The Chi (2018) s06e04 Episode Script


[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
When are we gonna get
this new, big house?
So listen, just put
down whatever you can,
and, um, I'll cover the difference.
- [EMMETT] I gotta talk to my lady first.
- [KIESHA] Yes.
Go get us some money so
we can cut ties with Douda
and be our own boss.
So you-you-you don't
want me to pay you back?
I want something else.
Q was my brother.
I wanna know who killed him.
No use in both of us
being alone on V-day.
- I'm in a situation.
- So am I.
- What's this? A bag of nickels?
- No.
It's a little deadlier than that.
[EMMETT] I don't need this.
[DOUDA] You should be able
to protect your family.
My son ain't gonna be needing
your little housewarming gift.
Only thing he need
protection from is you.
If anything happens to my
son, his girl, or they kids,
I kill you myself.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
- Did you go through my drawer?
- No. Why?
- Anyone else come in here?
- No, just me.
- Oh, shit.
- Emmett!
Oh, shit. [CHUCKLES]
Come on, baby. You know that shit,
it clouds up my mind.
Come on.
4/20 only comes around once a year.
Get into the spirit.
You know, it's a damn shame
you cut up this fine-ass
Cuban cigar for this
this fucking made-up holiday.
- What?
[BIANCA] This made-up holiday
is gonna make you a lot of money.
[CHUCKLES] You like that?
- Oh, shit.
- What?
Somebody's in here.
Who is that?
We need to talk.
In the streets, you don't
eat if you don't work ♪
Ain't never been spoon fed ♪
All I did was put in work ♪
This shit ain't for the weak ♪
If you scared go to church ♪
No handouts for nobody ♪
If you want it, get off your ass ♪
Put in work ♪
The only shit worth having ♪
Is shit that you grind for ♪
Working hard, no days off ♪
Never know when your time's up ♪
Ain't really shit you can be ♪
When you a sleeper or a dreamer ♪
And thinking you gon'
take some, but we strive ♪
Please believe us ♪
Make money all day ♪
Get a busy late night for the weaver ♪
When doing a regular-degular
doin' porn shit ♪
Yo, hey. You good?
- W
- Yeah.
Back and forth, back and forth ♪
On two different cellulars ♪
I got some niggas that
know where your peoples ♪
Be sleeping at, if you thinkin' ♪
- [SOFTLY] Excuse me.
- Hey, hey, man! Watch out.
You feel something
hard under the cushion?
Hey, hey! First of all, pause!
Okay? Second of all, you
need to cool the fuck out.
[VICTOR] Yeah, you acting
real paranoid right now.
- Man, come on. I'm-I'm good.
- [SHAAD] No.
H-honestly, you need to hit this, bro.
- Please.
Hey, come on, man. Get
that medicine up in you.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] No, I'm good.
Oh, you can't smoke 'cause
you're with the government?
Nah, I'm just chillin' right now.
[EMMETT] I don't want
you losing your job
just 'cause it's 4/20 and shit.
- [SHAAD] Hey, that just means
more weed-infused wings for us.
I'm glad y'all pulled up on me.
- Yeah.
- [SHAAD] I know, right?
I mean, I ain't kicked it with my nigga,
Vic, in a minute, though.
Man, I'm just tryna get
this city together, bro.
Yeah, I know it's a full-time job.
I wish you could smoke with
us. I know your ass stressed.
Yeah, I don't really think weed
would help me out right now.
[SCOFFS] Shit, it helps my ass.
- [EMMETT] Right?
- I don't know what I would do
if I couldn't smoke no
weed to clear my mind.
Sometimes, I just be
talking to myself, man,
just to get my thoughts out there.
Am I crazy?
No, no, you're not crazy.
A lot of people talk to themselves.
But you know, it could mean
you longing for someone else to talk to.
[CLICKS TONGUE] I don't know, it just
I always dreamed about
what life would be like
once I got out of the pen, and
now that I'm out, I just
just kinda feel like my
life is closing in on me.
From the outside looking
in, my life is great.
Shit, business is booming,
Kiesha and I are good for the most part,
all my baby mamas are happy as fuck.
- Thank you. Shit.
You know what I mean?
But shit is stressful as hell.
I mean, like
feel like I'm juggling
a lot of shit right now,
and, uh, I'm scared I
might drop something.
That why you so anxious?
Yeah. It's-it's a lot going on.
when the last time
y'all saw a therapist?
Does couple's therapy count?
Yeah, sure.
Not oh, damn. That was with Tiff.
- That was about a year ago.
- What about you, Shaad?
[SCOFFS] Nigga, Jesus
is my therapist, okay?
- Amen.
Come on. It's not funny. For real.
- Come on. We fucking with you.
Come on, man, you know
how I am about that shit.
I don't like strangers
knowing all my business.
Rather just talk to my people, man.
But what if we did this more often,
but without the weed wings?
What, get together and talk shit, nigga?
Yeah, like, we could talk
about whatever you want.
Whatever said in that space
will never leave that space.
You mean like Fight Club?
