The Chi (2018) s04e09 Episode Script

Southside with You

- Previously on The Chi
[LAVERNE] You ruined my life.
Now I'm taking yours.
- [DOUDA] It was Brandon's mom.
- Did you kill him?
- I had to.
- Why?
Because he had started
talking to the Feds.
Nigga, why don't you mind your business,
and I'll take care of mine.
You wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for me.
I don't owe you shit.
You're the one.
Everyone keeps telling
me to listen to my gut.
My gut keeps telling me it's you.
I want my baby back.
Okay, and I'm not looking
for a man to save me.
I don't think you
need a man to save you.
I just like spending time with you.
Yeah, I guess that would be nice.
I don't want to be open no more.
I want it to just be us again.
When I'm fucking all these other women,
all I can think about is you.
But I just like having a
little variety in my life.
Look, I love you.
And that's urgent like a motherfucker.
We're not in a movie, Emmett.
If you wanna keep being open, then
I don't know if I want to
be married to you no more.
You got business with my lady?
My bad.
Papa, I am not your lady no more.
You made this party for me, right?
- Yeah, but you just can't
- Then let me enjoy it.
Would you go to the
Spring Fling with me?
I would love to. [CHUCKLES]
- Look, I'm sorry, all right?
- Yeah, you should be.
Look, when I said get a girlfriend,
I didn't mean mine.
I guess it'll always be weird
seeing each other
with other people, huh?
I'm sorry, Kevin.
If y'all break up, don't
be crawling back to me,
'cause I won't be waiting.
Want to go to the movies tomorrow?
You asking me on a date, nigga?
I just don't see you like that.
[SCOFFS] Right.
[LIP-SYNCING] I'm rolling
down a lonely highway ♪
I'm asking God to please forgive me ♪
For messing up the
best thing He gave to me ♪
I see ♪
Everything clearer now ♪
[LIP-SYNCING] The night's as black as ♪
- Black as it's ever been ♪
- Ooh ♪
Without my girl, I'ma lose it ♪
And I pray that He just
sheds His grace on me ♪
I need ♪
Just to be back with my baby ♪
It feels like I've damn
near thrown my life away ♪
I'm scared just like a
child that's lost at seven ♪
See, my mama told me ♪
- That if it's meant to be ♪
She'll come back,
and she'll forgive me ♪
And the best thing I can do ♪
Is to just let her, let
her go, I know, I know ♪
- Turn that shit down!
But if I continue to push ♪
She'll just pull away ♪
And I know that in my
heart, it's a reality ♪
I didn't treat her like
she wanted to be treated ♪
And I hope that she's
not gone for good ♪
Feels like I've damn
near thrown my life away ♪
Then she got the nerve to say,
"This ain't a movie, Emmett."
- [SHAY] How come you ain't do
that type of shit for
me when we was together?
This ain't about you right now, Shay.
Well, I don't blame her. I
be sick of your shit, too.
How come nobody ain't never on my side?
'Cause you be in the wrong.
But I owned it. I told her the truth.
I wanted to do right by her.
Yeah, and sometimes it be too late.
- You think it's over for us?
- [SHAY] Nigga, I don't know.
Look, I got my own shit
to worry about, okay?
You done put Tiff through
so much shit over the years,
the least you could do
is let her have some fun.
I got the right to
change my mind, though.
Yeah, and so does she.
- Where Devonte at?
- With my mama.
Why you ain't tell
me my son wasn't here?
'Cause you texted me 20 minutes ago.
And I got a date.
With who?
You don't know him.
- Y'all serious?
If he act right, we will be.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, he treating you right?
He treating me way better than you did.
I set a low bar.
- Ooh.
Nah, he a good dude.
And he's so good to my baby.
Our baby.
You looking good, girl.
[CHUCKLES] Don't even think about it.
- Please. I ain't even on that.
- Since when?
Since I been trying to get my wife back.
Well, she love your ass,
so just give her some time.
- How much time?
- [SHAY] However long she needs.
Give this to Jada. Tell
her I'm praying for her.
How you feelin'?
[DOUDA] I'm on the mend.
I see that.
They say the best way
to appreciate your life
is to come close to losing it.
Could've died up there.
