The Chi (2018) s04e08 Episode Script

Love Jones

What is you doing?
I really messed up with Maisha.
So I gotta come correct with my apology.
I heard you taking Jemma
to the Spring Fling.
It needs to be special.
Look, just get her some flowers
and something sentimental.
You can't go wrong with that.
A'ight, love doctor, thanks.
Oh, my goodness.
Would you go to the
Spring Fling with me?
I would love to.
- Hey. What's your name again?
- Lynae.
Can I at least play with you?
- You good?
- Watch this.
- Boy, shut up.
- This is game right here.
I can't believe you beat me.
Why do you sound so surprised?
Want to go to the movies tomorrow?
You asking me on a date, nigga?
- Maybe.
- Just hit me whenever.
We were supposed to work this sex party,
but now Dom's saying she can't go.
I don't like you going to
no sex party without me.
You can come if you want.
Welcome to the Swingset.
Let's have some fun!
Can I ask you something?
What's your secret?
Couples that play together
usually stay together.
- Did you have fun tonight?
- It was interesting.
Kiesha. It's good to see you.
it's been a minute.
Yeah. I had a lot going on.
What'd you have? Boy or girl?
A boy.
You know, names are important.
They help tell our story.
And when you name
your child for someone,
it's like your way of making
sure their legacy never dies.
Welcome to the world,
Ronnie. Mommy's here.
Oh, shit.
- Come on.
I was just gonna text you back.
You watching?
Oh, give me a second. Damn.
Our favorite part about to come up.
Our favorite part about
to come up. Hold on.
Okay, okay.
I got your address from the check.
He about to give her the CD.
down at the record store.
- There we go.
- Look, look, I know
- that wasn't very cool
- Ooh!
"I'm sorry to drop by like this.
But that CD you wanted
just came in the store."
Yeah. Yeah, give it to
her. Real playa shit.
Real playa shit.
- Thank you for telling me this was on.
- Of course.
I know you don't be
watchin' TV like that.
Yeah, but something about this movie,
it always makes me smile.
I needed that today.
Yeah. You all right?
Yeah. Just stressed.
I'm sure. Uh
I'm always here if you need me.
I know.
You ever wonder
if Nia and Larenz got
together in real life?
Nah, I never thought about that.
Come on, now, them sex
scenes look real as fuck.
Okay, boy, bye.
Hey, Lynae, um
just calling you back in case
you didn't get the first one.
Call me back whenever you can.
Don't be thirsty.
I'm not!
- Yeah, right.
- It's not funny.
Yes, it is.
Oh, so you saying I shouldn't
mess with Lynae no more?
I think you like her, but I also think
you're using her to take
your mind off of Jemma.
I'm just trying to, you
know, get out the friend zone.
Well, you do that by falling back.
Right. Question.
Out of me or Jake, who you picking?
- That's disgustin'.
- Now, come on.
Just act like I'm not
your brother or something.
I can't.
You just saying that
'cause you'd pick Jake.
- Y'all like bad boys. Okay.
- No. I don't.
Then why you ain't fuckin'
with that corny dude
that works at your job?
Okay, stay out my business.
Look, all I'm saying
is, don't tell me to act
like I don't give a
fuck when I give a fuck.
Well, sometimes girls like
dudes that don't give a fuck.
And that's your problem.
- Yo, where you at?
- Don't bark at me.
- You been drinkin'?
- I'm grown, Emmett.
You a little turnt. Look at you. Huh?
- Who that?
- Emmett. Emmett
Should I be quiet?
S should I be quiet?
Shh. Shh.
Man, this nigga is dumb.
I'll be home in the morning, okay?
No! No, you won't.
You bringin' your ass home tonight.
I can't drive.
I can drop you off, Tiff.
Nigga, I swear if you pull up on me,
I will body slam you and
take all your jewelry.
I'm too far to come home now.
If you don't get your
ass in a Lyft right now
I'll be home first thing
in the morning, I promise.
- Nah, fuck that. I'm comin' to get you.
- I said no!
- She said no, nigga!
- Shut
- You heard her, she said
- Stop, he can hear you.
Man, fuck the both of y'all.
Come 'ere.
Did he just hung up on me?
It's either that or his phone died.
- His phone ain't died.
- Huh?
And he got the nerve to be mad at me.
Well, if I was him, shit,
I woulda hung up on your ass too.
Look at this glorious queen.
Damn, Maisha looking good.