Don't no, not quite.
I don't want us to fight each other.
I want us to talk to each other.
I mean I feel you, bruh.
Yeah, I ain't trying to fight nobody.
- I got kids.
- Tell that.
- Look.
We gotta be protectors,
right? But who gon' protect us?
Mm. That's real.
- Yeah.
- Uh, hold on.
I thought you weren't
fucking with the high wings.
Man, Fatima told me to grab her a plate.
Yeah! I know that's right. [LAUGHS]
Hey, man. Tell I said what's up, man.
I will.
Y'all wanna link up tomorrow
night at the ROCK center?
And we can finish this conversation.
I'm game. Shit, I ain't
got shit to do, nigga.
Yeah, let me just
check with Kiesha first.
- I should be good.
- All right. Well, let me know.
- [SHAAD] A'ight.
- Okay.
working for the FBI.
I knew that motherfucker was opps.
Apparently, he almost got
locked up a few years ago,
but to avoid jail time,
he decided he was gonna go
and work as an informant.
What they got on us?
Nothing big enough to
come arrest you for.
But if they find out that you had
anything to do with his death,
you can go to jail for
the rest of your life.
I threw his body in
the river for a reason.
Well, water doesn't
wash away everything.
I'll keep the suits at bay.
For now.
Uh until then,
no more killing niggas
for chewing gum too loud.
Hey, it's not my fault
I got sensitive ears.
In the end all I wanted was you ♪
In the end all I wanted was you ♪
Ya-ya-ya-ya ♪
- Hey-a ♪
In the end all I wanted was you ♪
- [JADA] Mm-hmm.
- Cool.
Hey-a ♪
Ya-ya-ya-ya ♪
Ya-ya-ya-ya ♪
Mm, ask if she got a massage oil.
- Yeah, okay. [CHUCKLES]
- Got that massage oil.
- [SIGHS] Mm.
- Knew I weren't just anybody ♪
a busybody ♪
Body ♪
Those watermelon gummies back in stock?
- And I knew you weren't just anybody ♪
I knew you weren't just anybody ♪
But you know you
were playing naughty ♪
- Mm.
Naughty ♪
In the end all I wanted was you ♪
What you, what you want ♪
In the end all I wanted was you ♪
- What you, what you want ♪
Here you go.
[CHUCKLING] Breathe, nigga, breathe.
Buy me more of whatever
the fuck that is.
- Shit, bro.
- I got you.
- Oh, shit.
- Yo' ass better pay me back, too.
Come on, bro. You know I'm good for it.
still bugging me for weed.
Just keep giving him Douda wack shit.
How long before we on our own?
Just gotta get everything set up first.
And I know you weren't just anybody ♪
I knew you weren't just anybody ♪
But you know you
were playing naughty ♪
Naughty, unh ♪
God damn.
Last time I had this
much money in my hand,
I had just robbed a bank.
I believe in paying
people for their time.
- Appreciate you.
- [DOUDA] Yeah.
You know, Rashaad, um
there's more where that came from.
Yeah, I know exactly
where this comes from.
That's why it's a one-time thing.
- Get that the fuck outta here.
- [ZAY] I got you.
[NUCK] Hey, boss.
Man, what the fuck is this?
Fucking client never showed.
Maybe the feds got to
him before he got to me.
You find someplace to put this shit.
- You understand me?
- Yes, sir.
'Cause I can't have this shit
nowhere near me right now!
Yo, Kar. Check it out.
Do you know anybody that
can hold this for us?
Thanks for coming through. [LAUGHS]
- Okay.
- Take care.
Yeah, you too. Bye-bye.
What what are you doing here?
I was just about to
ask you the same thing.
Tracy asked me to come
in a few times a week
and do Reiki and massages for the staff.
Oh, okay. She didn't tell me.
I didn't know she had to run it by you.
She doesn't.
Is this gonna be weird for you?
[DRE] I mean, you're the
one that broke up with me,
so it might be a little weirder for you.
Our breakup was mutual, and you know it.
I remember being a little bit
more hurt about it than you.
Look, if it's gonna be too much,
I can always talk to Tracy and
I don't mind.
- You sure?
- Yeah, it's fine.
You running out of money, baby girl.
I'm aware.
So? What's your plan?
I'm still figuring it out.
Well, you have until graduation
to figure this shit out
or I'm sending your ass to college.
That's not enough time.
Everybody has deadlines,
even in the music industry.
[SIGHS] Look, things aren't going
as fast as I would like them to,
but Maisha is building an audience.
I just need a little more time.
You have until graduation.
So you can't support my dreams,
but you can support Tierra?
The only person I'm
supporting right now is you,
and I'd feel much better
about supporting you
if you were getting an education.
- College is a scam.
- Yeah? Well, I'd rather get scammed
than have a daughter
walking around with no degree
and no money.
Bad bitch ♪
I shouldn't even
have to tell you that ♪
Big drip ♪
I shouldn't even
have to tell you that ♪
Face card ♪
I shouldn't even
have to show you that ♪
[FATIMA] Cheers, ladies.
