The Chi (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

Native Son

Get on the ground!
The DA has this and
still hasn't done shit?
How long are we supposed to wait?
I know it's hard, but
try not to let your past
influence what you're doing here.
You just remember I'm
the head nigga in charge.
As of today, Officer Reeds
will no longer be
a member of the Chicago
Police Department.
Racist cops will not be
tolerated on my watch.
I've decided to defund the police.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Kevin?
- I said I'm fine.
The chance of me being Steve Jobs
is pretty slim, don't you think?
- Hey, stop thinking small.
- Stop telling me how to think.
- Oh, so you're mad at me now.
- No.
I'm just tired of hearing you talk.
What's up, G? Come here, dog.
You've definitely been
in prison too long.
I mean, is your girl
gonna be cool with me
- staying with y'all and shit?
- Yeah, man. She be all right.
Promise me he's gonna
find an apartment soon.
He will.
But in the meantime, give him a chance.
You know, if you need
advice, I'm here to help.
I don't need no advice, 'cause
I already know what I gotta do.
- What you gotta do?
- Tell Tiff the truth.
How's married life treating you?
It's cool.
You sound bored with that nigga.
It was drama for a while.
- I feel you.
- Emmett, talk to me.
You've been acting different,
ever since we got married.
You having regrets or something?
I fucked Dom.
I'm sorry. I-I love you.
Can we please talk about this?
So what's your endgame with my girl?
I want to give her the world.
I don't think she wants the world.
I just think she wants
somebody to grow old with.
What's this?
That lump has been there for years.
Want me to get it checked out again?
That would be nice.
I want to run a few more tests,
and we'll do a biopsy
to determine what stage the cancer's in.
How are you doing?
I still gotta decide who gets
this baby after it's born.
Just gotta do what I gotta
do to take care of myself.
You have a very healthy baby, Kiesha.
Do you want to know the sex?
You sleep okay?
Oh, yeah. I remember that.
I'm sorry to tell you
it only gets worse.
Dinner tonight is at 7:00.
I'm gonna try a new lasagna recipe.
I'm good.
No, you're not.
And stop eating all of that junk.
You need a real meal.
I'm serious, Kiesha.
Just because you don't
want to eat healthy
doesn't mean that baby shouldn't.
What's this?
Each line represents
a year of your life.
- Oh, Lord.
- What'd you say?
Nothing. Nothing, Mom.
This is high school through college.
If you work really hard
from here to here,
the rest of your life
will be much easier,
from here to there.
But if you mess up from here to here,
your life is gonna be long and hard.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Okay. What about President Obama?
He messed up from here to here.
- You're not Obama.
- But I could be.
- Kevin.
- And what about Oprah?
She really messed up
from here to here, but
Yeah, but then she
got her shit together.
Okay then. What about Allen Iverson?
I mean he really is successful.
Kevin, stop talking back to me.
Look, Mom, all I'm saying is
that that's no way of thinking.
I mean, who knows how my life's
gonna be 20 years from now?
All I can do is the best I can,
and then it is what it is.
I don't think I've ever
heard anyone successful
say, "It is what it is".
Mark Zuckerberg says it all the time.
Why are you leaving so early?
Oh, I got a staff meeting before work.
I thought that was on Mondays?
I know, but they switching shit up.
- Dinner's at 7:00.
- I know. I'll be there.
Kevin, where do you think you're going?
Uh, I'm under suspension.
Now, that don't make no kind of sense.
How you get suspended and
still gotta go to school?
Well, at least you won't
be up under me all day.
Just make sure you come
home in time for dinner.
- I don't even like lasagna.
- Fine.
You can watch the rest of us eat.
- All right, babe.
- Bye.
The support ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Bang!
Welcome to the camp ♪
A baby looks up at his parents ♪
The parents look up at they marriage ♪
And realize there's so much damage ♪
Oh, hell no! Bump!
Why you not in school?
- I got suspended.
- For what?
Man, 'cause some little white bitch
was sucking his dick on IG.
- No, she wasn't.
- Hey, hey.
I hear she got a OnlyFans
and an ass like a Black girl.
Bro, she can't be no more than 15.
You ain't got no business
looking at her ass
in the first place.
Nigga, I'm just reporting
the facts, a'ight?
Hey, by the way, shorty, check this out.
Look, white girls are for fucking.
Black girls are for marrying, okay?
- Okay, okay, cool.
- All right.
