The Chi (2018) s03e08 Episode Script


[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
[NINA] Kiesha Williams has
been missing for seven days.
Help me bring her home so she can grow
into the woman I know she
has the potential to be.
Is Kiesha here?
I ain't leaving without my sister.
Still looking for this bitch.
- That's my sister, homey!
Stay up, bro.
[DRE] It's been two months.
- What in the hell are you doing?
- It's time.
Why you in such a hurry to move on?
I just think it's time for us
to start the grieving process.
You so eager to pack
everything up, get out.
- That girl still missing?
- Yeah.
[ETHEL] I'm not worried.
You'll find her.
Please, I'm in here!
The fuck are you doing?
Just like you left it.
If things are out of order,
it's just because we cleaned
up before you came home.
Sorry if everything is not
exactly the way you left it.
- If you need anything
- Maybe you should
If you need anything, just let us know.
Maybe you should try to get some sleep.
I'll be right outside all night.
I think we should talk
about what happened.
I just want to make sure we good.
Dre, I really don't want to
go into all of that right now.
How's she doing?
[NINA] She hasn't come
out of the room yet.
Babe, I really think
she should see someone.
I don't think she wants to.
This ain't about what she wants.
- She said nothing happened.
- You heard the doctor.
She's lying.
Well, what do you want me
to do, Dre, call her a liar?
Try and shake the truth out of her?
Don't you think she's
been traumatized enough?
[DRE] Hey, Kiesha.
[NINA] You want something to eat?
Kevin, come on, I got
to use the bathroom.
[KEVIN] I just got in here, damn.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] Come on out, Kevin.
You got it.
[KEVIN] You gonna do
anything about this?
[NINA] Lower your voice.
[KEVIN] I don't care if she can hear me.
[DRE] Yo, she just had
a traumatic experience.
She can be weird if she wants.
[KEVIN] She ever gonna get better?
- [NINA] Of course.
- [DRE] We don't know.
[KEVIN] What could I do to help?
[NINA] Just give her some time.
All right, well, I'm finna to go
link with Jake and Papa.
Well, hold up a minute.
Since when you start telling
me what you're finna to do?
Didn't think it was such a big deal.
Kev, Kiesha is finally home.
Don't you want to spend
some time with your sister?
She's locked in the bathroom.
I think it would be nice
if we all stayed close to
home for a little while.
But, Ma
Is she vacuuming?
Guess so.
I ain't never known her to vacuum shit.
- Uh-uh, don't. [SIGHS]
- It's cool, it's cool.
[DRE] Hey.
You haven't eaten anything all day.
I really think you should try
to come and eat something.
- You want some pizza?
- No.
Well, I can cook something else.
No, I'm okay.
Are you sure?
I'm not hungry.
Well, do you at least want
to come and sit with us?
You don't have to eat anything.
You don't have to if
you don't feel up to it.
Kiesha, I really think
you should see somebody.
For what?
So you can talk about
what you've been through.
I'm fine.
You don't have to talk to anybody
until you're good and ready, okay?
- ♪♪
We can't just sweep that
shit under the rug, bae.
That's not what I'm doing.
Okay, I'm just trying to help.
I didn't ask for your help.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry. I did not mean that.
- It's okay.
Why are you so afraid for
Kiesha to go to therapy anyway?
I don't know.
I guess I'm just scared
of what might come out.
She can't keep that shit inside.
It's not healthy.
What is Kiesha's friend doing here?
I invited her.
What? Why?
I thought it might be nice
for her to have someone
other than family around.
- [DRE] Hey.
- [NINA] Hey, Tammy.
Hey. How's Kiesha?
She's been better.
But I'm sure she'll be happy to see you.
- Hey.
- [TAMMY] Hey, girl!
How you doing? I'm so
glad you ain't dead.
Yeah, me too.
Kiesha, you okay for company?
We don't want to overwhelm you.
No, yeah, it's fine.
You could've asked.
Now I got to ask your permission
before I do anything?
When it comes to my kids, yes.
How long do we have to be married
before they become our kids?
I just want to talk about
things first, that's all.
If I talk to you about it,
you just gonna say no.
Look, everything is gonna be fine.
- It's gonna be fine.
You okay?
You want me to hook you up?
I'll be gentle. I know
you tender headed.
No, I'm okay.
No, you're not.
What you want?
I'll just do cornrows.
Feel like I been gone forever.
What's been going on?
Oh, I broke up with Derrick's ass.
What happened?
He wanted to have threesomes and shit.
I was down, but I was like,
"I want another nigga".
- He fell out.
- I'm sure he did.
He was like, "I ain't gay".
