The Chi (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


Previously on The Chi Why you hating on Corey all of a sudden? [JAKE.]
They been talkin' shit about Reg.
Corey keep looking over here, I'ma fuck him up.
- [PAPA.]
Yo! - Yo, whoa, wait.
Hold up.
It was that old-ass man that broke into our stash house and took our guns.
Problem is, I put you in charge of that.
Come on, bro, I gotta look out for my little brother, bro.
I wanna know how he able to walk up in our spot and take our shit.
- You fuck up like that again, I'ma take your life.
Head nurse been looking for you.
Medicine come up missing.
Are you aware that we have security cameras throughout the facility? [BRANDON.]
Is it cool if I at least come by the apartment - to get my stuff? - How's work? - I quit.
- So what are you gonna do now? I don't wanna just throw away everything that we have.
Assalamu alaikum, brother.
My name's Rafiq.
- Ronnie.
- Come by when you ready - to lay that burden down.
- Said I ain't got no burden.
Everybody's got one.
It's how you carry it.
What you doing here? I want EJ back.
So how long you been working for my brother? - About six months.
- And? [EMMETT.]
I mean, he's your brother.
Sonny? - [REG.]
Take a seat, old man.
Yeah, why don't you come sit your bitch ass down? Yup.
So what is it you'd like to talk about? I wanna talk about the guns you took.
Well, see, I had asked Trice a question which he then decided not to answer.
So you think I've got his attention now? You know, he fucked me up real bad because of your punk ass.
Well, you did fuck up.
Shit, you're lucky.
Back in the day, I would've curbed your ass right in front of your old lady.
- Is that right? - Yes, and then I would've fucked her for good measure.
But shit's a little different these days, I guess.
You think this a fuckin' game? What else is it? So you gonna do what your boss asked you or what? [SNIFFS.]
Fuck you.
No, fuck you, rookie.
Sonny, Sonny, you okay? [GROANS SOFTLY.]
I cannot believe we let this jive turkey get the drop on both of us.
Oh, stop fuckin' around, Sonny.
I'm a long way from fuckin' around.
- Get out.
- Oh, brother, what the Don't "brother" me.
I want you and this piece of fuckin' trash - out of my establishment.
- All right.
I just need to call Tep and JB, all right? But you need to put that gun down.
You not hearing me.
I want you gone! [CHAIN JINGLING.]
You should've never come back.
Damn, girl.
The fuck wrong with you? I get you that cell phone and this shit happens? I don't got it.
Cops do.
Cops? That shit better not come back on me.
It won't.
- I need another, man.
- Oh, shit.
Five dollars.
The last one was three.
This one's five.
Shit, well, this all I got, man.
Give me the shit, man.
Oh, shit.
Jean! This motherfucker need a doctor.
- He need poultice.
- No, fuck all that voodoo shit.
- Where Chauncy at? - Sleepin'.
Wake his ass up.
We need his doctorization skills.
Shit, man.
Look at this shit.
- You ever been to the Dells? - No.
- Up in Wisconsin.
It's beautiful as shit.
If you like walking in the woods, that's the place to do it.
Well, I never walked in the woods.
Fuck are you talking about? Everybody walk in the woods.
Not me.
But I walked in the desert, though.
For what? I was a soldier.
Yeah, I saw some shit, too, man, I still can't unsee.
I seen some shit in the Dells.
It was dope as fuck.
I seen this little deer biting on a bush.
And it was chewing like this.
Weird-ass little chew.
And then there was rain, but it wasn't like rain-rain.
It was like a light, magical mist falling out of the sky.
All of a sudden, a fuckin' frog - landed on my boot.
And more frogs just kept jumping out, right? It was like a frog party.
They was everywhere.
They was singing and shit.
- Freaked me out.
All of a sudden, fuckin' crows just came out of the sky.
Start picking these frogs up [MAKES SNAPPING SOUND.]
and eating the fuck out of them.
And at first, I'm looking at this shit like, "Man, this is fucked up.
