The Chi (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

The Girl from Chicago

[JADA] Previously on The Chi
[DOCTOR] This cancer is more
aggressive than we thought.
She'll need someone to drive her
- to and from her first chemo treatment.
- I can do that.
Thanks for keeping this from Nina.
Well, I'ma have to tell her
something at some point.
You know she got a third eye.
You wanna try Molly?
[NINA] I know you going through a lot.
[KEVIN] I'm not going to therapy.
That does not mean you need
to start self-medicating.
[OCTAVIA] I want to be honest with you.
My husband and I are getting a divorce.
I've just wanted a child
for a very long time.
I appreciate you coming by,
but it's important
that my child be raised
in a two-parent household.
ethereal music ♪
The police officer said
you posed a threat.
Why do you think that they
felt threatened by you?
[JAKE] They see all of us as threats.
You know why we say, "Fuck the police"?
'Cause that's how we feel.
[IMANI] One of Nuck's girls
came into my shop today.
Do her hair.
[IMANI] She wanted me to help her.
[TRIG] The fuck you want me to do?
[IMANI] I want you to tell
Nuck to leave her alone.
Can't tell that nigga what to do.
He don't work for me.
You know, I'm beat. I'm gonna
head home, have a nightcap,
and call it a day.
Can I join you?
[ROSELYN] I guess my invitation
got lost in the mail.
I like to watch.
- [TIFF] Dante. Yeah.
- [EMMETT] Is you fuckin' that nigga?
I want us to have an open marriage.
So you want me to fuck other people?
[TIFF] I just want you
to be honest about it.
And I'll be honest with you.
So we both fucking other people?
Lucky Daye's "Karma" playing ♪
I got me a new girl ♪
Call herself Karma ♪
Told her if I ever got the chance to ♪
I'd come and meet her mama ♪
Boy, you about to make me
Not yet. Not yet.
The curves on her body ♪
Got me burnin' through rubbers ♪
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
So good, we go zero to 60 ♪
I leave and she miss me ♪
Now she wanna kiss me, whoa ♪
Know I better slow down,
I'm going too fast ♪
Keep on playing with her trigger ♪
She might shoot back ♪
She was cool with them
shoes and a new bag ♪
Now she wanna keep me
to herself, won't do that ♪
Karma, Karma, Karma ♪
She won't stop coming around ♪
Karma, Karma, Karma ♪
She won't stop coming around ♪
[PERSON] Yo, where you at?
You good?
somber music ♪
[ROSELYN] Congratulations.
[TRACY] Excuse me?
You just fucked the mayor of Chicago.
Well, what do I win?
It depends. What do you want?
You don't even know, do you?
You've been so busy
trying to busy yourself,
you just tripped and
fell into the lion's den.
I just wanna go home.
I can't let you do that.
I'm not trying to kidnap you.
The building is surrounded
by protesters.
Apparently, blue lives do matter.
Welcome to politics.
dramatic music ♪
What am I supposed to do now?
Well, the chef is still here.
Why don't you have a seat
and have breakfast?
dramatic hip-hop music ♪
[NINA] Dr. Kwame,
Kevin has lost his mind.
[DR. KWAME] Okay. Can
you be more specific?
[NINA] He's got a drinking problem.
- No, I don't.
- [DRE] Yeah, and that shit
seems to run in they family, so
[NINA] It runs in yours too, Dre.
[DR. KWAME] Kevin, do you think
you have a drinking problem?
[KEVIN] Hell nah.
[DRE] Of course he doesn't.
He doesn't know the difference.
[DR. KWAME] Kevin, do
you feel the need to drink
when you're angry or upset?
[DRE] Look, we all know
he's been through a lot,
but we've been right there with him.
Now, between Kiesha trying to find
a family for the baby and
me and Nina not being on
the best of the terms
Let's not get into our shit.
We just wanna keep our family together.
I'm tired.
I can't hold his hand anymore.
- I just need a break.
- Me too.
[DR. KWAME] Can you
elaborate on that, Kevin?
I just feel like they're
all over me, you know?
And why do you think that is, Kev?
[DR. KWAME] Nina, is there
something you'd like to say?
We've been on him.
But that's because I almost
lost my daughter last year.
That's something you don't forget.
I damn near have a panic attack
whenever they leave the house.
