The Chi (2018) s06e03 Episode Script

House Party

[PERSON] Previously on The Chi
Just wondering if you
could do something for me.
It depends on what it is.
You think you can get
me in touch with Jamal?
[VICTOR] Lynae's brother?
- [PERSON] Stop, man.
- [VICTOR] Let me see
what I can do. I ain't
making no promises,
- but
- Yeah, yeah!
I got Victor to find your brother.
Where is Jamal?
Jamal's locked up,
awaiting a murder trial.
How'd you get in here?
[JAMAL] I asked around.
I no longer use violence
as a means to an end.
I need to reacquaint myself
with a lot of people from my past.
It has to start with my sister.
I don't need you to big
brother me right now.
You gonna always need
me to big brother you.
Please, just be careful
with street niggas.
[KEVIN] I wanna move out.
I wanna get emancipated.
I signed all the papers,
and I got enough money
for a down payment.
Having your own place
means buying your own shit.
If you're having second thoughts,
you can always come back.
[JAKE] Bro really got
his own crib before me.
[KEVIN] You and Papa really over?
[MAISHA] I'ma always love Papa,
but I think we're better as friends.
[TIFFANY] Go get us so money
so we can cut ties with Douda
and be our own boss.
Why take the 10% when
we can have it all?
- 50 racks.
- Okay.
So you-you don't want
me to pay you back?
I want something else.
Q was my brother.
I wanna know who killed him.
- Surprise.
- Oh, my God.
Next time you wanna buy your ex a car,
can you talk to me first?
She asked for a car. I got her one.
- That's it.
- Okay, if it's that simple,
I want a bigger place.
[DOUDA] Just put down whatever you can,
and, um,
I'll cover the difference.
- Yes.
- Yes?
Hey, draw up that paperwork,
- and now we getting a house.
[EMMETT] Fucked up this house
Oh, shit.
You trying to get that
deposit back, ain't you?
- Hell yeah.
Shit, it's spots everywhere
in this motherfucka.
[TIFF] Damn.
It's crazy seeing this place all empty.
Feel like the last episode
of Fresh Prince in this motherfucka.
We went through a lot in this place.
[EMMETT] Yeah, psh, yeah, we did.
Damn, I didn't think we
would end up like this.
Me either.
But I'm happy.
Are you?
I'm always restless.
But I'm excited about the future.
Yeah, me too.
[TIFF] Why are you so dressed up?
[EMMETT] I ain't that dressed up.
[TIFF] You look like you goin'
to a meeting or something.
No, I'm just trying something new.
- You know?
- Okay.
[TIFF] Okay, okay.
Well, you look nice.
Thank you.
Papa opened up the spot
for me this morning,
so I got some time.
Wanna grab some breakfast real quick?
A'ight. You driving.
Why I gotta drive?
'Cause I'm trying to
get my money's worth.
[TIFF] Oh, Lord. I
hope I ain't gotta hear
your mouth every time
somebody mentions my new car.
You will absolutely hear my mouth.
Hey, what's up, baby?
- Hey.
Our first housewarming is tomorrow.
- Are you excited?
- Hell yeah.
But, uh, it seems like we got
more guests than furniture.
[KIESHA] People can stand.
I invited Lamar.
Mm, I ain't see him since prom.
Yeah, it's been a minute.
Um, shit got crazy
after Smokey's opened up.
Mm-hmm. I invited Malaysia.
Oh, I ain't heard her name in a while.
Yeah, after I had the
baby, we just drifted apart.
I feel that.
What'chu doin'?
I just saw you sage-ing
earlier, and I just feel
like we should christen it too.
- You crazy.
- Mm-hmm.
It ain't ours till we
get it in up in here.
Come here.
Every time I think that I ♪
Got it all figured out ♪
What's the point of placing
a large order in advance
if it still ain't gonna
be ready when we get here?
Um, your order is not in our database.
Do you have your receipt?
The woman who took my
order over the phone
said she was gonna text me confirmation.
Did you not get your text?
look like I got a text?
Sir, please use your inside voice.
I wanna talk to a manager.
I'm the manager on duty.
I wanna talk to an adult.
Did you order two
trays of fried chicken,
all dark, with a side
of mac and cornbread?
That's me.
Somebody put the wrong
pickup date on here.
I'll have the kitchen put a rush on it
and for your inconvenience,
I'll throw in two extra sides.
What'chu want?
I'ma do an extra side of greens
and a apple pie.
I said "two sides."
The apple pie is considered a dessert.
