The Chi (2018) s03e06 Episode Script

Woo Woo Woo

Previously on The Chi
I'm Elizabeth Romero from DCFS.
Why we got to do this shit, anyway?
Jake is my blood I ain't
got to prove shit to you.
Just because you're his blood
doesn't mean you're capable
of taking care of him.
Fuck is going on here?
You think I don't know
what you've been doing?
Shut this shit down
and get the fuck out my establishment.
What, fool?
I want you to be my lady.
Okay, I guess we go together.
I really like that girl Jemma.
Me too.
Does she know about your sister?
At first, they thought it was Kiesha.
Her poor family.
I just don't want anybody
feeling sorry for me.
That girl still missing?
You'll find her.
Stop taking my picture.
I can take your picture if I want to.
Okay, so are you getting
banana-rama-raspberry flapjacks
or Jamaican-me-crazy blueberry waffles?
Mm-mm, I'm just getting eggs.
You are anorexic.
Shut up. And smile.
How does it feel to be a year older?
Feels the same.
You ain't learn nothing new?
Well, uh, I learned not
everything stays the same.
That's true.
Wish it did sometimes.
Well, if everything stayed the same,
life would be boring.
Yeah, but I just want things
to be good for a while.
Things are good right now.
Things would be better
if we could get this food.
Now, can I order?
Yes. Let me give you your gift first.
Okay, I wanted to get you
something to remember me by.
You're going to college.
You ain't dying.
You still gonna miss me.
Open it.
Where'd you find these?
I found it a few months ago
in Daddy's stuff.
It don't matter how old you get.
You always gonna be my little brother.
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Kevin ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Lean back for me.
Very good.
That's nice.
Very nice.
That's a good girl.
That's easy.
It's easy. It's easy.
It's okay.
That's a good girl.
Let me take care of you.
Can I help you?
Uh, look, I know this sounds s-strange,
but, uh, I thought I heard
someone screaming
the other night during the blackout.
Yeah, my wife thought
she heard something, too.
She said it came from across the street.
We always hearing shit screams
gunshots, niggas fighting.
How long you been in the neighborhood?
Not long.
Hey, you mind if I use your bathroom?
They working on mine.
Shit shit ain't been right
since the power went out.
Look, I don't know, man.
I promise I'll be quick.
It's a mess in here. I really can't.
if I'm gonna be honest with you
I ain't got a pot to piss in.
What you mean?
Just what I said.
Come on, man.
Help a brother out.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Chicago can gain
more jobs and more opportunities.
We can rise up from the ashes
and walk boldly into the future,
but we can only do that together.
- Help me
- Nice place.
Bathroom's upstairs.
Greatest city on the planet.
- Vote Perry on election day.
- Appreciate it.
God bless you, and God bless Chicago.
Does anyone have any questions
for the candidates?
Yes, ma'am.
That's true.
I have paid several people
to let me speak at their
- Help! Help me!
- The owners of those venues
need the money. Now
Pastor Jackson, for example,
puts money in the pockets of
those who need it the most.
So giving him money
is like giving it to the community.
Look, I'm not here to mislead.
I just intend to play it fairly.
Help me!
Help me!
Help! Help me!
Help me! Help!
Very good.
- We have time for a couple more questions.
- You hear that?
Hear what?
Why should this city trust you?
Now, that's a very good
question, young man.
I must be hearing things.
The citizens of Chicago
deserve a mayor
Happens to me all the time.
And I, for one,
have not paid anyone to allow
me to speak at their venue.
Thanks for letting me use your bathroom.
Employees or colleagues
to vote for me.
Help me, please!
You get him that video game?
No. I got him a cologne set.
He got him a little girlfriend now,
so I'm trying to make sure
he not walking around here
smelling musty.
I never know what to get him.
Kiesha used to always help me shop.
I got it, I got it.
Thank you.
I got you.
Ah, he's coming, he's coming.
He's coming.
Hey, Kev! Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, honey.
Don't be out too late.
I'm cooking tonight.
Oh, I already got plans
with Jake and Papa.
You don't want to spend
your birthday with us?
Not really.
Look, I know you growing up,
but I'm still your mother,
and I want to spend
some time with my son
on his birthday,
so bring your ass home.
Jake and Papa can come with you.
Yeah, just come home,
eat dinner with us,
and you can be about
your business, all right?
Hey. Happy birthday.