I missed y'all.
So how long you gonna be boo'd up
with Mr. Jackson Goes to Washington?
Girl, I told you stop calling him that.
- So y'all living together now?
- Yes.
He asked me to move in
with him, and we did.
Is he paying all the bills?
- Girl, get out my business.
- Ooh, okay!
Miss Real Housewife of
the South Side of Chicago.
I can bring more to the
table than this pretty face.
- But do you have to?
- [FATIMA SIGHS] I want to.
[ISIS] I don't know why.
You always told me
you wanted to start a
family and build a home.
You've manifested the
dream. Why not relish in it?
[FATIMA] Because I don't want to be
another person that he has to support.
And he also could switch up at any time,
so I think it's best you keep a job.
How much do you get paid to
write stories for the local paper?
[FATIMA] Okay, I don't just
write for the local paper.
I'm a freelance writer,
which means I can write
for a lot of different publications,
and I like to keep the people informed.
[ISIS] Do you trust him?
- I do.
- [AERIN] Girl, you took too long to answer that.
[FATIMA] No, no, I didn't.
If you got a man that wants
to take care of you, let him.
care of each other.
[AERIN SCOFFS] Ma, stop trying
to push your dreams on Fatima.
- Girl.
- [AERIN] Everybody don't want
no sugar daddy.
[CHUCKLES] Yes, they do,
unless they lying to themselves.
[AERIN] Oh, I like being independent.
[SCOFFS] That's why you single.
- I'm choosy.
Listen, Fatima is my daughter.
I'll be doing all the
advising around here.
Um, older sisters can give advice, too.
[ISIS] Not when they single and broke.
living very well, thank you.
[ISIS] You live in a studio apartment.
- Girl, it's rent-controlled.
I just want Fatima to have the
fairy tale she always wanted.
[AERIN] Yeah, but every fairy tale
doesn't end in some
knight in shining armor.
[ISIS CHUCKLES] In mine, it does.
Yeah, but that's you.
Everybody don't want to be like you.
Dear, I am the prototype.
Everybody should want to be like me.
You want to grab some
coffee and catch up?
I don't think that's a good idea.
It's just coffee.
I know.
But if my wife asks where was I at,
I don't want to say, "Well,
I was having coffee
with my ex-fiancée."
Damn, y'all got trust issues?
I like keeping the peace.
[MONICA] That was always your problem.
I thought you said you
didn't want to get married.
Uh um, I never said that.
Just didn't want to marry me, huh?
I just wasn't ready at the time.
Come here. Look at this.
I've got grandkids now.
- Oh, look! They're so cute.
- Yeah.
I'm really happy for you.
You finally got the
family you always wanted.
I'm grateful.
- So that's your wife?
- Yeah.
- Why?
She's just not who I
expected you to be with.
I thought you had a type.
Well, my type kept breaking my heart,
so I decided to switch things up a bit.
So no coffee?
[PERSON] There is always enough time
for the right work.
There is a conversation in the room
that only these people can have.
Find it.
Never a failure, always a lesson.
Trust the people.
If you trust the people,
they become trustworthy.
Move at the speed of trust.
Less prep, more presence.
I told y'all, stop
running through this house.
I thought you said no cursing.
What happened in here?
I'm not in the mood.
I gotta get to Tiff's.
[EMMETT] Hold on. Who
gon' watch the boys?
Come on, Kiesha.
Emmett, we need a nanny.
First you want a house, and
now you want a nanny too?
And we need a maid.
Girl, this ain't The
Fresh Prince of Chicago.
All this money is
creating problems for us
that you don't even understand.
What are you talking about?
[EMMETT] Look, I don't
wanna get into it right now.
You never wanna get into it.
I'm doing the best I can.
Your best could be better.
[EMMETT] I don't support you?
Bye, Emmett.
Dubs being stolen ♪
Blue band hundreds, fresh tens ♪
Let those pretty girls hold them ♪
We the ones what I'm
bringing the singles for ♪
Shit, Gucci, Prada,
Louis V, some mo' shit ♪
What you think?
It's good.
[LAUGHS] You don't sound too impressed.
Look, the competition's stiff out here.
Your girl, she solid.
I just don't know that the streets
gonna go crazy over it.
[MAISHA] Talk is the
weakest of flex, fly that ♪
We the ones what I'm
bringing the singles for ♪
Shit, Gucci, Prada,
Louis V, some mo' shit ♪
Lil' mama bust you ♪
Say she from the Windy City? ♪
Oh, shit ♪
Maisha, let's take it
back to the same spot,
but just a little bit
more clear this time.
Actually, it's your time.
- Already?
- It's a rack for another hour.
We're at time.
[MAISHA] Damn. I was
just getting warmed up.
Yeah, well, maybe you might
want to start getting warmed up
before we get here, okay?
- We need something iconic.
- Iconic?
Girl, I'm still trying to find my voice.
And we don't have time for that.
I don't mind going to
school if this doesn't work.
College has always been my backup plan.