I'm like, "Nigga, neither am I,
but yet you want to watch me
go down on a bitch for
your visual pleasure?"
Oh, Miss Moseley had kicked
me out her class the other day.
I was taking too long
on my standardized test.
It's timed for a reason, Tammy.
Uh-uh, fuck that.
These white bitches
be paying for they kids
to pass they test all the time.
[VOICE FADING] Shit, I wish
my mama would've used
her tax returns on that,
because this ADHD
is holding a bitch back. [CHUCKLES]
So you good?
Am I talking too much?
Nah, you fine.
What people been saying?
- About what?
- About me.
- You know how niggas be.
- No, I don't.
What they saying?
Some people saying
Omari was your side piece
and that when you tried
to stop fucking him,
he got mad and kidnapped your ass.
That's not true.
I mean, I-I figured you wasn't
crazy enough to cheat on Nuck.
What else?
Oh, this one dude said
he was your real daddy.
- What?
- You asked.
What else?
My cousin think it
was a publicity stunt.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Why would I do that?
I don't know. I'm just the messenger.
No, people crazy.
People just like to talk.
Especially you.
- Here we go.
- Why you talk to the press?
I only stated the facts.
"It's just really crazy.
That's my girl, but you
hear all of these rumors
and you don't know what to think".
I got my period that day,
and I was in a mood, okay?
Tammy, so what?
You know how secretive you are?
I didn't want to act like
you was all innocent
and wind up looking dumb.
I don't keep shit from you.
Took forever to tell me you
was fucking the track coach.
- I was protecting you.
- Bitch, please.
[KIESHA] Get the fuck out.
Whatever, Kiesha.
- What happened?
I can't wait to go to college.
[DRE] Yeah, uh
Kiesha, the school gave
away your scholarship.
- Hey, Mom, can I
- N-no.
What did I do?
Stop talking back.
Next time you get a bright idea,
run it by me first.
Faded in the back room of SoHo ♪
Got me feeling hyper but so low ♪
Don't know what it
is, but I need more ♪
Nothing more left to say ♪
Stupid luck gone to waste ♪
I'm so numb, I'm so numb ♪
I can feel everything ♪
So numb, we're so numb ♪
We can be anything ♪
Tell me if it's okay ♪
Tell me if it's okay ♪
Show me how you need me ♪
Don't know where to
start, and it's okay ♪
I don't even know if it's okay ♪
Do we have the courage to be brave? ♪
Nothing more left to say ♪
Stupid luck gone to waste ♪
I'm so numb, I'm so numb ♪
I can feel everything ♪
Since I can't leave, can
Jake and Papa come over?
Don't look at me.
Kevin, I don't think
that's such a good idea.
- Ma
- Just 'cause I'm home
don't mean he got to be on lockdown.
Fine, but just Jake and Papa.
God is good all the time.
So happy this beautiful
family has been reunited.
- [NINA] Hello, Papa.
- [PAPA] Hey, Ms. Williams.
- Hello, Jake.
- Hi, Ms. Williams.
Did you bring it?
I really hope that
vape pen don't kill you.
It's fine.
I don't trust it.
You know the government love
coming up with creative ways
for us to kill ourselves.
Bro, relax.
This one is FDA approved.
You probably don't even
know what FDA stands for.
[JAKE] So?
Bro, blow that shit away from me.
I'm glad she back, bro.
It was looking bad for a minute.
Yeah, I'm grateful.
We got to give God all the praise.
That's what I've been doing, Papa.
I've been praying every day.
Well, I'm glad He answered your prayers.
Me too.
[DRE] How long you gonna
sleep on this couch, bae?
I don't know. I just need some space.
You know I hate sleeping without you.
- I miss you.
Who you invite over here now?
[DRE] Nobody.
Hey, y'all, uh, we were
just in the neighborhood.
Um, decided to stop by.
Uh, we not gonna stay long.
We-we just wanted to
bring y'all some food.
How's she doing?
Um, she's been quiet, but
we're just happy she's home.
[SIGHS] I'm just happy she's okay.
So are we.
Can I holla at Kevin?
Sure, he's in his room.
Uh, so how y'all doing?
- [NINA] Great.
- [DRE] It's been hard.
Come in.
If you doing anything in here
that you might need some privacy for,
speak now or forever hold your peace.
What happened last time was
a bad look for the both of us.
I told y'all to use cologne.
That air freshener
don't be covering shit.
Want some?
Nah, I like to know what
the fuck I'm smoking.
Kiesha good?
I don't know.
What you mean you don't know?
It's all weird and shit.
I mean, you would be acting weird
if a dude kidnapped
and molested you too.
How you know she got molested?