I'll do the greens and spaghetti.
Sweet or savory?
I'ma go with the sweet.
Good choice
and I'll throw in the apple pie for free
if you apologize to my colleague.
My bad, sis.
That's not an apology.
I apologize.
You can grab a seat, and Kenya
will be out with your order
- in a second.
- Thank you.
Well, look at you.
[KENYA] I'm impressed.
Oh, I deal with disgruntled
customers all day.
How do you not get mad or clap back?
It's not worth the energy,
and most of the time, these
folks be mad about stuff
that ain't got shit to do with us,
so I just find a solution
and send 'em on they way.
I wanna meet your boyfriend.
Why? We just kickin' it.
I hear he work for Douda.
He's just a lookout.
Ain't no such thing as "just a lookout."
Eventually, they gonna tell
him to do more than that.
Like what?
Like, first,
they gonna ask him to hold something,
then they'll tell him he'll
make more money off the top
if he get somebody else to do it.
Now, if that somebody else
don't follow instructions,
they gonna make him take care of it,
which is blood on his hands.
That's your story, not his.
do not get caught up in this shit.
I know so many women
in the pen doing time
behind a nigga don't
give no fuck about them.
I ain't doing time for nobody.
You better not.
I know you like me ♪
[MALAYSIA] I see you and Emmett
finally stopped playing around.
Girl, you came a long way
from hiding under his bed.
[KIESHA] I guess you could say that.
[MALAYSIA] How much y'all pay for rent?
[KIESHA] We split the mortgage.
How much y'all mortgage?
Damn, girl, you in
my pockets, ain't you?
Naw, I mean, I just
heard that paying rent
is a waste of money.
Depends on your situation.
So where Emmett at?
He around here somewhere.
Can you trust him?
Mm, mm-kay,
'cause you know he got a reputation.
Oh, no, girl, we good.
Well, look, if he ever on bullshit,
let me know.
My man always acting crazy, so I get it.
I'll be sure to keep
you on speed dial, girl.
[EMMETT] Hell naw, you crazy?
Hey, fool, your upper body
finally starting to bulk up.
- But you gotta quit
- skipping leg day.
- Nigga, whatever.
Naw, for real. Ain't you been drinking
them protein shakes I sent you on DM?
Hell naw. It's giving
flat tummy tea, but for niggas.
Naw, Em, bitches want nigga
with a six-pack these days.
Social media game got bitches fucked up
and they got all these niggas
online, doing all this extra
goofy-ass shit for
they girl for no reason.
It ain't even a holiday,
niggas is giving flowers,
cooking meals and shit.
Yeah, Kiesha want me to
start communicating more.
[LAMAR] See? It's crazy.
- [LAMAR] We don't even wanna
talk to them like that.
We just wanna eat good,
fuck good, work out,
- get some sleep.
- What about work?
I make enough to get by.
[SCOFFS] No wonder you single.
Shit, but I got multiple women.
They know about each other?
Hell naw.
I post pics of myself,
and you better fuck
them matching pajamas, E.
Yeah, I'll keep that in mind, man.
Catch you doing that shit
[TIFF] Hey!
- [EJ] Daddy.
- Hey.
What's up, little man?
Nice car.
Girl, please, you got a
whole house out of this nigga.
Come here, EJ.
What up?
What up?
Ain't you that nigga from IG?
Yeah, it's a lot of us.
You Master Marshawn, right?
The one and only.
Yeah, man, I'd love to
get some of your advice,
you know what I'm saying? One-on-one.
Oh, fo' sho'. The Cash
App is in the bio, bro.
I'm kind of low on cash right now, so
Damn, I'm kind of low on advice.
Nice meeting you, though.
Hey, uh, it's kind of
crowded up in here, man.
Look like the only seat
- right here at the bar.
- [MARSHAWN] May as well.
You do the challenge?
Shit, man, I was locked
away in the pen for 20 years.
That shit was challenging
enough, you dig?
Damn, I feel you.
Hey, I did read your book, though.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, The Ten Ways to Level Up
for a Real Queen and
How She Can Earn the Keys
- to Your Kingdom.
- Yeah, the title kind of long,
- I know.
- That shit perfect, yo.
Mm. So you got a woman?
Indeed, I do.
She the breadwinner?
Yeah, that's only
because it's kind of hard
for me to get a gig right now.
Hey, I ain't no bum nigga, though.
Do you think you gotta explain to me?
You do not, my brother.
You understand? Look.
We have been taking
care of women forever.
These are reparations now.