Okay, well, people who make it?
They don't have a backup plan.
I'm the one rapping, not you!
And if it wasn't for
me, you wouldn't be doing
half of the shit you're doing right now.
We not doing much!
Look, we gotta crawl before we walk.
How long are we gonna be crawling?
I just need another song from you.
- And I'm working on it.
- Work harder.
And if you don't think I
have what it takes to make it,
then say that shit.
I don't think that.
Then stop coming at me!
Yeah, a big bang when you swing ♪
It's too much to handle ♪
Drop a dookie and sing ♪
Need to burn a candle ♪
Boy, this was supposed to
be a friendly competition,
not a massacre.
I been in a bowling
league since I was six,
so I'm basically a pro.
You really are an old soul.
Oh, I definitely been here before.
I'll try again.
Hey, just a little bit, uh yeah.
And keep your eye on the ball.
This my song.
Why do you think I requested it?
With all my heart ♪
I love you, baby ♪
Stay with me and you will see ♪
My arms will hold you, baby ♪
Never leave 'cause I believe ♪
I'm in love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Hear me calling out your name ♪
I'm in love ♪
Sweet love ♪
- Morning.
- Morning, Victor.
[VICTOR] Morning.
What do you want?
[SCOFFS] I missed you, too.
Sit down.
Turns out that Q was an FBI informant.
that got to do with me?
Don't play dumb.
Everything you says, it
stays right here with me.
I ain't got shit to say.
Well, keep that same energy
when the feds come knocking.
By the time I saw him,
he was practically dead.
And then your husband finished him off.
So you're an accomplice?
Just stay quiet, okay?
You don't know nothing,
you didn't see nothing.
Got it?
I'm getting tired of lying.
Well, in this case, it's
better than the alternative.
Welcome to my sanctuary.
- This is Blue Dream.
This my shit. You know this.
This is a great strain
for beginner growers
because it's high yield and
it does well in most climates.
Tolerant of overfeeding without burning.
Burning? What you mean?
See, that's when you fertilize
with too much nitrogen
and you burn your plants.
It's a common rookie mistake.
What's different about my weed is,
there are no harsh chemicals
in my growing process.
My plants are like my babies.
I would never give them water
that I wouldn't drink myself.
Damn, that's crazy.
Yeah, and it actually
make a lot of sense.
[ROB] Mm-hmm.
Now, that's just nasty as fuck.
Nah, that's organic.
All of these worms and microorganisms
means the soil is alive.
Living soil means fertile plants.
That's why my weed don't
smoke like nobody else's.
The weed y'all getting is
grown in salt and rockwool.
- What's that?
- Synthetic growing cubes.
It's faster than mixing
fish meal with bat guano
and letting the worms go to work.
People always ask,
"What's the difference?"
I just say, "Your lungs will thank you."
That air blast was to
clean off any pollen
you might've gotten on you.
[TIFF] And why does that matter?
To prevent you from
getting a hermed-out crop
and losing a lot of money.
[CAIRO] Let's say you carry pollen
from your male plants into the nursery
where you keep your
female plants, the mothers.
Those plants get hermed out.
Now you have a crop full of seeds.
Don't nobody need that shit.
And the wild part is,
a hermed-out crop smokes just as good,
but the average consumer
sees a bunch of seeds
and assumes it's low-quality,
so you can't sell it
for the same price point.
So we need space suits
and a air blaster?
Ideally, your nursery and grow
room are in separate spaces
to cut down on human error.
You never said nothing
about needing two spaces.
We only got funds for one.
Getting the right
space is the first part.
You need a room with temperature control
and space to segregate the genetics.
- Sound like we need some more money.
I never said the
revolution would be cheap.
You got a checkup a
checkup a checkup
like, who do you go to see?
- [JEMMA] Doctor, doctor!
- Yeah.
They have, like, a oat version,
they have a soy version.
- [KENYA] Milk?
- [MAISHA] Milk!
- [JEMMA] Yes.
- When you, like, have a long journey somewhere.
- A voyage?
- What I do every day at Smokey's.
- I go to
- Work, work!
- Girls wear it sometimes.
- Pink!
- Skirts.
- N-nah.
- [JAKE] Dresses!
- Close.
- Y'all suck. Next one.
- It is
Something you do when
you like the rhythm.
- [MAISHA] Strip!
- Dance!
- It rings.
- [KENYA] Phone.
- Yeah.
- What the hell?
- Girls put it on they face.
- Makeup, makeup!
When you singing, what are you reading?
- [JAKE] Melody! Oh, book!
- What are you reading when you signing?
- A script. Lyrics, lyrics!
- Lyrics!
- Bam!
[JAKE] No, he not,
no, he not, no, he not!
[BAKARI] A Mets dude
what does he wear?
- [JAKE] Cape! Cape!
- And time!
- How many we get?
- Six.
No thanks to you, Kenya.
You wasn't even paying
attention that last round.
I didn't get the clues.
Hey, don't be mad
'cause y'all are losing.
- Tell your girl to step it up.
