The Chi (2018) s06e02 Episode Script

Mo' Douda, Mo' Problems

Previously on The Chi
Think you could get
me in touch with Jamal?
Lynae's brother?
Yeah, I want to surprise
her for Christmas.
Let me see what I can do.
Sorry, Lynae. Jamal's locked
up, awaiting a murder trial.
[KIESHA] The next time you
want to buy your ex a car,
can you talk to me first?
It's my money!
- [KIESHA] Where are you going?
- [EMMETT] Out.
So now what you have to do
is get her whatever she wants.
- I ain't made of money.
- But I am.
Uh, Dev, can you keep
it down a little bit?
I'm trying to teach the young
men here how to smoke a cigar.
I ain't chewing that
loud, bro. [SMACKING LIPS]
[PERSON] What?
[QUINCY] Congratulations,
new city councilman.
- [VICTOR] Thank you, man.
- [QUINCY] Congratulations.
- [VICTOR] Thank you. Thank you.
[QUINCY] Now you got a job to do.
[VICTOR] Yes, I do.
But you know I can't do it without you.
Will you be my chief of staff?
- You're lucky I like you.
- My G.
- Councilman.
- My G, my G.
you and Papa really over?
- [QUINCY] Good morning.
- [VICTOR] Good morning.
- [QUINCY] You ready?
- [VICTOR] Damn right.
- [QUINCY] What's the mission?
- [VICTOR] Got a lot of 'em.
[QUINCY] Hey, now, that's
not an acceptable answer.
[VICTOR] It's my first day.
Doesn't matter.
Where there's no vision,
the people perish.
Don't-don't throw the good book at me.
I'm just glad that
you know the reference.
Look, you and I can set a
time to discuss it later, okay?
How much later?
Man, can I get in my office, please?
[ASSISTANT] Your first
meeting's already
in there waiting for you.
W-what meeting?
He said you were expecting him.
I-I'm not expecting nobody.
- How'd you get in here?
- I asked around.
You ain't too hard to find.
[VICTOR] That's scary.
I don't mean you any harm.
I no longer use violence
as a means to an end.
[VICTOR] Since when?
[JAMAL] Since I handed
my life over to God.
You know, I watched you
kill a man with my own eyes.
[JAMAL] And I did my time for that.
Hmm, apparently not enough.
How'd you get out so fast?
They tampered with the evidence,
threw my case out.
Still don't make shit right.
You don't think I know that?
So what now?
[JAMAL] Now I need to start over.
It's not that easy.
[JAMAL] I know that.
But I also know
Heaven is full of imperfect people.
I'm not who I was.
I need to reacquaint myself
with a lot of people from my past
so they can meet the man I am today.
It has to start with my sister.
And I know you know where she at.
I do.
Then can you help me?
Look, man, you right.
I can't just come in here
demanding shit of you.
But I know you know what it's like
to be more of a father
than an older brother to your sibling.
[WHISPERING] I need this, man.
Give me some time.
You want to talk about what
happened the other night or no?
There's nothing to talk about.
What you mean?
You do that shit again, and we're done.
- It's like that?
- [KIESHA] Yes.
I'm not gonna be with somebody
who can just walk out on me
and not think twice about it.
- I didn't walk out on you.
- You were gone for three hours.
I didn't know where you were.
And when you came back,
you smelled like smoke.
I just went for a walk. That's it.
Don't lie to me.
I saw you on Nuck's Insta story.
I don't even know why you
still follow that nigga.
Don't try to change the subject.
If we're gonna be in a relationship,
- you need to commit.
- I am committed.
We live together, paying for bills.
I don't cheat.
You don't get brownie
points for that, Emmett.
Wow. Okay.
[KIESHA] This is what it
means to be in a relationship.
So no fucking, just fighting.
- Got it.
- Communication and sacrifice.
I just miss when we used
to have fun all the time.
I'm your woman,
not an amusement park.
All right.
All right, fine.
I'll never walk out on you again.
You better not.
I'm sorry.
Apology accepted.
- You lucky I love you.
- I know.
So when we gonna find
this new, big place?
You really want to move right now?
Yeah, I'm tired of living
on top of each other.
Look, we only deal with
that on the weekends
when I got all my kids, Kiesha.
And you used to share
this place with Tiffany.
- We just-we need our own spot.
- Can't just redecorate?
All right. [SIGHS]
I'll find us a bigger place.
Douda want me to meet
with this realtor anyway.
- We don't need him.
- Yes, we do, all right?
He know about this stuff. We don't.
Can you let the man help us out? Damn.
