The Chi (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Namaste Muthafucka

1 [KEVIN.]
Previously on The Chi Medicine come up missing.
Are you aware that we have security cameras throughout the facility? [ANDREA.]
Hey, Kevin.
- I want to talk.
- About? That was nice.
Sonny? - [REG.]
Take a seat, old man.
I want to talk about the guns you took.
Well, see, I had asked Trice a question which he then decided not to answer.
Well, he fucked me up real bad because of you, old man.
You just quit, like that? - Talking about us right now! - And so am I! Do you have something figured out? [HANNIBAL.]
Yeah, this food truck I don't know shit about that, man, like But I do.
I just need something that's mine.
- Let me see what I can do.
- You serious? - I got shit to do.
- What type of shit? What's up with all the questions? We just don't want anything to happen to you.
- [JAKE.]
I'm good! - [KEVIN.]
You're not good.
You the motherfucker that shot somebody! Friends don't keep secrets from one another.
- [JAKE.]
Papa! - [HANNIBAL.]
Here she is! - I could make this dope.
- I like to hear that! Don't act like you some father of the year 'cause you had him for two weeks.
If you start paying some child support, then we'll talk about visitation rights.
Fuck you, Tiffany.
I'm grabbing the diaper bag, and I'm going Stay away from my baby Stop trying to get strong with me.
- Or I'm calling the police.
- Police? [DEK.]
Everything all right, baby? [JERRIKA.]
I'm just glad to see you happy and doing what you want to do.
I know I can't take back what I did, but it'll never happen again.
I know.
The fuck? [QUENTIN.]
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Reggie, I really need you to tell me who killed that kid You know, the star basketball player.
On my granny's soul, I have no idea.
About that cop again.
Some dude named Wallace.
Has Trice got him in pocket? He get a taste of everything.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
Kill somebody? This between me and you.
You ain't got to front for me.
Allah is all-knowing and all-seeing, but most forgiving and most merciful.
I'm mourning, mourning, mourning, Lord Every day of my life [DOOR BELLS JINGLE.]
Yes, I'm mourning What happened to you? - [DOOR CLOSES, BELLS JINGLE.]
- Fell.
Yeah, my dancing feet aren't what they used to be.
Yeah, okay.
- How's that boy of yours? EJ's good, but his mama is Damn.
- [SONNY.]
She's back? - Yeah, she tripping, too Saying I got to pay her two bills a month, and she trying to make all these rules about when I can see him.
I told her I can see my son whenever I feel like it.
I'm thinking about taking her to court and getting custody myself.
Where are you getting money for that? You need a lawyer, court fees, and the judge still gonna take 20% out your check.
Well, I got to do something.
You ever think of getting along? No.
Hell, no.
And she's staying with some random dude.
You should be buying that cat a beer and thanking him.
I need to make some money, quick.
No such thing as quick money.
Maybe your brother can help me.
You stay away from him.
Boy, this shit is real.
It ain't no fucking game.
My brother's a cancer, and he'll kill you and everyone standing around him.
You got me? - All right.
- Good.
'Cause a reckoning is coming, and you don't want to be anywhere near it.
I was 16 when I was given to him.
My step-daddy was a junkie.
He owed this man money and, um, drove me to his house, - and he just left me with him.
- He was a lot older than me.
Gave me my own room with a TV in it and then one night came in.
I got pregnant that spring.
I told him I wanted an abortion.
And he told me that was never gonna happen.
So I did the only thing I could think of.
I I took matters into my own hands.
I found a bottle of Advil, and I swallowed them all.
He took me to the hospital.
I don't know why I didn't tell somebody then what he was doing to me.
When we got home, I made him an offer.
I told him if I kept the baby, he had to he had to let me go.
And thank God I did.
That's how I got my Jason.
That's how I got my baby.
And now he's gone.
Sorry for being late.
Hey, everybody.
This is Laverne Johnson.
She recently lost her son, Charles.
Do you have anything you would like to say? Nobody ain't never called him Charles.
