The Chi (2018) s04e05 Episode Script

The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Previously on The Chi
- Tracy?
- I'm trying to help those girls
in that fucking trap house,
and I feel like I'm doing it
by myself.
That ain't no girl.
Man, that's a nigga in a dress.
Where Trinity at?
You need to tell your bitch
to mind
her own fucking business.
Did you give that to her?
They found her body over on Bishop.
I really appreciate
your support.
Of course.
I got you.
It's Kevin.
So what do we do now?
You kissed me.
Your goofy ass live this way.
You pregnant?
She's not pregnant.
Then what the fuck
is going on?
I have cancer.
Everyone keeps telling
me to listen to my gut.
My gut keeps telling me
it's you.
You're a blessing.
You are too.
Last time Chicago vied
for the Olympics,
we only got a few votes.
If we get this, we could be
the most famous city
in the world.
Still don't know
why I'm introducing you
and not your wife.
Well, you know, my wife
saying nice things about me
don't mean shit.
But a, um, community leader
blessing me,
that means something else.
So you're using me.
Come on, now.
We're using each other.
We're walking!
Hey, Tanya,
watch your back.
Coming through.
It's all here!
And then the next
No, no, no.
Come on, now.
That's not the right timing.
And these ain't
the right lights!
Come on, Tracy,
let's run it again.
- Seriously?
- Yes, please.
That won't be necessary.
She'll be great.
All right, folks, bring it in.
Come on, double time.
He is a liar.
I need you all
to remember,
tomorrow we have a chance
to make history.
The last time our city
hosted an event this big
was in 1893,
and as you can imagine,
folks that look like you
and me
we weren't allowed
at that event.
- And now we're in charge of it.
- Correct.
Now, let's make our city proud.
South Side!
West Side!
Man, if you don't get
your ass up out of here
All right,
enough of that.
Let's get back to work.
- Yeah?
- Mm, there it is, yeah.
- Yeah. I like your hair.
- Thank you.
You know, I really appreciate
you giving me and Trig
the opportunity
to try to change things.
Yeah, well, you can't
change a community
until you live in it.
- True.
- Mm.
You know
about that trap house girl
that got murdered recently?
I don't know anything
about that.
I bet you know
the person that does.
I never told you
that I was a saint.
You still in bed
with gangbangers?
I'm funny to you.
Look, Tracy,
I can't change who I was.
Now, you can either deal
with that,
or you can get the fuck on.
What you doing?
Um, uh, nothing much.
Want me to come over
and keep you company?
Normally, I would say yes,
but my dad's gonna be here,
and I don't feel
like having him knock
on my door every five minutes.
Yeah, I get it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Love you.
I love you too.
- Good?
- Yeah.
A'ight, let's go.
So what's on your mind?
Been real reflective lately.
You ain't dead yet.
I know.
Just nervous.
Just make sure
you live long enough
to help Kiesha birth this baby.
I'll do that from heaven
if I have to.
Stop talking like that.
Words have power.
I know they do.
That's why I wrote out my will.
Are you serious?
If anything should happen,
I want you to make sure
that people respect
my dying wishes.
You are not dying on me, okay?
Look, I'm honored,
but isn't this a conversation
you should be having
with Emmett?
Have you met my son?
I have.
And he's getting better.
What's up, Dre?
Here, Ma.
Eat these.
Apparently, eating healthy
helps you live longer, so
Emmett, get away from me.
I'm for real.
And I'm cooking dinner
for you tomorrow.
Something real healthy.
'Cause I want to.
Just come over.
I'm busy.
Okay, fine.
Thank you.
I'll make sure
I execute your will.
Thank you.
But can you do me a favor?
Please call my wife
and tell her
that I'm running around
with you
and not one of these chicks
on Instagram.
Nina got enough
stressing her out already.
She don't need me
adding to it.
I mean, right now,
my stress level's
at a all-time high.
I'll come clean soon,
I promise.
Just let me enjoy
folks not pitying me
for a little while longer.
You lucky I love your ass.
You gotta tell him.
'Cause that nigga
may get on my nerves,
but he's still my brother.
Just give me some time.
Nah, fuck that.
Tell him now.
You not my daddy.
How you gonna be
a revolutionary
but can't tell Kev
you wanna be with me?
Speaking truth to power
and telling your boyfriend
the truth
are two very different things.
Either you tell him,
or I will.
You ain't gonna do shit.
Hey, baby.
What's up?
You know damn well
Kiesha needs to take her ass
to the hospital.
