The Chi (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Penetrate a Fraud

1 - Man, I heard you was back.
- So you ready to go to work? - What do you want, Ronnie? - I got something to show you.
I can't keep doing this.
I don't want this anymore.
Old man got company.
It's Trice's lieutenant.
Reg, yeah, I heard of him.
So what are they running out of there? Guess we just gonna have to take a look-see.
- Are these real? - Don't even.
- They legit, all right? - All right.
Front me some money.
We can make this thing a business.
I know who killed Coogie.
Did you go to the cops? - I can't.
- Why? 'Cause he might be dead.
I might have helped kill him.
Excuse me! I think it's best you leave the party.
Why you watching us, old man? I'm just enjoying the view from my window.
I could fix that shit right now.
You'd be dead before I hit the ground.
- Dude who killed Coogie.
- Where? He sure ain't dead, man.
- I thought he killed my boy.
- What? - Take the chain, man! - The fuck were you - Take the - [GUNSHOT.]
I fucked up.
And I really hope it haunts you for the rest of your fucking life.
Which one got the swimming pigs? [LAVERNE.]
I think it's the Bahamas, baby.
What about hammerhead sharks? Motherfuckers got eyes on the side of their head.
I ain't fucking with no damn sharks, Greavy.
It's a cruise, so they're gonna have sharks.
- And seahorses.
And dolphins too.
Come on, Laverne.
You know you gotta love them dolphins, baby.
You better get up off me now.
Tell you what I do love, I love this here 24-hour shrimp bar.
I'm gonna tell you, they don't know no Laverne, 'cause I'm gonna wear that robot bartender out.
- Now I don't fuck with robots.
- I don't fuck Y'all really gotta make this much noise in the morning? Just Well, good morning to you too, sweetie.
Look who's still here, Laverne.
And you can't sell this house without my signature.
Links are spoken for.
If you want coffee, fine.
That boy need man classes, Laverne.
We ain't doing this today, Greavy.
Give him a link.
Crispy ones are mine.
Y'all just spending money you don't even have.
What y'all going on a cruise for? Honeymoon.
'Cause we're married.
We went down to the courthouse and we got it done right.
This is a joke, right? No, we having a cookout this evening with some folks, and I want you to be here.
Well, I can't, Ma.
I have a job.
Told you.
You know, I'm not doing this shit with you, boy.
I'm happy.
My husband done made a beautiful breakfast for me.
Tonight we having a party, and I want to dance and enjoy this house for one last time.
I don't know.
Go on, go to work! I I'll be Yo, Brandon.
Hold up, son.
Call me son one more time.
Come on, man, you know I don't mean nothing by it.
No, I know exactly what you mean.
Okay, so that's how you gonna treat family now? What, did you think you was just gonna come marry her and then sell our house and then what? I'm gonna do right by her.
You have my word.
She been down this road twice already.
Third time gotta be the charm.
What if it ain't though? Just man the fuck up and be there for her tonight.
She was hoping you might throw together some food for folks.
Well, I can't, 'cause I gotta work.
- You like Heineken? - What? We're gonna sit down tonight and have a cold Heineken.
I'm not talking about not bottles either.
Cans, motherfucker.
I'll tell her you coming.
Assalamu alaikum, brother.
Yeah, all that.
Same to you.
Something on your mind? I lost my gold chain the other night.
Adornments of gold are just conveniences of present life.
Yeah, whatever.
It took me 12 years in Statesville to find my way to Allah.
We all walk at different speeds.
Sooner or later, you catch your breath.
Doors is always open.
My name's Rafiq.
Good to meet you, brother.
Come by when you're ready to lay that burden down.
Said I ain't got not burden.
Everybody's got one.
It's how you carry it, that's the trick, right? What are you talking about? You come by this house of worship all shot up.
If that ain't a burden, I don't know what is.
I ain't gonna ask what you did to get done like that.
That ain't none of my business.
But if you wanna talk it through, doors is always open.
Yeah, so my family in Palestine, I'm always sending 'em back money, but it's never enough.
They always want more, they want Levis, DVDs, CDs, shampoo, gummy bears.
- Wait, gummy bears? - Yeah, they want gummy bears.
