The Chi (2018) s04e07 Episode Script

Black Messiah

[PERSON] Previously on The Chi
We want folks to stop calling 911
and start calling us.
The police want some shit to pop off
so they can act like
we need they asses.
Anybody got an issue,
we gonna handle it.
Why'd you feel the need to plug
your podcast during my interview?
I thought you wanted to lift me up too.
That was my time to shine.
I actually think
we should take some space.
I don't know if I want space.
Well, I do.
[IMANI] One of Nuck's girls
wanted me to help her.
Use this if you need to call me.
[TRIG] Did you give that to her?
They found her body over on Bishop.
Community protections request
for our budgetary increase was denied
by the mayor's office.
Do you actually believe in any of this,
or do you just want me to fuck you?
- You alone?
- I am.
[PERSON] You wanna get up outta here?
Hey, you can't keep checking out.
Stop lying.
I saw you with Jada. Tell the truth.
[SOBBING] Jada has cancer.
[DRE] The neighbors told me
they hear y'all fight a lot.
[CHERRY] Yeah, 'cause he been
out of work,
but I been doin' what
I gotta do to take care of us.
I just need her to stop showing
all her stuff on the Internet.
And what do you need, Lynae?
For them to not argue
all the damn time.
- [LYNAE] Excuse you.
[KEVIN] My bad.
Don't worry about it.
[JEMMA] We kissed.
[JAKE] You kissed me.
[JEMMA] So? You kissed me back.
- What we did wasn't cool.
- What happened to loyalty?
Man, you ain't always been loyal.
Jake, I always had your back.
You know that!
[JEMMA] You never have mine.
I-I'm not the same girl
you met last year.
I need something different.
- [KEVIN] Hey!
- What, nigga?!
- Don't call me that!
- [PERSON] Hey!
We have a zero tolerance policy.
So if I'm not perfect, I can't be here?
[NINA] Yes?
I want my baby back.
[WHISPERING] Mommy loves you.
I do.
How's he doing?
You know they don't stay that way.
What, Ma?
I didn't say anything.
You 'bout to.
You sure you wanna keep him?
You asking for me or for you?
Octavia was gonna
give that baby a good life.
And she still can
with somebody else's son,
not mine.
She said she understood
my decision, Ma.
What else she gonna say, Kiesha?
Well, why you trying
to guilt trip me right now?
I'm thinkin' about your future.
You think working in a thrift shop
for the rest of your life
is gonna make you happy?
No, but I'll figure it out.
Have you even started to ask yourself
the hard questions yet?
Like what?
Like how are you gonna
feel when that baby
starts to look like his father?
Really, Ma?
I just don't want you
to have any regrets.
You love me, right?
And you love that little boy?
Of course.
Then that's all that matters.
You know what you gonna name him?
Not yet.
It'll come to me.
So what, you come
to show face or somethin'?
[DOUDA] And? Is that a problem?
Nigga, we all know you still alive.
Open this door, man. Help me out here.
Come here.
'Sup, Mike?
Signs are a nice touch.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
That's all Tracy.
Y'all good?
You know, sometimes women
see an expiration date
when they ain't one.
Everybody's good with a gangster
when they gettin' what they want.
- And when they not?
They blame the mayor.
Well, you know that hole in your gut
says it's time to draw a line.
Nah, this hole in my gut
says I need better security.
Or you could stop fuckin' up.
[DOUDA] Hold on. Wait a minute.
You think I'm fuckin' up?
I think you bein' a nigga.
So what you gonna do now?
Get my defund plan passed
so that I can invest in more jobs.
You know, when too many people
got their back against the wall,
they do anything for money.
And Marcus's ass is on me
about this Olympic bid.
Yeah, you can do all that,
but this the first thing
we need to handle.
Yeah, that's why I'm here.
Nigga, it took you long enough.
- Okay, watch your mouth.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Y'all wanna sit for a little minute?
Nah, we good.
[DOUDA] This'll be quick.
I no longer need your services.
The fuck you just say?
I want this house empty by tomorrow.
- This my house!
- Shut the fuck up!
And that dead girl's blood
is gonna be on your hands.
Trig, come here for a minute.
Go handle your shit.
