The Chi (2018) s04e01 Episode Script

Soul Food

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
I ain't leaving without my sister.
- Hello?
[NINA] Now make a wish.
[OMARI] I'm gonna get you home.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Will you marry me?
- Yes.
- You better not be cheating.
- I'm not cheating on you.
[DARNELL] Dom and Darnell. Two Ds.
Our names sound like
they go together, huh?
- I like you.
Me too.
[JEMMA] I had told 'em
I wanted you to be my first.
[KEVIN] What'd he say?
[JEMMA] Make sure you're sure.
- [KEVIN] Are you?
- [JEMMA] Yeah.
[KEVIN] I'm ready to
tell people we go together.
[MAISHA] You said you
wanted to go public?
Well, now I got the
hottest boy in the game
wearing my chain.
Every mayoral election,
I pick one Black candidate
to make a sizable donation to.
When I look at myself,
I see Otis, so my money's on him.
- What did you say?
- You ain't no
[DOUDA] I need somebody
who can handle my
business on the street.
I'm gonna make sure you
have everything you need.
[JAKE] Saving that bitch
don't mean shit.
- You still a murderer.
That's for Coogie, motherfucker.
Kevin, your sister's been through a lot.
So have we.
sparse dramatic music ♪
[KEVIN] Is it gonna be
like this forever?
[NINA] I don't know.
- [NINA] What?
- I'm pregnant.
With that crazy man's baby?
- You're not keeping it, right?
- Kevin, that's enough.
- You can't!
- [NINA] It's not your decision.
I can't do it.
Otis Redding's "Try
A Little Tenderness" ♪
Oh, she may be weary ♪
And young girls they do get weary ♪
Wearing that same ♪
- [NURSE] That's it.
- [NURSE 2] There you go.
There you go. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah ♪
But when she gets weary ♪
Try a little tenderness ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Mm ♪
You know she's waiting ♪
Just anticipating ♪
For things that she'll never, never ♪
Never, never possess, yeah, yeah ♪
But the soft words ♪
They are spoke so gentle, yeah ♪
It makes it easier ♪
- [PERSON] Emmett.
Easier to bear, yeah ♪
You won't regret it, no, no ♪
Some girls, they don't forget it ♪
Love is their own ♪
Happiness ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
But it's all so easy ♪
All you got to do is try ♪
Try a little tenderness, yeah ♪
All you got to do is, man ♪
Hold her where you want her ♪
Squeeze her, don't tease her ♪
Never leave her, get to her ♪
Try, try ♪
Just try a little tenderness ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
You've got to rub her gentle, man ♪
All you got to do ♪
Don't got, don't bruise her, no, no ♪
You got to love her ♪
Tease her, don't squeeze her ♪
Gotta try, nah, nah, nah, try ♪
- Try a little tenderness ♪
Yeah, watch her groove ♪
You got to know what to do, man ♪
Take this advice ♪
dramatic hip-hop music ♪
[JEMMA] What time is it?
Oh, shit!
My dad's gonna be done
with his morning meditation
at any minute.
If he catches you in here,
he's gonna kill both of us.
I got an idea.
Just just follow my lead, all right?
That's what you said last night
and look where it got us.
I know. Oh, I know.
Kevin, hurry up.
My bad.
tense music ♪
I got you this time.
All right?
I promise.
- Mm, go. Go.
- Okay.
- [NINA] Kevin!
Where's Kevin?
Maybe he's with Jemma.
I don't recall him asking permission.
You know he think he grown.
Ain't neither one of y'all grown
till you start paying rent.
I don't know, baby. Maybe
he went off to Malcolm's.
When he start hanging with him again?
- [DRE] I don't know.
- I don't know.
I'm not his keeper.
- Do you want me to text him?
- Yes.
soft jazz music ♪
Oh, this little Negro think he slick.
Hey, Mr. St. John.
Morning, Kevin.
Come on.
dramatic hip-hop music ♪
- Gangster or mayor?
That is the question when
it comes to Otis Perry.
Since the election,
speculation about the mayor's past
[CUSTOMER] Psh. Pizza man, my ass.
I heard he run the 63rd Street Mob.
Mm-hmm. And I know he killed
that nigga with the food truck.
Well, I heard he ain't really dead.
I heard he in witness protection.