She always looked good. Don't
just give her compliments
'cause she got on some
makeup and a glossy filter.
She deserve your praise
whether she glammed up or not.
A'ight. Damn.
I said she look good.
Why you gettin' mad at me?
'Cause you simple, that's why.
She got some people hating
in the comments, though.
Man, niggas always gon' hate.
You think she seen 'em?
Of course.
I know Maisha be actin' tough,
but she really sensitive.
Then check on her. See how she doing.
You right.
Damn, Jake. Being with Jemma
got you bein' the man we
always knew you could be.
Man, whatever. This just me.
You better give that woman her credit
for making you a better man.
I'm the one doin' all the work.
But she gave you the
reason to wanna do it.
Man, I don't know what you
talking about right now.
Now, you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
You just don't wanna admit it.
- Bye, Papa.
- A'ight.
What's up?
You want some of this coffee?
- Yeah.
- I'm making grits, too.
- Oh, shit.
- You want some?
I got you.
Why you cookin' breakfast
with no shirt on?
Nigga was hungry.
But you usually ask me to
cook when you get hungry.
You wasn't here.
I got that, uh, extra
butter on the bread.
Cooked the eggs in bacon grease.
Figured you needed a
little hangover breakfast.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Take a hot shower first.
Let that steam, uh,
help get rid of some of
that alcohol in your system.
And help you keep your food down.
So, you not mad?
Look, you can get new
dick from anywhere.
But I'm the only one who
knows how to make your eggs
just how you like 'em.
And I know to let the butter get soft
before I spread it on the bread.
I also know you like your coffee
the same color as me.
So them other niggas
can sweat your perm out,
but I'm the only one
who knows how to do this.
Well, damn.
Want me to turn the shower on for you?
Nah. I got it.
Hey, Papa.
Hey, queen.
Don't call me that.
I'm gon' always call you that.
I don't always feel like one.
I don't always feel my best either.
Yeah, but a lotta people
ain't looking at you.
I got fans.
No, not like that.
I'm just sayin' women got
a lot more to deal with.
People just hating 'cause
you walking in your purpose.
You're a reflection of what
they wish they could be.
Wish they would get some therapy
and stay outta my comments.
You can't live a purposeful life
and not expect rocks
to be thrown at you.
That's not how it works.
- Who told you that?
- My dad.
Your daddy ain't always right,
but that do make some sense.
Either that, or people just trash.
I hope it's the former.
Me too.
I miss you, Maisha.
I miss you too.
But, uh, I still need
some time to myself.
Yeah. Yeah. Of course.
Just know I'm here if you need me.
I do not know why you spend all day
customizing some shit
you ain't gon' get.
Don't kill my dreams.
Look, I wouldn't if you
had some sorta income.
You told me to focus on school.
Yeah, and them Cs you bringing in here
means you ain't doing
what I told you to do.
- I'm trying.
- Yeah, well, try harder.
Did you work hard for your first car?
Nah, I stole that motherfucker.
Then why you in here telling
me to work hard for it?
Because I don't want you to be like me.
Look, I ain't trying to stunt.
I just wanna treat Jemma right.
You wanna treat Jemma right.
Well, you ain't do Kev right.
I'm always gonna tell
you to follow your heart,
but don't step on your
boy in the process.
How come you and Shaad
ain't cool no more?
Man, that nigga like my family.
Yeah, but when it came
down to him and Imani,
you chose Imani.
- She's my wife.
- Not yet.
You know what I mean.
All I'm sayin' is you in
here telling me to do shit
- you ain't even do yourself.
- Okay.
I'll talk to Shaad if you talk to Kev.
Tch. All right.
Let me know when you talk to Shaad.
All right. I will.
- What up, Kev?
- What's up?
This for me?
Mm-mm. You ain't got no money.
- Where Papa at?
- Why everybody always lookin' for him?
I should be the popular one.
You always dumping
your problems on folks.
Little bro come with solutions.
Wow. Really?
What you need help with, man?
I'm having some woman problems.
I need Papa to talk me
off the ledge real quick.
He beefing with Maisha right now,
so I don't know how
much help he gon' be.
What? Him and Maisha havin' issues?
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
I guess he's used to being the star,
and now he's in the
shadows, something like that.
- 'Kay.
- Why you need advice from us anyways?
- You grown-ass man.
- Love is hard.
I thought when you get older
love was supposed to be easy.
Oh, no. Who told you that lie?