Losing my mind ♪
- On a Sunday afternoon ♪
I wonder what it's like to be you ♪
All that I touch turns to flames ♪
Turns to dust ♪
Do you feel things like I do? ♪
Uninvited ♪
Lightning in the thunder, see ♪
Try to fight it ♪
I just never land on my feet ♪
Maybe this is
something bigger than me ♪
Can't control the falling ♪
Trees don't make a sound ♪
If I gave you all my power ♪
Would you try ♪
To bring me down? ♪
Even in the comforts of home ♪
I never felt so alone ♪
Try to bring me down ♪
Dow-own ♪
Now what?
[IMANI] Well
we'll start by introducing ourselves.
And then what?
I don't know.
You know, I don't
like not having a plan.
We're not professionals.
We don't know how
to talk to these women.
Community protection is not just
breaking up street fights.
And talk to them just like
you would talk
to any other human being.
[WHISPERING] Okay, okay, okay.
- [DRE] Hey, baby.
- [NINA] Hey.
[DRE] We having some people over?
[NINA] Some people are coming over.
[DRE] For what?
[NINA] Apparently, they wanna
bring some stuff to Kiesha
for the baby.
Like a baby shower?
She don't wanna call it that.
Well, if a bunch of people
are coming over
to bring gifts for the baby,
then it's a baby shower.
Leave her alone.
I'm not saying nothin'.
[DRE] What's wrong?
[DRE] You sure?
Look, I get it.
You do?
I know how much you love Jada.
And she got me thinking
about my mortality too.
We can't really live if we're worryin'
how and when we gonna die.
Look, just know that I love you, okay?
And we gonna live every single second
of this thing called life.
You hear me?
Come here.
What you doin'?
Picking some clothes for the girls.
- I don't need all this shit.
- Mm-mm-mm.
You know Douda said
he was gonna look out.
- He better.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, look, I'ma
I'ma meet you there.
I gotta pull up on Cherry
and Jamal real quick.
Please don't come home
with another black eye.
Ah, they doin' better.
- Just checkin' in.
- Okay.
Hey, can I get some money?
- You can get a job.
- [JAKE] Come on, bro.
[TRIG] What would you
like the money for?
'Cause I'm trying to surprise Jemma
with tickets to the Spring Fling.
Oh, look at you, being all romantic.
How much are they, bro?
$45 apiece.
- Do you even know how to dance?
- Yeah.
I bet you don't know how to step.
No, 'cause I'm not 42. W
We can't listen to "Step In The
Name Of Love" no more anyway.
[TRIG] Aw, that's crazy.
Mad disrespectful.
Baby, let's show him how to dance.
You know? You see that?
- Ain't nobody twerking.
- [TRIG] Oh, nobody.
We're payin' attention to each other.
- Eye contact, eye contact.
- [IMANI] Eye contact.
I know who I'm talking to right now.
- Baby, what's my timing?
- Ooh!
Should I dip for him?
Should I dip for him?
- [TRIG] Bow!
- Bow, honey!
- You know, we come back around.
- [TRIG] Hold on, hold on.
- Come on in here.
- [IMANI] Come on. Come on.
- Come on. Get in there.
- [TRIG] That's what
- you gotta get goin'.
- One, two, and
[NINA] What's going on with you?
Hey, let the boy listen
to what he wants to listen to.
He ain't hurting nobody.
It's hurting my ears.
[DRE] Okay, leave him alone.
What, you mad 'cause Jemma
left you for your friend?
You need to stop thinking
of these little girls
as the end-all and the be-all.
You need to get your mind
focused on them books.
We just think it would be nice
if you could get back
into North Side Academy.
I'm good where I'm at.
[DRE] Nina.
- Dre.
- [DRE] Remember?
We said we would give the boy
more freedom.
Yeah, well, he starting to abuse it.
- Where you going, Kevin?
[KEVIN] To get a video game.
Babe, I think Kev is depressed.
Tell me something I don't know, Dre.
[EMMETT] Man, I hope this thing
is easier to put together
than it was to get it apart.
It's always harder to build something
than to take it apart.
We are talking about
this high chair, right?
[TIFF] You tell me.
I was thinkin'.
I do wanna focus more
on what we been buildin'.
That's why I wanna take you out
on a date tonight.
Actually, I gotta work.
Is that code for fucking Dante?
If I was fuckin' Dante,
I would've said that.
We was supposed to work this party,
but now Dom saying she can't go,
and I don't wanna lose this check.