Fine, just no big decisions without me.
- Please?
- [EMMETT] All right.
I'll text you every two seconds.
You're not funny.
Damn, Dante.
You cheating on me now?
[DANTE] Look, I know
your ass ain't talking.
[TIFF] Nigga, stop playing with me.
Who the fuck is this?
Easy, queen.
I'm Cairo, your local weed
grower and connoisseur.
Well, I'm his plug. You can leave now.
I think there's plenty
of room for all of us.
Well, I don't.
Dante, call me when he gone.
Come on, now, don't be like that.
Look, come sit down, try his product.
I only smoke my own shit.
[CAIRO] Where you get it from?
Some comes from Cali,
and the rest I can't say. What's up?
[CAIRO] Who grows it?
Nigga, I don't know.
[CAIRO SCOFFS] Therein lies the problem.
Excuse me?
Tiff, don't be like that.
This nigga's shit is different, okay?
Look, I can't lie
his weed does smoke
better than yours, baby.
Lies you tell.
Is that right? [CHUCKLES]
- You can try it if you want to.
- [TIFF] I'm good.
- Suit yourself.
So who grows your weed?
I do.
How much you growing?
[CAIRO] Just enough to
satisfy my clientele.
So not a lot?
I believe in quality
over quantity.
Damn, that's good.
[DANTE] Told your ass.
That shit different.
I'm surprised I'm not
coughing up a lung.
Yeah, you see, the
streets got niggas thinking
we supposed to choke when we smoke.
We not.
Good weed smokes smooth
and goes down easy.
This is nice.
[CAIRO] it's like melted
butter on crab legs
or a low vibrational
plate while you watch
the newest episode of
your favorite TV show.
It's like having sex with
a nigga you can't stand
but know how to fuck you just right.
Shit. I got to take this.
Y'all enjoy that ride, though.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I see his flower got that power.
It does.
Damn, this nigga about
to put me out of business.
[DANTE] Nah, you good.
He's still pretty exclusive.
And, look, most niggas
don't care what they smoking.
They just want to get high
and forget they problems, you know?
But niggas should care
about what they smoking.
Well, niggas should do a lot
of things that they don't do.
If I was you, I would cheat on me, too.
[LAUGHS] Is that right?
Look, if I can be honest,
I smoke his weed exclusively.
I buy from you so I can just
see your pretty face, you know?
Don't do me no favors.
And my man ain't going nowhere.
I see. I see.
We had a good run, though.
[DANTE] Yes, we did.
You ever need anything, you call Dante.
Okay, baby?
What are you doing?
Ah, well, you know, I
just got to thinking
I mean, I don't need nobody's permission
to open up my throwback business,
so I might as well just get
this shit started on my own.
[DEJA] Wh Yeah, I don't
know if our front porch
is the-the place to start. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, I feel you, but,
hey, got to start somewhere.
[DEJA] Oh, ye-yeah, that's true. Um
And, look
I know this looks crazy,
but, I mean, so does everybody
when they first starting they business.
I mean, look at Emmett, right?
He now owns the restaurant
that he used to sweep the floors for.
Yeah, I-I could loan you
some money to get started.
Nah, you've done enough already.
I need to do this on my own, babe.
Look, you know, I-I know
you want to be a man,
but it's okay to let your
woman help you out sometimes.
Not with this.
[DEJA] Yeah, well, starting
a business takes a lot of
a lot of planning, a support system.
I know, but I ain't
got the funds right now
to be hiring folks, so it's just me.
[DEJA] Who's gonna buy this stuff?
[SHAAD SCOFFS] You'd be surprised.
How much for the two-way?
Well, uh that's 100 right there,
but, uh, for you, Joe,
throw that shit in for a cool 50.
I'll give you 20 bucks.
Ah, come on, man, that
shit is in great shape, man.
Plus, you ain't gonna
find that nowhere else.
Who am I gonna two-way with?
Oh, yeah, I ain't think about that shit.
Never mind.
Ah, man. [SCOFFS]
For real?
Lame-ass nigga.
Fucking goofy.
You need to lower your prices.
Shit, if I lower 'em any more,
I might as well give my
shit away for free, then.
Wh-what, I'm sorry, this is your stuff?
Well, I ain't got the funds
to do the vintage
shopping hunting yet, so
So you want me to just sit by
and wait for this to work out?
I Listen, listen
I need you to believe in me.
I do.
You do?
- You sure you do?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
All right. I'll leave you to it.
All right, go on inside.
- Okay, all right.
- Stay warm.
- I got this.
- Okay.