Man, what you call me in so early for?
It slow as hell in here.
And whose food is this?
Look, I called you
in early 'cause I need
some relationship advice,
and this was, uh
my peace offering.
This ain't no peace offering.
I eat here for free anyway.
Could at least pay me
for my time and expertise.
Don't be tryin' to charge me when
your own house ain't in order.
Don't be puttin' my business
on the street like that.
I thought everybody knew, man.
Look, all I know is, I love my woman,
and I'm trying to get her back.
I want my woman back too.
Man, you got her.
Hey, y'all think I
should get Jemma back?
Yeah, yeah. Fight for your woman.
I think that's a lost cause, G.
All right, y'all, y'all keep
it real with me, all right?
In a fight, who you think
would win, me or Jake?
You know I don't believe in violence.
Jake does, so just, you
know what I'm saying,
be careful.
Just 'cause he got dreads
don't mean he violent.
I ain't talking about this man locs.
I'm talking about his family lineage.
He come from a long line of fighters.
That's all I'm saying.
- I ain't scared of him.
- Man, you should be. Shit.
Hey, I got a plan to
surprise Maisha, but
I need your help.
Yeah, man, I got you, anytime.
Yes. I knew I could count on you.
- Welcome back.
- Miss me?
What you think?
How's the baby doing?
He's not letting me
get much sleep, but
that's a good thing.
Just be careful.
I hear sleep deprivation
can cause hallucinations.
Yeah. Think I'm hallucinatin' right now.
Nah, this is real life.
You got a shitty job,
you just gave birth,
and you are madly in love with me.
I don't know about that last part.
Yeah, I'm still workin'
on that last part.
Well, I'm flattered, but the only person
I'm madly in love with is my son.
I get that.
Do you?
Yeah, you got a lot on your plate.
Yeah, a whole lot.
I'm not trying to add to it.
I just wanna take you
out for a couple hours,
get your mind off things.
You look like you could use a break.
- What you trying to say?
- You look gorgeous.
You also look like you need a break.
- You know I'm lactatin', right?
- Yeah.
I live with my mom, her
wife, and my little brother.
I know that too.
Okay, and I'm not lookin'
for a man to save me.
I don't think you
need a man to save you.
I just like spending time with you.
And it'd be nice to see you
outside of these 15-minute breaks.
Yeah, I guess that would be nice.
I'm down.
Thank you, Jesus.
Was you even pricin' this shit?
- Maisha.
- Boy.
Papa send you here?
You forget I used to date your ass,
so I know when you lying.
Okay, he sent me.
Wait, please.
Just give me two seconds, all right?
I did speak to Papa, but I've
been wanting to talk to you.
Come on.
I'm proud of you.
- Nigga.
- No, seriously, I am.
It's like ever since we
broke up, you done came up.
I been the shit. You
just couldn't see it.
Okay. Let's be clear. I
had a crush on you first.
And if it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't have the little
bit of swag you got now.
- I give you that.
- You ain't gotta give me shit.
That's the truth. I made
you step your game up.
'Kay. And I'm grateful.
As you should.
Jemma left me for my friend, so
I guess karma real, ain't it?
I wouldn't wish heartbreak on nobody
not even you.
You okay?
I guess so.
What you mean, "I guess so"?
I mean, I'm glad to be
getting so much love.
But, as you know, that
means hate gon' come with it.
First it was cool, but
now it's so depressing.
'Cause folks treating me different.
People acting all weird 'cause
I got a "few more followers."
All my friends are so used to me
being the sidekick that now,
when I'm in the front,
they don't know how to act.
Don't listen to none
of that shit, a'ight?
You shining right now. You earned it.
I appreciate that, but
You ain't gotta read these
negative-ass comments,
- Kev. Like
- I be looking at your comments.
Most folks are cool.
You right.
Okay. What you need me to do?
'Cause you ain't come
over here for nothing.
Oh, I need you to pull up to this party.
- Who all gon' be at the party?
- Don't worry about it.
Oh, my God.
Look, okay, to be honest,
between you and me,
I'm not trying to overshadow Papa.
- I know.
- But I'm not going to downplay
who I am to make him
feel comfortable either.
Nah. You know he wouldn't want that.
- I'll think about it.
- Cool.
And don't slam my door.
Thank y'all for coming to Smokey's.
Y'all have a good one.
- What up, Trig?
- What's up, G?
What's going on?
Aw, man, I can't call it.
Yeah? Well, what can I get you, bro?