- What the fuck?
- Come on, bro.
Go to your room, man. Read a book.
I still gotta go to school.
Nigga, do I look stupid?
Not if you suspended.
It's an in-school suspension.
I thought suspension meant
you were suspended from school.
Well, that's how the
white schools do it.
Man, go get your shit.
I'll take you then.
- What?
- Put the shit out, bro.
All these goofy-ass rules, man.
Hey, man, stop stomping
in my fucking house!
This ain't yo house. This Reg house.
Say that shit again.
Yeah, nigga. Go get in the car.
Man, what's up with you, G?
Mobbing through here like
you Uncle Phil or some shit.
'Cause somebody gotta do it, nigga.
It ain't gonna be you, huh?
Can you clean up or something, bro?
Hey, I ain't your motherfucking maid.
Nigga, yes, you is, if you
living here rent-free.
Fuck outta here, boy.
I'm sick and tired of you.
You bloom in spring ♪
Like citrus wine ♪
Your petals fall ♪
Along your spine ♪
Where the fuck you been?
You better take that
bass out of your voice
when you talking to me.
I'ma ask you one more time.
I was with one of my customers.
One of your male customers?
Which one?
Tiff, is you fucking that nigga?
And he give better head than you too.
The moves we make ♪
My body dies ♪
My soul revived ♪
You pull me in ♪
And I abide ♪
What would you do
if I gave you $5 million?
I have no idea.
I actually wouldn't even
know where to start.
That's how much the police
spend every day.
Sometimes more.
What does that have to do with me?
This is just the beginning.
I have to move some things
around, and until then,
I can get my plan through city council.
But if you play your cards right,
there's a lot more where that came from.
Are you really gonna give
my organization $5 million
to do whatever I want with it?
Okay, well, don't spend
it all in one place.
Let me in. Hey.
Yo, let me in, bro.
Boy, don't you know how to knock?
You ain't watching the news?
in response to
Mayor Perry's decision
to defund police
after the assault of his
foster son, Jacob Taylor.
The mayor basically said
Black people don't want us around.
Well, let's see how they do without us.
So far, no comment
from the mayor's off
Fuck 'em.
Some niggas is happy.
But you still got some
old-school aunties
and some elderly folks who ain't
too happy about what he just said.
You said you were tired of
being policed by the police.
You said that we can
manage our own disputes.
And we can, but we need a plan.
We need to organize.
This a big-ass city.
People need to come together
if this shit gonna work.
Well, Wakanda wasn't built in a day.
- I thought that was Rome?
- Fuck Rome.
Hey, look, you know Wakanda
ain't really real, right?
Nigga, get the fuck out of my office.
I'm in the middle of a meeting.
No, no, no. Wait.
I actually think he should
join the meeting.
He wants to give me a lot of money.
Maybe you can help me spend it.
I don't think that's a good idea.
But he's right though.
We do need a plan, and plans cost money.
What better way to pour money
into the community than this?
Tiff, get your ass out here right now!
You ain't my daddy.
No, 'cause you actually know me.
Apparently not.
Look, look, look.
I fucked up.
You stay fucking up, Emmett.
Just tell me one thing.
That nigga pull out?
Just don't wind up pregnant again,
and then we gotta wonder
who the daddy is.
We both came a lot.
I can't remember if
he pulled out or not.
It hurts, don't it?
So what about a natural approach?
Holistic options. Herbs.
Essential oils. Vitamins. Diet.
I'm a traditional doctor.
So you just want to pump
her full of chemicals?
Dre, please. Just let him finish.
This cancer is more aggressive
than we thought.
I don't want to experiment with
medicines that aren't proven.
I understand.
If you're ready, Jada,
we'd like to begin
your chemo treatment
as early as this week.
She'll need someone to drive her
to and from her first chemo treatment.
I can do that.
I'm gonna grab some
pamphlets with information
on this entire process,
to make sure you both feel
as informed as possible
moving forward, okay?
Thank you.
Thanks for keeping this from Nina.
Well, I'ma have to tell her
something at some point.
You know she got a third eye.
Yeah. She also got a big mouth.
Yeah. My baby does.
She'll probably just
want to tell the kids.
One of those kids is Kiesha,
who talks to Emmett a lot.
Look, I don't want to put this on her.
She got enough weighing
on her spirit right now.
At some point, you gonna
have to talk to Emmett.
I know.
I just
I think he and Tiff are
going through it right now.