Run up the bands, fuck up a check ♪
Cartier frames, and
they match with the fit ♪
Always on go, 100% ♪
What you think of this?
It looks cheap.
- 'Cause it is.
You cannot be out here
wearing no cheap shit.
Until you start making me some money,
I think I can.
Girl, a manager's job is
not to make an artist rich.
I told you, this is not how this works.
Mm-hmm, but I've been
rapping my ass off,
and I'm still broke.
[JEMMA] Mm-mm.
Look, you just need another song
that the kids gonna fuck with. [SCOFFS]
[MAISHA] Tricks are for kids, not me.
[JEMMA] Okay, well,
the kids are the ones
streaming your shit, so
Jemma, I can actually rap.
- I'm not chasing no trends.
[PERSON] Ain't nothing
wrong with being trendy.
[MAISHA] Oh, Sasha.
- You Maisha, right?
- [JEMMA] Yes, she is.
And I'm her manager, Jemma.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
Your song stay popping
up on my Explore and shit.
I fuck with it. It catchy.
- Thank you.
- Well, where the new music at?
One song ain't gonna feed you forever.
I agree.
I hear that. [CHUCKLES]
[SASHA] Your flow is cool.
It ain't dope, but it's cool.
[SCOFFS] Still working my way up.
- [SASHA] Yeah.
Look, my opening act just got locked up,
so I need somebody
to entertain the crowd
for, like, 15 minutes.
- You think you can do it?
- She can do ten.
- Only ten?
- I can do 15.
Uh, she can do it, but let's just have
the band warm up the crowd first.
- Okay, that's cool.
- [JEMMA] All right.
Um, let's exchange contact information,
and we can discuss the logistics.
- Hit me up.
- All right.
- Nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you, too.
- Keep it up.
- [MAISHA] Thank you.
- It's a lot of people.
Why you tell her I couldn't do 15?
Because your ass only got one song.
So the fuck what? I can stretch it out.
[JEMMA] Maisha.
Look, this is a really
good opportunity for you,
and I don't want you
looking like you don't have
enough songs to fill up the time.
- I don't.
- Okay.
But they don't need to know that.
Okay. Just don't cut me off again.
If I didn't, then you
would have been out there
looking crazy after you
finish your two-minute song.
And what you think I'm supposed to do
- with the other eight minutes?
- I don't know.
Write some new shit or just
freestyle over a familiar beat.
Look, it's my job to make sure
that you not out there looking crazy.
Now I just need you to make it
your job to get me some money.
That's what I'm working on.
Good, 'cause I'm tired of
wearing this cheap shit.
- Can I work?
- [MAISHA] Okay.
[DARNELL] Look, I know you
think Douda cool and all,
but just 'cause a motherfucker
got a few Cadillacs
don't mean that he know shit about life.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Don't be jealous, Pop.
Boy, please.
I used to have cars, clothes, hos, too.
But all that don't mean
shit if you ain't got
a good woman waiting for
you when you get home.
Yeah, I got that, too.
[DARNELL] Yeah, well, I heard
it was trouble in paradise.
Where you hear that?
Your mama told me that you
bought Tiff that new Altima.
[EMMETT SCOFFS] Women talk so damn much.
[DARNELL] Yeah, well,
that's what they do.
Yeah, we-we figuring it out, though.
All I know is, if you
lay down with the Devil,
you gonna have fleas.
That's not how it goes.
[DARNELL] Boy, you know
what I'm talking about.
I do.
- And I love you.
- Hey.
But I got to go. I got
to go look at a house.
Boy, you can't afford no house.
How you know?
I'll tell you what
let me come on down there
with you and make sure
they ain't trying to scam
you or nothing like that.
Nah, nah, Douda gonna meet me there.
I-I'll hit you later, all right?
- Love you.
- [DARNELL] All right, love you, too.
All right, I'll call you after.
And I feel real good ♪
She done put some hands on me ♪
And I feel real good ♪
Just what I like, just my type ♪
- Damn.
- I told you.
hands on me ♪
And I feel real good ♪
- I ain't coughing.
- I know.
This the best weed I ever smoked.
I know, nigga.
And that ain't good.
He's gonna fuck around
and put us out of business.
we can make him our new supplier.
Then we could finally get
away from Douda's crazy ass.
Man, fuck.
Me and Doud just did a deal.
What kind of deal?
He gonna give us more off the top.
How much more?
My own uncle ain't give
me a deal like that.
And Doud like to kill niggas for sport.
I ain't even trying to
see that nigga bad side.
I just want to talk to Cairo.
