The Chi (2018) s06e01 Episode Script

New Chi City

[PERSON] Previously on The Chi
[QUENTIN] You're early, young blood.
Any reason you wanted
to get there so quick
[PERSON] Hey, your uncle's dead.
You know who Douda is?
Know the name.
He gon' give you a call
off a private number.
He'll let you know the new arrangements.
[DOUDA] Emmett, right?
And I wanna turn
Smokey's into a franchise.
- So do I.
- [DOUDA] If you trust me,
I will make you a very rich man.
[EMMETT] Look, I found
an investor for Smokey's
and they wanna franchise.
Who is it?
Um it's Douda.
[DOUDA] I need somebody to be
my eyes and ears on the street.
I need somebody young and unafraid.
What I gotta do?
[LYNAE] Your moms are so nice.
Why you trying to get away from them?
I just want my freedom.
Your adoption papers are completed.
- All that's left to do now is sign.
- Welcome to the family.
I wanna move out, on my own.
[JADA] I never thought we'd be here,
but at the same time,
today feels like a long time comin'.
[DARNELL] Oh, Jada.
I love you.
It's all I know.
[VICTOR] The truth is,
Tierra and I are not in love.
We're not even a real couple.
Relationship was
fabricated for the campaign.
I'm officially announcing
my candidacy for city council,
and I'm not gonna
pretend to be something
or someone I'm not
just to get your votes.
And I also want you to know
that I have recently fallen in love,
and I hope that she and I can build
a beautiful life together based on truth
and commitment to pouring
into our community.
I'll be your friend
if only I could smash ♪
Riding round with my team ♪
Fighting off them oppressors ♪
- You there yet?
- Not yet. Damn.
Don't bark at me while you in me.
Don't tell me to hurry up.
If you stopped talking,
you can get there.
Might need a stretcher ♪
If you called me Big Daddy like I
told you, I woulda been came already.
I told you I'm not calling you that.
- [DEVANTE] Daddy!
- Fuck!
Do you not hear them?
They'll be a'ight.
[SIGHS] I can't be the
only parent in this house.
What you tryna say?
[KIESHA] I'm not gonna let them
cry just so you could finish.
But sometimes kids need to cry, Kiesha.
They can't always get what they want.
Well, you can't always
get what you want either.
- Hey.
- I'm hungry.
[KIESHA] Okay, I'll be right out.
Go wait for me at your table, okay?
I'm getting in the shower first.
No, I'm goin' first. My showers
are a lot faster than yours.
You're just trying to rush in
there so you can finish off.
[SUCKS TEETH] Get out my business.
Can you make the babies
some breakfast, please?
It's gonna be some dry
cereal and some fruit snacks.
You can at least whip up some eggs.
[EMMETT] No, 'cause if I do,
I'ma be late for my own reopening.
You can't be late, but I can?
It won't be every day, baby.
[KIESHA] No, I can't be
late for a job interview.
- I thought you had the job already.
- No, I don't.
They gotta observe me with
the kids and the staff.
Okay, fine. I'll whip up some eggs.
Next time, just say that so we
don't gotta go back and forth.
So you think I'm gonna win?
I thought we agreed not to
talk about work in the bedroom.
I'm just nervous.
Look, don't stress about things
you can't control, mm-kay?
You and Quincy ran a great campaign.
Guess I'm just
just scared.
And if I don't win, I
I don't know what I'ma do with my life.
Hey, your life will go on
whether you win or you lose.
You know I love a good massage.
Yeah, I figured I'd
step my massage game up
so I don't get replaced
by one of these young boys
with dreadlocks and a six-pack.
Darnell, if you don't shut up.
And we can't get lazy now.
You gotta keep doing what you was doing
before we got married,
or, shit, we ain't gonna stay married.
We been married a few months,
and you already got us in divorce court?
I just don't want us
getting comfortable.
You know me. I need my
excitement, or else I get bored.
[SCOFFS] Ain't' nothing
wrong with being bored.
Bring your boring ass on up here.
[LAUGHS] And, see, that's
what I'm talking about.
- Mm-hmm, Mr. Boring. Mm-hmm.
- Mm. [LAUGHS]
- Yes, Daddy.
- Just like that.
- Yeah?
- [TIERRA] Yeah.
- [TIERRA] Yes, Daddy.
Timing, timing, ah ♪
It moves so fast when you in motion ♪
Hey, ay, perfect timing ♪
Ah, could kill or heal,
it's like the ocean ♪
What, ay, ay, always
gotta say something ♪
Ah, go 'head, express ♪
Can you please take that outside?
I can't go to work smelling like weed.
Are you kidding me?
It's brick out there.
Besides, who cares if
you smell like weed?
Shit, I'd rather smell
like weed than cigarettes.
I don't wanna smell like either.
Oh, there you go.
- Thank you.
You know what? If I catch pneumonia,
- it's gonna be your fault.
- Well, you know,
I'd rather you catch a cold
than my whole house smell like weed.
[SCOFFS] Your house?
Come on. You know what I mean.
Good morning, sweetheart.
