The Chi (2018) s06e05 Episode Script

One of Them Nights

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
Is this gonna be weird for you?
[DRE] I mean, you're the
one that broke up with me,
so it might be a little weirder for you.
- [KIESHA] Fuck.
- What happened in here?
- [KIESHA] I can't be late.
- [EMMETT] Hold on.
Who gonna who gonna watch the boys?
[EMMETT] Come on, Kiesha.
Bye, Emmett.
[BARRY] You're late.
I'm used to checking parents
for not being on time, not teachers.
[NUCK] Yo, Kari, do you know anybody
that can hold this for us?
[BAKARI] Yeah, I think I do.
[EMMETT] Fuck you doing here?
What's this?
What if my girl find this shit?
Nigga, make sure she don't.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
[BIANCA] Somebody's in here.
We need to talk.
Q was working for the FBI.
What's that got to do with me?
I ain't got shit to say.
Well, keep that same energy
when the feds come knocking.
No, this is the one.
I'm not from around here ♪
- No, that ain't it.
- What you mean, man?
Mm, boy, that jacket wearing you.
- Come here, hang on.
- I like the jacket, bro.
Hey, miss, can we, uh, get
this in a smaller size, please?
Emmett, I-I like the suit, man.
[EMMETT] Yeah, you gonna have the suit.
Just trust me. Thank you.
Who you taking anyway?
We finally made it official, so
Getting that old thing back.
Something like that. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, whatever you do, just
don't fuck it up this time.
- I won't.
- [STORE CLERK] Here you go.
[EMMETT] Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Try this on, young player.
Just call out my name, name ♪
- Yeah.
- Oh.
Now, that's the one right there.
Oh, shit.
I'm gon' fuck 'em up with this one, man.
- You know what I'm saying?
Damn, can't believe I'm buying
your ass a suit for prom.
Got me feeling old as hell.
Oh, no, I got it.
You got it? What you mean you got it?
Listen, man, I got the money.
[EMMETT LAUGHS] A'ight, I see.
Might be able to get a little
bit more if I left Chicago.
What are you talking about?
Well, this team in LA
is trying to sponsor me.
I don't need no
Mary Jane, Mary Jane ♪
You can be my Lois Lane ♪
Oh, shit. That's dope.
Said they'd put me up
in a house, get me a car,
sponsor all my events.
- It's just
- That's fire.
I'd have to move to LA.
What'd you tell them?
Well, I-I told them
I'll think about it.
I'll stand for hoping
that's what I'm gonna know ♪
[PAPA] Surprise!
[KENYA] Oh, my gosh, what is this?
A deeper meaning ♪
- Thank you.
- Not much to find ♪
Will you go to prom with me?
And it feels right ♪
Had gotten used to the
silence of the night ♪
- Yes.
- I'm already safe ♪
Thought I had done it
all, but I got some grace ♪
Even a bit of time, mm, and space ♪
Reset on my heart
and a brand-new slate ♪
You make me feel, me feel ♪
I don't know, K.
Why would anybody want to leave the Chi?
For a bigger opportunity, Emmett.
- What if it don't work out?
- And what if it does?
[STORE CLERK] All right, here you are.
[KEVIN] Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Growing up.
I'll hold it for him. Thank you.
[STORE CLERK] Have a good one.
Don't you want to build your legacy
in the city that raised you?
Listen, I'm not trying
to abandon Chicago.
I just I just want
to see what's out there.
Man, this city is all we got.
If we keep leaving it, it
won't be no real niggas left.
Yeah, I hear you.
Chicago is the shit, man.
Damn, Douda, got the toys out, man.
The Ferrari, Audi,
Shit, hell no.
[CHUCKLES] No, that's the one.
Yo, look at the fucking rims, dog.
- You like it?
- I love it.
Yeah, that's good,
'cause this is gonna be
your chariot for the weekend.
For real?
- You've earned it.
I appreciate you.
Man, Nae gon' fucking flip out
when she see me pull up in this shit.
- Hell yeah.
Come on.
Let me, uh let me show you something.
I thought you said you
was gonna handle this.
About that. Been hitting him up.
He ain't been picking up his phone.
Well, you need to figure something out.
Either you get it done tonight,
or I'll be the one
driving this car around
with my bitch sitting
in the passenger side.
Find a place to stash these.
Got you. I'll figure something out.
Figure something out.
When my shit gonna look like this?
[CAIRO] Give it a few months.
Just be patient.
These new grow lights
I got you should help.
I love the smell of
weed in the morning, man.
What you doing here?
Please, you wouldn't even know Cairo
if it wasn't for me.
Whatever, nigga.
- All right, thank you.
- Don't stress.
Your crop gon' come in
potent and plentiful.
- [TIFF] What the hell was that?
What the fuck?
- [CAIRO] Oh!
- They just took my car!