- Excuse me?
Look, guys, it's just a game.
- Okay, can we just chill?
- Yeah.
Y'all the ones that wanted
to be boys versus girls, shit.
Yeah, 'cause girls are smarter.
Well, we winning, so
'Cause y'all cheating.
I'd never cheat on you.
- [PERSON] What?
- What is you talking about?
[BAKARI] Nigga.
Nothing, nothing.
- You want some?
- No.
I told you my girl don't smoke.
I'm not your girl, Papa.
- So do you, um,
not smoke 'cause you
don't wanna get in trouble,
or you just don't do it?
I'm too grown to get in trouble.
Oh, well, I guess
I look forward to
becoming grown as well.
You know, see, me and Kenya
don't do that childish shit.
[KEVIN] All right, bro.
Oh, so you ain't
smoking 'cause she ain't?
Nah, I just wanna be alert
in case we play another round.
- Man, this shit way more fun when you fucked up.
- [KEVIN] Right.
- If y'all was high,
- maybe y'all would play fucking better.
- Boy, I am high as hell.
- [SIGHS] We know.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You need to get focused.
- I'm focused whether I'm high or not.
Uh-uh, girl. Hell, naw.
It's too cold for all that.
I'm not trying to go
home smelling like weed.
- [MAISHA] Me, either.
- [JEMMA] But, like, come on.
Oh, nah. It's cool, y'all.
It's cool. You can open up the window.
You know, I don't want my landlord
coming in here talking shit, anyway.
Damn, nigga, where the
fuck you get that from?
- I made it.
- [BAKARI] For real?
[BAKARI] That shit hard, shorty.
If you like it, he could make you one.
- How much?
- [JEMMA] $50.
[BAKARI SCOFFS] Nuh, mm-mm.
That shit ain't that nice.
- It is.
Yes it is, nigga. Your ass tweaking.
These motherfuckers solid. [CHUCKLES]
- [KEVIN] Better tell him, bro.
- All right.
- $20.
- $35.
- Fuck it. Bet.
You always working.
Well, someone has to.
And what's that supposed to mean?
Nothing. Let's play another round.
One more, and then I gotta go, so
- Me too.
- What y'all gotta do? [CHUCKLES]
Kenya and I got responsibilities.
- [MAISHA] Boy, shut up, Papa.
[JEMMA] Y'all do too
much. Y'all do too much.
I come bearing Douda's
tithes and offerings.
[JACKSON] I already told you
his money is not welcome here.
No weapon formed
against me shall prosper.
[NUCK] You sure about that?
[JACKSON] Is there anything
else that I can help you with?
Then you be blessed.
[EMMETT] Here, boy. Come on.
- [DARNELL] Hey.
I didn't know you had the boys tonight.
Yeah, neither did I.
Kiesha dumped them on me.
Boy, a woman can't dump
your own kids on you.
Y'all gotta share that load.
I don't remember you sharing
the load with my mama.
- Yeah, well, we sharing it now.
- I'm grown, though.
Yeah, you still need your daddy.
Hey, you know we do have
someone here from childcare
if you wanted to drop them off.
- Uh, y'all got childcare?
- Of course.
Lot of folks here have kids,
so we make sure they can come
even if they don't have help.
I mean, I can take 'em back.
Listen to me, boy.
[EMMETT] What?
You need to be mindful
of the company you keep.
What you talking 'bout?
- You ain't no gangster.
- I never said I was.
Then why you hiding
guns in your nightstand
like a dumbass?
That was you?
I-I been looking all
over for that damn gun.
I thought one of the
kids might'a took it.
This is why you ain't got no
business having no damn gun.
You wouldn't know what to do with it.
And knowing Douda,
it's probably got some
bodies attached to it.
You must've forgot I-I
used to run these streets.
- I want it back.
- For what?
'Cause it's mine.
How 'bout this?
I hold on to it for you,
and if you ever really
need it, you come find me.
- I don't need your permission.
- Yeah, maybe not.
But it's clear that you
still need my protection.
[SHAAD] Oh, shit. My bad, y'all.
Emmett's weed wings had me
slumped like motherfucker.
- Nigga!
What? I didn't know it was some kind
of big motherfucking
secret or something.
Y'all had weed wings without me?
- Uh, no. It was last minute.
[SHAAD] But shit, it
wasn't that last-minute.
I mean, he had flyers
printed up and everything.
Victor, why don't we get started?
All right. [SIGHS]
I know usually when we get together,
it's to play poker, smoke weed,
or talk about work.
But tonight, I just want
to check in with y'all,
see how y'all doing.
Like how we doing emotionally?
How you doing in general.
I wanna talk about the things
we don't normally talk
about with other people.
Oh, you mean like sex stuff?
Whatever you want to talk about.
I want this space to be a safe space.
No judgment.
No judgment?
No judgment.
[VICTOR] We want to know how
we can support y'all, men.
And how we can support each other.
All right, so the floor's open.
Whoever wants to start
talking can just start.
[SIGHS] I guess I'll, uh
[CLEARS THROAT] kick things off.