Thanks, Dre.
No doubt.
I suppose I can't blame him
for wanting to spend
the day with his friends.
It's all good.
I got a whole surprise party
planned for him later today.
When did this happen?
Last night, when you was asleep.
Me and Papa got it all figured out.
He's gonna bring him
a cake and everything.
If you weren't already
my wife, I'd marry you.
Just look at the camera.
It took me a long time to get
on the list for this place.
Don't act up, okay?
You ain't got to worry about me.
He cool, Dex.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What you need?
Blackberry Kush.
I got a customer going through chemo.
Mm, we all out of that, but we still got
some of that North Star left.
What's that?
It helps with nausea.
Come on, follow me, girl.
Shit, my my bad. Uh
Y'all got the good shit.
All right, cool. Let me get that.
We'll cut it and bag it for you.
- Thanks, love.
- Yeah.
That'll be four racks.
Hey, hold up.
Y'all got the same shit
here by the ounce for $250.
My girl doing y'all a solid
by turning over so
much of y'all inventory.
Y'all y'all should give her
a volume discount or something.
We don't do discounts.
- I want to speak to the owner.
- Emmett, stop.
- Hold up. We got a problem here?
- No, we good.
I just want to speak to the manager.
W-why is that a problem?
- Let's go.
- Oh!
- Whoa, whoa!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, hold the hell on, LeBron.
Damn. Let him go.
- What's up, nigga?
- What's up, dog?
Man, I didn't even know you work here.
I don't.
I own this motherfucker.
Babe, this, uh this Brandon's cousin.
What's up?
Man, holler at me.
- Shit, man.
- Yeah, dude.
It's nice. What the hell
is this cologne you got on?
Oh, man, I'm on a budget.
That's Perry Ellis or some shit.
Shorty, swing my way ♪
You sure look good to me ♪
Now would you please swing my way? ♪
Shorty, swing my way ♪
I stepped off in a
club on a Friday night ♪
Looking for a man that'd do me right ♪
First move that I made
was on the dance floor ♪
Broke it down one time,
then I went for more ♪
Physical action was happening at ♪
Saw this young player
dip through the crowd ♪
Looked over to my left
and told my girl, hey ♪
If I see him again, I'ma have to say ♪
- And I'ma have to say ♪
- Shorty, swing my way ♪
You sure look good to me ♪
Now would you please swing my way? ♪
Shorty, swing my way ♪
Swing it over here, shorty ♪
Shorty, swing my way ♪
You sure look good to me ♪
I got you, I got you.
You hungry?
I can go grab us some
fries or something.
Nah, I'm saving myself
for the House of Pancakes.
My sister took me there
every year for my birthday.
I could take you if you want me to.
You sure look good to me ♪
Now would you please swing my way? ♪
Shorty, swing my way ♪
You cool if I invite some
friends to meet us here?
You ready for round two?
Yeah, um
I'ma use the bathroom
real quick, though.
He told me that we could do business ♪
A girl like you I can't resist ♪
- Shorty, swing my way ♪
You sure look good to me ♪
Now would you please swing my ♪
Now, you just can't seem to behave
can you?
Now, I heard you trying to scream.
Look, why
you want to get Daddy into trouble?
When I first saw you
you reminded me of
my very first crush
Sophia Boyden.
Oh, she was so damn
You know what I loved
about her the most?
Her hair.
It was just like yours
soft and
and natural.
All I wanted to do was be with her.
Run my fingers through her hair.
So I asked her out on a date
and she rejected me.
Said she preferred some
guy on the football team.
Soon enough, she got him.
Then she started flaunting her hair
wearing shorter skirts.
Always had the buttons of her blouse
Next thing you know,
she started serving it up
to every nigga on the block.
She was a whore.
She ended up getting pregnant
and on welfare.
I couldn't save her.
But I can save you.
I can save you.
I can save you.
I can save you.
What's the emergency?
I got somewhere to be.
- Where the stash at?
- What stash?
- Don't lie to me, bro.
- I ain't lying.
Look, Reg told me he had
50 grand stashed away
in the house somewhere
in case of an emergency,
and getting custody of your
ass is a fucking emergency.
Reg ain't never had no money.
He told me he did.
Well, he lying, 'cause
that nigga stayed broke.
Can I go now?
It's Kev's birthday, and we throwing
a surprise party for him later.
You little niggas, man,
y'all real spoiled.