You know, I'm the only
woman in this house
that should be calling you "Daddy."
Oh, shit.
right, apartment's all yours.
Take a look around.
Now, make sure you call the gas company
so your stove'll work,
and then call the cable company
so you can have Internet.
Here are your keys.
Good catch.
[FADING] Uh, your trash
gets picked up on Thursdays.
And then, uh, there's
permit parking out front,
so call me if you need any passes.
- I can get 'em to you.
- [KEVIN] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I will.
your name on your mailbox
so that way, folks know how to find you.
- [KEVIN] Yeah, yeah, for sure.
- Okay.
Let me know if you need anything, okay?
- [KEVIN] Of course.
- Enjoy.
- [KEVIN] Will do.
- [KEVIN] Will do.
Good mornin'.
What y'all doing here?
Now is that how you wanna
greet your business partner?
Nah, I'm just running
behind for our grand opening.
Oh, hey, don't worry about that.
We got all the time in the world.
And besides, they
can't start without you.
Nigga, get in the car.
Ooh, shit.
Oh, my.
- There he is.
- Whoo.
[SIGHS] I love it, but
I can't afford this.
Oh, no, no. It's on me.
- What?
You are an investment, Emmett.
I can't just invest in your business.
I have to invest in you as a man.
This is to new beginnings
and new friendships.
- [DOUDA] Cheers.
- [BOTH] Cheers.
Ooh, shit.
- Expensive.
Yeah. Yeah, I like these pants, D.
Yeah, well, they look like they might
need to be tailored a little bit.
- Tailored?
- [DOUDA] Mm.
- I'm 'bout to get fucked up.
- [DOUDA] Okay, relax.
[NUCK] Hey, hold this real quick.
- [MS. BARRY] You're late.
- [KIESHA] I know. I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
- Better not.
Me and my boyfriend
had an early morning,
and we got our wires crossed.
Just don't let it happen again.
I'm used to checking parents for
not being on time, not teachers.
It won't happen again. I promise.
[VICTOR] How come you
didn't call to tell me
we were behind in the polls?
Fatima and I wanted you
to have a nice morning.
Man, I don't like y'all
talking behind my back.
It's for your own good.
I don't pay you to converse with her.
You don't pay me enough, for one.
And for two, this is
a steep hill to climb.
So you're saying I'm
not a good candidate?
I'm saying you're a
good guy with a past,
and you admitted to not
being completely honest
with voters about your personal life,
so we spent your entire campaign
getting folks to trust you again.
I never wanted to lie
in the first place.
Well, I'm a man of honesty,
and I have to be honest here.
You need a viral moment.
- What?
- You need to be caught
doing something nice,
relatable, and family friendly.
So you want me to concoct
a fake viral moment?
No, I wanna put you in an environment
where you can be your authentic self
and pray that it catches fire.
You know, the last time I went viral,
it didn't end in my favor.
Yeah, because you were caught
punching some kid in the face.
[SIGHS] Look.
I'm not a fan of
losing campaigns either.
And if I still didn't think you
could win, I would tell you that.
So you think I can win?
I do.
[DRE] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Boy, this ain't no grocery store.
If you don't put my shit back.
Yeah, man. Having your own place
means buying your own shit.
You know, I would buy
my own stuff, but
but, uh, you know,
most of my money went into
renting furniture and
and my new car note.
- Oh.
- Welcome to adulthood.
Why do I feel like y'all two against me?
Nobody's against you, Kevin.
You're just dealing
with reality right now,
- and it's not always fun.
- [DRE] Mm-mm.
[NINA] But if you're
having second thoughts,
- you can always come back.
- [DRE] Bet.
I think I'm good.
I'll figure it out.
[DRE] That's what I'm talking about.
- [NINA] Get out, Kevin.
- Okay.
- Just go.
- Yeah, I'm the one they talkin' 'bout ♪
Come on, son, you know the dilly ♪
I spread 'em out, smacked 'em up ♪
All through your city,
the big boss assassin ♪
You got this in a extra large?
Uh, nah, we just sold out,
but I'll have some more next week.
Nah, you got another one.
It's just in a different color, though.
[JAKE] Oh, shit.
Thank you, baby.
Yep, you're in luck, bro.
- $30, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- You need a better system
to keep track of your inventory.
What you mean? You the system.
I don't work here full-time.
Oh, so, what? This your side gig?
Well, I mean, technically,
it's an internship
because you damn sure ain't payin' me.
I'm payin' you with love.
Boy, that don't pay no bills.
- I am the one, just the MVP ♪
- Keep countin'.
- You crazy. [LAUGHS]
Who is he? ♪
I am the one they call the MVP ♪
I am him, he is me ♪
I am the one, just the MVP ♪
I watch you from my penthouse suite ♪
I see the moves,
headin' up the elevator ♪
Hey, hey.
Um, my daughter heard you this morning.
What do you mean, "And"?
We were both embarrassed as hell.
Okay, well, at some point,
she's gonna have to realize
that you are not just her father.
You're a man with needs.
But she doesn't need to know
what you call me during sex.