" But the frogs was chill as shit.
Seemed like they ain't even care.
That's that's when I figured it out.
What? That it's good to be a crow.
What about the deer? Man, no.
Fuck that deer.
Just nibble on a little piece of shrubbery.
Yo, can you fix this motherfucker? - What for? - What for? 'Cause you took a oath to help people.
And this man right here needs help.
And as a medical practitioner, it's your duty to help him.
One now.
I'll give you the rest if you fix him.
- Let me see.
Ballistic trauma? [MELDRICK.]
We know what the fuck it is.
Can you fix him up? [JERRIKA.]
Girl, how long you been standing right there? - I just got here.
- It's kinda creepy.
- How'd you sleep? - Fuckin' terrible.
This couch hard as shit.
- You picked it.
- Yeah, because it looked good, not because I thought I'd actually be sleeping on this motherfucker.
You hungry? Yeah, I'll make us something.
I got it.
It's no big deal, really.
That's why I got it.
- Bowls.
Uh-oh, here we go.
- Sit.
- Fancy.
You're such a hater.
So about us, J, what we doing? Brandon.
For real.
I mean, I told you, all that stuff is in my past.
It's over.
It's done.
It's never coming back.
That's why you quit your job? [SIGHS.]
I told you what happened.
We talked about this.
All you wanted was to get on that line at work and get some experience under your belt.
And then you just quit like that? I'm talkin' about us right now.
And so am I.
Do you have something figured out? [DOG BARKING DISTANTLY.]
Every-everything cost money, J, okay? What? It would be nice to start something of my own.
A food truck, something.
But I don't have the money for that.
You would if you sign those papers for the house.
What, you think your mom not gon' sell the house because you don't sign? - She can't.
- That's not right, Brandon.
Y'all need to talk, 'cause I have a big inspection - at the house today.
- Really? Yes.
There's this investor who's bought some other properties in the area, and he just made an offer.
Look, your mother is trying to have a fresh start.
And it's a chance for you to do the same.
What up, fool? Man, turn that shit down.
My whittling music? It's important because I'm making something special for my moms.
We gotta talk about Jake.
What he do now? He brung that piece to the roller rink.
That was messed up.
We gotta do something about it.
Well, I been praying for him.
Even whittled a cross for him.
Man, he don't need no cross.
How 'bout y'all come over to my crib, we game it up a little bit, and then we talk to him about it? - Now? - [KEVIN.]
Why? This is sorta my me time.
Motherfucker, get your ass over here, and bring Jake.
You okay? Huh? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Thought maybe you'd be upset, Tiffany taking EJ back like that.
I mean, it's not normal for a mother to just leave her child.
Do you know if she's even okay to take care of him? Ma, she's fine.
I mean, she be on some crazy stuff, but she fine.
Did you work something out with her? Ma, this is, like, the first day in, like, two weeks where I don't have to push a stroller, I'm off work.
Like, I just wanna take a little vacay.
- Let me enjoy it.
- Oh, vacay.
- Yes.
- He's your boy, not a job.
What? All right, look.
He's both, all right? I love him to death.
But I need a break.
All right? He was just warming up to you, Emmett.
You know, when I had you, all my friends were having a good time.
All of 'em.
And I was home changing your diapers.
And I don't regret it.
Not one bit.
Neither will you if you stay consistent in his life.
All right.
Thank you.
I'll go check on him.
Can I have my phone back? I guess.
So you not going to work today? No.
I got let go.
- What happened? - [SIGHS.]
Nothing you need to worry about.
Place was screwing me out of my hours.
I guess there's something better for me out there.
I mean, you-you sure? Mm-hmm.
- Check on your boy.
- I am.
Thank you, baby.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry it took so long, Ma.
- I - I get it.
I get it.
No, I You grew up here.
So did I.
So did Coogie.
Hey, where my tea tree oil at? [SCOFFS.]
Yeah, I'm looking at you, son.
I got some shave bumps I gotta soothe.
