The Chi (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

A Stain

- [RONNIE] Previously on The Chi
- Can I help you?
I thought I heard someone
screaming the other night.
During the blackout.
My wife thought she heard something too.
- Is your wife here?
- Not at the moment, no.
You mind if I use your bathroom?
Help me! Help! Help!
- [KIESHA] Help me!
- You hear that?
- I must be hearing things.
Happens to me all the time.
Your love has been tested.
It will be tested again.
You might as well say something,
'cause you ain't getting
no more free weed.
Your dick is the force.
It'll always need more
than her pussy can provide.
That bitch is crazy.
You better not be cheating.
I am never gonna cheat on you.
You my one and only, I promise.
Otis "Douda" Perry has never cared
about anything but himself.
He ain't [BLEEP]. He
never will be [BLEEP].
Stop talking to the press.
That dyke ain't come to me.
- I called her.
- Why would you do that?
She'll make a wonderful mayor.
Much better mayor than
my son could ever be.
I love you too, Ma.
The fuck is going on here?
Shut this shit down
and get the fuck out my establishment.
Hey, Miss Rich-Rich.
What's wrong?
It's my fault those kids
know about your sister.
- Why would you do that?
- I'm sorry.
You think buying me shit's
gonna make the situation better?
Kiesha could be dead right now.
[RONNIE] She just in her twilight,
but she used to own the place.
This place was like a jazz sanctuary.
We was just happy to be black
and far away from the South.
That is one night to remember, Ronnie.
How's that, Grandma?
My grandma loved me more
than my own mama did.
No matter what bad things I've done,
she always found a way
to tell me she was proud.
She may have cussed me out first
or hit me upside the head
but eventually she'd
always find a way to tell me
she just wanted
what was best for me.
I still haven't done enough
to make you proud of me yet, Grandma,
but I will,
'cause I know you're looking down,
waiting for me to be the
man you raised me to be.
To my angel.
[ALL] To Miss Ethel!
Damn, that was long.
I see why Miss Ethel
didn't want no funeral.
Black folks be long-winded as fuck, man.
Nigga, that was his grandmother.
All I'm saying is, we need
to obey the woman's wishes.
She hated people fussing over her.
If she was here now, she'd be telling us
to kiss her black ass.
All right. It was good seeing you.
Uh, I didn't expect you to show.
Your grandmother meant a lot to me.
She wasn't just a patient.
She was a friend.
I'm gonna miss her.
What do you want, Ronnie?
Right, um
I never got a chance to apologize
for what happened when we were together.
We were never together.
Well, I mean, last time I saw you
when I came over, I
I was drunk and, uh
Maybe you should stop drinking.
Yeah, I know.
Do you?
'Cause I saw you standing up there,
giving this great speech
about how you gonna make
Miss Ethel proud, and
you ended up
drowning your sorrows in brown liquor.
Well, a lot of people drink at funerals.
Yeah, but you got a drinking problem,
so maybe you should
sip on something else.
That's why my grandma liked you.
'Cause you always spoke the truth,
whether folks wanted to hear it or not.
Look, Ronnie, I
I gotta go, but
I wish you the best.
I really do.
You too.
I overslept.
How come you didn't wake me?
Well, I can't blame you.
We both had a long night, didn't we?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Why would you bring your baby with you?
Tiff had to make a few
drop-offs across town,
so she couldn't keep him,
but he'll be all right.
[SIGHS] Oh, God.
Listen, don't fuck this up.
I'm gonna give him a juice
box before the meeting.
It's like Xanax to these kids.
It better be.
Look, relax.
Take some deep breaths.
In through your mouth,
out through your nose.
Do it with me.
So y'all want me to evict Sonny.
Come on now. That's coldblooded, y'all.
I was raised on his chicken.
You don't like his chicken?
Yeah, we we love
Look, I love Sonny like a uncle.
He's always been there
for me when I needed him,
put money in my pocket when I was broke.
But the way he doing things
ain't working no more.
- Mm-mm.
- You going up on the rent.
