The Chi (2018) s04e06 Episode Script


[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
Hey, what you doing?
Want me to come over
and keep you company?
Normally, I would say yes,
but my dad's gonna be here.
I'll see you tomorrow?
- Cool.
- All right, let's go.
Jake, do you want to get out of here?
[JEMMA] Oh, shit.
Just make sure you live long enough
to help Kiesha birth this baby.
I'll do that from heaven if I have to.
Stop talking like that.
Words have power.
I know they do.
That's why I wrote out my will.
- Who you talking to?
- Oh, nobody.
It's, um, just some work stuff.
Emmett, I'm sick.
I know, and I'm trying to save you.
- Saving me is not your job.
- I can't lose you.
- What are you doing?
- Looking at my baby book.
I'm not gonna have one of these.
Am I?
I can't do this, Mom!
You really don't have a choice, baby.
- Okay.
- [NINA] You did it!
- [DRE] You did it!
[DRE] There's your baby.
You know about that trap house girl
that got murdered recently?
I don't know anything about that.
You still in bed with gang bangers?
I don't want to spy
on your administration.
Either you give me job security,
or I'm gonna serve you
with divorce papers.
Are you threatening me?
I'm headed to the roof.
I would love it if you would join me.
Let me shake a few hands first.
By all means.
I don't care if you's president.
To my eyes,
you still ain't shit, nigga.
You don't get to be a hero.
You ruined my life.
Now I'm taking yours.
Mayor Perry.
[EMT] Mayor Perry?
You just gonna ignore me like that?
[SIGHS] Ain't shit to say.
- [MR. COOPER] Hey!
- [JEMMA] Kevin.
- What, nigga?
- Don't call me that!
- [MR. COOPER] Hey, stop it!
Kevin, stop it!
- Stop it, hey, Kevin!
- [JEMMA] Kevin.
Stop it! Stop it!
I'm thinking about
canceling the podcast.
'Cause I can barely get guests,
and most of the time,
I feel like no one's listening.
You gotta give it time.
I told you it wasn't
gonna blow up overnight.
I hear you.
You think Chance would come on?
- Maybe, he do love the kids.
- Yeah, he do love us.
But don't be sad if he doesn't.
You can always interview people
in the community.
We care more about each other
than we do about celebrities.
But celebs get the ratings.
Well, people care about
hearing from folks like them.
I can't even get Lil Rel
to respond to one of my 25 DMs.
Well, first, that's harassment.
Second, you didn't do
the podcast for clout.
You did it for the streets.
Keep going.
People still listening to you.
Uh, this magazine wants
to do a feature on me.
What? What magazine?
Easy, I don't know. I'm still reading.
Don't sound so excited.
Nah, I'm happy for you.
It's just it's funny
'cause I could really use
some press right now
to get my podcast going,
but God has seen fit
to shine a light on you,
and I am very excited
about your blessing.
And as you know,
my blessing is your blessing.
[NINA] Suspended indefinitely.
I'm about this close
from putting hands on you.
- I didn't even mean to hit him!
- It doesn't matter!
Fuck up your life if you want to.
I don't know, Kev. I'm at a loss.
- I'm sorry.
- That ain't gonna cut it.
Well, what do you want me to do
to make it up to y'all, huh?
This isn't about us anymore.
This is about you and your future.
Now, I know it seems like
you gonna be young forever,
but you're not.
These are such
pivotal years in your life.
Every decision you
make is an important one.
Now, don't let your life be wasted.
What if I just want to be a kid?
You don't have that luxury.
So you gonna ground me or something?
I've grounded you before, Kev,
and yet here we are.
So if I wanted to go kick it
with Papa, I could?
Yeah, but only 'cause
me and your moms
need some time to ourselves.
But don't take my kindness
for weakness.
We ain't done.
[TIFF] Yo.
Ah, damn SWAT. Announce yourself.
I asked, "Can we use your office?"
[SIGHS] Where am I supposed to eat?
