The Chi (2018) s05e10 Episode Script

I am the Blues

Previously on The Chi
Where Trinity at?
You need to tell your bitch
to mind her own fucking business.
Bitch, don't forget
I ain't scared to die.
I got something to tell you.
- It's messy.
- Shit.
Tiff came over the
other night, and she tried to fuck me.
You serious? And what'd you do?
I turned my back
when she tried to kiss me,
and I-I said I was in a relationship.
Man, my girl lost our baby
'cause of you!
I fucking hate you!
Man, get the fuck out my house, nigga.
Man, you gotta go, man.
This one is one
of our more seasoned artists,
which is why it's
a little bit more expensive.
It's amazing.
People love a politician
with a baby on the way.
Good luck with that.
Stranger things have happened.
So now you wanna be for real?
Anything's possible.
I'm not a fetish.
I know that.
If you walk out that door
and continue to live a lie,
then I don't want you to come back.
We are not having a big wedding.
So what do you want?
I want something small and
You keep my daughter's name
out your mouth.
Do you hear me?
Look, if Victor's gonna be the light,
I have to manage the darkness.
Or you can let Q do that.
No, I'ma put that old
motherfucker out of his misery.
He's my son's father, Otis.
Yeah, but your son's gone.
You're early, youngblood.
Any reason you wanted
to get there so quick
This motherfucker.
What the fuck you got me into?
I just needed somebody to
help me dump the body. That's all.
That's all?
Nigga, I'm running for office,
and you couldn't call nobody else?
I could've called somebody else,
but you're the only person I know
that got something to lose.
you only get to be
who you are in the light
because of what I fucking do
in the dark.
"I am Saturday mornings
in the summertime.
I am two bounces and a front flip
off the diving board.
I'm hilarious."
"I am a brother, a son, a nephew,
a favorite cousin, a grandson."
I see it. I see it.
Where's the other L?
Where's the capital L?
- I see it.
- Ooh, do the happy dance,
Emmett Junior.
We ain't gotta talk about it
if you don't want to.
Yeah, can we just forget about it?
I can try, but we can't act
like that shit didn't happen.
I know.
That's why I told Rob, and we
had a real conversation about it.
Yeah, I told Kiesha too.
Great, so everybody know my business.
I'm not trying to be messy.
I was just trying to be an honest man.
You ain't gotta be honest
about everything, nigga.
Yeah, I do.
This the new me.
I-I'ma tell her everything.
- So now you Mr. Honesty?
- Yes.
Okay, then.
I'm happy to hear
you came clean too.
Yeah, I like being open.
I know.
Not like that.
I know what you meant.
I can't lie.
I never thought we'd be here.
Yeah, me either.
It feels better, though, right?
Yeah, it does.
- A'ight, then.
- Sure.
I'ma step out.
Oh, don't forget we got a
parent-teacher conference tomorrow.
I got it. It's on my calendar.
Oh, so now you got a calendar too?
Oh, yeah, I told you, I'm a new man.
Come on, Tiff.
- I'm on it.
- Bye.
How much you think I got?
Mm, about
Okay, how much you got right now?
I counted it last night.
That's 4,000.
Think I got enough for my own spot?
I don't know. Why?
Why not?
Don't you wanna be on your own?
I mean,
I never really thought about it.
Shit, I think about it all the time.
Can't wait to leave my mama's crib.
You're almost 18. You'll be out soon.
Yeah, but
I got the money to do it now.
Your parents are not
gonna let you do that.
Well, I'll get emancipated.
You really gon' take
your parents to court?
You're putting me
in real danger.
I'm keeping danger at bay.
- Not by killing Q.
- Shit,
I had to.
That motherfucker was losing his mind.
And yours is intact?
My goal
is protect your dumb ass,
the ROCK center,
- and Trinity House.
- You're putting us all at risk.
I need you to go back in hiding.
Let me take things from here, please.
I just can't leave Tracy.
Fool, if you not careful,
you gon' get her killed.
And I refuse to let that happen.
So you the big man now?
Somebody gotta be.
Stay away from her.
Breathe deep.
Open your mind.
Let your breath untie the knots
in your body and your mind.
Oh, thank y'all for doing this.