His name was Coogie.
His brother named him that.
This is Tasha.
You want to do that, you got to go outside.
Pastor Fred'll give us "a talking to.
This is Tina and Jessie and this is Tracy.
She recently lost her son, Jason.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
She goes by intuition I learned from my mistakes We both got expectations They just get in the way I believe now, it's all we own Freedom Mm, mm, mm Freedom Feels like I'm lost without you Without no change of clothes Ten feet of snow, no heat, alone Freedom Freedom [RHYTHMIC SLAPPING.]
Oh, shit.
- Fuckin' broke.
We broke the lamp.
Well, hey.
- Hey.
Look who's finally up.
What's this? See, I know I said I'd do anything to get back with you, but, um I'm not up for the high heels and the Prince boots.
Okay, just open it.
All right, then.
No shoes good sign.
Babe, what's this? Been saving up.
Take it and get that truck fixed.
You know, that's sweet, babe, but I'm gonna need a lot more than that to get the truck up again.
I know that, but even if the house sells tomorrow, it could take three months, if not longer, for you to get paid.
This way, you're not waiting around.
I guess I could run it and gun it for a minute.
You're way too good to me.
You get started on that today Well, you know I'm a busy guy.
- I have to check the schedule.
Oh, really? See what I got going on, you know? Mm-hmm.
Just leave me alone, Kev.
Come on, Papa.
Don't do me like that.
I'm not the one keeping secrets.
Look, I just got caught up.
That's all.
- So you lied to me? - No, I just didn't tell you.
The whole the whole situation was just, like, not even real.
Shooting someone is pretty real.
I mean everything after that.
I just wanted to forget.
It was the guy that dropped that Coogie kid, wasn't it? Yeah.
Thought he was gonna take me out, so Jake hooked me up with a piece.
Sure enough, he came after me, so So I I shot him.
He dead? - No.
Praise Jesus.
So what now? - Brandon squashed it.
- For reals? - Yeah.
- Your mom know? What do you think? Nah, you'd be dead by now.
What you doing [GROANS LAUGHINGLY.]
Get off of me.
You need a hug.
Not in the boys' locker room.
So we good? Yeah.
Just no more keeping secrets, okay? - A'ight.
I hope Mr.
Riente don't have us running in gym class today.
Why do you think I was stretching out my glutes? I can't have any pulls or problems with my sciatic nerve before the big show.
What? The sciatic nerve is in your back.
Black girl, black girl Your man is gone Now you travel The road alone - And you raised that child - [RAZOR BUZZING.]
All by yourself Then the policeman shot him down Black girl, black girl Where will you go? To the place where the cold winds blow In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't shine In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't shine In the pines, in the pines To tell me Shine no more [MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY ON TELEVISION.]
Well, you look good.
How you feeling? Better.
Yeah, well, I got fired 'cause of you.
What? I did what I did, and I'll take the consequences, but I don't want her to find out.
It's the last thing she needs right now.
Well what's gonna happen now? I'm not sure.
But if they send out another nurse, that person might not be as understanding as me.
They'll probably recommend to the state that she be put into a home.
She won't go.
You know that.
Yeah, well [SCOFFS.]
next time you decide to disappear and I'm not here, then what happens? [SIGHS.]
Ronnie, right now, she has a choice.
She might be better off.
Appreciate y'all, but mama got to go make some money.
- [TASHA.]
All right, girl.
I'll hit you later, all right? - [WOMAN.]
Later, Tracy.
- [WOMAN.]
Bye, babe.
I will see you in the next few days, okay? All right.
Thank you.
And hopefully I will see you, Laverne.
Your son that, um basketball player, Jason.
My boy Coogie was questioned in his death.
Yeah, I-I believe people told me that.
You remember being pregnant with Jason? Well I was never happier than when I was pregnant with Coogie.
Never got sick.
Never gained no weight.
Shit, labor was even easy with him.
He was a good baby, too Always laughing, smiling, loving.
Boy ain't have a bad bone in his body.
