The Chi (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

Cooley High

Previously on The Chi
Where my wifey at?
I got to tell you something.
It's about your son.
I fucked him.
I just wanna be with someone
who I can have
an intelligent debate with.
Why would I wanna debate with you?
I love you.
I was thinking we could skip
the massage tonight.
I wanna take you to dinner.
- To dinner?
- Don't worry.
I'm still gonna have you for dessert.
Who the fuck you think you is,
Fresh Prince of Inglewood?
Man, shut yo' punk ass up.
Don't end up like your brother.
Man, fuck you.
Yo. Yo. Yo.
Hey. Hey! ID.
Nah, fuck that.
Agh! I
- Stop resisting.
- What I do? Get off me!
Yo, man, get off me, man!
Please, let him go!
Get on the ground!
On the ground! Now!
Sir, what did he do?
Shit, what's wrong with y'all?
Maybe if I had my uniform on,
I would have walked away, too.
I walked away 'cause
I listened to the police.
You should have had my back.
What was I supposed to
do, fight the police?
Kevin, when you go through
something like this,
nobody knows what to say,
so they just wind up
saying nothing at all.
Then it's just you, all by yourself,
with no one to talk to,
so you start telling yourself shit like,
"I deserved it. Maybe
nobody wants me around.
What would the world be
like if I wasn't here?
Does anybody even care?"
You hear about what
happened with those kids
that got beat up by the police?
Well, what are you gonna do about it?
I'ma handle this.
Man, I want blood.
They got my little brother
in here shackled to a bed
like a fucking animal.
He's coming.
Hold on, hold on, Tiff.
Can we just talk about this, please?
Talk about what? How you fucked Dom?
Did she call you "Daddy"?
I know you like that freaky shit.
Why you gonna come at my freaky side?
'Cause you think this shit is funny.
You think this shit is a game.
What you gonna do, kill me?
With our baby in the next room, asleep?
Hell, yeah, motherfucker.
Put that motherfucking knife down.
Or what? What you gonna
do? Fuck Dom again?
Emmett. Emmett.
Emmett, wake yo' ass up.
Boy, what's wrong with you?
You okay?
Uh, I-I must have been
having a nightmare.
That's what you get.
What? Huh?
I told you stop eating them Flamin' Hots
before you go to bed.
So so you not mad at me?
Why? Should I be?
Get off the phone.
- Why?
- 'Cause I said so.
Dre and I are getting ready to go.
- Okay, bye.
- Boy, don't get smacked.
You always talking about how
you gonna smack somebody,
but you never do, so it's
Can I get my phone back, please?
Yo. You lucky we still let you
have a phone with all the shit
you been pulling around here lately.
- Like what?
- Like coming in here drunk.
And high.
Look, I know you going through a lot.
But that does not mean you
need to start self-medicating.
So? Am I grounded or something?
Well, that hasn't really
been working recently,
so we gonna try something else.
Like getting rid of that TV
and those video games.
And we gonna give you a flip phone.
So are you at least excited
about the college tour?
These kids these days
don't be excited about shit.
Why would I be excited
about walking around college?
'Cause it's college, Kev.
Girls. Freedom. Party.
He doing all that already.
That's the problem with these kids.
What we did in college,
they do in high school.
That part.
Where the cheese puffs?
Where you think?
Ah, she eats everything
in this damn house.
Yo, that's 'cause she
eating for two now, Kev.
- Just chill out.
- She need to hurry up and have this baby
so we can go back to normal.
Well, if she don't hurry
up and find a family,
we gonna have another mouth to feed.
Fuck that.
Ah! That hurt.
It was supposed to.
Hey, y'all.
Dang. What?
He mad you ate the cheese puffs.
Oh, my bad.
Come on, baby. We out.
So you really not gonna let me take you
to your high-school reunion?
- No.
- Why not?
'Cause I don't want people
mistaking me for Angela Bassett
in How Stella Got Her Groove Back.
Oh, so you worried
about what people think.
- No.
- That's what it sounds like.