I ain't never had no birthday party.
I was just happy to be alive.
Me and his girl gonna kick it with him
till it's time for the surprise.
You like his girl, don't you?
Hell, no! I can't stand that girl.
Uh-huh. That usually means you do.
She think she all that
and better than everybody
'cause her daddy got money.
Man, having money don't mean shit.
Well, maybe if you had some,
you wouldn't be staying
in our dead brother's trap house.
Look, man, I'm I'm
doing what I got to do
to make sure you live a good life.
- I'm good where I'm at.
- No, you not.
- Says who?
- Me, that's who.
Otis Perry's mother, Opal Perry.
Man, turn that shit up.
Otis "Douda" Perry is not a politician.
He sells pizzas and calls
himself a businessman.
Now, I could rattle off the
the statistics of his
three failed businesses
or remind you of the fact
that his current franchise
is drowning in debt,
but the Internet will
do most of that for you.
And how do you feel
about Otis Perry's promise
to the working people of Chicago?
Otis "Douda" Perry has never cared
about anything but himself.
He's not in this
election to help people.
He's here to to gain power and money.
He ain't. He never will be.
And I know. I'm his mother.
You can't pick your children,
but you can pick your mayor,
and I am endorsing
Camille Hallaway.
There you have it.
Very strong words
I hate that bitch.
Careful. She's still my mother.
She just endorsed your fucking opponent.
You gonna have to make
a statement or something.
We need to just be quiet and
and let this die down.
It's not your brand to be quiet.
Shut up!
I'm not responding.
She is crazy. She always has been.
We just need to let this shit pass.
Do not engage with that bullshit.
Don't get too fucked up,
'cause I ain't carrying you out of here.
He'll be fine.
I made this strain myself.
I mean, that shit will fuck you up.
Like, it's gas, but you can
still function, you know?
It's the only way I got
through all my corporate jobs.
A cubicle ain't nothing but a jail cell.
I'm good.
Mm, go on, change your life.
Change your whole thing.
What is he d
That shit good, ain't it?
This shit spiritual.
I got this shit from my private stash.
I figured since you, uh,
was cool with my cousin,
I'll let you take some home.
actually, I-I appreciate it,
but it's got me thinking.
Oh, talk to me. Talk to me.
Maybe instead of giving me this ounce,
we pay full price on it,
and you think about cutting Tiff, like,
a volume discount on her purchase.
I don't do volume discounts for nobody.
What you think this is?
I don't want my customers
stocking up on my product
and then becoming my competition.
- I'm not
- Tiff ain't trying to compete with you.
She can actually bring you more business
and sell your specialty
strain for a premium price.
It's true.
Y'all both win.
Now, why are niggas
always trying to hustle?
This ain't a hustle.
It's just good business.
Mm-hmm. Good business.
If I can Okay.
Cut in half, put it in fifths.
Carry the one. It's not a leap year.
All right.
You got a deal.
All right.
Let's toast up, light-skins. Toast up.
- Eh, what's this?
- This is, um,
hot kombucha.
Yeah, it's a 'cause
that's good for your
your "intestinals" and
your "indigestionals".
It gets down in there
and gets the shit out.
- That's some weird shit.
- He need that.
All right, player.
Why you got to always make
everything a business meeting?
'Cause I'm a hustler!
Yeah, but your hustles always
end up getting us in trouble.
Look, I'd rather take the risk
than live paycheck to
paycheck my whole life.
Just don't get us locked
up. I ain't legal yet.
Hey, we got this.
We got it.
Why you got to be so cocky?
I ain't cocky. I'm self-aware.
Yeah. Mm.
I hope his sister's okay.
Yeah, she's been missing
for a long time now.
Must be why Jake said
to give him some space.
- What's wrong?
- Jake ain't text me back yet.
So? I rarely respond
to texts right away.
Yeah, but he stay looking at his phone.
He'll respond.
How them wack-ass girls
from the country club
know that Kiesha's missing?
I don't know. People talk.
Yeah, but I asked my people not to.
Man, fuck him.
- Happy birthday, Kevin.
- Happy birthday.
This cake better be ready.
I told Ms. Williams
we'd get there early.
And in case I haven't said it,
you look beautiful today.
Oh, thank you, boo.
How long you gonna make me wait?
Wait for what?
When we going public?
I'm ready to tell people we go together.