I think for me [EXHALES DEEPLY]
I've accomplished
something I really wanted.
We real proud of you, too, man.
- Yes, sir.
- [VICTOR] Thank you. Thank you.
Really, I I feel that.
I also feel isolated now that
I've accomplished that goal.
[LAUGHS] Shit, man. How?
Y-y-you surrounded by
people every day, man.
Yeah, people that
want something from me.
People that need me to
make their lives better.
I mean, I know it's my job to
support my community, but
I don't always feel like
my community supports me.
[CLICKS TONGUE] And I realize that
I picked a job that's a thankless one.
And I don't do it for gratitude, man.
Really, I
I don't.
I want my city to be a better place.
And that means people not
always gonna agree with my ideas.
And I have to be okay
with people not always
being happy with me.
And that's hard.
I know about that life.
Why don't you step
that out a bit, Marcus?
Okay, um
well, I been dating somebody
for the last few months.
- Oh, shit!
- Congratulations.
My daughter, Jemma, she's
not too happy about it.
- Yeah, yeah. Bet she pissed about that.
- [MARCUS] Yeah, but it's
this woman isn't somebody
I'm just having fun with.
brought me back to life.
Or back to the man I used to be
- before I was a single dad.
And Jemma, she just used
to it all being about her.
But now I just have to make sure
that they both feel loved.
Good luck with that
shit, man. [CHUCKLES]
How can we be more supportive?
Honestly, just pray for me.
Send me some ideas, you
know, that you might have.
I can help 'em build
their own relationship
without them wanting to kill each other.
If my girl and my
ex-wife can be friends?
I'm sure Jemma and your
girl can figure it out.
I appreciate you saying
that. That gives me hope.
Victor, how can we support you?
Man, I think my shit is more internal.
I gotta stop trying to be Superman.
[DARNELL] But see, that's
that's what society keeps
telling us that we have to be.
I mean, it's no wonder y'all trying
to be everything for everybody.
You think that's the
only way to be a man.
But Pop, you put down a
lot of your responsibilities
when I was coming up because
you couldn't handle it.
- Yeah, that's true.
- And now we making up for lost time.
[SIGHS] Which is cool, but
I never got a chance to see you
juggle my mom and juggle your career.
Honestly, I think that's why
my ass struggling right now.
Wait, hold on. You can't be
blaming me for your bullshit.
That's not what I'm doing. I'm saying
everybody expects me to
be this strong Black man.
But how can I be what I didn't see?
[SIGHS] I'm just figuring
this shit out on my own,
and I'm gonna stumble sometimes.
[MARCUS] Mm-hmm.
I wish people would just
stop judging me for falling down and
- help a nigga get back up again.
- Right.
You know what, man? I-I
I'ma keep it a buck, right? I-it
it's kinda hard for me to
sit here and listen to y'all
complain about y'all's situation.
You know what I'm saying?
I mean, 'cause all y'all
got lives that I wish I had.
I mean, y'all been out in the world
building businesses, starting families,
running for office.
And a guy can't even get a job, man.
Living at my woman house,
a house I can't even smoke in.
Dog, I told you, just open up
a motherfucking window, man.
[SIGHS] Nah, it ain't just that, man.
I-I-I'm still lusting after
this woman that I can't have.
Hold on. Who you lusting after?
You ain't lusting after Kiesha?
Man, it ain't nothing
like that, it's just
- We was at the house earlier.
[SHAAD] Nah, honestly, I'm just trying
to be the best man I can for my woman.
Okay? I mean
I owe her a lot. [SIGHS]
She really took a chance on me, and
I just don't wanna let her down.
I know my little sister
disappointed in me.
She has every right to be.
But I know I gotta do better.
Not just for her, but for
me, first and foremost.
I can't go back to jail.
Shit, me neither.
These streets make it so fucking easy
for a nigga to slip up, man.
[SHAAD SCOFFS] You ain't never lied.
Sometimes, the streets
can slip into your house
when you ain't even looking.
But like I said,
we all need to be mindful
of the company we keep.
I think we're all in
good company right now.
- Yeah.
I like this, man.
Well, I think this is a
good place to stop for now.
How 'bout we take a break
and regroup in just a bit?
[JAMAL] Appreciate you for this, bruh.
- Yeah, there you go.
[SHAAD] Appreciate you.
That smell good.
Yeah, this different.
That's why we gotta get a bigger place.
So we can grow our own shit.
Y'all tryna move?
No, this'll be a spot just to grow.
You need a permit for that, don't you?
Mm-hmm. We gonna figure that out.
- Don't get locked up.
- Girl, we won't.
We just need a realtor
to help us find a spot.
Ours is cool.
But I mean, we got him from Douda, so
you know how that go.
Fuck that. We'll find a spot on our own.
We tryna cut ties with that nigga.
Yeah, I wish we could cut ties, too.
Ever since he started coming around,
Emmett been acting different.
[TIFF] Don't be afraid to check his ass.
I'm not.