We don't even know what we are yet.
How am I supposed to introduce you?
- Tell them I'm your masseuse.
- Right.
It's the truth.
You're more than that.
And what am I?
I don't know yet.
Should we talk about it?
Hmm I don't really feel like talking.
What you feel like doing?
Good morning.
Hey, babe.
So what do you think
about lemon pepper wings for the party?
That's cool.
You sure you don't want
me to come with you?
No, I got it.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm good.
You did what you had to do.
I know. But it's just a temporary fix.
What do you always tell me?
That we can't save the world.
That's right.
This shit's gotta stop.
I love you.
You better.
What did I tell you about
putting sugar in my grits?
That's mine's.
I fixed a pot for you over there.
Okay. Thank you.
You know, one of these days,
you gonna have to learn
how to eat grits the right way.
- I know how to eat grits.
- No, you don't.
Not if you putting cheese
in them motherfuckers.
I feel weird just making that shit.
Can I get in here? Can I get in here?
I mean, you want me to be
right here, all over you?
You okay?
Emmett. You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
You sure?
Don't get snippy with me.
My bad, my bad.
No. I'm already late, Emmett.
I already told you, the weed
woman can never be late.
She always right on time.
I'm known for my customer service.
And I can't be late,
'cause I don't know how long
they gonna be in the studio.
What studio you trying to go to?
- Gravity?
- Yeah.
Uh-uh. Niggas be shooting over there.
You can't go up in there
all by yourself.
Boy, I'm grown, and I'm not scared.
The niggas that rap in there
actually do the shit
that they rap about it's dangerous.
Just 'cause you got your
shit together a little bit
don't mean you can follow
me around all the time.
This ain't even about me.
This is about you and
making sure you good.
Can I do that for my wife?
It's a female rapper, Emmett.
Oh, that's different. Who?
Aw, hell, nah.
She always rapping about,
"Niggas ain't shit".
'Cause y'all ain't shit.
You wasn't till you got
your shit together.
Maybe she just attracting shit niggas.
Well, maybe they just
not as lucky as me.
All right, I'm gone.
Yo ♪
Hey ♪
I'll be fine ♪
Without you, I don't
feel pain no more ♪
Without you ♪
Without you, I don't
feel pain no more ♪
Those condoms ain't mine.
I know. I put them there.
Oh. Thank you.
That does not mean I want you
to go on that college tour
and act a fool.
I just want you to protect yourself.
- I got you.
- Man, he can't tap no ass
with no busted arm.
- Shit.
- I'll make do.
You sure you still wanna go?
I ain't trying to hide
in here my whole life.
Look, what happened
to you was fucked up.
All right, I'm just trying
to make sure you good.
I'm good.
Look at me now ♪
I got the ♪
You know, if you not, it's okay.
You don't have to be
strong all the time, bro.
I'll be fine ♪
Without you ♪
Yeah, we do.
Without you, I don't
feel pain no more ♪
Without you, I don't
feel pain no more ♪
Love you.
I love you, too.
I don't feel pain no more ♪
Without you, I don't
feel pain no more ♪
I'll be fine ♪
Intuition never lie ♪
Angels up in the sky ♪
Demons in the sky ♪
They trying to creep in my mind ♪
Keep haunting me every night ♪
I try to pray that the sky open ♪
God gonna get me right ♪
Put me up like red eye ♪
Look happy.
So we're on our way to
our first college tour,
and I'm thinking about
studying molecular engineering
and getting a master's
in polymer science.
What about you, Kevin?
Uh, um, I don't know yet.
Kevin, I can't post that.
'Cause you don't look like my equal.
Just 'cause I don't have
my whole life planned out?
I just want people to know
that we're equally yoked.
"Equally yoked".
Are you okay?
- Kevin.
- I said I'm fine.
Jake. Jake.
How's your arm?
It's all right.
Doctor said I'll be good in two days.
Hey, Jake.
Hey, Dakota.
You poor baby. How's your arm?