That's it.
- Who?
- The nigga weed you smoking.
You can talk to him.
Just don't agree to
nothing before we talk.
I got to call Dante to
get his number first.
- Dante?
But don't worry I don't
fuck with him like that no more.
You better not.
Matter of fact
I'ma come with you.
I can go by myself.
We going together.
- I said, you with it, yo? ♪
- Yeah, I'm with it, bro ♪
[KEVIN] Ugh. This is
just embarrassing, man.
Combo after combo
- Ow, bro, ow.
- after combo.
Man, this ain't even fun no more.
Look, don't be mad 'cause you losing.
Man, I ain't trying to be
your batting practice, nigga.
I'll even let your sorry ass catch up.
- Yep.
- Who you texting?
- Jemma. [CHUCKLES]
[JAKE SCOFFS] Man, stop playing with me.
fucking with you, man.
Oh, yeah, you, uh
you think you could,
uh, wear one of my shirts
- at your next tournament?
- Yeah.
- That'll be a rack, though.
- Man, I ain't paying you shit.
I'm still fucking with you, dude.
- Man, a'ight.
I got you, bro. Come on.
Look, I know you got your
own crib and all that now,
but don't get to
thinking you the shit now.
- Talking about I got to pay you
- Nah, nah, nah.
You think I'm the shit,
and that's why you mad.
Admit it.
- Yeah, whatever.
- A'ight. [LAUGHS]
[REALTOR] This house has
great bones, as you can see.
It's old, but it's not a fixer-upper.
Even though they're asking
for a lot of money up front,
at least you know you don't have
to fix the roof a year from now.
Tss. Man, Kiesha would like that.
A lot of your neighbors are Black
entrepreneurs just like yourself.
I'm a big, big believer
in Black folks buying
in Black neighborhoods.
Moving in white
communities ain't the move.
[LAUGHS] You know what?
It's Deondray here who
roped me into buying
a place not too far from
here about a year ago.
It's a great investment,
not just for your family
but for the community.
- That's dope.
It's a little far from Smokey's, though.
Yeah, it is, but you know what?
Maybe it's time that we, um,
put a location out
here on the West Side.
[EMMETT] You don't think
we should slow down?
Hey, man, don't be afraid
of your future, Emmett.
Oh, I don't want to bite
off more than I can chew.
I believe you can handle it.
How much is the down payment?
They want 20% of asking price.
Asking price is a lot.
[DOUDA] Hey, so, listen, just put
down whatever you can, and, um
I'll cover the difference.
I got to talk to my lady first.
Emmett, when somebody offers
you a gift, you should take it.
Look, she said she wanted
a bigger place, right?
Then get the fucking house.
Can I see some paperwork first?
- [DOUDA] Oh.
- Before I do that
you should bring your lady by
so she can at least see it first.
If y'all both like it,
then we can talk numbers.
Ah, thank you.
I just know my fiancé would be mad
if I tried to buy a house
without talking to them first.
Well, listen, back in the day,
when you bought a woman
a house, she'd be happy.
Let's try to live in the present day.
Okay. Y'all can be simps if you want to.
Hey, appreciate it, brother.
I look forward to getting y'all in here.
Thank you.
And we work with Pastor Jackson
to help provide services
for his members in need.
Uh, sometimes it's, uh,
wellness check-ins, home repairs.
- Sometimes it's food drops.
- Yeah.
Wherever I can help, I'm down.
Yeah, well, I'm glad you showed up, man.
Idle hands are the Devil's workshop.
I'm gonna need to stay busy
if I'ma stay out of jail.
Yeah, well, I'm sure Ms. Tracy
could use the extra manpower.
[TRACY] Tracy what, now?
I appreciate everything
you've done for my sister.
Of course. That's what we're here for.
It's amazing what you
do for the city, too.
Thank you.
Uh, Tracy, he's got a
lot of time on his hands,
so I was telling him that
you could use some help.
I've turned a new leaf.
I'm not looking for any trouble.
Look, I'm headed out,
but maybe we can talk
about this tomorrow?
Can I walk you to your car?
No, I'm good.
Thank you, though.
Y'all have a good day.
Y'all need to get off
that damn social media.
It ain't nothing but the devil.
That's all they do, is sit and
watch videos on they phone all day.
I ain't never seen neither
one of y'all crack open a Bible
and read not one single verse.
I got the Bible app.
Oh, when's the last
time you opened it up?
- Yesterday.
[JACKSON] Oh, I know you not laughing.
I been seeing you running
around with Otis and his crew.
All money ain't good money.