Like like the green ones especially.
I got 27 first cousins too, so the shit adds up.
People be hating on me for only having three kids.
- Y'all be getting it in.
- Yeah, I mean, you can only throw rocks at Jews for so long, you know? Spend the rest of your time fucking, praying.
That's lit.
Now you know why I bust my ass for cash so much.
Well yeah, I mean, we can make life easier, man.
Huh? What are you talking about? The shoe game.
I keep telling you.
- You forgot already? - Fuck the shoe game, man.
Listen, my guy knows a guy who knows a guy who stays out in Kenwood.
Never met him before, but he's looking to sell his sneaker collection.
- So what, man? - Wait, wait, hear me out.
Man, this is hard shit to come by.
Kids are damn near killing each other over these sneakers.
We could resell, double, even triple the profit.
I don't know about all that shit, man.
Come on, if you front me this money we can buy Buy you all the DVDs, Levis, and green gummy bears for your first and second cousins.
How much you need? We're gonna need to talk in there with at least ten Gs.
Ten Gs? You wanna ball, right? [MOCKING.]
"I wanna ball!" All right, let's ball, motherfucker.
What the fuck you, fuck you When we up in the cut, yeah man What were y'all thinking [BRANDON.]
Now they're saying they're married too? Like I just have no say in the matter.
They just went down to the courthouse and didn't even invite my ass.
He's playing her like a fucking puppet, and as soon as he cuts her strings, I'm gonna have to be there to save her.
So fucking stupid.
You, uh, get back with your girl? Why do you wanna know? No reason.
Well, that has nothing to do with this, so Your mother just wants to be happy.
What's wrong with that? You got everything? [SIGHS.]
Tea candles.
Tea candles.
Got you.
- Shit.
I almost forgot the vases.
Oh, be careful! Oh! I got it.
I'll clean it up.
- Thank you.
- Go ahead.
Look, I'm I'm really sorry.
I didn't try to It's fine.
Brandon, Chef wants you.
- Dude.
- What? Come on, dog, you're getting stupid.
Heard one of the servers talking shit about you and Sarah.
- Who? - Denise.
Says Sarah's always talking about you.
- Fuck.
- If Chef hears that shit [BRANDON.]
What's up, Chef? [SIGHS.]
Can I trust you? Of course.
I'm putting you on the party we're catering today.
We got a full house here and I need Manny.
Sarah's managing it, and for some fucked up reason she put your rib eye caps on the catering menu.
- No joke? - [CHUCKLES.]
You got 120 of those to roll out at this thing too.
- Okay.
- Go on.
- Thank you, Chef.
- You got a lot of prep.
Get busy.
Thank you.
- [AMIR.]
This is it, huh? - [EMMETT.]
This is the address my boy gave me.
All right, well, what are we waiting for? You got all the money on you? - Some.
- What do you mean some? The first rule of business, don't pay asking price.
It don't work like that.
How it works is I'm about to haggle.
Haggle? Yeah, I'm the motherfucking Michael Jordan of haggling.
All right, Mike, let me do the first initial conversating.
- Why? - Well, because these folks are white, and the one thing they hate more than my black ass is your people.
- What the fuck? That's fucked up.
It's fucked up, but it's a fact.
Nice-ass house.
Can I help you? Sorry, my boy Mushond said someone at this address was looking to unload a sneaker collection.
Meet me around back at the garage.
All right.
Come on.
- Oh, shit.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Look at that.
- Look at them fucking Glows.
- Oh, my God.
- Red Octobers.
Oh, the Air Mags.
Yo, they even got the FLOMS right here.
Wait, wait, wait, is this what I think it is? Hey.
My God.
The Blackout.
Shit, you know how rare this shit is? Keep humping them Blackouts, you'll be paying top dollar for 'em.
Pssh, I thought you was the Michael Jordan of haggling.
- Michael Jordan - There's one more in here.
No big deal, my uncle has two pair of those.
- Really? - Yeah.
My husband says nobody has them.
Are they yours or your husband's? I got Louboutins, honey.
These silly looking tennis shoes are all his.
So why is he selling? He's not.
I am.
Can I ask why? Because he fucked my sister.
Okay, uh, good reason.