Sweetheart, I already told you.
Our babies don't do well
in hospitals.
Oh, stop being a hotep.
What if something goes wrong?
What if the baby comes out
with the umbilical cord
wrapped around his neck?
What do we do then,
become Grey's Anatomy?
Come on, come on, now.
You worry too much.
You don't worry enough.
That's your problem.
So did you get everything
on Octavia's list?
I had to drive around
to a million different
grocery stores
on the North Side.
You know them white folks
smell like cheap incense.
Okay, well, listen,
I appreciate you
taking one for the team.
I been taking a lot
for the team lately.
- Where you coming from?
- The gym.
So now you wanna work out?
Come on,
that was supposed to be
our New Year's resolution.
So why didn't you tell me?
Damn, can you just chill?
Watch how you talking to me.
A'ight, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
I've had a long day.
I'm tired.
Look, I'm just about
to pop in the shower.
Wanna join me?
Mm, come on.
Ready for your interview?
Not without a tie.
I got this for Trig
when we thought
he was going corporate.
I don't know
how to tie that shit.
I got you.
Hey, watch out!
Fuck you, nigga.
Man, fuck this shit, man.
Enough of that goofy-ass tie.
Well, that was fun.
Yeah, it was.
I love you.
I love you too.
Who you talking to?
Oh, nobody. It's, um
it's just some work stuff.
Come on, let me get
some of that.
Ain't gonna say it again.
I want that nigga out of here.
I know.
Well, then you need
to do something about it.
What'd he do?
He clocked my T,
and he don't like it.
But what he ain't gonna do
is live in my house
and eat my food
and treat me like shit.
I'll handle it.
That's what you said
about the trap house.
Is that what this is about?
No, this is about you
saying one thing
- and doing another.
- Imani, I'm not
Don't try to play me,
'cause I'm not the one.
- I'm really not.
- I know you're not.
Well, then act like it, nigga.
What are you doing?
Looking at my baby book.
I haven't seen this book
in a long time.
Look at me.
I was so skinny.
Didn't even know it.
And there you are.
Always running around
with a big old smile
on your face.
I'm not gonna have
one of these, am I?
Not this time,
but you will,
when you're ready.
When will that be?
I don't know, baby.
I'm not eating no pancakes
made by a dude.
You young boys are really dumb.
You know that?
You're two years older than me.
- Hi.
- Mm.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Bye, nigga.
I can't believe you told him
before me.
He's my partner.
I'm your son!
I got you a juicer.
I hear people that be juicing
living long-ass lives.
Emmett, I'm sick.
I know, and I'm trying
to save you.
Saving me is not your job.
We gotta make sure
you pull through this.
I can't-I can't lose you.
I-I need you.
Emmett, baby,
look, look, look.
We caught it early,
and the doctors say
my chances are really good.
Fuck them doctors.
We gotta talk to Jesus.
You you wanna pray?
Since when you start praying?
I pray all the time.
Every time me and Tiff
have sex,
I pray she don't get pregnant.
I'm finally getting
my shit together,
and I want you to
be here to see it.
I still gotta buy you
that house.
I want you to be proud of me.
I'm so proud of you
whether you buy me a house
or not.
What I need
with a big old house?
It's just me.
And Suede's ass.
I love you, Ma.
I love you too, son.
Eat up.
I ain't eating that food.
Just a bite.
Where's this go?
Uh, just put it right here.
Oh, sometimes people
come in asking for specific shit.
Just tell them we only
have what's on the floor.
W-well, how come I always hear you
telling people you'll
go check in the back?
That's just me trying to get an escape.
Well, next time, let me know
so I can escape with you.
What's up, y'all?
So, uh, what's your name?
Uh, Rashaad,
Rashaad Shervington.
Any kin to Titi and Carmelo?
Uh, yeah.
Those are my uncle kids.
I remember them
from Evergreen Towers
bowling alley,
right by the, uh
The Plaza, The Plaza.
The Plaza.
Man, our parents used
to bowl there every Friday.
Hey, it was good times.
So tell me.
Why you wanna work here?
Well, honestly, you know,
man, I need a job.
Look, I figured I could start,
you know, in stock
and maybe work my way up
to manager, you know?
This is my résumé.
Hey, look, I-I-I know
it may seem weird,
you know, being
that my last job
was at RadioShack back in '02.
Hey, but look,
man, I'ma keep it a buck
with you.
Man, I got locked up
for some bullshit.
Hey, hey, hey,
but I'm a changed man, though.