You check next to your yogurt? Now, why the hell would I do that? [LAUGHS.]
He just foolin' with you, baby.
I ain't got time for fun.
The inspector's coming.
That's why y'all getting dressed up? Well, unlike you, I like to make a good first impression.
Brandon signed the papers for the house, baby.
Well, it's about time.
Your oil is on the dresser, right where you left it.
And if you gonna stay for the inspection, you need to get cleaned up, okay? Y'all are really taking this serious.
I don't think that the inspector's gonna care - what you have on, Mom.
- You know, if I didn't get Greavy to dress up, he'd be walking around here with his nuts swinging out - beneath his shorts, shit.
- Oh, no.
See, now it's time for me to go.
Bye, Mom.
I'll see you later.
- Where you going? - To Hannibal's.
What you all up to now? You'll see.
All good things, I tell you.
All good things.
Tell him he need to stop smoking so much weed so he can remember to call his auntie.
All right.
- Yeah.
- You feel better now? - I feel better now.
- Mwah.
- Yo, Q! - [QUENTIN.]
- [JB.]
He getting up.
Nice place you got here, Reg.
What the fuck? Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
You know, Reggie, back in my day, I used to always tell my boys never to carry their wallets with them.
That way, if the shit went south and you got grabbed You know, by a rival or something[INHALES SHARPLY.]
they wouldn't know where you lived and your people would be safe.
Who you living with, Reggie? Nobody.
And that second bedroom in there, that's for who? It used to belong to my folks.
Ah, and where are they now? Pop's doing a bid in Statesville.
Ah, and Moms? - Gone.
- Mm.
So what now? I'm thinking on it.
- [PAPA.]
Go! - [KEVIN.]
Both of y'all trash.
Don't be talkin' all that.
Bro! [GRUNTS.]
I'm a pro at this game.
I could beat you anyway.
Oh, my God, Kev, stop being a spammer.
At least I ain't hackin'.
Yeah, I'm hackin' your mama.
Man, you just mad 'cause I got natural talent.
So, Jake, what you been up to? Nothin'.
Just hangin'.
- With who? - Reg.
You know - learnin' the game.
- Which game that? Hustlin'.
Why? You serious? Look, man, we worried about you.
Don't be.
'Bout to get paid.
Paid doing what? [SUCKS TEETH.]
Why you two all over me? - I'm good.
- Yeah, until you're not.
What the fuck that supposed to mean? Just what the fuck it sound like.
We worried about you.
Did I hear that word come out of your mouth? Yes, ma'am.
I'm very sorry.
It won't happen again.
I know it won't.
Kevin, I need you to run to the grocery store and get us some things.
- But, Ma, I - Come on, Kevin.
You better go before she whup you.
Take your friends with you too.
- [PAPA.]
Aw, man.
- [JAKE.]
There you go.
Fuck is all that? Gotta keep you alive, baby.
Have you done this before? - [RONNIE.]
The fuck? - [MELDRICK.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Not too much.
I need some of that for later.
This may hurt.
Whoo! [RONNIE.]
That's some MacGyver shit right there.
- Wow.
That should hold.
Your body'll do the rest.
My man! - Pills.
- Still got it, huh? Relax, man.
I think you got a problem.
Miss Ethel? Miss Ethel.
- Miss Ethel.
- What day is it? Is today your day? Never mind that.
You got something on the stove? Oh.
Jeez, oh.
Ah, sh Fuck.
You didn't smell that burning in here? I must've dozed off for a minute.
You could've burned this whole house down, with you in it.
Corn bread's ruined.
Where's Ronnie? He should be helping you with this.
Haven't seen him.
Did you take your medication? Did you eat? Miss Ethel.
Look, um, I gotta go now, okay? Well, if I don't go to glory in my sleep, I'll see you tomorrow.
Go on, now.
Stop milking the clock.
Listen, Miss Ethel, I need to talk to you.
I came over here to Well, if it's about my medication, don't waste your breath.