Saw my life flash before my eyes.
What'd you see?
All the bridges I've burned
and all the people I've lost.
Like I been trying to prove
something to myself my whole life.
[TRIG] Like what?
That I'm a good person.
Are you?
Time will tell.
[SIGHS] I don't have much of a family.
And I've done a lot for yours.
I know.
I was hoping that I
could be a part of it.
What you mean?
Jake is the closest I've
come to having a son.
He's not your son.
Well, I'm responsible
for looking after him.
Not anymore.
I think that he could
from both of us being in his life.
Have you seen the paper?
- We lost the bid.
- So the fuck what?
This was your chance
to do something iconic,
and you let it slip through your fingers
because you got distracted.
You know what? This
was your play, not mine.
Do you know what the Olympics
could have done for us?
Mm-hmm. It would've
given me a headache.
Camille would've gotten behind this.
Well, Camille's not here.
I am.
Get the fuck outta my office.
Fuck you, Otis.
[TRIG] Yo, Marcus.
[DOUDA] Trig, we're
not finished here, bro.
[TRIG] Marcus.
I know we don't see eye to eye,
but I can't do this without you, bro.
[MARCUS] You seem to be doing just fine.
Ever since Roselyn left,
he's been all over the place.
He's always been all over the place.
Okay, okay, look,
the community is finally
starting to trust us.
All right? I don't wanna risk
him doing something crazy.
He doesn't care about the community.
Don't you get that?
He's just looking for redemption.
[SCOFFS] He ain't Superman.
He's just a nigga in a suit.
- Man, people can change.
- No.
- They can't.
Get the fuck outta here, then.
If you wanna protect your
community from someone
it should be him.
Ain't this a bitch?
Twin love ♪
I know you feel mixed up ♪
You're running from a mirror ♪
Why don't you come nearer? ♪
I know it's never the right time ♪
Right time ♪
I'm looking at the stop signs ♪
While I'm looking at the night sky ♪
Night sky ♪
Stay looking in your eyes ♪
Don't run ♪
I can't wait ♪
Till I feel your warm embrace ♪
Find it hard to concentrate ♪
I'll regret you someday ♪
The planets came around ♪
The planets came around ♪
The sun is going down ♪
I can see it going down ♪
- The moon is on the run ♪
The moon is on the run
- [EMMETT] Ma.
- [JADA] Hmm?
Why you ain't tell me
the elevator was broke?
[JADA] 'Cause you don't live here.
I'm gonna call the
landlord, get it fixed.
- How you feeling?
- Okay.
You know, I saw, uh, Shay today.
She wanted me to give you this.
- Oh, how's she doin'?
- [EMMETT] She good.
She, uh, got a new man.
- Oh, good for her.
- Yeah.
She got, uh, Devonte in karate.
Oh, good.
She needs to put him in swim class, too.
Yeah, I'll tell her.
You know, we had a
a heart-to-heart today.
It was
it was nice.
I thought I'd never see the day.
- Me neither. Me neither.
I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, Ma.
Oh, I got to head off to work.
Just call me if you need me, all right?
[JADA] Okay. I'll call
you if Suede don't answer.
Ooh, what?
- I'm sorry. I didn't hear that.
I'm still your number one. Don't forget.
- Oh.
- Hmm?
Boy, go on somewhere. Go somewhere!
[EMMETT] Later.
I'll talk to you later. Love you, too.
To concentrate ♪
I'll regret you someday ♪
- The planets came around ♪
- The planets came around ♪
[DOUDA] Don't worry.
- This will all blow over.
Will it?
People always gonna come
for a nigga with vision.
And what is that vision exactly?
A Black utopia
a world where we can invest
in our own businesses,
where we don't have to
worry about making ends meet,
because everybody has a job.
And we never have to
run from the police.
Okay, and
what about your other constituents?
What about them?
You got to be the people's mayor
if you want any of this shit to work.
Don't let Marcus in your head.
No, he's not. This is me talkin'.
I could be better about
reaching across the aisle.
Yes, you can.
What are you trying to say?
You can't fix the system if
you don't know how it works.
I'm learning as I go.
I can see that, bro. I
You know what? You
need a change of pace.