Mm-kay, well, I can try to be quiet,
but she's not a baby.
Didn't she have a
pregnancy scare last year?
She knows what sex is.
[LAUGHS] I am not ready for this.
Not ready for what?
Whatever this is.
Lemme ask you a question.
When's the last time you felt
the way you felt this morning?
Mm-hmm, exactly.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to grow a
pair and make a choice.
I'm not gonna choose
between you and my daughter.
That is not what I'm asking.
I'm asking you to introduce me to her
and stop treating me like a fuck buddy
when you know that I'm more than that.
[MS. BARRY] Okay. Okay,
everyone. Settle down.
Now who would like to
be our first reader?
Fine. Messiah?
You haven't read for us in a while.
Why don't you get us started?
Nah, I'm good.
- [MS. BARRY] Messiah.
- I don't like that book.
Fine, then you can go choose
the book you'd like to read.
Y'all don't have the book I wanna read.
[MS. BARRY] Messiah, I'm not
doing this with you today.
[MESSIAH] Doing what?
Going back and forth.
Now, please, go find a
book and start reading.
[MS. BARRY] Because I asked you to.
What if I don't want to?
[KIDS] Ooh!
Then you'll have to go take
a seat at the time-out table.
- [MS. BARRY] Is that what you wanna do?
- Yep.
Okay, fine.
Please excuse yourself.
Ms. Barry, can I talk
to you for a second?
[SIGHS] Okay, everyone.
Please read to yourselves
silently until we return, okay?
When I was growing up,
none of the boys wanted
to read in front of the class
because they weren't good at it.
They weren't trying to be defiant.
They just didn't wanna be embarrassed.
These children will never grow
if we don't push them out
of their comfort zones.
I'd rather encourage than push.
- Excuse me?
- I just think
it can be traumatizing to force a kid
to read in front of the
class if they're not ready.
I respect your opinion,
but I don't think it's smart for you
to criticize how we do things here
when you're looking to
be hired for a position.
I wanna work here,
but I also wanna express myself,
and if I can't do that, then
Then maybe you're not the
right person for the job.
[DOUDA] How's everything?
It's good. Business is good.
Weed ain't really goin' out of style.
[DOUDA] Hmm, yeah.
Business is steady, but
it could always be better.
You've seen what we've
done with Emmett's business?
We've grown it, and now
his earnings have doubled.
Don't compare me to other niggas,
and especially not that nigga.
Oh, shit. That's right.
You fuckin' his baby
mama right now, right?
We live together.
Oh, okay. So it's serious.
Look, I just came to get
the product and that's it.
Appreciate it.
I would do anything ♪
So, Rob, you have no
desire to make more money?
When you come from money,
you don't feel the need to chase it.
Yeah, your uncle Q felt the same way.
He was also good at losing it.
Oh, yeah, 'cause that
gambling shit is a
it's a hell of a drug.
He owed some people money.
It's probably what got him killed.
I wanna make you a new deal.
I ain't come here to negotiate.
[CHUCKLING] Okay, slow down, bro.
I mean, your numbers are good,
but they could always be better.
And to motivate you,
I wanna give you 15%
of whatever you make.
It's a better deal
than my uncle gave me.
Blood ain't always thicker than water.
I already knew that.
I wanna make sure you're
around for the long haul.
Just make sure you pay me right,
and we good.
Well, I look forward to
doing business with you.
[TIFF] Thanks for the ride.
Of course, you know. You know I got you.
If you really had me,
you would get me a car.
- Okay? 'Cause you
Don't Rob got money? Why
he can't get you a new car?
I don't have a child with Rob.
You see me with a new
car, now you want one?
I don't need a Benz.
I just need something to
drive our son around in.
I thought the weed business was booming.
It is boomin', but I
don't work for myself,
so I'm not making as much
as I should be, but
You thinking about
starting your own business?
Little bit.
Well, you definitely
need to be your own boss
'cause you don't like
taking orders from nobody.
No, I just don't like
taking orders from you.
[LAUGHS] Well, you free now.
Boy, bye.
- Come on, EJ. You ready?
- Ay.
- A'ight.
- Love you, man.
Tell Kiesha I'ma call her later.
Bye, man. A'ight.
[KIESHA] "Santa asked Mrs. Claus
to make him something to eat
because he was craving
a really sweet treat."
You wanna take the next page?
"And Mrs. Claus told Mr. Claus
that she had a lot of work to do.
She was busy with the reindeers
and preparing gifts too.
While every night a
little child asked Santa
for their favorite toy, they didn't know
that Mrs. Claus was the
reason for their joy."
Very good.
Can you tell me what you just read?
Basically, Mrs. Claus is the real MVP,
and Santa be stealing her shine.
Period. [LAUGHS]
Very, very good.
You read really well.
Why didn't you wanna
read for your class?
I don't like reading in front of people.
Why didn't you just say that?
I didn't think I could.
You can always be honest
about what you're feeling.
Will we remember today ♪
[EMMETT] Hey, welcome to Smokey's.
Hey, the mac 'n' cheese is mackin', huh?