Anything for the beautiful bride.
Yeah, thank you for inviting me, Jada.
This is amazing.
I still can't believe
you and Darnell
are actually getting married.
Hey, old love
rekindles sometimes, okay?
The jury's still out on you and Emmett.
I think Emmett has really changed.
Babe, if I can give you
a second chance,
we can give Emmett a second chance.
I didn't wanna say nothing.
My stuff need not be brought into this.
- And why not?
- Because I'm married.
That don't make it no better.
Okay, let's just all
take a deep breath.
I agree.
Great work, ladies.
Jada, you gonna ever tell me
why I didn't get a plus-one?
I didn't want any shenanigans
at my wedding.
Otis isn't all bad.
I don't know Otis like that.
Well, how you gon' get to know him
if you won't let me bring him
to your wedding?
How 'bout we
go on a double date
after the honeymoon?
I'd like that.
We could join y'all
if you wanna triple.
I'd love that.
Are you saying that
'cause you want a buffer?
I'm saying that
because the more, the merrier.
Keep breathing.
Yes, just like that.
Fucking Victor.
So you're an accomplice.
- I didn't have a choice.
- Doesn't matter.
You still got blood on your hands.
- Does Tracy know?
- Course not.
Do you wanna tell her?
I can't, man, 'cause then
I have to tell her I helped,
and that would kill her.
So what do you wanna do?
I wanna give her the tape.
And what you think that's gonna do,
make her fall out of love with him?
- I hope so.
- It's not enough
just for her to see it.
You need everyone to see it.
Is that your way of getting revenge?
It's my way of making sure he
goes away for good this time.
So when do you wanna drop the tape?
I'll give you a signal.
I got you.
And I think I'm gonna need you
on my team.
You asking me to join your campaign?
Would you say yes?
Depends on the offer.
I might just make you one.
You know we gon' have
to flip that, right?
You know this dude?
Yeah, tall dude
named Rob, Q's nephew.
Q was getting him weed
from a plug out in Cali.
Sounds like a good business.
It is.
He been making money for us
hand over fist.
Was he close with Q?
Not really, he ain't really
rock with his family like that,
and the relationship with him
and Q was mostly business.
You know what?
I want you to pay him a visit.
Let him know that his uncle's dead
but that his weed business
is very much alive.
A'ight, bet.
Okay, so I'm gonna
get you a new producer,
some studio time, and you should
have an EP out in the next few months.
And where are you getting the money
to pay for all this?
I'll figure it out.
I'm gonna reach out to a few people
and see if they wanna invest
in your future.
I don't really
wanna give out my contacts yet.
That's 'cause your ass ain't got any.
It's not funny. Just give me some time.
How much time?
Maisha, I got you.
You better.
Don't be playing with my feelings.
Hey, oh, with the hand.
Oh, his granny right there.
Ah, slap shot at Granny.
Is that that nigga Trig?
Oh, I ain't never
Get your bitch ass out the car, nigga.
Don't do that.
Don't even do that shit.
Nigga, try me.
Can't live with regrets ♪
Life is a game,
you gotta play it like chess ♪
I been taken for granted,
somebody gotta get checked ♪
I took so many Ls, that
means I gotta get blessed ♪
I been working on self,
I was bad in my prime ♪
If you had to get yours,
that means I had ♪
You got it.
Yeah, I know
I fucking got it, nigga.
Move the fuck around.
I thought my talent would
take me out the hood ♪
They overlooked me,
I'm still feeling like that ♪
I got my feelings attached ♪
Bitch-ass nigga.
Don't give up,
we got the lives to impact ♪
But who looking at me ♪
Ain't nobody come around
when I was looking at three ♪
Bad time, you niggas
sleep on me like bedtime ♪
I can't wait till my name
is the headliner ♪
Till then, fuck everybody ♪
Hey, Mrs. Robinson.
I'm not your wife just yet.
Woman, you been mine ever since
I first laid my eyes on you.
So, uh, we good on the venue?
Oh, yeah, we real good.
You write your vows out yet?
Yup, and they real emotional too.
You better not be quoting the O'Jays.
What? Why not?
Darnell, come on.
I want you to be serious.