I don't want to add
to his burden, either.
We all got burdens, J.
It don't mean we gotta go
through 'em by ourselves.
What you doing in here so early?
Do you wanna make me walk away? ♪
And why you acting like you
know how to prep the food?
I've been going through it.
I can see that.
Tell me why you've
gotta be like that ♪
What's going on?
Make me feel some kind of way ♪
I told Tiff about us.
Why would you do that?
The same reason you told Darnell.
I couldn't live with that guilt no more.
Now she gonna be mad at me.
She taking her anger
out on me right now.
As she should.
Damn it, Emmett.
I know.
And we got that edible tasting tomorrow.
Now that's gonna be all weird.
She honestly ain't said shit
about you since I told her.
Yeah. She hasn't hit me, either.
Probably 'cause she
too busy fucking Dante.
She fucking Dante now?
That's my homie from back in the day.
That's who taught me
how to make the edibles.
Wait, so both of y'all
are fucking the nigga?
Nah. That's like my play cousin.
- Man, fuck both of y'all, man.
- Why is it "fuck me"?
'Cause you don't even care
about how I'm feeling.
You only care about
your friendship with her.
That's 'cause I like Tiff.
She's good peoples.
I don't have many female friends,
and I was looking forward
to having somebody
I could kick it with.
You need that sometimes.
I see what you want ♪
Bro, people know this
place is Black-owned.
I'm just making sure.
Look, if Black folks wanna protest,
I'm cool with that.
I just want to be gainfully
employed when the dust settles.
- Damn. Do I need to buy a gun?
- Nah.
You'll just wind up shooting
yourself on accident,
and I'm too young to
run this place by myself.
Yeah, fucking everything
is a joke today.
You can't just dismantle
a whole system in a day.
There are a lot of rules.
A lot of red tape.
Fuck the rules, and I got
scissors for the red tape.
Who do you think you
are, the Black Trump?
Why not?
Because Black politicians
cannot do what Trump does.
- Why not?
- Because he's white.
- Hey.
- Can you believe this shit?
Yeah, it's crazy.
Well, please tell him that.
But it's not impossible.
- What?
- If we could be the first city
to fix the problem between
Black folks and the police,
the Olympics would be
begging us to come here.
What if there's a riot?
What if some maniac
decides he wants to go
into a Black neighborhood
and shoot everyone in sight?
Then what? Who's gonna protect 'em?
Yeah, that maniac is
usually a police officer.
Look, the biggest hurdle
is figuring out a way
to bring Black communities together
and getting everyone to
agree on some ground rules.
Call me when you have a plan.
If this goes wrong,
you'll be the laughing stock of Chicago.
Yeah, but if it goes right,
I'll be the next Harold Washington.
Let's go.
Right. Don't worry about me.
Worry about your motherfucking edges.
- Oop.
- She said what she said.
Come on, come through.
D'Nero, get your
Do her hair.
Do she got an appointment?
She don't need one.
Hold this.
Come on.
What do you want?
Mm. I don't know.
Don't do that.
Come on. Don't worry, I got you.
Of course you guys are gonna act out,
after the racial trauma you
guys have both experienced.
Like, I mean, when is
this country gonna learn
you can't just oppress
a people for 400 years,
and throw 'em some crumbs,
and expect 'em to obey?
You guys, I'm trust me.
I'm one of the good ones, okay?
I don't want to punish you.
I want to protect you.
Do I look like I need your protection?
Can I just read in silence?
Yeah, can't we just sit
in here or something?
How about I set you guys free?
Wow. That would be amazing.
Not yet.
What do we gotta do?
- We shouldn't have to do shit.
- Okay.
How about, just so that I don't
get in trouble with my boss,
you guys write me an essay
telling me what happened,
and we'll call it even?
Besides, it'd be good for there
to be a document, you know.
Like, a written record that
this country can't erase.
So we gotta work for our freedom?
- How long does this have to be?
- A page.
Can it be used against
us in a court of law?
You don't trust me,
'cause I'm a white man?
- I don't trust nobody.
- Understandable.
No, this will not be used
against you anywhere.
I just want you guys to express,
in writing, how you're feeling.
Man, sound like some bullshit to me.
Do what you want to do,
but I ain't sitting in here all day.
How often are you washing your hair?
Not often.
Oh, shit.
My nigga. When you get out?
Not too long ago, man.
You know, I'm still trying
to get used to being outside and shit.