Real bad the doctor said
it won't be right for a couple months.
I just want you to know
I think you're a hero.
For what?
The way you stood up to
that racist police officer.
It was really brave.
Thank you.
Black lives will always matter to me.
I really wish there was
something I could do
to make you feel better.
I can think of a few things.
Those are a little crooked.
And I like when the
price stickers are all
in the same place on each item.
I'm OCD. I know.
I'm sorry, y'all. One second.
Sorry. See, the trick really
is to pull it like this.
It's all in the wrist.
Please don't lean on the counter.
If we ask the customers not
to do it, we shouldn't either.
Excuse me. Do y'all sell purses?
- Syd.
- Kiesha!
Oh, my God. Hey, girl.
I didn't know you worked here.
How you been?
I've been here.
Yeah, I feel you.
So you good?
The purses, they're on that back wall.
Thank you.
See ya.
Go backs.
Now! On the ground!
What did he do?
- Dude!
- What's wrong?
He's just a kid!
Looks like Chicago's finest to me.
The DA has this and
still hasn't done shit?
Well, you know these things take time.
How long are we supposed to wait?
This is the other
information you wanted.
Look, I know it's hard,
but try not to let your past
influence what you're doing here.
- My past is what got me here.
- I helped get you here, too.
So what are you trying
to say? I owe you?
It's a little too early
for you to be getting a big head.
You just remember, I'm
the head nigga in charge.
You know what? I got this.
Why so much security? You scared?
Should I be?
I don't know. Did you
do something wrong?
So is this how it's gonna be?
Every time one of us does
something you don't like,
you're gonna send one
of your goons to come
and teach us a lesson?
Are you accusing me of breaking the law?
Mayors tend to do that around here.
Not this one. And you do realize
you're my subordinate, right?
- Jake Taylor attacked me.
- Define "attacked".
I asked him to get on the ground,
put his hands where I could see them.
He refused.
So that's why he had a
black eye and a busted lip.
- I asked him for his ID.
- Why?
- It's procedure.
- I don't think it is.
I like to know who I'm talking to.
Judging from the tape, you
wasn't doing too much talking.
I got your file here.
Looks like you have a lot of run-ins
with young Black boys
just minding their own business.
I've been on the force for 18 years.
Of course I'm gonna
have a few complaints.
More than a few.
At this point, it's looking
more like a pattern.
Are you a bad cop, Officer Reeves?
Are you a bad cop?
I'm a war vet that
fought for my country.
I got a wife and four boys.
Every time I leave the house,
they don't know if I'm coming home.
Well, I know the feeling.
What do we want? Justice.
When do we want it? Now.
What do we want? Justice.
When do we want it? Now.
What do we want? Justice
Mayor Perry. Mayor Perry.
What do you think about
the bodycam footage
of Officer Reeves and Jake Taylor?
The Black community
is calling you to arrest
the cops that assaulted him
would you like to comment?
How do you feel about the looting?
People are more valuable than property.
As of today, Officer Reeves
will no longer be a member
of the Chicago Police Department.
Racist cops will not be
tolerated on my watch.
What do we want? Justice.
When do we want it? Now.
What do we want? Justice.
When do we want it? Now.
What do we want? Justice.
Fell from the sky
without a parachute ♪
Baby, this game,
I'ma shoot and shoot ♪
Look up and look around ♪
It's going down ♪
Since she call me king,
I'ma wear the crown ♪
You know this ain't gonna
keep the noise out, right?
It's all we got.
Why can't you just rent a studio
and do your podcast there?
I don't have that kind of money.
You would if Emmett
paid you under the table.
I know, but he's finally
getting his life together,
and I don't wanna be his downfall.
I keep thinking about what
happened with the police.
I wish I could have
done more to stop it.
Cops harass us every day.
What happened to Kevin
and Jake ain't nothing new.
But if you keep talking about it,
maybe it won't happen as much.
You think my podcast
gonna be that powerful?
Well, not at first, but you never know.
One day, Papa's Pulpit
gonna be worldwide.