Oh, woman, I'ma be real serious.
I'm speaking straight from my heart,
- so don't worry.
- Hey, hey, I told you,
no more sex until after we get married.
- Wait, you for real?
- Yeah, I'm for real.
I want our day to be extra special.
- Yeah, I got your extra
- Mm.
And that special too.
Wait, let me see you walk away
from me again.
Stop it.
How you, uh, feeling
about the announcement?
- Good.
- Mm.
I'm sure everything will go as planned.
Thanks for agreeing to come.
Well, I have
to cover it for work.
Is that the only reason you're coming?
After you announce,
I'm going to leave the city.
What do you mean?
I don't have a reason to stay.
Wait, I-I thought
we were building something.
You're building something.
And I am happy for you.
But I need to find my happiness too.
So this is it for us?
I can't spend my life
waiting for you to
find yourself.
I think you should
tell Victor what happened.
Nah, he-he don't
need that right now.
You would have died
if Bakari wasn't there.
That would've been a'ight.
Just-just promise me you'll be safe.
I can't make that promise.
I mean
shit goes down. I just
can't get caught slipping again.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Okay, well
ùI gotta go.
Where you going?
I gotta figure out
how to make some money.
Ain't your daddy rich?
I mean, we do well,
but he's just not gonna give me
a bunch of money.
Then what's the point
of having it?
I wanna earn it on my own.
And how you gon' do that?
You think Smokey's is hiring?
Stop laughing. Like, I'm serious.
I don't know. Ask Papa.
Are you all here for EJ?
EJ's made a lot of progress
since our last meeting.
Tss, that's what
I'm talking about.
But the battle
isn't over just yet.
I wanna enroll EJ in something called
an individualized education program.
What's that?
I learned about that in school.
It just means they'll make
special accommodations
and give him extra attention, right?
Yeah, he'll have a whole team
of people to help him
focus on his reading
and give him emotional support.
Yeah, and EJ can learn at his own pace
and not feel like something's
wrong with him, you know?
Are you in education?
No, no, I took a few early
childhood development classes,
and I do flash cards with EJ
all the time.
He loves it.
We do, like, a victory dance
whenever he gets an answer right.
- Positive reinforcement
- Yeah.
goes a long way, so
It really does take a village,
and this looks like a really good one.
You should be very proud.
All right.
Thank you, Ms. Green.
Nice seeing you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, uh,
we have a teacher's aide
position opening up.
You should apply for it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, you seem like
you're really passionate
about kids and their well-being.
It's what we need around here.
Maybe I will.
Hey, can we talk?
I just wanted to say thank you.
I can tell you really care
about my son.
Of course.
And I also owe you an apology.
I shouldn't have tried
to push up on Emmett.
Why did you do it?
I think I was jealous.
You still want him?
I just tried to see
if I could still pull him,
and I guess I can't.
Well, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you right away.
It's cool.
We even now?
We better be.
You forgive me?
I guess so.
I can't believe
you back with Emmett again.
Girl, me either.
Well, at least
I can trust you with my son.
And can I trust you with my man?
Girl, I'm good.
That was his last chance, okay?
I'm so glad he behaved.
Honestly, so am I.
Girl, that would have been a mess.
Hey, we good?
Yeah, we good, bro.
All right, so you'll be
on bathroom and trash duty.
why can't I work the register?
'Cause you just started.
Papa, I'm not really good
with smelly jobs.
Look, if you can't handle it,
let me know now,
'cause I got a lot of cousins out here
that's looking for paper.
Fine, I'll do it.
- Come on.
- God.
And fix your attitude.
The streets keep calling,
I can't stay away ♪
Plus, the team counting
on me now to make a play ♪
For all the days that I was down ♪
I'ma make 'em pay ♪
Who did this?
Me, nigga.
- Really?
- Yeah.
These are amazing.
I made enough so, uh,
everybody can wear 'em
at your announcement.
Man, you did good, boy.
You like 'em?
Do I like 'em?
Man, come here, bro.
I love 'em.
Love, man.
Yo, hold up.
Yo, Shaad!
You should've called.
These are for you.
They're beautiful, but you
still owe me an apology.
I know.
Can I come in?
That depends.