You need to quit your job
and sell this cheese dip.
But you believe in me and
say all the right things ♪
To lift me up ♪
I don't mind, I don't mind us ♪
We're never alone ♪
Is it just me, or were Kevin
and Maisha acting a little weird?
Nah, it wasn't just you.
They was being weird as fuck.
[RAPPER] Tip it in, uh ♪
- Oh, shit.
- [RAPPER] Tip it real good ♪
Some rapper just posted a
video in one of your shirts.
- Who is it?
- [RAPPER] Tip it real good ♪
You're givin' me a heart attack ♪
My dick is hard as fuck ♪
That ass is hella
fat, I wanna bust a nut ♪
And I don't even know this nigga.
Shit, I-I'll take it.
[RAPPER] You can rowdy
ride me cowgirl ♪
His, uh, lyrics are really misogynistic.
Man, that's just how niggas rap.
Wait, if this is what
people want to hear,
then what are me and Maisha gonna do?
Uh uh, I don't know.
Switch it up. Or, I
guess, don't make no money.
[RAPPER] Take you to the
back, I got unlimited
[JAKE] It would've been
nice if he tagged me though.
I ain't gonna lie.
- Yeah.
- [JAKE] It's all good.
I'll just repost it in
my stories and tag him.
- [JEMMA] Congrats, babe.
- [RAPPER] Tame her with my money ♪
And she tame me with her tongue ♪
She lickin' on her ass
crack and lickin' ♪
- [SHAAD] Shit, boy, I tell you.
Hey, listen, we can't thank y'all enough
for inviting us over for dinner tonight.
Yeah, it means a lot to him.
And, well, you know I love to cook.
He also loves any excuse
not to spend money.
- [SHAAD] Oh!
I'm not about to spend my damn
money on no restaurant food,
especially downtown.
And they be having them meter maids
just standing outside
waiting to give you a ticket.
- Oh, man. Tell me about it.
[DARNELL] Hey, Shaad, set that down.
- Oh, I got you.
[DARNELL] Oh, that must be Marcus.
Oh, snap! You invited
him? Man, that's my guy!
Yeah, you know, after our little chat,
I figured he and his woman
could use some quality time
with us grown folk, you know?
- Okay, I see you, player.
Yeah, come on in. Grab a seat.
Got enough ribs for everybody.
Oh, I'm a vegetarian.
[DARNELL] Oh, okay. Cool.
Uh, well, we got some corn on the cob.
Come on, brother. [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Hey, you want me to touch you up?
All right. Cool.
It's good to see you, Tierra.
Last time we saw each other,
we were on a double date
with you and Victor.
Well, we all know how that ended, so
Oh, well, that must've
been quite embarrassing.
Oh, no. I've been through much worse.
- Oh.
- Really?
I've lived a crazy life.
Shit, I can't tell.
You look like a princess to me.
Well, I am glad that you
found yourself a real love.
Thank you. And this is, uh
- new for both of us.
- [TIERRA] Mm.
Marcus, I don't think I ever
seen you with a woman before.
I like to keep my love
life private, that's all.
Hey, spoken like a true pimp.
[LAUGHING] Oh, whoa.
No, nothing like that.
I'm just always focused on my daughter.
Oh, now you splitting your attention?
Hasn't been easy.
But we're working it out.
- [MARCUS] Mm.
- Hey, hey, all right now.
[CHUCKLING] All right.
Tierra, if you don't mind my asking,
what is it that you do for a living?
[SHAAD] I mind you asking.
Oh, excuse me?
No, it's just, you know,
I hate it when people ask me that, so
Oh, that's 'cause you
ain't got no job right now.
So what?
I-I-I mean, I'd just rather
be judged based off of
who I am and not what I do.
Shaad, you should come in
on this little idea I got.
Now, it's not a whole lot of money,
- but it's better than nothing.
- You know what?
I'll do just about
anything right about now.
Hear me out.
See, I'm trying to come up with
a Black version of a sexy maid.
Our selling points
would be that, you know,
we some handsome brothers in tool belts,
but, you know, we actually fix shit.
- Well [SCOFFS]
Well, how much you
make a day doing that?
Like, mm, 200, 300.
Nigga, that's it?
Hold on. Pump the brakes now.
We we fix some pipes, dog.
- We ain't layin' 'em.
[DARNELL] Whole 'nother
whole 'nother job there.
Whoa-oa-oa ♪
So I see you got some
new soldiers on deck.
Yeah, I'm tryna train
'em up the right way.
They all wanna be just like you.
And too bad they ain't.
You know, I won't be here forever.
I have to pass this
throne down to somebody.
Okay, so
who we thinking?
I don't know.
Only time will tell.
[BIANCA] I got my eye on the quiet one.
[DOUDA] Yeah, well, you
know, and he's, um
he's still wet behind the ears.
But he has potential.
[BIANCA] I know Nuck is your favorite.
[DOUDA] He's loyal, but
he's not ruthless enough.
[BIANCA] They can't all
be cold-blooded like you.
- But that's the job.
- Mm-hmm.