[SCOFFS] Amen.
Hey, how about you shut up, Papa?
I make a honest living.
Yeah, and you can keep
your honest $7.50 a hour,
- 'cause I don't want it.
- Don't make fun of his little paycheck.
He came at me first.
Both of you all need to be worried
about your futures and keeping
your nose in the good book.
But you ain't always done
what the good book says.
[JACKSON] What, you challenging me, boy?
I mean, somebody's got to.
[DIANE] Stanley Jackson Junior,
have you lost the good
sense God gave you?
I'm not one of those new-age parents.
I'll take this belt off right now.
I wasn't trying to be disrespectful.
I just want to practice what I preach.
And what is that?
Sometimes you got to call people out,
even if those people are your parents.
The only person who can
call out your parents is God.
The Bible says, "A
child will lead them."
You ain't the child the
Bible was talking about.
well, I think I'm gonna excuse myself.
[JACKSON] No, no.
You a part of this family,
too. You stay right there.
I have to lead by example.
I want you boys to do what's right,
not what's convenient.
Look, I've done some
convenient things in my life,
and I've had to pay for that.
But thank God I have a
forgiving congregation.
I'm just hoping that
I have forgiving sons, too.
A saint ain't nothing but a sinner
that fell down and got back up again.
[SOFTLY] Praise God.
[BAKARI] Amen.
And she'll also need car
service to and from the event
and security at the entrance
and at all of the exits.
Okay, yes, I understand that,
but these are nonnegotiable.
Oh, and we'll need a graphic
to put out on her socials
to let her fans know that
she'll be at the event.
And she'll need some space
in the back to sell merch.
Okay, so her rider includes
a party-size bag of Flaming Hots,
chilled grape pop, Sour Patch Kids,
and some incense.
Okay, got it.
I mean, he did seem different.
[FATIMA] Just because he found God
does not mean he's different.
I mean, I'm not saying he's perfect,
but he did volunteer at ROCK.
That's-that's got to
count for something.
All right, you seem nervous.
I don't want to stick
my neck out for him
just to be disappointed again.
Okay, he needs to talk to somebody.
[VICTOR] I know. One step at a time.
If we don't start taking
our mental health seriously,
then we're never gonna move forward.
What if that's my mission?
[FATIMA] What?
Well, Quincy was saying
that, uh, I need something to focus on,
a social issue I could
really get behind.
I know a lot of dudes who have
been in and out of the system.
- [FATIMA] Mm-hmm.
- Maybe I could focus on
Black men and our mental health.
[FATIMA] Mm, what about the rest of us?
Well, yeah, eventually.
But if we don't have our shit together,
everybody suffers.
We can't lead if we're
not of sound mind.
Why do men always have
to be the ones leading?
[VICTOR] We don't.
But it's hard for us to lean on others.
I know that's something we
need to all be better about.
Yeah, well
it's gonna take some time.
I know. Wish me luck?
Just want to be there for you ♪
There for you, baby ♪
I want to be there for you ♪
Four a.m., couldn't sleep ♪
I had thoughts of
you, thoughts of me ♪
On my mind ♪
And I'm still tryin'
to understand why ♪
Mm, messages we shared get deep ♪
Bae, are we in love? ♪
Is what I think every time ♪
So tell me, how
have I been so blind? ♪
Yeah, it's like I had a
out-of-body in wreckage ♪
I know you're gone and still
feel the presence of you ♪
Who got the vibe? We got the vibe ♪
If it hits the fan,
we all gon' ride ♪
All right, got your two-piece dark.
Hell, yeah.
It's on me. I got it.
Keep the change.
[SHAAD] I see you running
around with Douda now, huh?
It's temporary.
That's what we all say.
What's up with your vintage store?
I'm still working on it. Just
I didn't know it'd take that
much money to open a business.
You need some work, I got you.
Nah, I don't need that kind of work.
Shaad, come on, all you
got to do is be careful.
That's it.
You playing with fire, shorty.
Don't you know that?
I used to play with
fire till I got lo
until I got locked up
and had to watch my life pass me by.
I'm always here if you change your mind.
[NINA] Normally, I would say no.
But I think this is Lynae's decision.
Yeah, I just don't want anyone
coming in and out of her life.
That could be traumatizing.
I agree.
You think he's really gonna
stick around this time?
I can't promise anything, but
I think he's changed.
[DRE] If he messes up again,
that's it.
We're not going through this again.
I want to see him.
You want us to be with you when you do?
No. I'll be okay.
Where are you racing off to?
- Home.
- [KENYA] Okay.