That's what I heard.
Bro, y'all don't know nothing.
Look, all y'all need to shut up.
She's alive. That's all that matters.
I was gonna holla at her,
but your mom made it seem
like she was sleeping.
She's not asleep.
Then what she doing?
She's probably in her room
staring at the wall and shit.
Every time I walk in there,
that's what she doing.
[DRE] Yo, I'm worried.
Dre, can we not?
Bae, I'm not gonna lie to my girl.
Look, y'all have nothing
to be ashamed of.
Kiesha's behavior is
not a reflection on you.
Well, that's what it feels like.
Jada, have you ever treated
a girl in Kiesha's condition?
I haven't, but I read about it,
and, um, I've dealt with girls
that have been sexually
assaulted by their partners.
And what was their behavior like?
You know, it varies.
Sometimes they can be withdrawn.
Other times they lash out.
- I had one girl
who thought her boyfriend's
abusive behavior
- was good for her.
She thought it meant he loved her.
Hello, Kiesha.
[SCOFFS] This nigga.
How you doing?
I'm fine.
You ain't fine.
How you gonna tell me what I am?
You just been through some shit.
That's all I'm saying.
Yeah, and I'm tired of talking about it.
I get that.
I just wanted to lay eyes on you.
Now that I see you good,
I'll I'll leave you alone.
You can stay.
Talk to me.
About what?
Uh, me and Tiff doing good.
What's going on?
Nothing. What?
- You lying.
- No, I'm not.
Nigga, I used to date your ass.
I know when you lying.
[SIGHS] Fuck.
Look, I ain't trying to talk about it.
Yeah, I ain't trying
to talk about my shit.
So we can sit here in silence,
or you can tell me what you did.
I fucked Dom.
Who the fuck is Dom?
The girl that cooks for me.
You love her?
I don't think so.
But we definitely got
a weird connection.
Nigga, y'all don't got no connection.
Yes, we do.
Well, that don't make it
okay for you to fuck her.
You right.
What you gonna do?
I don't know.
What you think I should do?
Oh, I don't know.
That's a tough one.
Yeah, no shit.
If you tell her,
it's a chance you
could lose her forever.
Oh, I know.
But if you don't, it'll
just be hanging over you
like a dark cloud you can't escape.
So I'm fucked either way.
Basically, yeah.
Emmett still trying to fuck your sister?
Nah, man, it ain't like that.
They probably got a soul tie.
Papa, shut up.
You fuck Jemma yet?
Why you want to know?
'Cause I heard rich girls is freaks.
I want to know if it's true.
Don't worry about what we're doing.
[CHUCKLES] You ain't fucked her.
Kev, there's nothing
wrong with taking it slow.
Ain't nodoby trying to take shit slow.
Yes, y'all is.
How you know?
Because she make all the decisions
in y'all relationship.
There's nothing wrong with
letting your lady lead.
[SCOFFS] Both of y'all pussy-whipped.
Ain't nothing wrong with a
little bit of whip appeal.
Ain't that right, Kev?
How you and Nina?
We good.
That's interesting.
Last time we talked,
you was asking if you
could sleep on my couch.
Yeah, but we're working through it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
I just think Kiesha being
gone was getting to us.
Yeah, I get that.
You know, this is supposed to be
the happiest time of our lives.
I just feel like this whole thing
has been one big nightmare.
Look, if y'all can make it through this,
your marriage can make
it through anything.
Now that's a positive
way of looking at it.
But at some point,
y'all got to start the healing process.
That's what I keep telling Nina.
But I just feel like she's not ready
to dive into that just yet.
Just don't let it go too long.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I just feel like I'm
walking a tightrope.
You feel me?
Mm, look
it may not feel like it, but
it'll pass.
You know, all my life, I
dreamed of being married.
And now that I'm here, I
just wish my straight friends
would've told me how hard this shit was.
I heard you were
really worried about me.
Hell, yeah.
Thank you.
Pssh. Least I could do.
I never thought coming
home would be this hard.
What you mean?
I've been reading all the shit
people been saying about me online.
Don't look at that shit.
How can I not?
People just like to talk.
That shit hurts.
They don't know what they talking about.
I feel like
I'm never gonna be the same.
- You're not.
- But I want to be.
Whatever happened, it's over.
And now you got to
find a way to move on.
It ain't that easy.
I know.
But ain't nothing easy for us.
I'm sorry.
What you sorry for?
If I wasn't so trifling,
we could've stayed together,
and none of this would
have ever happened.
This ain't about you.
I ain't trying to make this about me.
Just trying to say I'm sorry.
I don't need no apologies from you.
I just appreciate you being here.
And thank God we ain't together.