Let me get, uh, two number threes
with fries, extra crispy.
And fries extra crispy.
Make sure-make sure
this one is extra crispy.
A'ight. Yo, but look,
I told you, you ain't
gotta pay for food.
And I told you I like supportin'
Black-owned businesses.
Bro, take my money.
A'ight. Tss.
No, for real, bro,
I-I really appreciate what
y'all doing for the community.
It feels good to be
appreciated by somebody.
You good?
Tryin' to be the best man I can be.
That's a lifelong journey.
Tell me about it.
My girl ain't come home last night.
And I woke up this morning,
tried to make her the best breakfast
on the planet, you know what I'm saying,
with hopes that she would
start stayin' home more often.
Did it work?
We'll see.
What you mean "we'll see"?
We trying this, uh, open marriage thing.
- Word?
- Yeah.
So, how's that working out for you?
It's not as dope as
I thought it would be.
I mean, what, you
basically get to fuck around
with whoever you want to, right?
Yeah, but so does she, and
she fucking a nigga with money.
I mean, Smokey's doing
okay, but I can't take her
on no trips or take her
to fancy restaurants.
Aw, come on, brother, listen.
You gon' lose if you
play by his rules, a'ight?
You got home-court
advantage. That's your girl.
You know her better than anybody.
Don't shit for her homeboy can't do.
I don't know, man. She
like expensive shit.
Man, fuck all that.
Spoil her with your heart.
It's gon' mean more. Trust me.
Appreciate it, man.
Thanks, bro.
Who was that?
That's my homie, from way back.
How far back?
Uh I went to middle school with her.
Y'all was talking for a while.
Oh my God, no we weren't.
Y'all used to talk or something?
We went together as kids.
Still counts.
Anything before 18 doesn't count.
My ex from high school was
always trying to fuck on me.
- Who?
- Don't worry about it.
Is he still trying to fuck you?
- He's married now.
- That don't mean shit.
I know you've been through a
lot, but you gotta trust me.
I'm not trying to hurt you.
What are you sorry for?
Accusing you of something you didn't do.
Oh, you don't gotta apologize for that.
If I were you, I wouldn't
trust people either.
Jemma, um
Hey, Kevin. What you doing here?
- I love you.
- Okay.
And, um, I know you
and Jake are together,
but I still want us to be together,
and I'm gonna keep fighting for you.
- Well, that's harassment.
- What?
When guys say things
like "I have to have you"
or "I'll never stop fighting for you"
or "I can't live without you,"
it's not romantic, it's harassment.
I just wanted to prove my love to you.
You've been trained
to think that fighting
for your woman is noble,
but the truth is, it's scary.
And I have the right to
leave you, even if it's messy.
And it was.
And for that, I'm sorry.
Hey, I'll always love you.
You were my first love.
But that doesn't mean you
have to be my forever love.
- You still love me?
- Of course I do.
Come with me to Papa's party.
I'm not coming with you to Papa's party.
- Aw, come on
- I'm not an accessory.
All right, then just meet me there.
Bye, Kevin.
Feel so much better now ♪
I got you figured out ♪
No longer stressing out ♪
On you ♪
Show me what you're about ♪
Now I don't have to doubt ♪
That's why I have to bounce ♪
Why you ain't use your key?
Sorry to drop by like this, but
I found that CD you was looking for.
Boy, what are you doin'? Like
The Isley Brothers CD.
That's that's the
one you wanted, right?
Oh my God. Are we
acting out Love Jones ?
Look at me. Look at me.
All right, hell, yeah,
come on, let's do it.
- Come on, I'm ready.
- I'll try to hold it together okay, okay.
All right, I'm Nia. Darius Lovehall.
Uh, I'll come pick you up
tomorrow, about 8:00, 8:15.
Call me when you on the way.
You got my number?
Yeah. I got your number.
- Okay, Larenz.
- Got him now.
- Hello?
- Dang, you ain't even let it ring good.
I've never been a fan
of playing it cool.
I'm not trying to make it seem
like I don't give a fuck when I do.
Oh, you just laying it all out, huh?
That's new to me.
Well, get used to this shit.
May I take you out on a real date?
Yes, you may. Where are we going?
Well, it wouldn't be a
surprise if I told you.
No, I don't like surprises.
All right. I can tell you.
No, no, no, no. I'll wait.
I was hoping you'd say that.
So, how'd it go with Jemma?