Huh, never thought of it like that.
Chapter nine, my nigga. [CHUCKLES]
I ain't made it that far yet.
[MARSHAWN] What your girl do?
Oh, she's a art curator
for a art gallery downtown.
I know. She real chill, though.
She cool.
She lets you smoke in the house?
Hell naw. Gotta take that shit outside.
Mm, that don't sound chill to me.
No, it don't.
Damn, I gotta get out of here, man.
Gotta go to nigga housewarming.
Ah, shit, I'm going
to a housewarming too.
Emmett's shit?
Hell yeah, that's my nigga.
I thought he invited me on accident,
but I'm still riding
through there, you know?
Might be a couple
baddies in there for me.
Shit, you wanna slide
through there together?
You driving?
I got my lady car and shit, so you know.
Good man, I like it.
Let's go. Come on.
Think they gonna have food there?
Gonna have food? If
you wanna take a wing,
- nigga, come on.
- Aw, shit, I can eat
- in your girl car?
- Man, it's cool, come on.
Mm, Kiesha need to package
this cheese dip and sell it.
You ain't lying
and I don't even eat dairy like that.
I'm Deondray.
I'm the one that sold
Emmett and Kiesha the house.
Oh, hey. I'm Emmett's mom, Jada.
It's lovely to meet you.
You're a realtor?
- Yeah.
- Huh.
Do I not look like one?
I'm used to realtors
wearing suits and ties,
flashing they cheesy smiles.
I get it, but I swear
I do well for myself.
A lot of my clients look like me,
and we speak the same language.
I like that.
I still wanna know why
you sold my son a house
all the way over here on the West Side.
Come on. The West Side is great,
and I love living over here.
It's a drive.
[DEONDRAY] It ain't that bad.
I think it's important
we buy up real estate
in our own neighborhoods.
You should just want people
to buy real estate period.
That's how you make your money.
The money's nice, but I'm a big believer
in Black folks owning their own homes.
Buying a house in a Black neighborhood
isn't just an investment
for that family.
It's a contribution to the community.
And when people buy a house from me,
they're not just investing in me.
They're investing into my
mission, my purpose, as well.
Are you single?
I'm off the market.
[NINA] It's an air fryer.
Yeah, this baby has two baskets
and dual temperature controls,
so you can make two
things at the same time.
- Thank y'all.
- [DRE] Yeah.
[DRE] Oh, hell naw.
Now, I know this nigga
did not just come in here
dressed in designer head-to-toe,
and he still owes me money.
- Let it go, Dre.
- Nah.
I'll be right back.
Hey, cuz.
Hey, hey. Hey, cuz.
you still good with all this?
Emmett or the house or what?
[NINA] Both.
[KIESHA] Yeah.
I feel good about it.
Well, just keep in mind,
you're raising kids now,
three of which aren't even yours.
I know.
[NINA] And buying a
house is a big commitment,
especially when you're buying it
with someone you're not married to.
I know.
What if you two separate?
Even Judge Judy won't hear
you if you're not married.
I'm not going on Judge Judy.
[NINA] You say that now.
Ma, please.
I just want what's best for you, Kiesha.
I know.
If you're happy, I'm happy.
I'm happy.
If you say so.
Y'all good?
I guess they don't need me anymore.
- [DRE] Now, that's not true.
- Kevin just waved at me
from across the room.
Yeah, bae, 'cause he's with his friends.
Kiesha bought this house
without even consulting me first.
I can't believe she would
do something like that
without even talking to me.
Honey, your kids are
always gonna need you.
They just gonna need
you in a different way.
- Dre
- You gotta learn
- to accept that.
- Don't therapize me.
Bae, I'm just trying
to tell you the truth.
Well, I wish you wouldn't.
Come on, now.
Come dance with me. Come
on, come on, come on.
Don't be a Debbie Downer.
Get yo' ass out there. Come on.
smell so good when I bite that ♪
She a little feisty, she bite back ♪
She do her thang all up on a pole ♪
Showin' out 'cause I'm finna know ♪
In my ear like, "Girl,
what's your fantasy?" ♪
In her ear like, "Girl,
can you handle me?" ♪
Numb in the brain, she thinking ♪
What? I ain't had a home-cooked
meal in a minute, a'ight?
Then you need to learn how to cook.
- I know how to cook.
- What can you cook?
Uh, eggs and bacon.
So can my seven-year-old sister.
[CHUCKLES] All right, we not finna
why are you not eating?
I went to Smokey's with Jamal earlier.