War is not the answer ♪
War is not the answer ♪
In times like these ♪
We need love ♪
We need love ♪
Well, sure as hell beats
smoking in the cold.
- Here you go, man.
Needed this shit.
Especially after the day I just had.
[LAUGHS] I got you, dog.
Take a load off.
[ZAY] Douda wants to
offer you an opportunity.
War is not the answer ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
War is not the answer ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
- Hell, no.
- We just need you to hold on to 'em.
In exchange for a fee, of course.
No, I'm I'ma stay outta trouble.
Y'all have a good evening.
- I can talk to him.
- [BAKARI] Nah.
I got him.
[VICTOR] Sorry, sorry, sorry. Hey.
So, um, what's so
urgent it couldn't wait?
We tryna cut ties with Douda.
Oh. What you need from me?
We need a permit so we
can grow our own weed.
Well, Victor can submit the proposal
once he gets inaugurated.
But City Council will
still have to vote on it.
And not everybody likes the idea
of people growing weed
in their neighborhood.
I'll be creating jobs.
And weed is the safest drug out there.
It's not that simple.
I'll be a reference on her application.
- Who are you?
- Cairo Fuqua.
- Famsterdam Farms.
- Uh-huh.
Look, I support you
starting your own business,
but I got bigger issues
I need to tackle first.
So how long it's gonna take?
- Oh, it
- [QUINCY] Give us six months.
Six months?
- Fuck that.
Come on.
Is there anything else
we can help you with?
Yeah, I'ma talk to him alone real quick.
You're not getting the permit
whether I'm in the room or not.
This ain't about the
fucking permits, my nigga.
- Then what's it regarding?
- [VICTOR] Quincy.
Give us a minute.
You didn't like my uncle Q, did you?
I ain't know him that well.
That's not what I heard.
Your uncle had a lot of enemies.
Any of 'em want to take his life?
[VICTOR SIGHS] I don't know.
[ROB] You don't know.
You better not be lying to me, nigga.
I ain't got no reason to lie.
I'm not waiting that
long to start growing.
You don't have to do it by the book,
but if you don't,
you'll be taking a risk.
I'd rather take a risk than
keep working for a killer.
You might wanna talk to your man first.
He down for whatever I want.
one y'all like better?
[AERIN SIGHS] Child, they
all look the same to me.
What you need is some
fly-ass wallpaper.
Girl, y'all ain't no help.
[AERIN] Why all these kids in here?
Girl, this little brother
sell his merch out of the house.
He paying bills?
No, we let him keep his
money so he can save it.
- Oh, girl.
- Child.
He needs to move out of y'all house.
Girl, it's more his house than mine.
- I'm the one that just moved in.
- Mm-mm.
Damn, this went from a trap
house to a tranny house.
- Oh!
- Bitch, don't get slapped.
- [JAKE] What's going on?
- One of your little friends being disrespectful.
These niggas ain't my friends.
This a customer.
And if you can't respect my house
or the people in it,
you can get the fuck out.
Don't nobody want your
gay-ass shirt no way.
- Man, come on.
- Get off me.
[JAKE] Man.
- Fuck up outta here.
Anybody else want to talk?
'Cause y'all can leave, too.
Don't come in here with that bullshit.
A'ight. Who next?
Come on.
[EMMETT] Fuck you doing here?
What's this?
Oh, hell, no. I ain't holding this.
[NUCK] Come on. Come on.
After all we done for you, Emmett?
You won't have to hold it
long. We'll be back for it.
What if my girl find this shit?
Nigga, make sure she don't.
First Peter asks us
to look into our hearts
and find courage.
What do you do
when a lion prowls your village,
looking to eat your young?
Do you feed him from your table?
What do you do when a
lion prowls your village,
jaws dripping with the
blood of your neighbors?
Do you let him sleep in your bed?
- [ALL] No.
- Uh-uh.
[JACKSON] Do you follow him blindly?
Do you long to be like
him, hoping that one day,
you, too, can be the
king of your own jungle?
If we are not vigilant
that lion will destroy
everything we love.
If we are not upright
shepherds of our flock,
that beast will not stop
until all of our young's
hearts are ripped out.
If we don't cast that
devil out of our city
he will devour us all.
And I just pray
that he doesn't come
for your house next.
[ALL] Amen!
Take care of him.
- Glory to ♪
- Say less.
Name ♪
- Singin' ♪
- Glory to his name ♪
I'm singin' ♪
Glory to his name ♪
Yeah, there to my heart ♪
Was the blood applied ♪
Glory to his name ♪
I'm so wondrously ♪
Saved from my sin ♪
Jesus so sweetly abides within ♪
There at the cross ♪
Where he took me in ♪
Glory to his name ♪
Singin' glory to his name ♪
Singin' glory ♪
To his name ♪
There to my heart ♪
Was the blood applied ♪
- Hey ♪
- Glory to his name ♪
Oh, that I can say it's glory ♪
Glory to his name ♪
Oh, where would I be without you ♪
Glory to his name ♪
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