[CAIRO] Damn, they just
got my boy last week.
- [TIFF] Shit!
- I think I know who took it.
Don't play with me, Dante.
Look, you can either come with me
or stand there looking crazy.
It's your choice.
[TIFF] Come on.
- Good morning.
[BARRY] Good morning.
Uh have a seat.
[KIESHA] Is everything okay?
Well, uh, we just got wind
of some massive budget cuts.
And though you've been really
great with your students,
you have been late
a lot.
I know. I'm sorry.
And you've had to leave
early pretty often.
I promise I didn't mean
to leave y'all hanging.
I know life happens,
and I definitely tried to figure out
how to keep you on given the new budget,
but unfortunately,
I have to let you go.
I'm really sorry this didn't work out.
- [TIFF] The fuck is all this?
- [ROB] I don't know. I just got here.
- [TIFF] What's up?
- [ROB] You good?
[TIFF] Yeah, I just want my car.
- [ROB] I know.
- [TIFF] I'm okay.
[DANTE] I can't make no promises.
[TIFF] Well, come on, let's see.
[DANTE] Come on.
[TIFF] There go my car right there.
[ROB] Hey, man, back y'all
ass away from this Altima, man.
This my girl car.
Fuck is y'all even doing, shorty?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's-what's, uh
what's going on around here?
Oh, shit.
I'm sure they took it by mistake.
Zay, let-let the lady have her car.
- [TIFF] Thank you.
- [DOUDA] Mm.
[TIFF] Y'all better not
had took shit either.
[ROB] How y'all even
end up taking her shit
knowing that we work with y'all?
It was a mistake. It won't happen again.
Yeah, y'all better memorize it.
Take a picture of it.
Write it down.
All that shit.
And y'all finna cash
us out for this window.
That's what we not gon' do.
You can take that shit
out of the next drop.
Come on.
- Long time, no see.
Didn't expect to catch your ass here
playing Captain Save-A-Ho.
Man, it ain't even like that.
What led you to us?
The boys getting greedy, man.
Plus, there's too many
cars coming up missing
for you not to know nothing.
Listen, Dante, don't get
caught up over no bitch,
especially one that ain't yours, okay?
[NEWSCASTER 1] Now we'll
go live out on the field
for the latest.
[NEWSCASTER 2] U.S. Treasury
Okay, two-tone, I see you. [LAUGHS]
[CHUCKLES] You got jokes.
You look good.
You made those?
Yeah, trying to feel 'em out,
see if I want to wear 'em to prom.
I like them.
[NEWSCASTER 1] Big day ahead
for Alderman Elect Victor Taylor
as he officially takes office.
Many throughout Chicago are wondering
if he'll live up to his predecessors
or falter under expectations.
But one thing we do know
is that he has a lot of eyeballs on
What's wrong? Ain't you happy?
I just don't want people
to stop trusting me
'cause I'm a politician.
Yeah, you definitely
one of the opps now.
Boy, come on. I'm still
one with the people.
Just don't let that
shit go to your head.
[VICTOR] I won't.
Know everybody gonna want you
to live up to they expectations,
but you can only do the best you can,
so that's gonna have to be enough.
I appreciate that, baby brother.
Good days alive, it
just feels right ♪
[MAISHA] So what colors you
and Bakari wearing tomorrow?
[LYNAE] I don't know.
What you mean you don't know?
We haven't discussed it.
So y'all not gonna be coordinated?
I'm not really stressed about our fits.
Then what is it?
My brother wants to
meet him before we go.
[GASPS] Oh, shit.
I know.
Big brothers always trying to scare
somebody boyfriend away.
Man, like
I just pray that it's short and sweet.
He know the struggle, so hopefully,
he won't judge him too much.
Rise, rise, rise, rise ♪
But what if he does?
Just remind your brother
that niggas be in the streets
'cause they have to be,
not 'cause they want to be.
Good days alive ♪
It just feels right ♪
That's cute. That's really cute.
[MAISHA] Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- [LAUGHS] Let me see.
[EMMETT] Had a good day
at school today, huh?
- Go in the house, man.
- [TIFF] Come on.
Your mama gon' be right there, a'ight?
Let me talk to you for a minute.
What the fuck happened to your window?
Somebody tried to steal the car.
- What the hell? When?
- Earlier today.
- Today?
- Yeah.
Why you ain't call me?
Because you not my man.
- I bought it for you.
- So?
How you get it back?
[TIFF] I was with
Dante when it happened,
and he figured Douda and his
boys took it, and he was right.
Why were you with Dante?
[TIFF] That's what you asking me?
Not if I'm okay or if I'm traumatized?
You don't look too traumatized to me.
- [TIFF] Whatever.
- [EMMETT] Look, hold on.
All right.
- Why were you with Dante?
- I wasn't with him.