Oh, how'd that go?
He just keep bugging me about Bakari.
They are just alike, so
they'll probably get along.
[SIGHS] Jamal just think
street niggas ain't shit.
Mm, he would know.
Jake almost popped Bakari's ass
- over what happened.
- Then Bakari saved his life.
[MAISHA] Guess they even.
[KEVIN] Just be careful, a'ight?
[EMMETT] Thanks for coming.
Oh, my God. I wouldn't miss it.
What's this? A bag of nickels?
[DOUDA] Naw.
It's a little deadlier than that.
[EMMETT] Okay. Yeah, I'll put this in
- with the rest of the gifts.
- No, no, I think
you should open this privately.
Okay, well, I'll just get
to it a little later
No, no.
- Open it now.
- [EMMETT] All right, I'll open it.
- I mean, it's nice
- Wait, just
not out here.
Where are the drinks? It's a party.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh,
there's drinks in here, yo.
How you doing, Nina?
Hit the stash spot,
make the cash drop ♪
All I need is influence ♪
All I need is my power ♪
All I need is my soul ♪
Spread my wings like the phoenix ♪
From the ashes, I rose ♪
Soaring, soaring ♪
Family ties is important ♪
You can't smoke that in here.
Damn, Kiesha, it's cold as fuck outside.
I don't care.
- I'll smoke one with you.
My bad.
Thank you.
Destined to win, deadly,
don't need no maps ♪
Got my mindset and my strength ♪
Boy, you know where you at? ♪
Know where you at ♪
no cap ♪
Turn patience to progress ♪
- No next ♪
I don't need this.
No, every man should be
able to protect their family.
I got my kids in here.
[DOUDA] Yeah, exactly, and
if someone comes in here
to hurt you, they may not
always come for you first.
Who would wanna hurt my family?
[DOUDA] Who knows?
- I don't like this.
- [DOUDA] Yeah.
I don't like it either, Emmett.
But you know what? It
comes with the territory.
I don't want it.
Emmett, you can't just
start dressing like a boss.
You have to start acting like one too.
Bosses got guns?
I never leave home without it.
I set the tone for the street life
[WHISPERING] I'm a boss
all right.
I'm a fucking boss.
Back up, boy.
You come in my store?
You come in my store?
Put together ♪
Fondly and up in a box ♪
[STARTLED] Hey! Pop,
what you doing in here?
Boy, you invited me.
Nah, I mean, what you doing
here, standing in the hall
- like a creep? Scared me.
- Oh, I got lost.
I was looking for the washroom.
Oh, it's right here.
- It's right here.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah, it's right there.
- Hey, relax, son.
- A'ight.
- A'ight.
- All good.
- Right there.
- Right.
Damn. [COUGHS]
What you smoking on, my boy?
[ROB] Some shit my girl put me on.
[NUCK] Damn, y'all ain't fucking
with Douda's shit no more?
We just sell his shit.
Let me see what's to it.
- Damn, nigga.
- Yeah
[NUCK] Damn, where
y'all get packed from?
[ROB] A friend.
A friend?
So niggas keeping secrets now, huh?
We all got our secrets, huh?
Shit, I always keep
it a hundred with you.
Until it come to my uncle.
That's business, my nigga.
It's family business to me, nigga.
That nigga owe a bunch
of mo'fuckas money.
Ain't no telling who killed his ass.
Yeah, but did he owe Douda?
Last I heard, he stole
some money from Tracy,
and Victor got real mad about the shit.
He had to take money from nobody.
[NUCK] Man, that nigga was
gambling all of his money away,
doing all type of crazy, weird shit.
So you don't know nothing?
So take me higher baby ♪
I really, really want
all your lovin', babe ♪
Gimme an hour baby ♪
I told that big boy give it to me ♪
- I said give it to me ♪
- Take me higher baby ♪
I really, really want
all your lovin' babe ♪
Gimme an hour baby ♪
I told that big boy give it to me ♪
- I said give it to me ♪
- Take me higher ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh, boy ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh ♪
To all the girls in the back ♪
With they bra strap showin' ♪
Hair so long from
they head to they feet ♪
Booty so big you
runnin' folks over ♪
Know that you can
pull any [] you see ♪
Stop being a little bitch.
- [KIESHA] Hey!
- [EMMETT] Hey!
Where did you hear that word?
In Mom's car.
Look, look, it's all right.
This ain't a big deal.
- Yes, it is.
- No, listen.
EJ just being a big brother,
making sure he don't get
punked when he go to school.