'Cause I came up with a new system to help me remember.
No, it's church.
You been asking me, and I'm finally ready to go.
It's never too late to get right with Jesus.
Okay, well, we'll talk about it tomorrow, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
I put some soup on the counter.
Just make sure you heat it up when you ready.
You get some rest, okay? Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, man, do me a favor and, uh, spray my babies over here.
- All right.
- Hey, babies.
- So why you cut 'em? - I'm pruning.
If you, uh, cut off the dead leaves, it allows the plant to grow back stronger and more potent.
Matter of fact, hand me that, uh, weed, speaking of potent.
Um, right after we get finished - talking about this whole - Yeah, this food truck.
Yeah, what-what-what I don't know shit - about that, man, like - But I do.
- You got a business plan? - Man, I don't need no business plan.
You my fuckin' cousin.
You asking me for money, right? Then your ass needs a business plan.
All right, well, I can I can give you at least half as soon as we sell the house, for sure.
Man, that shit don't help me now.
Plus, the profit on that shit's, what, like, 15 percent, if you're lucky.
Well, what's the profit on what you doing? [SUCKS TEETH.]
- Yeah.
- Who the fuck is that? - That's Mr.
- Who is Mr.
Wu? My tenant.
He live in your closet? Why are you whispering? Yes, he lives in the closet.
I mean, you know, in Asia, the living quarters are, you know, much smaller, so it's really like a fuckin' penthouse in there to him.
He got a flat screen in here.
Yeah, we hooked that shit up for the Chinese New Year's.
That's crazy.
No, man.
It's called being an entrepreneur.
You see, the more streams of revenue you have coming in outside of your major hustle, the more risk you can take.
I'm just trying to get this one hustle going.
Come on.
All right, man.
How much is this fuckin' food truck gonna cost? Like, 50,000, 100,000.
But it - What? - It's not that bad.
- We could - Jesus! I'ma make that back.
Look, I'm in the middle of diversifying my portfolio right now, so I'm little cash poor, you dig? - Damn.
- Yeah, I get it.
I don't know, man.
I just I just need something that's mine.
You know, something for me.
I'd kill that shit.
You know these food trucks fail most of the time, right? Mine won't.
- My food good as hell.
Plus, it can't.
'Cause if it does, then I have nothing, and I can't have nothing.
I already got that shit down pat.
I don't know, man.
I'm just trying to be more like you, man.
Just trying to give myself some opportunities, you know? I feel you.
- Shit gon' work.
- Okay.
Let me see what I can do.
I'ma call my partner, see if we can hook up something cheap for us, all right? - You serious? - Man, when am I not serious? [LAUGHS.]
Is that a real qu - Is that a serious question? - Man, you talkin' shit.
I don't know if you being serious now.
You smoke a lot of weed.
Oh, yeah, give me my shit, man.
You know I smoked outside in the parking lot before the SATs and I got a 1490? Hmm? What'd you get? Huh? What? What was it? I didn't think so! Mm-hmm.
Smart, and I got a big, old photogenic dick.
Well, Jerrika doesn't seem to think so.
- Yep.
- Oh, so you back - fuckin' her now, huh? - Well, I'm trying.
Uh-huh, yeah.
You always been a domesticating bitch.
Oh, man.
Oh, he a wild boy.
Oh, he a wild boy.
What the fuck y'all sayin'? - Huh? - What are y'all sayin'? What are y'all talking 'bout? Oh, he-he called you short.
- He just - Yeah.
- What? - Yeah, we're just talkin' mess.
I'll fuck Mr.
Wu up.
It's just fuckin' me up that he lives in your closet, though.
Man, he comfortable too.
You expecting company, Reg? - No.
- Mm.
Tell me, Reg, what do you know about me, huh? You and Trice go back.
And then I left and I put him on.
Did he tell you that? - He ain't say shit.
- But he did send you to do me, right? Reg, as far as Trice is concerned, you're already damaged goods.
You sure like to talk, old man.