[CUSTOMER 2] How many niggas
you know in witness protection?
[CUSTOMER] I don't know.
That's why they in witness protection.
[EMMETT] Papa.
Congrats on your first check
from Smokey's, little bro.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
So when I'm gonna get
employee of the month?
Man, I told you we ain't got that.
Man, what kind of establishment
don't celebrate their employees?
You got to uplift those that uplift you.
Or else we gonna drop your ass.
Man, I'm not putting
your headshot on the wall.
Well, can you at least
start paying me in cash
so I don't have to give
half of this to Uncle Sam?
No. Bro, I'm finally legit.
Would you let me be great?
I pray for your greatness every night.
[EMMETT] That's what's up.
Now, let me get a number
one, a number three,
and a strawberry pop, two straws.
Just 'cause you eat for free
don't mean you get two meals.
It's not just for me.
It's for me and Maisha.
You know we do breakfast on Fridays.
You read the paper, young man?
[KEVIN] Nah, I get my news
from The Shade Room.
So you didn't see the
Tribune this morning, huh?
[KEVIN] No, sir.
Bunch of kids that look just like you
burned down a few local
businesses last night.
It's front-page news this morning.
And you're bringing that up because ?
Because white folks are gonna read this
and assume something
about us that's not true.
Who cares about what white folks think?
If this kind of shit keeps happening,
the Olympics will never come to Chicago.
Dad, nobody cares about the Olympics.
I like the Olympics.
- Really, Kevin?
- What?
Everybody likes the Olympics.
So that's why you're mad at those kids
for burning down the city?
[MARCUS] Nobody wants to come to a place
where they don't feel safe.
And who's supposed to make
us feel safe the police?
- Not all police are bad.
- [JEMMA] Mm.
- Spoken like a true capitalist.
- Oh, that's right.
Capitalism is the root of all evil.
I'll remember that the next time
you want me to buy you a Chanel purse.
light music ♪
Oh, eat up.
Man, a freaky little baby ♪
She freakin' me daily ♪
She tell me she love me ♪
While she fucking me slowly ♪
[EMMETT] All right, now.
Bow, bow, bow, bow.
Hey, wife. How you doin'?
- Hey, husband.
- Mmm.
- Mm, mm, mm.
- What?
- You want to have my baby?
- I already did.
No, you want to have another one?
Trust me, you got enough kids.
No, no, I'm serious. I can
close the shop right now.
I can tell everybody in here to get out.
I can put some Jodeci
on the sound system.
[CHUCKLES] Now, you know I love Jodeci.
Of course I do.
Ooh, yes ♪
- I'm the boss, baby.
- I know.
What you gonna call me?
I told you I don't like
calling you daddy.
[LAUGHS] I'm not calling
you the boss, Emmett.
[CHUCKLING] Why why not?
It's accurate.
Damn, where she going?
She look like trouble ♪
Only one that makes me weak ♪
Girl, you know you bad for me ♪
Pop off, make we
want to do bad things ♪
- Girl, I need a favor.
- What you want?
My plug ran out of edibles,
and you the only cook I know.
I'm not that kind of cook.
I can't just pour a ounce of weed
in a deep fryer and give it to you.
You got to know what
you're doing with that shit.
- You'll fuck around and have people running
up and down the street butt-ass naked
talkin' about, "This is how we do it".
Come on. It can't be that hard.
It is that hard.
But I do remember this
guy that used to do it.
I could see if he would show me.
[EMMETT] What y'all
in here talking about?
- Nothing.
- Don't worry about it.
[EMMETT] Y'all in here talking about me?
No, nigga. Why would
we be talking about you?
Emmett, it's not always about you.
Go on. You got customers, anyway.
All right.
reggae music ♪
Babe you got to let me line you up.
[TRIG] No, I'm not
sitting in that chair.
[IMANI] Jake, you missed a spot.
You missed a spot over here, too.
- You want my haircut?
No, ma'am.
What's up, Man Man?
What's up, Trig?
Hold on. I got something for you.
[MAN MAN] Nuh-uh.
I want to earn it.
Here you go. I got to
get to school, anyway.
Hey, you ready for that biology quiz?
I think so.
[TRIG] You better know so.
I fuck with biology.
Hey, come on. Watch your mouth, boy.