Well, I basically learned
that when a woman tells you
she doesn't want to be
in a relationship anymore,
you should listen.
Wait, so am I making a big mistake
trying to win back Maisha?
Look, man, I think
you just need to focus
on making the party
lit. When she pulls up,
just make sure she has a good time.
That settles it. I gotta
get the fog machine.
How's that gonna help?
'Cause she's gonna know
that I'm the type of guy
that cares about the details.
Oh, God.
I'm not gettin' on that thing.
Come on. I got ya.
I don't know.
Trust me.
Just hold on to me.
Let's tell everybody our
name is Darius and Nina.
- It is.
- Yeah.
My name Darius. What
yours Nina, right?
- Nina.
- Okay.
I said Nina.
Where's your motorcycle?
I ain't got money for all that.
Just get back in character.
Eh you definitely a perfect Nina,
'cause you getting on
my damn nerves already.
- Bring your ass.
- Shut up.
Just gonna go to New York?
- Huh?
- Shut up.
With some dude? It ain't like you got
- some ring on your finger
- You want me to go
- or nothing like that.
- to New York.
You know what I'm saying?
You got a old soul, huh?
You ain't gotta be old
to appreciate good music.
Here, listen to this
one. Reminds me of you.
And I'll say pretty memories
It's sexy.
It's also haunting and smooth.
I like it.
Me too.
Oh, shit.
What you know about that?
Please, my mama love some
good music to clean up to.
Mine too.
Every time I hear Anita Baker's voice,
I know that old vacuum
cleaner is gonna follow.
Why were they so loud, though?
I wanna buy this.
Well, what if I wanted to buy it?
Music and memories go hand in hand,
and this is a memory
I never wanna forget.
Why do I feel like I'm always
in an old cheesy rom-com with you?
- 'Cause I'm your leading man.
- Oh, is that right?
- Uh-huh.
- Okay.
See this bullshit?
Y'all know who that is?
Oh shit.
Where you where you at? Oh!
Um ha.
How are we supposed to enjoy the party
if we can't see each other?
I might have gone overboard
with the fog machine.
And why would you go
and buy a fog machine?
Love is in the details.
That's a detail you could have skipped.
And why ain't nobody in here?
I refused to let anybody
walk in until you did.
So usually you get the
party crackin' first,
so that way, when I walk
in, it's already lit.
Ah. See? That's why
I need you in my life,
'cause Kev don't know nothin'.
Damn, Papa.
Just let 'em in. Please.
I ain't been to a
comedy club in a minute.
I know.
Nigga, I thought you was
gonna take me bowling.
Tch. You just got your nails done.
Can we do Love and
Basketball next weekend?
Yo, what up, Black people?
How y'all doing?
Don't answer that. Nah, nah.
You know, when you ask
Black folks how they doing,
they always gotta give you
a real long-winded answer.
You know?
Niggas never say they just fine.
You know, "I'm good." Nah,
they always gotta tell you
about they bad-ass kids,
racist white people
- That's right.
- Sallie Mae.
You know?
Y'all look good tonight, though.
- Whoo!
- Yeah, yeah.
"Whoo" back to you.
"Whoo" back real good. How you doin'?
I see we got some couples out tonight.
Yeah. Couples came out.
But y'all gotta help me out.
Y'all really gotta help me out,
'cause I don't know why
dudes think it's romantic
to bring your girl to a comedy club.
For real.
My brother, comics ain't shit, okay?
All we do is just stand
up here thinking about all
the freaky shit we
want to do to your girl.
- Nah, nah. Hell nah, hell nah.
- You know?
The more she laughs at my jokes,
the wetter she gettin'.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
Hey, it's just like,
when she goes home to
have drunk sex with you,
you know she thinkin'
of my trifling ass.
Ain't that right?
- Nah, nah.
- No? Come on.
Ain't that right my love?
Mm? Huh? Why you looking?
I see you lookin'. You ain't slick.
Hey, hey look at these two, y'all.
Look at these two. My brother, be real.
I know niggas be after your girlfriend.
Oh no, this is my wife right here.
- This is my wife.
- Oh, this is your
- oh, okay!
- Yeah.
Okay, wow. O you know, look
This is my wife.
How long-how long y'all been married?
11 months.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Y'all going through it, ain't you?
- No, no, we good.
- Mm-mm.
You a lie and a half, bro.
Look, I've been through
three marriages, a'ight?
And I ain't make it out the first year.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
- My man.