But why are you in a rush?
Oh, I'm just not trying to miss my bus.
It's colder than a mug out there.
I could give you a ride.
- For real?
- Yeah.
You know, when I asked what
music you wanted to listen to,
I never thought you would
have said Anita Baker.
My dad won't let me listen
to secular music at home,
but she's the one exception to the rule.
Mm. My dad's the same way.
He calls it "music for Jezebels."
Yeah, that preacher's-kid
life ain't no joke.
- I know all about it.
- I ain't know you was a PK.
Through and through.
My middle name is Corinthians.
- Where your dad preach at?
- Church of God and Prosperity.
Oh, shit.
You talking about that big-ass
church on the North side
- where you got to pay to park?
- That's the one.
My dad isn't the biggest fan
of your father's ministry.
I know.
But I did sneak and listen
to one of his sermons
when my dad was out of town.
- What'd you think?
- I thought it was good.
I like the idea that if
we come from the Kingdom,
we deserve to live a kingdom lifestyle.
And that includes the
cars, designer clothes,
and houses with not one, but
Three-car garages.
- I love that sermon.
He also said that if
God made us in His image,
then we, too, are gods, in our own way.
And that if we can learn
to see the God in ourselves,
then we should also
see the God in others.
I think of it more like,
we're all God's children
so I shouldn't judge
my brothers and sisters,
and they should never judge me.
So you saying you see me as a brother?
Not at all.
Good, 'cause I ain't
trying to be your brother.
What you trying to be?
Somebody you can
trust and count on, no matter what.
I've found a love
that is truly blessed ♪
And I want to make
dreams come true ♪
[PAPA] Well, this is me.
So when do you turn 18, again?
This summer.
- Thanks for the ride.
- No problem.
Don't leave me out ♪
In the cold ♪
Just love me body ♪
And soul ♪
I missed you, Nae.
I missed you, too.
So how you been?
Things have been so hectic.
But better now.
I've been praying a lot.
Since when do you pray?
Since I got locked up.
So you, like, saved now?
Not yet, not quite, but
working on it.
[SCOFFS] You growing up on me, man.
You applying for colleges
and everything, ain't you?
Yeah, but I don't want to
go out of state, though.
You're gonna be the first in
our family to go to college.
No pressure.
You got a boyfriend?
Kind of.
- What that mean?
- You know what it means.
No, I don't know what it mean, shit.
You better not be giving your
body to no nigga I know that.
I'll be 18 soon.
That don't mean shit.
- Don't be weak to the flesh.
I don't need you to big
brother me right now.
You gonna always need
me to big brother you.
- He a street nigga?
- [LYNAE] Not like you.
Please just be careful
with street niggas.
Loving us can leave you heartbroken.
Trust me, I know.
What are you doing in
the house of the Lord?
[DOUDA] We are in need of a prayer.
[JACKSON] Well, I can
pray for y'all from afar.
You know, we, um
we brought a donation.
Well, the last time I
took a donation from you,
I got arrested for money laundering.
Well, that's because you
didn't follow my instructions.
No, one of your boys got caught
and threw me under the bus.
Yeah, and that boy
he doesn't work for me anymore.
You know, I'm getting
real tired of you luring
our young men into your devilish ways.
Hey, I offer young Black men
a better life,
a chance to be their own man,
a chance to be their own
their own boss.
Look, this is not what
the Lord wants for y'all.
There is a better way.
When a man offers you a
gift, you should take it.
Well, I already have all
the gifts that I need.
[DOUDA] Okay.
Come on, Stanley.
Are you sure this is what you want?
I have never been more sure
about anything in my life.
[WHISPERING] Okay, then.
[DOUDA] Why'd you stay
outside in the car?
- I-I-I live with him, Douda.
- But you fucking work for me.
Get in the car, nigga.
Basically, we want to
make you our new supplier.
But first
we kind of just want to
see what you offering.
Why would you sell my weed
when you can grow your own?
'Cause we don't know how to do that.
I can teach you.
Why would you do that?
Why wouldn't I?
Wouldn't that be cutting
off into your business?
Honestly, I just want
niggas to smoke better weed.
This ain't about getting rich for me.
Besides, you can't get rich
off selling weed anyway.
And once the government
understands how to tax it,
it's gonna be available everywhere.
So my hope is to show people
how to smoke it and grow it properly.
If we gonna get high, we might
as well do it the right way.
So you don't want no money from us?
No. I got money.
But you will need funds
for supplies and to grow it.
Why can't we just grow it at our crib?
Do you live in a mansion?
- No, we don't.