I'm just saying, I'm good at it.
Why you sound so surprised?
'Cause I just never thought
I'd enjoy a class that ain't gym
- or one of my free periods.
It's good to see my money's
not going to waste.
"Gangster or mayor"?
That is the question.
When you start watching the news?
Ever since I started working with you.
You don't work with me. You work for me.
tense music ♪
- Mm.
- What's that?
[DOUDA] It's Jake's tuition.
[TRIG] You know you
could've dropped this off
in the mailbox.
Nah, I like doing personal
business in person.
Besides, I wanted to come by
and see how everybody was doing.
I really like what you've
done with the place.
Thanks for all your help.
Oh, what? Of course.
Anything for family.
Can I go?
[DOUDA] Yeah, you can ride with me.
[TRIG] No, I'll take him.
You know what? Actually,
that's not a bad idea.
I got some business to handle
on the South Side anyway.
Hey, babe.
I love you. Have fun at school.
[JAKE] All right, see you.
[DOUDA] I'm glad the
permit's working out.
You need anything else,
just let me know.
You know the number.
We appreciate you helping us out.
But we got it from here.
[DOUDA] Man Man. Good job.
light music ♪
Man, Triple-A ain't nothing but a scam.
Got some jumper cables
in my trunk right now.
I'll be there in five minutes.
Yeah, I'm in the car right now.
Hey, look, just pop the hood,
and I'll be there, like, in 15 minutes.
Man, I'm on the Dan Ryan.
Yeah hey, I got you. All right.
Dudes like you are why
I never trust nobody
when they say they on the way.
- Eh, it's a figure of speech.
- No, it ain't.
Boy, shut up.
And where my wifey at?
Would you please stop calling her that?
Y'all only been dating
for what, two months?
That's gonna be my forever, son.
[SCOFFS] That's what you
said about your third ex-wife.
[DOM] Hey, babe.
Hey, sugar pie.
[EMMETT] Can y'all take that outside?
- [DARNELL] Don't be jealous.
And let me get that, uh,
French toast sandwich with extra cheese.
I got it. I'll hook you up.
- [DARNELL] Hurry up.
Got my boy stranded on
the side of the road.
Boy, don't rush me.
[CHUCKLES] I know you like
to take it nice and slow.
[EMMETT] Ugh! Can y'all please
take that shit somewhere else?
I don't think they'll care
what you got on.
You think they don't care
how I got pregnant?
They shouldn't.
If they really want a baby,
they shouldn't care how it got here.
[KIESHA] Right.
Don't wear that.
You just said they ain't
gonna care what I got on.
They shouldn't, but buy a
maternity dress or something.
It's like you in denial.
Maybe I am.
[TIFF] How about this?
You gonna let me go and
make you a sandwich or what?
- Shit, girl. You my breakfast.
Put some jelly on your jelly
and be full for the rest of the day.
- Darnell.
I got to tell you something.
What you got to tell me, girl?
soft music ♪
- Oh, shit.
- [DOM] What?
You pregnant?
[CHUCKLES] No, nigga.
[SIGHS] Then what is it?
Promise me you won't be mad.
- [DARNELL] Girl, spit it out.
- It's about your son.
Which one?
Which one you think? Emmett.
What he do?
I fucked him.
Well, look, it was
bound to happen at some point.
So you don't care?
I don't believe in bringing up old shit.
Dick ain't got no
rearview mirror, you know?
There you go. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, uh I'll be right back.
dramatic music ♪
What a tangled web we weave.
What you talking about?
I done done my share of messy shit,
but this one takes the cake.
What do you what
How you gonna propose to your baby mama
in front of your mistress
while celebrating your
new establishment?
See, this is why I told
her not to tell you.
Of course she told me.
I'm her new Zaddy.
Would you stop saying that?
And please don't say shit to Tiff.
Boy, please. I know
how to keep a secret.
What? No, you can't.
You can't hold water.
- [DOM] Here you go, baby.
- [DARNELL] Ah. Thanks, baby.
Mm, I love a woman who knows
her way around a griddle.
[JADA] Hey, everybody. What's up?
Hey, don't forget we coming
through for movie night.
Since when?
Since Tiff said it was cool.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[DARNELL] Yeah, I'm right here
on the corner. Where you at?
[JADA] What's up?