Look, I don't want to,
but I don't have no choice.
We know that, and the real
is he can't afford to pay you.
But we can.
Listen, what we're trying to say is,
we're still gonna call
it Sonny's, all right?
But just for the new generation.
All she's saying is,
we the next generation.
What do you mean, next generation?
This ain't Star Trek.
Bro, this is a win-win situation.
All right, you bring in somebody new,
they're not gonna know the customers,
they're not gonna know the neighborhood,
they're not gonna know how shit works.
- Mm-mm.
- They ain't gonna last.
Look, but I'm from that block.
I know that kitchen like
the back of my hand.
- We doing you a favor.
- [EJ] Da-Da!
Oh, okay, that's what this is.
You brought the kid in here,
thinking you was gonna soften me up,
and I was gonna do whatever
you wanted me to do.
I don't think so, okay?
You can't get one over on me.
I'm trying to build a legacy for him.
I'm trying to build a legacy for myself.
[EMMETT] Look, come on,
man, the numbers don't lie.
And my food is bomb. Look.
I brought you a piece of cake.
- You made that cake?
- Mm-hmm.
Your cake does look tasty. [CHUCKLES]
And juicy and-and moist.
Look, look, I'm not I'm
not gonna be distracted.
Look here, man, I I
can't evict Sonny, okay?
I can't have that on my conscience.
So thank you for coming.
Nice talking to you.
Take care. Thank you.
- Don't forget your baby.
Get your baby. Here's
your business permit.
Thank you for coming. I appreciate you.
- Thanks.
- [ZEKE] This was nice.
Shit's finally hit the fan for Camille.
I surpassed her in the polls.
You seen these numbers?
Yeah, I saw it.
And you ain't impressed?
Not really.
She ain't gonna go down without a fight,
so I wouldn't get too
comfortable if I was you.
Who said I was comfortable?
Oh, you really feeling
yourself right now.
I'm happy your ass finally got on top,
but you gonna have to
figure out how to stay there.
Isn't that your job?
Oh, you gonna let me do my job now.
You still mad because I barked
at you in front of my mother?
I'm pissed that you did that commercial
calling her crazy without
consulting me first.
It was genius.
It was messy, and it
could have backfired.
Well, it didn't.
We're supposed to be a team,
which means that you got to trust me.
Honesty is not your strong suit.
I was fucking a bitch for a few months.
- So what?
- She was my secretary.
I said I was sorry.
Hey, hurry up and eat.
I don't want you to be late for school.
[SIGHS] I'm not hungry.
Fine, then don't eat.
Oh, but don't forget,
we got that dinner party tomorrow night.
So I want you both
there and on your A game.
You want us to tap dance?
This dinner could make
or break my campaign.
So I want you both there,
dressed in your Sunday's best,
standing right beside me, understand?
I ain't no prop, nigga.
Who the fuck you think you talking to?
What you gonna do, hit me?
Do that shit then.
I'm sure it wouldn't be
the best look for you,
I'm walking around with a
black eye, now, would it?
I ain't think so.
You know she ran before she could walk?
She would pull herself up by a chair
and then just take off.
Whenever we were in an open space,
she'd let go of my hand and just go.
Like she was always
searching for freedom.
You know what?
I can't do this.
I changed my mind.
If it's too hard, I can handle it.
I don't need you to handle it.
I don't want to pack up her shit
like she's just gone
off to school or like
like she's never coming back.
Babe, this is not us
giving up on Kiesha.
That's what it feels like.
I just feel like this
room is haunting you,
and it's hard to watch.
I'm not ready for this.
- Let's leave it as is.
- Yeah.
Let's just do that.
I'm not giving up hope.
I can't tell.
I knew I shouldn't
have trusted that nigga.
I could've told you that.
I can't believe he using me like this.
Well, that's what politicians do.
Don't you pay attention
in history class?
How you know Trig telling the truth?
Why would my brother lie?
I don't know.
So you could go and live
with him or something.
[SIGHS] Stop staring at her.
That bitch put your
business in the streets, bro.