- Yeah, the cause was
my wives love fuckin' other people.
So I had to learn how to fuck myself.
Mm-hmm. But it's okay.
I'm better now, all right? I'm stronger.
Okay, what's-what's-what's
your lady name?
- H her name is Tiff.
- Tiff.
Tiff, you want to
link up after the show,
tell me how good he is?
- Nah.
- Uh-uh.
- Nah, she good, bro.
- Oh! Oh, okay.
- Yeah, she good.
- Well, we'll see.
Yeah, let me know.
I'm a bad chick, bad as it get ♪
Rubies on my earlobe ♪
Strobe lights, see my neck glow ♪
When my eyes hit the sunlight ♪
Shades on, 'cause it's so bright ♪
Paper high as a skyscraper ♪
Let me go talk to Kev right quick.
Hey. Why you lookin' like
somebody stole your bike?
I was hopin' Jemma would be here by now.
Did she say she was coming?
She was still on the fence when I left.
You gotta keep hope alive.
Four wheels, better mine don't flip ♪
I'm a bad chick, bad as it get ♪
Hey, uh
who's that dude, uh,
dancing with Maisha?
I dunno. But I'm about to find out.
- Nah, man, just let her be.
- I will.
Right after I introduce myself.
I'm a bad chick, bad as it get ♪
You got business with my lady?
- My bad.
- Yeah, it is your bad, bro.
Papa, I am not your lady no more.
You made this party for me, right?
Yeah, but you just can't be dancing
Then let me enjoy it.
That's all I know I know, I know ♪
My bad.
Nascar in traffic
Vroom, vroom get past it ♪
I'm a bad chick, bad as it get ♪
I'm a bad chick, bad as it get ♪
I'm a bad chick, bad as it get ♪
See, this is some bullshit.
Man, remember what I said.
You gotta give women they space
so they can find time to find
their own happiness, you know?
Since when did you become the preacher?
Learned from the best.
She coming. Act cool, act cool.
I don't need you to save
me all the time, Papa.
I know.
Do you?
Look, I'm still learning.
Yeah, w we're still learning. Ha.
Thanks for all this, though.
It means a lot.
Some of y'all need that
She just want a nigga
who gon' treat her
I'll be right back.
Wanna dance?
'Cause my little brother
Charlie couldn't fight ♪
And fightin' the owners
scare a flight into Miami ♪
Spend a night with promoters ♪
Who's been at the throne
after refusin' my leverage ♪
While you walk around
rappers is playin' ♪
Musical stretchers,
my niggas out Vegas ♪
I know there's more to be finished ♪
I know my mama watched ♪
Who you texting?
My roommate.
I trust you.
Why must we always be strong?
Why must we always be resilient?
Why must we always be the phoenix
that rises from the ashes?
Why must we always smile
and turn the other cheek?
Why do we always run
away from what scares us?
Why can't we run toward
it and claim it as our own
and never allow it to control us again?
Why must success always
come with punishment?
Why do we spend our lives fighting
to save everyone we love
while allowing ourselves
to drown in their
hopes and expectations?
What's wrong? W what do you need?
Just some air.
Is it is it okay for me to hug you?
I got you.
Wanna go home?
She's got that cornbread ♪
Thick on the side ♪
Jiffy don't know what happened ♪
God turned her into
some sweet potato pie ♪
Got so thick it made her happy ♪
Got so thick it made
the peanut butter cry ♪
She probably got it from her mammy ♪
Ain't no telling where
she got it from, yeah ♪
Whole family body banging ♪
Why you keep lookin' over there?
Over where?
At Kevin and that girl?
I'm not looking at them.
Her table manners
never match her heels ♪
Kissing pavement with
a switch in her hips ♪
And her curved outline ♪
Matches her French tips, yeah ♪
'Cause she got it,
she got it, got it ♪
Mama raised her right, yes she did ♪
But she ain't gonna hesitate ♪
To work that thing, yes, she will ♪
If you trying to be her man ♪
You better close the deal, yeah ♪
Pure niceness.
Oh na na na na na na ♪
Make me shout I wanna
go all night yeah ♪
Oh la la la la la ♪
Dim down the lights real low girl ♪
Blllll, pretty girl,
I want you come around ♪
Bllll, like a quaker
mean she shake the ground ♪
And catch it, flash it ♪
Paparazzi lens ♪
Girl is hotter than the
desert she was surfing ♪
Oh na na na na na na ♪
Made me shout I wanna
go all night girl ♪
Oh la la la la la ♪
Turn down the lights real low girl ♪
- Thank you for tonight.
