep? - [TEP.]
You know, hustling.
- Irma? Yeah, she's still putting up with my ass.
I've been wondering when you was gonna pop back up and show these fools how shit runs.
Man with some spine could roll up half these blocks in a week.
Yeah, well, I'm not that man anymore, Tep.
What you got in mind? I'm not sure yet, but I could sure use you around while I figure some things out.
- You ready? - Shit [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
So where can we find JB? [DYNAMIC MUSIC.]
JB! Shit.
Man, I heard you was back.
I ain't believe it.
Believe it.
So tell me, how much are they paying you here? Not enough.
So you ready to go to work? Fuck it.
- [AMIR.]
Right? - That was fast.
- Yeah.
- These real? - Man, don't even.
- They legit, all right? - All right.
And your girls gonna love 'em, too.
- All right.
- Come on, now.
You got your shoes.
What's up with the job you promised? - Okay.
- I ain't trying to sweep the stoop or clean out the cooler either.
I need somebody to take this van up to a warehouse in Edgewater, pick of some boxes, and bring 'em back here.
- That's it? - Well, you bring 'em back, I get you another $100.
That's $200 for delivering boxes.
- What's in the boxes? - I can't say.
You want the job or not? All right.
Yo, what is you doing? What's up with that? Taking a picture of you for my cousin, Kasim, so he knows what you look like.
All right, I just sent you the address, too.
All right, man, here you go.
You ready to go, cuz? [LINE TRILLING.]
Fifty bucks say she don't answer.
Hello, this is Jerrika.
Leave a message.
Come on, dude, quit this shit.
Let's get out of here.
Let's get some barbecue.
I'm kind of high right now, cuz.
Never too high for a pork chop sandwich, ya dig? [MUTTERS INDISTINCTLY.]
- So pretty.
Look, it's me.
I know you're still upset - Hey.
- Listen, I've been thinking, like, maybe I should stop by, you know Hey, come on, brah, be a fucking man.
And get the rest of my shit.
So so pack all my drawers, my lucky toothbrush, my George Foreman grill.
Thank you.
- Peace.
Look at you.
Dickless McGee.
- I-I handled that shit.
- Ain't this a bitch.
What's gotten into you, man? My shit is all fucked up right now.
Like, Greavy is trying to get my mom to sell the house.
Ain't get no love on my job.
- Shit it pissing me off.
- Look, man, you really Really got to start putting a positive spin on this shit, man.
- Man, I'm positive as fuck.
- Bullshit.
Damn, you got a lot of darkness around you, cuz.
You got all this negative chi fucking with your chakras and whatnot.
You know what you need? You need a soul cleanse.
I'm not into colonics and all that shit, so I ain't talking about no sticking a water hose up your ass.
Hey, watch the leather.
And grab my orange juice.
Why you think I always stay up in the house? 'Cause the darkness be coming for me, too.
You got to change the whole flow up, man, and control the narrative, like this Jerrika situation.
Only way you gonna really get her back is if you make her feel like you ain't sweating her.
That got to be the dumbest advice I ever heard, at least top five worst in life.
See, you always do this shit.
I'm over you.
- Click it or ticket.
- Oh, shit.
Fuck! - Shit.
- What? - The fucking cops.
- Shit.
- Put this shit out, man.
- Roll the windows down.
- I got you.
Some bullshit.
- Shit.
Didn't even make it out of my driveway.
Oh, give me give me my license and registration.
How are you, officer? Everything okay? License and registration.
License and registration.
- Wait here.
- You got it.
Hey, what about that girl from your work? - Who? Sarah? - Yeah.
Yeah, you need to work that.
Man, that's my boss's girl.
Like, they basically married.
And he, like, Russell Crowe crazy.
I don't need that shit in my life.
That's perfect.
That mean she probably a freak.
Freaks love fucking with crazy white boys, man.
And I already know that Jerrika know that you want to fuck her, 'cause females always know who their man want to fuck.