I'm not looking at her.
Look, she lied to you, my
nig, then tried to bribe you
with a iPad on your birthday, fool.
Leave that bitch alone.
For real, fuck her.
Out here making noise ♪
And wanna put me in the center ♪
Big talk, big talk,
big talk, big talk ♪
You want to come in?
Is this what you're normally
like after a funeral?
No, but you supporting
me kinda turned me on.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- [JADA] Mmm.
Mm. Handsy.
Oh, hey, Ma, you home early.
Uh, we was about to clean up right now.
I'm coming from Miss Ethel's memorial,
and I wanted to change.
Miss Ethel died?
Y'all, this is Tomas.
Tomas, this is my
ungrateful son, Emmett,
and his equally trifling
girlfriend, Tiff.
- Don't lump me in with him.
- [EJ] Nana!
Nice to meet you, but
I ain't ungrateful.
And y'all better stop letting
EJ play with my good hair.
Maybe we can finish
what we started later.
- Yeah, I'll walk you out.
- Okay.
- I'll put EJ down.
What are you doing?
- I know. I know.
- Do you?
They're gonna be out
by the end of the month.
[SCOFFS] They look pretty comfy to me.
[SIGHS] Look, I realize
we're dating and all,
but I don't need you telling
me how to handle my son.
He's taking advantage of you.
I'm his crutch. I know that.
I'm not gonna let my
grandbaby sleep on the streets.
There's no way your son's
gonna be out on the street.
Yes, he will. You don't know him.
People think they can walk all
over you because you let them.
Excuse me?
I just want you to put
yourself first sometimes.
That's all.
Y'all get on my goddamn nerves.
We said we were sorry.
Y'all stay being sorry.
You're here rent-free.
The least you could do is clean up.
That's what I said.
Oh, you ain't innocent in this.
I know. You right, you right.
- We cleaning up now.
- Yeah.
I'll tell you what, I'm
gonna be a happy camper
when y'all get up out
my house next week.
this probably ain't the right time
Don't. Don't say it.
We need
I'm gonna have to say it at some point.
What, Emmett?
We just need to stay
just a little bit longer.
- Why?
- I lost my job.
How you do that?
It's-it's a long story.
It's always a long story.
[SIGHS] How much longer
y'all need to stay?
Maybe like till the end of the year.
We sort of don't
Negro, I am so done with you.
Now, please girl, move.
I I am so over the
both of y'all, every
you done ate up all
my shit in the house.
I just I'm done. I'm over y'all.
Here you go, gentlemen.
- Oh.
- Good.
Look what he got, brother.
Look, look, look, look.
Nigga, you good?
Yeah, man.
I been thinking about getting sober.
Maybe the 14th time will be the charm.
Let's hope so.
I wanted to thank you
for coming to support me today.
Your friendship
has been my light in the dark.
You mean a lot to me.
Damn, man. Gonna make me cry.
I hope that mean you
gonna come visit us.
What do you mean?
My cousin own this warehouse
down in Springfield,
and he hiring,
so we finna move down
there, make some money.
When are you going?
You crazy.
Ain't nobody hiring up here.
Don't I know it.
Why don't you come with us, man?
Yeah, bro, we could hook you up, G.
No, I'm working on something here.
Like what?
When's the last time you
had a steady paycheck
and benefits?
I just got something I need to do.
You must be hungry.
All right. I'll be right back.
Mm. Well.
Here you go.
The next time you try something
I won't be as forgiving.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, Papa.
Oh, thank you, boo.
Anything for my Nubian goddess.
You ready to go?
I can't.
My mama lost her job,
so I have to babysit
while she's out looking for a new gig.
But the principal said you
can't miss no more school.
I ain't got a choice.
It's gonna be hard for
us to see each other now.
Is there anything I can
do to help your moms?
No, no.
She'll be pissed if she
finds out I told somebody.
I'll be fine.
Just she'll find another job,
and I'll be back.
- Just text me.
- Okay.
Look, distance makes
the heart grow fonder.