Did you mean what you said
about my son?
And I'll never let it happen again.
I promise.
Thank you.
What about Q?
I found a solution.
I'm gonna step in for him for a while.
What does that mean?
It means I might have to lay low again.
What does that mean for us?
I don't know yet.
But what I do know
is I don't wanna lose you.
Then don't.
So, uh
I've been meaning to talk to you.
I need to talk to you too.
- Uh
- Okay, you go first.
I'm glad we worked things out,
you know?
After Valentine's Day.
I been waiting a long time
to find someone like you.
And honestly, I was about to give up.
But then you sang to me,
and I been falling for you ever since.
I love the man that you're becoming.
And I love
what we're building together.
Me too.
So I was wondering
if you wanna move in with me.
Oh, uh
wow, uh
Uh, wait, are you okay?
Is-is-is it too soon?
No, no, that, uh
Baby, that's-that's-that's amazing.
- That's exciting.
- Oh!
So that's a yes?
Hell yeah. Yeah, yeah.
So what were you gonna tell me?
You know what? Your news is so good,
I totally forgot about mine.
Fuck is you doing here?
Hey, your uncle's dead.
How I know you ain't lying?
You know who Douda is?
Know the name.
He gon' give you a call
off a private number.
He'll let you know
the new arrangements.
Who-who killed him, G?
It don't matter.
Where's Q?
Otis dropped by and mentioned
he found a solution with Q.
- Is that what he said?
- Yeah.
Look, do me a favor.
Stay away from him, okay?
'Cause there's a lot of shit
he's not telling you,
and I want you to be safe.
We all have our secrets, Victor.
It's time.
Your moms are so nice.
Why you trying to get away from them?
I just want my freedom.
You'll have it in a year.
Until then,
why can't you just calm down?
You just don't get it, Lynae.
They invade my privacy.
They treat me like a kid,
so I just wanna leave, be on my own.
So you gon' leave me too?
No, I always got your back.
You know this, but
right now, I just
I feel trapped.
Hey, you two.
Hey, we have some good news.
Your adoption papers are completed.
All that's left to do now is sign.
What? You didn't change
your mind, did you?
No. I'm really happy.
- Okay.
- Okay!
Welcome to the family.
We closed.
I know.
I hear that, um,
business is good.
It's been great.
Have you ever thought about expanding?
I would, but I ain't got
the money for that just yet.
Yeah, well, you're in luck.
Here, let's have a seat.
Yeah. You know, I'm, um
I'm very interested in investing
in a business like yours.
Um, look, I would
I would love some money,
I wanna know what-what comes with it.
Hmm, well, I'm not perfect,
but I am good at making money.
Yeah, I can see that.
And I wanna turn Smokey's
into a franchise.
So do I.
Then you need my help.
How much money you willing to put up?
Oh, man, a lot of money.
A lot.
Can we be more s-specific?
Um, Emmett, right?
How about this?
If you trust me,
I will make you a very rich man.
Hey, yo, where you going?
Deja asked me to move in with her, man.
Yeah, she a good woman.
Hey, yes, she is.
I'm happy for you.
Thank you, man.
Yeah, you know I'm gonna miss
your crazy ass.
I'ma miss you too, bro.
Hey, man.
Thanks for never giving up on me.
Thanks for bringing me back to life.
Come in.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey.
What you need?
I wanna use my college money
to fund Maisha's career.
Have you lost your mind?
See, this is why
I didn't wanna ask you.
I've been putting money in that
college fund since you were a baby.
I know.
That money is for you
to get a higher education
and nothing else.
Well, what if I don't want
a higher education?
Are you
No, I'm not gonna let you
throw your life away.
That's not what I'm doing.
What if this Maisha
thing doesn't work out, huh?
- Then what?
- That's not gonna happen.
Oh, it's a possibility.
Look, I would rather invest in
my dreams than a piece of paper.
Jemma, a college degree is more
than just a piece of paper.
It represents
And it's something
that I no longer value.
You're serious about this.
Yes, I am.
I will give you a portion
of your college fund, but
if you don't make something
of yourself in a year,
you gotta go to school.
I'll agree to that.
I don't know
what I just got myself into.
Breaking news tonight.