He just so happened to
be at my new plug's spot.
I thought Douda was your plug.
He is, and he will be until
my new harvest comes in.
You growing your own shit now?
[TIFF] Yeah. Kiesha ain't tell you?
Well, I thought she would have.
Well, she didn't. I still
think you should have called me.
You not my protector no more.
Where you get this car?
Friend loaned it to me.
What kind of friend?
A rich one. [CHUCKLES]
Can I ask you something?
Want to go somewhere after prom?
Like where?
Out the way.
My homey got a phat-ass crib in
the burbs that we can stay at.
Yeah, that sound cool, but
don't be expecting nothing.
- I'm not.
- Mm-hmm.
- [LAUGHS] What?
- You know what.
Girl, you crazy.
Hey, I
I love you.
I love you too.
Baby, why ain't nobody tell me
Tiff growing her own weed now?
And did you know Douda's
boys jacked her car today?
What? No.
- This shit crazy.
- Is she okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
She just she got it back.
Tiff not even trippin'.
I lost my job today, Emmett.
Wait, what?
What happened?
Budget cuts.
At least now you won't
be so overwhelmed.
[EMMETT] I mean, you
been juggling a lot.
Yeah, I been juggling a
lot trying to help you.
That's why they couldn't
justify keeping me on.
This job meant a lot to me.
I finally found something
that gave me purpose,
and it's gone.
You can get a job at another school.
It's not that simple.
[EMMETT] Well, what you want me to do?
I want you to stop leaning
on me for everything.
All right, fine. Uh
just speak up next time.
Why is it on me to speak up?
- 'Cause I can't read your mind.
- You don't have to, Emmett.
You can see I'm overwhelmed.
Why I got to say that?
It's not my fault if
providing for my family
means I need your help around
the house a little more.
I'm not about to be sitting at home
letting the world pass me by
while you out here
living your best life.
What? Kie
[SHAAD] Man, it ain't
never took me that long
to put no dresser together.
[DARNELL] Yeah, that's
'cause the instructions
- were in Chinese.
- I guess.
Oh, yeah. Shit. Here you go, dog.
- Hey!
- Good work.
That's what I'm talking about.
- Hold on.
- Mm.
Nigga, that's it?
Yeah, How much was
you expecting to make?
Well, shit, more than this.
Man, we've been working since 6 a.m.
I told you, it's slow
money for right now.
Hey, we recruit a few more brothers,
man, could be a big business.
Man, why you really sweating this money?
Just honestly, man, I'm
sick and tired of feeling
like I ain't bringing
nothing to the table.
Yeah, yeah, I get that.
It's like, our whole
lives, man, we been told
we got to be the
provider, the protector,
the pipe layer.
Yeah, but I mean, sometimes
it's just cool to support these women.
And if they further along than us,
then, man, shit, it's good for us
to be just chill at the crib
making sure everything's smooth.
And if you can't handle that right now,
you better speak up or
forever hold your peace.
Come on, man, we got to roll.
Your dad wants to see you.
[JEMMA] Damn, can you knock?
That dress is hideous.
[SIGHS] I'm aware.
- Did you buy it online?
- Yeah.
[LAUGHING] That was your first mistake.
[JEMMA] Can you not judge me right now?
I'm in a crisis.
I'm happy to take you shopping.
[JEMMA] I'll figure it out.
[TIERRA] How? Isn't prom tonight?
[JEMMA] Yeah.
Come on, don't be silly.
We can make a day of it.
I don't want to make a day of it.
Fine, but you cannot
go to prom like this.
Yeah, I know.
It's either me or your dad, your choice.
Come on.
Please, let's go.
[NINA] You know, I really don't
appreciate all that activity
you had going on last night.
[DRE] Activity? You mean texting?
[NINA] I had a hard time sleeping.
[DRE] Really? It wasn't
even that serious.
[NINA] You think it's
okay to be texting your ex
into the wee hours of the night?
You tweaking. It was
only eleven o'clock.
[NINA] That's still
too late to be texting
somebody you used to fuck.
Okay, coming from you,
that's a little crazy.
[NINA] I'm not about
to be sitting at home
letting the world pass me by
while you out here
living your best life.
- Hi, Kiesha.
- [KIESHA] Hey.
[NINA] I'm going upstairs
to get Ronnie ready.
Thank you.
I've officially turned into my mama.
Why you say that?
[KIESHA] You know what she said to you
about living your best life?
[KIESHA] It's exactly
what I said to Emmett
before I left the house.
[LAUGHS] Wow. Now, that's crazy.
[KIESHA] I know.
[SIGHS] Look, I love your mother.
- [KIESHA] I know.
- All right?
We just got a little heated.
I didn't know you was coming in.
Y'all can argue in front of me.
- I'm grown.
- [DRE] Okay. Well, I just want to let you know
that I'm not fucking my ex, all right?