See she's keeping it in the family, huh?
Don't want to talk about it.
But I ain't never called you crazy ♪
What's wrong with you?
Ms. Cranston thinks
she's woke now 'cause
she put a Black Lives Matter
sign above her door.
I'm not giving her points for that.
She always quoting Baldwin and shit.
It's so performative.
[JAKE] I can't stand that bitch.
- I like Ms. Cranston.
- Of course you do.
What you mean by that?
It would be nice if you found yourself
on the right side of history
every once in a while.
Why? So I can walk around with
an attitude all day like you?
- I don't have a attitude.
- Yes, you do.
I mean, every time you
walk around, you're mad.
I just want to be with someone
who I can have an
intelligent debate with.
[KEVIN] Why would I want
to debate with you?
I love you.
- [SCOFFS] Wow!
- What?
Why y'all lookin' at me like that?
That's the first time
you ever said that to me.
Man, I ain't never
sayin' that to a bitch.
[JAKE] Okay, okay, we
get it. Y'all in love.
- Come on, Kev.
- Where y'all going?
Uh, basketball game.
I thought you said you were
coming to B.A.M.N. with me.
The fuck is B.A.M.N.?
It's some pro-Black group she's in.
What does B.A.M.N. stand for?
I don't know, um
"By Any Means Necessary"? Right?
[CHUCKLES] Jemma, I swear
you the whitest Black person I ever met.
Kevin, you promised
you would come with me.
I know, I know, I know.
I got you next time. Promise.
hip-hop music ♪
I got enough real friends ♪
I'm all out of patience ♪
[ROSELYN] Ms. Roxboro.
I have Mayor Perry here.
[TRACY] I know who he is.
You here to lend a hand
or just take pictures?
You know, I've been following
your story for a long time.
Normally, when a mother loses a child,
she crawls into a dark hole,
and she never comes out again,
but you took your pain,
and you turned into something beautiful.
I really love what you've been
doing for the community.
It's amazing, truly.
Guess you could call me
a reluctant activist, then.
What took you so long to come by?
Well, I apologize for the
delay, but I'm here now.
What you want a medal?
- Chest to pin it on?
- Easy.
I don't have to show you respect.
Mayor's office don't mean shit to me.
- We want to help you.
- Of course you do.
I watch the news.
Well, I know you need money.
[TRACY] Yeah.
I ain't gonna lie.
My organization could
really use some help.
But I'm not willing
to sell my soul for it.
You a gangsta in a nice suit.
you like my suit?
Look, I'm having an event tonight
for, um, community leaders like you.
Why don't you do me a favor and come by?
I'm not who you think I am.
[DOUDA] Make sure she has the info.
chill hip-hop music ♪
Steppin' through the city
like I'm walkin' on air ♪
United at the center ♪
Pockets with a dialect that differs ♪
Based on what you get
up at the bus stop ♪
Me, I was a Stony Island resident ♪
Tracking sandy residue
in each and every second ♪
Always in my element ♪
Bro, school uniform is not that bad.
Yes, it is. I hate this shit.
So you really love Jemma, huh?
Why is that so hard to believe?
It's not. [SCOFFS]
I'm just surprised you
said that shit out loud.
You will understand one day, my friend.
You need to get your ass a girlfriend.
And when I do, I ain't about to
be having lunch with her daddy.
You know how them
bougie Black people be.
You got to get your
daddy approval and shit.
Man, fuck her and her rich-ass daddy.
JAG' "Pusha" ♪
Tell them to hit me if
you need some weight ♪
I know the pusha ♪
Yeah, I know the pusha,
yeah, I know the pusha ♪
I told her, hit me,
you need it today ♪
Yeah, I know the pusha ♪
- What the fuck?
Hold on, man.
Look at this nigga.
Who the fuck you think you is,
Fresh Prince of Englewood?
Look, bro, I don't want no
problems with you, all right?
Man, shut your punk ass up.
Don't end up like your brother.
Man, fuck you!
Nigga, I will fucking kill you
and spit on your fucking body.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, relax yo, yo, yo!
Jake, chill! Chill out, bro! Chill!
Let him go. What the
fuck you trying to do?
What you trying to do?
- [KEVIN] Bro, chill!
- Hey!
- [KEVIN] Jake, come on!