You know what I'm saying? [LAUGHS]
What's up? Ay, don't shoot me.
- I'm not gonna shoot you, man.
- Hey, how you
- [DOUDA] Oh, there he is!
- All right, all right
- [DOUDA] The man of the hour.
[EMMETT] Oh, man.
Yo, I couldn't have done it without you.
Yeah. You know what?
Check your bank account.
- Bank account?
- Yeah.
Okay. [LAUGHS]
Win it all ♪
- Damn!
Hold up. I ain't
I ain't never seen this much
money in my bank account before.
Well, that's because
the New York location
is doing really, really well.
They're lovin' Smokey's out there.
[LAUGHS] I see. Shit!
And that's your new Benz outside?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Your broker gave me a really great deal.
- I appreciate you.
- Come on. Look at you, bro.
- Look at you.
- Ay.
[DOUDA] It's important
for a man to treat himself.
- You know what I mean?
Yeah, I fucked around and
gave my baby mama a ride in it.
Now she want one too, so
I gotta figure that out.
Well, that's the mother
of your child, right?
Right? So whatever she needs,
it is your responsibility
to make sure she has it.
That's what bosses do.
Mm. Right.
- Hey.
- Hey, baby.
Aw, y'all make a beautiful couple.
I know.
[LAUGHS] Okay. Have a great day.
Let's go.
I can't stand them.
You're gonna wanna be nice
after you see my bank account.
I don't care about that shit, Emmett.
I do.
Look, Douda investing
in me is the best thing
that ever happened to us.
Everything he promised is coming true.
We got a whole new location in New York.
That we haven't seen yet.
He gon' fly us out.
Do you trust me?
Yeah, I do.
Good. Gotta calm down. Damn.
We got this.
How'd the job interview go?
I got the job.
- Ooh! See? Come here.
[EMMETT] Damn.
See, you coming in
here all mad and shit.
You got good news.
Congrats, baby.
Like, you a teacher now.
Damn! That's fire.
- [EMMETT] I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of you too.
Damn, that's wow.
Where you get the suit?
Douda got it for me.
He buying you clothes now?
He told me I should dress
how I wanna be addressed.
- Mm-hmm.
- You clean up nice.
Girl, you better stop
flirting with me in here.
Look, I don't fuck with Douda,
but I'ma give him a chance.
Together, everything gets better ♪
Uh-huh, remember,
homey, you can lean on me ♪
[BAKARI] Man, hell nah.
That shit not gon' happen, my G.
- Don't kill my dreams.
Ay, watch this.
Took out the trash and
refilled the carbonation
on all the sodas, so what
else you need me to do?
You took out the trash?
Girls never wanna do that shit.
My dad made me take out
the trash growing up,
so I'm kind of used to it.
And how old are you again?
I never said.
[LAUGHS] Okay, my bad.
But how old are you?
I'm 19.
- What?
You just, uh, settled a bet for us.
That's all.
- Fuck no.
I gotta go, bro, a'ight?
[PAPA] Yeah, go run after your boss,
you little underling.
Hey, don't talk shit, a'ight?
If it wasn't for me, your
ass would still be homeless,
so I can talk all the shit I want.
A'ight, bro. Have fun with Miss 19.
[PAPA] Mm.
So what was the bet?
Oh, it was nothing.
He caught you staring at me, didn't he?
Nah, nah.
Well, I was trying not
to stare at you too.
You can stare at me all you want.
I like your podcast.
You listen to Papa's Pulpit?
I haven't heard every episode,
but I heard the one you
did with your friend Jake.
Yeah, that was a special episode.
Yeah, I never really heard dudes
talk to each other like that.
I mean, I could tell he didn't
really wanna do it at first,
but after a while, it was
clear that y'all needed to talk.
[PAPA] Thanks. That means a lot.
And how old are you?
I'll be 18 this summer.
Good to know.
When you gonna get
some furniture in here?
It's comin'.
I can't believe you really moved out.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
Get lonely sometimes,
but once I get the Internet working,
I could just play video
games and zone out.
Yeah. Call me when you get a couch.
Oh, I am having a kickback later.
How? Ain't nothing in here.
People don't care about the furniture.
They just wanna vibe.
If you say so.
[SERVER] Oh, what can I get for you?
[SIGHS] Whew.
Easy come, easy go.
- My man.
- [SHAAD] Hey, hey!
What's up, big-timer?
- [DARNELL] What's up, slim?
Just tryna get like you.
What, old and married?
- [SHAAD] Yeah, well.
Ay, been meaning to tell you man.
Congratulations on
all your son's success.
- Ah.
- [SHAAD] I know you proud.
Yeah, yeah.
And for a long time, man,
we ain't know how that
boy was gonna turn out.
I wasn't really guiding him
the way I should have
when he was younger.
But his mama did a good-ass
job keeping him in line.
- [LAUGHS] Yes, she did.
Ay, by the way, man.
You hear of any jobs out there,
can you let me know?
I'm still looking for a gig, Joe.
Yeah, shit, man. It's
real tight right now.
- [SIGHS] Tell me about it.