When I'm at work, I
can barely concentrate.
[DRE] It's all right. It's all right.
I'm all over him
because I don't wanna
get that dreaded call.
What call?
That one of y'all laying dead
in a ditch somewhere.
Kevin, let's say your parents
did give you more freedom.
How would you react?
I'd be-I'd be happy.
[DR. KWAME] Well, can you
be trusted to come home
at a decent hour, get
your schoolwork done
without them having to bug you about it?
- She asked you a question.
- [KEVIN] I'm thinking about it.
Yeah. They can trust me.
Nina, you don't seem too convinced.
Because we've heard all that before.
- See, she doesn't believe in me.
- [NINA] Boy
Let's just all start with a fresh slate.
[DRE] Right.
sentimental music ♪
we believe in you.
We do.
This is the situation
that Jake has put me in.
[DOUDA] I understand that.
I totally get what
you're saying, Fields.
That makes a lot of sense too.
Let me, um let me tell you something.
Sorry I got you in trouble.
I'm just glad you told the truth.
Yeah, but I ain't have to do
it on your show, though.
I want my show to be real,
not just some dumb shit
I do for extra credit.
Why you always try to make people mad?
'Cause if people don't get
mad, they'll never change.
I guess you're right.
I know I'm right.
All right, we have a verdict.
Jake, you do not have to
apologize for what you said.
You have the freedom to say it.
And to be honest, if I were you,
I would have said the same shit.
For once, justice is served.
Not so fast.
- I knew it.
- [FIELDS] I'm calling a moratorium
- on BAMN and all BAMN-related activities.
- Why?
Because the guest on your
show incited violence.
- No, I didn't!
- All right, hey, let's-let's calm down.
A violent act was committed
against an innocent Black boy,
and because he talked
about it on my show,
you wanna call a moratorium?
This is bullshit.
Hey, watch your mouth, young lady.
[FIELDS] We're pulling your show.
- For how long?
- Until all this calms down.
Oh, so when racism is over,
then I get to get my show back?
That's fucked up.
Okay, both of y'all need to be thankful
that you're not getting
kicked out of school.
Fuck this school.
Okay, don't even think about it.
[FIELDS] Whatever happened to a
good old-fashioned ass-whupping?
It stopped working.
Or we let white folks
convince us it was wrong.
It's better for us to show them
the power of their words.
look what happens when you do that.
I know.
They start thinking for themselves.
tense music ♪
Yeah, just sit and run your mouth ♪
While I'm flippin', runnin' round ♪
Hurry your ass up, a'ight?
All right.
dramatic music ♪
Don't worry.
I already pulled some stuff for you.
- You ain't gotta rush.
- He be watching the clock.
I got you.
All right, I can sneak out tonight.
Meet me at the corner of
69th and Cottage at 8:30.
Okay, use this if you need to call me.
Do you have a place to stay?
- No. Not yet.
- What the fuck?
My girl who I was gonna stay with
said her man ain't want
another bitch at the house.
It's okay. We'll figure it out.
Just get your shit and get out of here.
- [TROY] Hello.
- [NINA] Come on in.
[TROY] Should we take off our shoes?
Oh, no, no. You good.
This is a nice place.
Thank you. We just moved in.
[NINA] There's been a lot
of changes this year.
[TRISH] Well, change can
be a good thing, right?
Well, where do we start?
Why don't you tell us about your family?
[TRISH] And these are
our adopted angels.
This is Taylor, this is Simone,
and that's Joshua.
And don't worry, he's not injured.
He just has a lazy eye.
[NINA LAUGHS] Adorable.
Do y'all constantly remind
y'all's children they're adopted?
[TROY] Oh, no, but we
do like to be truthful.
They know they were born
in another woman's belly,
but they were born in our hearts.
- Y'all can't have kids?
- Kiesha.
[TROY] No, we can't.
He has a low sperm count,
and I had ovarian cancer.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
But we are grateful to
all the women out there
who nurtured our babies to life.
And now we get to hold their
hand the rest of the way.
And we would just love to add
another angel to our team,
and we think that child
might be in your belly.
Plus, they've all been
begging for another sibling.
How many kids y'all plan on adopting?
W-we hope yours will be our last.
Okay, I think you answered
all my questions.
Yeah, me too.