What party?
It's a sex party.
Who party is it?
Rob needs somebody to sell edibles.
It's not our usual clientele,
but I think it could be lucrative.
I don't like you going
to no sex party without me.
You can come if you want.
Tch. Nah, I'm good.
[MUTTERING] I don't wanna go
to no sex party.
[ALL] Hey!
Congratulations, Mama.
[KIESHA] Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, we ain't having no more babies,
so we decided to give you
EJ's old stuff.
- [KIESHA] Thank you.
- [EMMETT] Yeah.
[TIFF] Ooh, y'all moved
into a bigger place.
[EMMETT] Damn.
Girl, you name that baby yet?
Not yet.
I know y'all got some suggestions.
- Whatcha think?
- Name that nigga Quavo!
[KIESHA] What? No.
[TIFF] I like Denzel.
[EMMETT] That's a little
too much to live up to.
- What you tryin' to say?
- I ain't tryin' to say nothing.
Boy, go make yourself useful
and put that high chair together.
- Where you want this?
- Come on, let's go.
[EMMETT] Dang, how do you
get this thing?
How you doing?
I been better.
How are you?
Mm, a little all over the place.
Just trying to figure out
how to be a good husband.
How's that workin' out for you?
Ah, depends on the day.
Um, not to be nosy or nothing,
but that ain't
That ain't just orange juice, is it?
What you think?
- I can pour you one.
- Come on.
You got some shit you tryin'
to forget, huh?
I can tell.
I know that look.
And what look is that?
Like your walls are caving in.
Like regret haunts you day and night.
You just wonderin' why you
ain't got the discipline
you need to live a normal life.
Boy, who you been talking to?
I I ain't been
I ain't been talking to nobody.
I just I just know that look.
Look, just-just come clean.
That's all that is. Just come clean.
You just lower your damn voice!
[DRE] What?
[BOTH] Nothin'.
Do you feel somethin' ♪
When you come touch me? ♪
Was that on accident ♪
Or was that on purpose? ♪
'Cause every time I ♪
Thank you.
[JAKE LAUGHS] What is you doing?
[PAPA] Look, I really messed up
with Maisha,
so I gotta come correct
with my apology.
You won't never catch me
doing no lame shit like this
to get back with a bitch.
[PAPA] You want me
to text that to Jemma?
Tss. Wow. It's like that?
You know I'm all about
following your heart,
but y'all ain't
have to do Kev like that.
It ain't my fault he corny.
I heard you takin' Jemma
to the Spring Fling.
That's messy.
I'm following my heart.
Just make sure she don't break it.
'Cause I know ♪
One day my brother's gon' be here ♪
Like Britney Spears ♪
Said you need some time ♪
It's time to face your fears ♪
I made this song instead of a letter ♪
Just so you could hear ♪
All right, folks, that's it for today.
We sold out.
We'll restock next week.
You serious?
You kidding me?
I been down here forever!
What's your name again?
Hey, um, I thought
they said those sold out.
I know the manager.
He knows to hold
one for me at the front.
Damn. Cool.
You th-you think you could
hook me up or something?
[LAUGHS] Nah, it don't work like that.
Come on, man.
Can I at least play with you?
You good?
Yeah. Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
[LYNAE] Come on.
You think I'm crazy for
taking my baby back?
[TIFF] No.
You need to do what's best for you.
I just wonder what people
be saying, you know?
Who cares?
Niggas always got something
to say about other people lives.
They need to mind the
business that pays them.
I know people judging me.
Even my own family.
Girl, I was your age when I had EJ,
and my family was not happy about it,
but they would've been really mad
if I gave the baby to somebody else.
Yet they don't babysit
unless I pay them.
- Damn.
- I know.
It's not always fun,
but I'm glad I had my baby.
I can't imagine my life without him.