- Nah.
Come on, let's see your
homey, bitch-ass nigga.
- [OFFICER] Knock it off!
- You a bitch for real.
- Yeah, all right. We gonna see.
- [KEVIN] Jake, come on.
- [OFFICER] Hey!
- Go see your nigga, man.
- I'm right here.
- [JAKE] Can't stand that motherfucker.
[BAKARI] Shut your bitch-ass up.
Hey! ID.
Man, what I got to show my ID for?
Bro, just show him your ID.
Nah, fuck that.
tense music ♪
[JAKE] Man, I ain't do shit!
- [OFFICER] Stop resisting!
- [JAKE] What I do? Get off me!
- [BYSTANDER] He's just a kid!
- [OFFICER] Stop resisting!
He asked a fair question!
What did he do?
Come on, bro! Get off me, man!
He's just a kid! Let him go!
All right, all right,
I'll show you my ID!
Get on the ground! On the ground now!
[PERSON] Officer, what did he do?
[BYSTANDER] He didn't do shit!
What's wrong with you?
- [PERSON] Let him go.
- What did he do?
[ODETTA] Sometimes I feel ♪
Like I'm almost gone ♪
Sometimes I feel ♪
Like I'm almost ♪
Gone ♪
A long ways ♪
From home ♪
A long ways ♪
From home ♪
True ♪
Believer ♪
[PERSON] He didn't even do nothing!
- [KEVIN] Show him your ID!
- [OFFICER] Get on the ground!
[PERSON] Get off of
him! He's just a kid!
[KEVIN] All right, all right,
I'll show you my ID.
- [OFFICER] Get on the ground!
- [JAKE] What'd I do?
- A long ways ♪
From home ♪
A long ♪
Ways ♪
From home ♪
- [NINA] This is a lovely house.
- [OCTAVIA] Oh, Thank you.
We've, uh, been working on
it for the last five years
- Yeah, she loves this house.
- and we finally got it.
And I feel like when you come home,
your house should rise to meet you.
Yeah, I just want to
kick up my feet and relax.
You know, you spend most
of your life in your home,
so I feel it should be a sacred space.
- I like that.
- Me too.
I already feel like
we need to redecorate.
I'd be happy to help with that.
Yeah, she's always helping other people.
I barely see her.
Do y'all have any questions for me?
Are you sure you want to do this?
[MARK] She's only asking
'cause we been through
this process before,
and last time didn't go so well.
Yeah, I know I know what you mean.
[NINA] She's sure.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Well, do you have any questions for us?
Are y'all good?
Like, are we good people or ?
Are y'all good, like, as a couple?
I'm feeling some tension.
Look, um, marriage is hard. [CHUCKLES]
We may not always be
on the same page, but
we do love each other.
Are y'all on the same page about this?
- Kiesha.
- What?
Look, I'm a child of divorce.
I don't want my baby to go through that.
[MARK] No matter how
perfect a couple is,
they can't guarantee
a child a perfect life.
Everybody got their shit, even us.
But no one will love
that baby more than me.
More than us.
Honey, can I talk to you
outside for a second?
Would you excuse us, please?
I'm in trouble again.
[NINA] What do you think?
I don't know.
- Well, we can think about it.
- I don't know.
[PAPA] So what you gonna do with it?
Um, I think we should post it online.
- I think you should delete it.
- What?
- I said delete it.
- [MAISHA] Why?
And let injustice prevail?
Jake ain't gonna want no one
seeing him get punked
by the police.
Man, y'all tweakin'.
What do you think?
I think we should do what's right.
What if doing what's
right gets us in trouble?
It'll be good trouble.
soft jazz music ♪
Yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
Let me go ♪
I don't want this no more ♪
[PERSON] He's just a kid!
[OFFICER] Get on the ground!
[PERSON] Stop doing him like that!
- Oh, the days ♪
My way out ♪
It's not like him to miss a meal.
[TRIG] Yeah, something ain't right.
That game been over.
dramatic music ♪
[JAKE] Trig.
Hey, man, what's going on?
- Hey, where the fuck you at?
- [IMANI] Who is it?
- [TRIG] It's Jake.
- [IMANI] Is he okay?
- [TRIG] I don't know.
I don't know, y'all. I still
don't trust this nigga.
- I don't care what he got.