He's already looking for your replacement.
And he's probably gonna find one of your guys to put one in your back.
Negro, you are disposable.
Is there a point to all of this? Yes.
That cop.
You know, the one I saw Trice with.
- No.
- "No," you don't know? [LAUGHS.]
Or, "No," you don't want to say.
No, fuck you.
Fuck is you talkin' 'bout? [LAUGHS.]
Listen, brother, I realize that you are in a box, but you are going to have to decide, you know, one way or another which way you gonna roll.
All righty.
Hey, Tep.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, he scares me too.
You hungry, Reg? I-I'm a little bit hungry.
I'm a Li JB? Yeah, you mind if we stir up some food? - Hey, Tep, what we got? - [TEP.]
- [TEP.]
That's about it.
- Hell, that works for me.
I love Italian.
So high, so high Flyin' like I ain't been high in a minute - [KIESHA.]
Emmett! - I love your body Your mind, and your music, we touchin' Oh.
That ass is not regular Here you go.
I am the boss, put yo' ass in a Rolls When you hop on the top for a joyride I gotta get EJ in T-ball.
Ain't he a little young for that? I mean for when he get older.
My dad didn't put me in shit.
You know, he was around, but he wasn't there.
You know what I mean? I know you love EJ.
But real talk, you don't even know where he at.
Yes, I do.
He's with his mama.
And where she at? She probably with her mama.
You don't even know, do you? Hold on.
You right.
You right.
You right.
I tried to give her a moment, but that's my baby.
She can't just come and take my baby.
Shit, her phone disconnected.
She probably didn't pay her fuckin' bill.
So what you gonna do now? Uh, come with me.
Come with me, yeah.
- We gotta go find - No, I ain't going to that girl house.
I just got my hair done.
She not about to - pull my tracks out.
- It's not even gonna go that way, come on.
Kiesha, why you being like that? How 'bout you take me on a real date next time? Maybe then I'll consider it.
This is a real date.
I thought this shit through.
Hold on.
Hey! Hold up! All right, we got the Jays potato chips and the Dean's ice cream.
All we need is the peanut butter.
- Regular or crunchy? - My mom likes crunchy.
- Say no more.
- Speaking of your moms, do you call your other mom Moms too? Nah, I call her Karen.
Yeah, how is that? How's what? Livin' with two moms.
It's cool.
It's not, like, weird or anything? Nah.
Karen's always been there ever since I was little.
- She like family.
- Have you ever seen them naked? - Like, together? - Whoa, what? No.
What? You ever seen your mom naked? Once.
Wasn't what I expected.
Man, let's just get out of here so we can go play some 2K.
Hey, Michael Jordan is my dude.
- You always use Michael.
- You don't know how to use him.
- Yes, I do.
- He gonna be no good when I dunk on you.
All right, so, uh, we need Shit.
Oh, man, did your mom say what kind? No, it just says "tampons.
" Well, being that you have three women in the house, there could be a lot of different types.
What the fuck are you talking about? For example, my mom likes pads, but my aunt is more of a classic lady.
How the fuck do you know this? Because I pay attention when we go shopping.
- [KEVIN.]
Why? - Knowledge.
What type of knowledge? My mom say women sync up when they together.
What the fuck are you talking about? They get on the same menstrual cycle.
It's nature's way of achieving balance or something.
Yeah, last night was funny.
Let's just get out of here, all right? - [KEVIN.]
- All right.
What are you doing with my phone? Checking in with your moms because if you get this shit wrong, your ass would be right back here.
And it would be without my ass because I already did my 10,000 steps today.
- What? - Now what the hell - is you talking about? - [PAPA.]
Just chill, bro.
Y'all wanna get out of here? - Yes.
- Fine.
Hey, Ms.
Williams, it's Papa I mean, Stanley Giving you a call.
We're standing in the feminine hygiene aisle, and I was wondering if these are for you, Kiesha, or the missus.
Okay, I can see how that's none of my business, but if you could just be a bit more specific, it would be helpful.