I'm-I'm just
I'm just trying to get
my life back on track.
I just need a opportunity.
That's all.
Look, I hear you,
but I don't make
the final decision.
but I'll get this résumé
over to my boss.
Yeah, we'll see what happens.
No, look, the state,
they giving away incentives
for companies
that hire ex-cons.
I-I know all about it.
My uncle is still locked up.
Look, I know what you're
going through, brother.
You done time?
No, I haven't.
Then you have no idea, then.
Goofy-ass nigga.
Did it not go well?
Hey, man, fuck them people!
You all right, bro?
Yeah, I'm a'ight.
I'm good.
I know how it go.
Look, we need to talk.
Well, nigga, can we talk
about it over some drinks?
Like, some fucking hard drinks?
For sure, for sure, for sure.
So why you work here?
I got bills.
I used to ball.
I had a scholarship
and everything,
and then I got hurt.
You-you know how that goes.
Yeah, I do.
I had a scholarship
for track and field
and then just
I know.
- You do?
- Yeah.
It was all over the news.
I'm sorry you had
to go through that.
I'm just glad you survived.
Yeah, me too.
Escape over.
I think we should go
back inside.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm
I'm fine.
It's just Braxton-Hicks.
My God.
Oh, my God.
What's funny?
When I envisioned
this time in my life
this was not what I had
in mind.
Me neither, but life has a way,
a wonderful way,
of surprising us.
Yeah, I guess so.
No, you definitely been
a lovely surprise.
You too.
I love you, Jada.
I wasn't expecting that.
Why not?
I don't know.
I just
It's been a rough road.
I'm sure it has.
I can't thank you enough
for everything you've done.
Don't thank me for doing
what I'm supposed to be doing.
Uber's here.
You look handsome.
I try.
You look great too.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Mr. Mayor.
- One picture, sir.
- This way.
Have a good one, Mayor Perry.
Hey, can I get a shot?
Looking good.
Yeah, turn around.
Mayor Perry just arrived.
Yes, Mayor!
He looks
really good, doesn't he?
- I think it's great.
- Yeah, I do too.
- And guess what.
- What?
- We're here.
- Yeah.
Aw, this nice.
- This is nice.
- This is nice.
Over here.
Go ahead.
What's up?
I-I you know,
I really, really appreciate
you guys coming.
I mean, we couldn't do this
without you.
You know?
Want a picture?
Okay, thank you very much.
All right, guys,
I'll see you inside.
I hope I see you later.
I'm gonna go over here
and have a conversation
with the young people.
Be right back.
Okay, so listen,
you've all been selected
to be youth ambassadors
representing the future
of Chicago.
You've all studied
the package, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
So don't be shy.
Let's go out there
and talk to the guests
and let them know
how impressive you are,
Oh, and, um
try not to eat too much
of the refreshments.
No, it's all right.
You can go ahead and eat 'em.
Just eat 'em!
Have fun, guys.
I'll talk to you later.
- Let's go.
- Oh, my goodness.
- This is great.
- Fuck that dude.
Come on.
Yeah. I'm in the line.
It's just taking too long.
That's all.
That can't be the right price.
- Oh, sorry.
- Okay?
Uh, I'm fine.
This Brie is amazing.
I was hoping
they'd have oysters.
I would only trust those
if they're fresh.
You having fun?
Not really.
Yeah, I know
this isn't really your thing.
What you trying to say?
- What's your name?
- Gigi.
I'm Jake.
- Thirsty?
- What?
I was wondering if you
wanted something to drink.
Nah, I'm good.
I know what you're trying
to do.
Mm, what's that?
You're trying
to make me jealous.
Is it working?
Of course it is, you asshole.
Um, they're, like, about
five, ten minutes apart.
She just had one
a little while ago.
Breathe in.
Yes, Miss Jahari.
We're, um, about-we're about
to get her in the pool
in a second.
We got it all filled up.
Yep, mm-hmm.
Okay, yes, Miss Jahari.
Just please get here soon,
Hey, okay, come on.
- Ten minutes?
- Drink this. Come on.
Drink that.
Yeah, we're-we're about
to get her into the tub.
We'll get her into the pool.
Oh, okay, okay.
Come on.
I got you.
Breathe now.
Come on.
That's it.
All right, I gotta-I gotta go.
Thank you so much.
We'll see you soon.
- I can't do this, Ma!
- All right, thank you so much.
You really don't have
a choice, baby.
Come on, come on, come on.
Shh. We got you.
- Just breathe.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
When y'all wanna go
to a hospital
like regular folks
We got this.