Yeah, I heard you was
gone for a little minute.
Shit. Who you telling, nigga?
That was the longest minute of my life.
How come you ain't hit me?
Come on, man, you know
I like to move in silence.
Whatever, nigga.
Shaad, when you're done socializing,
can you bring me my stuff?
Took you long enough.
Just went to the store to
get some cigarettes, damn.
And fuck it, I'm done
for the day anyway, right?
- I guess.
- Right.
Man, what's wrong, my boy?
I'm finna go get something to eat, man.
So I might as well slide with you.
All right. Come on.
I can't stand that
ungrateful motherfucker.
- Okay.
- Listen.
You good?
Wow. This is really good.
It got me out of there.
That's all I care about.
Can I interview you for my
morning announcement show?
Nah. I'm good.
The announcements are only ten minutes.
I'll probably talk to you for five.
That's some nerd shit, Jem.
You could help people.
Look, I gotta go. I'll call you later.
Can I read yours too?
I didn't do that shit.
Do you want to come on my show?
- Hell no.
- Come on.
I need a guest, and I'm tired
of talking to these white kids
- who don't know nothing.
- I hate talking to white people, period.
Then just come and talk to me.
It'll only be a few minutes. I promise.
So what's up? You working for her?
You know how this shit go, man.
My PO say I gotta stay with a gig, so,
Trig hooked me up with that shit.
I hear you, nigga,
but with my dead homie,
I'd rather go to jail than be
working for that thing in there.
You talking about Trig girl?
She ain't bad, you know.
She a little bossy.
That's about it.
Imani, that ain't no girl.
Man, that's a nigga in a dress.
Wait, what?
You heard me.
Miss lady, let me get two.
- Ma.
- Emmett, damn.
Didn't I tell you the key
is for emergencies only?
Oh, man.
You need to learn how to knock.
Matter of fact, you need
to learn how to call,
before you come over
to somebody's house.
Damn. It's like that now?
Yeah, it's like that.
Look, Ma, I need your help.
I think Tiff gonna leave me.
Ma, you hear what I said?
What's wrong with you?
Why you still in your pajamas?
Are you depressed? What
- Oh!
- Not this nigga again.
Emmett. Emmett, stop it.
Look, I'm not dealing
with this nonsense now.
Please tell this fool
to get the fuck out.
I'm not doing that.
You gonna choose this man over me?
Suede, will you please wait
for me in the bedroom?
Don't let me catch you
in these streets, nigga.
- Catch me.
- You lucky my mama here.
- What is you doing?
- Emmett, look, I really
- What is you doing?
- I really need to talk to you.
That man is two years older than me.
- What the fuck?
- Emmett, you just be quiet.
Don't tell me to be quiet.
I can't believe you choosing
this muscle neck over me.
Will you just listen to me for a minute?
We want folks to stop calling
911 and start calling us.
We need everybody on the same side.
Well, there are a lot of
wounds amongst us.
It's gonna take time to heal.
Brothers and sisters.
Brothers and sisters,
I know that these times have been tough.
Our community has dealt
with more than we can take.
We haven't had time to heal.
We all got targets on our backs
and not enough money in our pockets.
But I do know that we've all
we've always had a lot
of love in our hearts.
We all connected, whether
you like it or not.
Now, I know some of you in
here are generations apart,
but we need each other
now more than ever.
We have to join together if
we're gonna save ourselves.
I hear you, Pastor.
But I can't just sit here
and act like I don't get mad
at some of these fools.
They out here killing each other
and then got the nerve to
get mad when cops do it.
Hey, hey, hey. Listen.
Everybody got they shit.
Ain't nobody in here perfect.
Crime and violence is everywhere.
Every race got its own
civil war inside of it.
We're no different.
We gotta stop pointing
the finger at each other
and start coming together
'cause if we don't, we'll never survive.
The mayor may not be
squeaky clean, right,
but he gives a shit, y'all.
And he's putting his money
where his mouth is.
The police, they want us to be violent.
They want some shit to pop off
so they can act like
we need their asses.
That's why we gotta work
together to keep shit quiet.
Anybody got an issue,
we gonna handle it.
Now, look, I know everybody
got special skill sets,
so we want y'all to fill out
these forms that we made
and let us know what you're good at.
Community Protection.
Yes, ma'am. What's the address?
Okay. We'll be right there.
So we just gonna pull up?
Let's go.
What'd she say to you?