You'll be fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Now go,
and don't be late for school.
[CHUCKLES] A'ight.
Here you go.
What do you want?
- Relax, I got good news.
- I don't care.
You not gonna let me
tell you what it is?
Look, I got a lot of shit
to do, so just spit it out.
All right, Zeke smashed
that cake after we left.
I could tell he wanted some.
All right, and he called me
and offered to pay us seven grand
to cater some dinner
party he's hosting tonight
for some big shot.
The caterer he had
backed out last minute.
Yeah, he said your cake
had him speaking in tongues.
So how many is it gonna be?
Maybe 20.
Twenty? Is you dumb?
- It's only me.
- I can help you.
No, you can't.
I can do whatever you need me to do.
Work fast and don't talk back.
I'm gonna do whatever you say.
You better.
Jake thinks you killed his brother.
Why would he think that?
I don't know.
You tell me.
I ain't got to tell you shit.
No, you don't.
But what I don't know
I can't help you with.
You know what?
What I do out on those
streets is my business.
If you're running for mayor,
it becomes Chicago's business.
Many mayors before me
have done way worse.
If that little nigga find
out you killed his brother,
you might wake up with
a knife at your throat.
He ain't that bold.
What the hell are you doing?
Babe, it's time.
I told you I wasn't ready.
We're never gonna be ready
'cause we're holding out hope.
You've given up. Is
that what's going on?
Look, I just we
can't do this forever.
I can.
Until they bring me my baby's body,
I have faith that she's still out there.
Every day, you come in this
room, and you sit by yourself.
Some days for hours at a time.
This is not me giving up hope.
This is me ensuring that
I don't lose you too.
I just need to feel close to her.
I understand that, babe. I do.
But while you're in here, I'm out there,
and Kev is out there.
- We need you too.
- Not as much as Kiesha.
It's been two months.
So why you in such a hurry to move on?
I just think it's time for us
to start the grieving process.
Get out.
Look, this is hard for me too.
Get out of my house!
I'm not going any-fucking-where, okay?
This is my house too.
We are a family,
and we gotta figure out
what's best for all of us.
For all of us, Dre?
Or just for you?
You can take your shit
and get out.
And you better not take none
of my stuff by mistake either.
You can take the wedding photos.
Kiesha never liked you no way.
You so eager to pack everything up.
Get out.
Gonna miss you, man.
I don't know what I'm
gonna do without you guys.
Offer's still on the table,
change your mind.
I'll remember that.
Just got some unfinished
business I gotta take care of.
Then we'll see.
Y'all should get out of here
so you can beat the traffic.
Oh, shit.
Do you remember ♪
The 21st night of September? ♪
Love was changing the
minds of pretenders ♪
While chasing the clouds away ♪
Our hearts were ringing ♪
In the key that our
souls were singing ♪
As we danced in the night, remember ♪
How the stars stole the night away ♪
Hey, hey, hey ♪
Ba-de-ya, say do you remember ♪
So it's back to what I was on ♪
Filling up your bill ♪
Why don't you make some room ♪
I got more stories to tell ♪
Emotional roller coaster ♪
- [SIGHS] What's up?
- Don't be like that.
- Like what?
- Be all cold.
It's been two days, and
you still ignoring me.
Is this about Jake?
Look, he don't run me.
Okay, then what's your issue?
I told you that I ain't
wanna be a charity case,
and you had to run
your mouth, so now I am.
Well, what can I do?
You can leave me alone.
Wow. All right.
Do you want to come over?
Who did I think I was? ♪
Loving a grown man ♪
So young, so many dreams ♪
Uh, you sure this okay?
I don't want to do anything
you're not good with.
Don't worry. You've got my consent.
I don't need him ♪
But every night when
he didn't show up ♪
I was like damn I need him ♪
I'ma drown myself in alcohol ♪
And I ain't even
legal yet, oh, my God ♪
Oh, my God, get dressed.
Hey, baby.
Hey, Daddy, Kevin and
I were just finishing up
some French homework.
You got the wrong book out.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] My bad.