- Boy.
- Go find a booth somewhere.
- Get up.
Man, look, y'all got 30 minutes.
Come on. We got somebody coming.
Dom, don't be trying to take
a second lunch break either.
Nigga, please. Go, get out.
Girl, we about to be rich rich.
I had a dream last night
I was bathing in money.
I was like
the Black "DuckTales" and shit.
[CHUCKLES] That used to be my show.
Why you didn't tell
Emmett about this meeting?
- Ain't nobody think about him.
- Yeah, I feel you.
Try to go easy on him though.
He going through
a lot of shit right now.
- Like what?
- Life shit.
Yeah, I got you.
Despite the bullshit,
I'm really glad we met.
- Yeah, me too.
- [ASHLEIGH] Sorry I'm late.
I thought I was in the wrong place.
- We still setting up offices.
- Oh, perfect timing then.
My team and I were thoroughly impressed
with what you presented in Colorado.
How would you feel about joining
the Love at First Bite cannabis brand?
What's the catch?
Why does there have to be a catch?
There's always a catch.
[ASHLEIGH] There's some
paperwork for you to look over.
Basically, we just want
to join forces with you.
- Will we make more money?
- Absolutely.
This isn't out of the ordinary.
Mergers happen all the time.
Well, you better be talking
that merger money.
Sorry, do you mind if we
speak in private for a sec?
Bitch, what the fuck is you doing?
This is what we want.
Whatever they trying to offer us,
- we probably worth double.
- Don't block the bag.
We're two Black women.
They need to pay us.
Look, I'm not trying
to fuck up the bag.
I'm just trying to make
sure it's big enough.
- Well, let's move fast.
- Fast money don't last long.
It's better than
making no money at all.
Lunch break over, y'all. We got a rush.
Look, I need two seconds
to finish this conversation.
Y'all conversation ain't more important
than paying customers.
Nigga, you don't sign my checks.
But I hand them out though.
Respect my establishment, please.
[SCOFFS] Know what I'm saying?
What's wrong with that?
[REPORTER] Is the mayor's
office still planning to sue
[REPORTER] Is defunding
the police a safe gesture?
[ROSELYN] Any statements
that have not come from me
are bold-faced lies.
The media should spend
less time attacking my husband
and more time looking
for the person who shot him.
Is that an official statement
from the mayor's office?
When you're speaking to me,
you are speaking to the Mayor's Office.
Our administration has noticed
a rise in media-led propaganda
since the mayor started
divesting from the police.
The Chicago PD has made it very clear
they do not stand with our community.
What about all the good cops?
They should be standing
with us as well.
Their silence and
complacency will not be ignored.
[REPORTER] What do
you have to say to them?
Step up or get run over.
I'm the queen, yeah,
They bowing down when ♪
I step on the scene, yeah ♪
And you should get in ♪
line to kiss the ring, yeah ♪
'Cause everybody knows ♪
that I'm the queen, yeah ♪
[CHRISTIAN] Hey, Kiesha.
It's good to see you.
It's been a minute.
Yeah, I had a lot going on.
I'm sure. What'd you have?
Boy or girl?
A boy.
[CHRISTIAN] What's his name?
His new mom is gonna name him.
I'm so sorry. I didn't know
[KIESHA] It's okay.
Hey, can I take you out to dinner?
- You mean like a date?
- Yeah.
How you know I don't got a man?
I don't.
Let me think about it.
All right, I'll take that.
At least you didn't say no.
I haven't said yes either.
I have faith.
My best friend and my girl.
Shit hurt, bro.
If one of y'all ever tried
to touch my lady,
we'd be fighting, and I'm a man of God.
Fuck both of them.
Nah, that's not how we get down.
We family. We got to talk this out.
I don't feel like talking.
Hey, I know this might
seem like a ambush,
but it's really an intervention.
Man, what the fuck going on?
Yeah, this not funny, Papa.
Look, I've been y'all's referee before,
and y'all always wind up
hugging it out.