Who's gonna be your first guest?
Van Jones.
Nigga, Van Jones ain't coming over here.
I DM'd him and asked if he would.
- And?
- And he said,
"Hey, young man.
Appreciate your support".
You don't say that unless you're coming.
You putting way too much on it.
So you don't believe in me?
Of course I believe in you.
I just don't believe Van Jones
is gonna come do your podcast.
And I thought you was
supposed to be my Coretta.
That don't mean I can't be honest.
What's up, G?
Now, who you supposed to be,
Taye Diggs or some shit, nigga?
- Oh, man.
- Come here, dog.
You definitely been in prison too long.
Let me look at you.
What's up?
Look good, boy.
Oh, shit.
Nigga, this car right here.
When this shit come out?
Shit, about a while ago.
Lot of shit's changed, bro.
I see.
Come on, let's slide up out of here.
Hold on, man. What you doing?
Last thing you need is to get
pulled over without a license.
- Yeah, you right.
- Uh-huh.
I know I'm right.
- Come on.
- Yeah, yeah, let's go.
It's cold as shit out here.
- Hey, uh
- Hmm?
So I heard you living in
Reg old trap house, huh?
Hey, but I also hear
you got a bad bitch on
your arm nowadays, too
First of all, don't call her a bitch.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What should I call her?
Your Nubian queen?
Nah, nigga, you supposed
to call her Imani.
- Imani?
- Yeah.
Sounds sexy.
She's super sexy.
Keep your hands to yourself, Shaad.
Well, I'ma try my best.
No, I need you to try harder than that.
Hey, uh, I mean, is your
girl gonna be cool with me
staying with y'all and shit?
Yeah, man, she be all right.
What's this? Ooh.
- You need anything else?
- Bullshit.
I need me a bitch with
small titties and big ass,
you know, and low standards
nigga, you know how I do.
- Always specific, bro.
- Come on.
Man, I'm so glad to be up
out that motherfucker, G.
Man, I bet you are.
All I got to say is,
firing a Chicago police officer
would not have been my
first big move as mayor.
Okay, but if you want different results,
you have to do different things.
Well, the result is utter chaos.
CPD is targeting Black neighborhoods.
And Black folks are
rightfully pushing back.
Question is, what happens next?
All I know is whatever
Mayor Perry's next move is
We can't control him.
That's not necessarily a bad thing.
Yes, it is.
He can't just go around
saying whatever he wants.
Works for some politicians.
Yeah, the white ones.
Let me guess y'all
in here talking about me.
Well, you stay giving
us something to talk about.
I'm glad Black Twitter
is happy with you,
but you've alienated
a big part of your base.
I'm done campaigning.
They made their choice.
You're always campaigning.
I have to be bold,
and that cop needed to be fired.
Well, thanks to you,
now they're on a warpath
in our neighborhoods.
So now it's my fault that
the police are racist?
Uh, have you forgotten
we're still trying to
get this Olympic bid?
Oh that's your mission, not mine.
It's one of the reasons I endorsed you.
No, you endorsed me
because you didn't want
to work for a woman.
- I don't work for you.
- You do.
And I didn't come this
far by following the rules.
Well, do me a favor.
Don't fire any more police officers
without consulting us first.
You know what? I'm sorry.
I can't make that promise.
You know, sometimes I
just gotta go with my gut.
Well, don't let your gut get you killed.
Was that a threat?
I'm only trying to protect you.
Well, I don't need protection,
because I'm good wherever I go.
As an institution, we pride ourselves
on our immersive campus experience.
Today we're going to
cover academic, athletic,
and social settings.
I'm really starting to wonder
if higher education
is just a scam.
Thought you wanted to go to college.
I like the idea of college.
Meeting new people, being
exposed to new ideas,
and mainly being away from my dad.
But at the end of the day,
it's all a business,
and businesses have to make money.
What's wrong with that?
Shit, I got to go here
so I can make some money one day.
And there lies my issue.
All your life, you're told
that you have to go to college
if you wanna make good money.