When I was a young boy ♪
I had visions of fame ♪
They were wild, they were free ♪
And they were blessed with my name ♪
And then I grew older ♪
And I saw what's to see ♪
That the world is full of pain ♪
And my dreams, they left me ♪
And then I got stronger ♪
And tired of the pain ♪
That's when I picked up the pieces ♪
And I regained my name ♪
And I fought hard, y'all ♪
Hey, to call by my place ♪
What the fuck is you doin', shorty? ♪
And right now, you can ask me ♪
- And it all seems in vain ♪
Your dreams ain't easy ♪
Just stick by your claim, ♪
stick by your claim ♪
To go from boys to men, boys to men ♪
You must act like a man, ♪
you gotta act like a man ♪
When it gets hard, ♪
y'all when it gets hard ♪
You just grab what you know ♪
Grab what you know stand up tall ♪
And don't you fall ♪
And my background sing ♪
- You will know ♪
You will know ♪
You will ♪
You will know ♪
You will know ♪
You will know ♪
Yeah yeah ♪
And know you cryin' ♪
'Cause it's all ♪
I can feel the heavens ♪
cry when the rain drip ♪
Caught bleedin', ♪
there ain't nothing left to ♪
Fuck you banging on the door
like the motherfucking Feds for?
- Hey.
- [CHERRY] Jamal ain't here.
And as you can see, I'm working.
My fault. Um, y'all good?
I can't speak for him, but I'm fine.
Okay, well, um,
tell him to hit my line
if he still looking for a gig.
- All right.
- Okay.
Y'all got any more of them signs?
Yeah, yeah, um, I'll be right back.
You must act like a man ♪
When it gets hard, y'all ♪
Just grab what you know ♪
Stand up tall and don't you fall ♪
Come on and sing the song ♪
You will know ♪
Yeah-eah-eah-eah ♪
You will know ♪
You-ou-ou, you will know ♪
You will know ♪
Your mom don't care about you
going to a stranger's house?
I'm good.
They let me move how I want to, so
You got white parents or something?
Take the green line train
towards the loop.
Stand clear of the closing doors.
Doors closing.
[DRE] Oh, you didn't
have to do all of that.
Come on in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[JADA] I was gonna have them
put the baby's name on it,
but I didn't know it.
Octavia was gonna have
a naming ceremony
'cause apparently, in some cultures,
you're supposed to wait seven days
before you name the baby.
[NINA] Well, in my culture,
it's bad luck
if you wait too long
to give your baby a name.
[DRE] Oh, come on now
with all that superstition.
- [NINA] What about Job?
- [TIFF] Mm.
No, I told you I'm not
giving him no Biblical name.
You know Job is my mama's
favorite prophet.
[KIESHA] I don't care.
Well, you know names are important.
They help tell our story.
How'd you come up with the name Emmett?
I used to hear it all the
time when I was growing up.
I always knew I wanted to honor
that young man's life in some way,
so when I had a son,
it just came to me.
And when you name
your child for someone,
it's like your way of making sure
their legacy never dies.
Just make sure he can pass
the résumé test.
- That's all I ask.
No, no, because if somebody
don't wanna hire him
'cause of his name,
I don't want him working there anyway.
I just want him to have a good life.
- He will.
- [DRE] Yeah, especially 'cause
he got a whole village
looking out for him.
I love y'all.
[JADA] Aw.
[NINA] We love you too.
But remember, that is your baby.
[DRE] Oh, boy.
So even though we got your back,
it don't mean we gonna
always be your crutch.
I know, I know.
Now catch this.
What I gotta do all this for?
She's gonna say "yes."
It needs to be special.
Now, what's her love language?
[JAKE] Nigga, I don't know.
You better learn.
Hey, you can love a woman
as much as you want to,
but if you don't love them
the way they wanna be loved,
then it'll be a waste
of everybody's time.
I don't even know
what love languages are.
Quality time, physical touch,
acts of service, gifts,
and words of affirmation.
I think she likes gifts.
Don't just guess.
You gotta ask questions.
How you out here
giving relationship advice
and you just got dumped?
Look, just get her some flowers
and something sentimental.
You can't go wrong with that.
A'ight, Love Doctor. Thanks.
No problem, man.
- Hey.
- Hey, there.
so, uh, where y'all
put y'all plates at?
Ain't no plates.
[IMANI] It's okay. We can get some.
It's always some activist type
acting all light-skin,
making shit worse.
I'm just trying to help.
"I'm just trying to help."
Right, call yourself trying to help,
but you gonna have
a bitch out here homeless.
Ain't nobody gonna be homeless.
Well, I ain't going
to no fucking shelter.
The new ROCK center's not set up
for temporary housing yet,
but the breakfast
program is up and running.
Stop by and get a hot meal.
I talked to Tracy too.