I think it's time that you
graduated from the block.
I could use somebody like
you in my administration.
I'm not wearing no fuckin' suit.
Well, how about a shirt with a collar?
How's Jake?
- Growing up too fast.
- Mm-hmm.
He's takin' Jemma out to
some dance tomorrow night.
I thought she was Kevin's girl.
- Not anymore.
And what does Marcus think
about our little man
dating his daughter?
I don't think he's too happy about it.
Yeah. Of course not.
That light-skinned motherfucker
think he's better than us.
I can lend Jake the car, if he needs it.
Nah. I I'll take care of it.
Just let me know if
you change your mind.
I can't go on a date ♪
This used to be my shit back in the day.
I put you on to this.
Girl, what you got
cancer and amnesia?
- Whatever.
Hey, can you believe
that we both datin'
some young tenderonis?
Please. Your 'roni's younger than mine.
Please. Yours used to play
touch football with our son.
Yours used to fuck our son.
- Don't remind me.
You remember when we was they age?
Eh, barely.
- We was a hot damn mess.
Speak for yourself.
- I'm mainly speaking for you.
All right, look, I got my flaws.
Uh-huh, I know.
And you ain't perfect either.
But I practically raised
our son by myself, so
Yeah, you right.
I wasn't around the way
I should have been, but
I'm here now.
Yeah, you are.
And I'm really glad you have
more of a presence in our lives.
Me too.
I realized how much I needed y'all.
Mm. We needed you, too.
[SCOFFS] Don't get me
all emotional up in here.
It's okay to be emotional, Darnell.
I ain't got time for that.
You better start makin' time.
[SCOFFS] You know, for a long time
I couldn't stand you.
Yeah, I know.
But over this past year,
you really shown me a different side.
I want you to know, I
never meant to hurt you.
I just, uh
ain't know no better.
I know that now.
I love you, Jada.
I love you, too, D.
did we fuck that boy up.
[JADA] Mm, probably a little bit.
I think he gonna be okay.
- [DARNELL] Yeah.
- [JADA] Look.
Yeah, I'm really proud of him.
He tryin' to get his thing together.
You think that marriage gonna work?
Shit. Mm-mm-mm. What you think?
That Tiff a little too hot to trot.
She a saint compared to Emmett.
- [LAUGHING] You right.
- Oh, my God.
You right.
Oh, hey, you need anything?
Mm. Oh, yeah.
Oh, oh, the dogs.
- Ah!
- I need a foot rub. Please.
Girl, you better get on outta here,
get your masseuse boyfriend out here.
Come on, he ain't around. You are.
Well, Jada, you really
workin' this cancer thing.
[DARNELL] Let me Ah!
[PERSON] Come on, move it along.
[PERSON 2] Why's there
only one register open?
Hey, can I get a little help?
How you gonna be the
new assistant manager
if you can't handle
the after-school rush?
[SIGHS] My mind's still on Maisha.
You wanna earn that promotion,
- you better focus, bro.
- Can I please have my change?
What you so smiley about?
- Do I need a reason?
- I I guess not, but
Ah, you got a new nigga, don't you?
- Yeah.
- You don't know my life.
- Who is he?
- We work together.
All right, I knew it. I knew it.
At least he got a job. [CHUCKLES]
- What you doing?
- Check this out.
Oh, shit. Y'all about to buy a house?
[INHALES SHARPLY] I don't know yet.
Can you, uh, come by
with me, look at it?
Not today. Tomorrow.
All right. For sure.
Uh, Papa, let me get Kiesha a plate.
You better come back
here and get it yo'self.
What's up with you?
This little nigga talkin' crazy.
[PERSON] Hey, man,
you got to pack it up.
You got a whole line comin' in.
How you doing, Papa?
You know, just trying to maintain.
I feel you.
[PERSON] Hey, is that
my food over there?
Can I have it, please?
Uh ha. Sorry.
[JEMMA] Okay, so I still
need to get a manicure,
finish up my paper on
the Harlem Renaissance,
and order my dad a birthday gift.
And that's not easy,
because he doesn't like gifts
and he doesn't need anything.
- Jake.
- Yeah.
What did I just say?
Tell me what I just said.