Everybody just calm down, okay?
That's right.
That's right.
Take a deep breath.
Here we go.
Take deep breaths.
- We got this.
- Okay, okay.
Oh, wait, let me get
the intentions.
Right, I just wanna share
the birthing intentions.
We got it.
We got it.
I just wanna share
the-the birthing intentions
that Kiesha and I have
assembled, all right?
We-we intend to create a calm portal
to welcome this baby
into our world.
We intend to have
a natural birth,
free of all Western medicine.
We intend to use
I don't understand!
and breath work
to ease Kiesha's pain.
Mm, mm ♪
Mm, yeah, listen ♪
Listen ♪
Something I wanna tell you ♪
Wait just a minute ♪
Wait just a minute, my friend ♪
Something I want you to do for me ♪
Mm ♪
I want a spot
in your administration.
Bitch, please.
If you ever go there, ♪
give him a message for me ♪
I want you to tell him, mm ♪
Either you give me
job security,
or I'm gonna serve you
with divorce papers,
and we both know that
that is not a good look
for you right now.
Tell him that I love him ♪
Yes, I do ♪
Are you threatening me?
What do you think?
Tell him that I need him ♪
Oh ♪
Tell him for me ♪
Tell him that I'm doing ♪
All that I can ♪
Oh, but without him ♪
I'm only half a girl ♪
My heart is breaking ♪
Oh ♪
Tell him for me ♪
Go on and tell him, yeah ♪
Tell, yes, I do ♪
Oh, tell him ♪
Baby, just let me know,
and we can go to the hospital.
Just breathe, breathe, yes.
- Oh, let me get that.
- Now blow out.
The midwife is here, okay?
The midwife is here.
Blow out.
Come on in.
All right.
Are you feeling
the pressure?
- Yes.
- Okay, good, good.
You're doing very well.
- Very well.
- Hey, Kiesha.
- Hi.
- How you feeling?
- You doing okay?
- I'm okay.
- She's doing very good.
- Good call.
Slow your breaths.
Sounded like
a good one.
How far along are we?
You need to sit down?
- Three to four minutes.
- No, I'm good.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Yeah, I got this.
- about 45 seconds.
- All right.
Fuck this birthing intention.
- Let's get a doctor.
- I'm okay. I'm okay.
Hey, we got this.
We don't have to go
to a hospital.
I take it you're the mother.
Come on over here
and have a seat.
Come on, baby.
- Okay.
- There you go.
All right.
It's good.
It's gonna be okay.
All right.
Looks like she's getting ready
to have another contraction.
It's okay!
All right, ladies,
she's in active labor,
and this is the time
for us to empower her
to do what we've been
doing for millions of years.
- We're good?
- Yes.
are gonna get
closer and closer together.
All right?
Come on, you're good.
You're good.
Ah, shit!
- Man!
- Trash.
- Ha!
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you, bro.
- Mm-hmm.
You a real one, G.
Um, bro,
you know you like
a brother to me.
Shit, I better be,
especially after doing time
for your ass.
Man, you did that shit
for yourself.
Boy, stop playing.
You was right there with me.
I mean, I was a lookout.
Ah, man.
- It don't even matter anyhow.
- Mm-hmm.
Shit, I could've snitched,
but I didn't.
Yeah, that's true.
Yeah, nigga,
I know it's true.
Ah, shit.
Here you go.
Hold on.
Finna call this right here.
Side pocket.
Look, bro
Hold on.
Ah, shit.
You gonna have
to move out soon.
Can't be beefing with Imani.
Nah, bro, she the lady
of the house.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
Nigga, that ain't
no motherfucking lady.
Yes, she is, nigga.
Nigga, is you gay?
I want you out by this weekend.
Oh, so you giving me a expiration date,
- motherfucker?
- Yeah, nigga, yeah.
I'm giving you
an expiration date, nigga.
You mean that thing
over there
that mean more to you than me?
Nigga, she a woman, my woman,
and yeah, she does.
- That's what you on, huh?
- That's what I'm on.
Fuck you, bitch!
There you go.
Good evening, everyone.
I didn't want
to become an activist.
But four years ago,
my son, Jason,
was murdered by the police.
Eventually, I realized
nothing I did
would ever bring my son back,
so I had to do something
to honor his memory.
That's when I founded
my organization, ROCK,
Remembering Our Chicago Kids.
I wanted to connect
with other women like myself,
women who cared not just
about our own children
but all of Chicago's kids.
Our message is about protecting
the youth.