There's one bed open
at the women's shelter,
but you gotta have a child under 12
and check in by six o'clock.
Real talk.
What's the point
of going somewhere else
where they just gonna tell us
when to come and go?
If you wanna call your family
or a friend to stay with,
you can use my cell phone.
I don't got nobody to stay with.
[QUIETLY] Let me talk to you.
So what we gonna do now?
I don't know.
[NINA] I'm just not ready
to be anybody's grandma.
I mean, I feel like
that's for somebody older.
But look at you
I see you sitting out here
serving face with this new haircut.
- Go ahead, cheekbones.
[JADA] I always wanted
to try it short, but
I thought my head was too funny shaped.
- [JADA] It is, but
life got a way of putting
things in perspective.
[NINA] Mm. Doesn't it?
Thank you for sharing Dre with me
while I go through chemo.
Of course, we're here for you.
And I'm happy to share her any time.
I really appreciate you understanding,
'cause I know if it
was me in your shoes,
I probably would've thought
something was goin' on between us.
That's crazy.
You didn't really think that, did you?
Jada, what was I supposed to think?
With her sending me to voicemail
sneaking around?
You know us.
Jada I think I made a mistake.
[JADA] What?
I cheated on Dre.
Have you told her?
What if I tell her and she leaves me?
Look, I-I've known Dre for a long time.
She's never run away from anything.
Never been to the West Side before.
I can tell.
[BOUNCER] What up, though? Good?
Hey, Miss Patti.
- You hungry?
- [LYNAE] Always.
Thank you.
[LYNAE] Don't be scared.
- [JIBRIL] Yo!
- [LYNAE] Yo.
[JIBRIL] You ready for me
to bust yo ass PBP?
I see you with the color!
Yeah, you know, I had to
switch it up a bit.
Look what I got.
[JIBRIL] Oh, shit!
Go ahead.
[TRIG] That's good.
We did the right thing, right?
But now what?
Now we just gotta convince
them that anywhere,
even a shelter, is better than here.
But what if it's not?
What you mean?
I mean, what if this is
where they need to be?
Now you talkin' crazy.
No, I'm saying
They've more than earned this house.
What if they stayed right here?
Baby, a broke down trap house
ain't the best place
to start a new chapter.
Well, let's make it one.
[WOMAN] She's right.
It don't gotta be a trap no more.
A bitch do know her way
around some drywall.
You see?
- Oh!
- [LYNAE] Yeah!
- Don't throw my controller.
- I thought you was gonna win.
I am. Watch this.
Boy, shut up.
You're literally trash.
Watch this. Watch this.
Shit, easy!
It's game right here.
- [KEVIN] Game right here.
- [LYNAE] It's not.
It's game right here.
- [SPECTATOR] What's up?
- Hey!
Hey, respect, little homie.
I thought I was the only
one who could beat her.
- Just start the game again.
Loser press restart.
They told me this used
to be Trinity's room.
Her spirit ain't left.
Hey. Hey.
- No, mama.
[WHISPERS] It's all right.
I just wish she was here to see this.
[TRIG] She can see it.
- It's all right.
I hope this place can be a sanctuary
for girls like her.
It will.
- Hey
what if we call it "Trinity House"?
I like that.
I-I gotta go. This is
This is Cherry and them again.
I-I'm sorry, I
It's okay.
Be safe.
I can't believe you beat me.
[LAUGHS] Why you sound so surprised?
You a little corny.
You don't know what I been through.
You're right. I don't.
Can tell you been
through some shit too.
Yeah. I have.
I got a drunk daddy
and a crazy-ass brother.
It was either him or foster care,
so I chose him.
Told you what I'd do if you
put your hands on my sister!
- [TRIG] No! Stop! Stop!
- [CHERRY] Fuck him up, Lance!
Fuck him up!
- Get the fuck up!
- Man, get off me, man!
Calm down, bro!
Look what she did to
my fucking face, man!
Y'all tweaking on me,
and I'm asking for help!
He bust his shit skateboarding!
I didn't do that shit!
Hey, stop. Get the fuck outta here.
Take a walk!
- You good?
- No the fuck I'm not.
Yo, we closed.
We closed!
I was hoping I could order something
from the secret menu?
[CHUCKLES] Thought you had work today.
I'm just picking up the cashboxes.
But the invitation still stands.