My boy Coogie ain't kill your son.
He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I I thought you should know that.
What the fuck do you think you're doing? Eh, it's time we had a chat about our mutual business interest.
Like Trice.
I mean, he ain't getting it done for you, is he? I mean, Trice is sitting back thinking he's on top of shit, but he's not, 'cause if he was, how is it that I could walk right up in there and take his dog and your guns? Your point? My point let me handle Trice for you.
And then I'm gonna bring some order back to the South Side, make it run more like it used to.
You know, less wild, wild fucking west, more business-like.
And what do you want from me? Hmm.
Now that I've shown you mine, how about you show me yours? Who killed that basketball star up near your stash house? What do you care? He was my son.
I think you already know.
But I want to hear it.
Trice did your boy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey.
Aw, yeah.
- [LUIS.]
Ooh, yeah! - What you think? - Dope, right? - [BOTH LAUGH.]
Yo, hey, so my cousin Jaime, he's gonna get your truck all painted and presentable.
- Coco's gonna take a look at your frigeration, and then my cousin Angelo in the office is gonna take care of your counterfeit permit.
Y'all the Wait.
Why counterfeit? Until you get a real one.
That shit could take months.
- Yo, but this one looks good - from a distance.
- Okay.
But if the inspector starts getting close, you better lay some rubber out of there.
- You feel me? - I got you.
I got you.
- Also, you got to watch out for these other food-truck owners.
Why? They can be mad territorial and shit slice up your tires if you're in the wrong spot, call the cops on you.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
Anyways, just keep your head up out there.
All right.
A'ight, so what do I break off? Oh, man, you could, uh, just start off by covering parts, and we'll see about the labor, okay? - Are you serious? - [CHUCKLING.]
- Come on, man.
- I got you.
- Yeah, I got you.
Come on, G.
Give these dudes a hand, though.
Hell, yeah.
Thank you guys so much! - Ow.
- [LUIS.]
Gonna be sick.
Hey, I'll see y'all next time, okay? [CHATTER CONTINUES.]
- Where the fuck's my ride at? - Getting some love.
Where's it getting love at? At that new spot you like in the West Loop.
They better not scratch my shit up with them cheap-ass towels they got.
Nah, they use lamb's wool.
- [TRICE.]
That's why you do this yoga shit, bro.
It's hella hoes in this bitch.
Hell, yeah.
Look at shorty.
So you get our little problem taken care of? I'm working on it.
Bro, that ain't a motherfucker you just run up on, bro.
I'm gonna catch the guys like that, and I'm gonna take care of that shit.
You know, Stick would've had that shit done already, so you need to stop working and start doing.
Hey, drop me off at the crib.
And keep your mouth shut about picking me up here, man.
- Hey.
- [CRUZ.]
I thought you had a shift today.
Yeah, I did.
Yeah, it's just something I got to get in front of.
What do you mean? You remember Bill Wallace? He's got the Jake Arrietta beard.
Kind of a douchebag.
What? He's in this, too? Yeah.
And the case that started all this I think Wallace had something to do with it covered it up maybe worse.
You told anybody this? Sergeant.
She shut me down.
She said she doesn't see it.
But you do? I mean, 911 call removed from the logs the night of the shooting? Wallace's buddy oversees the call logs? [SIGHS.]
What are you gonna do? I'm thinking of going to IA with it.
Oh, just Hey, be careful.
I will.
Um I'm late this month.
What? [SIGHS.]
- Oh, shit.
Yeah, let's just see what the stick says.
The hell is Jake? I don't know.
I ain't seen him all day.
Me neither, and his timing couldn't be worse, 'cause we need to lock this shit down.
I'll be right back.
All right.
I need to talk to Mr.
Gasca, alone.
About? The second act is way too long, and the dancers need to be put in the back before they make us all look bad.
Man, you way too caught up in this play junk.
When I'm part of something, it needs to be off the chain.
Now go handle your business, player, 'cause we got some choreography to tighten up.