- Playing too much.
- The applicator.
Super plus and slender? Okay.
Scented or unscented? Yeah, I got those.
I hear cardboard can be rough, so do you want the plastic applicator? Yeah, I can just shut up.
Are there any other products you want? You're welcome.
- [KEVIN.]
We good? - [JAKE.]
So? We're all good, man.
Let's get out of here.
- [JAKE.]
Thank God.
That lady was looking at us weird.
You think she knew we was tampon shoppin'? [PAPA.]
Man, did I tell y'all, when I was little, I wanted to be a astronaut? Can you believe that shit? What you wanted to be, Ronnie? I don't remember.
Let me guess.
Kung fu master.
I'm just playin'.
Probably wanted to be something boring as shit.
Like a mailman, right? Biggest worry is getting chased by a fuckin' Chihuahua.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Come on, Ronnie.
We bonding here.
Tell 'em what you wanted to be.
A cobbler.
This motherfucker wanted to make women's shoes and shit.
- That's right? - That's right.
Hell yeah.
I bet Chauncy here wanted to be a doctor.
And bam! Smart motherfucker got up, took his ass to school, and became a doctor.
That's still a doctor.
Eight years of med school.
One-year internship.
Four years' residency.
Shit, that's it? I could be a gynecologist, then.
Ain't that right, Jean? - Yeah.
Come on, Ronnie.
What's up, man? What you wanted to be? [HIP-HOP MUSIC.]
You got some nerve comin' all up in here.
Bryant, wh-where's Tiffany at? - She ain't here.
- Ms.
Bryant, please.
Listen, I'm trying to be a good father here.
I'm trying to do the right thing.
Don't you got two other kids by two different women? - Where they at? - What's that got to [SIGHS.]
They out of state with they mamas.
We FaceTime sometimes.
So you mostly a digital daddy, then.
Listen, I just miss my boy.
I miss him.
I wanna see him.
I wanna hold him.
Look, I can't tell you where Tiffany is 'cause she don't want nobody to know.
Well, how come she don't want me to know? That said, I never promised not to tell nobody where EJ at.
All right, cuz.
I want you to be open-minded.
All right? That's all I'm asking.
When am I not open-minded? [SUCKS TEETH.]
Them two Spanish girls from the Crane Club back in the day? You talkin' 'bout the They was drag queens.
See? Judging.
- And limiting yourself.
Here she is! [LAUGHS.]
All right, now, before you shit all over it, - it's - I love it.
- Huh? - I love it.
- For real? - Hell yeah.
I mean, it ain't exactly what I had in mind, but this can definitely work.
Even the-the whole "Lick Me" thing? - This? - Yeah.
Oh, no.
This is terrible.
But, I mean, with a lot of paint and, like, a lot of work, I could make this dope.
- It's gonna be dope.
- That's what I'm I like to hear that.
How 'bout you take it for a spin, then? This the keys? I mean, yeah.
- Ah.
- Oh, man, I love you so much, man.
I love you too, man.
- I owe you big.
- Yeah, you do.
My share.
All right? - All right.
- Hit me up.
Hey, where you goin'? You ain't gonna take a ride with me? Oh, no, I'm No, I'm good.
Really? Man, I can't be seen in this shit.
Why you throwing shade, dog? [LAUGHS.]
I'm not, man.
I got nothin' but love for you, kid.
But I'ma-I'ma be a silent partner.
This is all you.
All right? Hit me when the money start coming in.
- Okay? - All right? All right? [LAUGHS.]
What? This is crazy.
Yes! How you doin'? What can I help you guys with? [THE CHEERS' "MIGHTY, MIGHTY, LOVER" PLAYING OVER STEREO.]
How that pill count comin'? We gotta move this tonight.
Got enough to keep the whole South Side lit.
Oh, that's dope.
Hey, y'all need to wake up.
Rise and shine.
Come on, Doc.
Get up.
Chauncy! [KICKS.]