He's starting to grow on me.
Oh, I still think he's full of shit.
- Exactly.
Let's just see what the man has to say.
[TRACY] Okay. Says you.
[DRE] Look, look, look, look.
Oh, oh, oh.
Speaking of the devil
You better stop looking
at that married man.
I ain't even thinking about
him he looking at me.
Look, just go get this check
so we can get the hell
up on out of here now.
You know I can't just be taking
checks from just anybody.
Yeah, that's true.
You don't want R.O.C.K. to
get caught up in his mess.
- Exactly.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm gonna go and say hi.
Just say hi.
But get the check.
[TRACY] Okay.
Just say hi.
[JADA] Breathe.
- She gonna get that money.
- [DRE] Okay.
[TIFF] Ooh, let me get some of
this let me just taste it.
Careful. You know it's weed in here.
- [TIFF] Mm
[TIFF] Hey, this about to be lit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[TIFF] Who the hell still got VHS tapes?
A real OG.
[TIFF] And how we supposed to play that?
We ain't got got no Uh! Oh, my God.
[DOM] No, you did not bring the VCR.
We bought this fool a
Apple TV for Christmas,
and he still ain't opened it.
I don't need that high-tech shit.
What I need with a Apple TV
when I got the real deal right here?
Now, some people love they vinyls.
I love my VHS's. [CHUCKLES]
- [TIFF] That's your man?
See? Y'all can make fun
of me all you want to,
but I'm telling you,
VCR's making a comeback.
- No, they not.
- No, it's not.
- [EMMETT] You got it?
- [DARNELL] Yeah.
[DOM] He is so annoying.
[TIFF] Care about that damn VCR.
[DOM] He always doing something extra.
Now he want to bring in a VCR player.
Okay, put some more in there.
[TIFF] Put some more
chocolate chips in there.
You gonna get high real fast off these.
- Good. That's the point!
- [DOM] You know you got to
What you gonna do about it? ♪
Muffins in the freezer, they be lit ♪
What y'all in here laughing at?
- Not you!
- Boy, relax.
Go help your daddy set up
his dusty-ass VCR player.
- Get out the kitchen.
- Right.
Come on, Emmett. Go.
Is it red, yellow, white,
or white, yellow, red?
[EMMETT] I thought you
knew how to work it.
My my TV got the cords in the front.
classy jazz music ♪
- Well, hey.
- [TRACY] Hey.
[DOUDA] Well, look at you.
I'm glad you're here. You look great.
- [TRACY] Thank you.
- Come on, come on in.
Look look at that.
- [JADA] Oh, shit, you see that?
- [DRE] Yeah, I see it.
- Wonder where his wife's at.
- [DRE] Exactly.
- That's what I'm saying.
[JADA] Emmett don't even
pull out his chair for me.
[DRE] Right.
This dude is a trip.
You know, I'm not
really easily impressed,
but what you're doing
with your organization
it's truly amazing.
It really is.
I was thinking that if
you guys wanted to
[JADA] You see he was on the news today?
[DRE] Some shit is more
trouble than it's worth.
- What's that?
- Oh, I-I didn't order that.
Who the hell is that?
- That's my masseuse.
- [DRE] Oh.
So is your masseuse
giving out happy endings?
- That's none of your business.
- [DRE] Yeah, so that means yes.
I want you to know what we're
- trying to do.
- It's gonna be, um I'm sorry.
Excuse me. I have to take this.
You want to fuck my husband?
It's okay.
I don't mind sharing.
[DOUDA] Excuse me, ladies.
I'm gonna have to
take care of something.
I got to get out of here.
What about the event? You're
supposed to give a speech.
I need you to step in.
It's an emergency.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
We'll see.
dramatic music ♪
- Hey, where you going?
- Hey, man, that's my brother.
- Fuck, man!
- I'll be all right.
What the fuck happened?
They said I was resisting arrest.
[TRIG] Who?
What you doing here?
It's still my job to look after you.
[JAKE] I ain't got
nothing to say to you.
- Hey, I'm gonna handle this.
- We good.
I don't care, man. I want blood.
Whoever did this I want
whoever it was in a body bag.
[DOUDA] Trig, I need you to breathe.
Man, don't tell me to fucking breathe.