- Man, rehearsal's over.
- Whatever.
My mom says practice makes perfect, and you a long way from perfect.
It's really hard to do this, because, like, you have to Hey, uh, Andrea.
Can I, uh, talk to you for a sec? Yeah.
Look I'm sorry I ain't hit you up after the roller rink.
I got caught up in some stuff, and You're good.
So, about the other night Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
My, uh, folks said I can't date till I'm 18.
But I was hoping we could still be friends.
That'll be cool.
You're the best.
160 over 100.
It's better but you still need to keep an eye on it.
So make sure you take your meds tonight, and we'll get a read on this in the morning.
I know what you're doing.
The agency called and said they were trying to find another nurse to come out.
You quit? [SIGHS.]
I was let go.
This have anything to do with Ronnie's room? Um, let's not talk about it.
Look, I don't mind checking in on you.
I need to keep busy until I find something new.
Okay? Hand me that carton of menthols.
Miss Ethel, I don't think it's a good time for you to take back up smoking.
Just give it here, girl.
I can't.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
I have savings.
I'm I'm okay.
Jada, please.
It's the least I can do.
Thank you, Miss Ethel.
Yeah, so I'm using only natural products on my hair now, like oils and honeys and beeswax.
You don't want to use that beeswax.
It's way too heavy.
And it attracts lint.
You'll have bitty balls all through your hair.
Ooh, I don't want that.
See, somebody to use that Organic Root Stimulator, but I didn't find it at the beauty supply.
Did you check, um [SNAPS FINGERS.]
Jordan's? Hey.
Some help over here? One moment, please.
Check Jordan's on 79th, right past Stony.
They usually carry stuff like that.
Uh, how may I help you? - I need to cash my check.
- ID.
Wait, wait, this is short.
Rates went up.
Went up? Y'all already robbing people blind.
I need my money, like, all of it.
Then take your little-bitty-ass check over to Gangsters of America next time and see what they do for you.
Maybe you ought to stop spending your money on kicks.
Why you being exaggerating? Ain't nobody tell her she had no four toes.
Aisha wears socks with her sandals 'cause she's scared of it.
I don't know, I guess I guess her feet bogus.
- [BARRY.]
I don't know.
She bugging.
I can care less about her feet.
What's up, what's up? - Ah, shit.
What's good, bro? Ah, what up, bro? I've been waiting on y'all.
Look at you.
Looking all clean cut and shit.
I know, right? What you on, Ronnie? You go to court or something? - [LAUGHS.]
- No, man.
Um but I need a favor.
- [BARRY.]
What you need? - [CURTIS.]
Let's roll.
Let's go.
Hey, yo, but I got my moves down.
The whole rehearsal went good.
Man, I think this is gonna be a hit.
Hey, is your moms coming? Yeah.
That's cool.
There you go.
Hey, yo, Jake.
Why you ain't come to play rehearsal today? 'Cause I quit that shit.
We down a lollipop kid now.
I don't care.
I'm not wearing no fucking tights.
What about school? You ain't come either.
Reg didn't go to school.
Look at him.
Yeah, he's a drug dealer.
And if he was white, they'd call him a doctor.
How is school gonna get me paid? [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING ON CAR STEREO.]
Hey, get in! - They was just bouncin'.
- [REG.]
We was finna to go get something to eat.
Y'all trying to slide? I'm a thug by nature Big boy, I know your ass hungry.
I could eat.
What about you? Come on, Kev.
The man's asking us to break bread with him.
Yeah, all right.
You could die on me Okay, Mr.
Reg, but I need a place with healthy options.
Get the fuck in the car.
All I ever wanted was to be a thug And hustlin' was all I knew Forever thuggin' Forever thuggin' All I ever wanted was to be a thug And hustlin' was all I knew Forever thuggin' Forever thuggin' You niggas wanna see me fall off Get caught up and get hauled off Become a victim of a sawed-off [KEVIN.]
Yoga mat? Do you do Bikram or Vinyasa flow? - [VOLUME DECREASES.]