We just been hanging
out a little bit lately.
That's it. It's nothing inappropriate.
- I swear.
- I believe you.
So what's wrong?
I lost my job.
Oh, Kiesh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I thought everything was going great.
Budget cuts.
[DRE] Damn, why they always got
to come for the teachers first?
So how you feeling?
I feel like a failure.
[DRE] Oh, come on now, Kiesh,
you know that's not true.
No, no, I just
I feel like I can't get nothing right.
You still in therapy?
I couldn't really keep up with it.
[DRE] You know you got
to remain consistent
in order for it to work.
Can't you just be my therapist?
No. [LAUGHS] Hell no.
I know way too fucking much.
But I think I might know
somebody who you might like.
I'll hit her up right now, all right?
- Thanks, Dre. - [DRE]
- Mm-hmm, no problem.
[SHAAD] Look, man, I
already told you now no.
How long you gonna be a kept man, Shaad?
Hey, man, what the fuck you say?
What happened to the nigga that
helped me get my shit together?
I helped you get your shit
together the right way.
I'd never do nothing
to put you in danger.
What you think you doing?
Ain't nothing gonna happen.
Yeah, that was the last thing I heard
before I did something that
got me locked the fuck up.
Look, I just
[SIGHS] I just need you to hold 'em
For a little while.
Yeah, I know the drill.
[BAKARI] Nigga, I got
two racks in my pocket.
You want it or nah?
- How long's a little while?
- Not long.
Appreciate you, Shaad.
Yeah, whatever, nigga.
[SIGHS] Shit.
Mm, I love that we have the
whole place to ourselves.
- [TIERRA] Yeah, I don't do gen pop.
- What?
- General population.
- [JEMMA] Oh.
- I like that.
So do you really like my dad,
or are you just using him?
Please, I've dated men and women
more powerful than he is.
So what is it?
We both just realize that we've been
running from love our entire lives.
[CHUCKLES] My mom loved him.
[TIERRA] Yeah, and then she left him.
Yeah, she left me too.
It's hard to fall in
love when you've been
burned by it so many times.
Until you meet someone who
makes you believe in it again.
[TIERRA] Exactly.
So are you excited about prom?
And I'm super excited that I got a man
so I don't have to worry
about who gon' take me or not.
Jake, right?
- Right.
- [TIERRA] Mm. How'd you two meet?
I kind of used to date his best friend.
Oh, I knew I liked you.
Hey, where the fuck Douda at?
Why the fuck y'all touch Tiff's car?
You know I bought her that shit.
Your broker helped me get it.
You are a day late and a
dollar short, young man.
Your woman already came in
here with two other niggas
to help her handle that.
It's not my fault that,
um, you wasn't one of them.
I guess she know your
ass wasn't built for that.
Now, get the fuck on.
Fuck you.
Hey, chill the fuck out.
I'm sorry. Uh, what did you say?
You heard what I said.
I will kill your ass right now.
And then your little boys
will grow up without a father,
and your mama will have to
pick out a nice gray suit
to bury your ass in, and your father,
he'd be crying like a little bitch.
And I'll pull up to your
repast wearing gaiters
and a motherfucking pinkie ring.
Is that what you want?
Looking sharp, boy.
So you got a date to this thing tonight?
- Yeah.
- [JACKSON] Hmm. So who's the lucky lady?
You wouldn't know her.
I need to meet her.
We ain't that serious yet.
Well, you better not
be serious about nobody.
- You know what I mean.
Well, are you picking
her up, like a gentleman?
[PAPA] She's meeting
me at the send-off.
[JACKSON] Well, you just make sure
that you act godly tonight.
Do I got to?
When you walk out that door,
everything you do is a reflection of me.
So you need to behave
like I'm always watching,
even if I'm not there.
I hear you.
[JACKSON] Look, I know I'm hard on you,
but it's because there's a lot
of sin out there in the world,
and I don't want you
to be enticed by it.
No one can be godly all the time.
I need space to be myself.
Yo, what up?
Okay, I see you in all black.
You know, just keeping it simple.
[JACKSON] Where's your tux?
That ain't really my style.
Well, you kids love breaking rules.
I think we just like
doing it our own way.
Well, I'ma pray for both of y'all.
I'm assuming you're going with Lynae.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
You look a little nervous.
You okay, boy?
She want me to meet her older brother.
That's a good thing, right?
Yeah, it is.
I just
I just don't want the nigga
trying to punk me and shit.
- Like
- Language, son, language!
My bad.
Look, just remember these three things:
always look them in the eye,
extend your hand first,
and when you walk away,
do it with confidence,
no matter what transpires.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
Well, y'all come on.
Let's take a picture so
y'all can get out of here.
[PAPA] Do we have to?
[JACKSON] Boy, if you
don't take this picture.