You'd be cheating on me
with the bitch you work with.
Who invented planes?
Some brothers.
Niggas invented planes?
No, some white dudes, but
they was actual brothers.
Every time y'all smoke,
y'all start asking random-ass questions.
No, we don't.
Hey, y'all think Chinese food
is called "regular food" in China?
[CHUCKLES] I don't know.
- See what I'm saying?
Kev would ask that
even if he wasn't high.
- Fuck.
It's a'ight.
Don't be mad that I'm the better player.
Shut your corny ass up.
All you do is sit here
all day and play this.
That don't mean you better than me.
Practice makes perfect.
Now you sound like them
white kids at school.
You know what, y'all?
I don't got a lot of
white people in my life.
Is that bad?
You ain't missing much.
All they do is eat
oatmeal and go hiking.
Not all of them.
And they let they
dogs stay in the house.
[LAUGHS] Now, that's crazy.
I know you think she's okay,
but she's suffering in silence.
I don't want to force her to do anything
she's not ready to do.
Sometimes people just
need to be pushed, bae.
Has anyone ever violated you?
Then you have no idea what it's like.
Just because you're still broken
doesn't mean she has to be.
I brought you some food.
I hope it ain't that nasty shit
you served at the wedding.
Dom made it.
The one you fucking?
I don't want no mistress-y food.
Will you stop talking
shit and just try it?
Why you care what I think?
'Cause we opening a restaurant.
What restaurant?
I'm taking over Sonny's.
He was struggling to make rent,
so I bought him out.
With what money?
The money we made slinging
this late-night barbecue.
How much barbecue you slinging?
A lot.
Her food must be good, then.
She know her way around a kitchen.
Ooh, I bet she do.
Is somebody calling me?
Nigga, ain't nobody calling you.
Yeah, I think you just high.
- Y'all don't hear that?
- Nope.
This shit ain't funny.
Bro, relax.
Yeah, you just paranoid.
Is it cold in here?
Man, sit your ass down!
Yeah, bro, you stressing me out.
Maybe it's the Devil coming to get me.
For what?
'Cause the dude that kidnapped Kiesha
used to come into Perry's all the time.
He would always give
me big tips and shit.
I bet you never saw this coming ♪
I got to get rid of the money.
It probably got Kiesha
blood all over it.
[WHINES] It's my 30 pieces of silver.
Y'all ain't never read
the Gospel of Matthew?
Well, that's all it took
for Judas to betray Jesus,
30 pieces of silver.
You need to let that shit go, bro.
You just saying that 'cause
you got some of his tips, too.
We didn't know he was
kidnapping girls and shit.
Well, good thing he ain't tip me.
Maybe he avoided you on purpose.
Don't let Papa get in your head.
It's not my fault I got a conscience.
She alive, ain't she?
I wish I could kill that motherfucker.
I bet you never saw this coming ♪
Can if you want to.
Bro, I meant hypothetically.
Don't walk up in here with no AK-47
talking about you ready to
put a hole in the motherfucker.
Besides, he dead anyways.
Y-y'all smell that?
I'm not mad at it.
Told your ass.
[CHUCKLES] I'm proud of you.
I knew your ass was hungry.
Shut up.
Was that Kiesha?
- Well
it's nice to hear
you laughing again.
[PAPA] That smell good.
Hey, grab a plate, bro.
- Don't mind if I do.
What's that?
I'm sorry, Kiesha.
For what?
Those are the tips I
got from your abductor.
- I don't want it.
- [PAPA] Neither do I.
I just want you to know
that I'm not gonna keep it.
Why'd it take y'all so long to find me?
I was right up the street.
How the hell was we supposed
to know that nigga was crazy?
Oh, y-you were too busy being
newlyweds and shit, okay.
We was worried sick about you, Kiesha.
You spoke at one candlelight vigil, Dre.
So what?
- It wasn't our fault.
- Then whose fault is it?
I almost got killed trying to find you.
Yeah, we went to a trap
house and everything.
Why would I be at a trap house?
Maybe 'cause your boyfriend was there.
Lord help me.
I mean, if you wasn't
out here on the streets,
maybe we'd call the cops earlier.
Kevin, now, that's enough.
No, fuck that.
I'm always lying for you. I
mean, I lie to protect you.
If you wasn't out here
trying to be grown and shit,
this wouldn't have happened.
- So this is my fault?
- I didn't say that.
Yes, you did.
[JAKE] That is kind
of what you said, bro.
Jake, shut up.
- Kevin, go to your room right now.
- Why?
Because I said so, that's why.
So when are you gonna tell her
that you packed up her room?
Man, fuck this shit.