You ain't never have no brothers.
I know, and I got
punked every day, girl.
That's how I became a ladies' man.
Emmett, if he's talking
like that at home,
he's talking like that at school.
- You need to talk to Tiff.
Why you can't do it?
Stuff just got normal between us.
That's gonna make it weird.
And you want shit to be
weird between me and her?
I can't tell her how
to raise y'all's son.
[SCOFFS] All right, you right.
You right.
I got you.
- It was funny, though.
- It was not funny.
[EMMETT] It's funny.
[VICTOR] I'm sorry.
Man, what the fuck you doing here?
[DOUDA SCOFFS] Yeah, Emmett
was kind enough to invite me.
Man, don't drag him in your bullshit.
Naw, I'm investing in his future.
I invested in yours, and
look where you wound up.
Oh, congratulations, by the way.
I believe the words you're
looking for are "thank you."
Fuck you.
I think you need to
watch how you talk to me.
[VICTOR] I'm the one
with the government seat.
So I think you need to watch
how the fuck you talk to me.
Just stay the fuck out of my way.
Yeah, you do the same.
- Oh! ♪
Oh! ♪
Oh! ♪
[NINA]  out my way!
Oh ♪
All the shawties in the club ♪
Let me see you just ♪
Back it up, drop it down ♪
Let me see you just ♪
Get low and scrub the ground ♪
Let me see you just ♪
Push it up, push it up ♪
Let me see you just ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble, baby ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble, yeah ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble,
baby, wobble, baby, wobble ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble,
baby, wobble, baby, wobble ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble,
baby, wobble, baby, wobble ♪
Wobble, yeah, get
in there, yeah, yeah ♪
Get in there, yeah, yeah ♪
Get in there, yeah, yeah ♪
Get in there, yeah, yeah ♪
Hey big girl make 'em back it up ♪
Make 'em back it up ♪
Hey, big girl, make 'em back it up ♪
Make 'em back it up ♪
Hey, big girl, make 'em back it up ♪
Make 'em back it up ♪
Hey, big girl, make 'em back it up ♪
Make 'em back it up ♪
I got 'em shaking they
boobies like congos ♪
Man, I'm shakin'
the city like quakes ♪
The haters blue in
the face like Gonzo ♪
'Cause I'm baking
a cake so let's bake ♪
I'm taking the game, the game's mine ♪
Y'all witness the
change, it's my time ♪
Y'all blue in the face like Gonzo ♪
'Cause I'm baking
a cake so let's bake ♪
I'm taking the game, the game's mine ♪
Y'all witness the
change, it's my time ♪
Y'all new to the game,
but y'all might wanna ♪
Save ya wack raps,
daylight saving time ♪
I can dance homie, I don't two-step ♪
Y'all lookin' at somethin'
like a true player ♪
A girl told me that
a man that could dance ♪
Might could possibly get down ♪
With the tool in his pants ♪
Now all my ladies,
let me see you vibrate ♪
And when it's over, you
ain't gon' need ya vibrator ♪
Cause I'm a pro, make
you bend your back low ♪
Then I pound it real fast
just like the percolator ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble,
baby, wobble, baby, wobble ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble,
baby, wobble, baby, wobble ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble, baby,
wobble, baby, wobble ♪
[EMMETT] Damn, come on,
you too cool to dance?
Don't be hatin' on the wobble.
For real. Classic.
You good?
[EMMETT] You miss being home yet?
No, not really.
I miss the cooking and
my mom doing laundry,
but other than that, I'm cool.
[EMMETT] Mm, just
better be careful, man.
If I had my own spot at your age,
I'd be fucking all the time.
You was doing that at your mama crib.
That's true.
yeah ♪
Make 'em back it up ♪
Girl, wobble it, and I'ma gobble it ♪
I seen you moving your
head your head bobbling ♪
We can cradle the bed
I'm straight racking it ♪
Aw, shit.
- What?
- I saw you looking at Maisha.
- I know that look, boy.
- What look?
Y'all getting back together or what?
We we still figuring
things out right now.
[CHUCKLES] Congrats, Kev.
Yeah, yeah, I know. I
always got girl problems.
- I get it.
- More than anybody I know.
It's different this time, you know?
I really like her.
take it there and
back 'cause you got pistols ♪
And I don't think ♪
Yeah, I know exactly
what you mean by that.
wobble, baby,
wobble, baby, wobble, yeah ♪
Wobble, baby, wobble, baby,
wobble, baby, wobble ♪
Aw, dude, don't look
at my sister like that!