Well, thank you for inviting
us into your lovely home.
[NINA] We appreciate
you making the trip.
[TRISH] I know this won't be
an easy decision to make,
so take your time.
But it's obvious you're good
at making godly decisions.
Well, you already chose
to make the godly decision
by not killing your baby.
That decision ain't have
nothing to do with God.
[TROY] Everything has to do with God.
- Says who?
- [TRISH] God.
We don't just read
the Bible in our house.
We live by it too.
[TROY] And so do all our little angels.
apprehensive music ♪
Thank you again for making the trip.
Well, have a great rest of your day.
[NINA] You do the same.
- [JEMMA] Let's do a walkout.
- [JAKE] When?
[JEMMA] Tomorrow. Third period.
[KEVIN] That's when
everyone's in homeroom.
I know.
I'm down for the cause.
Whatever you need, I got you.
- [JEMMA] Thank you, D.
- How you supposed
to get everyone to
just walk out of class?
[JEMMA] Our Instagram.
I'll just DM everyone.
Wow, so you want proof
that this was your idea?
Look, everyone in BAMN is trustworthy.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Y'all are crazy.
Kev, just 'cause you scared
don't mean everybody else can't do it.
Look, I just got my freedom.
Nigga, why you sound
like a runaway slave?
[JEMMA] Technically, we all
live on a big plantation,
but that's another conversation
for a different day.
Look, my parents promised
they'd get off my back
if I just, you know,
stayed out of trouble.
But this is good trouble, Kevin.
They would be proud.
[KEVIN] Yeah, I know, I just
I just don't wanna lose their trust.
[JAKE] Man, I'm tired of behaving.
I'm tired of trying to
be a good little Negro.
I don't owe this school nothing.
Jake, these rich kids gonna be a'ight.
We don't got no trust fund.
What you trying to say, Kevin?
I'm saying that your
daddy gots the money
to bail you out of jail
if somebody calls the cops.
- Ain't nobody calling the cops.
- [KEVIN] Wow.
Spoken like the spoiled
little Black girl you are.
tense music ♪
[TIFF] Mm-mm, see,
that's why I'm religious
but I do not go to church.
I can't with some of them people.
They wanna be Jesus so bad.
[KIESHA] Yeah, that's why I'm like,
"I can't leave my baby with y'all".
I want my baby to be free.
I don't know how EJ gonna turn out.
We need more church in his life
'cause his parents is a mess.
- Y'all not that bad.
Would you give your baby to us?
- Mm-mm. No.
- See?
And I can't even be mad at you, girl.
We crazy.
But we do love our babies, though.
Where is EJ?
He either at my mama or Emmett's mama.
That's why you don't
need to be no mom yet.
This shit is hard, girl. Me
and Emmett barely making it.
Y'all okay?
[TIFF] We a'ight.
Trying something a little different.
Like what?
Get out of my business.
[KIESHA] Bitch, we used
to share that nigga, okay?
- Shut up.
Just spill the tea.
[TIFF] Hold on. Hold on.
What y'all over here talking about?
None of your business.
If you talking about it in my
restaurant, it is my business.
Boy, shut up. And we
need to talk anyway.
- Kiesha, give me two seconds.
- [KIESHA] Okay.
- Gonna need more than that.
- Come on.
Coming over here with a attitude.
[EMMETT] Don't push me
in front of my customers.
Wrong with you?
So you really just gonna
fuck Donna and not tell me?
I ain't even know you knew Donna!
I told you that's the
bitch from my old job
who was always spreading
rumors about me.
I can't keep up with
all the bitches you hate.
Wait a minute.
We open now. I can fuck whoever I want.
Not bitches that used to
work at Seaway with me.
How you even know we fucked?
'Cause I can smell
her cheap-ass perfume
all up on my couch.
And don't be bringing
bitches to our house
where we raise our son.
The fuck is wrong with you?
You got too many rules.
I wouldn't have to if you
showed some respect.
Oh, and you Miss Respectful?
Yeah, 'cause I ain't out here
fucking a bunch of niggas.
Nah, just one.
He must got something you like
because you keep going
back for seconds and thirds.
So, what, you want me to diversify?
I want you to stop playing
house with that nigga.
A'ight, we-we definitely need
to set some ground rules.