- Not yet.
Then you need to rent a space
so you can control
temperature and humidity.
And you need a water tank, lots of soils
and worms and employees
to tend to the babies.
You mean the buds?
These plants are babies.
They're living and breathing organisms.
This shit is a process.
Well, um
we-we ain't got bread like that.
But would you be
willing to invest in us?
If I give you the money,
then I own it, not you.
You'll just be a branch of my business.
You want to be your own bosses, right?
Then find an investor,
and I'll show you the rest.
And you sure you wouldn't
see us as competition?
Nah. I got farms all over the place.
I look at this as a form of giving back.
Remember when people
started eating organically?
Well, my mission
is to get folks to start
smoking organically.
You see, people put all
sorts of stuff in their weed
to get people high.
But it destroys people's lungs,
and people wake up feeling
[INHALES DEEPLY] hungover.
It's not supposed to be like that.
That is crazy.
You know what's crazier?
Not knowing what you're smoking.
Fuck getting rich.
I'm trying to start a revolution.
Alcohol can kill you.
Cigarettes can kill you.
Prescription drugs can kill you.
What do they all have in common?
- They all legal.
- [CAIRO] Exactly.
But if TSA catch me
with weed in my backpack,
my Black ass is going to jail.
Get the fuck out of here.
What you think?
Got a point.
This is the future.
I like it.
I told him he couldn't buy it
without talking to you first.
That was my idea.
So what you think?
I think our moms are gonna kill
us for moving to the West side.
I said that, too, but Douda thinks
we should open up another
location over here.
So it would make sense.
What are the schools like over here?
My nieces go to the
school up the street.
Uh, Black teachers, great curriculum,
and it's in walking distance.
I like that.
[EMMETT] I think we should get it, baby.
You really think we can
afford a house right now?
Douda said he would help us out.
Now, that I don't like.
[DEONDRAY] Do y'all need a minute?
Just make sure he knows
whatever he gives us is a loan.
- Bet.
- And I want both of our names
on the mortgage.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Yeah? Hey, draw up that paperwork
- because we getting a house!
Wow, I'm too fleeky for 'em ♪
Wow, I'm too fleeky for 'em ♪
Wow, I'm too fleeky for 'em ♪
Wow, I'm too fleeky for 'em ♪
[JEMMA] What's wrong?
I haven't performed since the shooting.
I know.
[MAISHA] And it's just like,
what if it happens again?
we can't let what happened
stop us from walking in our purpose.
[SIGHS] You're right.
[JEMMA] Yeah.
[ANNOUNCER] Hey, make some noise.
Make some noise!
- Y'all having fun tonight?
I said, y'all having fun tonight?
Next up, we got a
special treat for y'all.
I want y'all to give it up for Maisha!
I know you got money.
Hmm. My family got money, not me.
[TIFF] How'd you get
this big-ass house, then?
I know you ain't get it with weed money.
Mother bought this
house as an investment.
I'm basically her tenant.
Well, would you be willing
to ask your mom for a loan?
Nah, I ain't doing that.
- Think about it.
If you can get us a loan
and this really works,
you would never have to ask
your family for money ever again.
- And if it doesn't?
- It will.
Do you believe in me?
[ROB] Of course I do.
Then go get us some money
so we can cut ties with
Douda and be our own boss.
Why take 15% when we can have it all?
Yeah, I know you lie to me ♪
I probably lie to you,
there ain't no tryin' me ♪
[ANNOUNCER] That's right.
Yeah, that was fire.
- [ANNOUNCER] One more time
let's hear it for Maisha.
Hey, don't go nowhere.
We here all night.
What are you doing here?
What do you think?
- Did you see the show?
- Yeah, you bodied that shit.
- [MAISHA] I was nervous.
- I couldn't tell.
Well, I thank you for being here.
Where else would I be?
You really trying to get back with me?
Uh, you trying to get back with me?
- No, no, no, nigga.
I asked you first.
I missed you, Maisha.
I missed you, too.
But I have so much going on right now.
Yeah, pssh, yeah. Yeah, me too.
[MAISHA] So what is this?
I mean, uh, we don't
got to call it nothing.
- Don't tell Papa.
- Oh, I won't tell a soul.
Why, 'cause you ashamed
of being with me?
No, no, no, I just
You know, I just don't want
everybody in our business,
and we still trying to
figure this shit out.
I get that.
- Hey, Kevin.
- Hey, Jemma.
- I got your money.
- Yeah, I'm gonna let y'all
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Great show.
[MAISHA] Thank you.
They short $200.
No, that's my 10%.