But while you're at college,
you're accumulating
so much debt, no matter what you make,
you can't even enjoy it,
because you're worried
about trying to pay off
your student loans.
And nowadays, you can't
just have a college degree.
You got to have a master's or a Ph.D.,
which means you're
accumulating even more debt.
So once you're done
with all your classes
and you've gotten all your diplomas,
all you'll have left is
a few pieces of paper
to hang on the wall and a pile of debt
you'll be paying off for
the rest of your life.
And you know what's the
crazy thing about all of this?
Some of the world's richest people
don't even have a college degree.
Yeah, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
Chances of me being
Steve Jobs is pretty slim,
don't you think?
- Says who?
- I don't know.
- Hey, stop thinking small.
- Stop telling me how to think.
I'm gonna go look for Jake.
- Oh, so you're mad at me now?
- No.
I'm just tired of hearing you talk.
Sounds like toxic masculinity to me.
Whatever, Jemma.
Man, you need to tell her
and deal with the consequences.
Man up and stop acting
like a little bitch.
You the one who told
me not to tell Tiff.
Boy, I ain't talking to
you. I'm on the phone.
Think you the only one with problems?
Hey, man, let me hit you back.
Hey, what's up, Kiesha?
Hey, Darnell. What y'all doing here?
Shopping for his reunion.
Hey, you think you can hook us up
with an employee discount?
No, but the men's section is
over in that corner, Darnell.
All right.
Sorry. He's such a hot-ass mess.
Boy, please. Y'all cut
from the same cloth.
What's wrong?
You know, if you need
advice, I'm here to help.
That's the thing
I don't need no advice,
'cause I already know what I gotta do.
What you gotta do?
Tell Tiff the truth.
Boy, I been told you that.
I know, I just don't wanna
hurt her any more, you know?
I'm tired of always being that dude.
Well, tell her the truth and
don't be that dude no more.
You right.
I know. I know this.
How are you, though? For real?
I'm sure.
I'm just trying to make
sure this baby is okay,
and all these books keep
telling me what I should do,
what I shouldn't do.
Ah, fuck them books.
All my baby mamas ate was Flamin' Hots
and pickles they whole pregnancies.
All my kids turned out fine.
I still got to decide who gets
this baby after it's born.
How you know who to give it to?
I don't.
Just got to trust my instincts
and do what I gotta do
to take care of myself.
You're gonna be all right, Kiesha.
No matter what.
Believe that.
Thank you. Always checking in on me.
Of course.
I'm here if you need anything.
All right?
Hey, Darnell, where you at?
Yo, Jake.
- Damn, where you been?
- Huh?
Were you with Dakota?
Nigga, mind your business.
See, I fuck with video games,
but not that much.
You know, people get
scholarships for that shit now.
- Word?
- Yeah.
Maybe I do need to
step my game up, then.
Here. Go smoke those fools.
Nah, I'm good.
Come on, bro. I believe in you.
Bro, I don't wanna waste your money.
Then double that shit.
That's all my money
for the rest of the month.
Hey, you about to run out of time.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Can I get in?
- Yeah, sure.
Hey, hey, better luck next time for you.
Got me sleeping on my own ♪
How I always seem to feel
your presence when you gone ♪
And I can't even call you ♪
So I'm speaking through this song ♪
Damn, girl. I don't need all that.
I threw in a little extra.
I appreciate the referral.
See, this is why I fucks with you.
Most people don't be appreciating shit.
Where's my money?
And I know it ain't right ♪
Feeling all this pain for
someone that ain't mine ♪
How's married life treating you?
It's cool.
You don't sound too excited.
I've been with him forever,
so it ain't that different.
You sound bored with that nigga.
It was drama for a while,
so I'll gladly take boredom over that.
I feel you.
Wanna touch you
straight up out the blue ♪
Homey said I'm crazy
'cause I wanna post ♪
You can't just call an
impromptu press conference.
Says who?
Okay, okay, there he is.
There's a war going on outside.