Former Chicago mayor
Otis Perry caught on camera
beating his then chief
of staff, Marcus St. John.
We're only showing you
a portion of this video,
but warning: it is graphic.
Some are defending
the Mmayor's behavior,
while others say his actions
are extremely problematic.
What's wrong
with a man protecting himself?
I'm sure he had his reasons.
You can't be the
mayor of Chicago acting like that.
And you a Black man too? Come on, now.
As of now,
Marcus St. John has remained silent
on the release of the video.
We hope to have more
as this story continues to break.
Dan, back to you.
God damn it.
You gon' say something?
Nah, I ain't saying shit.
And you know what? I ain't
going no-fucking-where either.
I'm gonna have to lay low for a bit.
That's smart.
I need somebody to be
my eyes and ears on the street.
Well, shit, that's easy.
I can do that.
No, no, you can't move around
like you used to.
I need somebody young
and unafraid.
I got just the little young 'un.
What the fuck we waiting on, man?
That's the little nigga
that pulled a gun on you?
And you let him get away
with that shit?
I know he's a killer,
so I wasn't gonna chance it.
What the fuck you want?
I wanna make you
a job offer, little nigga.
What? Nigga, fuck you.
Hey, be cool, shorty. This real bread.
Now, check it out.
What I gotta do?
I want you to be my eyes and ears.
Nigga, I ain't no fucking snitch.
What's your name, young man?
- Bakari.
- Bakari.
I don't need you to talk
to the cops, Bakari.
I want you to deal directly with me.
Can you do that?
Hurry up, little nigga.
We don't got all day.
I can do that.
That's what I thought.
Let's go.
- Hey, dog, what up?
- What's up?
Ah, shit.
Why you all dressed up?
- Got a new job.
- Doing what?
Some real nigga shit.
Sounds illegal to me.
Hey, I'd rather be doing this
than fucking boosting packages.
I don't fuck with criminals.
You fuck with your brother, though.
Wait, I-I ain't mean it like that, Nae.
Nae, I ain't mean it like that.
- Leave me alone, Otis.
- Please.
I can't trust you.
I understand.
I want you to know that I love you.
And I'm sorry I can't be
the man you need me to be.
What'd you do to Q?
Do you really want me to tell you?
- Are you taking his place for good?
- I don't have a choice.
Yes, you do.
Maybe I don't get
to have a peaceful life.
Somebody's gotta be the bad guy.
Do I look okay?
You look beautiful.
I never thought we'd be here.
But at the same time,
today feels like a long time coming.
Darnell, you are old-school, stubborn,
all the qualities I never knew
I needed in my life.
You're also kind,
and quiet as a cat,
deeply emotional
all the qualities
I've ever wanted in a partner.
Our love has taught me
that a bond between two people
must be nurtured
and must never be taken for granted.
I promise to you
that I will nurture our love
and I will never take you for granted.
Oh, Jada,
I love you.
That's all I know.
And I know I
messed up a few times in the past.
But I guess I had to fall down
so I could
really appreciate what it feels like
to stand on my own two feet.
And I stand here before you today
an imperfect man.
And I have no desire to be perfect.
I just wanna be the best man I can be,
not just for you
but for myself.
do you take Darnell Robinson
to be your lawfully wedded husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward
for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
until death do you part?
I do.
Darnell Robinson,
do you take Jada Washington
to be your lawfully wedded wife,
to have and to hold
from this day forward
for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
until death do you part?
Oh, you better believe it.
You may kiss your bride.
Come here, baby.
- Yes, y'all!
- Yes!
All my single ladies,
it's about that time.
Come on up and try
to catch this bouquet
or dodge it, whichever makes
sense in your life right now.
Come on, y'all.
Yeah, she caught that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- There you go. That's you.
- Yeah, Pop.
Yeah, she got that. Hey, hello.
- We be coming like ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Got 'em running like ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Every day and night ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Really ain't nothing to it ♪
That's how black and blue do it ♪
- We be coming like ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Got 'em running like ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Every day and night ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Really ain't nothing to it ♪
That's how black and blue do it ♪
Got blood on my hands ♪
Busting through these glass ceilings ♪
Command your respect when
I walk into the building ♪
Blessed if I see
another day, Lord willing ♪
I want justice for my city
and the children ♪
- What'd you bring me out here for?