They got my little brother
in here shackled to a bed
like a fucking animal!
[JAKE] Calm down, man. I'm good.
[POUNDS DOOR] Hey! Uncuff him.
I'm under strict orders.
You know who I am?
Then I suggest you take my orders
before you find yourself unemployed.
Now get the fuck out.
You need anything, Jake?
I want the charges dropped.
The last thing he needs is a record.
That's easy.
And I'll make sure he has the
best care this place can offer.
I don't need him to have the best care.
I need him not to be in
here in the first place.
Trig, I can't stop the police
from being crooked.
Ain't that your job?
Right, Mayor?
- I said I'll handle it.
- [TRIG] You'll handle it.
So what you gonna do,
suspend this nigga with pay?
I don't like those motherfuckers either.
I will take care of this.
Trust me.
tense music ♪
Trig, I'm good.
[KIESHA] Yeah, I like her.
I mean, it just felt like
a sadness in that house.
[DRE] Nobody's house is
happy all the time, Kiesh.
Well, I want my baby's house
to be happy most of the time.
When you give that baby to a new family,
you're at God's mercy.
You can't control what
their life is like.
I mean, if you ask me,
it's all a crapshoot.
- That's why nobody asked you.
[DRE] See, this is what I'm
talking about no love.
- [NINA] I love you, though.
- No love.
- [NINA] I love you, though.
- Hey.
- [DRE] What up?
[DRE] Oh, see?
What happened to you?
Answer me. What happened?
- [DRE] Police?
- Police?
[NINA] Kevin, what? Kevin.
[DRE] Kev.
dramatic music ♪
[NINA] You want to talk about it?
[TERI] Nobody's paying for the taxes
or the utilities except me.
And now we can put Uncle Pete in a home
like we been talking about for years.
I'm not putting Uncle Pete in
a home, Mama would kill us.
I'm selling the house.
I am the guardian of her estate.
[DARNELL] Oh, shit.
This is my favorite part.
- It is?
- [CHUCKLES] Uh-huh.
- Oh, come on, now, Teri.
[DARNELL] Listen to
what you're saying now.
"Your mama worked hard to
keep that house in the family,
for you and your family".
"Oh, fuck the family!
I let the family in my house,
and the family fucked my husband.
That's right. They fucked my husband!"
- Look at him, look at him.
- Mm-mm.
- Teri?
- I know. That's my Teri.
Can we talk about what? Fuck you!
- Cut the nigga's dick off!
- Yes! He shouldn't have cheated!
[TIFF] He shouldn't have cheated!
Hell, no. Sweatin' your ass out.
The edible just, you know
[TIFF] It's the edible, it's the edible.
I did ♪
[TIFF] Girl, what we gonna do with them?
But, seriously, I'm grateful for you.
I do not know if Smokey's
would've happened
if you did not take a chance on Emmett.
And he don't got the
best reputation, so
Uh-uh. No, he doesn't.
But you made him get his
shit together for real.
I think it all starts at home.
Him marrying you was the
best thing for everybody.
Shit, it took his ass long enough.
Niggas be so quick to
get a girl pregnant,
but as soon as you start
talking about a ring,
- they start sweatin'.
- Sweatin' bullets!
- I never understood that, mm.
You know, this edible thing
might be the new side hustle.
It tastes good enough.
If you down,
I'm willing to drop my
other edible guy for you.
- [DOM] Cheers.
French hip-hop music ♪
[KIESHA] You want to tell me about it?
[KEVIN] Nah.
I think you should.
- I think I'm good.
Look, don't do that. Don't be like me.
Don't sit in your room
and wait for the pain to
go away, because it won't.
I'm not going to therapy.
You don't have to go to therapy.
But at least talk to Jake.
Kevin, when you go through
something like this,
nobody knows what to say,
so they just wind up
saying nothing at all.
Then it's just you all by yourself
with no one to talk to, so
you start telling yourself shit
like, "I deserved it.
Maybe nobody wants me around.
What would the world
be like if I wasn't here?
Does anybody even care?"
- You really thought that way?
- Yeah.
- You expecting company?
- No.
What's this?
A peace offering.
For what?
I want to be honest with you.
My husband and I are getting a divorce.
That doesn't surprise me.
dramatic music ♪
I, um
I wasn't trying to lie.