The moment you tell people
you in a relationship,
here they come with
they wack-ass opinions.
I don't care about people's opinions.
I care about you.
Look, I'll let you know
when I'm ready to go public,
but for now, can we please
just keep a low profile?
I'm here to pick up a
order for Nina Williams.
Hey, is this for Williams?
Oh, hell, no!
Who the fuck is Kavyon?
Fix it. Jesus.
- What's the problem?
- You guys spelled Kevin wrong.
How's it supposed to be spelled?
With an E and an I after V.
You know, how normal people spell it.
Can you fix this?
I'm not leaving without this cake.
You ain't about to have Dre mad at me.
Whatever, man.
Where is my red lipstick?
Can't go nowhere with a naked lip.
That hussy of a nurse turned
the heat up in my room.
She gonna have me get
all musty before I go out.
Hey, beautiful, the lipstick's
- right in your hand.
- Oh.
Why you not wearing your uniform?
Uh, it's in the cleaner's.
Okay, we going to Foxxies or not?
Because I always introduce the band,
and nobody does it like me.
Of course we are.
You look great, Grandma.
I know. Now let's go.
You know, my cousin got shot last week.
Damn. Which one?
The one with the lazy eye.
- Did she survive?
- Barely.
The doctor said she gonna be limping
for the rest of her life.
So she got a lazy eye and a bum leg?
Shit. Life comes at you fast.
Hey, I'm just glad she's still alive.
That's my favorite cousin.
You know, she taught me how
to braid hair and make tacos.
Hmm. Why would God let her get shot?
She just seems like someone
God would look out for.
Well, I don't know too much about God,
but I do know He ain't
one to punish people.
One time, I heard your dad say
everything He does is
for the greater good,
even if we don't get it at times.
It's a lot I don't understand
about God right now.
How you a preacher's son
and don't understand God?
Stuff used to make sense
back when I was younger,
but now I just got a lot of questions.
I get that.
I knew I couldn't hold
your hand and that cake
at the same damn time.
Then why did you do it?
I really like holding your hand.
They spelled his name wrong anyway.
I got something special for you today.
It should help bring your appetite back.
Thank you, baby,
but I don't have the cash.
I tried to call you,
but my phone only works
with the Wi-Fi, and the
Wi-Fi been acting up.
Fuck. Um
And you know
I wouldn't want to
send you off like that.
- I know.
- Maybe we can just go
and come back while you get some cash.
Well, you gonna be waiting a long time.
I-I just spent my last
dollar on my pills.
Don't worry. I got you.
You can just pay me
back when you have it.
You know I don't like a debt,
especially when my soul could
cross over at any moment.
How about I give you a reading
in exchange for my flower?
What kind of reading?
A psychic reading.
- Oh, we'll wait for the cash.
- Deal.
Here you go.
Uh, choose a card.
Ah, the Lovers.
Clearly, your love is strong,
Yeah, I be loving on her.
Take another card.
That one.
The Three of Swords.
This means that there's
danger on the horizon.
Ah, shit.
- Your love has been tested.
- Yeah, it has.
It will be tested again.
What? How am I getting blamed
for shit I ain't even do yet?
What you mean "yet"?
Look, Lady Nubia,
I didn't come here to
get into it with my girl.
I'm just reading the cards.
Well, can I pick a new one?
'Cause this some bullshit.
There are forces in the world
that don't wish you well.
The forces are hungry.
Is "forces" another word
for "thirsty bitches"?
What's her name?
For that, you'll need
to choose another card.
Mm-mm. That'll cost you.
See, I knew this was a hustle.
Go ahead.
That one.
Knight of Wands.
What? What does it mean?
You might as well say something,
'cause you ain't getting
no more free weed.
Your dick is the force.
It'll always need more
than her pussy can provide.
Please don't tell me
you believe that shit.
For the past year I been selling to her,
she ain't never predicted
nothing that ain't come true.
That bitch is crazy!
Come look, Miss Cleo
in there don't know shit
about how I feel about
you and what we got.
You better not be cheating.
Look. Look at me.
I'm not cheating on you. I
am never gonna cheat on you.
You my one and only, I promise.
I love you, Emmett,
but you need to get you a job.
I like helping you. I
can act as your manager.
I don't need no manager. I got this.
Now, come on, I ain't trying
to be late for Kevin's party.
Did you get him a gift?
No, you were supposed to get him one.