It's about giving them
the opportunities
they need to succeed.
And that's what the Olympics
are all about.
It's about dreams coming true.
It's about dedicating your life
to something bigger
than just yourself.
It's about all the people
it takes
to raise just one child.
It truly does take a village,
and I'm so grateful for mine.
I don't know where I would be
without them.
Can you wait for me, please?
Olympic cities are
cities that have long legacies,
and it is my hope
that our new legacy
shows the world
that cities can be ruled
by their people,
not by the police.
I have a feeling
our children will be safer
that way.
I'd like to thank
our revolutionary mayor
for not being afraid
to take chances.
I'm so grateful
he took a chance on me.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
- Home!
- Stay with me.
I don't belong here.
What are you talking about?
Only reason they made me
an ambassador
is 'cause I got my ass beat
by the police.
- I ain't nobody charity case.
- I know that.
Then why won't you
tell nobody about us?
I ain't good enough
to bring home
to your bougie-ass daddy?
It's complicated.
No, it ain't.
Kev looks better on your arm
than me.
Kevin approached me.
You didn't.
I don't chase bitches.
- Stop talking like that.
- It's how I talk.
Do you wanna get out of here?
- Mr. Mayor?
- Yeah.
You're up.
Ah, thanks, Dante.
Can't believe y'all gonna
make me follow that.
Well, hello.
Uh, hello.
Good luck.
Oh, shit.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
That was a very inspirational speech
Miss Roxboro gave, wasn't it?
And it reminded me
of when I was a boy
and watching Carl Lewis
win gold in the long jump
in the 1984 Olympics.
That moment,
I'll never forget.
Changed my life
because it really meant
something to me
to see a Black man soar
like that.
The world was cheering
for Carl Lewis,
not because of who he was
but because
of what he could do.
I don't want the world
to only cheer for Black folks
when we're winning gold medals
or rallying behind us
as we're dying
at the hands of the police.
I want the world
to cheer for us
just because.
That's why we're proposing
a racially equitable bid
for the Olympics.
I see you looking at me like,
"Mr. Mayor,
I don't know
exactly what that means."
Well, I-I'm happy to tell you
what that means.
So here's to us winning
the Olympic bid,
and here's to a brighter
future for Chicago.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Great speech.
Thank you.
I'm surprised
you didn't mention
helping the women out
in the trap house.
I wanted to,
but they only gave me
a certain amount of time.
Can we go home?
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- Sir?
- Water.
We make a great team.
We do.
I'm headed to the roof.
I would love it if you would join me.
Let me shake a few hands first.
By all means.
I'm grown.
You're also a man.
Nigga, why don't you mind
your business,
and I'll take care of mine?
You wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for me.
I don't owe you shit.
What's up?
I spent some time
with my mom today.
Oh, yeah?
How's she doing?
She ask about me?
Nah, she ain't ask
about your ass.
A'ight, man.
Just checking.
So now you wanna check on her?
Is that a problem?
What's wrong with you?
Talk to me, son.
Just go home, Darnell.
What's going on?
Man, I said leave!
Hey, Emmett.
Emmett, I ain't going
nowhere, man.
Talk to me.
I'ma be right here.
She's sick.
She's sick.
I can't let her go
I can't
Come on, Kiesha, you got this.
- Good job.
- Look.
- Good job.
- Okay.
Hurt a lot less
if you push it out.
- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.
You're doing it.
You're doing it.
- You're doing it.
- Just take your time.
Just breathe, okay?
Just breathe.
You all right?
You ready?
You feel that?
You feel the head?
All right, ladies.
It's time.
- Get ready.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Let's get her up.
- Okay.
Okay, now,
whenever you're ready to
feel like you need to push,
I want you to take
a deep breath
and bear down.
Go in through your nose.
Breathe in through your nose.
Whenever you're ready.
You okay?
You got this.
That's it.
Bear down. Bear down.
Bear down, bear down,
bear down.
That's it.
You're almost there.
You're almost there.
I don't need you
to hyperventilate.
I need you to slow it down.
Everybody, we need
to slow our breathing down.
There you go.
That's it, baby.
And there's
another one coming
right behind.
Deep breath.
All right, there it is.
This is it.
This is it!
Let's get this baby on out.
Here it comes!
Come on!
This is it!
Come on, bear down!
You got this!
You got this!
- Come on!
- Oh!
Bring that baby on
There you go!
There you go!
You did it!
Oh, my.
Oh, my God.
You did it, Mama.
You did it.
You did good.
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