Like what?
Our boundaries, who's off-limits,
who we can and can't
fuck more than once.
[SCOFFS] Look, I don't
have time for this.
We'll talk later.
tense music ♪
dramatic jazz music ♪
- Pick up. Pick up.
Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.
[VOICE MAIL] I'm sorry,
but the person you've called
has a voice mail box that
has not been set up yet.
I really appreciate your support.
Means a lot.
Of course. I got you.
[KEVIN] Hey. Y'all need help?
Nah, we got it.
I thought you were trying
to stay out of trouble.
Look, I ain't trying to be no punk.
I just can't be on the front
lines with y'all right now.
So your freedom is more
important than the revolution?
This is not really a revolution.
It's our revolution.
How am I supposed to help the revolution
if my freedom gets taken away?
dramatic music ♪
Is Octavia Matthews in?
you have a visitor.
Uh-huh. Okay.
She's just finishing up a meeting.
- You can have a seat.
- Okay.
Can I ask you a quick question?
How long have you been
working for Octavia?
I mean, is she a good
boss? Do you like her?
What's your name?
Ah, yes.
She mentioned me?
She's a very private person.
I've worked for her for seven years
and still don't know much about her.
But I do know she greets me
with a smile every morning.
She never forgets a birthday.
And when my mother passed,
she helped pay for the funeral
because my dad had just lost his job.
- Oh.
Okay. She's ready for you.
Come with me.
You need anything? Water, coffee?
[KIESHA] I'm good. Thanks.
She'll be with you shortly.
Just make yourself at home.
- [OCTAVIA] Kiesha.
What a lovely surprise.
What brings you here?
I wanted to ask you
a few more questions.
Absolutely. Whatever you need.
Did you design all this?
It's it's beautiful.
I did.
So this is how it started?
Well, how'd you get
it to look like this?
Well, with a vision and a lot of help.
How'd you see all of it?
That's my job.
To see a pile of rubble and
make something beautiful.
What do you see when you look at me?
There's a big difference
between a young woman
and a pile of rubble.
My specialty is buildings, not people.
Well, if I was a building
what kind would I be?
sentimental music ♪
You'd be strong and sturdy.
Survive fires and hurricanes.
You'd be too strong
to ever be destroyed.
[TEACHER] Hello, guys.
soft dramatic music ♪
Okay, everyone.
If you're not studying, you should be.
Jake and Jemma, you
have not been excused.
Please take your seats.
Jake and Jemma,
you do not have permission
to leave my classroom.
dramatic percussive music ♪
Where is everybody? I
sent out a gang of DMs.
They said the revolution
would not be televised.
Shut up, Dakota.
[DAKOTA] Don't get mad at me.
I'm the only one that didn't flake.
- What happened?
- Kevin scared everyone.
aren't y'all in class?
Um, we wanna talk to Principal Fields.
Well, he's not here.
Yeah, right.
And who do you think you're talking to?
May I ask where he is?
Look, not that it's
any of your business.
He left early for a dentist appointment.
He's not even here?
[CLERK] Go learn something.
So what now?
- Fuck it, I got an idea.
- What?
Grab your stuff.
up-tempo music ♪
I'll stay behind and
be the white shield.
So what are we supposed
to do now, go home?
No, you can't go home,
'cause then your parents
are gonna know you did something wrong.
You supposed to stay out
till it's time to go home.
But that's hours from now.
Let's hit the L. Let's
see what we get into.
- You like fish sandwiches?
- I ain't never had one.
soft sultry music ♪
Are you gonna come out?
Why are you doing all this?
'Cause I want to.
Is this for the crowd or
for your viewing pleasure?
- Both.
- Hmm.
Still don't know why I'm introducing you
and not your wife.
Well, you know, my wife
saying nice things
about me don't mean shit.
But a, um, community leader blessing me,
that means something else.
Oh, so you're using me?
Come on, now. We using each other.
And how am I using you?
You wanna be heard, right? Hmm?
Well, I'm giving you
a very big microphone.
I wanna be seen too.
I'm looking right at you.
How many times you gonna
deny your queen, Kev?
How am I denying her?
You always putting
your needs before hers.
I always put her needs before mine.
And the one time I need to
do something for myself
she ghosts me.
Y'all two should come on
my show and work it out.