Not this time.
I'm leaving.
- Bye.
- Hold up.
If we don't come together,
we'll never forgive ourselves.
Man, you ain't trying
to bring folks together.
You trying to get your ratings
up on your podcast.
What's wrong with killing
two birds with one stone?
I'm down for the conversation.
Yes. I knew I could count on you.
Come on. I need my brothers.
I'm only doing this for you, Papa.
That's why I love you.
You always say
you ain't scared of shit.
I'm not.
Then join us at the table.
Come on.
Wow, this is powerful.
Ooh, I can feel the spirit.
I'm just saying, shoot,
if somebody want to help me
expand my business
and give me more money,
I'm gonna take it,
and I'm not gonna ask no questions.
That's your problem.
You don't ask enough questions.
That's my problem?
I don't ask enough questions?
'Cause I can start asking you
a lot more questions.
Y'all need to calm down.
Yeah, don't be out here
stressing my mom out.
Both of y'all stressing me out.
I'm sorry.
Anyways, how are you and Suede doing?
- Oh, he told me he love me.
- Aw, Jada!
That's so sweet. Did you say it back?
Time to stay out my business.
- Oh.
- Just 'cause he say it
don't mean you gotta say it too.
- Emmett
Everybody not as cold-blooded as you.
[CHUCKLES] He get that from his daddy.
[JADA] Don't ever want to let
nobody get too close.
Oh, shit!
- [EMMETT] Oh, oh.
- [EMMETT] Ma, Ma, you okay?
- [RASPY VOICE] I'm okay.
[TIFF] Do you want us to stay with you?
Mm, I'm fine.
- [TIFF] You sure?
- No, you're not.
[SIGHS] Tiff, why don't you
take them home?
- [TIFF] Are you sure?
- [JADA] Yeah.
[TIFF] Come on, y'all.
Nah, I'm gonna stay back.
Y'all get home.
- Emmett.
- [JADA] I'm fine.
I'ma stay back.
All right. Okay, come on.
Say bye.
Say bye to your grandma.
[JADA] Oh, thank you.
That's a store.
- [JADA] I love it.
- And they sell what I drew.
[JADA, SOFTLY] Oh, thank you.
Come on.
- Say bye to your daddy.
- Bye, Daddy.
If you gonna stay,
would you mind doing the dishes?
- I got you.
- Thank you.
- Love you.
- I love you too.
- Good night.
- Night.
- You all right?
- Mm-hmm.
Welcome back to Papa's Pulpit,
a one-time exclusive on Clubhouse.
Shout out to all
the heavy hitters in the room,
and I'm grateful y'all are here tonight
'cause this is
a very important conversation,
and I need y'all
to keep yourselves on mute
'cause right now the only voices
that matter are the ones
sitting next to me,
and we need to give them
some room to speak.
It's time for them to get
some things off their chest.
They've been holding on
to too many secrets,
and they dying inside,
and the last thing
we need in this world
is more Black death.
With that being said, today's focus
is on healing wounds inflicted upon you
by the ones you love.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] It's a lot, man.
I see our guests are eager to jump in,
so let's get started.
[ANNOUNCER] Welcome to Papa's Pulpit.
So, Jake and Jemma,
when did your tumultuous affair begin?
Don't get quiet now.
Look, what we did wasn't cool,
and we're both really sorry,
but you just can't keep self-medicating
and projecting your hurt
and pain onto us.
Yo, don't put my business
out there like that.
People know.
So what I'm hearing is,
Jake and Jemma feel bad
about what they did, but, Kev,
your issues are bigger than them.
What happened to loyalty?
Man, you ain't always been loyal to me.
Jake, I always had your back,
and you know that.
You never have mine.
You want me to have your back a lot.
But I can't keep spending my whole life
walking around
supporting you all day, Jemma.
If you were passionate about something,
I would happily support you,
but you don't care about anything.
I cared about you.
I still love you, Kevin.
You love me? [CHUCKLES]
Then why are you with him?