The police are on one side,
and the Black community is on the other.
And right now the Black
community is losing.
I'm tired of us feeling like
our lives don't matter.
We can't walk to school.
We can't go for a jog.
We can't babysit our nieces and nephews.
We can't even sleep in our own beds.
The definition of "crazy"
is doing the same thing
again and again and
expecting things to change.
I'm done waiting.
Today I'm gonna change our city forever.
I've decided to defund the police
Have you spoken to the chief of police?
That's our lead.
Effective immediately.
We spend $1.9 billion on CPD,
and we barely see
anything back in return.
It's time to do things differently.
- Thank you.
- Is this
in retaliation to what
happened to Jake Taylor?
How do you plan to handle
the backlash from the CPD?
I know you guys have a lot of questions,
but I'm not prepared to
answer them right now.
We'll figure this out.
Until then, God bless you,
and God bless the city of Chicago.
Black, black, black, I'm black ♪
Black, my thoughts so black ♪
Black, I'm Black,
my skin is so black ♪
I'm rockin' that black
on black, it's black ♪
Black rims on these black
wheels, in this black whip ♪
With this Black bitch ♪
I'm so black on black
on black on black on ♪
Black, black, black, black on black ♪
Black, my thoughts so black ♪
Black, black, I'm Black
my skin is so black ♪
I'm rockin' all black,
everything is black ♪
Black rims on these black
wheels, in this black whip ♪
With this Black bitch ♪
I'm so black on black on ♪
I'm just surprised that
Mr. Jones hasn't arrived yet.
I DM'd him at least three times,
and he keeps leaving me on Read.
Wow, Van. I'm shocked.
Actually, I'm bewildered.
I thought you were for the people,
but I guess all skinfolk ain't kinfolk.
Uh, according to his Twitter,
he is attending the
Red Table Talk today.
So that's probably why
he couldn't make it.
Well, let's all lift Brother
Jones up in prayer
as he gets ready to make
his debut appearance
on the famed Red Table Talk.
But let's also hope he can
make time for the little people
as well
at some point in the near future.
I'm sorry for believing
he wouldn't come.
But he didn't.
I mean, yeah. But I should've had faith.
It's okay, queen.
But I did come up with a backup plan.
I taught you well, boy.
Get out of my head, Darnell.
- Nothing. Nothing. Focus, baby.
- I am focused.
- I don't know what you doing.
- I'm putting it down.
Problem is, you putting
it down too much.
- I know you not talking.
- Who is you talking to?
I'm talking I'm talking to you, babe.
Want me to talk dirty to you?
No, I'm good.
Okay, okay.
Look, we was bound
to double up at some point.
Let's just leave the past in the past.
- Great. Great.
- You like that, baby?
But if y'all ever break up,
does that mean that
she's not off-limits?
Man, get the fuck out of here!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You been acting different
ever since we got married.
You having regrets or something?
Hell, no.
Then what is it?
Talk to me, 'cause something is wrong,
and I'm tired of trying
to guess what it is.
I fucked Dom.
Tiff, I'm sorry.
I-I love you.
A-and I only wanna be with you.
Can we please talk about this?
Look out, look out ♪
Gotta watch over your shoulder ♪
'Cause they wanna take your spot ♪
So you'd better look out, look out ♪
Always ridin' with the
gang in them trenches ♪
'Cause we all we got ♪
So you better look out, look out ♪
Nope, I ain't been asleep ♪
I've gone seven days a week ♪
Either you starve or you eat ♪
Yo, bring that packet,
I'm gonna move it ♪
Drop off, don't you lose it ♪
Oh, hell, nah. Y'all know
y'all bogus, right?
Dominique? Girl, I
ain't see you in years.
How are you?
- Oh, my God. Bro, are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.
Wanna see a grown man cry, huh?
You know how we gotta do for my boy.
What's up, baby?
Oh, shit.
This must be wifey, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Nice to meet you.
Shit. Pleasure's all mine.
Can I get a hug?
Hey. Hey. Easy, man. Come on.