[EMMETT] I can't help
that she that fine!
That is gross, man. That is nasty.
[EMMETT] Yo, man, we family.
I love you, Kev.
- I love you, man.
- Yeah, you too, man.
yeah, yeah ♪
Get in there, yeah, yeah ♪
Hey big girl make 'em back it up ♪
Make 'em back it up hey big girl ♪
Under pressure and
turn on the swagger ♪
So there's all this talk ♪
About we ain't gon' be forever ♪
'Sup, baby, why you standing outside?
It's cold.
[LYNAE] Stop.
[BAKARI] What's wrong?
I don't wanna be with a street nigga!
It's temporary, Nae.
Why can't you just get a normal job?
Here you go with this bullshit.
Yeah, here I go with this bullshit.
- You wanna go there?
- Let's go there.
I'm not 'bout to bust my ass
for 40 hours a week just to get by.
- Nae, I'm not.
- Then maybe we shouldn't
be together.
You knew what the fuck
it was when you met me.
How long is temporary, Bakari?
As long as it fucking takes, Nae.
That's how long.
Oh, can we ♪
Cover me in gold ♪
Make me sing tonight ♪
Make me move so slow ♪
Can we ♪
Speed it up a little bit ♪
[FATIMA] It's such a
beautiful piece of art.
[KIESHA] Thank you.
Yeah, where'd you get it?
Shaad's girl is a curator,
so we got it from her
gallery a few months ago.
You know, I've really wanted
to start a art collection,
but I don't know if we
have the money for it.
Oh, no, you should just talk to Deja.
I'm sure she can help you figure it out.
Girl, not all art is a million dollars.
I used to think that.
Girl, you did such a
great job with the place.
- Thank you.
- [FATIMA] Yes.
Are you into interior design?
- Girl, I'm obsessed.
- Okay.
But I do spend most of
my time window shopping
'cause I don't really have the money.
[KIESHA] Emmett gave me a little budget,
but I feel you. Everything is expensive
or imported from somewhere.
[FATIMA] Now, I do know
a place: great rugs,
look like they've been imported.
Girl, lady on the South Side
makes them in her basement.
- Not in her basement.
and every time I go thrifting,
I always find these beautiful lamps.
Mm! You never see them anywhere else.
- Now, that's a good idea.
- Mm.
I may have to go with you next time.
- Girl, I would love that.
- [KIESHA] Okay.
[FATIMA] What's your schedule like? Oh.
[KIESHA] Well, we gonna make it work.
[FATIMA] Okay.
got me asking for your love ♪
Ooh, I got a surprise for you ♪
And it's burning up ♪
You got any kids?
Damn, uh, none that I know of.
You want any?
Not right now.
- Job?
- I'm a personal trainer.
Ooh, who you train?
Well, I'm still in the process
of booking my first client.
Uh, define "single."
Are you seeing anyone?
Not really.
Well, my friend Tracy
might be on the market.
But she over the bullshit.
What does that even mean?
She's on, um,
a single journey.
But I think if she find the right guy,
she might change her mind.
I'm actually on a
single journey as well.
- You are?
- Yeah.
I have some work to do on
myself, so I'm committed
to me right now.
- That's the same thing she said.
- [DARNELL] Hey, hey.
- Sorry, man.
- What?
Why you harassing all
the men at the party?
I'm not harassing nobody.
[DARNELL] If Tracy wanna be alone,
let her ass be alone.
I just want her to be happy.
Well, who says she ain't?
Damn, Nuck, you scared me.
I wasn't trying to scare you.
Well, you did. The
bathroom's across the hall.
Wasn't looking for the bathroom, Kiesh.
I was looking for you.
I'm right here.
I just wanted to say I was sorry.
If I just would've
picked you up that night,
none of this shit would've happened.
You would've never got kidnapped.
I think about it all the time.
What took you so long to say something?
To be honest, I didn't know what to say,
and I also figured that
you didn't wanna talk to me,
didn't wanna look at me.
I'm looking at you right now.
I can never forgive
myself for that shit.
I forgive you.
[EMMETT] Kiesha.
Can you make some more
cheese dip? We ran out.
Man, I don't care what nobody else say.
- [MARSHAWN] Mm-hmm.
- [DARNELL] Fake titties
ain't got nothing on the real thing.
They gotta feel like flesh
for me to get undressed.
- Tell you that.
- Okay.
Hey, I know one thing:
I sure do miss my lady's
titties right about now.