- Don't worry about it already.
Did you enjoy your wedding?
Oh, my gosh, I couldn't have
had a more beautiful backyard.
Yeah, yeah, it was nice, wasn't it?
It really was.
Well, welcome home.
I know you say I been
cheap all my life, but
I just like saving money.
Saving money for what?
For a moment like this.
You bought us a house?
I just closed on it.
You happy?
Yeah, but you can't
go buying us a house
without showing it to me first.
Well, I just wanted to surprise you.
But what if I hated it?
Do you?
I don't know!
You gon' show it to me?
- Yeah, I'ma show it to you.
- Give me the tour!
What you waiting for?
I'ma give you a whole tour.
And soon as we
get done with the tour
we gon' christen
every room in the house.
Let's start with the kitchen.
We got
all your tulips out here
and the flowers.
You sure do. You got my peonies.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, babe!
How you afford this?
I came into some money.
Um, look, I found an investor
for Smokey's,
and they wanna franchise.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
Who is it?
it's Douda.
Did you not see the video
of him beating somebody's ass?
I did. I did.
- And he's the reason Brandon's dead.
- We don't know that.
Why you think Brandon's mom
tried to kill him?
Look, all I know
is that he wants to help me,
he believes in me, and he wants
to help out the business.
Look, I know he ain't perfect,
but I got this.
You okay?
I wanna move out.
What she said.
I figured you'd say that.
- Then why'd you ask?
- I'm not asking.
You're not moving out, Kevin.
I wanna get emancipated.
Okay, Kev,
you know I'm usually down
to hear you out,
- but I can't rock with you on this one.
- I already signed all the papers.
- You serious?
- Yup.
And I got enough money
for a down payment.
Since you so obsessed with paying rent,
why don't you pay us some?
Yeah, that's a good idea, baby.
You can start by giving us
a little something
towards the mortgage,
and then, in exchange,
- we'll give you a little more freedom.
- That's not enough for me.
I wanna move out on my own.
Here she come.
Papa, why you in the front?
- Just get in the car.
- Oh, my God.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, y'all.
What's up?
107.4 The Storm,
- Chicago's best for hip-hop and R&B.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Is that my song?
- Here's something new,
an emerging local artist
straight from
Congrats, Maisha.
Gotta give all the glory
to God on this one.
Thank you, Papa.
Now turn that shit the fuck up!
Hear me out, I remember them days ♪
When motive was by any means ♪
Look at me now ♪
Thought it was college, ♪
but music was the only way ♪
- I could get me out ♪
- Oh, my God!
Stayed with them kids at my mama crib
Missing them classes, 44 absences ♪
Now I'm honor roll, chasing them checks ♪
I ain't checking no Aspen, knew it ♪
Victor Taylor has pledged
to put people before politics,
and he means it.
Because of him,
we have a brighter future.
And although we have a long way to go,
I am honored to stand beside him
every step of the way.
So together,
let's rebuild the city of Chicago
one brick at a time!
So without further ado,
I am proud to introduce
your future city councilman,
Victor Taylor.
Thank you, everyone,
for being here. Um,
my heart is so full right now.
I'm so grateful to you all.
You know what?
I had a whole speech planned
for you tonight, but
I think I wanna speak from the heart
if that's okay.
The truth is
Tierra and I
are not in love.
We're not even a real couple.
The relationship was fabricated
for the campaign.
I wanted y'all to think
that I was a good Black man.
I wanted to be someone
that you could believe in.
But along the way, I, uh
forgot who I was.
I can't stand up here and claim
to be anything but human.
I'm a person that is trying
to be his best self
every day.
And I wanna help people,
even though that's-that's not
always rewarded.
So today
I'm officially announcing
my candidacy for city council,
and I'm not gonna pretend
to be something
or someone I'm not
just to get your votes.
And I also want you to know
that I have recently fallen in love.
And I hope that she and I can build
a beautiful life together based on truth
and commitment to
pouring into our community.
Until then,
I'll see you on the campaign trail,
where I hope that you can get
to know me
the real me.
Thank you.
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