Look, I know I've gained a few pounds over the years, but shit's changed for him too.
Of course.
I mean, if he went and screwed an 18-year-old, I'd be pissed but at least I'd get it.
My own sister? Yeah, that's messed up.
Um, Miss Call me Becky.
Three kids, my sister had.
All of them ten-pounders, so, you know, she pees every time she coughs.
- Yeah.
Just having a shitty day.
A little too much Pinot grigio for lunch.
Completely understand.
Fifteen years we've been married.
I let him get these stupid fucking shoes because he says they're an investment.
He doesn't deserve you.
I know what he deserves.
My lawyer says I can't premeditate.
Hmm, he doesn't deserve these sneakers either.
You're a very perceptive young man.
What you want for 'em? What you got? Four.
Don't even start with me.
I won't take a penny less than five.
Four thousand, five hundred.
That's our final offer.
- You trying to screw me? - No, ma'am.
Then 5,000, and I will make you lunch.
First I gotta apprentice with another electrician.
Apprentice, what the fuck for? That's how you master craft, motherfucker.
You get paid while apprenticing? Hell yeah, boy.
It's an apprenticeship, not an internship.
And after I complete my six weeks, all I gotta do is take the test, I'm a certified electrician.
Yeah, then what? Then I'll wire shit up and make money, nigga, damn! [RONNIE.]
What's up? Cops rolled up on us.
Asking hella questions.
Had to stop Curtis here from singing like a bitch.
Get the fuck outta here, Barry.
You good? I look good? Where you been staying at? Around.
You need to move outta town somewhere, bro.
Go somewhere remote, like Minnesota.
Fuck Minnesota.
I got shit to do here.
It's Jason's.
Now what you fixing to do with that? I gotta figure out the code.
Why don't you ask Tracy? She don't know it.
You need one of them Russian hackers.
Let them crack that bitch.
Probably gotta pay 'em in Bitcoin or some shit like that, but just go up north to a little Internet cafe so you don't get caught Yo, what the fuck are you talking about? Just ask one of Jason's friends, man.
I don't know any.
He be hoopin' at that park under the trains.
Slide through there.
Somebody know something.
Something happen to me, promise you'll, uh, look in on my grandma.
Come on, man, of course.
Dead man walking.
Glad I ain't lent him no money.
Never see that shit again.
Nigga, you ain't never lent nobody nothing but bad advice.
Need to talk.
This about Jason's murder? No, it's about Ronnie.
Seen him lately? [SIGHS.]
Why, what'd he do? Answer the question.
He came by the other day.
What'd he want? He had Jason's phone.
Wanted the pass code.
How'd he How'd he get the phone? Don't know, don't care.
I gotta get to work.
You lose something, Miss Ethel? My nail kit, and I know you stole it.
Don't think I don't know what you're doing, girl.
With your evil mind tricks.
That motherfucking voodoo shit don't work on me.
I'm a Christian.
What you looking for now? My pocketbook.
So we can go get our nails done.
But I do my own nails.
I know.
That's why we're going.
And not another word.
I'm paying, so act grateful.
Okay, but I got my own money.
You hard of hearing? I said I'm paying.
Least I can do for what you did for my Ronnie.
Now let's go.
Okay, Miss Ethel.
What you need ho I try like a fan, I like turning up This motherfucker.
What you need ho, what the fuck you need ho [MUSIC CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY.]
I want Daenerys back.
Name's Evangeline now.
And if you want her back, go ahead, take her.
I take walks with her, I see lots of things.
Hey, Reg.
Ow, ow.
Somebody tell this fool what happened to the last man who pointed a gun at me.
Put it down, Reg.
Do it.
Look, I know what you're doing here.
What's that? You think you can just come back here, pick up where you left off? Maybe.
But then again, a man never steps into the same river twice, because he's not the same man, and it's never the same river.
Okay, well, that's some bullshit.
No, that's Heraclitus.
Yeah, maybe it is time for me to step back into things.
Go back to Cuba, old man.
Yeah, to tell you the truth, I was bored down there.
Well, then we gonna have some problems up here.
You know, you never got back to me about what I asked.
That basketball player.
You know, the one that got shot right over there.