[DARNELL LAUGHS] Yeah, where she at?
She out of town, away on business.
Shaad, you know you my dog, man.
I just I hope she ain't
away fucking nobody else.
Come on, Darnell, now, you know
she don't get down like that.
- [DARNELL] A'ight.
- [MARSHAWN] I trust
- none of these hos.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Okay, she away on business.
[LAUGHTER] Business, business, business,
- business, business
- [DARNELL] Ah, focus!
Hey, man, lay off, man.
Man, you see what you gotta do?
You gotta find the right woman.
Nah, not me, man. I like
love to be in multiples.
- That way, I never
get my heart broken.
And if someone does break it,
someone there to fix it.
[SHAAD] You know what?
I ain't mad at that.
Rather have a broken heart
than be a broke-ass nigga.
[DARNELL] Yeah, you do need that job.
[SCOFFS] You know they ain't finna hire
no ex-cons right about now.
Whoa, I mean, chill. I mean, Smokey's
Shit, hell naw, naw.
I need some real money.
What you trying to say?
What you trying to say?
Smokey's ain't real money?
What kind of real money
are we talking about?
See, that's that woman
applying that pressure,
making you believe you need a job
that you can't get right now.
You ain't mentally prepared
for no regular job right now.
You still relaxin', man. They
want too much out of men nowadays.
I mean, he right. See, I
mean, we can be homemakers too.
All you gotta do is
wash a little dishes
break that back out.
You gon' be all right.
[SHAAD] Oh, oh, we okay.
- That's right.
Oh, man, I can't see that.
I don't see myself settling
down with just one woman.
I just can't settling
down makes me unsettled.
Yeah, she out there.
Well, tell her come find me.
I be at the strip club
with some other hos.
Tell her bring some singles.
We're gonna need a ride home,
a place to stay that night.
Man, I told you this nigga was crazy.
- I know, man.
- That's why I be followin' you, dog.
You crazy, though.
Um, EJ called Ronnie
a little bitch earlier.
[TIFF] That boy
I'm the only one that
think that's not funny?
My bad, Kiesh, for real.
Kiesha, kids curse.
We cursed. What's the big deal?
[EMMETT] Honestly, I
ain't trippin', you know,
when we at the crib, but
he can't be doing that shit
when he in school.
So it's okay for you
to curse but not him?
He's five.
He don't know what he saying.
- He said he learned it from y'all.
- He said what?
[KIESHA] He said he learned it
while riding in your car.
[TIFF] Oh, we listen to
rap music all the time.
He probably heard some rapper say it.
Maybe listen to the edited version.
- Excuse me?
- [KIESHA] It's just a suggestion.
Well, keep your suggestions to yourself.
Hold up, hold up. We
just want EJ's rules
to be the same in both houses,
so, you know, he don't get confused.
Well, you do what you
want in your house.
I'ma do what I want in mine.
We gone.
- [ROB] A'ight.
- [EMMETT] A'ight.
I told you I handle it.
- So it's my fault?
- No, I ain't saying that.
You know how Tiff get.
Whatever, Emmett.
My son ain't gonna be needing
your little housewarming gift.
[DOUDA] Well, I was just making sure
that your son had protection.
Only thing he need
protection from is you.
Do you know who you're talking to?
Yeah, you some fake-ass
Billy D. Williams.
Come on.
If anything happens to my son,
his girl, or they kids
I'll kill you myself.
Don't let this earpiece fool you.
[VICTOR] Y'all good?
Yeah, mind your business.
Protective father
I like it.
I like it.
[EMMETT] What was that about?
[DARNELL] We just having a little chat.
Don't leave your girl around me ♪
'Round me ♪
Don't leave your girl ♪
hands on me ♪
'Cause she know I walk
around with bands on me ♪
Ask about me every party ♪
I'm sorry.
I'm not going to jail for you.
I don't want you to.
My brother wants to meet you.
The brother that killed somebody?
He's changed.
If you say so.
He don't want me fucking with you.
He knows you work for Douda.
I'm saving up so I don't
have to do this shit forever.
How much you trying to save?
Enough to get off Papa's couch.
How much longer?
I don't know.
[LYNAE] That's not a good answer.
Come on, Nae.
I like making money.
I like not having to clock
in to some shitty-ass job
- to do that.
- [LYNAE] There's other ways
to make money.
Do you wanna work a regular job?
[LYNAE] I don't know what I wanna do.
I just know I wanna be happy.
Me too.
Are you happy now?
I'm surviving.