We talked about this. What you doing?
Come on, man, it's just jokes.
Um, I'm sure you're hungry.
We have food out.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm hungry.
I see you, Trig.
Got you a nice little woman here, yo.
- He know that.
- You got a sister?
Hey. Hey. Why don't you try getting
some food first before you
try to get something else?
Nigga, you know I need both.
Got a strong appetite.
Come on, man.
Let me go holler at my folks, man.
Hey, y'all. What's up?
What the hell? What's happening?
- Hey.
- How y'all doing?
I know you brought that bottle.
You said it was just
gonna be a few people.
Come on, baby, you know how niggas are.
Yeah, I do.
Look just give it a little bit.
I'll get them out.
He gonna need a ride home
at the end of the night.
This-this is his home.
Just for a little while, all right?
Come on, man, that man
did a bid for me, okay?
I-I got to look out for him.
If you did a bid for him,
you think he'd do the same for you?
- Come on, man.
- Hey. Hey, Trig. Trig.
Hey, man, you got, like,
a heating pad or something?
My back get all fucked up.
Don't trip, bro. I'll
see what I can find.
Okay, hey, hey.
Man, where the fuck the Henny at, man?
Don't y'all want some Henny?
Let's get some more
pizza up in here, man.
We trying to turn up in this bitch.
I'll go pick some up. All right?
All right.
I got you, bro.
All right, bet.
- Stop tripping.
- Oh, so now I'm the problem.
Yes, you are. The man
already got it hard.
You gonna make it harder for him?
Just promise me he's gonna
find an apartment soon.
He will.
But in the meantime, give him a chance.
Jenga, nigga!
Let me get my motherfucking money.
Put some more money down there.
- It's a party, bro.
- Welcome home, Shaad.
Welcome home.
Get on up ♪
It's a new day ♪
We got no time to worry ♪
Time is up ♪
Ah, shit.
This my mama jam.
I'm just playing with you.
Oh, Jesus. There go Monique.
We used to love and hate
each other in high school.
What does that mean?
She was always trying
to steal my boyfriend,
particularly Darnell.
Should have let her steal him.
Hey, bitch. I see you
looking all snatched.
Hey, girl.
Well, I guess you got
left off the group email.
What email?
Well, we were gonna do the
Cooley High theme, but, uh
didn't nobody feel like
looking for costumes, so
Darnell said he was
sure we were all still
getting dressed up.
I'm gonna kill that man.
- Suede, right?
- Uh-huh.
- How y'all know each other?
- I gave her a massage once.
You gave me more than that.
Well, I need another drink.
- Y'all need anything?
- Nah, we good.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- I'm so sorry.
How many other women up
in here you been servicing?
Just you. You know what I mean.
Come on!
Get him, man!
- Oh!
- Let's go!
- Hey.
- Let's go, man.
- What the hell?
- Don't be mad, all right?
I'm fucking pissed.
That was my coke money.
Oh, man, that was tight!
Oh, man.
Hey, you ever do shrooms?
You ever do blow?
Nah, man.
You wanna try Molly?
All that shit sounds like
white people drugs.
I'm gonna just stick to my vape.
Come on, don't be a pussy, bro.
Come on, guys. He's just a kid.
Fuck it, I'll try.
All right. Now let me get a rematch.
Let's go!
Kevin, what's wrong with you?
Kevin, are you drunk?
Mr. Williams,
I'd like to know the answer
to that question, too.
All right, I got
my queen, Maisha, with me in the studio,
and since we have some space to fill,
she's agreed to give
us a little freestyle.
Now, babe, if you nervous,
we can always record
and fix it in post if you mess up.
I just want you to look your best.
Just drop the beat.