- [DARNELL] I'll keep my ear
to the ground for you.
Man, I appreciate it,
'cause right now my lady
paying for everything.
So you losing all the arguments, huh?
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
Ay, is she making you
smoke your weed outside?
- Hell yeah.
- [LAUGHING] Hey, yeah.
Ay, man, keep your head up, dawg.
Something will come along.
But till then,
keep laying that pipe right
so at least she got a good
reason to keep your ass around.
[LAUGHING] I'll try my best.
Well, do better,
'cause these new vibrators
'bout to have all our ass
- out on the streets.
You nasty, dawg.
- A'ight, man.
- [LAUGHS] What's up, dude?
- [DARNELL] What's up, man?
Surprised to see you, G.
[VICTOR] What's up? You
know I couldn't miss this.
- What's up, man?
You missin' a lot lately, man.
Yeah, I've been busy.
Ay, there you go, Mr. City Councilman.
- Oh, man.
- There he is, yeah.
- Not yet. Not yet.
- [SHAAD] Hey, hey, hey.
It's in the bag, man.
- You got this, Vic.
- [VICTOR] Yeah?
Well, I appreciate the support, fellas.
And look, I'm sorry I
haven't been around lately.
You know, between campaigning
and trying to spend quality
time with my lady, bro,
by the time I get home, I
ain't got nothing left to give.
Shit. Who you tellin', boy?
- Ay, you want some food?
Nah, but I'll take a red pop, though.
Ay, ay, can I get a red pop too?
Yep, got you.
It's good to see you, man.
- Man, it's good to be seen.
[QUINCY] Hey, Victor. How
'bout you say a few words?
Um, okay, yeah.
You know, Smokey's
Smokey's isn't just a place
to come get a plate of food,
even though it is delicious, right?
- [PATRON] Mm-hmm.
But it's also a place
to come find community.
You know, it can feel like
a place you can call home
when you don't have nowhere else to go.
So I wanna thank Emmett
for giving us all a
place to call our own.
- Cheers.
[SHAAD] Oh! Damn it, Papa!
[PAPA] Don't worry. I can
get you a Smokey's shirt.
[EMMETT] I'm sorry about that, Victor.
Yeah, let me see if
you can make it go vroom ♪
Let me see if you
can make it go mmm ♪
Let me see if you
can shake up the room ♪
Let me see if you
can make it go mmm ♪
Back and forth, back and forth ♪
Like a seesaw ♪
Had to ride him like a donkey ♪
Made him hee-haw ♪
Back and forth, back and forth ♪
Like a seesaw ♪
Had to ride him like a donkey ♪
Made him hee-haw, yeah ♪
[TRACY] I'm just trying to figure out
what my next move is gon' be.
What you mean?
I mean, after that whole Douda fiasco,
I don't think I have the
energy to start dating again.
No, you know, Tracy, there
are a lot of good guys out here
and ladies.
- [TRACY] Ah, ah, see, listen.
I have enough issues with men.
I cannot afford to add
ladies to my roster
I'm just saying don't
knock it until you try it.
- Try it. That's all.
- I think I'ma try it
to be by myself. Is that okay?
Don't give up on love
just 'cause your last dude
didn't work out.
I'm not giving up on love.
I think I just need to spend
more time loving on myself.
- Ooh.
- Hmm.
Well, I'm just saying,
from somebody who's been
single for a long-ass time
Oh, oh, yes.
Yeah, just a little bit.
- Uh
Marriage is where it's at.
[JADA] Just give it a
little bit be patient.
I'm not waiting 20 years
for some man to be like,
"You know what? Now I wanna be with you
- for the rest of my life."
- Whoa, whoa, hold up.
20 years?
- 22, baby.
- Don't forget the two, baby.
- Ah, that's better.
I think I'ma choose to
be by myself on that note.
I think you're choosing
it, 'cause you're scared
- you're gonna get hurt again.
- Oh, girl,
you can be in love and still get hurt.
- Yeah, that's real.
- [TRACY] Exactly.
- Mm-hmm.
- You wanna die alone?
We die alone anyway,
but is it better to die,
holding some man's hand?
- That's a good point.
- Don't push her
toward the single life.
[TRACY] Why do people think
that women can only be happy
in romantic relationships?
What about friendships?
This is my community. I love y'all.
Friendships matter.
[DRE] You're making some good points.
Look, I got clients that
wanna stay in relationships.
They're trying to make it work
just so they don't have to be alone.
I've learned a lot about who
I am, because this relationship
forced me to grow.
- Okay.
I think I'ma find some
ways to grow on my own.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Yeah, but eventually,
the right partner
is gon' come along and put that mirror
up to your face, you know,
so you can see your own shit.
Why can't I hold the
mirror up to myself?
Because eventually, you
might not like what you see,
and you gonna wanna put
that mothafucka down.
I did not pay for this
session, counselor.
No, I'm not gonna put anything down.
I think this is something
I need to do for me
for myself, by myself.