- Say again? What type of yoga do you practice? Ah, let me get that.
Hell, nah, that ain't mine.
I don't fuck with that Eastern shit.
For the stress he put me through [LIGHTER CLICKS.]
Don't wanna spend life alone So any one of y'all bust a nut yet? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Um, uh, I believe in holy matrimony, so I'm saving myself for my honeymoon, Mr.
Not you.
I know your ass a virgin.
I'm talking about little sexy here.
Jake told me you hooked up with a little chick at the roller rink.
We we just kissed at the rink, in public.
Shit, that's what the bathroom stall's for.
I don't think Andrea that type of girl.
Check this out.
Hos want it just as much as we do.
Now, they all nice when they around they girls and they moms in school and shit, but in the bedroom, they all freaks.
My mom's not a freak.
Your moms and pops still together? - Yeah.
- Then she a freak.
Or she running games on your pop, using that shit like a weapon.
You know, "You want it, you got to do this", you got to do that," all types of dumb-ass shit.
" - You hear me? - [JAKE.]
That's right.
Yeah, the fuck it is.
Don't be a goofy for that shit.
You be a man, and you handle your business.
And if your little trick ain't trying to give it up, fuck her friend.
What if I don't like her friend? [CHUCKLING.]
You not doing it because you like her.
You doing it to check her.
Let her know, she get to playing games, you gonna fall back and hop on another female.
You feel me? Yeah I guess.
Straight gangsta, baby, don't get it twisted Dubs on my sports car, everything owned is lifted Just don't mess with her remote, you know? If she's watching her judges, she's good for the most part.
Rewind, rewind.
That part about the diapers, though, and changing your grandma drawers She got a nurse who comes by for that.
Why you bring it up? 'Cause shit go wrong when you get old, boy.
My Uncle Ray pees in a bag, man.
Got bags of piss all over the house.
Lost a foot to sugar.
It's fucked up, yo.
Yeah, I ain't doing that either.
Look, just cool it, huh? [KEYS JINGLING.]
Grandma? Shut up and get me my walker.
I give you permission to bring two strange Negroes into my house? These are my friends.
This is Barry - [BARRY.]
How you doing? - and Curtis.
Look like a couple of dope fiends to me.
At least this one got manners.
I smell reefer on this one.
- Aw, no, ma'am, I, uh - Don't lie to me.
I know you two are the no-good devils that brought my Ronald down into the darkness.
Grandma, please, just calm down.
I still don't know what they are doing in my house.
I'm just I'm just showing them around and stuff so they can help out.
You mean rob me? I'll save you two hoodlums the time.
I don't got any money, and my check don't come till next week.
Just just give us a minute, all right? The hell this about? Figured it would be a good idea.
I just want to make sure you taken care of.
Ronald, I have you and the Lord for that.
Now, I want these two out of my house, now.
Oh, shit.
Hey, hey Nice meeting you, ma'am.
Put it down.
It ain't even loaded.
Jesus Christ.
Have a seat, now.
I need to talk to you about something I did.
Shut your mouth.
- But you need to know.
- But nothing.
I'm too old for drama, so whatever it is, I I don't want to know.
Are you hungry? I am, but I don't want no more of that frozen food.
I'll make us some grilled cheese, then.
What do you think you're doing? Oh, hey.
How you doing? I'm Brandon.
That doesn't answer my question.
I'm sorry.
I'm a little new to this.
I'm just trying to set my truck up.
- Not here, you're not.
- What do you mean? - Why? - We've been running this spot here for three years.
So? You got more spots for more trucks.
Actually, this is Boo Coo Mama's spot.
Yeah, she's running late.
We're holding it for her.
Look, I it's a free country.
I have a permit right here in the window that says I'm ready to go, so I think I'm gonna set my truck up, so excuse me.
Yeah, nice counterfeit.
Get your ass across the street, or we'll call the city.
Fuck this.
Hey, dickhead.
You went to Sergeant Clemmons about me? Sure did.
Thank you.