Hell nah, bro.
If people watch y'all heal,
they'll wanna heal themselves.
It's a two-for-one.
Think I care about other people healing?
- You know what your problem is?
- What?
- You selfish.
- No, I'm not.
You won't help Jemma.
You won't help Jake.
You won't help me. You
won't even help yourself.
All right, fine.
I'll do your stupid show. Happy?
Look at you, growing already.
Shut up, Papa.
So much pent-up anger.
pensive music ♪
[KIESHA] Thank you for taking
the time to meet with me.
[OCTAVIA] Of course.
You hungry?
[CHUCKLES] Always.
- You okay?
- I don't know.
Okay, okay.
Look, I'm gonna take you
to the nearest hospital,
and I want you to call
your mother, okay?
- Come on.
- Okay.
It's okay. It's all right.
- [EMMETT] Okay, so
- [TIFF] So what?
[EMMETT] what's the
rules? Like, what is it?
[TIFF] No bitches in our house.
[EMMETT] Cool.
[TIFF] Or our car.
[EMMETT] Hold up. Hold up, now.
This technically my car.
- [EMMETT] But cool.
I want all these hos to know you married
before y'all get in the bed.
- I object.
- Go ahead.
A lot of these women ain't down
for fucking a married man.
Protect Black women is
real in these streets.
- Then fuck a white bitch.
- I don't like white girls.
Find somebody that's free-spirited.
- And I don't wanna hear about
who you fucking in the streets,
so you better keep
that shit away from me.
Is it my turn yet?
- Go ahead.
- No more Dante.
I object.
Go ahead.
You the reason we doing this
in the first place, Emmett.
So you don't get to tell me
who I can and can't fuck.
But you call tell me who I can fuck.
I'm giving you limitations.
He's my limitation.
He was here before litigation, Emmett.
He's off-limits.
What does litigation mean?
Anything that existed
before this conversation
doesn't count, okay?
I'm serious. Stop fucking that nigga.
- No.
- Overruled.
That doesn't make any sense.
Make it make sense, then.
You want me out here
catching dick from a bunch
of different niggas?
That's what you telling me?
No, that's that's
definitely not what
Then what are you saying?
I don't know.
So you gonna stop giving
me shit about Dante?
I guess so.
All right, cool.
soft R&B music ♪
Would you mind if ♪
We talked a little while ♪
Would you mind if,
mind if, mind if, mind ♪
If I asked you to stay ♪
Oh, would you mind ♪
Would you mind, would you mind ♪
If I asked you ♪
To lay with me ♪
Oh, to stay ♪
Next to me for ♪
I'm gonna give y'all
some time to join up
'cause I don't want y'all
in the comments looking lost
once it starts getting good.
Now, Kevin is trying to get
back in his lady's good graces.
He needs to take accountability.
He needs to apologize
and mean it and figure out
how to show up for his woman
in a meaningful way.
Uh uh
Jemma, I'm sorry for
not doing the walkout.
- Don't be a snitch.
- Oh.
Sorry you felt unsupported today.
- Own your stuff, brother.
- Yeah.
I should have stood by you,
should have put all my fears to the side
and showed up for you even though
I didn't agree with your method.
- No, don't insult her.
- Oh.
Love, love how you
stand up for everybody.
Perfect, wrap it up.
Oh, uh, I love you.
And I hope you call me back. Please
All right, all right.
Now you're starting to sound desperate.
Um, that concludes another
episode of Papa's Pulpit.
Uh, shout-out to all my fans.
Appreciate your support. God
bless you, and good night.
Guess I am desperate.
It's gonna be okay, Kev.
Is it?
Yeah. Black love always wins.
- [TRIG] Hey, bae
- I'm not here for you.
Okay, listen, I'm gonna need
you guys to make sure
- Tracy?
- [TRACY] Yes, ma'am.
How you gonna be a community activist
but you ain't protecting
everybody in the community?
[TRACY] Who are you?
You know who I am.
Oh, you Trig's girl. That's right.
Oh, I'm more than that.
I am so sorry. I did
not mean it like that.
How can I help you?
I'm trying to help those girls
in that fucking trap house,
and I feel like I'm doing it by myself.
I've been trying to get that
trap house raided for years.
Just 'cause it's not in the papers
don't mean it ain't happening.