There used to be a time when an athlete got a pass in this neighborhood, and that boy had a future.
College at least.
We really gonna do this, Q? Hell, I remember I remember when you were down at that little ghetto car wash.
Shining old man's wheels and who knows what the fuck else.
You know, I got to, um, dash.
So listen, why don't you and your boys get the fuck off my lawn before I have my bitch, Evangeline here, take a chunk outta all your asses.
Come on.
What y'all looking at? Get get back to work.
Come on, move! Shit.
This motherfucker.
What's Trice got over there, guys? Guns.
M14s, M3s, Sig Sauer P320.
Government issue.
Wonder how they're getting that.
I think they've got someone on the inside.
Like that white boy I saw him talking with.
What's their security like over there? [TEP.]
Nothing we can't handle.
All right.
Tep, I'm putting the ball in your court.
Puzzle this shit out for me.
I want those guns.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for getting my dish on the menu.
No problem.
Now we need to be loaded up in 20.
I'll be done here in 15.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Not bad.
- Thank you.
Hurry it up.
Man, we should have offered her less.
- She would have taken it.
- Come on, Amir.
We got all this shit for ten times less than it's worth.
- Yeah.
- All right, now we gotta move it.
- Oh, shit, what time is it? Oh, I gotta pick up EJ.
- What about baby mama? - No, Tiffany's gone.
I can't really give a fuck about that right now.
Just like you, I gotta take care of my own, man.
- You all right? - Yeah, man.
Just you know that cash I just put down? Yeah.
I borrowed it.
From Habib.
What the fuck? Why you ain't tell me? It's not a big deal, man.
Like you said, we're gonna move these shoes quick, triple our money.
I'm gonna put it back.
We'll be all good.
All right, um, let me go grab my boy.
I got an idea how we can move all this shit.
No, I already got 'em.
Do you feel it Top of the line shit.
Yeah, 87th and the Ryan.
No, I ain't steal 'em.
I ain't no thief.
Tell a friend, tell everybody.
Dude, I got the new Js already.
They don't even coming out for the next couple weeks.
Not the type of nigga that'll really do the club No, you won't be sorry, bro.
It's Christmas in July.
We could have a dream - [CRYING.]
- What's up, man? What's up, man? It's okay.
We're gonna make a lot of money today.
Dream, dream, dream, fall in love, love, love I want to love you I want to love you I want your love, love, love Love, love, love, love I want to love you, I want to love you [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Nice job, man.
Hey yo.
Yo, I know you, man? I'm Jason's father.
He never mentioned you before.
Look, I just need a minute.
This is Jason's cell.
Yeah? So? Look, man, I got stuff to do.
No, it's locked.
I wanna know if you know the code.
Why would I know his pass code? We only played ball games.
Look, I'm just trying to figure out what happened.
You ask his girl? His girl, his chick? You know they be knowing shit like that, pass codes and whatnot.
I didn't know he had a girl.
Her name's Ashanti Montgomery.
I know you can find her on 79th and Cottage, all right? Good luck.
Let me get some hands, let me get some hands, let me get hands, hands, hands, hands.
What? They want more salt.
But it's on point.
This is their party.
25-year anniversary.
They want salt.
We give 'em salt.
Thank you.
How's Ronnie doing? He's finding his way.
Well, I hope for your sake he ain't bringing home any more trouble.
Speaking of trouble, how's your boy? He's trying.
He's really trying.
Starting to think that girl leaving Little EJ with him was a blessing.
Well, he's always in my prayers.
I appreciate that, Miss Ethel.
What about you? What about me? You got someone you're bumping uglies with? [CHUCKLES.]
Do I look like I got time to date? Girl, it's 2017.
Make time.
Look, I'm raising a child by myself.
I have a full-time job.
Please, Emmett's got three kids.
He ain't a child.
It's hard out here meeting men.
Especially at my age.
I haven't been on a real date in five years.
Why is that? Honestly Emmett's father.
- He messed me up.
- Mm.
That's the real reason.
I mean, we were young.
He was the first man I'd ever been with.
I thought it'd last forever.
Honey, you can't guard your heart for the rest of your life.
A woman gots needs.
I know.
If you ain't gonna date, least you can do is get someone who can put it down on you right.