[LYNAE] That's not the same thing.
I'm not trying to watch you die.
[BAKARI] Look at me.
You not gonna have to, a'ight?
You promise?
I promise.
So are you still my girl?
For now.
[VICTOR] Move in with me.
Are you serious?
[VICTOR] Hell yeah.
We've only been dating a few months.
[VICTOR] So what?
I didn't I don't know!
You make me happy,
and I want you around all the time.
- What's there to know?
- What about your brother?
He don't pay no bills around here.
- Plus, he need to get
his own place, anyway, soon.
All right, if I move in here,
I'm gonna wanna spruce
this place up a bit.
Please do. We need a woman's touch.
And I'ma need a budget.
- It's gonna be a tight budget.
- Oh.
- But I got you.
I'm used to making something
out of nothing, I guess.
And I'm gonna build a life with you.
You're sure?
So we doing this?
- [VICTOR] Yeah?
- [FATIMA] Yeah.
Thanks for sticking up for me.
Of course. I got you.
I'm not really used to people
having my back like that.
I always got your back.
[KENYA] Did you wanna go
bowling next Thursday?
For real?
[KENYA] Yeah.
Just us?
Like a date?
Like a hangout.
I gotta ask my mom first,
'cause that's a school night
and as long I'm home by 11,
it should be cool.
You know what?
Fuck that. Thursday's perfect.
I don't gotta ask nobody nothing.
I'll get back when I get back.
Plus, I got my own key, so
I come and go as I please,
and just last month,
my parents went on vacation
and left me in charge of the house,
'cause they know I can handle it.
[KENYA] Good night, Papa.
blessed evening.
Comin', I'z is comin' there ♪
On ten toes, I don't do no running ♪
I don't do no running,
I don't do no running ♪
- If you get shot on the block ♪
Fell in love ♪
Should've gotten to know me better ♪
You should've gotten to know me ♪
Should've gotten to know me better ♪
Sorry about that Tiff shit.
I just wanna be a unit.
I was tryna be.
[KIESHA] It has to be all four of us.
You can't be scared around Tiff.
I'm not. I just don't wanna overstep.
You was doing a lot of stepping today.
We'll find a better way
to talk about this stuff.
- I promise.
- I hope so,
'cause I hate when y'all mad
at me at the same damn time.
I'm less mad now.
[CHUCKLES] Thank God.
[KIESHA] So how was
your talk with Lamar?
It was kind of weird.
Me and Malaysia don't have
anything in common anymore.
She just kept asking how
much we pay for this house.
Niggas be nosy as fuck.
Yeah. I feel bad,
but I see why we don't talk.
We just don't care about
the same things, you know?
Mm-hmm. My guys still where they was
when we were in high school.
It's like
we can't relate to each other no more.
Mm. Who knew moving up in the world
meant we have to leave people behind?
I guess everybody can't go.
what were you and Nuck talking about?
He tryna get back with you?
- Good.
- What were you and Douda
talking about?
When he brought you back here
to give you the housewarming gift.
Oh, nothing, he just
gave me some cigars.
You don't smoke cigars.
- I do.
- Since when?
Since, like, a week ago.
So it was a gift for you, not for us?
It's a gift for the whole family.
Oh, shit!
- Did you go through my drawer?
- No, why?
Did anyone else come in here?
No, just me.
Oh, shit.
- Emmett, what's going on?
- Nothing.
- Don't lie to me.
What's going on?
Nothing. Everything's fine.
Don't worry.
Everything gonna be just fine.
'Ey ♪
Like, you know ♪
'Ey ♪
Got a funny feeling ♪
I ain't fucking with it ♪
Listen to my gut, I
should quit with it ♪
Brain on ten, it's a high IQ ♪
Have to make the loan and ♪
That's a I.O.U. ♪
He call my phone, like,
once or twice, yeah ♪
He know I'm nice, but I got a price ♪
Yeah, real cool with a lot of spice ♪
Yeah, bend it over,
then it's night night ♪
Sleep ♪
Sleep ♪
Nighty night, sleep ♪
Baby keeps calling,
let me pick the phone up ♪
Give it to him once
now he fiending corners ♪
Fella, he's a fiend,
yeah, he's a gona ♪
He wants something serious ♪
I'm just havin' fun-a ♪
Baby keeps calling,
let me pick the phone up ♪
Give it to him once
now he fiending corners ♪
Fella, he's a fiend,
yeah, he's a gona ♪
He wants something serious ♪
I'm just havin' fun-a ♪
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