Well, you need to do more.
Talk to me.
Right there, bae. What's going on?
What the fuck are you doing?
I was supposed to meet
Trinity last night,
and she never showed up.
- That's why you was out late?
- Yeah.
Trig, how can we help?
- I'll go talk to Nuck.
- Is that gonna be enough?
Well, we gonna need a warrant
if we wanna clear it out.
That's gonna be hard to do;
ain't none of those women
in there being held against their will.
You've been to that fucking house.
You know that shit ain't true.
Come on, listen, let me
go holler at Nuck
and see if I can handle
this shit quietly.
You need to hurry up, 'cause
if you don't handle it quietly,
I'ma handle it loud as fuck!
apprehensive music ♪
Hey, how you gonna protect the block
if your own house ain't in order?
Okay, uh
it's just Braxton-Hicks.
I figured.
[KIESHA] So I'm all good.
Uh, not exactly.
What does that mean?
Well, the mother's blood
pressure is too high.
The mother has a name.
Sorry. I've got a lot of patients.
So what I have to do to get it down?
I think we need to induce labor.
- Today?
- Are you serious?
There could be tons of reasons
for the high blood pressure.
Why are we jumping the gun?
Just to prevent further complications
or possible brain damage,
I think we should induce.
- Brain damage?
- [OCTAVIA] Wait a second.
Let's not make any rash decisions.
[DR. HINES] Well, I don't
think it's up to you.
Just give us a minute.
tense music ♪
I'll give you two some time.
Just breathe.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Man, how I'ma tell Kev to be
honest about his whereabouts
and I can't even be honest about my own?
He's a child. We grown.
Well, at some point,
you gonna have to let me
tell Nina something; she's
starting to act crazy.
You can't tell her before I tell Emmett.
J, what is taking so long?
'Cause he ain't ready to
stand on his own two yet.
I know if anything happened,
he wouldn't be able to handle it.
You're not giving him enough credit.
I know my child.
Fine. I'll wait.
But please, can you just
tell him something soon?
I wanna tell him tomorrow.
Don't be afraid to lean on your new boo.
- He's not my boo.
- Stop lying.
I'm not trying to rush into anything.
Girl, we too grown
to be taking our time.
- I know that's right.
See? Nina.
- So? What you think?
- That I've been missing out.
You got a
there. Uh-oh. Uh.
What is it?
I got it. Just trust me.
Close your eyes.
It's just a eyelash.
Now I gotta make a wish.
[LAUGHS] What'd you wish for?
I can't tell you.
I think I can guess.
Were you right?
I thought you wished for
more than just a kiss.
Get your mind out the gutter.
Nah! It's not even like that.
I thought you wished
that you was my girl.
ethereal music ♪
Yo ♪
I'm runnin' plays ♪
Plays ♪
I'm runnin' plays ♪
I'm runnin' ♪
I'm runnin' plays ♪
[NUCK] How you coming?
Everything smooth?
[BIKER] Yeah, I'm good.
Here you go.
Where Trinity at?
Why you asking?
You know why.
I do.
You need to tell your bitch
to mind her own fucking business.
He ain't on the crumb.
Bitch, don't forget
I ain't scared to die.
Don't make me ask you that shit again.
soft music ♪
You better have a good reason
for your phone being off, Dre.
This is my fifth message.
I'm at the hospital with Kiesha.
They wanna induce labor.
Look, call me back.
[OCTAVIA] Just relax.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
But I do think you should
get a second opinion.
And what if I don't have time for that?
I just get nervous when
doctors don't explore
all the possibilities.
What he's suggesting is what's gonna
get you out of here the quickest.
You know better than the doctor?
Absolutely not.
But I've lost enough
babies to know doctors
don't have all the answers.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to trigger you.
I just want what's best
for Kiesha and the baby.
Well, if inducing the baby
right now is the best thing,
then let's just do it.
What did you eat today?
Corned beef on rye,
a salad with a Mistic.
Let's get you a glass of water.
We'll have the doctor check you
in a couple minutes, okay?
Let's just wait and see
what the doctor says, okay?
[CHUCKLES] Why you always
knockin' when I knock?
Look, bro, now ain't the time.
Where my mama at?
She's resting.
All that dick you been giving her?
That's why she always tired these days?