Have you lost your damn mind?
Get your ass up and go apologize
- to your sister right now.
- No!
[NINA] Kevin, do not play with me.
[KEVIN] I'm tired of y'all
acting like this shit is cool,
and it's not.
Y'all made me go to
therapy. Make her go.
[NINA] Why don't you let me
do the parenting around here?
[KEVIN] I hate this shit!
[NINA] Swear at me one more damn time,
and I'ma smack the
taste out of your mouth.
I'm sorry.
your sister's been through a lot.
So have we.
Is it gonna be like this forever?
I don't know.
Well, I just want things
to go back normal again.
Okay, well, that might take some time.
Emotional wounds don't
just heal overnight.
Look, we just gonna have to
be patient with one another.
My fucking patience is wearing thin.
[NINA] Who do you think
you're talking to, Kevin?
- I think we should bounce.
Would it be weird if
I took some food to go?
I think we should leave, too, Ma.
You go ahead.
I need to talk to Kiesha.
I don't think right now is a good time.
- Kiesha.
- What?
- I don't want to bother you.
- Then don't.
This doesn't have to define you.
It already has.
Don't let the world tell your story.
What am I supposed to do?
- I can't tell you what to do.
- Then why are you here?
I just want you to know that
healing is a personal journey,
that you have to figure out
what works best for you.
Sometimes I just stare
at myself in the mirror.
I don't even recognize the
girl staring back at me.
- [JADA] That's normal.
- When does it stop?
I don't know.
But you're not the same person anymore.
I know that.
It's up to you to reclaim
that light inside you.
I just want to be left alone.
Can't be alone forever.
- Or maybe Kevin was right.
- Mm-mm.
Maybe it's my fault.
ah, I wasted years
thinking what happened
to me was my fault.
And when you're assaulted
by a family member,
you don't have space to heal.
That trauma pops up
at every Thanksgiving,
uh, family functions,
Easter Sunday,
Moments that were supposed
to be joyous occasions
always brought me sadness, anxiety.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
That's why I got into social work.
I hated the fact that I never
had anybody to turn to.
So I decided I'd be that somebody
young girls could come to
if somebody violated them.
How long does it take before you feel
normal again?
Baby, if you waiting
to feel normal again
you gonna be waiting a long time.
What's up?
Kiesha asked me to come over.
I feel like I owe you my life.
You don't owe me.
I'm just glad I could be of service.
Is he really dead?
I had to kill him.
- You did what you had to do.
- Then why can't I sleep?
Every time I close my
eyes, all I see is him.
Why is he haunting me?
That's the way it is.
I killed someone, and
I see his face every day.
I hate this.
Feel like I was finally
ready to leave Chicago.
Now I'm stuck here forever.
That's the thing about this city
grabs ahold of you
and never lets you go.
Well, does it get better?
I can't answer that for you.
How's it for you?
It's it's been a long road.
But you've been the
light at the end of it.
You'll get through this.
Just don't
don't drown your
sorrows in brown liquor.
- I won't.
I promise.
Thank you.
Oh, I should be thanking you.
You gave my life
[NINA] Kiesha.
You think burning your clothes
gonna make you feel better?
Maybe I wouldn't have got kidnapped
if I wasn't wearing this shit.
That's some bullshit, and you know it.
Do I?
None of this is your fault.
I don't care if you were
walking down the street butt naked.
Nobody has a right to
put their hands on you.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to save you.
It's okay, Ma.
I learned how to save myself.
Okay, Kevin, we're off
to see the therapist.
If you need anything, call.
And you know the rules, right?
- Don't leave the house.
- [NINA] That's it.
Tired of the struggle ♪
Tired of the pain ♪
Tired of the heartache ♪
Tired of the strain ♪
Please, Lord, help me ♪
With all my fears ♪
You all right?
Jesus, dry my ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Burdens heavy ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, Lord, these burdens so heavy ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, please, Lord, help me ♪
With all my fears ♪
- Jesus, dry my tears ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, I'm so weary ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, Lord, I get so weary ♪
Dry my tears ♪
Oh, please, Lord, help me ♪
With all my fears ♪
Jesus, dry my ♪
- Jesus, dry ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
- Tired of the struggle ♪
- I'm tired ♪
- Tired of the pain ♪
- Oh I'm tired ♪
Tired of the heartache ♪
- Oh, Lord ♪
- Tired of the strain ♪
Please, Lord ♪
Please, Lord, help me ♪
- With all my fears ♪
- With all my fears ♪
- Jesus ♪
- Jesus, dry my ♪
- Dry my ♪
- Dry my tears ♪
- Jesus, dry my ♪
- Jesus ♪
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