- Ah, shit.
- You know what?
You need to start using
that brain of yours, okay?
Why you always trying
to get physical with me?
- Because
- You look good.
Yeah, whatever.
You play?
Little bit.
Yeah, j-just like I thought.
You play just like Reg.
Man, stop fouling.
Defense ain't fouling,
nigga. That's defense.
Reg told me you got your shoes stolen
when you was playing over here.
I did.
He also said you chased
that nigga down
and beat the fuck out of him.
And after that, nobody
fucked with you again.
That's true, too.
But I let him keep the shoes.
I figured he needed them more than me.
Why'd you leave us?
I wasn't a man yet.
I needed to go somewhere where
I could figure out how to be one.
So, while you was trying to be a man,
we was left in the house without one?
What kind of sense that make?
Look, bro, what you want me to do
turn back the hands of time
and and fix everything?
I can't go back and make shit perfect.
No, just stop trying to
be the black Superman.
Just because you left me behind
doesn't mean you need to save me.
All right, then.
I'll stop trying to save you.
You mad at me?
- I have the right to be.
- But you can't be mad forever.
You you want to hit me?
You got your fists balled
up like you want to hit me.
Hit me. Go ahead.
Go ahead, nigga, hit me. Hit me, nigga.
Go ahead.
That was a good one.
I know.
I may not be your Superman,
but I ain't gonna be your
punching bag neither.
We good?
You have to eat to
keep up your strength.
If I'm good, can I ask for something?
This chair is ugly as sin.
I'm sure you picked it out.
You can't smoke in here.
Now, that's one word I have no use for.
I saw you on the news earlier.
Mm, you did?
Yes, I found it to be
both bold and inaccurate.
No one knows a son
better than his mother.
Yes, but when a man takes a
wife, he becomes his own man.
He's no longer just an
extension of his mother,
but he becomes a part of something
much bigger than himself.
That's interesting,
'cause your marriage seems very small.
I'm sure that's much more
than Camille gave you.
What am I supposed to do with this?
Take it and be quiet.
My silence gonna cost you
a whole lot more than ten racks.
Stop talking to the press.
Just so you know
that dyke ain't come to me.
I called her.
Why would you do that?
'Cause she a mean, cold-hearted bitch
who would do anything
to get what she want.
Kind of remind me of
myself when I was her age.
She'll make a wonderful mayor
much better mayor than
my son could ever be.
I love you, too, Ma.
Get the fuck out.
I was just starting
to trust your ass again.
Oh, wow. This is beautiful.
- What's that they playing tonight?
Whatever it is,
tell them to put a
little more funk on it
and stop trying to sound like Herbie.
She just in her twilight,
but she used to own the place.
- Oh, you the OG?
- Yeah.
Miss Ethel's in the house.
Go ahead, then.
This is nice.
Remember this?
That's me.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, baby, take my coat.
Wish me luck, baby. Time
for me to go do my thing.
Now, wait, Grandma.
I don't I don't think
this is the same spot.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Silky Spade on the mic
and welcome to Foxxie
afternoon delights!
If you came to get right,
let me hear you make some noise.
It's time for the black dick!
Where the hell am I, Ronnie?
It's your old jazz club, Grandma.
Why you bring me here?
'Cause you been begging me to bring you.
Maybe we should go.
Oh, no. Maybe we should stay.
Ooh, show me what you
working with, baby.
Oh, you got a couple of dollars?
Oh, yeah. Okay.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Yeah, show me what
you working with, baby.
Oh, hoo-hoo! Whoo!
I got you something.
- You ain't have to.
- I wanted to.
Hey, Miss Rich-Rich.
You deserve it.
Thanks, J.
Oh, so that's my new nickname now?
Hey, birthday boy.
Hey, Miss Wankita.
Oh, look at your little haircut.
You think you grown now?
Well, I'm getting there.
Mm-hmm. Do you want your usual?
- Yeah.
- Mm, what can I get you?
I'll have what he's having.
Mm, I'm wondering if I
want grits on the side, too.
Get whatever you want. It's my treat.
Okay, sugar mama.
What's wrong?
I really like you.
Yeah, I know. I like you, too.
- It was me.
- What?
It's my fault those kids
know about your sister.
- Why would you do that?
- It was an accident.
I was talking to my mom about Kiesha,
and she must have told Trip's mom,
and Trip mom must have told him.