Look, she wanna talk to you.
Come on, EJ. Go in there and play.
Y'all say y'all getting married,
I'm walking out that
door, and y'all ain't gonna
never see me again.
Where she at?
Huh? She in there?
[SCOFFS] You pregnant?
She's not pregnant.
Then what the fuck is going on?
Emmett Emmett
I have cancer.
solemn music ♪
It appears your blood
pressure is back to normal.
Well, look at that.
I'm glad it was temporary.
You're the one.
sentimental music ♪
Everyone keeps telling
me to listen to my gut.
My gut keeps telling me it's you.
Thank you.
You're a blessing.
You are too.
Sometimes I'd just ♪
Rather stay at home and chill ♪
Sometimes I wish ♪
I ain't never catch feels ♪
Just wanna roll and
smoke 'em up, no crime ♪
Roll it, roll it,
roll it up one time ♪
Why your lovin' always gets me high ♪
I'm so confused ♪
- Why do you do this to me ♪
Every time ♪
Exposing feelings that I ♪
[JEMMA] It's Kevin.
I'm in too deep ♪
So it's too late ♪
So what do we do now?
For us to turn back now ♪
I don't know.
What you mean you don't know? We kissed.
You kissed me.
So? You kissed me back.
We got these feelings ♪
That we never show ♪
[JAKE] Where is you going?
Your goofy ass live this way.
And give in to us ♪
Look what you do ♪
Why do you do this to me ♪
Every time ♪
Exposing feelings ♪
[NINA] I'm just glad she was there.
Just a bit late.
Oh, if this is your idea of an apology,
you gotta do better than this.
What you mean, baby? What happened?
- She almost died.
- What?
[KIESHA] No, I didn't. I had
Braxton-Hicks. I'm fine.
Damn, bae, you can't
be scaring me like that.
- [KIESHA] Chill, Mom.
- Where were you?
Baby, you know I have
to turn my phone off
when I'm doing my sessions.
You gotta check in, Dre.
Babe, just chill, okay?
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Giveon's "Heartbreak
Anniversary" playing ♪
[DRE] Who those for?
- I guess therapy is working.
- [DRE] I guess so.
[KIESHA] You ain't get me nothing.
I'll put 'em in some water.
Mm-mm-mm ♪
Still got your things here ♪
And they stare at me like souvenirs ♪
Don't wanna let you out my head ♪
Just like the day that I met you ♪
The day I thought forever ♪
Said that you love me,
but that'll last for never ♪
It's cold outside like
when you walked out my life ♪
Why you walk out my life ♪
I ♪
Get like this every time ♪
On these days that
feel like you and me ♪
Heartbreak anniversary ♪
'Cause I ♪
Remember every time ♪
On these days that
feel like you and me ♪
Heartbreak anniversary ♪
Do you ever think of me ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
What's wrong?
Why you always know
when something wrong?
'Cause we connected. What's wrong?
I'm buildin' my hopes up ♪
Like presents unopened till this day ♪
I still see the messages ♪
What's wrong?
Mm-mm-mm ♪
- I'm foolishly patient ♪
- Foolishly patient ♪
Can't get past the
taste of your lips ♪
Taste of your lips ♪
Don't wanna let you ♪
Out my head ♪
The day I thought forever ♪
Said that you love me ♪
But that'll last for never ♪
It's cold outside like
when you walked out my life ♪
Why you walk out my life ♪
I ♪
Get like this every time ♪
On these days that
feel like you and me ♪
- Heartbreak anniversary ♪
'Cause I ♪
Remember every time ♪
On these days that
feel like you and me ♪
Heartbreak anniversary ♪
Do you ever think of me ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
Of me ♪
'Cause I think of you ♪
Think of you ♪
Did you give that to her?
Nuck had it.
Where is she?
They found her body over on Bishop.
somber music ♪
Look, I
[TRIG] Look, Imani.
Imani, Imani, listen.
Trying to shake these demons ♪
Out my head ♪
Trying to shake these demons ♪
Out my head ♪
Oh, please be patient with me ♪
Standin' by the riverside ♪
I ain't been baptized yet ♪
Trying to shake these demons ♪
Out my head ♪
Ah ♪
Trying to shake these demons ♪
Out my head ♪
Oh, please be patient with me ♪
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