Okay, we're not having this conversation.
I got some gentlemen in my Bible group that look like they know how to hit it right.
Yes, Lord.
I'm good, thank you.
All right, just remember, that shit dries up when you get my age.
Use it while somebody still want it.
Come on, man.
E EJ, I need a break.
Ask and you shall receive.
Got your hair done, now your nails getting painted It's your day, do your thing Babysitter with your children Gonna quit your baby daddy and get you a new nigga What's up, oh they matching up Okay, got the rhythm with the rhyme Okay, hard to read 'em when you drunk I can see it from the front Como Te llamas, you want it, I got it A couple of commas, like hundreds of dollars Hundreds of dollars, like thousands of dollars I don't even feel like talking about it You know that it's my birthday today My friends bought a table and a bottle of Spades Dress fitting real so I can show off that shape I'm a couple glasses in shaking ass on the table Talking about it's your birthday - It's my birthday - You ain't gotta pay - I ain't gotta pay - Oh you got a man [SIREN WHOOPS, EJ CRIES.]
Oh, shit.
You wanna buy some? You wanna buy some shoes? - You want a new Benz - I want a new Benz - Well work, work, work - Work, work, work - Work, work, work, work - Work, work, work, work - Work, work, work, work - Work, work, work, work - Okay, work, work, work - Okay, work, work, work - Yeah - New outfit And them heels match with it Got your hair done, now your nails getting painted It's your day, do your thing Babysitter with your children Finna quit your baby daddy And get you a new nigga What's up, are they matching up, okay Margarita with the rhyme Hard to read when you're drunk I can see it from the front Como Te llamas, you want it, I got it - You say what? - You got the Jordan 1s? Yeah, yeah, I got them.
Fourteen and fifteen.
Why you trying to sell me some knockoffs? Knockoffs? No, this shit real.
Check the threading, look.
The SKU numbers on these are the same.
What? That's probably That's probably just a manufacturing issue or something.
You think I'm some kind of sucker, don't you? Hold on, wait, wait.
Chill, man, it's good.
You trying to penetrate me? What? Penetrate a fraud on me, bitch.
Wait, you mean you mean perpetrate a fraud? No, you didn't just correct me, motherfucker.
I knew you were trying to screw me! Man, hold on.
Get over there, work that grill! Grab me a plate! These ain't for you, Delray.
You got any Michelob? Old Style for you.
Cooler by the stairs.
Is this all y'all got? The chicken? Just chicken and chips? Coulda bought some French onion dip.
No, we ain't got no French onion dip.
Where the missus? Probably done come to her good senses, realized marrying you was the worst mistake she ever made.
Now she don't even want to come out of her room.
Step aside, man.
Pick it up, y'all Hey.
Come on, baby.
We got guests waiting.
I said in a minute.
But it's already been ten.
Then you go talk to the people.
Lord knows you know how to do that.
They waiting for you.
Then come in here and zip me up.
You look great.
What you got left to do? My hair ain't cooperating.
Looks crazy.
Is Brandon out there? No.
He's gonna come.
I got that buzzard Delray scarfing nachos and circling my Heineken.
Guess you better go take care of that then.
I'm gonna come out.
I promise.
Emmett! Emmett, you home? Thank you, Jesus.
We were walking back the cross streets home In a studio I couldn't be alone Your body was made for mine Mine Your body was made for mine Mine [KNOCKING.]
I'm just trying to find out about my son, Jason.
How far along are you? Seven months.
Is it Jason's? You know what it is? He didn't tell you about all of this? No.
Me and Jason weren't as tight as we used to be, mostly because of my shit.
He still had love for you.
He said you were the one that taught him how to hoop.
Jason here before he got shot? He have beef with anyone? Nah, Jason wasn't like that.
And what about your people? It's just me and my pops.
He liked Jason.
You know, Jason could charm anybody.
Yeah, he got that from his moms.
You know Tracy? Sort of.
She know your pregnant? Yes.
She didn't want Jason seeing me.
She wanted him to focus on getting a basketball scholarship.
Truth was, Jason didn't want to ball anymore.
You do me a favor? Can you unlock this? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Been looking for you.
Don't even think about it.