You know what? [GROANS]
I'll take it.
I'ma take it.
What made you change your mind?
I'm, uh,
I wanna get out of my comfort zone.
You never know.
You might see something you like.
We might like something together.
I don't know. We gonna see.
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like to hear me say it ♪
Can we throw it down again? ♪
Can we throw it down again? ♪
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like to hear me say it ♪
On the bed, on the floor ♪
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like to hear me say it ♪
Can we throw it down again? ♪
Can we throw it down again? ♪
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like to hear me say it ♪
On the bed, on the floor ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
You nervous?
If you love yourself, say,
"I know that I'm beautiful."
[CROWD] I know that I'm beautiful!
Welcome to the Swing Set.
Community agreements:
consent is key.
Ask to watch,
ask to touch,
- ask to escalate.
- Okay.
All the refreshments
are happy refreshments,
so go easy.
You can't give or get consent
when you're impaired.
Use protection
and let's have some fun!
[TIFF] You good?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I think I'll have
the double chocolate?
We gonna have to see some ID.
New rule: no one under 21.
Say less.
Can't you take a break a little later?
I'll come find you.
You may find me in one of these rooms.
No, I'm kidding.
I'm playing, I'm playing.
- Yeah.
- I'm playing.
Oh boy you get me high ♪
Oh boy you get me high ♪
Oh boy you get me high ♪
Oh boy you get me high ♪
oh boy you get me high ♪
Oh boy you get me high oh boy you ♪
I wanna know what y'all want ♪
I wanna know what y'all want ♪
I wanna know what y'all want ♪
I wanna know what y'all want ♪
I wanna know what y'all want ♪
Hey, how y'all doing?
A cis man don't initiate.
Wha what's that? Is that me?
You're dismissed.
Yeah, ca-can I watch?
- No.
- No.
Oh, okay. No means no. I get it.
It's a'ight, baby.
It's all good. Yeah, all right.
Hey, this crazy.
Ooh, you in trouble.
[DOMINATRIX] You like toys?
No, I don't need 'em. I'm good hey.
I'll try them.
[EMMETT] You gonna whip me?
I got, like, five minutes
left on my break,
and I still wanna try some toys.
- Oh, okay now.
- Come on.
[EMMETT] Okay now.
- [SNAP]
- Whoa!
You smoke?
How you say no To somebody ♪
that hate your decision ♪
I can't make nobody ♪
happy outside of myself ♪
Nigga listen ♪
Yeah, right? Gotta hold it in longer.
Okay, let me try.
Feel it ♪
For trying to say no to somebody ♪
That hates your decision ♪
I can't make nobody ♪
happy outside of myself ♪
- Like that?
- Yeah. Like that.
[KEVIN] So what you wanna be
when you grow up?
I don't know, you ask me
all these deep questions.
Look, I know what I wanna be.
I wanna be a chef.
Your food's gonna taste like trash,
just like how you play 2K.
Come on, man, stop playing. [CHUCKLES]
Who playin'?
You wanna go to the movies tomorrow?
You asking me on a date, nigga?
I just don't see you like that.
But we can still play
video games and shit.
Just hit me whenever.
[KEVIN] Taking the train?
Yeah. Don't worry about me. I got it.
I can come with you if you want me to.
No, it's fine.
Good night.
[KEVIN] Good night.
See ya.
Hey. This one's 25 milligrams.
The mango lemonade is 50.
And what do you taste like?
I'm not on the menu.
I wish you were.
Maybe next time.
Hmm. I hope so.
What's your name?
[EMMETT] Are you interested?
Quit playin'.
- Play too much.
- You want one?
- Yeah, let me get one.
What you trying to do in your room?
Whatever you want.
- Come on.
Wait, wait, wait. Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Oh, my goodness.
Would you go to the
Spring Fling with me?
I would love to.
Looking at me ♪
Looking at me or you ♪
Couldn't believe ♪
That I be acting superficial ♪
Man, I don't know ♪
But I know when it comes to you ♪
You don't even wanna take it to me ♪
I miss ♪
This is the idea ♪
The idea of love ♪
I just need a fix ♪
Don't think that I need you ♪
I need love ♪
It ain't you I ♪
[SABER] Looks like you came up.
Can I ask you something?
You single?
Five years this February.
What's your secret?