Because I'm not the
same girl you met last year.
I need I need something different.
What do you mean
by "something different"?
Yeah, what what do you mean by that?
Just because she started
with you doesn't mean
she always was meant to be with you.
Man, if you want a homey hopper,
you could have just said
- Oh, so now I'm a pass-around
- 'cause you ain't want to be
- Hold up, hold up!
- Fuck this!
Yeah, no.
- Wait, we're not done yet.
- I'm done.
Oh, there's obviously
a lot more healing to be done,
and this is only the beginning,
but for now, I'm just
gonna wrap up the room,
and I'll holla at y'all later.
Maisha, when you said,
"Just 'cause you start with somebody
doesn't mean you'll end up with them,"
what you mean by that?
You know, you need to really stop
trying to take things so personally.
You working today?
Don't you see me getting dressed?
[TRIG] You mad?
I just don't want to feel
like what matters to me
- doesn't matter to you.
We're not gonna see things
the same way.
I know.
But I at least want to know
that you're on my side.
Is that what you think?
You feel like
I'm I'm not on your side?
I feel like you still worry
about what other people think.
- I'm human.
- So am I.
You're right. You're right.
I might have judged those girls.
- I know you did.
- I'm working on it.
I promise I am.
what do we do now?
From now on, we move as a unit.
I love you.
I love you too.
It was Brandon's mother.
Did you kill him?
- I had to.
- Why?
Because he had started
talking to the feds.
And if it wasn't me,
somebody else was
gonna take his ass out.
I'm not staying in here.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- No, no.
- Look, let's go.
- No, just hold on.
You looking for Tracy?
Come in.
Here are the papers
you requested, Mrs. Perry.
Thank you. And you can call me Roselyn.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Your job.
I ain't gonna be in here forever.
I know.
And it'll be a great comeback story.
I'm gonna make sure of that.
You're enjoying this
a little bit too much, Roselyn.
I'm sorry you got shot,
but I got it from here.
I'm down to go to dinner.
Where you gonna take me?
- I was gonna cook.
- You a chef now?
I ain't Michelin Star,
but I can make you
a bomb-ass shrimp Alfredo.
I feel nervous about going
to a stranger's house.
[CHRISTIAN] Let's go to Smokey's then.
- [KIESHA] Sorry.
- For what?
Whatever you need
to feel safe, I got you.
Thank you.
Ms. Roxboro, where should I set up?
Anywhere. Yes, I
I came here early to give out food.
Least y'all can do
is be ready to get it.
One second.
Boy, you just got your shit together.
- Use them tables over there.
- They're not even clean.
Y'all need some more staff in here.
I'm working on it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[TRACY] I apologize. Yes?
- What's good, Emmett?
- What up?
[DRE] Yo, how's your moms?
- Doing okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Doing the best I can
to look out for her.
Still, just kind of mad
she took so long to tell me.
She was just trying to protect you.
Seem like she the one
that needs some protecting.
Mm, just hit me if you need anything.
All right.
- What up, Kev?
- What's up?
[EMMETT] What's wrong with you?
Ain't trying to be here right now.
- Where you trying to be?
- Not here.
[DRE] Hey, well, you don't have
no other choice,
so go ahead and help Emmett
with them tables and stop complaining.
Ooh, you might want
to help out 'cause, uh,
You might get an ass whooping ♪
- A whole one.
- Shut up.
- Drive by ♪
I'm always flexing ♪
Hey, cameras flash, I pose ♪
Iced out, stay froze, ♪
bad bitch when you see me ♪
Look like I should be ♪
on the cover of Vogue ♪
'Cause I'm too cold, I got the juice ♪
I got the juice ♪
And that's why you mad, ha, ha ♪
You and your feelings ♪
Bitch I'm in my bag, ♪
I copped it first though ♪
Don't look at your tag, ♪
been the bomb, no C4 ♪
Tick, tick, rocking ♪
that new Christian Dior ♪
Be playing niggas like Atari ♪
Bad bitch catch me in a Ferrari ♪
When you see me, I'm so high fashion ♪
Post a pic, I don't need a caption ♪
I got the juice ♪
A lot of your raps have gone viral.