Look, I grew up in that
city where being pretty ♪
Was the last thing that
was crossing a kid mind ♪
I was too busy focusing
on raising them siblings ♪
That mama left but wasn't mine ♪
I had been thrown ♪
Every single discrimination possible ♪
So I thought I wasn't
much for the eyes ♪
I guess I had to
just wait for the one ♪
That was gonna love me
for the real me this time ♪
I got a God-fearing man
that's behind me now ♪
Somebody tell Drake to come sign me ♪
I got that flow that'll make
a gangsta put that gun up ♪
Maybe that's why they despise me ♪
Little revolutionary
from the South Side ♪
Trying to win the game
of life by a landslide ♪
This is my project of redemption ♪
Making The Chi a better
place, a bar at a time ♪
Yeah ♪
What? Why you look so surprised?
- Nah, I'm just
- Speechless?
Yeah. I've been known
to have that effect.
So what's your endgame with my girl?
Nah, no games.
She's unlike anybody
I've ever been with.
From what I hear, you've been around.
That was just to make ends meet.
I got my shit together now.
She's the only one getting
happy endings these days.
She deserves a happy ending.
Not like that. You know what I mean.
I know what you mean.
I wanna give her the world.
I don't think she wants the world.
I just think she wants
somebody to grow old with.
I'd love to be that person.
You got to earn that spot.
I intend to.
You have a reason to be here right now?
Hands. Give me your hands.
Up against the wall.
You understand you were
disturbing the peace?
You hear me?
I'm sorry.
You can't loiter in front
of this establishment.
- Stop resisting.
- I was just hanging out.
Yeah, well, you can't do that.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Hey, what's the problem?
- Back up, please.
- Hold on. I know him.
- This doesn't concern you.
- Yeah, it does. That's my cousin.
- Now he's your cousin?
- Yeah, I consider him family.
See, this is exactly why we
don't want you motherfuckers.
We don't need y'all here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Y'all trying to be famous? Huh?
Y'all wanna be famous?
Everybody know him.
Man, this man would not hurt a soul.
Everybody know that around here.
Everybody, take your
phones out right now!
Take your phones out, man.
- Let me take him home.
- Let us do our job.
We ain't your job no more, man.
Let me take him home.
I don't got time for this shit.
See him here again, we're arresting him.
I don't care how many
people you got filming it.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Good night, everybody.
Yeah, whatever.
I got you, man. You all right?
Let me take you home, shorty.
Yeah. Shotgun.
- That's what you get.
- Shut up, Kiesha.
Can't believe you got
kicked off the tour
out here acting like you
don't got no home training.
You don't know how good you got it.
All you gotta do is do your homework
and act like you got some sense,
and you can't even do that.
I'm supposed to be at college.
Instead, I'm picking your
ass up from a college tour
'cause you don't know how to act.
I'm sorry.
You lucky I'm not telling Ma.
- I know.
- And you owe me.
You know you done fucked up, right?
Don't be scared.
After all we did to get here,
and this is what you do.
Are you finished?
I didn't sign up for this.
Yes, you did.
What's this?
Boy, don't you think I know my body?
That lump has been there for years.
I get it checked out
every birthday. It's fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Want me to get it checked out again?
That would be nice.
What if I don't feel like being nice?
Then I might have to smack that ass.
- Yeah.
- You might?
Well, probably!
Yo, yo.
If you not ready to go in two minutes,
you getting left.
Come on, y'all.
How you gonna leave me?
What's good? I thought
you wasn't feeling well.
I'm not, but I'm still coming.
All right. Come on. We out.
Blood levels are great.
Oxygen level's perfect.
You have a very healthy baby, Kiesha.
I wanna run a few more tests.
They'll be more extensive,
and we'll do a biopsy
to determine what stage the cancer's in.
Then based on those results,
we can talk about your options.
I'm so sorry to be giving you this news.
Is there someone I can call?
A family member or
friend to be with you?
Do you wanna know the sex?
What's that?
It's the baby's heartbeat.
She just being quiet.
When a Black woman is being quiet,
that's when you need to be afraid.
This cancer's more aggressive
than we thought.
Don't worry. You're gonna do great.
If you promise to have my back on this,
I'll never let you down.
Let's stop pointing finger at each
other, and start coming together.
'Cause if we don't, we'll never survive.
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