- Uh
Who that?
Don't try to change the subject.
- Oh you givin' me the truck?
- [TRIG] Nah.
I'm letting you borrow it for the night.
You, uh, you need me
to repeat what you said?
- Yes.
- Too bad. I wasn't listenin'.
Ooh, we about to fuck
'em up with this one.
Hey, just remember if you damage it,
you gonna find a way to pay for it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got
you. All that, all that.
Boy, I'm about to
- A little help?
- [KEVIN] I don't work here.
Gas ♪
Gas ♪
Gas ♪
Gas ♪
- Trig know you got his car?
- Yeah.
He the one that gave me the keys.
[KEVIN] Shit!
Ah here.
- [KEVIN] Where the lighter?
- You know I got you.
Yeah, I'm gonna need y'all
to crack these windows
'cause my dad is gonna kill me
if I come home smellin' like weed.
[JAKE] Man, I got you, I got you.
[PAPA] Thank you.
[JAKE] No problem. No problem.
No commercial, though ♪
Money talks and talk is cheap ♪
So Trig just lettin'
you drive his car around?
Nah, he said I can borrow it
to take Jemma to the Spring Fling.
Know they tryin' to catch me slippin' ♪
I'm observin', though ♪
I'm in hell, and while I light ♪
It ain't burnin', though ♪
Look, man, if you're
takin' Jemma in this shit,
gotta at least get it fixed up.
Yeah. It do kinda smell like
cigarettes and ass up in here.
- Man, both of y'all shut up.
Well, I'm gettin' too high.
I gotta get out of here.
- All right.
- Hold on, Papa.
I'm comin' with you.
- Yo. We good?
Guess so.
Gas, gas for a smoke ♪
- Just get this washed, man.
- It's pathetic.
- All right, man, I got you.
[KEVIN] A'ight.
Gas ♪
Gas, yo ♪
[MARCUS] I'm not happy
with your SAT scores.
You have to work harder.
I don't care about my SAT scores.
Well, that's obvious.
I just don't know if any of
that stuff matters anymore.
It does if you wanna get
into an Ivy League school.
I don't know if I wanna
go to a Ivy League school.
That's all you used to talk about.
Yeah, well, I'm getting older now.
I'm startin' to see things differently.
And whose influence is that?
Ever since you started
hanging around with Jake
Here we go.
Don't talk to me like I'm one of
your little friends, because I'm not.
Look, when your mother
and I got divorced
and I got full custody,
I promised her
That you would look out for me.
I know. And you have.
I just don't want you
thinking that I have to go
to a Ivy League school
and get a corporate job
so you can call yourself a good parent.
It's my job to take care a you.
Not control me.
Just be careful of the
company you keep, okay?
I could say the same thing to you.
Ah. Ha.
You could.
You don't want your dessert?
I'm tryin' to cut down on my sugar.
I got you your favorite cake.
That's not my favorite anymore.
- Since when?
- Since I was a kid.
Girl, you better eat this cake I bought.
You do know I'm not
a baby anymore, right?
Mm-mm. Come here.
You will always be my baby.
Now, help me eat this cake.
Mm-hmm. Tell me it's not
as good as you remember it.
- I done told you.
What's up?
[KEVIN] Where you been at?
Minding my business.
That's what happens when you get cocky.
[KEVIN] Nah, man, you just cheating.
You just mad 'cause you losin'.
Man, please. Ain't
nobody thinking about you.
Who you thinkin' about?
Come on, just tell me.
Okay, so, um, just found
out my best friend's
taking my ex-girl to
a dance at a school
I just got kicked out of.
Damn. No wonder you keep fucking up.
Are you goin' to the dance?
I got to go.
- [KEVIN] All right.
I'm going out.
- When you coming back?
- [CHERRY] It'll be late.
And don't stay up all night
playing them video games.
- [EMMETT] There it is.
- Oh, it's cute.
- [EMMETT] Nice little plot.
- How did you found it?
[EMMETT] Zillow.
Are you sure this enough
room for you and Tiff?
And EJ? And all your other babies?
Well, it's not for me.
Trying to get a spot for my mom.
- Oh, that's so sweet.
- Yeah.
I hope my baby buys me a house one day.