- I'm sorry.
- Why would you
tell your mom about the
situation in the first place?
I was just telling her
how strong you are
and how much of a hot mess
I would be if I was you.
- Yeah, but you're not.
- I know.
I just wanted some advice
on how I could take
your mind off of things.
You think buying me shit's
gonna make the situation better?
Kiesha could be dead right now.
- Don't say that.
- What do you want me to say?
Everything's gonna be all right?
Huh? You want me to make you
feel good about my situation?
- No.
- Then what do you want?
I just want you to talk about it.
I don't want to talk about it!
If the money ain't at Reg's crib,
- then it got to be here.
- Yo, it ain't no money.
He said the money was
at home, and this is
the only other place
he ever called home.
All right, whatever.
Ain't shit here, bro. Just let it go.
What I say, huh?
What I tell you? Hmm?
Get back, get back, get back.
Get back, get back, get back.
- He work for Douda.
- I know.
That motherfucker been tailing us
ever since we left the house.
Why you ain't say nothing?
That nigga could've killed me.
No, Douda needs you, bro.
Them niggas trying to kill me, though.
That's why you kept me around all day?
Something like that.
Man, fuck you. You ain't
no better than Douda.
Nigga, I'm still your blood, boy.
I'm getting the fuck out of here.
Douda killed Reg.
The Wild Boyz killed Reg.
No, he told them to do it so
it wouldn't come back on him.
Douda don't fuck with the Wild Boyz.
Exactly. So, if they
killed one of his own,
why would he let them still breathe?
- I don't know.
- Yeah, you do.
You ain't dumb.
Look, I'm not about to spend
this money on no lawyer
if you ain't trying to live with me.
All right? It's
it's either him or me.
What's it gonna be?
Not many people know about
my mother's mental illness
because I worked very hard
to shield her from the public eye.
But I would like to thank my opponent,
Camille Hallaway,
because by exposing my family,
she exposed a problem
this city has been ignoring
for far too long
the lack of access
to mental health care.
We need to do more,
which is why my campaign
is making it a priority.
We don't just need physical checkups.
We need mental check-ins as well.
I wanted to go on the record
about this because I'm honest.
My opponent, on the other hand,
has said a lot of things off-record
that I think the city deserves to hear.
For example
Yes, I'm going to keep going
to churches in low-income areas
because people with nothing left
to believe in but Jesus
will believe anything.
People told me I wouldn't be
able to open this place up,
but I did.
Back then, I kept this
spot open real late.
All the revolutionaries were coming in,
drink and talk shit.
It was the only place they
didn't have to be heroes.
Like Black Panthers and shit?
Mm-hmm. I was thinking
about becoming one,
but I ain't want to wear all black
for the rest of my life.
I got to be stepping
out on Easter Sunday.
This place was like a jazz sanctuary.
That's all we played in here.
And you could barely
see the musicians on stage
because everybody was chain-smoking.
Folks either had
numbers in they pocket
or a cigarette in they mouth.
We was just happy to be black
and far away from the South.
It was the only place
blacks could be free.
I'll raise a glass to that.
- Me too.
- All right, now.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
All right, now.
I think I'm ready to go on home.
All right. Y'all is beautiful.
Good night, y'all.
Good night, Miss Ethel.
Uh-uh, Tiff, you got to go
a little higher on your end.
Yeah, there you go.
I think the whole thing is too high.
Kevin gonna break his
neck trying to see it.
All right, well, come on
down just a couple inches.
All right. That's how you like it?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, Ms. Williams.
I just want to apologize
again about the cake.
See, what had happened was
Papa, don't bother.
With the day I've had,
I don't need nobody
bringing me bad news.
All right, here he comes.
Everybody be quiet.
Turn out the light.
You ready?
That is one night to remember, Ronnie.
I tell you
Let me get your coat for you, Grandma.
Oh, yeah.
Did I ever tell you about the time
I almost slept with Coltrane?
Oh, that was a memorable moment.
Oh, thank you.
- Thank you, baby.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, I'ma get your shoes for you.
It's cold in here.
Let me get you a blanket, Grandma.
Thank you, baby.
How's that, Grandma?
Are you happy now?
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Kevin ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
- Hey.
- Happy birthday, baby.
- You remembered.
- Of course I remembered.
What kind of mother
would I be if I forgot
to give you pancakes on your birthday?
Now make a wish.
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