You know what's in there? Open it.
We can sit here all day, Ronnie.
Eventually we're gonna talk.
Yeah, 48.
You gotta get permission from a judge.
That's the kid who robbed your Jason.
Turns out he didn't have anything to do with the shooting.
Didn't stop someone from killing him though.
Nothing, huh? [SIGHS.]
Night Coogie was shot, where were you? I was messed up.
It was three days after Jason was killed.
You remember who you were with? - My boys.
- What time to what time? I don't know.
And I'm done talking till you got something more to tell me about Jason.
I'm on your side here, Ronnie.
I can help you.
Help me or help yourself? You don't want this phone to get in the wrong hands.
Maybe there's something on there that can help Jason's case.
Give me the code and I'll help you find his killer.
911? Man, I told you this wasn't a good idea.
Nothing good can come from something so easy.
Man, I'm glad you're worried about me and EJ.
- Man, fuck you! - What? Not you, EJ, you're cool, but your piece of shit father is a dumbass.
You were supposed to protect our investment.
Man, how was I supposed to know this guy wasn't only screwing over his wife and lying about his kicks too? Because you're supposed to be the expert on this stuff.
Man, I checked the first few pairs.
- I thought they were good.
- Oh, cool.
So now we don't have any of my uncle's money, and we don't have shoes.
Man, just Just chill out, all right? - I got it.
- You keep saying you got it.
- You don't got shit, man.
- I know, it okay.
Great job.
Thank you.
Got check and a tip.
- Thank you.
We needed this.
What do you mean? I thought the the restaurant was doing great.
I wouldn't say great.
More like okay.
But we're packed almost every night; that doesn't even make sense.
It's not that.
My husband's not good with the money.
So I've taken over the books.
He's been spending it on Ah-ah-ah.
I don't need to know.
I got my own shit, so So what you gonna do with all this food? Take it back to the restaurant and throw it in the dumpsters.
I know it's bad, but there's no room in the walk-in.
You should let me have it.
Why? Come with me, I'll show you.
- Yeah, come on.
- Okay.
Godspeed on the Brussels sprout.
It needed some kinda help, you know? Bacon don't need no help from anybody.
Okay, but I'm gonna give it a try.
I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna give it a try, so I knew you was gonna come! That's my mom.
You look nice.
We got finished early, so here I am.
Oh, Laverne.
Thank you.
- And you are - My boss.
Stop it.
We just work together.
Yeah, at the restaurant that she owns with her husband.
I heard it was nice.
I I ain't never been, but Any night you wanna come, say the word.
Bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts.
Damn son.
Put my cocktail franks to shame.
- Now will you put them down? Save some for the guests.
And get Miss Sarah something to drink.
- What can I get you? - Beer.
- You like Heineken? - I live for it.
All right.
All right, here we go.
You know Greavy trying.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Here.
- [SARAH.]
Thank you.
All right.
Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Gather round, gather round, gather round, everybody.
A toast to the newlyweds.
Mom, I'm so happy that you found somebody that makes you happy.
And after all you've been through, you deserve nothing less.
And to Greavy, I learned a lot sharing a roof with you, I must say.
Like not to mess with your yogurt or your hot links.
But seriously, you all right.
You all right.
And I'm really excited to hear about all the adventures that you two are about to have, so to Greavy and Laverne.
To Greavy and Laverne.
- All right.
Hey, come on.
That was so beautiful.
My man.
My man.
- [SARAH.]
Thank you.
And thank you for coming.
- [SARAH.]
Yes, congrats again.
Oh, thank you.
- [SARAH.]
What a great night.
All right.
And let him know I'm coming to the restaurant.
She invited me.
I love you, Mom.
Love you too, baby.
That wasn't so bad.
Yeah, she seems really happy, so thank you.
And Greavy He's a character.
I told you about him.
He's good to her.
He's good to her.
Um So about this morning Yeah, this morning.
I don't know, I guess I just wanted to make sure we were still good, make sure we were okay.
Of course.
We're fine.
I'm sorry.
I I'm sorry, that I [TENSE MUSIC.]
I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for.
What're you going to do now? Try and do the right thing, I guess.
Unless you want me to start asking more questions, I'd walk away.

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