I'm sure he will.
Yeah, your mom'll love this.
[AGENT] Hold on one second.
[SIGHS] Just hope my
ass can afford it. Shit.
- Hi. My name is Justine. I'm the agent.
- How you doin'?
Please let me know if
you have any questions.
Okay, um, is there any wiggle
room in the asking price?
Not much, but if you're interested,
you should put in an
offer sooner than later.
Well, what should he do
to improve his chances?
Put in a cash offer.
Ooh. All cash?
Yeah. That would cut
through all the red tape.
[EMMETT] Mm. Damn.
Oh, my gosh, it's you.
[EMMETT] What?
I'm sorry, do I know you?
[JUSTINE] I know your story.
[EMMETT] Uh, that's not
something she likes to talk about.
[JUSTINE] Of course. I understand.
I just want you to know,
you're a big inspiration to survivors.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
I don't wanna talk about nothin' ♪
I don't wanna ♪
Just bring your ass over here ♪
We ain't gotta have no discussion ♪
- I don't wanna ♪
- Unh ♪
What I wanna do is
loud and clear, do it ♪
Come over here and do it ♪
Let's play some
hide-and-seek with your ♪
I ain't telling nobody
what you over here doing ♪
This between me and you,
let's get crazy to the music ♪
Oh, shit, here we go ♪
Oh, damn, here we go ♪
Let me pour you up a
shot, let me pour you two ♪
What you wanna drink some wine ♪
What you wanna drink, Goose ♪
What you wanna drink, Corona
with a little lime juice? ♪
Oh, yeah, girl, I got it,
yeah, baby girl, I got it ♪
When you speak in body language ♪
You ain't got to talk about it ♪
[LYNAE] I can't believe
I beat you again.
Where's your head at?
Come on, let's play again.
Beating your ass is boring.
Wanna go somewhere?
Where we gonna go?
Want to pull up to Spring Fling?
[SCOFFS] Why, so you
can spy on your girl?
Man, I ain't even thinking about that.
- That's all you thinkin' about.
- Man, fuck that school.
I just want to pull up,
eat some free snacks,
and watch some white kids
learn how to find the beat.
That does sound fun.
Come on, then.
Mama said to get up for school ♪
Mama said to get up for school ♪
The next bus leaves for the moon ♪
[DARNELL] Girl, what
you think you doing?
I'm about to make
myself something to eat.
Nah. Uh-uh. You too weak for all that.
I got you.
- I'm not tryin' to have cereal.
Girl, I ain't about to
pour you no damn cereal.
So what you gonna make?
I'll make you some of my
famous smothered pork chops.
I'm supposed to be
eating healthy, Darnell.
Yeah, okay. I'll put a
little applesauce in it.
- Come on.
Okay. Don't try to poison me.
Just keep working on that damn puzzle.
Hold on. Hold up. Hold up.
Let me get the whole fit.
- They sure are an odd couple.
[TRIG] What's so odd about it?
Jake just doesn't
seem like Jemma's type.
Man, Jake's a good kid.
Mm, he's a little rebellious.
Well, you know, last time I checked,
it was your daughter
leading on the rebellion.
[JAKE] All right, we
gonna be late. Come on.
Oh, wait a minute.
Let me get one with my
baby. Come on over here.
Really, Dad?
Little girl, you better
come take this picture.
- [MARCUS] Come on.
Here you go, Jake. Just one quick one.
There you go. Big smile.
Hey, let me get another one.
Oh, shit. If it ain't the Dark Knight.
- What are you doing here?
I came by to see the happy couple off.
[TRIG] Well, they were
just about to leave.
Oh. Well, look, let
me hold that for me
get a couple of
pictures before y'all go.
I'll AirDrop you the ones I just took.
Thanks for coming through.
I wouldn't miss this for the world.
I think you might need this.
[JAKE] Ha.
[JEMMA] It's beautiful.
H he got it. Watch.
- Thank you.
- You welcome.
It smells like baby powder in here.
- You like it?
- Yeah, it's nice.
Be safe, baby girl.
I will.
You take care of her, young man.
He will.
Appreciate you, bro.
I got you.
How are you?
[OCTAVIA] I'm all right.