She wanted me to help her, but
- Oh.
- I couldn't.
'Cause you ain't Wonder Woman, sis.
If she want to get out of there,
that girl need to do
that shit on her own.
She can't do it on her own.
She needs our help.
Imani, you need to stay out
of grown folks' business.
That ain't your problem.
This is how girls get killed,
'cause y'all are out here
acting like it ain't our problem.
But what we supposed to do,
go and get our ass beat trying
to be the Dark Knight and shit?
Why don't you ask your
boo to do something?
You work with them niggas.
Jamal, I need that for work.
Fuck your OnlyFans!
My OnlyFans is paying our rent, nigga.
I don't want your ho money, bitch!
Then make some with your broke ass.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Why you always putting me down?
Yo. Yo, chill. Chill, man.
Why don't you lift a nigga up?
Fuck! Chill! Come on.
Come on. Hey. Come on.
Chill, chill, get over there.
- Hey, hey, bro, chill.
- Fuck y'all supposed to be?
Listen, I'm here to talk
if you need me to
I don't know you!
Let's take a walk, bro, come on.
We don't need your help.
- Make a motherfucking move again.
- Fuck.
Here you go, Kiesh.
Can I still get free food
when I'm not pregnant?
Hm. We'll see.
What's wrong?
Why something gotta be wrong?
'Cause you usually don't call.
You just text.
- Hey, Tiff.
- Hey.
Hi, Kiesha. How you feeling?
- I'm holding up.
- I feel you.
I gotta run some errands. You got him?
- Yeah.
- Hm.
- Yeah.
- Can I have a hug?
All right. I'm gonna go.
I'll see you back at the house.
- Yeah.
- Later, girl.
Come on. You want to play a game?
- Damn.
- Yeah. I know.
What you do?
I told her about Dom.
Oh, shit.
I wanted to tell her the truth.
Well, I mean, yeah, that's
good you told her the truth.
She ain't divorce you.
Yeah, but she fucking
with her clients now.
Yeah, and my mom fucking
her masseuse and shit.
I went to high school with this nigga.
Okay, so everybody
getting some except you?
That's your problem?
- That ain't funny.
- Yes, it is.
And it's kind of what you get, Emmett.
I'm trying to live my life right now.
You know what I mean?
Like, why am I being punished
for doing the right thing?
Well, you can't sin your
whole life and then wonder
why you can't get into heaven.
Well, I'm in hell right now.
What she doing? Just yelling at you?
No. That's the thing.
She ain't saying shit.
She just walking around being quiet.
When a Black woman get quiet,
you should be scared.
Well, what do I do?
You just gotta wait it out.
While you waiting, can you
get me some red pop?
Shit. EJ, I'll be right back.
Stay right there.
Keep listening to what
your friends think ♪
Girl, I think you been misled ♪
Grinding on my fifth leg ♪
I can't never miss friends ♪
You been hanging round
with lonely girls ♪
Come fuck with a real nigga instead ♪
Is he abusive to you?
He ain't crazy.
The neighbors told me they
hear y'all fight a lot.
Yeah, 'cause he been out of work.
But I've been doing what I
gotta do to take care of us.
And I know that gets to him,
but then he take it out on me.
Y'all thought about therapy?
We don't have money for that.
And if we did, I know
his ass wouldn't go.
- Hi. I'm Tracy.
- Lynae.
Y'all the legal guardians?
Yeah. He been raising
her since she was six.
Listen, I know things are
hard for the two of you,
but y'all got a kid here.
Y'all gotta be strong for her.
I know.
We both do.
If you decide to stay together,
you really gonna need to get some help.
And if you decide to leave,
I can help with that too.
I want our whole family to get help.
Listen, we can make that happen.
You got family you can stay with?
Nah. I'm staying right here.
Bro, I don't think that's a good idea.
Who gonna stop me?
Hey, hold on. Listen, listen, listen.
I get it, all right?
I mean, it's not easy
when you gotta go out
and fight the world,
and you feel like you gotta come home
and fight your woman.
I understand, bro.
I just want her to let me be.
But y'all live together.
You share a life.
If you wanted to do you,
then you don't need to
be in a relationship.
Nigga, who are you?
Bro, I'm just a man, all right?
That's it.
I don't know what I'm doing either.
My woman, she mad at me too.
I need to be home helping her,
but instead, I'm sitting here
making sure you good.
Because that's also my job, as a man.
To look out for you.