Young man, follow me.
Right now?
Right now.
[WHISPERING] You'll be okay.
[JACKSON] Boy, what the hell you doing?
Have you lost your natural mind?
I got a good excuse.
Go get a switch now.
I'm trying to help Maisha.
Her mom lost her job,
and if she doesn't
find another one soon,
she can't come back to school.
You always said the money
in the collection plate
is for those that need it most, and
she needs it.
That's not how it works, son.
That money is to help us pay our bills
and the church's bills.
What about the money Camille gave you?
What's that for?
Well, that's to make sure that
you have everything you need.
Well, since I already have
everything that I need,
I'd like you to give that
money to Maisha's family.
Well, I'm glad I raised a son
with such a charitable heart.
What kind of heart you got, Dad?
Ain't nobody in this
neighborhood gonna help you.
Who you looking for?
A girl.
Guy across the street
said he heard a scream
coming from over here.
Which guy?
I don't know his name.
But I got a weird vibe from him.
He live across the street from you.
Oh, yeah, he's a little touched.
What about his wife?
He ain't got no wife.
[SOFTLY] All right.
- [RONNIE] You in there?
- I'm here!
Please, I'm in here!
I'm gonna get you out!
It's okay. I'm gonna get you home.
The fuck are you doing?
I took care of you,
and this is how you treat me?
[OFFICER] Everybody's all right.
It's all right.
Were you about to fuck my daughter?
One-one second.
Oh, my God. I gotta go.
- Is it really her?
- Yes.
Baby, it's really her.
I just wish this doctor would
hurry up so we could see her.
What's taking so long?
Probably just asking some, you know,
uncomfortable questions
they don't want us to hear.
I just want to see my baby.
Where'd they find her?
I don't know, and I don't care.
I'm just happy she's alive.
It's okay, Ma.
You okay?
You need anything?
You don't have to talk
to nobody 'bout nothing
till you're good and ready.
I'm just happy to have you here
[SOBS] in my arms.
God is real.
[EMMETT] All right.
Hey, ladies, you doing all right?
Thank you all so much for coming.
Why don't you join me at
the bar for some champagne?
Behave yourself.
We're good here.
Why don't you keep an eye on Jake?
I can take this meeting by myself.
Oh, so you want to do the
meeting without me now?
Be good and do as I say.
If she's too much for you,
I can always take her off your hands.
I got it.
You sure? I saw her staring at me.
I think you're mistaken.
If you say so.
Wish my grandfather
was alive to see this.
Me standing here with two
black mayoral candidates.
- Yeah.
- He'd be so proud.
You know, my grandfather opened
this bank over 80 years ago.
One of the first black
banks in the city.
Yeah, I was sad to hear it had
to close down a few years ago.
[MARCUS] Yeah, me too.
You know those white people
weren't gonna let us have a black bank.
Well, if more black folks
put their money in the bank,
maybe it wouldn't
have had to close down.
Now, let's not get into an early debate.
It was nice while it lasted.
Now, look, every mayoral election,
to honor my grandfather,
I pick one black candidate
to make a sizeable donation to.
There's also that big
spread in the Sun-Times.
There's a bunch of
endorsements out there,
but everybody knows
yours is the only one
that really matters.
[DOUDA] That's why we're here.
What's this?
Proof that you two are
splitting the black vote.
Now that's not possible.
I got numbers this morning
that said I'm in the lead.
You're leading by a very slim margin.
If one of you doesn't drop out,
then the other candidate
will end up being
a non-black candidate,
and don't nobody want that.
- I'm not dropping out.
- Neither am I.
I've been thinking long and hard
about which one of you to back.
In all my history, I've never
backed the wrong candidate.
But when it came down to it,
I had to back someone
that was more like me.
When I look at myself, I see Otis,
so my money's on him.
You know, I think we
need a strong black man
to lead this city.
Camille, I hope you can understand.
I do understand.
Y'all are trying to Shirley Chisholm me.
Black men turned their back on her too,
because they were intimidated by her.