Thank you for all this stuff.
You're welcome.
What is that?
That is a SNOO.
It's supposed to help
you rock the baby to sleep
- so you don't have to.
- Oh, my God, I needed that. Ha.
Feel like I've been walkin'
around here like a zombie.
Thank you.
I figured you needed it more than me.
I'm sorry I didn't keep Ronnie with me.
I like that name.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I, um
I'll see you.
Wait, I have something for you.
I wanted you to have that.
Thank you for this.
Thank you for not hating me.
I could never hate you.
I will always send you love and light.
How have you been?
Some days I feel like
I have my shit together.
And some days I have
no idea what I'm doing.
[OCTAVIA] That sounds about right.
The other day this girl recognized me.
She said I inspire people to keep going.
That's a blessing.
That's also a lot.
Just because someone
puts you on a pedestal
doesn't mean you have to live there.
You finding time for yourself?
Finding time for some joy?
I feel guilty whenever I
do something for myself.
You got to work on that.
Do things that make you happy.
I thought the baby was
just gonna make me happy.
No one has the power to make you happy.
Only you can do that.
What are your goals?
To be a good mother.
What did you want to do before
you were someone's mother?
- I wanted to go to school.
- You can still do that.
I can't add anything to my plate.
You don't have to do it all at once.
But once you get the hang of
balancin' motherhood and work,
eventually you can add
it back to your calendar.
That sounds impossible.
Nothing is impossible.
I tell you what
when you're ready and
when you have time,
come by the office,
and I'll help you look
at some applications.
Why are you doing this?
Because you remind me of
me when I was your age.
I had a lot of potential.
And, thankfully, someone
took me under their wing
and showed me how I
could have a full life,
not just a productive one.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I-if you don't get outta
here with all that
I just wanted a little taste.
Last time you said that,
we ended up being pregnant.
Lord, that ain't happening again.
Emmett, where you at, boy?
[EMMETT] Oh, I I'm still at work.
[DARNELL] You better
get your ass over here
if you want some of these pork chops.
- [SLAP]
- Hey
[EMMETT] A'ight. A'ight,
I'm coming right now.
- Damn.
Why you mad?
'Cause I was at home
minding my business,
making a slow-jams playlist.
[SCOFFS] You know you on call tonight.
It feel like I'm always on call.
Just set the alarm before
you leave, all right?
Wait, where you goin'?
I'm gonna spend some
time with my family.
- I always thought me and Maisha
- would start a family one day.
- My keys
Keep hope alive, man.
- Hi. Welcome to Smokey's.
Do you have a moment?
Do you see me coming? ♪
I know, I know I don't
deserve your time right now ♪
Say what you want, you
can't deny me forever ♪
Yeah ♪
I face it ♪
I'm chasin' ♪
Just about you, just about you ♪
I can't live life like this ♪
Oh, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪
I can't survive like this ♪
Oh, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪
I feel like I'm nothing ♪
Holding on to nothing ♪
I'll die just to hear
you say you love me again ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
[LYNAE] Ah, shit. Is
that them over there?
[KEVIN] Yep. That's them.
[LYNAE] She look like the type
that would leave you
for your best friend.
- She do?
- Mm-hmm.
She got money?
Hell, yeah.
Baby, you know that I'm sorry ♪
Baby, baby, for ♪
I forgot my bag at your place.
- So?
- It got my weed in it.
I gotta go back.
If we leave and come back,
we'll miss half the dance.
You know they end at 11.
You want your dad to find my shit?
Right. That's a good point.
Fine. Come on.
But when it's time,
I know that you'll
- You wanna look around?
- Not really.
But I'd rather do that than
look at these lame-ass kids.
Come on.
I can't survive like this ♪
Oh, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪
[DOUDA] I know you want to destroy me.
But you ain't got shit.
I mean, I can always get Roselyn
to go public about you and Tracy.
Oh, nigga, please.
People would drag me
for a week and move on.
I know you still have gang ties.
And how do you intend to prove that?
You think I don't know you
killed an innocent civilian?
Brandon wasn't innocent.
[MARCUS] And you
misused government funds.
No. No, I gave money to an organization
that's more dedicated to
protecting our community
than the Chicago PD.