Yeah ♪
As we continue on, we wylin' ♪
I woke up feelin' victorious ♪
Niggas is gettin' money,
but they not gettin' money ♪
- Like your boy is ♪
- [KEVIN] What up, dog?
I'm a dog, hood icon ♪
Bro really got his own crib
- before me.
You should've seen
him before I got here.
[BAKARI] Papa, what you doin', man?
- [PAPA] I'm about to DM Kenya.
- Bro, f don't do that shit.
You done already followed her,
liked 18 of her mothafuckin' pictures.
Now you about to DM her too?
Chill, bro, you're getting
fucking thirsty, dog.
Boy, shut up. Bakari doesn't
know what he talking about.
I don't know what I'm
talking about, huh?
- [MAISHA] No.
- [BAKARI] Shit, last time
I checked, I got me a woman.
Ain't that right, baby?
[SCOFFS] Please, if Papa didn't write
that note for you, we
wouldn't even be together.
Those were my words though.
Two of those were your words.
- Two of 'em.
- Man, whatever, nigga.
It's not my fault you don't
know how to write in cursive.
That's funny, huh?
Damn, who is that?
Bro, some old-ass chick
that work at his job.
She only two years older than me.
Oh, so we like older women now?
I mean, you ain't got
time for me no more.
I never said that, Stanley.
You ain't have to.
- Ooh.
- Mm.
All right, let's not bring up old shit.
Okay? This is supposed to be cool,
Zen'd out, chill.
So can we be on that vibe, please?
Yes, I am so happy that I'm no
longer on the market 'cause
I mean, you wasn't really on the market
when you got with Jake, so
See? No.
- No.
- I thought we weren't
- bringing up old shit.
- Exactly.
What happened to Zen'd
out, cool, and kickin' it?
Our past is always in our present.
- Right.
- Look, if you wanna DM her,
just do it. Just keep it smooth.
Yeah, bro. You'll be a'ight.
I'ma be rich till the day that I die ♪
I woke up feelin' victorious ♪
Niggas is gettin' money,
but they ain't gettin' money ♪
Like your boy is ♪
Naw, they not, they
not, I'm tellin' you ♪
They not doin' it ♪
I woke up feelin' victorious ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Niggas is gettin' money,
but they ain't gettin' money ♪
Like your boy is ♪
Naw, naw ♪
Naw, not at all ♪
I woke up feelin' victorious ♪
Ha ha!
[TIFF] Wait.
You really bought me a car?
[EMMETT] You said you needed one.
Yeah, but I didn't
think you was gon' do it!
Hey, and it's paid off.
You're good.
- That's yours.
- What?
[TIFF] When you have time
to wrap me a whole-ass car?
[EMMETT] Douda got me a broker.
He gave me a good deal, so
[EMMETT] What's up, G?
[ROB] So this this
new, or this shit used?
Oh, it's fresh off the lot.
[SIGHS] Oh, my God.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God.
Yeah, business been good to me, so
least I could do.
I'ma get to the crib.
Hey, Tiff, drive safe.
What you tryna say?
[EMMETT] Don't be getting
no speeding tickets.
You guys like to drive fast and shit.
Boy, whatever.
Rob! Come on!
Let's take it for a ride!
You make the rules,
I'll break your heart ♪
Fuck around I'll leave you
stuck, leave you scarred ♪
Is that what you want, babe? ♪
I'm so tired of bein' faithful ♪
To you ♪
I'ma do you wrong, baby ♪
I'm so tired of bein' ♪
[DEJA SCOFFS] If you need to smoke
in the house, can you please,
at least open a window?
I'm sorry, babe, I'm sorry. I forgot!
I forgot, okay? My bad. Hey, hey.
How was your day today?
Man, someone walked up
to my white coworker today
and assumed she was the curator again.
That's the third time this week.
Man. I'm sorry, babe.
It's not your fault.
How you doin'?
I'm good, I'm good.
That's good.
You seen the guys?
Oh, I saw 'em yesterday at Smokey's.
That's good.
I feel like you haven't gotten
a chance to spend that
much time with them
like you used to,
especially since we moved in together.
Ah, I know.
- Oh.
You know you can invite
them over whenever you want.
I love to host.
Yeah, I know, babe,
but come on now, we
some real niggas, man.
We like to smoke, drink, talk shit.
Nah, I feel bad bringing that ruckus
- in your house like that.
- Ah, it's our house.
I know. [CHUCKLES]
You okay?
You seem a little down lately.
Naw, I'm good.
It's just that
I don't know.
It's real inspiring to
see the men in my life
- doing so well.
- Mm.
I mean, Darnell, he's
married and content.
Emmett, his business is
taking off and booming,
and this nigga Vic may actually
win that election after all.
Oh, wow, that's amazing. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, it's just real inspiring, but
It also made me look at my own life.
I just can't help but to think,
you know, maybe I'm not
maybe I'm not doing enough.
Well, you've been locked
away most of your life.
I mean, you can't compare your journey
to anyone else.
I know. Just
Shit just got me thinking. That's all.
About what?
Hey, hey.
I'm good, you hear me?
how about we go out to dinner tonight?
You know, it could be good for
us to get out of the house a little bit.