[BAKARI] Yo, get up.
[JACKSON] Come on, get in here.
All right. How's that?
It's not the best, but I'll take it.
If y'all don't get out of
here before I decide that prom
ain't nothing but the devil
and tell y'all y'all can't go.
- We out.
- All right, Padre.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I think I need to go back to therapy.
Are you okay?
I'm overwhelmed, and I
need to talk to someone
other than you and Tiff.
What's wrong with me and Tiff?
Nothing. I need to see a professional.
I've done couples therapy before.
I don't mind doing it again.
Emmett, this is not
about us as a couple.
This is about me.
Well, we good?
Yeah. I
I know it's been a lot lately.
I'm committed to this
relationship and our family.
I just I feel like I'm pouring
into everyone except myself,
and I feel empty.
- I feel lost.
- Okay, well, I don't I don't want that.
- Neither do I.
- All right.
And do you maybe want to
do some one-on-one therapy?
I think it'll be good for you.
No, I'm doing this group
therapy thing with Victor,
and I'm-I'm-I'm good.
Group therapy is great, but
that one-on-one hit different.
Nah, I'm good.
I promise.
She's coming down.
- Put the paper away.
- Okay, fine, all right.
[TIERRA] You're gonna love it.
- So pretty.
Turn around.
- Do you love it?
- [JEMMA] It's so cute.
- [TIERRA] Beautiful.
Go upstairs and change right now.
And take off some of that makeup.
You're not leaving the
house looking like that.
- Daddy, this is
- No, but don't "Daddy" me.
Go upstairs now.
- Tierra, can you tell him
- [MARCUS] Uh-huh.
She's not your parent. I am.
- But, Dad, it's prom.
- Keep talking and I'll make you stay home.
It's okay. I'll talk to him.
Go upstairs. It's okay.
- [TIERRA] It's okay.
Are you crazy?
[MARCUS] No, but you must be.
How could you possibly think that dress
is appropriate for a teenage girl?
- She's not a child.
- She's my child.
She's a young woman now
whether you like it or not,
and she has a right to express herself.
She can express herself without looking
like a fucking hooker.
What do you think I look like?
[JAKE] So, Kev, you
really not finna tell us
who you going to prom with?
Yeah, why you being
so secretive and shit?
Y'all got all these
questions about my date.
Where is y'all's at?
Upstairs, nigga.
Oh. Oh, yeah.
Uh, Jemma said she running late.
She got an issue with her dress.
Yeah, Kenya probably
running fashionably late too.
- [JAKE] She on her way?
- Nah, she can't make it no more.
She probably kicking it with
her real boyfriend tonight.
Actually, she told me
to come by after prom,
so once I'm done with
childish activities,
I'ma slide through her crib and get
into some grown-folk shit.
Oh, shit.
I see you, Papa.
[PAPA] Yeah.
[BAKARI] Hold up, hold up, hold up.
What y'all getting into?
Don't worry about all that.
Maybe in time, we'll find a way ♪
Maybe we'll love
through all the pain ♪
If you look in my eyes ♪
[LYNAE] Okay!
We'll live in a world of better days ♪
All this pressure ♪
Weighing on my mind ♪
Gotta catch up ♪
I'm so tired ♪
Can I prosper ♪
Without losing pride ♪
Can I offer ♪
What's inside ♪
Oh, hope, don't fail me now ♪
Oh, hope ♪
Don't hold me down ♪
Mistakes don't hold me down ♪
I know we mess it up ♪
Somehow ♪
And start all over again ♪
Maybe in time, we'll find a way ♪
You got one job, one job only:
keep my sister safe.
You hear me?
I hear you.
Don't get her caught up
in none of your bullshit.
She all I got.
Trust me, I won't.
Start all over again ♪
So how long have you been back?
Not that long.
And why didn't you call me?
I've been busy.
- Look, you're here now.
- Well, I should be.
I mean, I am the one who
invested in the place.
And I paid you back.
And I'm still a silent investor.
You haven't been silent since
we signed that paperwork.
Place looks really good.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
The barbershop in the
front is a nice decoy.
Only the cool kids know
what goes on in the back.
Very smart.
Although I've heard that
this has become a place
for hoodlums to hang out.
I mean, is that the
kind of word of mouth
you want on the street?
By, um"hoodlum,"
you mean Douda?
I don't mind if he hangs
out in our establishment.
It's my establishment.
I just don't want this to
become a place for violence
and gang activity.
- Mm.
- [ALICIA] That would ruin everything
that we've worked so hard to build.
Well, Douda knows this place
is for leisure use only.
Just make sure that him
and his little friends
don't do anything stupid.
He only uses it when we're closed.
And why does he get
these special privileges?
Because we're friends.
Yeah, well, you know he
used to work for my brother.
I know all about him.
Yeah, I heard about what happened.