I'm curious.
If they didn't come for Jake,
would you have come for them?
I saw the video.
All he had to do was
show the officer his ID.
He didn't have to do shit.
Just do me a favor and keep
him away from my daughter.
You know, from what I can
tell, it's your daughter
the one who's out
here fucking everybody.
You gonna disrespect me in my house?
You keep my daughter's
name out your mouth.
Do you hear me?
- Man, what the fuck was all
Man, what the fuck are you doin'?
You fucking lucky he's still breathing.
Who you calling?
The police?
Man I can't let him die like this.
Yes, you can.
- [EMMETT] This is pretty good.
- [JADA] Mm-hmm.
When was the last time we all sat down
to have a meal together?
[SCOFFS] Uh, Nina and Dre's wedding?
[DARNELL] Mm, well, that don't count,
'cause that food was nasty as hell.
- Why you bringing up old shit?
Had to bring that up.
- Mm, Darnell
- Hmm?
you put both your
feet in these pork chops.
Naw, I ain't trying to
think about his ashy-ass feet
while I'm eating these pork chops.
Boy, I know you ain't talkin'
with them eagle claws
you got down there.
I take after you. I take after you.
Yeah. Yeah. Well, Dom ain't complaining.
- [EMMETT] Oh.
- [JADA] Gross. Gross.
Oh, woman, don't act like
you ain't never sucked my toes before.
Hey! Our son don't
need to know about me.
- Ah, he all right.
- [EMMETT] I can't See, now
Ah! I don't wanna eat.
Pork chops I'm gonna
get some applesauce.
That's how you got here,
though sucking them toes.
- [JADA] Oh.
This shit like a college.
Yeah. It's easy to get lost.
Is that why you hate it so much?
I just hate who I have to be.
Who is that?
You know
top of your game
even when you don't feel like it.
Yeah. This do seem like a
school for over overachievers.
And I'm definitely not one of those.
I only wanna be good
at shit I care about.
- Like video games.
- I'm good at more than that.
You like school?
Yeah, but I got more important shit
to worry about than my homework.
Like what?
Like where I'm gonna live.
Thought you lived with
your brother and his girl.
Well, my brother had to
leave town for something,
and when he's not around,
me and his girl don't
get along too well.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't need your apology.
Damn. Can't I just be nice?
I'm not used to niggas being nice.
Well, I am.
I ain't got no tricks up my sleeve.
You better not.
[KEVIN] Come on.
- Okay, you want to get it?
- Hell, no.
If I go in and he catches me,
he's not gonna let me come back out.
What you think he gonna
do if he catches me?
- He can't do shit to you.
- He can call the police.
They not answering his calls these days.
- Wait.
Go through the back.
[TRIG] Come on, Marcus.
What the fuck you got going on, bro?
Fuck, man, are you crazy?
You just gonna fucking sit there?
- Come on, Marcus. Come on.
What the fuck you on, bro?
Jake. Jake.
It's not what it look like, bro.
Jake. No, Jake.
Breathe, man.
- You okay?
My dad was asleep, wasn't he?
I think so.
[EMMETT] Hey, Darnell,
can you give me a-a lineup?
Y'all really trying
to put me to work, huh?
- I could use a lineup, too.
Yeah, I got you.
Thanks, D.
Man, fuck this, I'm
calling an ambulance.
- [DOUDA] He wanted to ruin me.
- Bro, he's got a daughter.
Well, maybe he should've
thought about her
before he threatened me.
let that motherfucker die.
[JEMMA] What's wrong?
I'm good.
You sure?
Take the bed.
Oh oh oh ♪
Thank you.
I understand that
I made you a promise ♪
I can't break and you trust me ♪
And swear I don't wanna promise ♪
But I'm stuck in the
middle of and I'm movin' on ♪
I want you, you want me ♪
But are we even meant to be ♪
Still, I want this 'cause
one thing's for sure ♪
I don't wanna spend this life ♪
Bein' alone ♪
Ah ah ah ♪
One thing my love can say is ♪
You touch my heart ♪
Ooh ooh ooh ♪
Two things that I
can never take away ♪
Is your love ooh ooh ♪
And the doubt in my heart ♪
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