You don't even know me.
Yes, I do.
You need a ride?
I can drive myself.
You good?
- Yeah.
- Let me see.
We gotta follow up with them.
Can we really do this?
I don't know. But we
gotta start somewhere.
- Hey, babe.
- What up?
What the fuck happened to your eye?
Was breaking up a fight.
And this dude accidentally hit me.
You know you're not a cop, right?
I ain't trying to be.
Then what are you doing?
I'm trying to get these terrorists
out of our neighborhood.
So if I gotta take a hit, so be it.
One of Nuck's girls
came into my shop today.
She needs our help.
I told you that ain't my
that's not my problem.
So sex workers aren't
worthy of your help?
I ain't say that.
You ain't gotta.
I'm doing the best that I can, damn it.
Look, she made that
choice to be in that life.
- No, she didn't.
- How you know?
Because I do.
Well, she's gonna have
to fend for herself,
'cause I'm off duty.
You know what?
Why don't you sleep
on the couch tonight?
Are you serious?
Does it look like I'm playing?
The fuck you want me to do?
I want you to tell Nuck
to leave her alone.
Can't tell that nigga what to do.
- He don't work for me.
- Don't nobody work for you.
So that's what it is.
And does Shaad have his own place yet?
- I'm working on it.
- Work faster.
- You look nice.
- Thanks.
Wait. Are you wearing cologne?
We're ready to go, Jemma.
Don't worry. You're gonna do great.
Three. Two.
Thank you for joining me, Jake.
You're welcome.
We all saw the video, so
there's no need to rehash
that traumatic moment.
Thank you.
The police officer said
you posed a threat,
and that's why they used force.
Why do you think, even
though they had guns,
that they felt threatened by you?
They see all of us as threats.
They think I'm
They think I'm dangerous or something.
They think I don't
care if I live or die.
I don't want to die.
I want to do something with my life.
You know why we say, "Fuck the police"?
'Cause it's how we feel.
Man, this looks expensive.
The last time Chicago
vied for the Olympics,
we only got a few votes.
It was embarrassing.
This time, we want
to be taken seriously.
If we get this,
we could be the most
famous city in the world.
I think we can do it.
We're in a meeting.
Sorry. Just dropping off your report.
Hey, how'd it go last night?
A little shaky,
- but we figuring it out.
- Okay.
- Community Protection, right?
- Yeah.
How do you plan on
patrolling an entire city
with only a few hundred people
who aren't even trained?
We don't plan on
patrolling an entire city.
Just the Black neighborhoods.
Oh, so they're the only ones
who need protecting?
- In my eyes, yes.
- Hm.
Thank you for dropping off your report.
- You can leave now.
- No, no, no. Hold on a second.
I mean, since you're here,
why don't you give us
your opinion on something?
Oh, come on, Otis.
She's hardly qualified.
She's one of the people
directly affected
by this project.
Tracy, it's okay.
Tell us what you think.
Why do we care about
the Olympics anyway?
Black people are dying,
and at the hands of those
that are paid to serve and protect them.
We don't give a fuck about the Olympics.
We just want to see our kids grow up.
Do you know how many jobs this ceremony
could provide for our city?
The kids you want to
save need employment.
They need something to hold onto.
Yes, they do.
They need someone to look out for 'em.
That's exactly what we're trying to do.
Not by displacing them
and leaving them with nowhere to go.
We would provide funds for relocation.
Yeah, right.
You just want to be on the
front page of the newspaper.
So do you.
I don't need this.
I got work to do.
- Roselyn, will you excuse us?
- Why?
Because I asked you to.
Be careful with that.
She'll be all right.
Oh, I was talking about Tracy.
You do know that there's
weed in everything, right?
You think I ain't never
eaten no weed before?
I know how to eat weed, baby.
I was eating weed when you was
watching Sesame Street.
Whatever, just stop eating everything.
- What's up?
- Hey.
You know what?
I'ma let you two get to it.
I'ma go put this stuff
out in the car, babe.
How you feeling?
How am I supposed to feel?
Nervous, I guess. What
if they don't like it?
We giving away free food and weed.
They gonna love it.
You right.
Hey, so are we good?
Yeah, we good.
You're not mad?
I'm done being mad.
That shit don't do nothing
but make me tired.
But don't fuck him again.
I got my hands full with his daddy.
Trust me.
Okay, we'll split one
of those cinnamon rolls.
- Okay.
- Uh-huh.