- So all you got to do now is just take Sarah to the block party, hold her hand and shit, walk around, and when Jerrika show up with nobody, she gonna see you, she gonna know that she miss you, kissy-kissy boo-boo, she gonna want you back.
Terrible idea.
Why all my ideas got to be terrible? I You know what? I-I wouldn't ask you that.
I just be trying to help.
I pulled you over 'cause your tags expired.
Thank you for bringing that to my attention, officer.
I'm giving you this fix-it ticket.
Take care of that, ASAP.
Right away, officer.
- Thank you, officer.
- Motherfucking Jedi.
Hey, man, so contact this this chick, man.
- She text you already? Yeah.
It was, like, work stuff, you know? She hit you with any emojis? - Yeah.
- That's it, then! - She trying to fuck! Do it.
- What you hit her with? - I just said, "What's up?" All right, if she texts you back with some non-work shit, you in, locked and loaded.
- It's fucking time.
- Brah - That was loaded? - Hell, yeah.
How many shooters did y'all grab? - A lot.
- Wasn't scared? Hell, no.
63rd Street Mambas roll deep.
Anybody step to us, they get dropped.
So you rolling with them now? Not yet, but I will be.
- When you getting jumped in? - [CLICKS TONGUE.]
I don't know.
Reg says I got to earn it.
- Okay - You getting everything.
- Y'all buying the whole store.
- He finna eat the whole store.
- Whatever.
Ooh-whoo! Whoosh! Score! All net.
Y'all got money for this? 'Cause I don't.
It's cool.
I got y'all covered.
Eighteen twenty-five.
And I want all my change back.
Wait, wait, wait! I got to have some Nutty Bars.
- For real? - [BOTH.]
Come on, man.
- What are you doing? - We got to go.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Would you please? Come on, man, we got places to be.
- For real? - Do you see the blue stripes? [SIGHS.]
That junk food will kill you.
- Yeah.
- That's cool.
Now, why Habib always looking at folks' money - like they counterfeit? - I swear.
I saw him look at a quarter with a magnifying glass.
Who the hell got fake quarters? - [LAUGHTER.]
- He stay tripping.
- Dang.
- Uh, yo, Kev - Huh? - Where you put your bike? I Yo, where my bike? Somebody stole my bike! Told you you should've had one of them Kryptonite locks.
Oh, you got your hair done.
- It looks nice.
- What do you want, Ronnie? I got something to show you.
Show me your ass walking away.
No, wait, it's it's Jason.
His phone.
- How did you get it? - It don't matter.
Told you I'd get it for you.
Thank you.
You know the code? I think so.
Can I come in for a minute? Come on, now.
That was Brandon's brother's bike.
That shit is cursed, then.
You lucky someone took it.
- [JAKE.]
Man, shut up.
- [KEVIN.]
What am I gonna do? [JAKE.]
Same thing he did when he lost my brother's gun - Get it back.
- What are you talking about? Oh, nothing.
Yo - What the fuck? - What the heck? Hey! Give me my bike back! Give me back my bike! [ELECTRONIC MUSIC.]
I'm gonna get my bike back.
- Emmett? - Yeah.
Stay in the van.
Hey! Stay in the fucking van, man.
Hey, you still ain't heard nothing from Jerrika or Sarah? Nah, I ain't even sweating it anymore.
- Oh.
- What's up, Sonny? - Didn't know you was here.
- Yeah, man.
How you doing? You remember my cousin Hannibal? - Oh, yeah! - [PHONE RINGING.]
Uh, hold that thought.
Got a call.
- Moshi, moshi? - You got to excuse him.
He's, like, some software architect for this Intel company in the Loop, so But he loves your food.
He's here all the time.
Cell phones are going to be the end of all of us.
So how are things at the white folks' restaurant? Pretty good.
Bet they fried chicken ain't good as mine.
- You testing me, Sonny? - Wanted to see if you done gone brand-new on me.