Why do you think that is?
'Cause I keep it a buck.
I'm not afraid to tell the truth.
I see.
So what do you want to do next?
Honestly, I just want
to graduate high school with honors.
And she will. [CHUCKLES]
Okay, do you want a career in music?
Yeah, maybe. [CHUCKLES]
Where can folks hear your music?
Papa's Pulpit.
- Is this your boo?
- Yes, I am.
I love Kev. I really do.
But I can't live my life
for that nigga.
I gotta live my life for me.
So you don't think we should apologize.
We can, but it ain't gonna change shit.
- So what do we do?
- We do what make us happy.
And what's that?
Ooh ♪
I know that we ♪
[EMMETT] Damn, fix your face, G.
What's going on? Talk to me.
Jemma left me for Jake.
Damn, your boy? That's fucked up.
Yep, and I got suspended from school.
- Indefinitely.
- Yeah, I hate that word.
Me too.
- Look, you want some advice?
- No, not really.
Shit, I'm gonna give it to you anyway.
Sometimes, really shitty stuff
happens in our lives,
but it's to teach us something.
What's my girl leaving me for
my best friend got to teach me?
Uh, keep your head on a swivel.
Look, I don't know.
Sometimes lessons come
years after the test,
but you just got to learn
whatever you supposed to learn
so you ain't got to go
through that shit again.
Mm, got you.
You want a plate to go?
Actually, can we get
some Harold's or something?
Like kind of [LAUGHS]
- [EMMETT] What?
- I'm playing.
I'm playing. I'm playing.
Big brain now, gonna take a side now ♪
[TRIG] Hey, Jake.
Damn, boy, you don't know how to knock?
Man, bro,
I ain't got to knock on no door
- in my own damn house.
- What's going on?
- I am so sorry.
- Oh, my God.
It's okay. We've all been young before.
Why don't you come with me
so Trig can talk to his little brother.
I just need her to stop
showing all her stuff on the internet.
[DRE] Why does that upset you?
'Cause I don't like other
niggas looking at what she got.
They gonna look regardless.
I might as well get paid for it.
- You see what I'm saying?
- Okay, so hold on.
Before we get to any of that,
let's just hype up your progress.
Jamal, you moved back in.
How do you all feel about that?
Okay, so let's try something.
How about each of you say to the other
what you need to improve
the family relationship.
I'd love to come home
and not hear her mouth
the second I walk through the door.
Then respond to my text messages.
I don't be checking my phone like that.
Okay, but can you do better
with checking your phone?
- Yeah, I can.
- And what do you need, Lynae?
For them to not argue
all the damn time.
Mm, can you all do that?
It depends on the day.
I would love to increase the peace,
- but she be on some other shit.
- I don't be on no other shit.
I be on some real mature shit.
- But, like, what?
- Some other shit, like
- [CHERRY] Like paying the bills?
- Like
- Washing your dirty-ass drawers?
- [JAMAL] Shit like what
you know what you
doing all on the internet.
Washing your boney-ass T-shirts?
[CHERRY] Other shit like what?
Like what, Jamal?
Been paying the bills for ten years!
I am not her mother.
I don't give a fuck!
[JAMAL] But you've taken
on the role, have you not?
What kind of example
are you setting for my
- I've been providing for us.
- Providing what?
Providing what?
- Excuse you.
- Damn.
- My bad.
- Don't worry about it.
Mm, Kev.
You know what they say.
Best way to get over somebody.
- Know what I'm saying?
My bad, bro.
No, I think it's time
for us to have that talk.
Why? I've been fucking.
Yeah, that's the problem.
- Do we really have to do this?
- Yes, man, yes.
I can't have you out here
thinking sex don't matter.
It don't.