Jason Roxboro's phone.
I thought we put the Roxboro case away.
We did.
So what's this? A keepsake? The one that got away? I got some of those, too.
Had this teen boy killed in a drive-by.
I used to keep his photo on my wall.
Then I got sick of looking at it.
Now I focus on the positive.
You should try that.
911 call on there, right at T.
And then, uh then I did some checking.
You know, work logs checked you're A and A for that night.
Good for you.
Is there where you tell me where I was? Eh, if you want.
Anyways, I ran down that 911 call and met your boy, O'Malley.
His knee's still busted up.
So you're working me now, is that it? If it gets me answers, yeah.
Well If you want to take a run at me, go right ahead.
I'm gonna hit you when I get back.
Soon as I head back, I'm gonna hit you.
- [JAKE.]
- Uh, yes, sir.
Let me get that.
- What we got? - [JAKE.]
A Polish.
- You got a Polish? - [JAKE.]
Y'all good? What you got? Good, homey? - [REG.]
Got your food? - [BIG MIKE.]
Hey, my man.
I'll be right back.
Big Mike! - What's up, big dog? - What's good, my brother? What's up with you? You haven't seen Trice around? Yeah, I picked him up this morning and dropped him off at the crib.
Why? He ain't answering his phone.
No shit.
Yeah, no shit.
What the fuck you been on lately? Oh, shit, playing big homey.
Got my young boys with me all day and shit.
You know schooling 'em and shit.
- That's what's up.
- [REG.]
Yeah, yeah.
But, yeah, knowing Trice, though, he probably got a little bitch or something, got his phone cut off.
Gonna hit your line.
Yeah, all right.
All right, homey.
Be smooth, man.
That's a interesting fashion choice.
Don't start with me today, Tiffany.
I'm not starting I'm just saying I didn't know you owned shoes that didn't lace up.
I been making a lot of sacrifices lately.
Where my boy at? Dek's got him over there, playing.
Okay, good.
Uh, there's something I wanted to talk to you about anyway.
What's up? I know we ain't been seeing eye to eye as far as, you know, EJ is concerned.
And, uh I admit that a lot of that is my fault.
So We good for now.
It's not much, but, you know, it's a start, so I'm trying to do better, so for the both of y'all.
You better do better.
EJ crazy about Dek.
- My man.
You want to keep him for the night? Yeah.
What's up, man? - We going to a MJ concert.
- What's up, man? - [EJ FUSSING.]
I'll pick him up in the morning.
Mwah! Bye! [EJ BABBLES.]
Let's get ball.
Hmm? Let's get the ball.
Where your ball go? Hey.
Here go his little monkey.
Yo, I'm gonna help you with her, you know, so you can see your boy and shit.
I'd appreciate that.
Just slip me a extra bill every month, and we all good.
Trust me, kid, yo, it's better me and you ain't got no problems, man.
Sh Like, carry your trash to a can, like, seriously.
That's what I was saying.
That shit was just good as hell.
Gonna need a nap after that.
I bet.
What? Man, it's Corey Cutler.
Who the fuck is Corey Cutler? That bitch ass I was telling you about about his bro being from the South D Sinners.
Talking all kinds of shit at school.
Bro, a motherfucker get to talking shit and you let that go, the whole world gonna think you a bitch.
You a bitch, Jake? No.
No? Then why you still here? What's up? You scared? [CHUCKLES.]
It's all right.
I used to be scared, too.
See, look, when I was a shorty every day, on my way to school, this kid used to fuck me up Beat my ass if I ain't give up my money, to the point I damn near had to start stealing just to keep him off my ass, you feel me? But this one day [CHUCKLES.]
I ain't had shit, and I knew the ass-whupping was coming.
So I decided to fight back.
- And you whupped that ass? - Hell, nah.
Shaniqua beat the fuck out of me.
Shaniqua? It's a girl? Damn straight.
The bitch was fierce.
Big as hell.
I'll never forget.
I'm confused.
What is the moral of the story, Mr.