- How's your girl? Well, we taking a break.
Long as you don't cheat, lay hands on her, steal her purse, or wear her clothes, there's a chance she take you back.
- You just got to beg.
- Really? - Mm.
You got to do like Mr.
James Brown say.
"Please! Please, please.
- Okay.
- All right.
- All right.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
All right.
- Playing games, man.
You know.
- What happened to my sandwich? - I wasn't really watching, but it it might it was Sonny.
Why would Sonny take a bite out of my sandwich? I mean, you know, he tried to shake your hand.
- You got up, left this food - He got me fucked up.
Come on, man.
Let's bounce, man.
God damn it! Eat my fucking sandwich.
- What about my food? - [YELLS INDISTINCTLY.]
- Come on, man! - I'm coming! [PHONE CLICKING, CHIMES.]
Maybe he changed it.
Oh, it's it's okay.
It's [SIGHS.]
I can't keep doing this.
You want me to leave, I'll go.
- You okay? - [MUMBLES.]
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let me see.
- No, I said I'm fine.
Is this why you couldn't make it to dinner the other night? What did you do, Ronnie? What happened to you? You really want to ask that? I'm not getting into this with you, not now.
You're not getting into what? Whatever it is you got yourself into.
I did what you asked me to do.
Excuse me? I ain't ask you to do shit.
You told me to get who did Jason.
Ronnie, I was hurt.
I wasn't thinking straight.
And you a grown man, Ronald Davis.
I can't make you do nothing.
So that's how it is, huh? That's how it's been.
And just to be clear, whatever you did, that ain't got nothing to do with me.
That's all you.
You understand? Here.
I don't want this anymore.
You need to leave.
Nigga, you can't hang, you ain't gang, gang You can't hang, nigga, you can't hang You ain't gang, gang Nigga, you can't hang Yo, who those people? That's Wild Boys' crew.
They rep this block.
I'm quick to pull it, like they duck it In my pocket, all hundreds Want to fool me, bitch, I'm coming Now I'm stuck on the corner with my niggas Look, y'all ain't got to come with me if y'all don't want to.
I-I can handle this myself.
Man, fuck them.
I ain't scared.
My mother said I ain't supposed to cross this block.
- Why? - How she gonna know? 'Cause I can't lie to her.
Plus, Jesus watching.
I know he did not just say Jesus is watching.
Yes, he did.
Man, say what you want, but it's true.
How about when you jerking off? - Jesus watching then.
- Jesus always watching.
Look, it's cool, Papa.
I'll catch you at the block party.
All right, cool.
- All right, man.
- Be safe.
Yo, Locks! Don't look at 'em.
Locks! I know you hear me, G.
Keep walking, and I'ma show you what the fuck gonna happen.
Ain't you Reg's little brother? - What of it? - If you is, we gonna have to do something about it.
Where you going? - See a girl.
- See a girl? [CHUCKLES.]
Your virgin ass.
Okay, little bust-a-nut, you can go, but Locks here gonna have to turn back and keep to his block.
You ain't gonna hurt him, are you? That's up to him.
Go on.
Right back in the field with it Run the fuck up out of here.
He was pissing himself, G.
You can't hang, you ain't gang, gang You can't hang, nigga, you can't hang You ain't gang, gang Nigga, you can't hang [TRAIN WHOOSHING.]
What? Old man got company.
The cat running that stash house is Trice's lieutenant.
- Reg, yeah, I heard of him.
- Yeah? What'd you hear? Bold motherfucker.
Short on strategy.
Yeah, well, strategy's Trice's purview.
One way to find out Step to him, see which way they shake.
No, we're not going at him yet.
They got four guys watching the house from the inside One on the porch, three of them follow Reg.
So we study up on 'em, then.
- Cool.
- What do you think? Couple of dope deals out front, but crew's too small to be cooking.
So what are they running out of there? Guess we just gonna have to take a look-see.