So Jemma don't matter to you?
- She different.
- Every woman's different.
Still means you need
to handle them with care.
- What you mean?
- What I mean?
What I mean is don't don't
just think about getting off.
All right?
Find out what they into,
you know, what they like.
Make sure y'all connected
on a deeper level,
not just the physical.
What you mean? Like
What I mean is make sure you
enjoy spending time with them
even when y'all not messing around.
- I get that.
- Yeah?
You gotta make sure
every time feels special.
- It's a lot, bro.
- It's a lot.
I know it's a lot. It's supposed to be.
This ain't no kid stuff.
- I feel you.
- Mm-hmm.
And look, bro, be careful.
Not just with your heart
but with hers too.
- Thanks for treating, Maisha.
- Of course.
It's okay for me
to treat you sometimes.
Peak queen behavior.
Why'd you feel the need
to plug your podcast
during my interview?
I just wanted folks to know
where they could hear from you.
Okay, I mean, I would have
used my IG handle first.
Oh, yeah,
but I thought you
wanted to lift me up too.
I do, but that was my time to shine.
So we can't shine together?
We can, and we do.
It's just I don't know.
Sometimes I want to shine on my own.
So you want me to be in your shadow?
It wasn't a problem
when I was in yours.
I don't want you in mine either.
- Great.
- Perfect.
Maybe, maybe we should be ♪
Maybe you should be ♪
You gonna be okay
for the rest of the night?
Yeah, Suede's coming over.
I like him.
[CHUCKLES] Me too.
Stay strong, okay?
Staying strong is fucking exhausting.
I've been doing that for Emmett,
for you, everybody.
When y'all gonna give me
permission to just be?
[VOICE BREAKING] 'Cause I'm tired.
I'm so tired of always
trying to make everybody else
feel better about my situation.
It's okay.
Shouldn't y'all be doing this for me?
It's okay. It's okay.
It's all right. It's all right.
I'm here.
[DRE] You've reached Dre.
Leave me one, and I'll get back to you.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- You shouldn't be.
I'm not gonna shame you
for doing what's natural.
Yeah, but I shouldn't have
been doing it in your house.
I've been caught doing more than you.
- What did you do?
- Kept it moving.
As long as you protect
yourself and you give consent,
I'm not gonna judge you.
Thank you.
[SIGHS] Your dad here.
Um, could we keep this between us?
I got you.
Nice home, lots of, uh, character.
Mm. Thank you.
Jemma and Jake really
enjoy spending time together.
I can see that.
I think she's a good influence on him.
- I'm sure she is.
- Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
See you at school.
- It was nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you.
I can tell you eat here a lot.
They give me a lot of free food.
- Was that meal free?
- Why, you can't afford it?
- No, I got you.
I just I hate spending money
on food.
I think I spend all my money on food.
That's why I learned how to cook.
- Who taught you?
- I taught myself.
While my teammates
were all blowing sponsor money
on dinners in Lincoln Park,
I was stacking up just in case
the NBA didn't pan out,
which, it didn't.
Before the baby, my whole life
was about running track.
Then I couldn't run anymore,
and everything got dark.
I didn't even know what my life was
I didn't even know what I was
supposed to do with my life.
What what got you through it?
Uh, I don't know
if I've gotten through it yet.
You don't have to be scared anymore.
I think a part of me
will always be scared.
It's okay. I, uh
I'll be a bit more mindful
of your personal space.
It's it's okay.
I want you to take
a deep breath on three.
Thank you.
I know a cupcake spot up the street.
I hope it's not one of those places
where it's more icing than cupcake.
It's got the perfect ratio, I promise.
I look a mess.
I ain't dyed my beard. [CHUCKLES]
I didn't think you was gonna come.
Roselyn said you were looking for me.
Uh, Community Protection's request
for a budgetary increase
was denied by the mayor's office.
Do you actually believe in any of this,
or do you just want me to fuck you?
That's what I thought.
No, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute.