They were afraid of
what she was capable of,
but just like her, I'm
gonna rise like the phoenix,
and my legacy will never die,
because that's just
the kind of bitch I am.
Good night, gentlemen,
and good luck.
- All righty, hey!
That food was so damn good!
Y'all killed it!
- Hey.
- Thank you.
I didn't know black people
food could be so fancy.
Oh, we can be fancy sometimes.
Now, look, Emmett, look,
I don't want to sound
like an asshole, but I always
look at you as a fuckup.
You always fucking shit up,
but you pulled this off, man.
Ah, thank you, man. Well,
I can't take the credit.
You know, Dom is the one.
Oh, okay. Oh, you did this?
Okay, well, look, I
got some news for you.
You want us to cater another event?
Nah, nah, nah, that's not it.
I want to let you rent out
Sonny's for a few months.
- Yes!
- Yeah, all you, brother.
Why only a few months?
'Cause I don't know if
this was a real thing
or a fluke or you got lucky.
I need to see consistency,
you know what I mean?
If you can have traffic
in and out consistently,
we'll talk long-term.
We understand.
- [ZEKE] Yeah?
- Bet.
Oh, before I go. Hold on.
I got something for you.
Here you go, Miss Lady.
- Thank you.
- You earned it.
Y'all killed it. Man,
that food was so good.
You should be proud of
yourselves. You killed it!
- [DOM] Thank you.
- Black fancy people food!
Fancy lemonade.
Hope they ain't gonna
have fancy diabetes.
- All right, we gotta drink.
- For sure.
I told you I wasn't
gonna steer you wrong.
You did, you did.
Just remember, you stick with me,
you gonna get where you wanna be.
Oh, is that right?
Yeah, the road might
be a little bit bumpy,
but we'll get there.
- We did it.
- Thank you.
- Come here.
Don't let no one say a thing to you ♪
It's okay to have a fling or two ♪
You can love if you want to ♪
But I suggest that
nobody put a ring on you ♪
Shouldn't follow someone's rules ♪
If they don't apply to you ♪
'Cause happiness is all you need ♪
A woman's mind is hard to please ♪
Agree ♪
I'm all for you ♪
Understand, trust your heart ♪
Lift your spirit ♪
Let's get your life in motion ♪
Balance your emotion ♪
Don't need a man ♪
Always live life
without a helping hand ♪
Yes, I accept Jesus Christ as my savior.
- We're not here for that.
- Then what you want?
Girl, what I tell you about putting
my business in the streets?
- I didn't.
- Then why you got this man and his son
giving me a handout like we homeless?
It's not a handout. It's a gift.
God's servants take care of they own.
I can take care of myself.
- Get outta here.
- I was just trying to help.
I said what I said, Pastor.
[JACKSON] I understand your reluctance,
but all of us have experienced times
where we could use some help.
Now, this money was raised for you.
We're gonna leave it here
whether you like it or not.
Call us if you need anything.
Hey, we need to talk.
I'm not the reason your brother's dead.
He is.
When he stopped taking orders,
he put his life in jeopardy.
I had a choice.
I could either save him and start a war
or turn my back on
him and keep the peace.
So you killed him.
I can't save everybody.
So then why you trying to save me?
'Cause I don't want to
see you on the streets,
throwing your life away.
I see something in you.
What do you see?
I see myself.
So am I gonna be a crook like you?
Or you could be the mayor of Chicago.
[SCOFFS] You ain't won yet.
Mrs. Williams, I wanted to give you
some brochures on trauma
and mental health resources
for your daughter.
Thank you.
Yeah, I know all about it.
I'm a counselor at a high school.
That's great. Your skills
will really come in handy.
This is gonna be a long
road. It won't be easy.
I understand.
And my wife and I haven't had the time
to talk about how we're gonna
handle everything just yet,
but we'll figure it out.
My biggest piece of advice:
look for warning signs for suicide.
It's normal for someone
who's been through
what she's been through
to experience extreme
bouts of depression.
Your daughter's STD test results
will be ready in a few hours.
Thank you.
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