It's my treat.
Well, babe, I already
prepared dinner for you.
I got your plate in the oven.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, hey, hey, come on now.
Hey, come here.
That's the least I could do
is prepare a homecooked meal
after you've been working hard all day.
- Aw.
- You dig?
You wanna watch a movie?
Oh, yeah, you know what?
I've been meaning to look
at "Menace II Society" again.
- Let's do that shit.
No, I-I was hoping
that we could watch
something a little lighter.
Oh, well, like what?
Hmm, ooh, maybe "Devil Wears Prada."
- Fasho!
Yeah! Kay, what look,
I'll get that queued up, and, uh,
you go and warm your plate up, yeah?
[WHISPERS] Oh, shit.
[NUCK] Jackpot, nigga.
Don't be so basic, nigga.
[DOUDA] Mm-mm-mm.
Vintage cars are hard to come by.
It's a good get, Nuck.
You know, this was Zay's idea.
Nice work.
What made you pick a car from the '70s?
Easier to lift,
and the parts are harder to come by.
So I knew it'd be a good choice.
I almost wanna keep this one for myself.
Shit, we could swap the plates out.
[ZAY] This car is in great condition.
It probably belongs to a collector.
If I was you,
I wouldn't chance it.
I'm sure the owner got folks
combing the city as we speak.
[DOUDA] You're right.
I could break it down tonight,
and get you some bread by the morning.
[DOUDA] You like cigars?
Never smoked one.
But now is a hell of a time to start.
[DOUDA] A hell of a time. [LAUGHS]
A hell of a time to start.
I agree. I agree.
Let's go.
You sure you don't wanna
come with me to this?
[SIGHS] It's my job to critique
public figures, not become one.
I thought you said you
didn't want to be a secret.
In your private life.
Well, you know, if
you don't come with me
to these public events,
people will start to think I'm single.
I'd rather that than people attack me.
No one's gonna attack you.
You don't see my DMs
and all the transphobic comments
- on my page.
- Just block that shit.
I be blocking folks all day.
So what you saying? This is my fault?
What? No. This is just my reality.
Well, what can I do?
You can't fix this.
But you just go ahead
and I will be here
when you get home.
All right.
What the fuck?
Quincy, what the fuck is this?
That's your viral moment.
Are you serious, man?
Listen, your numbers are looking good.
Are we in the lead?
It's neck and neck,
but it's better than where we were.
I'll take it.
Why are you here?
I invited her.
Your dad and I have gotten very close
over the past few months.
I've heard.
Um, I hope that we can get to
know each other a little better.
Mm, I'm good.
Okay, well, I'm not going anywhere,
so I suggest that you get
used to me being around.
Okay, well, love interests come and go,
but daughters are forever.
You have to move out at some point.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- Daddy.
- Sweetheart,
I'm not saying that you
have to move out right now,
but I'd imagine at some point
that you'd wanna move out,
- start your own life.
- So you're taking her side?
I have a great deal of love
and respect for both of you.
So we're gonna have to figure this out.
Wait, you love her?
That's not what I said.
That's what I understood.
Uh-uh. I'm leaving.
- Where are you going?
- To my room, okay?
My clock is broken ♪
Every hour you hold my mind ♪
Every hour I close this mind ♪
Tick, tock, tick, tock ♪
So you and Papa really over?
[CHUCKLES] I'ma always love Papa,
but I think we're better as friends.
I'm not quick to judge ♪
- Where's Simone?
- [KEVIN SIGHS] She dumped me.
- For somebody else?
- No.
Said she couldn't be with a Virgo
for longer than three months.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, everybody can't handle
being with an earth sign.
- I'm serious.
Serious you know, in the stars.
One, two, three ♪
Please come see me ♪
Every hour ♪
Four, five, six ♪
What's yours is mine ♪
Do it over again ♪
My clock is broken ♪
Every hour, four, five, six ♪
Every hour of yours is mine ♪
Do it over again ♪
Who runs the clock? ♪
The next time you
wanna buy your ex a car,
can you talk to me first?
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Are you serious?
- Yes.
That's a big spend.
I got her an Altima.
So what?
It's my money.
I thought we were in this together.
We are, but [SIGHS]
But if I wanna do something
nice for the mother of my child,
- I don't need your permission.
- It's not about getting
my permission. It's about
us having a conversation.
I can't have a conversation
with you about everything.
Then what are we doing?
What do you mean, "What are we doing?"
- We're a couple.
- Not if you can't talk to me.
She asked for a car. I got her one.
- That's it.
- Okay, if it's that simple,
I want a bigger place.
- Fine!
- That's not what I mean.
I'm tryna make a point, Emmett.
I'm tired, okay?
I ain't got time to get
into this with you right now.
You don't get to run from this
because it makes you uncomfortable.
This is what couples do they talk.
I'm too tired to talk.
Great, let's just both
get some fucking sleep.
- [KIESHA] Where are you going?
- [EMMETT] Out.
[SIGHS] [WHISPERS] This mothafucker.