Reg? There ain't no moral.
Except after I fought back, I wasn't afraid no more.
Actually, there is kind of a moral to that story.
That's right, Papa.
You see, it only take one time for you to show a motherfucker you ain't afraid of him.
And after that, I promise you, you will never have to worry about them fucking with you ever again.
- [REG.]
That's right.
- Jake.
Fuck y'all still doing here? You ain't got your homey back? The fuck? Hell, yeah.
Hey, who's that? - What the fuck? - Oh, no.
- Hey! - You okay? - [BOY.]
Get him! - [PAPA.]
Let's go, Kev.
No, wait.
Oh, shit.
- [WOMAN.]
Break that shit up! - [MAN.]
Break it up! Enough! [WOMAN.]
Up against the car.
You too.
Come on! - You two, get over here now! - We didn't even do anything! - Right now! - Not another word.
- Officer, we didn't even - Hands on the hood.
Spread 'em! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Nigga, this pizza finna be fire, boy, I swear.
- For real.
- Yeah.
Hey, check Ain't that the motherfucker that left Reg's crib? Yeah, man, that sure is.
The fuck he doing here, though? That's what I want to know.
Hey! Come check me out.
Come check me out.
How you doing? What you got, big man? Soul food in a taco Best in the city.
Uh, the fried chicken got dark meat? - Yes.
- All right.
Let me have one fried chicken taco and one barbecue beef.
- Is everything all right? Yeah, I'm I'm sorry.
You my very first customer.
- Thank you.
- Thank you! [LAUGHS.]
- You the man.
- Hey, come on.
All right.
We got to tell Reg.
I can't go to the Audy Home.
Pretty face like mine wouldn't last a day.
Yo, Papa, chill.
I told you we should've ran, Kev! My mom find out about this, she gonna take me out the play.
Then how my star gonna shine? So y'all was gonna run, right? Okay.
Get the fuck out of here.
And if we see you again, all your asses getting locked up for battery.
Yes, sir! Hey, that's what the fuck I'm talking about.
We going.
Ha! Yes, sir! [LAUGHS.]
What's up? We should walk from here.
You can thank Mr.
Reg for the food.
You don't want no ride? [RAP MUSIC PLAYING IN CAR.]
We'll take the bus from here.
No, I'm good.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hello? Yeah, just a second, I'm still o Hey.
I need to talk to you.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hi.
This is actually pretty random.
How did you know where I was? Um, Luis tweeted that you were headed this way in a new food truck.
You move fast.
Yeah, I'm pretty excited.
- You like it? - Yeah.
So what's up? Um Chef knows about us.
Look like he finally getting sleepy.
Yeah, he trying to fight it hard, too.
He will not close his eyes.
I'm so proud of you.
- I'm trying.
- You doing it.
Makes me feel a little better about what I have to tell you.
What? - I found a job.
- What? - [CHUCKLES.]
- That's dope.
I mean, what is it? Director of Nursing.
I'll be managing a facility like the one I used to work for.
Okay, so when do you start? Emmett, it's in Seattle.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
What's going on? Babe I'm so happy to be home.
Yeah? And I wouldn't want nothing to ever come up in the future to, like, mess us up.
So when we were split up I messed around with somebody else.
"Mess"? Yeah, we slept together.
Anyone that I know? - Sarah.
- Your boss? Okay, so that's why you really quit.
Come on, J.
No, no, no, no, no.
Look I told you, they wanted me to fire Luis, and I wasn't with it.
But I'm sorry.
Okay? It's okay.
What? It's just I mean, we didn't know if we were gonna get back together, so Thank you.
Don't thank me 'cause Um, I slept with somebody, too.
I thought we was going home.
We is.
Just got to drop off a package first.
How may I direct your call? I'm reporting elderly abuse at 4898 South Drexel Boulevard.
It's negligence.
Please hurry.
I think there's a fire in the house.
I'm sending a car right now.
All right, let's go.
I want to confess to the murder of Coogie Johnson.

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