- [REG.]
How many? - [STICK.]
One of 'em is a crazy motherfucker that call himself JB.
We should roll up on 'em right now.
Nah, not here.
Nah, we need to do it so folks see.
Go on.
- Man, what the fuck was that? - What was what? What don't be playing with me.
Is that some ISIS shit you had me doing? Really? So who's the racist now? 'Cause you came in last week, spouting all that "Black Lives Matter, y'all some Muslim racists" mumbo jumbo, like I was the Grand Wizard of the Klan, but now you're sitting here calling me ISIS.
Man, one of your cousins was carrying a gun.
It's Chicago.
Everybody's got guns.
What's in the boxes, Amir? I can't be doing this shit without knowing what I'm driving.
All right.
All right, fine, I'll show you.
You fucking kidding me, right? Fucking cigarettes? I thought it was some pipe bombs or something in that shit.
Why you ain't tell me? - 'Cause it's illegal.
- Okay, fine.
You don't pay the tax bill.
Big deal.
It's more than that.
Most people can't afford just $14 for a pack of cigarettes, but everybody can afford a dollar for a loosie? Twenty smokes, that's twenty bucks.
Without the tax, I pay $4 a pack.
- That's a good hustle.
- Yeah, 'cause I'm a baller.
Nah, you know what's baller? The shoe game.
Yeah? Then why you coming at me looking for work? Because I got a scale problem.
I need more volume to get more customers, - thus making more money.
- Really? Yes.
I mean, I can get shoes from everyday Joes for cheap, clean 'em up and sell 'em for twice the price.
- You do the math, Amir.
- What math? Front me some money.
We can make this thing a business.
You know, my cousin Kasim might be interested in that.
- The terrorist? - Man, he's an entrepreneur.
All right, look, let me think about it.
All right.
Don't think too hard.
Fucking cigarettes.
Well, hello to you, too.
I want my bike back.
How you know I wasn't borrowing it? You can't borrow my bike if I didn't lend it to you.
- Then you stingy.
- Stingy? If you're doing this for attention or for me to be your boyfriend, it ain't working.
Somebody's full of himself.
Can I get my bike back or what? - Not gonna say "please"? - You stole my bike.
You don't need a "please.
" Damn, I just wanted to ride it.
- Well, get your own.
- We can't.
Maybe we could hold Hold hands or something? - Then can I get my bike? - Depends.
- This feels weird.
- Exactly.
- Go on, take it.
- For real? Yeah.
I was just borrowing it, anyway.
We needed to go to the store and get some milk 'cause I ran out.
What about the bike? I'm I'm lending it to you for now, you know, for the baby and stuff.
Yo, man, we going to hit this block party, get our grub on? Soon as you remember where the fuck you parked.
Shit, you're always talking shit, man.
Love this view, though.
Hey, man, you good? Hey, what's up, man? - I know who killed Coogie.
- No shit.
Yeah, this kid saw it and told me all about it.
So you go to the cops? - I can't.
- Why not? 'Cause he might be dead, and I might've helped kill him, first of all.
Probably not the best idea.
Yo, what the fuck you talking about, B? Man, he just rolled up on me, like, out of nowhere, you know, so I put a beating on him, like, a serious beating.
But I-I was about to get out of there, and then a kid pulls out a gun and shoots him.
- What the fuck? - Yeah, so I take the gun home.
Jerrika finds it.
Now she kicked my ass out.
Shit, man.
So that's why you all fucked up and you landed your ass in my spot? Pretty much.
So now what? - I don't even know.
- Let me see your phone.
- For what? - Let me see the phone, man.
- Better be calling us a ride.
- No, give me give me Give me the phone.
- Oh, Sarah Mm-hmm.
- Man, stop playing.
- What you doing? - Uh-uh, watch out.
Mm! What are you taking out of your pants? Come on, stop! Put your dick away.
- I don't want to see you - This man lost his mind.
- Oh, shit.