I am so sorry for your loss.
I'm sure you are.
Thank you for making time for me.
You believed in me when no one did.
I will always make time for you.
But just remember
you owe me a favor.
Oh, I know.
You ready to cash that in?
Not right now.
But when I am, you'll know.
Very nice.
I'm waking up, I'm waking up ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Nigga, who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Nigga, who want smoke ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
I'm trying to fuck a nigga lungs up ♪
They be like, Nardo,
put them damn guns up ♪
Fuck that ♪
Say, big brother,
bring those guns out ♪
When it's smoke, we get to spinnin' ♪
While the sun out ♪
I ain't never lacking ♪
I pump gas with my gun out ♪
Scream out, what's
happening in the ghetto ♪
Give it up for this year's
prom queen, Maisha Phelps.
One, two, three,
four, kick your door ♪
Get on the floor, five,
six, seven, eight ♪
[TEACHER] And my boy, the
prom king, Jake Taylor.
I'ma kill 14 niggas
if 13 bitch niggas play ♪
I think my Draco might be gay ♪
- Why? ♪
- 'Cause he blow niggas ♪
I just got a brand-new lolli ♪
That's a four nickel,
call me Nardo, yes, man. ♪
I don't know, nigga ♪
You can send your best man ♪
You gonna lose your best hitter ♪
[ALL] What the fuck is that ♪
What the fuck is that ♪
Might be moving to LA.
What's in LA?
A chance to take this gaming
thing to another level.
You should go.
Damn, Jake!
What about his family?
What about Maisha?
What about us?
Yeah, we ain't going nowhere.
Look, don't just stay here
'cause you comfortable, man.
What Maisha say?
Ss, I ain't even told her yet.
You need to.
And if she the one,
she gonna understand.
Damn, Kev.
I'll miss you, man.
I ain't gone yet.
[JAKE] Well, look, if you do stay,
do it for you not for us.
You gon' be all right.
It's his turn to blick ♪
I can't even roll my opps in shit ♪
Pussies don't exist ♪
One, two, three, four ♪
Niggas mad I fucked they hos ♪
- Five, six, seven, eight ♪
- [SIGHS] Fucking did it, man.
[JEMMA] Come on, guys,
let's take a group photo.
Look out the window,
don't forget the strap ♪
I be on they ass when I see opps ♪
I do forget I rap ♪
I be on this shit wherever I'm at ♪
I learnt that from the 'Raq ♪
He gonna drink whatever ♪
A nigga sell him
just to say he high ♪
They be like, he wasn't even ♪
With that shit whenever a nigga die ♪
Emergency room gon' always lie ♪
To y'all whenever a nigga die ♪
[ALL] Saying a nigga
stable as they check ♪
Just to keep y'all quiet ♪
Let's get it ♪
Bronem stomp his ass ♪
Better do what Nardo said ♪
'Cause niggas die for pumping gas ♪
Why do you act like
that shit so exclusive ♪
Bitch, that's public ass ♪
Can't no nigga we don't fuck with ♪
Come around, we stomp his ass ♪
Nardo voice creep up out that cut ♪
We like, shh, shh ♪
Nardo voice, catch him before he run ♪
That gun go shh, shh ♪
Ay, who you killed ♪
Steady talking like you did a drill ♪
We gonna kill you sober ♪
Who done told you that I need a pill ♪
Who want smoke with us ♪
Who want smoke with us ♪
Who want smoke with us ♪
Who want smoke with us ♪
Who want smoke with us ♪
Who want smoke with us, nigga ♪
I be with real killers ♪
I'm a rappin' street nigga ♪
Copy, paste, delete niggas ♪
Can't wait till we see niggas ♪
Who want smoke, it's free ♪
All the oppers sweet, Swisher ♪
Hop out middle of
the street, hit him ♪
Soon as he fall off
his feet, kill him ♪
Been out all week ♪
Seen three RIP pictures ♪
My shooters all eating ♪
You can tell that we richer ♪
Pull up balling, swish ♪
Been on all the hits ♪
Now I'm all legit ♪
Shout out Nardo Wick ♪
[STUDENTS] One, two, three, four ♪
Fuck the opps, them niggas hos ♪
Five, six, seven, eight ♪
Slamming rakes, we GDK ♪
What the fuck is that ♪
Cost a fucking check ♪
Bah, touch my fucking neck ♪
Thank you.
Here's to you, Victor.
A man who leads by example.
You're a constant reminder to all of us
that change is possible.
And it's an honor working alongside you.
And I know it's only up from here.
- Congratulations.
- [VICTOR] Thank you, thank you.
- Cheers.
- [ALL] Cheers!
- All right, Vic.
- All right!
- How are you?
- Good.
Quincy's right over there.
Hey, everyone. Uh, this
is my fiancé, Deondray.
- What's up?