[TIFF] Hey.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm so used to doing everything myself.
I didn't make space for you,
and that's all my bad.
I'm just trying to get
us what we're worth.
[TIFF] And I feel you on that.
Can I help you?
Yeah. Y'all the weed girls?
- Who's asking?
- I'm Hannibal's cousin.
He told me I could find y'all here.
- Yeah, we know him.
- Yeah.
What's up?
I'm looking to add edibles
to my inventory,
and I heard y'all got some good shit.
For a price.
I'm sure y'all wouldn't come cheap.
- No, we don't.
- Mm-mm.
So what you trying to do?
I'ma sell y'all's shit to my clientele
for a 10 percent share
of that School Haze
plus a little equity.
So we can broaden our buyers
and keep it in house.
Exactly. Plus, we Black-owned, baby.
- I like that.
- Sounds good to me.
[DOM] Everything sound good to you.
All right, I'ma need
some money for a office.
I got space I don't even use.
I got to come check it out first.
That can be arranged.
Okay. Might have a deal.
What you sipping on?
Ooh, I like you already.
You alone?
I am.
Is that how you want to be though?
You trying to keep me company?
I love me a woman that
know how to hold her liquor.
You want to get up out of here?
Warm my heart ♪
Say tonight will be just the start ♪
I love you here by me, baby ♪
You let my love fly freely ♪
I want you in my life ♪
For all time ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Caught up in the rapture of love ♪
Nothing else can compare ♪
When I feel the magic of you ♪
The feeling's always new ♪
Caught up in the rapture of you ♪
- Hey, babe.
- I tried calling you back.
I had to work late again.
I need a shower.
Bae, you can't keep checking out.
There's a lot of shit
going on right now,
and I need you.
Do you?
What are you talking about?
I saw you with Jada.
Stop lying.
Saw me with Jada?
Have you been following me?
Don't try to turn this
around on me, Dre.
Tell the truth.
Jada has can
[SOBS] Jada has cancer.
What? [SIGHS]
Oh, babe.
I'm sorry.
Fuck, fuck.
- [SOBS]
- I'm so sorry.
Now, Deuteronomy says that the guiding
of a child falls on the parents.
Malaysia, Gregory,
you've chosen to model
for your child a love of God.
Having freely come,
he shall walk in the abundant light
of Christ.
- Hey, girl.
- [GASPS] Hey!
Oh, my God, it's so good to see you.
You too. Congratulations.
I didn't know you
and Gregg was together.
Yes, girl. Engaged.
I'm so happy for you.
You know, I never thought
I wanted this for myself,
but I've never been more content.
You know, Gregg gets on
my nerves, but I love him.
He's a great dad.
Life's a little boring, but I like it.
That's beautiful.
Thank you. Hold on, wait.
- All right, I'ma see you soon.
- Okay.
- [PAPA] Hey, Kiesha.
- Hey, Papa.
Are you okay?
Don't worry, Moses' parents
sent him down the Nile
for his own protection,
and look who he grew up to be.
You okay?
- I don't know.
- What?
Maisha thinks I'm jealous of her.
- Are you?
- I don't know.
Maybe. Is that bad?
No. No, that's normal.
You just gotta work that shit out.
- Hey, we're in a church.
- I know.
Let me get out of here.
Everything's gonna be okay, Kiesha.
- I promise.
- Thanks, Papa.
Hey, I love you too.
- Shh, shh, shh.
All right, all right.
All right, calm down, shh.
[NINA] Yes, it is okay, shh.
[NINA] Okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
[SOFTLY] It's okay.
I can't get him to stop.
- Shh.
- You try turning on a vacuum?
My mom used to do it with us.
It would distract us from
whatever we were crying about.
- Is that safe for his ears?
- I still hear pretty good.
[NINA] There we are.
You give him a name yet?
Not yet.
I'm hoping it will come to me.
You want to hold him?
[NINA] Here you go.
I got it.
Grab my bag, man.
Just help me get to the car.