Shit! Jean! This motherfucker done crossed over.
No, we was just talkin'.
I can't have no dead people in here.
- He gonna go zombie on us.
Hey, man, relax! He ain't even turn yet.
- Where you goin'? - I ain't takin' no chances.
You gonna get him out of here.
- What? - Yeah.
I'm cashing in that motherfuckin' chip.
Plus, he patched up your dying ass.
No, man.
Shit! I'm a mighty, mighty lover Mighty, mighty lover And there's one thing everyone knows That I'm the mightiest lover Man, slow the fuck down.
Bring your ass on, man.
Y'all bringing my property value down.
And where am I supposed to put him? [MELDRICK.]
You put him anywhere you want to.
Just away from here.
And hurry your ass up before he turn.
Come on, man.
I don't care what y'all talkin' 'bout.
- [PAPA.]
Shorty was bad.
- [JAKE.]
But you know - you weren't getting her.
- [PAPA.]
Why y'all hatin'? I mean, if I was talking to her, it would have been a different story.
- Man, shut up.
- Man, stop hating.
Man, you just mad 'cause your shorty can't pull her.
Y'all ain't coming in? Nah, your mom seemed stressed out on the phone, so I'm gon' bounce.
Yeah, me too.
I got shit to do.
What type of shit? What's up with all the questions? We just don't want anything to happen to you.
Ain't nothin' gon' happen.
- Reg looks out for me.
- That don't mean - he could always protect you.
- I'm good.
- You're not good.
- Me? You the motherfucker that shot somebody.
I'm out of here.
Man, what the fuck he talkin' 'bout? Nothin'.
Friends don't keep secrets from one another.
Not real ones.
- Tiff? - [EJ CRYING.]
I've been trying to call you.
Tiffany, who-who house is this? Let me guess, your mama must've told you to come find him.
No, I wanted to see him.
Why you got my son in some random house? Huh? And why the door open? A month ago, I couldn't even get you - to acknowledge he was yours.
- What? So you think you can just jump in and out of his life whenever you fuckin' feel like it? [CHUCKLES.]
Did it ever occur to you that I might've been going through something myself? I don't know.
You wasn't answering the phone.
What kinda mom just come in and just show up - whenever she feel? - Look, don't act like you some father of the year 'cause you had him for two weeks.
I had him for two years with no help from you, Emmett.
I been helping, all right? I been-I been payin' for-for day care, Pull-Ups and shit.
I hope you plan on keeping that up.
Fuck you, Tiffany.
I'm-I'm grabbing the diaper bag - and I'm goin'.
- You can't just take him 'cause you feel like it, Emmett.
Move, move.
All right, this is my son too.
I got rights.
- No, you don't.
- How not? If you start paying some child support, then we'll talk about visitation rights.
- Child support? - Child support.
You gonna hold some money over my kid head? I that ain't right.
I make minimum wage and I'm in school.
Food, rent, diapers, day care.
It's all on me, Emmett.
You spend your money on Jordans and Yeezys.
Tiffany, I'm not about to fight with you.
All I wanna see is my boy.
What you can do is put some money in our pocket.
- Our pocket? - That's what you can do.
No, your pocket.
You want me to put some money in your pocket.
- You don't get it.
- Tiffany, I'm not about to - Stay away from my baby.
- Stop trying - to get strong with me.
- Or I'ma call the police.
- Police? - Yes.
You gonna call the police on me? [MAN.]
Everything all right, baby? Huh? [TIFFANY.]
Just go, Emmett.
You're okay.
Mmm, now, this not bad, Tep, considerin'.
Could've used some chili powder.
So, Reggie, I really need you to tell me who killed that kid.
You know, the star basketball player up near your stash house.
I don't know.
On my granny's soul, I have no idea.
No, no, no! Please, hey! Sit down.
- It's all good.
- Yes, yes.
It is all good.
We've met before, right? You remember, the block party.
What's your name, little man? - Jake.