Sasha approached me.
How you get a percentage of that?
I managed this whole thing for you.
you didn't get me the gig.
Like, I thought you only collected
when you got me the job.
I mean, yes, technically,
but without me,
I mean, this whole thing
would've been a shit show.
And, I mean, without me,
this green room
would've been snack-free.
Okay, bitch. I
[LAUGHS] I get it.
Just next time, give me a heads-up.
- Uh-huh.
- Baby, if you hit my line and say ♪
That we should fall back ♪
Honestly, I could respect that ♪
[PAPA] Do I really got to
wait until after my birthday
to ask you out?
You can ask all you want,
but I'll probably say no.
I appreciate your honesty.
And I appreciate your persistence.
What if it wasn't a date?
What if we just hung out?
I don't know.
I, uh, really enjoyed
our talk yesterday.
[KENYA] Me too.
It's nice being around another PK.
Most of my friends don't get me.
I'm always saying awkward shit,
and because I don't watch regular TV,
um, I usually don't get they
references half the time.
[KENYA] Ugh, I know.
I was always an oddball
with my friends, too.
[PAPA] I don't know.
I guess I just like
spending time with you.
And I'm taking you to Red
Lobster the day I turn 18.
Okay, and until then, I'll
be your designated driver
the days we work the same shift.
[PAPA] Hey, Emmett just put
me in charge of the schedule,
so we gonna be seeing
a lot of each other.
Okay, smooth operator.
[PAPA] Sade, right?
[ROB] I-I never ask you for shit.
Don't curse in my house.
I mean, it'd only be a
loan anyway, all right?
Me and my girl, we got a
plan. We'd pay it right back.
You know?
When was the last time
you got a real haircut?
[ROB] This is why I don't
come around here, Mom.
What do you need?
- 50 racks.
That's a big loan.
A-and I got a plan to
pay it right back. I promise.
As in, yes, you'll loan it to me?
As in, yes, I'ma give it to you.
So you-you-you don't
want me to pay you back?
I want something else.
Q was my brother.
He's the reason that I could
raise you in a house like this
and send you to a private
school on the North Side.
He was more a father to
me than an older brother.
I want to know who killed him
who dumped him in the river
like he was a piece of trash,
like he wasn't a man who
still had more life to live.
Look, I'm not no detective.
But you run the same streets he did.
Make it 100 racks.
You bargaining with
your own flesh and blood?
[ROB] Just 'cause we blood, that
that don't mean we bonded.
That was your uncle.
And whoever was responsible for this
shouldn't be alive much longer.
[ROB] Well, I can ask around.
For 100 racks
you have to do more than that.
Do we understand each other?
TouchofTrent be wildin' with it. ♪
We pop out with them Glocks out ♪
Now everybody got switches ♪
I don't talk about
what we talk about ♪
I don't want everybody
in my business ♪
I done told the truth
about bro and them ♪
Now everybody in they feelings ♪
She done set the standards
for the bad bitches ♪
Now everybody got titties ♪
We ain't never worried
about murder cases, nigga ♪
Everybody got millions ♪
Keep your head up ♪
You don't never wanna ♪
Put your head down in the trenches ♪
Got a skybox to the Bulls game ♪
Gave Kim Foxx my tickets ♪
Had a real lunch with a billionaire ♪
I need a hundred mil to get with 'em ♪
I done seen niggas I vouched for ♪
Post dude's shit on they Twitter ♪
I brung Pooh Shiesty to my block ♪
Gave him my Glock with an extension ♪
I seen Juice WRLD documentary ♪
I don't want a
Percocet, I'm finished ♪
These hos fuck for a name ♪
I'll never Birkin bag these bitches ♪
I be tryin' to stop takin' drugs ♪
Feel like I love to clog my kidneys ♪
Told a bad bitch, "I
can't be seen with you," ♪
She gotta UberEat her Denny's ♪
Why you playin' with me?
You can't compare to us ♪
Niggas better save they pennies ♪
I'm like Doe Boy, don't lie to me ♪
I'll tell your ass, "Oh, really?" ♪
Love the waistband from them pants ♪
The way my Glock be in my Amiris ♪
I'm Durk, but call me Smurk, nigga ♪
'Cause every time I'm grinnin' ♪
Like Kodak said,
take a Percocet, nigga ♪
Everybody turn gremlin ♪
And you know I'm winnin'
when I drop shit, nigga ♪
Everybody in my mentions ♪
I just took me one drug,
I'm tryin' to get turnt up ♪
I just took two drugs
tryin' to get turnt ♪
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