- There you go.
- What give me my shit! - [LAUGHING.]
- What the fuck? Hey, you gonna thank me, nigga.
- For what? - My dick so big, it's got its own zip code, fool.
How does that help me? Dude, give it five minutes, man.
She gonna call you back; she gonna be hitting you up.
And you know want that shit.
She bad as hell.
- So your answer to - [LAUGHS.]
my really shitty life right now is to just go fuck somebody else? Pussy is magical, nigga.
You sent this fucking picture to Jerrika, G.
- What? - You a real asshole.
- I - You know what Common's "The Light" playing Hey, cuz, my bad, man.
Yo, I never knew a luh luh luh A love like this Gotta be something for me to write this Queen, I ain't seen you in a minute Wrote this letter and finally decide to sent it Signed, sealed, delivered for us to grow together Love has no limit, let's spend it slow forever I know your heart is weathered - By what studs did to you - I ain't gonna assault them 'Cause I probably did it, too Because of you, feelings I handle with care Some niggas recognize light But they can't handle the glare You know I ain't the type To walk around with matching shirts If relationship is effort I will match your work I wanna be the one to make you happiest And hurt you the most, they say the end is near Don't go spoiling a perfectly good party, Ronald.
She want to talk, she'll come to you.
You're right.
About time you figured that out.
I will be by your side What's up, what's up? Tracy? There is a light that shines It's been a while, huh? Yo, yo, check it It's important we communicate You have a pleasant evening.
- Who that talking to Trace? - Trouble.
What you mean trouble? I mean as in your ass don't need any more, so stay away.
But that's fly by night - Where you going? - [COUGHS.]
To fetch me a plate and get me some of that special lemonade Mr.
Sonny keep in his cooler.
Let's stick to understanding and we won't fall - Hey, Mr.
- At least you got away.
They don't call 'em The Killer Nines for nothing.
Ooh, I wanted to bust him upside his head so bad.
Oh, damn, all that and no bike? Kev said Maisha dog was guarding it.
- For real? - Yeah.
She had two rottweilers, you know, chained up to the bike and all it was crazy.
Hey, Jake, ain't that your brother over there? What he doing here? - I got to bounce.
- Stay with us.
We got you.
I can't.
Special for you and me Yo, yo, check it What up, my nigga? Hey, Kev, is that really what happened with the dog? - Yeah, why? - No reason.
Except Maisha can't have dogs.
How you know she can't have dogs? 'Cause my cousin live over in Mayfield, and they don't allow dogs.
Well, it happened, okay? Okay.
No, you know I don't eat everybody's potato salad.
You want some mac and cheese, then? Yeah, just a scoop.
I'm still watching my figure.
Something wrong? We gonna find out.
Yeah, shit, bro, what? I didn't come here to listen to that shit, bro.
Y'all ain't play no motherfucking King Louie, no Bibby, no no Herb, none of that.
Play one more weak-ass song, I'm gonna slap the shit out of you and your homey, bro.
Stop playing that, bro.
I said you not Bro, I don't want to listen to - that shit you're playing.
- Excuse me What the fuck? I don't want to listen Excuse me! Where the fuck is you going? I think it's best you leave the party.
You asking or telling? See, we have families here, and they've got nothing to do with any of this.
- And I care why? - Because well, your people should respect you, not be afraid of you.
Speaking of respect, why you watching us, old man? [LAUGHS.]
I'm not watching you.
I'm just enjoying the view from my window.
I can fix that shit right now.
You'd be dead before I hit the ground.
- You think I'm scared to die? - Mm, maybe not.
But baby boy here is.
Listen, I suggest you step off, all right? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Let's go.
Come on, bro, let's go.
Hey, ice cream on me, all right? Yeah.
Take these.
Take it.
Take it.
- You're late.
- I know, my bad.
I'll I'll make it up to you.
I'll set everything up.
Why don't you take a break, all right? You don't have to tell me twice.