- [SHAAD] Hey, D.
- [VICTOR] What's up, Bro?
- Hey, man.
- You're late.
- Yeah, my bad.
Yeah, but you missed my toast.
Yeah, you want to do it
again when we get home?
You're not funny.
Well, you're not with
me for my sense of humor.
Let me introduce you to Victor.
All right. I got you.
- What's up, man?
- Do you want something to drink?
- Yeah?
- Please. Thank you.
Yeah, well, it's nice
to finally meet you.
- It's nice to meet you too.
- [VICTOR] Yeah, yeah.
- I love this house.
- [VICTOR] Thank you.
Yeah, Fatima's been
sprucing up the place.
[DEONDRAY] I remember
when it was in bad shape.
It's come a long way, okay?
[DEONDRAY] I've had my
eyes on it for a while.
[VICTOR] Oh, yeah?
You know, he's in real estate.
Yeah, I'd hold on to
this place if I was y'all.
A house like this could be
worth a lot of money one day.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, the property value will only go up
with all the construction
happening around here.
- That's good to know.
- Yeah.
[DEONDRAY] I actually sold Otis a house
over here not too long ago.
Yeah, he was my first client.
When things were slow for me,
he gave me a loan to keep me afloat.
I don't know where I'd
be if it wasn't for him.
Hey, Quincy, can I talk
to you for a second?
- Sure.
- [VICTOR] Yeah.
Hey, it's good to meet you, brother.
- [DEONDRAY] Yeah, nice to meet you.
- [VICTOR] Yeah, yeah. Be right back.
Douda is dangerous, man.
Yeah, I don't like him either,
but we never had any issues.
Yeah, for now.
What's going on?
Look, if this is gonna work,
you got to be more transparent.
I don't need any more surprises.
What happened?
I helped him dump a body.
- [FATIMA] Hey, babe.
- [VICTOR] Hmm?
[FATIMA] They're looking for you.
I'll be right there.
No, uh, uh, no ♪
All of this, I'm feeling love ♪
I'm feeling love ♪
[BAKARI] Hey, nigga.
Have fun.
I'm feeling love ♪
Oh, we will.
I'm feeling love ♪
Who this, your little brother?
Um, no.
He's my son.
I don't want to give no ultimatum ♪
If you want to come lay up ♪
If you want to come stay up ♪
If you want to come pay up ♪
But you know you got
work in the morning ♪
Finna wake up yawning ♪
Trying to keep up with a real one ♪
Don't got no obligations,
at least for today ♪
At least you could stay for
as long as you care, babe ♪
As long as you want to ♪
Everything's in the air ♪
[QUINCY] How much do
you know about Otis?
[DEONDRAY] How much do
you know about Victor?
I mean, I know he's honest.
He lied his whole campaign.
Yeah, but that's different.
[DEONDRAY] Please.
[QUINCY] Look, Otis is dangerous.
- And that's all I know.
- Feel like I'm wasting time ♪
- Come here.
- I'm not your option ♪
I'm not your baby ♪
Hear what I'm dropping ♪
Everybody has their skeletons.
Just be careful.
Swear that we something ♪
Everything's bright, ain't nothing ♪
Everything's in the air ♪
Everything's in the air ♪
Represent for my
section, it's going off ♪
Set it off, you bidders with me ♪
Goons got them blicks tough ♪
That's how we get it ♪
Aw, yeah, we winning ♪
Zaza real loud ♪
Don't calm down about them millions ♪
Big pressure, we up
and just spin back ♪
Bottle wars and rich fashion ♪
High rollers who kill faster ♪
Money talks, it gets real laughter ♪
Commission ♪
Big bosses kill chatter ♪
Whole section with me ♪
Any day of the week, it's going off ♪
One bottle, two bottles, three ♪
Whole section with me ♪
[OFFICER] License and registration.
Tried to find you, tell you ♪
Warn you the end is near ♪
All I see is danger ♪
Danger ♪
Tried to find my way again ♪
But the end is near ♪
All I see is danger ♪
Danger ♪
I don't want to see you leave ♪
But it's killing me for you to stay ♪
I don't want to live without you ♪
'Cause you're the
one to numb the pain ♪
Halted by these memories ♪
Wishing they'd just go away ♪
This was never meant to be ♪
It's danger ♪
Tried to find you, tell you ♪
Warn you the end is near ♪
All I see is danger ♪
Danger ♪
It's danger, it's
danger, it's danger ♪
It's danger, it's
danger, it's danger ♪
It's danger, it's
danger, it's danger ♪
It's danger, it's danger,
it's danger, it's danger ♪
Hold my hand, hold my hand ♪
Guide me, Lord, to
that promised land ♪
Guide me, great
Jehovah, day and night ♪
Lamp unto my feet, pathway the light ♪
Never let me wrong, you led me right ♪
I'ma walk by faith and die by sight ♪
- Hold my hand ♪
- Hold my hand ♪
- Guide me ♪
- Guide me, Lord ♪
To that promised land ♪
- Hold my hand ♪
- Hold my hand ♪
Hold my hand ♪
Guide me, O Lord ♪
Guide me, Lord,
to that promised land ♪
- [FATIMA] Who's that?