How do you maintain a connection
to your person while
still bouncing around
with all these other people?
Well, couples that play together
usually stay together.
Did you have fun tonight?
[EMMETT] Yeah.
Yeah, it was it was interesting.
Anything you wanna try?
Maybe if my lady can play
instead of work next time
- [TIFF] I feel that.
- [EMMETT] You know.
You wanna smack my ass every
now and then, that's cool,
but be gentle.
My mom used to whup my ass
when I was younger.
I might have PTSD.
Boy, I can smack that ass
as hard as I want to.
- [EMMETT] Mm. Is that right?
- Mm?
[EMMETT] Just don't put me
on a leash, though.
- Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
- No leash. I don't want that.
Mm-mm. No leash. [LAUGHS]
When I run out and drag you ♪
Drag you ♪
I start feeling down ♪
I start feeling ♪
When I get that drag up in my system ♪
I come back around ♪
I come back ♪
Oh, shit!
I start feeling down ♪
She fucked my face up,
but I gotta leave.
I hear you. Just..
Go somewhere and cool down, bro.
All right? Just come back tomorrow.
I catch you over again,
I'm gonna drop your ass.
Bro, come on, man.
Shut yo bitch ass up.
[CHERRY] Fuck him up, Lance.
[TRIG] Hey, come on, man, be smart.
This shit ain't worth it.
Cherry, please go back inside.
I'm not going nowhere.
- Talk that shit now.
- [TRIG] Lance
Shoot me then, nigga.
I don't give a fuck!
- [TRIG] Lance, Lance, Lance.
- We gonna kill you
in your sleep! You fuckin' dead, man!
Come on, come on, Lance, Lance, Lance.
- You a dead man!
- Lance, put the shit down, bro.
Put it down, man.
You know be
- [TRIG] You need to stop, man.
- Get off me!
[TRIG] Fuck!
- No!
- [TRIG] I'm sorry.
- Come on, Lance.
- No, please!
- [TRIG] Come on, man.
- Please, Lance, please!
Breathe, man. Come on.
Come on, man. Breathe.
Hey, baby. [CHUCKLES]
Look, I'm almost finished
putting this shit together.
[NINA] I'm scared.
Me too.
Just feels like every time
we're about to be back to normal,
our world gets turned
upside-down again.
I didn't mean to make
you feel like the bad guy.
What's wrong?
'Cause every time I try to touch you,
you pull away.
We need to talk.
What's up?
[WEEPING] I love you very much, Dre.
I was with somebody else.
You were what?
[SOFTLY] I was with somebody else.
What are you talking about,
you were with somebody else?
I'm sorry, Dre.
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no! [YELLS]
[MUFFLED] Please I didn't
[DRE] Are you serious?!
I'm sorry.
[CHERRY] Aah, no! Please!
- [TRIG] Come on, man.
- Please, Lance, please!
[TRIG] Lance, look at me. Lance!
- [CHERRY] No!
- [TRIG] Lance!
Please! Please!
Lance, please!
No! No!
[TRIG] Fuck!
[DOUDA] Hey.
How'd it go with the house?
[TRIG] If we don't do right
by those women,
they gonna end up back on the street.
We're giving them the house.
What's on your mind?
[TRIG] Nothing, man.
You know, if you got
some shit to say, say it.
You really trying to be
done with the police?
The police are trained to kill us.
Cage us.
Now, we might not have
all the answers by tomorrow,
but it's it's past goddamn time
we try something different.
Trying to protect my people, man.
It's taking a toll.
We need more help.
Yeah, and kicking the
cops out of the hood
ain't gonna solve everything.
It's-it's gonna take
us a little more time.
How we supposed to do that?
How we supposed to do that
when we not on the same page
with a lot of this shit?
Lotta Black folks still saying
they feel safer with police. How?
That's because Black folks
ain't a fucking monolith.
We don't have to be
on the same goddamn page
all the time, and that's okay.
They rocking with us
when we handing out groceries
and stopping street fights and shit.
But they gonna turn on us
if we keep losing people like tonight.
You're right. You're right.
Then you need to be more careful.
- [THUD]
[Disquieting music]
Help me!
[SCREAMING] Help me!
[RONNIE] You in there?
Welcome to the world, Ronnie.
- No, no, no.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, baby Ronnie.
Mommy's got you.
Mommy's here.
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