Yeah, you younguns don't know nothing about this here.
I know what's in there.
That's that mystery mix.
Yeah, right.
Yeah You say You ready to give it something It's just a memory But I gave All the pictures And what's inside of me So many places [LAUGHING.]
I've been awake for so long Hey, man, don't worry about that shit.
I'ma explain the dick pic to Jerrika.
- She like me.
I don't like you right now.
Why you yelling, though? Oh, so you gonna eat my sandwich, but now you want to serve me some mac and cheese, don't ya? Hey, don't order a sandwich if you ain't gonna sit down and eat.
I had a phone call, Sonny.
I come in there all the fucking time.
Hey, he here.
- Who? - The dude who killed Coogie.
You're lying.
Where? At that table with that old lady.
He sure ain't dead, man.
What the fuck am I supposed to do? Hey, man, let's just get out of here, cuz.
B, ain't you heard nothing I said today? Yo, either call the cops, let it go, or bust a fucking move, man.
This ain't the place for this.
It's gonna have to be.
So tell me now, [DARK MUSIC.]
- I thought he killed my boy.
- What? - It was a mistake.
- He was a kid.
My boy was shot dead.
Somebody told me your brother was the one who did it.
I know I fucked up.
Yeah, you fucked up.
And I really hope it haunts you for the rest of your fucking life.
You see that kid over there? You better not touch him.
You hear me? No more fuck-ups.
It's the South Side's third annual Stop the Violence block party.
Power 92 DJ Pharris.
And it's only right that we end the night a little something like this! [JODECI'S "GET ON UP" PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS.]
Get on up Yeah, yeah - Yeah, yeah - You gotta get on up now Say it again, Jodeci - Get on up - Oh, oh, oh, oh - Gotta get on up - You gotta get on up now Wait a minute, let me tell you Everybody grab somebody Turn this mother into a party Brandon? Hey, look who's here.
Yeah, of course.
I just, um I didn't think you were gonna be here.
You usually hate these things.
Yeah, I do, actually, but you know, after everything, I figured I'd come support the neighborhood.
You gotta get on up You look incredible.
- I miss you, Je - Brandon, don't.
It's just, uh It's not a good time.
- Was it the dick-pic thing? - Yes, it was weird, but [CHUCKLES.]
That's that's Hannibal.
- That's Hannibal's work.
- Of course, I should've known.
Jerrika all out of fried chicken, but plenty of salad.
Um Demetrius, this is Brandon.
Oh, you must be the guy who keeps calling.
How long have I been "the guy"? [SCOFFS.]
Hold this.
- Brandon - [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
- Brandon! - What? Ain't you already playing house? - It's not like that.
- Oh, really? Okay.
No, I get it.
He's from your side of the tracks, right? You're overreacting.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh - Get on up Brandon! - Gotta get on up now - Yeah Brandon! - Get on up - Everybody And you can't sit down Gotta get on up now [GUNSHOTS.]
Are you serious? Oh, no, oh, no, man, we ain't gonna let that end the night.
This is our city, our community.
We stopping the violence tonight.
That's right! [DJ PHARRIS.]
Put the guns down, Chicago.
Put the guns down.
- Respect life.
- [WOMAN.]
Come on! Y'all ready to go home? - [ALL.]
No! - Well, let's go! [R&B MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS.]
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Yeah Oh, well Caught up in a world of mass confusion People in and out of love like it's a game What we thought was love was just illusion We both believe that things are never gonna change But in you I found my destiny And my life will never be the same I just can't get enough Of you and me Sweet baby I like the way we love So tenderly All she wants to do is me Ah, so hard to hold it You know can't control it All she wants to do is me You gotta take me as I am No expectations I'm giving each and every day like it's the end But when it comes to love And close relations [SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC.]
Come back when you're ready to lay that burden down.
MAN: Can I trust you? - I want Daenerys back.
- Name's Evangeline now.
Dead man walking.

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