- [VICTOR] I don't know.
- [GORN] Victor Taylor?
- Yeah.
- [GORN] I'm Jason Gorn with the FBI.
- [FATIMA] Wait, what's going on?
[GORN] Need you to come with
me and answer a few questions.
Uh, no, right now?
[GORN] Shouldn't take long.
[FATIMA] Babe, what is
[VICTOR] It's okay, it's okay.
I'll be right back.
Took you long enough.
Okay, well, I'll, um
I'll make it up when we
get back to the house.
- Oh, is that right?
- [DOUDA] Mm.
Um, Alicia paid me a visit today.
What did she want?
[BIANCA] She just knows that you've been
hanging out at the lounge.
So, what, is that
against the fucking law?
[BIANCA] She's just being possessive.
No, what she's doing is
trying to control you.
You don't think I know that?
Did she say anything about her brother?
I gave her my condolences.
Just do me a favor and
keep her at bay, okay?
Did you kill him?
Don't ask me questions you
already know the answers to.
- Why?
- Because he was being messy.
[BIANCA] Okay.
Who else knows?
Just one of my guys.
[BIANCA] Is he loyal?
He better be.
[ATINA] So, Kiesha,
what brings you here?
Well, um,
I was kidnapped
sexually assaulted.
My son is a product of the assault.
I'm in a new relationship
with my high school sweetheart,
and he has three kids
by three different women.
Um, he's helping me raise
my son, so we're just,
you know, figuring that out.
And we recently moved into a new home.
But he's been leaning on me
a lot to help with the kids
and support him while
he expands his business.
And I just lost my job because I've just
been stretched so thin, and I just
I feel lost.
And I'm exhausted and
[ATINA] Wow, that's a lot.
But we can get through it.
[ATINA] Now, it won't be easy.
We have a lot of work to
do, but if you're committed
to this practice, I think we
can get you to a better place
and help you find some
balance in your life.
I'm ready.
Reminiscing on the old times ♪
What do you think about LA?
I don't think about it.
Would you move there if it meant
you could benefit your career?
- Hell yeah.
- For real?
What about your friends
and family, though?
They'll be all right.
I'm not about to give up on my dream
just so that I can be close to them.
You only get one life, Kev,
and you got to live it to the fullest,
even if that means
leaving some people behind.
- So you wouldn't mind leaving me behind?
- You could visit.
To another chapter,
to a different phase ♪
- Yo, you good?
- Yeah.
- I'm good.
- Reminiscing on the old times ♪
Reminiscing on the old times ♪
[EMMETT] Hey, babe.
You back. How was therapy?
What the hell is this?
I want to do it.
Thank you.
I-I look forward to coming out there.
No, no, I-I haven't been.
All right.
I'll be on the lookout.
- Talk to you soon.
- Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Nigga, who want smoke with me ♪
- Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Who want smoke with me ♪
Nigga, who want smoke ♪
Man, what ♪
They be on my page
like Slide for Von ♪
I know they trolling me ♪
Outside with y'all big homey ♪
Be on, I keep the folks with me ♪
Got it back in blood,
y'all just don't know ♪
That's how it 'posed to be ♪
Called him for a
feature just to kill him ♪
'Cause we know he sweet ♪
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh ♪
Who the fuck is that ♪
Bro, go check the door ♪
Look out the window,
don't forget the strap ♪
I be on they ass when I see opps ♪
I do forget I rap ♪
I be on this shit wherever I'm at ♪
I learnt that from the 'Raq ♪
He gonna drink
whatever niggas sell him ♪
Just to say he high ♪
They be like, he wasn't
even with that shit ♪
Whenever a nigga die ♪
Emergency room gonna
always lie to y'all ♪
Whenever a nigga die ♪
Saying a nigga stable as they check ♪
Just to keep y'all quiet ♪
Bronem stomp his ass ♪
Better do what Nardo said ♪
'Cause niggas die for pumping gas ♪
Why you act like
that shit so exclusive ♪
Bitch, that's public ass ♪
Can't no nigga we don't fuck with ♪
Come around, we stomp his ass ♪
Nardo voice creep up out that cut ♪
We like, shh, shh ♪
Nardo voice catch him before he run ♪
That gun go shh, shh ♪
Ay, who you killed ♪
Steady talking like you did a drill ♪
We gonna kill you sober ♪
Who done told you that I need a pill ♪
Real-deal stepper ♪
Put my toe on that boy ♪
You Mickey Mouse ♪
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