Jake, and I'll bet that you would be Reggie's little brother, right? - [JAKE.]
Yeah, well, it seems Reggie forgot to tell us about you.
You know, I thought you was just running with him that night, but now that I know you're blood [TENSE MUSIC.]
So, Jake, what school you go to? I go to Hopkins.
Well, Jake from Hopkins [SNIFFS.]
I'm gonna need you to do something for me.
Toss that in the sink for me.
Over there.
Yo, Reg, sit down.
You know, you should be very proud of that young man.
You know, he could go places.
All you need to do is keep him out of trouble and and alive.
So about that cop again.
Are you suddenly remembering anything? - Some dude named Wallace.
Wallace, Wallace.
Does Trice got him in pocket? [REG.]
He get a taste of everything.
In return, he make sure we don't get jammed up.
Mm, yeah.
How 'bout the kid, the basketball player? You remember anything about him? Ain't nobody said shit about that.
I'm dead-ass serious.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
Come here.
You keep that between us.
Hey, Jake.
Stay healthy, little man.
Chauncy? Chauncy, wake up.
Wake up.
Chauncy? Oh, my God.
No! [WAILS.]
Don't look.
Oh, God.
- J! What do you think? It's dope, right? What's with the tongue? Try not to look at the tongue.
- Not the tongue.
- Oh, that's Everything else probably, but not the tongue.
That's just a little bit hard.
It's gonna be great, all right? 'Cause I'ma put a stove and a grill right here where the freezer is already, right? - Mm-hmm.
- And then up top, it's just gonna have a bunch of storage for, like, all my supplies.
Easy access.
I got a couple coolers in here 'cause, I mean, it's an ice cream truck.
You know, so I don't lose no perishables.
I don't have to put my stuff on ice like I thought I would.
But it gets better.
Check it out.
So see the vision.
- All black - Mm-hmm.
red trim, new rims and tires, tinted windows.
- Right? - Mm-hmm.
And I think I'ma call it Bust a Taco.
Bust a Taco? Yeah, just think Mexican meets soul food.
- I like it.
- Ah, see? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Just [SIGHS.]
it's gonna take a lot of TLC.
Yeah, it does need a little help.
But I'm willing to do it.
I'm actually really excited to do it.
I'm just glad to see you happy and doing what you wanna do.
I ain't doin' it yet.
Not without you.
Okay, baby, look, I know I can't take back what I did.
But it'll never happen again.
I can promise you that.
I know.
And I'll do whatever it takes for you to trust me.
'Cause all this is great, but it's nothing if you're not there with me.
- I take you in my truck.
Assalamu alaikum.
Thank you.
Let me welcome you.
Come on in, brother.
How you been? All right.
If you don't mind taking those shoes off.
So what's going on? [SNIFFS.]
You tell me.
You kill somebody? Just between me and you.
You got shot.
Yeah, so? You ain't gotta front for me.
I been you.
Was this your first time? [SNIFFS.]
I ain't come here for this, man.
Then why'd you come here? [SNIFFS.]
I don't know.
Have a seat, brother.
You welcome.
When I was 19 years old, I was kicking it with some of my guys around 85th and Stony.
This party.
We got into it with these dudes.
I wanted to get them up off us, so I pulled out a pistol.
One shot.
Went through the window of a house.
Killed a little girl.
Seven years old.
I took her from her mother.
I took her from her father.
Her life.
For what? When I first got locked up, I wasn't even thinkin' how bad it was, what I did.
I didn't wanna carry that weight.
You know, once I got inside, I couldn't couldn't sleep.
I couldn't think.
It was hard for me to eat.
I didn't know how to express what I was feeling.
The block don't teach you how to express that pain, do it? One day on the yard, this brother came up to me and asked me the same question I asked you.
He saw I was carrying something.
This brother name was Malik.
He helped me come to terms with myself through Allah.
And it's through Allah's grace and mercy that I'm on the right path.
Brother, Allah is all-knowing and all-seeing but most forgiving and most merciful.

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