Get paid, I'm 50 on the highway ♪
Money coming my way ♪
Fucking get it your way ♪
Don't care, won't care, wanna say ♪
If the boy come around, stay away ♪
- Stay away ♪
- I don't need no drama, don't play ♪
Don't play ♪
Keep the money hidden in a safe ♪
In a safe ♪
[QUINCY] We're just waiting on
the votes from one more center.
It should be any minute now.
We did it, Joe!
We-we did it!
- [VICTOR] We won?
- [QUINCY] By a really slim margin.
But a win is a win.
- Congratulations, new City Councilman.
- [VICTOR] Thank you, man. Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Damn right I hustle ♪
Congratulations, baby.
- Mm.
- [VICTOR] Thank you.
Thank you. Dude.
Hey, thanks for never
giving up on me, man.
Thanks for trusting
me with your campaign.
No, no, no, I obviously
made the right choice.
Yeah. Now you got a job to do.
Yes, I do.
But you know I can't do it without you.
Will you be my chief of staff?
- What's the salary?
Uh, it's a little low.
- You're lucky I like you.
- My G, my G, my G.
- Thank you, man.
- Thank you.
- Yes, thank you, baby.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cheers!
Now it's triples and doubles ♪
[DOUDA] I'm not really sure
I wanna stay with Rolly.
But I don't know if that's really
Hey, look who it is. [CHUCKLES]
- Welcome.
- What's up, man?
Yeah, have a seat. Let me, uh,
let me get you right.
Now, the key is not to inhale.
What's the point then? [CHUCKLES]
- It's rich nigga shit.
Here's a lesson.
You're gonna take your
cigar. You're gonna hold it
at about a 45 degree
angle, like this, right?
And what you're gonna do
is rotate it in a circular-like motion,
not allowing the flame
to touch the cigar.
We're just toasting
the foot of the cigar.
We're warming it up to make it
a little easier to light, kay?
Slowly, slowly.
Let it just toast the cigar.
You're warming those tobacco leaves.
[BLOWS] There it is.
I'ma allow you to take a puff on that.
Puff it until you can taste the smoke.
Didn't you hear what Zay said?
He said not to inhale.
[EMMETT] Shit.
Hey, um, uh, Dev, excuse me.
Can you keep it down a little bit?
I'm trying to teach the young man here
how to smoke a cigar.
I ain't chewing that loud, bro.
So, Emmett, are you all right?
I took your advice and got my ex a car.
Oh, shit, see? That's wonderful.
Now my girl mad at me.
So now what you have to do
is get her whatever she wants.
She want a bigger place. I'm like
Emmett, then get her one.
- I ain't made of money.
- But I am.
Come on, you ain't you
not gonna buy us a house.
No, nigga, I am not gonna be buying you
no mothafuckin' house. [LAUGHS]
But I will introduce you to my realtor.
He'll help you find something.
I'm just not ready to buy a house.
- Like, I'm still, like, getting my shit together.
- Damn it, Emmett!
Stop being a fucking pussy.
Come on, bro.
Jump in the deep end.
It's nice over here.
Talking crazy, man.
if you listen to me,
I promise you
I will make sure you have enough money
to keep all your women very, very happy.
I only got one.
You have four.
The mothers of your children,
they will always be your women,
whether you like 'em or not.
I got three in my roster.
[PLAYER] What the
Can you hand me my coat, please?
You all right?
Yeah, uh
You wanna take a handful
of cigars for the road?
- Naw.
- It's good seeing you, buddy.
I'll see you soon, okay?
- [EMMETT] Okay.
- All right, good night.
What do you want, Otis?
I texted you.
I know.
- I ignored it.
- Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. [LAUGHS]
All right.
Well, um,
let's consider this a wellness check.
You don't wish me well.
Come on, now, you know that's not true.
I'm taking some time for myself.
That's what I need.
- Kay.
- [TRACY] Okay.
Well, hey.
I miss you.
Do you miss me?
A man comes into my life,
and you have to compromise for what?
- For what?
A relationship is a relationship
that has to be earned!
Not to compromise for
and I love relationships.
I think they're fantastic and wonderful.
I think they're great. I think there's
nothing in the world more beautiful than
falling in love.
But falling in love
for the right reasons,
falling in love
for the right purpose, falling in love
falling in love
when you fall in love
What is there to compromise about?
There's nothing left to say about it ♪
Lesson learned, let's
agree it's all on you ♪
Maybe we should pray about it ♪
'Cause only God knows
what we've been through ♪
There's nothing left to say about it ♪
'Cause I was so alone loving you ♪
Now that I think about it ♪
Us letting go was overdue ♪
Made a lot of mistakes ♪
Spent a lot of time on you ♪
But you never really gave me ♪
All of you ♪
Tell me what is love
if you're losing it ♪
It only really matters
what you do with it ♪
It's all about what you doing ♪
What you really want ♪
Yeah ♪
It only really matters
what you do with it ♪
Tell me what is love
if you're losing it ♪
Yeah, it's all about
what you did with it ♪
Can't go back now ♪
Got all in my head ♪
Believed all the words that you said ♪
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