- Course.
Sorry that comic tried to play you.
Man, fuck him.
Nah, but seriously.
Tonight has been beautiful.
What you mean "has
been"? We ain't done yet.
- Oh?
- Mm-mm.
Not yet.
- Ooh!
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Let's do some things ♪
You want something?
I can do the things ♪
That you want me to ♪
Baby let's do some things ♪
That you wanna do ♪
So maybe we should do some things ♪
'Cause we ain't got time to lose ♪
I always knew you wasn't shit.
Excuse me?
Why you got Kevin and Jake
fightin' over you like this?
I didn't make them fight over me.
Mm. But you didn't choose
to tell them to stop, either.
Look, I can't tell them what to do.
No, but you can make a decision.
I have.
Have you?
All right.
Can I have everybody's
attention, please?
It'll only take one moment.
All right, I'm gonna
try to make this quick.
All right, um, I just
want to take a second
and thank everybody for comin' out.
I just wanted to take a moment
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Look, I'm sorry, a'right?
- Yeah, you should be.
What you want me to do?
Look, when I said get a girlfriend,
I didn't mean mine.
So I think it's just time
Look, my bad, bro.
Not just in private, but in public.
I just want her to be happy.
I don't want no pain to come to her.
Especially from you.
It won't. I promise.
Maisha is a queen. Always has been.
I'm just glad y'all finally catching up.
As they should.
She's really special
and will always have
a special place in my heart.
And tonight, I'm glad
we get to celebrate her
and this amazing accomplishment.
So Maisha, come up here
and receive your flowers.
Let me take a picture of you.
No. I I don't like taking pictures.
No I'll make you
look good, I promise.
Just trust me.
Thanks for the party, Papa.
You know I'm always
down to celebrate you.
But I just I gotta learn
how to celebrate myself.
- You already do.
- No, I don't.
What you mean?
I mean, I appreciate
people lifting me up
and telling me I'm the
shit and everything,
but I don't always feel like that.
I mean, just because I look
confident don't mean I am.
What can I do to make you
feel as good as you look?
Nothing. You can't change everything.
So I'm 'posed to just
stand by while you suffer?
I just need you to be there for me.
I can't just do nothing.
Well, looks like you gotta learn.
Thanks. I I appreciate that feedback.
You know I'm always
gon' tell you the truth.
I know.
Where's your girl?
That's not my girl.
That's not what it looked like.
It was just dancing.
Well, y'all was dancing a lot.
So were you and Jake.
Were you jealous?
Of course.
Were you?
Yeah. I was.
Guess it'll always be weird seeing
each other with other people, huh?
I'm sure it's really hard
for you to see me with Jake.
It is.
I'm sorry, Kevin. We both are.
Nah, y'all y'all good.
I just want to see y'all happy.
If y'all break up, don't
be crawling back to me,
'cause I won't be waiting.
Well, I'm sure you
won't be waiting alone.
Thank you for tonight.
I I really needed that.
I hope we can do it again real soon.
Why we outside?
Baby, you don't remember this?
- No.
- It's where we met.
- We did?
- Yeah, we met at The Taste.
You was with your girls, and
I was trying to get at you.
Oh yeah.
But, nigga, it was warm then, okay?
- Yeah.
- Less
Boy, if you don't get
up We already married.
Yeah, I know. I know that.
But I wanted to upgrade your ring.
Oh. It's so beautiful.
Tiff, I love you.
And I know I done fucked up a lot.
But I wanna spend the
rest of my life with you.
And only you.
Oh, baby.
I don't want to be open no more.
I want it to just be us again.
But I like our new arrangement.
I thought us being open would
be like this dream come true.
Uh the truth is,
when I'm fucking all these other women,
all I can think about is you.
But I like but I just like having
a little variety in my life.
I can give you variety.
I can roleplay.
I can switch it up in the bedroom.
- Whatever you need.
- I like not having to worry
about you cheating on me all the time.
If we close up our marriage,
I I promise I will
never cheat on you again.
- I heard that before, Emmett.
- And I mean it this time.
You have the worst
timing, you know that?
Look, I love you.
And that's urgent like a motherfucker.
We're not in a movie,
Emmett. This is real life.
If you wanna keep being open then,
I don't know if I wanna
be married to you no more.
Are you serious?
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