How come Roselyn ain't come get you?
Excuse us, could you give us a second?
Nah, no, no. She good.
But I don't I don't know
who to trust.
I need you out.
Trust ain't free no more.
I'ma need something in return.
Saw you at the corner of my heart ♪
[PAPA] Hey.
- We need to talk.
- We couldn't talk on FaceTime?
I've been thinking and praying.
We can't work together anymore.
Mixing business with pleasure
isn't good for for us.
I want to flourish
with my queen, not fight her.
Wait, that's it?
I think that's a great idea.
I actually think
we should take some space.
- Space?
- Yeah.
I don't know I don't know
if I want space.
Well, I do.
It's okay, just pull me back again ♪
I forgot what it's like ♪
to have my best friend ♪
Mama said you went on a little date.
- Damn.
- I can't do shit around here.
- I'm happy for you.
Just hope you fall in love, you know,
before he finds out how moody you are.
- Shut up.
I can't believe your ass hit a teacher.
It was an accident, for real.
I'm getting my shit together though.
I hope so.
[KEVIN] I got you something.
Figured you could still give it to him.
I ain't wrap it and shit, but
Thank you. [CHUCKLES]
No problem.
- Tiff.
- Yeah, baby?
- [EMMETT] Thank you.
- What'd I do?
Just being you.
[SIGHS] And being patient.
I know I've been a lot to deal with.
I'm scared.
What if my mama don't even get better?
You can't think like that. Okay?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- For better or worse.
- Open marriage or closed.
I held my baby today.
[CHRISTIAN] How was that?
Everything ♪
Could be different tomorrow ♪
Let's go to places we've never been ♪
Fly from London to Chicago ♪
Over, no, yeah, I
know it's a long way ♪
But the time flies when ♪
you're with somebody ♪
Who knows how to let go ♪
Knows how to party ♪
If you had all that ♪
When the mood feels right ♪
Thank you very much for being here.
- Mrs. Williams
- Can I say something first?
I haven't been my best self lately.
That's no excuse for my behavior.
Coming to North Side
has changed my life.
And I know what
a great opportunity this is,
and I promise I'll do better.
I want to apologize to Mr. Cooper
and my classmates.
I'll make it up to them.
Detentions, cleaning labs, I don't care
'cause I want to be here.
I want to be somebody
that y'all could be proud of.
Thank you for your words, Kevin.
I appreciate your apology
and your desire to
stay here at North Side.
Unfortunately, we have
a zero tolerance policy,
so even though we think
you have loads of potential,
it's going to have
to be realized elsewhere.
When you attend North Side,
you are a representative of North Side.
And right now, you don't represent us
in a way that feels positive.
So if I'm not perfect, I can't be here?
What if one of the white kids
accidentally hit a teacher, huh?
All right, Kevin. Let's go.
[DRE] Come on.
Hey, Ma.
I want my baby back.
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
You say it, the devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
Believe it, the devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
You say it now, uh, devil's a liar ♪
What you gonna do ♪
when you get out of prison? ♪
I'ma do like Malcolm,
find me a mosque ♪
Protect the queen ♪
like I do on the board ♪
If you take one of mines, ♪
I'ma take two of yours ♪
Feel a vibe, it's sonic, the tribe ♪
I don't even gotta talk ♪
We could do it with the signs ♪
Peace in the garage, ♪
and my teeth pointed sorry ♪
The founder of Chicago, ♪
he got Haiti in his blood ♪
Prodigy of the projects ♪
wearing a winter coat ♪
In the cold, a single ♪
mom raised seven boys ♪
So keep your head ♪
up like a Tupac anthem ♪
I'm blacker than a
Huey Newton jacket ♪
A scar face offs with the right shit ♪
If he want to defend ♪
the beasts at the pulpit ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
You say it, the devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
Believe it, the devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
Oh, the devil's a liar ♪
Devil's a liar, the devil's a liar ♪
Believe it, the devil's a liar ♪
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