Let me see. Damn.
Let me take that. Thank you.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's good, ain't it?
- Mm-hmm.
Mike, is it me, or is Tiff glowing?
I hope you finally got some.
- Yeah.
- Ah. Why you say it like that?
'Cause it wasn't with Emmett.
- Oh, shit. This
- You cheating already, girl?
- He cheated on me first.
- With who?
My business partner.
Now, how he gonna shit where you eat?
But I fucked one of my clients,
thinking it'll make me feel better.
Did he make you feel good?
A little too good though.
That's the problem.
- That ain't no problem.
- Right.
Y'all just need to come up
to a little agreement.
Yeah, married people
should be able to do
what they want within
their own marriage.
Look, as long as all parties are grown
and consenting, do what you gotta do.
Is that y'all's situation?
Oh, that's been our situation for years.
Mm-hmm, and if it wasn't,
we would have broken up a long time ago.
But what if I don't want to share?
Girl, you been sharing.
At least this way, you know
who you sharing him with.
Ooh. Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.
- All right, y'all.
Fuckin' with it.
- Mm, we do, daddy.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Hey, Tiff.
Tell me what's gonna
help me fall asleep.
That's basically everything.
Edibles be fucking
with my stomach though.
Mm. See?
That's why wine is usually
my choice of drug.
Okay, it sound like somebody
had too much WAP.
The weed-infused waffles
and peanut butter.
She's definitely lit.
Hey, how are you and Emmett doing?
I don't know yet.
Jada, enjoy your night.
You deserve to get fucked up, okay?
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank y'all so much.
Everybody did a great job tonight.
Seriously, I appreciate it.
Are we supposed to do this every night?
Look, we gotta take this day by day.
I mean some of y'all be out
in the streets anyway, so now,
you just out there with a purpose.
What if we just want to be outside?
What happens when folks stop showing up?
Then the police come back.
Is that what y'all want?
Exactly. We got this.
We can protect ourselves.
You know, people think I'm crazy
for trying to get rid of the police.
And they're waiting on
us to prove 'em right.
All we need is for you guys
to keep things quiet.
As long as things are quiet,
it's proof that my plan is working.
Listen, if you promise
to have my back on this
I'll never let you down.
You really are good at this.
I'm not bullshitting.
I meant what I said.
I know you did. It means a lot to me.
You know, I'm beat. I'm gonna head home
and have a nightcap and call it a day.
Can I join you?
Come on. It's okay, babe.
Mom. Mom. I can take you home.
Suede got me, babe. It's okay.
Go back inside and enjoy the party.
It's okay.
Is your mom okay?
I think she just got too high.
- Bro!
- Hey!
- What up?
- Hey!
How many of these did you have?
I-I can't remember.
- Hey!
- Boy, you better
Everybody, I
I got a very important announcement
I want to make.
I don't want to be high no more.
I know, Jada. Listen, I promise you
we're gonna get through this, all right?
Don't even trip. You good?
Come on, you guys, dinner's ready.
- Kiesha!
- A'ight, I'll talk to you soon.
Kiesha? Kevin? Dre?
- Everything all right?
- Yeah.
Everything's fine.
Come on.
Thank you, Lord, for this precious food
our bodies are about to receive.
We want to bless the hands that made it,
and we ask that you bless
those who don't have food
to put in their bodies.
- Amen, amen.
- Amen.
I want us to have an open marriage.
What the fuck?
Yeah. I've been thinking,
and it just makes sense.
We've been messing
around since high school,
and we're bored with each other.
No. I'm not bored with you.
I only want to be with you.
Yeah, you say that now,
and then in a few months,
some other bitch gonna catch your eye.
No. I'm done. It's me and you.
But what if another nigga
catches my eye?
I thought you only had eyes for me.
I love your trifling ass, Emmett.
Now, why I gotta be all that?
But I can't keep doing this.
So you want me to fuck other people?
No, I just want you
to be honest about it.
And I'll be honest with you.
So we both fucking other people?
Look, I don't have it figured out yet.
It's just an idea. So what do you think?
I think I'm confused.
Let's just try it and see what happens.
A'ight. If that's what you want.
You know what?
I am proud of you.
I can't remember the last time
somebody said that to me.
Well, we make a great team.
- We do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Let me take that.
- Thank you.
I like you.
I like you too.
I guess my invitation
got lost in the mail.
Don't stop now. I like to watch.
Damn it.
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