It's just that, um
I've just wanted a child
for a very long time.
And although Mark and I are
not on the best of terms,
he was willing to come
over for your visit
with the hopes that it would
increase my chances.
That's nice of him.
I just really wanted
to be honest with you.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate you coming by,
and I really appreciate the popcorn.
But it's important
that my child be raised
in a two-parent household.
I'm sorry, I
I'm sorry.
No, it's it's okay. I understand.
I really do.
I thank you for your time,
and, uh, I wish you and your
family nothing but the best.
[NEWSCASTER] A video has gone viral
of yet another police-brutality assault.
The victim 15-year-old Jacob Taylor.
The crime being Black.
Jacob was arriving at a basketball game
when the officer
viciously assaulted him.
The family of Jacob Taylor
is demanding justice.
[JAKE] What up, bro?
Took your ass long enough.
Yeah, my bad. I don't like hospitals.
- Neither do I, nigga.
- I'm here now.
Maybe if I had my uniform on,
I would've walked away, too.
I walked away 'cause I
listened to the police
- and got on the ground.
- You should've had my back!
What was I supposed to
do fight the police?
Get the shit on tape or something.
Maisha did.
more of a rider than you.
Whatever, nigga.
[KEVIN] Look, I'ma
I'ma go, all right?
[PAPA CHUCKLING] Man, look at us.
The three musketeers
back together again.
[KEVIN] Man, you are stupid, bro.
Hey, man, just for that, you
ain't getting' no Skittles.
At least you still got good
hand-eye coordination.
hip-hop music ♪
Girl, I know you want me,
so please don't be shy ♪
Oh ♪
Hey, Ms. Washington.
Hey. Where your massage table?
I was thinking we could
skip the massage tonight.
I want to take you to dinner.
To dinner?
[CHUCKLES] Uh, okay.
Let me get my purse.
Oh, you won't be needing that.
Mm, okay.
Oh, and, uh, don't worry.
Still gonna have you for dessert.
Just do me a favor.
Stop calling me Ms. Washington.
I can do that.
Baby, all I really want to do ♪
Is rock my body on you ♪
- [OFFICER] Get on the ground!
- Damn.
Look how many views I
got. What they saying?
That people got your back.
I told y'all not to post that video.
dramatic music ♪
What you doing here?
I told you I wanted to help.
You're a little overdressed.
Well, you know, um
I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.
You hear about what
happened with those kids
that got beat up by the police?
Of course I did.
Well, what are you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna handle it.
I hope so.
about what happened with your son.
Thank you.
You know, sometimes it
just feel like we're living
in a police state.
It's because we are.
He's coming.
[IMANI] Get ready.
When I cock back, police better run ♪
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪
Nine, ten, 11, fuck 12 ♪
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪
Nine, ten, 11, fuck 12 ♪
Sixteen shots, and we buckin' back ♪
Sixteen shots ♪
Sixteen shots, and we buckin' back ♪
Sixteen shots ♪
They threw a little girl
down on the pavement ♪
Pushed her with her bike ♪
And said, "Stay out the way, bitch". ♪
She was bleeding on the
ground through her braces ♪
This what happen when niggas
don't stay in they places ♪
The mayor duckin' when he
fired the superintendent ♪
But resignation come with
bonuses and recognition ♪
So we gonna break into
stores on Magnificent Mile ♪
And if we got to go, let's
go to prison in style ♪
Cops killing kids and
staying out of jail ♪
But Bobby Shmurda
can't even catch bail ♪
So it's one, two,
three, four, five, six ♪
Now I got everybody
yelling out, "Fuck 12" ♪
Are you okay? Kevin.
I said I'm fine.
How many times you gonna
deny your queen, Kev?
He's starting to sound desperate.
Maybe I am desperate.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
any favors, huh?
We don't need y'all here.
I'm tired of this, feeling like
our lives don't matter.
Today, I'm going to
change our city forever.
These are pivotal years
in your life right now.
Every decision you make
is an important one.
You've been acting different
ever since we got married.
And I this time in my life.
This was not what I had in mind.
Should we talk about it?
I don't really feel like talkin'.
Violence and crime is everywhere.
Every race has a civil war inside of it.
We gotta stop pointing
finger at each other,
and start coming together.
'Cause if we don't, we'll never survive.
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